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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  June 30, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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area news at 7:00. coming up, and east bay region hit by job losses hits back. a big change means changes for the state and family members help separate truth from rumor in the case of a bay area missing nursing student. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is thursday, june 30. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >> they are calling it a bright idea, a new push to attract green transportation jobs. >> reporter: gasia, behind me is a battery powered scooter which is getting a major boost
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here in livermore. this was the grand opening which will help develop green transportation technology. >> we have our hydrogen bus, batteries, hybrid technologies and we hope that we can bring those to the tri-valley area. >> reporter: getting back to the point of commercial viability can be a challenge and that is where they will come in pretty good news for livermore says the mayor. >> i expect the innovation that happens over the next five years to create 5000 jobs and have a $1 billion impact on our local economy. >> reporter: in downtown livermore a word of a recent influx of businesses and jobs is encouraging. >> i am excited to bring more businesses to more people and more growth. >> reporter: there is also the feeling that green transportation would be an
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ideal shot in the arm. >> electric vehicles, renewable energy, green. >> reporter: they will also partner with other cities and officials here says that they will be partnering with tesla electric cars as well. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. city leaders in oakland are deciding a budget for the new fiscal year set to begin at midnight. the new city council will choose between three different budget proposals. oakland faces a $50 million deficit. the new fiscal year will start tomorrow, july 1st. we are following the development and will have an update for you on the 10:00 news. 67 san jose police officers turned in their guns and badges today and became the first cops
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in the department's history to be laid off. after the laid off officers turned in their badges, they were greeted with handshakes and hugs from dozens of their colleagues, fellow officers who came to see them off. >> it had been an incredible honor to serve the community. >> the existence police chief will be the new top cop in hayward -- assistant police chief will be the new top cop in hayward. urban will take over in early august and he's bid is for 25 year. after one veto and months of debate, california officially has a new budget. governor brown signed a final budget bill today that includes major cuts to social programs.
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afterward the governor reiterated his hope that californians will vote on a plan to extend certain taxes and generate additional revenue. those taxes expire at midnight tonight and starting tomorrow californians will see the difference. tom vacar explains three areas where it will affect your wallet. >> reporter: as of midnight the state will collect a quarter% less than her paycheck but from a single taxpayer, the savings will be $240 a year, $20 a month premade couples making the same amount will save about $650 a year. >> i love it. that is a great thing. >> reporter: consumers will pay 1% last state sales tax -- less
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state sales-tax. in the vehicle registration fee, currently 1.5% is reduced to .65%, in other $1.4 billion loss to the state treasury. but on a car valued at $20,000 instead of paying $230, you will pay $130, saving $100. although many welcome it others see more damaged. >> i worry about the people that will be laid off. >> it appears that just about every level of government is being downsized and that downsizing may well be permanent. tomorrow is commute will no longer include a perk for many hybrid owners. this table and a program that allows them to use carpool
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lanes. transportation officials say that some compressed natural gas vehicles will be able to drive solo in the carpool lane. tomorrow drivers with trailers will pay more to cost bay area bridgers. the rates will increase from $6 up to $10.50 and will be even more on the golden gate bridge. that money will go to seismic retrofit projects. a new budget will have a big impact on jails in the area. this effects to save the state $400 million -- they hope to save the state $400 million a year. >> it is a big strain on the state system. these individuals are better served, we believe that the local level serving local cartridge in time. >> it is a slow enough of state
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responsibilities onto the counties. >> counties will begin observing the low-level offenders from the program begins october 1st. the vatican announced the resignation of bishop daniel walsh. during his leadership the diocese was hit with two lawsuits alleging sex abuse. in 2006 authorities threatened false with criminal charges for allowing an accused priest to flee to mexico. they say that walsh is very tired after a difficult decade. prisoners adding state prison are -- at a state prison are eating their last meal before a hunger strike with a call for improved conditions and want to prison to change protocol on how prisoners are
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released from and introduced to the prison. eight ex-convicts are helping cleanup oakland. they are part of a crew picking up litter on freeways under a contract with caltrans. they say they committed their crimes in oakland and want to do something positive for the city. they hope the three-year contract will lead to jobs and. amtrak is suing the trucking company whose driver took a big rig into the side of the train last week. the impact ignited an inferno that charred the train along interstate 95 east of reno. amtrak accuses the trucking company of failing to properly train at the driver. amtrak says it suffered at least $2 million in damages. the federal government released a national survey of how much it costs to go to college. they california state university system has some of
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the steepest hikes. sarah lawrence college in new york tops the list of expensive private schools. it students pay about $41,000 a year. to see more it and find out more about tuition costs, visit the national basketball association plans to lock out its players about two hours from now. they were unable to reach a collective bargaining unit. the league estimates 22 of 30 teams lost money this season and the president says a wide gap separates players and owners. a woman survived a close call today with a bart train. the train operator says she saw a woman on the tracks at the san francisco glen park station about 8:50 a.m. the operator hit the brakes but several cars passed over the
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woman paid by police found the woman and -- bart police found a woman and she had cuts and bruises. the family of a missing bay area nursing student response to a report that hurt cell phone was used to. >> many visitors at yosemite tell us today they have never seen the park looks so beautiful. coming up, we will tell you why there is danger connected to the spectacular scenery. >> the advertised warm-up has arrived. coming up, how much temperatures will warm up on your friday and i will have the warmest day for your holiday weekend. fee court is now in session. ♪ that airline charged me a 150-dollar change fee. southwest would never do that. your honor, chump change. that is not right. i don't understand how three clicks of a mouse can cost me 150 dollars. sir. it's personnel on the telephone.
