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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 22, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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police say this could have .
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the thing about infants and children, their bodies heat up much faster than an adult's. >> i would never leave my 2- month-old in a car. >> reporter: this new mom trying to stop gambling says it can take over. >> i spent all my money, my car payment, both my bank accounts, overdrafted both of them. yes, that was pretty bad. >> reporter: the mom charged in this case is out of jail tonight. her little girl was okay pulled from the car hot and sweaty and understandably a bit scared and confused. reporting live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. 49 children tied in hot cars last year and about half of those cases the child was left in the car inadvertently. 20% are left there intentionally and 30% of the time a child gets into a closed car and can't get out. research shows cracking the windows lowers the temperature just a few degrees, not enough
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to save a life. the vote is in and is of is of muni drivers have aught -- and san francisco muni drivers have authorized a strike. the vote gives union leaders the power to call a strike if labor negotiations break down. last november san francisco voters took away the position to be the second highest transit operators in the country. a muni driver spotted texting and driving is out of a job tonight. a passenger saw her in the mirror using her phone. that same passenger spotted her yesterday back behind the wheel of a bus. officials tell ktvu channel 2 news the driver was fired yesterday when she showed up for work, but the case is not closed. muni management is investigating why she was driving a bus yesterday. muni is looking into another case of a light rail train operating with an open door. this is video of the l line
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posted on youtube yesterday. the train had just crossed the west portal station. passengers were stunned. muni spokesman told us they viewed the video. the train's driver is still on the job. in a similar situation earlier this month the driver was suspended. a violent attack overnight in golden gate park raises new questions about whether the park should be closed at night. we have the story of what happened and why some say a park curfew might help. >> reporter: this part of golden gate park is very isolated, not much traffic and it's dark back there in those bushes where police say the man was attacked. >> and you'll see another sort of natural canopy. >> reporter: richmond district police captain took us off the paved roads of golden gate park today. >> this is where people like sleeping on cardboard. >> reporter: to another world of hidden homeless camps. that's where we found the spot
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where police say four suspects pistol whipped a 50-year-old homeless man and burned down his tent. >> what really concerns me is that a person up here by themselves can be set upon or victimized and no one is going to hear their screams. >> reporter: police say it appears robbery was the motive and they're looking for three men and a woman now possibly transients. >> what our concern is this time of year, though, as it warms up, we get an influx of sort of homeless tourists from other parts of the state and country. >> reporter: police issued 1,143 citations to people illegally sleeping in the park last year. park rangers estimate about 40 are regulars and after two homicides, a stabbing and vandalism park officials worked on legislation to impose a nighttime curfew. >> i believe it would be a very positive step toward deterrents and then if there were people who were not compliant, it would give us legal grounds to ask them to leave. >> reporter: but many san francisco residents aren't sold on the idea.
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>> if you feel safe coming in here, it's at your own risk. i don't think it should be imposed, but i just choose not to come into the park at night. >> reporter: tonight park officials say it's unclear if or when the board of supervisors will take up this park curfew legislation again. investigators around the country are said to be looking for more possible victims of suspected serial killer joseph nasso who appeared in court in san rafael last week charged with killing four women in california in the 1970s and '80s. investigators are now looking aunt solved cases with a similar m.o. he's accused of strangling women who may have been prostitutes and dumping their bodies in rural areas. the victims also have the first and last name same initials. a new report is implementing napa state hospital implement tough security measures for its most dangerous patients. the state department of mental health ordered the audit of all
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its psychiatric facilities after napa employee donna gross was killed last october. the report recommends prisonlike security measures for violent patients and also recommends the unit be staffed by police officers and patients be restrained when entering and leaving. california governor jerry brown spent the day in the south bay talking with silicon valley ceos about what they need to succeed. the governor sat alongside executives from facebook and applied materials as part of the eighth annual ceo business summit. much of the talks focused on california's budget problems and included cuts to education. >> in order to turn out the engineers that companies like mine need or other companies need as well, all of us i think hire different kinds of engineers, but technical people. we have to have basic math and science learned in the schools from the beginning. >> on a positive note a recent survey showed 2/3 of silicon valley companies added jobs
