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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 18, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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aughed today? [ female announcer you believe i[ cow moosy lifestyle. so do we. every time you enter the laughing cow or mini babybel cheese package codes online, we'll donate one dollar to wellness programs. have you laughed today? . complete bay area news could have raj starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. >> extra security tonight at dodgers stadium as the giants return for the first series since a fan was nearly beaten to death on opening day. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. la police are out in force tonight canvassing fans at dodgers stadium and handing out leaflets in the hopes of finding a clue that will lead them to the men who attacked
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bryan stow. paul is monitoring tonight's effort. record julie, pretty quiet right now and the game is going on. the officers did take two people away in a squad car and they were ejected because of intoxication. officers are not taking out any chances. they passed out 2,000 of these leaflets showing the wanted signs of the men who beat stow. they say they want these two men behind bars. almost seven weeks since giants fan bryan stow was brutally beaten outside giants stadium. they wore their colors proudly. they don't believe what happened to stow would happen again. >> it's just an isolated inn. i don't think it is going to happen again. i am not worried about it. >> i think it's more of a thug issue than it is a douger fan issue. you know, it's senseless. >> i think that they put in the necessary security measures and more secure now than it ever has been. >> that may be true. police expected 25,000 fans today and they beefed up the
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patrol and their presence. officers were posted outside every entrance. and they covered the stadium parking lot by car, air, motorcycle and even horseback. >> i think the way the dodgers are policing it, i think the fans are kind of tired of it. and they are going to do what they can to keep an open eye and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> and on top of the situation the officers invited us into their conference room where detectives were fielding tips about the stow incident. >> i probably don't know anything going on, just like a lot of us don't. but it looks like the dodgers are taking the necessary steps to keep people safe. our thoughts and prayers are still with the family. >> reporter: now, officers are focusing their investigation on the latest tip of this woman. here is a description. she is a woman believed to drive the getaway car that night. she is said to be in her 20s. she is five foot two, to five foot three and latina and wearing a ponytail. and wearing a number 16 andre ethier jersey that night.
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the police are now offering a $200,000 reward. they came here live passing out 200,000 more of these before tomorrow's game. they want these men off the streets and behind bars. they have had 500 tips so far. they hope to get even more. live in la, i'm paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. at san francisco general hospital where bryan stow lays in a coma, his sister talked today and says she worries about what her brother is going through. >> i am just wondering if he can hear us in there and if he is fighting his way back and if he feels trapped. i just have all of that running through my head where it would just be hard if he's trapped in there and he -- and he's fighting to get his way back. >> the doctors say they have taken stow off one of five anti- seizure medications and so far he has had no seizures. they say he responds to some pressure stimulus and can open his eyes. but they caution that hips long- term prognosis is still unclear. three people survived this
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evening when a boeing 707 military tanker crashed and burned during a take off in ventura county. accident happened at 5:30 at the point lagoon naval air station. the plane slid off the runway and then burst into flames just a few hundred feet from the pacific ocean. the three people onboard managed to escape with only minor injuries. a helicopter dumped several loads of water on the plane. but as you can see in these pictures here, it wasn't much help. the tanker is on the parted by a company that has a contract with the military. it's used primarily for fleet operations and transporting fuel. it's not known where the tanker was heading at the time of this crash. >> new information tonight about what led to the stunning disclosure that former governor arnold schwarzenegger had a child out of wedlock. ktvu's ken wayne is live now in oakland and has learned the other woman is ready to go public with the news. >> reporter: julie, arnold schwarzenegger has left the state house and will soon be back in the movie house. he has at least three hollywood projects in the works.
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but his biggest drama right now is real life. the center of the tabloid universe has moved to bakersfield of all places. this is where 50-year-old patty and her teenage son, the reported of schwarzenegger now lives. the family was last seen here sunday. those who have seen the boys say he has a striking resemblance to the former governor and movie star right down to the gapped teeth. >> this young man is at the top of being polite and being very cordial and just somebody you want to be around. >> radar online reports she recently threatened to go public with the affair. a few weeks later, schwarzenegger fired her, told his wife maria they separated. and then this week he issued the bottom shell statement acknowledging the lee say on -- liaison. >> he had no idea during her pregnancy. she told him when he was a toddler.
