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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 11, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a rowdy protest in a b.a.r.t. station causes big disruption
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right through the busiest part of the commute. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. b.a.r.t. says it caused system wide delays. charles hill is the man shot and killed in early july. police formed a barricade at powell and market and the protesters dispersed. the bulk of the action took place underground. ken wayne is live. >> reporter: all of the b.a.r.t. stations are open once again, but for a time during the evening commute there was frustration, anger and chaos. it started peacefully then thousands of protesters split off and boarded planes,
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blocking the doors in the process so the trains couldn't move. >> after ant 15 minutes, the protesters boarded a train back to the civic center, but then police had closed civic center and the train didn't stop. instead pulling up at 16th and mission. again protesters blocked the doors. by now some passengers were getting fed up. >> these people have been working all day man, we have nothing to do with this. >> a scuffle broke out between protesters and a passenger. police in riot gear arrived. demonstrators let their feelings known. >> with civic center and now 16th station closed, passengers began passing up, waiting for trains that were wait in coming. >> i'm just a commuter and i
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just want to go home, you know and i guess they have a right but not during commute. >> there'll be more consequences for b.a.r.t. >> so you agree with them. >> yeah, you just can't go around killing people. >> reporter: protesters say their goal is to raise awareness to recent b.a.r.t. shootings. >> we want to see that organization gone. we don't think they're fit to be a police organization. >> reporter: you managed to shutdown b.a.r.t. train. >> we were able to stop the b.a.r.t. train. >> reporter: are you proud of that. >> we're happy that we brought attention to what's happening with the b.a.r.t. police. >> reporter: live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. our scam a was there at powell and market when san francisco police took at least
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one man into custody. protesters had walked up powell. disrupting the cable line there. san francisco police tell us the arrest was for public intoxication. b.a.r.t. officials are clearly unhappy about this evening's event. there will be consequences if something like this happens again. >> if these protesters wish to behave in unfit behavior, we will deal with them. >> b.a.r.t. called the death of hill unfortunate. the uncle of oscar grant showed up for today's protest and reiterated his family's message to the demonstrators. >> we as a family, you know openly said to the public or to the community that whatever is the best way for you to resolve the pain that are this side of you concerning this issue when it comes to b.a.r.t.
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police shootings, you have to express that. >> reporter: johnson urged b.a.r.t. to disarm its officers. his nephew oscar grant was shot and killed on new years day 2009 by then police officer mehserle. you will find more information on the b.a.r.t. shooting and video of tonight's protest at look for the b.a.r.t. shooting tab on the front page. a 13-year-old autistic boy disappeared from his san jose home this morning and was discovered late today more than 300 miles away. we learned that he managed to board a bus and was heading for hollywood. police say they plan to pick up the boy later tonight in san fernando then drive him back to his home in san jose. amber lee is in san jose where the family told her they have no idea how the boy managed to walk more than a mile to the greyhound bus station. amber-- >> reporter: julie, we're in front of the home of the 13- year-old boy. we were here right after the father received the good news that his son had been found.
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after hours of worrying and searching this father learned late this afternoon that his autistic son jesus garza had been found. >> how is he doing? did they say his condition? >> he's in good condition. >> reporter: gillermo garza tells us he discovered his son missing at 6:30. the eighth grader has the mental capacity of a 7-year- old. >> he's never left his house expect than with his parents. so they were surprised he was not home. >> reporter: his father says he mentioned to his parents that he wanted to two to hollywood to meet his favorite tv stars.
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so they called the greyhound and found surveillance that he had been at the station. police plan to drive him home. >> reporter: in spanish jesus's father thanked his neighbors for the search. >> thank god for our neighborhood here. we're always looking out for each other. >> reporter: inside this home the garza family is waiting anxiously to be reunited with jesus sometime tomorrow morning. reporting live here in san jose, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the family of missing nursing student michelle le is now offering $100,000 for information leading to her whereabouts. the family announced the new reward this afternoon. le was last seen 45 days ago at kaiser permanente's hayward center. hayward police believe her disappearance to be a homicide but her body has never been found. the le family is planning another search for friday.