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>> the pentagon pulled out all the stops for defense secretary robert gates & company retirement today. president obama award the gates the presidential medal of freedom. he oversaw the wars in iraq and afghanistan. this afternoon to san francisco police chief breached the community about yesterday's police officer involved shooting. investigators say the man opened fire on officers who were trying to arrest him. the cheat and says he has a goal of conducting community meetings of any officer involved shooting. a journalist from san diego for its reporting out-of-state calls were made from michele le's cell phone and as patty lee tells us, that reporter is
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standing by his story. >> reporter: the le family is engaging in damage control. >> we want to make sure that it is true. >> reporter: discrediting a news story saying that calls were made to reno nevada and the city in arizona from michelle's cell phone. >> i am not aware of any phone calls that were made from the shelves onto those locations. >> reporter: we spoke with investigators today and they confirmed that they did interview a woman. >> i tried calling her and she has not gotten back to me. >> reporter: regardless hayward police say their leads in arizona and nevada were not from michelle's cell phone but information from reno has been helpful. >> i think in between the agony
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of waiting, it is good to hear progress. >> reporter: they have not given up hope of finding her. in london protesters and police scuffled in the streets as thousands of public employees walked off the job. london police say they have arrested 41 people in the last 24 hours. they are protesting a plan to cut pensions. the dow gained another 152 points today. the nasdaq rose 33. there were unconfirmed reports that federal investigators are looking into how twitter deals with companies that make applications to be used on the messaging service be they say that federal trade commission
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wants to know what if anything has been going on between twitter and a company called uber media. a class-action lawsuit accusing google of collecting data from wireless networks can go forward. google says it did not break the law because the wi-fi networks were unlocked however, a district court judge said that the same privacy protections apply to wireless data transmissions as no cell phone calls. restaurants that serve shark fin soup after dead men will face a $5000 fine and california lawmakers are considering a ban of possessing shark fins in our state. rabbits were crammed into
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two stages. the cages were so small, the rabbits were on top of each other. they are recovering and available for adoption. bay area residents had a chance to provide input on protecting our oceans. officials gather public input in san francisco. they are creating a first apple national plan to improve the health of america's coastlines and oceans. a new policy is expected to include better monitoring of the species one hiker is dead. robert hunter was at the park today and tells us why fourth of july travelers needs to be extra cautious.
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>> reporter: park rangers and visitors seem to agree, the yosemite national park has the biggest waterfall is in the past 15-20 years and a -- and attracting huge crowds. rescue crews are searching for the second hiker swept out yesterday. the body of the first hiker was recovered. the swollen balls poured over the bridge and the hikers were caught up in the moment. >> obviously there was water there and face a dangerous conditions. >> reporter: yosemite has been racking up the river until the water levels have dropped. they say they are not surprise causing the water a hazardous specially for youngsters. >> anything so leading, gorgeous, massive, and it is frightening. >> reporter: one hiker says his group did not realize the risk
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until they got to the top. >> that is when we looked down and realize there is only about 2.5 feet of ledge and nothing on the right-hand side of us. >> reporter: the search operation will add a dose of a harsh reality because they say the surge will continue throughout the fourth of july weekend. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. one of the main states with the oakland a's is playing for a new team. mark ellis was at the team's annual floats day to fight juvenile diabetes. they traded ellis to the colorado rockies. meanwhile, a down day for both the a's and giants. the giants gave up a home run in the ninth against the cubs and the cubs won it with a
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three-run homer. are you ready for heat approaching triple digits? parts of the bay area are bracing for its. meteorologist mark tamayo tells us how hot it's going to get. you can watch bay area news at 7:00 and all of our newscasts on your computer or mobile device. we are streaming live online at
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>> a new report is showcasing san francisco's environmental credentials. researchers investigated the performance of environmental policies and cited san francisco's composting and recycling program as a specialty beneficial. pretty soon we will be the sweaty city pay here is the meteorologist mark tamayo to talk about the rising temperatures. >> in the 80s and we will soon be talking about some 90s. here's a wider perspective. you notice that bob bank way out in the pacific. patchy fog will redevelop code side for the overnight hours.
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for tonight we do have patchy fog and temperatures in the mid- to upper 90s. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning, most areas starting out in the 50s. san francisco at 53 and san jose right around 56 degrees. with a northerly wind in place that will help clear out the blog early tomorrow and with that, that will be the source of our warm-up as we head into friday. strong high-pressure will strengthen overhead and we will warm things up inland. the hot it's day is scheduled to move into the region on sunday. we still have a bit of an onshore breeze. we may be approaching the lower 70s for saturday into sunday
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with minor cooling for monday on fourth of july. showing you tomorrow morning at 7:00, the fog clearly back to near the shoreline. mostly sunny skies and a warming trend. santa rosa right around 89 degrees. the key change tomorrow, we are introducing some 90s. livermore in the upper 80s. these numbers on average about 4-8 degrees warmer than today's highs. san francisco just beautiful in the lower 70s, 73p here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast. temperatures warming. he had his locations around 97, 98 degrees.
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gasia? >> the golden gate bridge is taking center stage at the marin county fair previous year's theme celebrates 75 years at the golden gate bridge. paintings, quilts, and cakes celebrate the bridge. police and fire officials issued there annual warning about fireworks. they say it is not just the legal ones that can cause injury and fire. they say that fireworks that are labeled safe and sane can also be dangerous. there are 11 cities in the bay area in santa cruz county where you can legally buy fireworks. then stop went out to the east and pacifica and san bruno along the peninsula.
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that is our report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues online at and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36. i want to crush more cars.
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