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the boy is 13 now. but when he was a toddler arnold found out. he has taken care of her ever since. >> it is unclear if the scandal will derail the governor's political ambitions. he is something of a political ambassador for green energy and there are reports he might consider a run for u.s. senate. in sacramento former republican colleagues scattered today when asked about schwarzenegger but some did talk. >> my heart goes out to his wife and his family and to him. you know, it's unfortunate that that happened. >> reporter: while schwarzenegger faces the possibility of an expensive divorce, there is also word tonight he will face famed attorney gloria allred. radar online is reporting that the attorney is representing another woman who says she, too, had an affair with schwarzenegger. live in oakland, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. a message from osama bin laden surfaced late today and was apparently recorded shortly before his death. the comments released by the media arm of al qaeda. in the message, osama bin laden
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praised all of the protest spreading across the middle east and he predicted they would spark revolutions to bring down corrupt governments in the muslim world. students at the university of california may soon see their tuition rise as much as 32% next year. that's one scenario. the uc leaders presented to the board of regents. it is being reduced by $500 million starting on july 1st. and governor brown has warned uc may lose another $500 million in -- if taxes aren't extended. worst case uc students would pay more than $14,000 in annual tuition. mountain view based linkedin goes public since the biggest ip offer since google. the shares are worth $45 valuing the company at $4.3 billion. analysts say there is a thirst for social networking sites right now. >> if there is major dollars flowing into the space i think for a good reason. obviously a hot space right
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now. >> linked in has some 102 million members. it makes its money from online advertisements, premium descriptions and hiring tools sold to recruiters. last year linked in made 15.4 million. today on wall street the dow broke a three day losing streak. tech shocks and energy pushed the dow up higher. the nasdaq was up 31. a watchful recycler is being credited with helping nab a metal thief and recover an historic relic belonging to the city of oakland. city workers needed a truck with a crane to reclaim this 1100-pound solid brass torpedo port from the uss maine sunk back in 1898. the object was stolen last week from lakeside park near lake merit. yesterday two men brought the stolen piece to sympathize will steel's recycling yard. >> i got an e-mail alert the day prior to this. right off the bat when the piece came, in i recognized it.
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>> officers charged 48-year-old michael paradise of san jose for possession of stolen property. the second man was not charged. ktvu has learned that metal thieves also struck this lutheran church in san francisco. the property manager at st. francis church on church street says someone made off with about eight feet of bronze railings. right now the church is looking to replace the railings. >> it has been a running controversy in oakland. but earlier this morning after a marathon meeting the city council voted to continue funding its gang injunction program. some are applauding that. but amber lee has talked to some who think they are being unfairly targeted. >> reporter: frank, there is already a gang injunction in north oakland. in footvale they want a second injunction so they can crackdown on violence here. >> i consider myself as a young, hard working tax paying law abiding citizen. record 25-year-old michael is
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on the city attorney's list of 40 gang members in the fruitvale. he says he stoled a car as a teen and later convicted of being an accessory to strong armed robbery. he says he has degree up and now has a job as a carpenter. >> how long have you been away from the gang scene? >> i would say about a good six years. >> but he says the city's imposed gang injunction which proposes a curfew would disrupt his life. he is already often being stopped by the police. >> when they just pull up on you and just question you for 30 minutes and try to run your name to see if you are clear or anything and you don't got no warrants, you're not free. >> this 26-year-old told us he, too, is on the bang injunction list. the father of a baby girl and works two jobs to support his family. >> i sold weed back in the days, five, six, seven years ago. and i made a mistake. and i went to jail. when i served my time, i served my probation so just leave me alone. >> both men say they are disappointed the city council
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voted last night to continue to fund gang injunctions. >> this motion passes. >> don lives in north oakland where a gang injunction has been in place almost a year. he says it has made the community safer. >> this has been something that has been a drug dealing location on and on and on. and since the injunction, we've had no complaints about this. >> next month a july is scheduled to rule whether fruitvale will impose a gang injunction. reporting live amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. an oakland shooting victim said he drove himself several blocks to a police station tonight after he was hit by gunfire. police say the victim showed up in this car at the eastmont substation at 7:45 tonight. he was then taken to the hospital and he is expected to survive. police say the man told him he had been shot at 75th and mcarthur boulevard. no information on a suspect is currently available.