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a judge today refused to dismiss arnold schwarzenegger commutation handed down to the son of fabian nunez. his son esteban nunez pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the death of luis santos of concord. as arnold schwarzenegger left office, he reduced nunez sentence from 16 years down to seven. the santos family is suing the state and the former governor and say they want justice for their son. >> he was stabbed in the back by politicians after his death. i think they completely disrespected him and disrespected our family. >> reporter: nunez said his son was infairly treated. he also said his son was told he would get a lesser sentence if he pleaded guilty which he did. pg & e says it shouldn't have to pay victims of last
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year's pipeline explosion in san bruno. in a new court filing, the company says it shouldn't have to make pay outs to the dozens of people who are suing because the explosion was caused by a third party that damaged its state of the art pipeline. the pg & e company filing blames sewer workers also indicated residents are to blame from the losses of last september's blast. the explosion killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. it is likely a first in oakland. a court order telling a landlord she must pay an $80,000 fine, give up her rental properties and never again own a multiunit apartment building in the city. jana katsuyama update it is story that we have been following now for months. >> reporter: maria and her family say they live with broken bathroom fixtures and damaged walls for years. jesse numarkk says they have
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about 10,000 photos documenting fire, health, building and other code violations. he says the building of the owner has repeatedly ignored violations. >> these are a lot of really vulnerable tenants. low income senior, disabled people, immigrants, there's a lot of people that are being taken advantage of. >> reporter: earlier this year, ktvu investigated the complaint and found people living with roaches, rat traps, mold and other unfit conditions. gardener says she's the victim. she says many of the problems are due to tenants who don't pay rent or broke the fixtures. gardener says she's been overwhelmed by bills, and tenants. >> i make a mistake, but i try my best. i'm a human being. >> reporter: tenants aren't
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going to have to pay rent until the violations are fixed. an oakland hotel owner has pleaded not guilty to attempting to burn down hotel menlow. 44-year-old richard singer agreed to pay someone to burn down the hotel which is located on 13th street near webster last december. singer is scheduled to be sentenced next month and faces up to 10 years in prison. a rough day in wall street after concerns over a growing crisis sends stocks tumbling. last year the dow industry corral hit its high. the nasdaq dropped 57. the united states debt is also weighing on investors. today president obama met with congressional leaders. cisco systems took a hit today. it stock dropped 2% and analysts reported cisco may cut 5,000 jobs.
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the san jose company is the world's largest networking equipment company but earnings have been down due to increased competition. cisco says it needs to reduce extenses by more than half a million dollars. i'll show you which cities will cool the most for your tuesday. a north bay girl dies during a summer sleep over with friends. suddenly warnings about under aged drinking are all too real.
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in sonoma county the death of a 16-year-old girl because of alcohol poisoning has her family reeling. debra villalon is at the school. >> reporter: the message ades have a safe and fun sum -- the message reads, have a safe and fun summer. >> reporter: a favorite song shared by two best friends on a note from takamie. takamie drank some vodka and didn't wake up. >> they poured it into the plastic water bottle and were in the room with it drinking. >> reporter: it happened in a hilltop neighborhood of estate homes. three girls takamie had invited
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over vomited in the night. but takamie's mom did not detect alcohol. she thought they had food poisoning. >> she was the happiest, sunniest little girl. >> reporter: those who know takamie said she was goofy and fun, this is the last thing they would expect. >> i know kids experiment, and they all do. and that's i think what the scariest thing is is you know it's like, wake up. >> reporter: alcohol is a toxin, it is a poison in your body. >> reporter: it's never too soon for parents to start talking to kids about the dangers of experimentation. >> the more parents talk to their teens about what they're attitudes on alcohol are and what they expect their teens behaviors the less likely teens are to use alcohol. >> reporter: national surveys
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found 9.4 kids have already experimented. >> don't do it. find another way to have fun, be careful. >> reporter: takamie would have started high school this fall. charges appear unlikely since this was an accident that happened without parents awareness. live in santa rosa, debra villalon, ktvu news. alcoholic beverages are about to stop the import, production, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages laced with caffeine. critics say the drinks are aimed at young people and make it easy to drink too much. state senators must now approve changes made to the bill before it is sent to governor brown. new information emerged today about the shooting of a teenage boy in pittsburg last night. the second shooting there in a week. east bay regional park police were looking for more evidence today. police told ktvu the 14-year- old boy was walking with
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friends, drinking alcohol and firing a stolen gun. the teen was shot in the abdomen and is expected to survive. people living along the trail say it's a dangerous place at night. >> it's dark, you know don't walk the trail. because there's all kind of dudes out there doing dope and everything else. >> last week, someone shot and killed 20-year-old marcus jackson less than a half mile away. police say the shootings are not related. two men are behind bars in connection with a shooting in san francisco that left another man blind in one eye. matthew lather and vincent harris have been arrested. evidence at the scene led san francisco police to lather last wednesday. our crews were there during his arrest. harris was arrested in hayward two days later. the lawyer for the man accused of stealing a picasso drawing played down the high
