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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 6, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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apple devices that can leave users vulnerable. plus a video that could help nab a suspect. a neighborhood bands together to help stop a development. either efforts to little to late? -- are their efforts to little to late? >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, july 6. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. a warning tonight, a newly exposed slot can allow hackers inside your mobile device -- flaw can allow hackers inside your mobile device. >> reporter: we contacted apple and they do admit there is a
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flaw that impacts all apple devices including ipads, ipods, and iphones. the company has taken the mobile world by storm. >> i have everything. i had the apple iphone, ipad, macbook air, macbook pro. >> issued a warning that the mobile operating system has a critical flaw. >> it exploits a security flaw in apple's pdf viewer software that gives a hacker full access. >> reporter: that means a hacker can access your personal e-mails, passwords, banking information .
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right now it appears that flaw only applies to apple devices. >> is kind of scary. it is invading our privacy and everything else of that nature. >> reporter: apple is not the only company. >> they are not alone. this happens to every platform. a lot of people do not use antivirus software on mobile's yet. things are happening. >> reporter: we spoke with apple that says they are developing a fix that will be available in an upcoming software update p jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news.
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allegations of hacking are calling for calls of a boycott. >> actor hugh grant is among those supporting a boycott of news of the world. they are accused of hacking into the voicemail of a teenage murder victim. grant says he is one of many celebrities that has had their phones hacked. the scandal is expected to go to news core. facebook is launching a video chat feature. mark zuckerberg announced the new feature powered by skype. >> i can go and click 'call him' and in real time you can
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go and click. it takes 10-20 seconds. president obama use twitter today. in 11 minutes we will look at how his tweets could factor in to his reelection campaign. the ninth court of appeals says that speech must be voided. congress repealed the policy -- "don't ask, don't tell" must be voided in congress repealed the policy in september. leland yee says he won't meet with mexican authorities to make sure they keep up the search for seven men missing at sea. >> evidence that individuals can, in fact, survive past this 96 hours.
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>> he wrapped up a news conference with the families of four of the men from the bay area. a total of 43 passengers and crew members were aboard the fishing boat that sank in the sea of cortez. there is an allegation that the boat's captain may have ignored warnings about rough weather. >> if they had known that there was a storm coming in, that they would have taken that risk to come out there. >> one person has been confirmed dead. the families created a facebook page to share information under the name "find our fathers." lefty o'doul is may have captured images of an art thief. the suspect is seen casually walking away. >> reporter: surveillance footage shows a man believed to be the suspect. >> it is very similar, it is
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very close to he was wearing loafers with no socks and he does have a painting under his left arm. >> reporter: the picasso drawing was being offered for sale at $200,000. the thief apparently took the campus from the wall, walked outside, and escaped >> this i would say was a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: the theft happened just before noon on san francisco's busiest pedestrian corridor. business leaders say they have plan to create a building surveillance network. >> it would have to be monitored centrally and we would hope that police would have the ability to also monitor.
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>> reporter: a lefty o'doul's surveillance camera was installed two years ago after someone stole the left arm of their mascot. managers declined to speak about the fact. police ask anyone with information to give them a call. >> and you can view back video and other details by clicking the link on our home page at chief anthony batts outlined a reorganization today. it is to begin this saturday. it will be to field offices instead of 30. and several will be consolidated into one the major crime unit. >> incident having eight
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investigators, we will have pretty close to having 22 people -- instead of having eight investigators, we will have pretty close to 22 people dealing with robberies and assaults. >> the investigators will now get help from patrol officers who were getting training in detective work. officers gathered today to share intelligence about two gangs in a fued that may have lots to the death of a boy. services are available for those who want out of the gang life. a judge on the students to delay entering a plea to charges that she was texting while driving. she drove through a crosswalk, striking a 2-year-old girl.
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she is charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. the judge rescheduled her plea for august 15 so her attorney could have more time to examine report. 11 marin county families are back in their homes tonight. a week was reported this morning. they were hooking up new gas service when they hit a pipeline with a jackhammer. crews are expected go door to door to re-light pilot lights. decades old pipelines run beneath homes and businesses in suisun city. one pipeline is under more pressure than the line that exploded in san bruno last year. >> we have not been a safety
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study on fees pipelines. >> a spokeswoman says they have inspected one pipe and another will be inspected next year. a pill bill passed a committee of the state senate today -- bill passed a committee of the state senate today for nannies and house workers. it will go to another senate committee before it gets to the senate floor. the senate house committee approved a law giving state officials the power to reject health insurance increases. they are lining up in a position to the bill and a it does not do anything to curb
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rising medical costs. more tonight that the final curtain will fall at a beloved movie theaters. >> our weather pattern will soon be changing. i will show you what dense fog will be targeting the area and highly the coolest day of the upcoming weekend.