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the sun will come out the next couple of days. temperatures on the increase. show you which cities will be your warmest for your thursday. >> the sharks lose their cool and the game in vancouver. and there are many issues facing the western conference final game. we will have a live report. and at 10:30, new accusations against the oakl
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. fans in san jose tonight watching the sharks play vancouver in game two of the western conference finals. unfortunately, that was one of the few times they had something to cheer about because the sharks are in real trouble. there is really no polite way to say it, vancouver just destroyed the sharks tonight. ktvu's fred inglis was at the game in vancouver and joins us live now. fred the sharks just fell apart in the third period. >> yes, really. it was only a 3-2 lead by the vancouver canucks going into that final 20 minutes. that's when the sharks i am employed, if you will. sharks committed five penalties. vancouver scored five times in that third period. two of those three goals game with the man advantage on the ice. just too good to give them that kind of help. the sharks have lost eight straight conference final games. the coach says this team has real issues. without a doubt, i'm not going to sit here and try to protect them. we lost our composure. we were frustrated.
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as i said earlier, when you're second, you tend to be frustrated. so we've got some work to do. we've got some guys that need to ask themselves some questions, answer them and pull the skates a little tighter. sharks now 0-2 in this series against vancouver. later on in sports mark will have the complete highlights and we will hear from the players then. reporting live in vancouver, fred inglis, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ applause ] >> some of the world's best cyclists rolled through the bay area today in stage four of this year's amgen tour of california. the riders took off from livermore late this morning and sped through the narrow roads and steep climbs and crossed the finish line in the hills above san jose. hundreds of onlookers, even a flash mob gathered along the root to catch a glimpse of all of the excitement. america chris horner won today's stage of the event. stage five of the tour begins tomorrow in seaside and then heads southeast along more
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narrow and twisting roads. a cyclist not participating in the amgen tour is recovering tonight after colliding with a car in san jose. highway patrol officials say the victim was a spectator who was leaving the race. he was hit on a winding section of sierra road just after 4:00 this afternoon. the rider suffered major injuries. the police say they still don't know what killed a man whose body was found buried in his backyard. investigators un earthed the body of 74-year-old dale smith back in february. the body had been buried under a recently built barbecue. a coroner's report just released says smith's body is too badly decomposed to pinpoint how he died. the report did rule out poisoning or a violent injury. one man is under arrest tonight after a standoff in berkeley. it started as a burglary just before 7:00 this morning on parker street just east of san pablo avenue. police say the suspect kamal khalid ran into the street with a machete and a tree saw and
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then barricaded himself in another home nearby. he eventually left the home and was arrested. some officers suffered minor cuts likely from broken glass at the scene. it appears the former president of a san jose elementary school parent teacher organization is heading to jail for a year for a theft conviction. vanessa reyes pleaded no contest to charges she stoled more than $20,000 from the trace elementary school parent teacher organization. the new treasurer of the organization says she tried to hide her crime saying the group's financial statements had burned in a school fire last year. the former treasurer of the group is also facing charges that she stoled from the organization's fund. a man who was seriously injured when an oakland police car hit his car will receive $630,000 from the city of oakland. the accident happened back in august of 2006. daniel payne march questions suffered a broke n back and leg. last night the city agreed to
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pay the settlement, but the question of who was at fault in that accident remains. two court actions are pending. new at 10:00 tonight dozens of people came out to see in san francisco what they claim as federal profiling. federal agents and san francisco police officers assigned to the fbi's joint terrorism task force targeted them. ktvu's patty lee is live in the city this evening with how the police chief is responding. patty? >> reporter: well, i read through this 44-page report which lays out some of the complaints we heard again inside city hall tonight. and that's where the chief of police made promises some are concerned he may not be able to keep. >> reporter: in arab, middle eastern, muslim communities many say they are afraid to talk to san francisco police officers because they don't know if they are working for the fbi. >> what they need to realize is that there needs to be a level of trust with these communities in a currently doesn't exist in san francisco. >> the fbi's joint terrorism task force is under fire from human rights and civil rights