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profile nature of the crime today which has been covered internationally. 30-year-old mark lugo made his first court appearance. his attorney says he plans to plead not guilty during his scheduled arraignment on friday. >> nobody is dead, nobody has been assaulted, this is not the crime of the century. investigators say lugo walked into a union square gallery last tuesday, took the picasso drawing off the wall and then took off in a cab. he was arrested in napa the following day. new york city prosecutors asked for more time today to investigate the former director of the international monetary fund and his alleged sexual assault of a hotel maid. kahn is now scheduled to appear in court august 1st. his attorneys say they hope the charges will be dropped. questions have risen about the credibility of his accuser. but prosecutors say there is
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evidence of the assault. president obama's meeting with congressional leaders. >> reporter: with the clock ticking to the deadline, president obama held another white house meeting monday afternoon with key congressional players. earlier the president told reporters he will not leave the negotiating table until the two sides come to a resolution. everyone though it means sacrificing each party's key points. >> i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. >> and a nd i expect the other side should be willing to do the same if they mean what they say. >> reporter: republicans are pushing for more spending cuts among other differences. heading into monday's meeting, house speaker john boehner signaled there's still a long
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way to go -- >> the president and i disagree on the extent of the entitlement problem and what is necessary in order to solve it. >> reporter: failure to push the country's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling higher could mean a national default on august 2 the treasury department says economic consequences of that could be devastating for the u.s. on the global economic stage. and send a shock wave through the world's market. monday a short term fix of the debt ceiling is not an option. in washington, i'm karen kapa. there's a lot of fog out there tonight. most locations around the bay area around 7 degrees, five to 7 degrees cooler tonight than they were last night. look at the fog coverage. all the way to the livermore valley. you know tomorrow morning you're going to have a lot of low cloud and fog.
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this weather system to the north. that's the mechanism for this push of fog and low cloud and the coolest forecast highs for tomorrow. tomorrow morning, about 1:00 a.m., look at the coverage to the delta. you wake up tomorrow morning around 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 a.m. almost basically all nine bay area countys have cloud cover. a slow burn off, tomorrow a lot like today in terms of sunshine. but temperatures slightly cooler. when i come back we're going to talk more about this cooling trend and when things could warm up. we'll see you back here at 10:00. a new proposal to split california in two. a unique campaign to boost oakland's imagine
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new at 10:00, selling their city. officials in oakland hope to turn around the city's imagine by turning to residents and business owners. ktvu's heather holmes is here to tell us about this campaign called i choose oakland. >> while oakland does face crime and budget problems that often grab headlines. officials argue that there's much more to the city and ask people to tell the world why they choose oakland. >> reporter: this is the perception most people have of oak land, a high crime city with prostitution and drug problemmings. this is the oakland ryan montabelo knows, a place where you can shop for treasures and sink your teeth into a world class meal. >> being in oakland is great. >> reporter: mozerelo says it's been great for his graphic design business. >> in this imagine we have the grand lake theater. >> reporter: so he jumped at the chance to share his support
11:55 pm
for oakland in a city sponsored contest. >> people were asked to submit pictures and videos detailing their love affair with oakland and help dispel the city's negative imagine. >> i think it was a part in intention to broaden the story about oakland. and hearing the story from the very people who make up this community. >> reporter: sammy roberts is the city's marketing director. she's impressed with the more than 600 photos and videos submitted. from once highlights the city's diversity. so what about a snouzer named hensel hitting all of oakland's of the spots. it's one way for residents to show the oakland that's their reality. >> what we thought was interesting was hear from people who are here on what brought them here and what why
11:56 pm
they stay. >> and the winner will be announced next month. reporting live i'm healther holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. the first of two funeral services for former first lady betty ford is set for tomorrow in california. a private ceremony is scheduled tomorrow in palm desert. following that her body will be flown to grand rapids michigan for another service. then police departments ford will be buried next to husband, former president gerald ford. admirers have been signing a book of condolences for betty ford. not offering any condolences will be members of the westboro baptist church. they plan to picket both services. the westboro church said betty ford was divorced before she married gerald ford and that makes her an adulterer. it was a decades old idea that has entertained northern and southern californians for
11:57 pm
years. tomorrow the board is scheduled to discuss dividing california in two. the republican wants 13 california counties to join together and form the 51st state dubbed south california. combine those counties have about 13 million people. southern bay area fishermen still missing in i want to crush more cars.