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over the past year. on this good friday catholics around the world had a unique opportunity to ask their church leaders some pointed questions. as ktvu's mike mibach reports, the pope is trying to reach out and be more accessible. >> reporter: good friday, one of the holiest days of the year observed by christians across the world from rome to san francisco's st. mary's cathedral. where catholics commemorated the crucifixion of jesus christ. on this good friday pope benedict xvi does something no other pontiff has ever done before and that is to go on television and answer questions reaching out to the world's 1.2 billion catholics. catholics, some with rosaries in hand listened to pope benedict answer seven questions selected out of thousands submitted. a young japanese girl asked the
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pope to explain why so many children were killed by the tsunami. >> we do not have the answers, but we do know that jesus has suffered just like you. he was innocent as well. the real god, jesus, was on your side. i am on your side as well. >> reporter: the topics ranged from war to persecution of christians but no questions about priests abusing children. the vatican has been accused of being too secretive about the sex abuse scandal and some catholics say they believe the pope is now trying to make the catholic church more transparent. >> the pope is trying to get everybody together no matter what religion you are. he's trying to get all the religions together because that's what it is, the faith of god. >> reporter: on this good friday faith could be seen from san francisco to rome. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. in jerusalem christians carried crosses through the old city on this good friday. they followed the route the bible says jesus christ took to his crucifixion.
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the path is called via day la rosa, latin for the way of suffering. a group of devout christians marched through one of san francisco's most troubled neighborhoods today to mark good friday. the march through the tenderloin district where the symbolic reenactment of the final hours of christ's life called the stations of the cross. religious leaders and followers stopped at different stations to pray. the somber commemoration took on added meaning among the city's less fortunate. >> we're here to remember the -- all of us are brothers and sisters and so as people suffer today in this world, then we remember jesus suffering. make take holy day. >> not everyone was impressed with the stations of the cross. one man on the street told us religion doesn't help solve the tenderloin's problems including drugs and poverty. we are learning tonight
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that the first lady's midair close call was a lot closer than first thought. michelle obama's plane had to abort its landing monday at andrews air force base outside washington d.c. the national transportation safety board today said mrs. obama's plane seen here was following less than 3 miles from a much larger military cargo plane. previously officials said the distance was more than 3 miles. it's supposed to be at least 5 miles. mrs. obama's plane is are killed and landed without incident. -- circled and landed without incident. neon signs, historic businesses, we'll show you the major changes underway along broadway. also ahead how modern technology helped bring home a soldier missing for almost seven decades.
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only on 2 tonight a transformation underway in san francisco's north beach that's encroaching on the historic neighborhood's barbary coast roots. six new businesses are leading the transition. amber lee is live with the story. >> reporter: the neon signs behind me on broadway have been here a long time, but there are major changes underway including iconic big al's. the name and sign will change but everything else will remain the same. the new owner led me inside. >> this will be the deli and
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coffee machine and this side here will be the flower section of? >> reporter: kelly alsalti took over big al's last month. adult magazines and videos once lined these walls, but in union when the doors reopen, it will be a grocery store. a few doors down renovations are underway at what was once a historic enrico's restaurant. the new owners are transforming it into a restaurant called choco. they told me they want to attract a different crowd, not the young people who caused violence in recent years. >> it does get rough here on friday and saturday nights, but that's not to say it can't be changed. >> reporter: at this business the owner told us he's planning to keep out unwanted elements by enforcing a strict dress code and playing the kind of music that attracts an older crowd. >> no baggy jeans, no atmosphere let ache tire, no baseball caps. basically -- athletic attire,
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no baseball caps, basically dress nice and come here to have fun. >> reporter: the owners hope to win approval from the planning department by not serving alcohol the first year and closing before 2 a.m. >> we want to be good neighbors. so we'll do what we got to do to make things work. >> reporter: the new owners told us they want to bring new hope and new energy to revive what this neighborhood once offered, a fun and safe nightlife. reporting live here in the north beacham beer lee, ktvu channel 2 news. beach amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. it is official twitter is staying in san francisco. the social networking site is moving its headquarters to market street between 9th and 10th streets. twitter announced the decision today by tweeting it. the deal comes after the city's board of supervisors gave twitter a tax break on new hires. the company is expected to move into the former furniture mart building next year. an update on a story we were following last night on the 10:00 news. san rafael is getting a target