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groups for alleged racial and religious profiling. >> so there is no civilian oversight. you are not operating under san francisco standards and values. >> reporter: aclu says right now san francisco police officers on the task force can circumvent the local laws and follow more permissive federal laws. >> they took them out of the jurisdiction. they didn't let him see a magistrate within 24 hours. there were a lot of violations. >> reporter: tonight chief craig sur said local laws come first. >> so simply said, that san francisco policies, procedures, laws and statutes trump any federal policy or procedure. and our officers are bound by those. >> reporter: a lot of emotion in that room tonight. and a san francisco police commissioner reminded everyone there that the accusations heard tonight are just that, accusations. in the meantime, some activists are worried that the orders signed by the chief today may not have enough teeth. reporting live in san francisco, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] and a few clouds lingering
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around outside today. we saw more sunshine today. a heck of a lot less rain shower activity. and the temperatures increased. we saw numbers back into the upper 60s. the fog forecast calls for patchy fog. we have it outside right now along the coast of the ocean beach in san francisco. patchy fog comes back into the forecast tomorrow morning. and then it comes back again tomorrow afternoon. so fog, coastal fog back in your bay area forecast. the day-time highs tomorrow are warmer than today. yellows are 70s. oranges are 80s. don't see a lot of that but a lot of 70s tomorrow. a warmer day. back at 10:45 the long range five day forecast. i will show you which cities will be the warmest on friday. >> doctors in houston say congresswoman gabrielle giffords is recovering well after surgery today. doctors implanted a piece of plastic to cover the part of her skull that was removed to relieve the pressure on her brain due to that gunshot wound. gabrielle giffords has had to wear a helmet to protect her brain. with this plastic implant she won't have to wear the hell net
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-- helmet anymore. >> new information about san francisco's homeless popu our planes start flying when it's dark.
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and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪
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hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ] . this is the navy ship being named for the late farm worker activist ceasar chavez. the secretary of the navy made it official saying chavez inspired young americans to do what's right and what's necessary to protect american freedom. chavez served in the navy for two years and was honourably discharged. this year he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom. >> the prosecution is expected to arrest tomorrow in the re trial of former ill noise governor rod blagojevich. he is accused of trying to sell or trade sam's senate seat for a high profile job.
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jurors at his first trial last year deadlocated on more than one charge convicting him only of lying to the fbi. blagojevich has denied any wrongdoings. >> barry bonds will have to wait until the end of the month in june to decide. he was convicted of one count of obstruction of justice. jurors failed to reach verdicts on three other charges of perjury. the defense is expected to ask for that one conviction to be tossed out. oakland police are working tonight to track down a bank robbery. the robbery happened just after 3:30 this afternoon at bank of the west on telegraph. a robber walked up to a teller and demanded cash. he got away with $2,000. police are now reviewing surveillance that may help them find the suspect. a man suspected in two recent bank robberies there. the most recent at the credit
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union. the same man is expected of robbing the marrow west credit union last month in san jose. they describe him as five feet eight inches tall, 200 pounds and balding. we now know the results of jan's homeless count in san francisco. the human services agency tells us tonight it counted more than 6400 homeless people. that is down from about 6500 during the previous count two years ago. the agency also says that the number of chronically homeless has decreased dramatically from 62% in dew 9 -- 2009 to 33% this year. the city agency credits city efforts to provide housing for the homeless. >> san francisco voters will get a chance to decide whether circum significance should be banned circumcision should be banned. another signatures were collected to put the initiative on the november ballot. it will ban the practice make it a misdemeanor.