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bookstores tomorrow morning. tara moyarti spoke to the family of another kidnapped girl and say the details of the book may be too much to bear. >> i want phillip garrido to know that i no longer have to keep his secret. >> reporter: she explains how garrido raped her and delivered her two children in a hidden backyard compound. >> why not look at it, stair it down until it can't scare you anymore. >> reporter: dugard hopes her book will inspire other victims. but for victims parents like matty and mike michelo they are not sure if they'll crack open the book. >> it just seemed to me too hard, too painful. every day without her is a
12:01 am
struggle. in 1989, ilene was just 13 years old. the parents taped the dugard interview but don't know when and if they'll watch it and if they'll read the book. most bookstores have received books but they are not allowed to put them on store shelves until tomorrow. >> it's just been rehashed and rehashed so many times that i'm not really interested in it. >> reporter: some people thought the book seemed too sensational. but others were curious. >> if she wrote the book herself, it'll be interesting than other stories. >> reporter: tara moyarti. recuers are searching for an san anselmo man who went missing while on vacation in
12:02 am
maui. pots was in maui with his wife and baby. as you can tell, as the waves roll in, the water goes up almost like a geyser. a u.s. dive team is in mexico on stand by -- today search crews spent the day looking on or near the sonora islands for those missing fishermen. the island lie on the sea of cortez from san felipe. it's been eight days since the boat turned over. a show of support today for a livermore teacher who's father and uncle are among the missing fishermen. students held a bake sale this morning to raise money for mandy lee han. the students are planning to
12:03 am
hold another bake sale tomorrow. the family has not given up hope that don lee of san ramon will be found alive. an update now to a story we've been following for months. nearly two dozen san jose firefighters are getting their jobs back thanks to a federal grant. the $15 million grant allows the fire department to fill 49 positions that were lost in a controversial brown out plan last year. 22 of the 49 firefighters have accepted their jobs back. but they still have to retrain. the department says it will fill the remaining 27 openings with transfers. you might have to carry extra cash to park in san francisco. by the end of the month, sfmta officials say they will change meter prices based on neighborhood with more crowded areas getting higher rates. officials say rates at nearly 1/3 of the meters will increase up to 25-cents an hour. the meter program started last year and uses sensors to collect realtime parking information. san francisco presented an
12:04 am
environment impact report today for america's cup sailing proposition. the report outlines what effects the event will have on the environment. the public has 45 days to offer their opinions on the report. team usa pulled off an incredible come back yesterday tieing a game against brazil in the 122nd minute with a header by addie wamback then they won the game by winning a shoot out. tom vacar reports why this new
12:05 am
win is inspiring young women. >> girls can do as much as boys can do. so-- and i always looked up to the women's soccer team. so it was really good to see that they are doing good. >> reporter: that includes a really good win over brazil and many players say they know it was the u.s. women's world cup triumph in 1989 that led to a boom in girls playing soccer. >> i would love to grow up and be like them some day. >> reporter: but coach emily harvey says girl's soccer could use the boost. she says all athletes need role models and role models need a stage. >> people probably don't even know all the team players on the team right now. >> reporter: jeremy almanderos agrees, he's the president for kids love soccer. a group that runs league in 35 cities. >> i think we will get a
12:06 am
significant jump. maybe 30% of girls who haven't kicked a ball may be interested now. >> people take into consideration that boys are better than girls. so i like it when the girls do really good. >> reporter: you don't think that's true by the way do you? >> not at all. >> reporter: robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. services today for the man who died while trying to catch a ball during a game in texas. what his wife said about their son who was at the game with his dad. and i'm back here in less than 10 minutes. right now i'm tracking the fog. i'll show you which cities will cool the most for your tuesday. two votes this i tell ya, i work a long day, every day.
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the texas ranger fan who fell to his death was laid to rest today. stone fell about 20 feet trying to catch a ball that a player threw into the stands. his 6-year-old son was with him. >> cooper is going to have great memories of his dad. >> reporter: a lone fire engine stood outside the church. this latest incident coming up in sports. the oakland a's have suspended a pitcher for
12:10 am
comments he made on twitter. 20-year-old ian crowl was suspended indefinitely. the team says crowl violated team -- ten days to say whether it plans to appeal the court's ruling prohibiting enforcement of the don't ask don't tell policy. president barack obama signed into law a repeal of the ban last year but that repeal does not go into effect until 60 days after the pentagon certifies that military readiness will not be affected by dropping the policy. in news of the world tonight in london, the scandal involving rupert murdock appears to be growing. the latest allegations involve
12:11 am
murdoch reporters accessing gordon brown's financial records and his seriously ill son's medical files. another report suggests his reporters paid the queen's bodyguards to get secret information about the royal family. in russia, hope is fading for 81 people still missing after an aging cruise ship sank yesterday. so far 58 bodies have been recovered. the ship was overcrowded at the time and the port engine was malfunctioning. one survivor said he saw two ships that refused to stop and help them. river cruise ships are very popular among russians. u.s. defense secretary panetta visited u.s. troops today. panetta expressed his frustration that baghdad has not decided if it wants u.s. troops to remain in iraq beyond the planned withdraw at the end of this year. two important votes are scheduled to take place this week that could increase
12:12 am
tuition for students in both the uc system. the hike would cost a full time under graduate an additional $5,000 in tuition. it's not clear if the increase would go into effect in the fall or the following spring semester. come thursday the uc regents are scheduled to vote on a proposed 9.6 tuition hike. if approved tuition would climb to $5,200 a year. the outgoing president earned $299,000, the chancellor wants the new president to receive $350,000. fires back. the new effort to get you involved in fighting an online sales tax.