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store. a divided city council approved that plan on a 3-2 vote during a meeting that ran past midnight. opponents of the store protested outside city hall. they say the big box retailer will hurt small local businesses. target plans to build its new store in an empty field on shoreline parkway on the east side of town. hundreds of mourners turned out in petaluma today for a military funeral and to say good-bye to a long lost soldier. as ktvu's rob ross reports, few knew him but that didn't make it any less emotional. >> reporter: hundreds of war veterans gathered today near the graveside of private first class mervin sims. the quiet hand some young man who left petaluma to go off to war so long ago is finally back home. >> his mother never got to have him home. you have boys, you know what
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that means. this is for the family. it's just great. >> reporter: a school from the 2nd grade brought this class picture. another showed us the high school year book photo. his life would end a few years later. >> he was sort of quiet but nice young man. >> reporter: sims was one of five crewmen aboard an army cargo plane that crashed in the treacherous himalayan mountains in 1943 while airlifting supplies to india. the remains of the crew went undiscovered until a few years ago when a mountaineer who specializes in finding crash sites located sims plane. >> ed of leather boots -- evidence of leather boots, flight jackets, gloves, a lot of leather items and, of course, the bones. >> reporter: sims was positively identified through dna tests. his closest living relatives are two nieces he never knew but who watch with pride as their uncle received a military funeral finally. >> now he's finally home with his people and that's a good thing. that's a really good thing.
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>> reporter: the return of private first class mervin sims is the long delayed answer to a family's prayers. in petaluma rob ross, ktvu channel 2 news. >> welcome back. we've got clouds out there right now. as we move into your friday night mostly cloudy in santa rosa, napa and concord, clear on the peninsula down towards san francisco. what we're expecting tonight are clouds to fill in. we'll see a lot of clouds this weekend, maybe some sprinkles but the main impact of the clouds will be daytime highs in the mid-60s. we'll see a lot of clouds on saturday, sunday less clouds. that will be the nicest day in the bay area weekend. friday at 10:00 there's your clouds and look at tomorrow morning it's mostly cloudy. tomorrow afternoon you see some showers go through. they're very light, shouldn't
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shut down your outdoor plans and more scattered showers in the 5:00 hour. when i come back i've got the long range model and it does show some real rain coming in here as we get into early next week. we'll also look at your bay area saturday and sunday more closely for your neighborhood. i'll see you back here. the u.s. army is testing new uniforms for female soldiers. the old uniforms and body armor were designed for men. 700 female soldiers are now trying out a new combat uniform with shorter sleeves and higher knee pads. engineers are looking at ways to make body armor that fits women's contours. military women say they want to be treated the same as men but in this case gear that actually fits is more important. rebels have gained the upper hand tonight in the fighting in the bee seened libyan city of miss rat -- beseiged libyan city of misrata. rebels gain control of the central part of the city in street to street combat and are
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reporting fewer civilian casualties today. many government troops pulled out and have been replaced by local tribesmen loyal to moammar gadhafi. tribal leaders say they will fight until the rebels surrender. to the east arizona senator john mccain toured the rebel stronghold of benghazi today. this was a surprise visit. he called for more u.s. support for the opposition including weapons, training and weed up airstrikes. he said the u.s. should -- stepped up airstrikes. he said the u.s. should not send combat troops on the ground in libya. mccain called the rebels killed patriots. gaining an upper hand, that warehouse fire in austinville is now just smoldering, the combination firefighters
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scientists are trying find out what's killing red sharks in san francisco bay. the cause could be manmade. >> reporter: the first dead and dying leopard sharks were found along a redwood city slew a couple days ago. >> we came across a shark in the water was acting kind of strangely. it had its head kind of beached and its tail was in the water, kind of about a 3, 3 1/2 foot shark. >> reporter: we found two small dead sharks while we walked with greer today and a bat ray was swimming erratically seemingly confused trying to beach itself as the sharks had done. >> they're not endangered species, but as we kept coming across more and more it made us wonder why these fish are struggling so much. >> reporter: state fish and game contacted dr. john mccoster of the california academy ofsciences yesterday to ask if had he any ideas. >> until they are able to
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chemically examine these sharks one will never know whether it was human caused pollutants or whether these were just unfortunate sharks that got trapped in low tide. >> reporter: stanford university is involved in the investigation, too. whether or not they can come up with an answer to this sea life dying is unknown. in redwood city jim vargas, ktvu channel 2 news. another diver died today while hunting for be alone off the sonoma -- abalone off the sonoma county coast at fisk mill cove just north of ft. ross state park. his diving partner found him floating in the water. he was lifted by helicopter to the top of the cliff. medical crews tried cpr but were unable to revive him. we took this video yesterday when a diver died after having a heart attack in the southern part of the park identified as 42-year-old jason chung of south san francisco. fire crews in watsonville finally have that stubborn fire