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they compare circumcision to mutilation. opponents say it would be adverse to the religious freedom. a man walked into sacramento today and filed papers for an initiative to legalize marijuana. james bray says his experience as a prosecutor and a judge made him realize that current drug policy can ruin people's lives. so he wants to regulate marijuana like wine. and that also happens to be the name of his initiative, regulate marijuana like wine. california voters rejected a similar legalization effort last year. [ music ] >> they were hitting the high notes in san jose tonight. is it an operaetic "american idol." >> but first a ktvu
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. the prosecution today began its closing arguments in the chauncy bailey murder time. yousef bay the 4th and antoine macky are accused of killing bay and two other men. they thought he was above the law and wanted to save your muslim bakery from financial collapse and worried about the article that chauncy bailie was writing. the defense will give its closing arguments. the oakland police department has imposed a gag order in the bailey case. but now as that case heads to the jury, ktvu has obtained 1,000 pages of legal documents never seen publicly that explain for the first time the inside story of the controversial investigation. the documents paint a troubling picture of top commanders at opd misleading the public about key aspects of the bailey case. i was the one who personally made the decision.
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>> okay. >> okay? >> on december 15, 2008, then oakland please chief wane tucker called a hiem unusual press conference to respond to is a story revealing what may have been the single biggest turn in the assassination of journalist chauncy bailey. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: that was the discovery that tucker had delayed for two days a massive police raid scheduled for august 1, 2007 on the violent your black muslim bakery so a member of the chief's command staff could extend a camping trip. but the next day, august 2nd, a self-described soldier from the bakery gunned down bailey in cold blood on a downtown oakland street. the delayed raid then took place on august 3rd, the day after the murder. >> the documents contain charges that tuck you are and his command staff held a private meeting just before that press conference where they agreed to cover up that decision when they met with the news media. in the sworn statement we have
12:01 am
obtained, an oakland police captain testifies he was in that meeting and spoke to the chief about what he regarded as a lie. captain joiner says this. san francisco attorney john scott is bringing an investigation of the bailey murder says the testimony goes to the heart of the story never
12:02 am
heard before until now. >> the department, i believe, had its own, i guess, sixth sense of guilt or responsibility for the murder because the department was supposed to execute a warrant on the black muslim bakery august 1st, the day before the murder. now, no one is suggesting or implying that the department intended to kill chauncy bailey. now, attorney scott is representing oakland police argument myer who has been under a gag order from the chief's office since 2007. he has never spoken to the news media about the chauncy bailey case and declined to talk to us. but we have obtained these sworn statements by longmyer and other oakland police officials. some say that he has been unjustly painted as the scapegoat for the about a i willly homicide investigation.