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>> the 23rd olympic winter games are awarded to the city
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of pyeongchang. it is about 100 miles east of seoul and is only the second asian country to host the winter olympics. the perjury trial of roger clemens opened today and the witness list includes barry bonds, josi canseco, and bud selig. jury selection is expected to take at least three days. president obama held his first ever twitter town hall meeting. the president focused on jobs
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and the economy. >> reporter: americans have a lot on their minds. >> i think i would ask him what he is going to do about the federal budget. >> a lot of them sound off on twitter. they met tweet up with the tweeter in chief at for a. >> i will be the first president to live tweet. >> reporter: while the president announced he will be composing some of his own the tweets side with his initials, he did not do very much typing. >> what mistakes have been made in handling the recession in what would you do differently? >> one would be to explain to the american people that it will take a while to get out of this.
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>> reporter: as the president ramps up reelection efforts, the goal could be to add to the mix of younger voters. >> this could be a way to address the nation and also build his followers. >> reporter: the gop was looking for answers, too. the president fielded a question from house speaker john boehner about the federal debt and jobs. researchers say that global warming may have a major impact on the california wine industry. by 2040 researchers say it will be too hot to grow many premium wine grapes but places with cooler temperatures could see an increase. on wall street investors shrugged off reports on slow
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growth. the dow had a gain and the nasdaq rose by eight. a movie house will close on july 25th. that will mark the theaters 31st birthday. doctors and leaders rallied today to st. luke's rebuild hospital be the city needs to approve the plan and they say that the mayor is making unreasonable demands. a man was killed by a grizzly bear while hiking on a popular trail. a man and his wife were surprised when they found a female grizzly bear and her
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cubs. the wife was unharmed. the last fatal bear mauling in yellowstone was in 1986. a powerful earthquake hits a remote island chain in the pacific. it aids 76 miles northeast of new zealand's capital -- it is 76 miles northeast of new zealand's capital. a meeting is underway in gilroy. maureen naylor spoke to residence this evening. >> more than 100 residents held hands. >> we want to save our foothills. >> they say, "save our foot hills!" >> i do not want to see this
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happen. >> the potential is devastating and if this goes forward, it will break the heart of the community. >> reporter: this is the only hill in the northwest area untouched a and home to frolicking. even opponents notify is an uphill battle. >> i know that if it is not approved, there will not be additional tax dollars coming into the city of gilroy. >> reporter: because its tentative plan was approved in 2006 the council is obligated to approve the development. >> this particular development does present quite a bit of a hillside and part of a
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component of this is a trail and they will have access to a park further up the hill. >> reporter: the plan is set for final approval july 18. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. organizers tell us they sold 89,000 tickets over the five days of the marin county fair that added up to $1.3 million. fairgoers also bought a record $1 million worth of food and drinks. a massive storm in phoenix is causing more than just headaches. the new pictures, just ahead. in the bay area cool down will ramp up over the next few days. meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us where it will be the coolest. >> you can watch bay area news
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>> amazing footage continues to come into our ktvu newsroom showing a ferocious dust storm in phoenix. a blanket of dust rolled over
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the city. there is a chance a better storm in phoenix could produce more blowing dust. visibility was zero in some areas. >> i was talking to rita williams and she said, i grew up in texas and we have seen that there. >> we have a cooling trend to talk about. right now i can show you this on live stormtracker 2. it is pretty dense and wit that we are expected to drop off in disabilities. that kodak will continue to be an increase -- visibilities. that cloud deck will continue
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to be on the increase. away from the bay, temperatures inland up to the 90s today. but things will be changing. in the extended forecast, war fought and temperatures will continue to drop box. at most area starting out thursday morning in the 50s and right around the baby could have partly cloudy skies. high pressure we have been talking a lot about this. it is family beginning to weaken and move of town -- finally beginning to weaken and move out of town. it looks like sunday will be the coolest day of the upcoming weekend. fog first thing tomorrow morning. a few patches into the day and
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we should have mostly clear skies inland. we can still have some leftover patchy fog fog for the beaches -- for the beaches. the warmest locations will be in the lower 90s. san francisco right around 65. slightly cooler for friday and cooling will continue into the weekend. gasia? >> the oakland a's teamed up with a local nonprofit today. they donated baby clothes that will be sent to hospitals and clinics throughout oakland. they are working with an organization called "loved twice" that gives away clothes
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to needy families. scott sizemore hit a second inning home run to give the a's the lead and they beat the mariners 2-0. that is our report for tonight. keep in mind our coverage continues online at and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36. i want to crush more cars.
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