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inside a huge wear house under control. two hours ago firefighters told ktvu channel 2 news that by alternating foam and water today they were able to get the fire pretty much out. we took these picks yesterday when crews were dousing the -- pictures yesterday when crews were dousing the warehouse with water. 15 firefighters remain at the warehouse tonight. there was no word on what caused the fire. the fire houses millions of dollars of apples, berries, juices and cider. the owner tells us they salvaged some of of the product but losses are extensive. the belmont and carlos fire department is splitting up. for years the two peninsula cities shared fire services but today representatives from belmont and san carlos decided to operate their own fire departments. the two cities have discussed options to reduce costs including contracting fire services with a private fire department. the fire department will cease to operate october 12th. i found out the disaster in japan could be pushing a spike
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in exports here at the port of oakland. industry insiders told me the one product seeing 10 times the normal demand. the deadline
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the japanese government has approved $50 billion to begin the rebuilding process following last month's earthquake and tsunami. for starters the government has to clear all the debris. then it can start building ports, towns and homes. it's already begun putting up 100,000 temporary homes for survivors. estimates to repair all the damage top $300 billion. more than 27,000 people are dead or missing. ktvu learned the demand for basic necessities in japan is
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having a direct impact on business at port of oakland. new at 10:00 ktvu's erik rasmussen is live at the ports to tell us about the sudden surgery in exports of bottled water. >> reporter: some bottled water plants in japan are now running 24/7 and it's still not enough. port officials couldn't give us an exact number, but we do know water like this is filling more and more of those giant containers headed for japan. cargo ships leaving the port of oakland are now carrying more of a precious commodity people in japan can't live without. exporters are scrambling to ship out bottled water of various brands as quickly as possible in response to concerns about contaminated tap water after last month's earthquake and nuclear disasters. >> it's going to be demand for commodities of bottled water increased by 10-fold. it's impacted a large volume in a very short period of time.
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>> reporter: last year $3.4 billion in u.s. exports passed through the port of oakland on their way to japan. bottled water could push those numbers even higher. >> when you think about water here in northern california, our water is getting bottled in areas like mount shasta and shipped out through the port of oakland and that's on someone's table at home or in a restaurant in japan. >> reporter: bottled water might be just the beginning. we already send a lot of things like cereal and meat and rice and last month all exports out of the port of oakland jumped 11% from the same time a year ago. >> it's a significant surge in exports and i b know that we'll find out probably later -- i know that we'll find out probably later this year more the details in terms of where exactly the commodities we're moving top of the. >> reporter: industry experts told me they think -- moving to. >> reporter: industry experts told me they think this increased exports will continued for some time. we do know that several major
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bottled water companies have donated several hundreds of thousands of bottles to japan. erik rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. across san francisco schoolchildren celebrated earth day today with some physical work and by getting dirty. the students helped clean up a park in the bay view by pulling weeds and carting them away. they also planted native wetland species. others mixed seeds in soil. the cdm nursery provided gardening tips and organizers hope this activity inspires the children to help save the environment. earth day or any day most everyone is looking for cheap gas. one bay area company found a clean green fuel at a discount. we'll hear now how drivers can save on diesel. >> reporter: matt tracker rolled into this yard today with one request. >> just fill it up. i work in oakland and i heard about a place selling biodiesel for a quarter less than regular
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diesel. >> reporter: serona has produced biodiesel fuel the last couple years but usually ships it out to retailers. starting today you can buy it direct from their production facility. sirona sends this truck around to restaurants and other companies to pick up your basic used cooking oil. the oil is chemically treated and washed. after about four days it looks like this and is ready to go from this truck into this car. sirona says the demand is there but getting the oil is harder. phillip delfido donated to the cause. bill arnett drove in from castro valley to give it a try. >> i thought wow, for 4.15 i could get some gas. >> reporter: there's one concern whether it could really run in this truck. sirona insists it's an approved fuel and won't affect warranties. >> it will run in your trucks. it will not cause problems.