12:03 am
the assistant chief howard jordan launched internal investigations against longmyer because he believes the homicide detective had become far too close to the black muslim bakery and didn't tell his boss or colleagues what he was doing. recorded phone conversations between longmyer and yousef bay the fourth after his murder shows they did in fact have a close relationship. >> i don't think anybody has a right to say we can't be friends because of this, you know what i mean? >> you know, i totally agree. i totally agree. i feel that way wholeheartedly. >> reporter: however, the documents we have obtained have sworn testimony from longmyer's immediate supervisor saying he had ordered him to take those actions and that the district also knew and approved of them. the lawsuit charges the oakland police brass with discriminating against him. and the lawsuit uses sworn statements such as this one by assistant chief howard jordan
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to prove it. however, the documents also include evidence that he wasn't protecting the black muslims. showing as early as five years before bailey was shot he warned the police command staff that the bakery was a criminal enterprise and needed to be cleaned up. no serious sustained action was taken on those repeated warnings until it was too late. the department moved to fire longmyer in may of 2009 after a series of internal investigations he was exonerated. but even then, the oakland police offered him his job back, only if he promised not to sue. he refused and filed his lawsuit in april of last year. although longmyer is still prohibited by his bosses at
12:05 am
oakland police from talking about the bailey case he did talk to ktvu when he filed his lawsuit against the department. >> there is so much media attention surrounding it when questions came up that they couldn't answer it, when they immediate their tactical mistakes early on. i think for them they felt that there was no other way other than to allow this to fall on someone. and that someone was me. >> ktvu requested an interview with assistant chief howard jordan to discuss the allegations, but he declined through a letter through an attorney representing the city of oakland. we called former chief wayne tucker, now a civilian, and asked him for his perspective on the allegations. his comments were brief. >> long p -- mire he is lawsuit is expected to go to court next month. look for the tab on our home
12:06 am
page at for more information. >> dominic kahn has now made a decision about that controversial post. in less than ten minutes we will be talking about the warmup that we have coming. i will tell you which cities will be the warmest. >> plus a
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. the mississippi river is expected to crest at vicksburg mississippi tomorrow. part of the city has been underwater. flood gates are barely holding back the river. the river is a lifeline for business and trade. according to one estimate, the flooding could cost $9 billion. there is late word tonight that the chief of the
12:09 am
international monetary fund, dominic cannes is resigning effective immediately. he is under arrest on sexual assault charges in new york city. a bail hearing is set for tomorrow. his attorneys hope to get him released on $1 million bail. with the condition that he would be confined to his daughter's home in manhattan. those who work to hold a catholic church accountable for the sexual abuse by priests are denouncing a new study scoffing at what they called the woodstock defense. they released a five-year study saying sell basey, homosexual and pedophelia. the major cause was a change in values and morals during the 1960s and poor training for priests. members of the watchdog group bishop dismissed that interpretation saying most people went through the 60s without sexually abusing children. in news of the world tonight, in next the residents of cheran a town of 16,000 are
12:10 am
taking security into their own hands. they have set up barricades to protect their way of life against drug cartels and illegal loggers. the men are using guns stolen from the mexican police. they are patrolling the outskirts of town. >> in libya four free journalists walked into a hotel after being detained for six weeks. two are americans, one is british and the fourth is spanish. the libyan government released journalists after giving them one year suspended sentence are for illegally entering the country. libya also invited them to stay if they wish. and in ireland queen elizabeth visited polk stadium the site of the original bloody sunday when british troops opened fire during a sporting match and killed 14 civilians. later at a state dinner, the queen expressed deep sympathy to all who suffered during the conflict between england and ireland. but she stopped short of apologizing. chrysler is close to
12:11 am
repaying its government bailouts. the auto company has lined up investors to help them refinance $7.5 billion in loans from the u.s. and canadian governments. the deal allows chrysler to further separate itself from government oversight. it is expected to be finalized tomorrow. [ music ] this is a lot harder than "american idol." >> talented singers before judges in the south bay tonight. the singing competition where there is a lot at stake. >> plus chief ♪ you'll run outside
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♪ i'll pass you by ♪ ♪ i want to see the sunshine ♪ ♪ take me where you are ♪ take me where you are ♪ afternoon ride ♪ afternoon ride [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. get high speed internet from at&t, just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services. no home phone required.
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music. >> new at 10:00 tonight, it has been called appear are a's answer to "american idol." opera performers from all across the country are in the south bay tonight singing their hearts out. lloyd lacuesta is live in san jose where he tells us there is a lot at stake this evening. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, there are
12:14 am
three competitions vying foray tension today. the amgen bicycle race, the sharks hockey playoffs game. and here at the california theater,hopera. [ music ] >> tonight was the opening night for the west coast opera auditions. the top ten will go to the eye reason dallas vocal competition on saturday. the winner will walk off with $15,000. 88 singers from around the country sing before a panel of judges. but this is not an operatic "american idol." these are professionally trained singers. >> the training that we have to go through, years upon years of training and upkeeping. music. >> yes, in a lot of ways this is a lot harder than "american idol." we can't just roll out of bed and puff out a note. vocalize and warmup and prepare. >> reporter: and the judges judge not critique. >> "american idol" is just, you
12:15 am
know, showbiz, lighting, you know, and all of that screaming and, et cetera. but this is much more serious. >> reporter: serious because there are representatives from other opera houses here looking for people to hire. [ music ] >> we are under pressure. i have a little baby and a wife. and so there is a lot of pressure. you know, you try to do what you examine. >> reporter: opera is musical theater that at its best emotionally engages the audience. [ music ] >> winners are announced saturday night. and in a nod to "american idol," the audience gets to vote for a favorite. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. last weekend's durbin day brought millions of dollars to santa cruz. the former "american idol" contestant brought a large number of visitors to the city. hotels were near capacity and the visitors spent an estimated
12:16 am
$1 million. after 30,000 james durbin fans attended saturday's free concert at the santa cruz beach boardwalk. the county conference and visitors council saw website traffic more than double beginning on friday. now, tomorrow is a big night on "american idol." that's when we find out who has made it to the final two. the remaining three are haily rienhart and scott mccleary it airs tomorrow night at 8:00 right here on ktvu, channel 2 news. we have an update now to a story we have been following all week. construction was temporarily halted today around a centuries old oak tree in menlo park. the public utilities commission requested today that the work be stopped. the agency instead will consider alternatives to cutting the 300-year-old tree down. the tree is nicknamed granny. it stands right in the path of a $4.5 billion project to seismically upgrade the water delivery system. [ music ]
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welcome back. we have got some clear skies out there. except at the coast. the fog is returning. live stormtracker 22 is not showing the fog. draw in where the fog is right now. coming in along pacifica. the marine layer will stay out here. it will be there the next couple of days. we will see patchy fog coming in along our coast over really right through the bay area weekend. the rain has stopped. the temperature will warm up a little bit. morning fog tomorrow along the coast. warmer as we head into the bay area weekend. your friday and saturday. a warming trend really is the key here then as we go into the next couple of days of high pressure, the story. temperatures into the 70s as we get into your friday. actually into tomorrow and friday. overnight lows on the cool side. day-time highs tomorrow will be mostly in the 70s. so that's a departure from where we were today and yesterday, obviously. so today we warmed up. there is the graph going upwards. temperatures on thursday and friday. friday the warmest day of the week. your bay area weekend looks nice. it is just not going to be as
12:18 am
warm. bay area weekend temperatures will turn down a touch instead of upper 70s, mid and low 70s on saturday because of the cloud cover. more cloud cover. 73 tomorrow in napa. 75 in fairfield. these are significantly warmer than today. so far will be the warms temperatures of the week. 66 in hayward. patchy fog in pacifica. the forecast in san jose is 72 and 73 in pleasanton. dry for now no rain in the forecast. a few clouds as i mentioned as we roll towards the bay area weekend. just the main impact of those clouds a little bit cooler. breezy as well. here is your five day forecast. with your weekend in view a heck of a nice forecast. rain is done. >> all right. good deal. >> everybody is tired of it. the weekend should be nice. not going to be hot but low 70s saturday. sunday a little cooler but still nice. >> sounds pretty good to me. >> sounds very nice. >> yes. >> thank you, bill. >> united airlines apologized for briefly reusing the numbers of two of the 9/11 highjacked blames. they blamed a technical error.
12:19 am
the numbers 93 and 175 were listed on monday night. the san francisco bound flight 93 crashed in pennsylvania when the passengers fought back. and flight 175 flew into the south tower of the world trade center. transportation secretary ray lahood was in the bay area today at a ceremony to mark the start of a new landing system at napa valley airport. the current system at napa doesn't allow for totally safe landings during low visibility. commercial airplanes don't fly into the napa airport. the traffic is mostly for private jets serving the wine industry. the airport will install the new landing system, thanks to more than $1 million from the government. the number of people staying married in the united states is rising. census figures released today show 75% of couples married to 1990 made it to their 10th anniversary. up three percent from 1980. the median age of first marriages has risen over the passed 50 years. back in 1950 men married at a median age of 23.