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it's a confidence issue that's had to grow over time. >> reporter: after a quick chat arnett was comfortable enough for a fill-up. five, four, three, two, one, all right, we're solar, baby! >> solia ceo led a group of politicians and environmentalists in a ceremonial ribbon cutting today. solar panels are made at the freemont plant. the owner hopes to add 100 new employees by this time next year. lieutenant governor gavin newsom was there today and spoke about the importance of green jobs and california's economic recovery. we now know what forced an evacuation today at a boys and girls club in san francisco in the city's ashhe berry neighborhood was evacuated shortly before noon. police and fire departments were called to investigate a strong smell of chlorine coming from the club's basement.
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a wrong combination of chlorine and muriatic acid caused the strong smell. no injuries were reported. california's effort to imitate the arizona law cracking down on illegal immigration isn't getting very far. yesterday was the deadline for organizers to submit the 433,000 signatures needed to get the initiative on the ballot next february. contra costa times reports no petitions were submitted to bay area counties. the phone number listed on the proponent's website was disconnected when we called tonight and we haven't heard back by e-mail. rohnert park police are investigating the city's first homicide in more than a year. a man's body was found this morning in a parking lot behind the best western inn on redwood drive. police say the man appeared to have been in his 20s and was shot in the chest. they are not releasing his name until they can find his family. bad news tonight for lindsay lohan. the actress is heading back to jail. the reason why she was sentenced to four months behind
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bars. >> i'm back here in less than 10 minutes for a look at the long range computer model. there are some raindrops in it and we'll look at the bay area weekend. and all
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troubled actress lindsay lohan is heading back to jail. this is lohan arriving at the courthouse today in los angeles. a judge sentenced her to 120 days in jail for a probation violation. lohan was also ordered to serve more than 400 hours of community service. her attorney said she will a appeal. lohan is also accused of stealing a necklace. after hearing testimony in the theft case today the judge determined lohan had violated
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parole. this would be the actress' fourth time many jail the. state regulator -- in jail. state regulators are investigating the death of a napa valley winemaker who died wednesday night. he was transferring wine from one tank to another. it appears merle fell into a 6- foot tank and died. cal osha is waiting on the results of an autopsy, but officials say he did not drown. in syria amateur video today shows anti-government protesters running at the sound of gunfire. human rights protesters found at least 70 people dead in the uprising. many people want the syrian president to step down. he has repeatedly offered concessions and then turned his security forces against protesters. in the philippines a landslide on the steep mountainside swept away an illegal goldmine today. three people are confirmed dead, another 21 people missing. tents and mineshafts were
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buried under tons of mud. the mayor of a nearby town said he's repeatedly warned miners of the dangers in the mountains, but they wouldn't listen. and in japan nissan made a show of proving its exported cars are not contaminated by radiation. engineers used detectors to prove the vehicles are clean. this plant is located about 180 miles from the damaged nuclear power plant in fukushima. the company wanted to assure customers it is safe to buy its cars. a network outage is keeping many playstation gamers off line tonight. the company posted a message on the playstation blog saying an ex terminal intrusion is to blame. that's similar to saying hacker. that left gamers around the world unable to connect with each other. playstation says it's doing everything possible to quickly fix the problem. websites such as read it are still struggling after a server outage stretched to a
12:11 am
second day. many websites such that were brought down yesterday are now back up but the new sharing site read it is still in emergency read only mode. amazon hasn't said how many web services were affected by the outage. the san andrea fault is on the move. where it's heading and why one day it may
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area scientists say it appears the san andrea fault is on the move splintering east to join the heyward fault. as ktvu and science editor john fowler reports, this eventually could mean fewer big earthquakes. >> reporter: called the world's most dangerous fault, the heyward fault cuts through east