12:20 am
compared to 28 years now. while women married at a median age of 20 compared to 26 now. [ music ] well, stick around and we are going to go back to fred inglis in vancouver and th
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the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing
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in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. . it has been called tough adds a tank. today san francisco showed off a green and clean para-transit taxi. the city initially exempted them from the school of an all green taxi fleet. now 40aaa approved ramps are approved for service. the para of transit taxis will run nearly 300 miles on a tank of compressed natural gas. mark is in now with sports. i can't remember the last time i saw a team self-destruct like
12:24 am
the sharks did tonight in the third period. >> canadian clam illustrate call a.m. mitt. the fans are blamed with overreacting but you couldn't blame anyone once the sharks freaked out. they lost the game brutally 7- 3. lost their composure. 11 penalties to only 3 by the canucks. as game two starts out with canadian nba star steve nash waving on his home team. patty marleau will wind up tying it with a goal that actually had to be reviewed as you see it sneaked passed and 2- 2 in the first. good game. in the second though, vancouver begins to break away, literally. kevin zips it by niemi and they are in the lead for good. but it will get a whole lot worse as the great sedin twins make an appearance. just toying with the sharks here. daniel and brother henrick is assisting and it is 5-2. pick it up a little later and the sharks are even worse, trailing
12:25 am
7-2. how can you make a sharks score look back in igor turns that into a negative as he opportunities the goalie. he is penalized for the taunting. just completely became un glued down the stretch 2-0. they are down in the series. i will tell you what on television it looked like a complete and total meltdown. our fred inglis sees it unravel in vancouver. was it as bad rinkside as it looked on the tube, fred? >> it was just much louder, i guarantee you here at the rogers arena. i'm just next to the locker- room where the visitor sharks have come and gone and don't have much to talk about. the final 28 minutes of this game it looked like a professional tinman cage match and the sharks even lost that battle. but as you were saying number 55igor, he was just out of control at times tonight. igor was called for six penalty by himself.
12:26 am
six penalties. and as you showed, one of them was after he scored the san jose sharks final meaningless goal. even big ben had to say this was a bad effort. >> lots of penalties and i guess it's going to cost us. with the team down there they scored in the powerplay. that was a dangerous powerplay and we have to stay out of the box. we are looking forward to getting home and doing our job there. >> did you think that basically as a team you lost your cool tonight? >> no. i don't think we lost our cool. i think we took some bad penalties. i didn't see us losing our cool. you know, the guys get upset when you are getting embarrassed. and we were being embarrassed. i didn't see as losing our cool. >> yeah, coach todd defended igor's actions in tonight's game. but this team the sharks have now one just one of six games against the canucks this season. and they don't appear to have anywhere or any clue on solving the canucks right now, mark. thanks, fred.
12:27 am
just bottom line embarrassing. it looked for a while like nobody was going to do any good for the bay area tonight. the giants all of a sudden having trouble in the late innings. and particularly painful when it comes against the dodgers and a former teammate. the dodgers trailed all night. but 3 in the 8th for la. former giant uribe the key hit right in the middle of it. brian wilson was brought in early. a two run double cuts it to 5- 4. he scored on a james loany single. 9 giants had an extra base hit all night but they get one here. ticket to ride, cody ross three run shot and two out and the giants win it 8-5. so much for the as putting a little distance between themselves and the rest of the web. at least for new. matsui with the clutch hit rbi single at 6. 3-3 with the twins. and it stays that way until the 10th. but trevor pluup had three rbis
12:28 am
for minnesota. a sacrifice fly there. and the bulls were losers tonight 1-1. that's all the time f
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