12:14 am
bay communities. scientists tell me it's already taking up 1/4 of san andrea strain. >> the heyward fault is trying to be the new center of risk, if you will. >> reporter: the reason, this kink in the santa cruz mountains and the fault is trying to reduce friction by straightening out fracturing north. that would chip san francisco and the peninsula off the north american plate. >> i think it's all shifting. i think the whole world is kind of in an active volcanic and earthquake activity right now. >> reporter: scientists say the bay area's hazard remains significant. >> hopefully i'm not here when the big one hits. >> reporter: a new study today reveals the straightening model in the southern part of the san andrea where a big quake is already overdue. researchers say at another kink north of palm springs the san andrea jumped two faults. >> it shows how over time they've containinged and rearranged. the fault is becoming a little simpler. >> reporter: simpler may mean more smaller quakes and fewer
12:15 am
really big ones. however, these changes in fault structure can take many thousands of years. scientists say the dynamics of sliding rocks is complicated and the next big one could come at any time. they say be prepared. reporting from the heyward fault scientist editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. kayakers and whitewater rafters are eagerly waiting for all that sierra snow to melt. northern california rivers are expected to be rushing cold and furiously this summer. pg&e says water should be flowing over spillways through july. a ktvu news crew spent the day along the american river and found rafters taking advantage of the so-called troublemaker rapids on the south fork. >> it was definitely the juiciest flow i've seen in a couple years. it was pretty good. >> this year is going to be a bit higher and significantly more fun. >> state officials are asking anyone who uses rivers to be extra cautious this year and they advise anyone rafting to
12:16 am
wear a life jacket. california's electrical grid managers are forecasting increased energy use this summer. officials expect the improving economy will lead to new business use and more people running air conditioners. the california independent system operator chose earth day to show off its new control center in sacramento. electricity is tracked here across the state including new renewable sources that have recently come online. >> we've got clouds out there. the clouds are going to clinger with us through the weekend. that means maybe a sprinkle in the forecast. there is a sprinkle in the forecast for saturday, but it's a slight chance. right now in santa rosa and napa it's mild, low 50s and you've got cloud cover. we'll be seeing clouds basically all weekend. here's a satellite loop the last 24 hours. there's some rain showing up offshore and this cluttered unorganized mass of clouds in the pacific. that's the key. it's not organized, so there's no real anticipation of rain,
12:17 am
maybe a few sprinkles, light windshield wipers saturday, but that's it. overnight lows will be in the 40s, cool up in napa at 39 degrees, chance of a sprinkle tonight. we go to san rafael, mostly cloudy there tomorrow. come in real tight. downtown san rafael, 54 degrees at lunchtime, just 59 degrees for a daytime high in san rafael. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, maybe a sprinkle but again i would not change my outdoor plans. baseball games, soccer matches, they won't get shut down. here's how it breaks down. saturday is the cloudiest day and the green areas represent a slight chance of a sprinkle as they swing through. now we move into sunday. the whole area of the jet stream and clouds, most everything pulled to the north. we start to clear out. sunday is a nice day on your bay area weekend, not forecasting even a chance of sprinkles and temperatures should warm back up into the 50s. that will be the main impact of these couple weak weather systems will be cooler daytime
12:18 am
highs. tomorrow morning, see the sprinkles, not a big deal, but it's cloudy. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle tomorrow morning and in the afternoon, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, sprinkles up around the lake and up north towards redding. sunday is your best day, still stuff going on around lake tahoe, scattered showers, snow flurries above 6,000 feet and clouds sunday morning and then it starts to clear off. sunday looks like a pretty good day. monday we got rain back in the forecast. with this system you can see that's got some legs, a little moisture here, rain in the santa rows ya area, maybe .1- inch for most of -- santa rosa area, maybe 1/2-inch. sunday is your best day. right now i'm looking at forecast highs for tomorrow. you can see lots of low 60s in the north bay and mid-60s as you head into the santa clara valley, mostly cloudy to partly cloudy. your five-day forecast goes
12:19 am
like this. san rafael tomorrow half marathon and marin half marathon. the weather looks real good. shoo we want it a little cool. >> you should do it twice. >> you have to be up so early to do that. >> you should be out there joining us. >> i'll be home sleeping in. >> thanks, bill. well, hundreds of bay area girls have new dresses to wear on easter sunday. they packed the marianne foundations oakland warehouse today in search of that perfect easter dress. the foundation resumed its annual dress give-away after taking last year off because of wright's death. girls twirled around smiling ear to ear looking for just the right dress. >> the kids these days, i think it's real important that they have new stuff. so this is once again a blessing. >> organizers say they want to make children feel proud. the foundation want wasn't able
12:20 am
to provide new clothes for boys this year because of financial hardship, but boys were able to take home a bag of cookies. san francisco's union square was transformed into a dance floor this afternoon for dozens of couples. that looks like fun. a flash mob took over the square kicking off bay area dance week. professionals and students got the party started, but-everyone was invited to join in the fun. the event was called one dance. bay area dance week is celebrating its 13th year with almost 600 free dance events throughout the bay area. the google executive credited with igniting a revolution in egypt is in the bay area tonight. he recently topped time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world. gonan who was born in egypt and worked in dubai used facebook to organize millions of egyptians. the demonstrations overthrew president hosni mubarak early this year.
12:21 am
>> it's something that i'm not like -- i was not looking for and i think that the most important thing is the cause. the cause is the hero and to get rid of the bad regime. >> earlier today gonan visited twitter. tonight he was at stanford to talk about ways the bay
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it's a cab ride for the record books. on a whim two men from new york city hailed a cab at laguardia airport and asked the driver to take help to los angeles and here they are outside of l.a. in san bernadino county. for $5,000 the cab driver agreed to take them. he said the money wasn't as
12:25 am
important as the record. the trip began as an idea for a birthday celebration to do something magical. all right. not such a great night for the local teams on the diamond. >> yeah. you know, the baseball fanatic, it always kind of annoys me when you hear people say baseball is boring. hard to argue tonight over that one. over the course of 162 games there will be memorable ones for various reasons. tonight you will never remember for numerous reasons. may be the fact not a whole lot happened. giants/san francisco. here's your lone highlight of the night, good catch by miguel tejada to keep the score scoreless. the undoing of madison baumgartner in the 3rd, wheeze now 0-3. tripper -- he's now 0- 3. chipper jones winds up with a double and they'll add another one. the braves have a rookie they're real high on, the sweet
12:26 am
swinging freddie freemont. tommy hanson goes seven innings for the win for atlanta. giants get only three hits all night. 4-1 is your final and didn't we just see this from the a's last night? believe me, it's not the kind of replay you're looking for. ons doesn't utter a peep. the seattle shutdown -- offense doesn't utter a peep, the seattle shutdown the second night. that's robbie thompson former giant now coaching with the mariners in the great northwest. 1-0, a's with a shot to tie it. kevin kouzmanoff thinks he can score here. adam kennedy thinks otherwise. they got him. that's about as close as oakland came all night to scoring. kennedy now a former a with the bat shot to center. this time a two-run single and the mariners had plenty of of runs to make it last. they have a chance in the 9th inning, bases loaded, one out, jackson rips to third, chone
12:27 am
figgins gets the double play starters around the horn. a's have now gone 18 innings without so much as a run. laker lovers, they are everywhere you look, but they have to admit that there are those fans who do want to see them go down. don't be looking for new orleans to make that happen. after upsetting l.a. in game one they now look a little in over their heads because kobe has come alive. he had 15 by halftime. tonight that's worth looking at again. vicious slam, he was on his game and again you'll see more of kobe as he will work the baseline. 30 points, six rebounds for him. get this, 80 times now in playoff games for the lakers he has scored 30 or more. lakers go up two games to one. it's all but over for the knicks. boston blowout victory fueled by 38 from paul pierce. celtics are up 3-0. former warrior jamal crawford pumps 23. that is the sporting lineup for
12:28 am
a friday night. sharks, of course, tomorrow be trying to close out kings at the tank, should be great. >> mark, thank you.
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