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a factory in shanghai is playing a crucial part in building the bay bridge project. rob roth tells us how that is creating some controversy. >> reporter: in a huge factory in shanghai today, east and west were making toasts. earlier today chinese factory workers put the final touches on sections of the new eastern span. >> this closes out the fabrication in china for the self-anchored suspension span. where it shifts the focus entirely here to san francisco bay. the first sections weigh a total of 5,000-tons and are expected to arrive in about three weeks. where americans are constructing the bridge its the decks in the iconic towers are made in china.
12:16 am
transportation officials say the outsources saved taxpayers about $400 million in a $6.3 million project. >> one of the great advantages that the chinese fabrication firm had over any of its global competitors is the size of their facility to get this work done quickly. >> reporter: using chinese dealers has drawn criticism from american steel workers and bay area residents. bridge workers earn $20 a day according to the new york sometimes. >> any jobs that can be given to the local area i'm all for. >> reporter: still other residents say if you can build sections more cheaply, why not. >> it's a market economy right, so i think the economy pays its toll and wherever it's cheaper people are going to go for that. >> about 75% of all of the steel in the bridge is fabricated right here in the u.s.a. officials say the new bay bridge is on schedule but completion is still two years
12:17 am
away. on treasure island, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. and you can follow the bay bridge project at we've also posted a slide show of images on the bay bridge tab. wants the voters to weigh in on the new sales tax law. california recently passed a law requiring amazon and other online retailers to collect state sales taxes. amazon is refusing and threatening to cut off its california affiliates. now it's filed a petition for a referendum so voters can decide if it should collect sales taxes. the state says the law could bring in $200 million a year. a bill requiring skiers and snow boarders under the age of 18 is one step closer to the governor's desk. now it moves on to the state senate. supporters of the bill say it could prevend head and brain injuries. violators would be fined $25. at least four states have similar laws two others are considering them. macy's is paying a fine of
12:18 am
$250,000 for failing to report that it has sold some children's clothes that had draw strings at the neck. the clothes pose a health hazard and some of them had been recalled. macy's denies the allegations that it knowingly violated the law. the cpsc says 28 children have died since 1985 due to draw strings. crews started removing hundreds of trees today in an effort to stop sudden oak death. research shows removing bay trees which is 15 feet of oak trees reduces the riskover sudden oak death. it causes sudden oak trees to die from the disease. the work is expected to be finished by the end of this month. the san carlos city council tonight studied how a ban on plastic bags and tire phone
12:19 am
containers would -- styrofoam containers would impact the environment. no decision was made at tonight's meeting. temperatures out there right now running cooler than last night. and certainly cooler than last week with lots of fog and low cloud. pushing in you see it right now in the north bay. all the way into napa up toward vacaville. it's shooting out toward liver moor as well. tomorrow morning when you wake up most likely there'll be fog and clouds. i suspect along the coast at half-moon bay, drizzle possible as well. not a lot of it but just enough to slow you down. the wipers on intermittent. than warmer as we go into the next few days. high pressure builds back into the middle of the week. and the weekend they don't get hot but they start to warm up again. we have lots of fog and low clouds. higher humidities and cooler temperatures. numbers a solid 10 degrees, 15 degrees below the average.
12:20 am
so as you march your microclimates tomorrow, san francisco upper 50s, oakland low 60s. oakland hills mid-60s. now into the mid-valley low 70less. where you had 100s not too long ago we're looking at upper 70s out toward brentwood, discovery bay and out beyond that. a mild weather pattern, good news for firefighters. also good news for your air quality. as high pressure leaves the area. this low pressure sets up shop. now low pressure. if you've been in the mountains we've seen all the snow and rain in the reservoirs. here it is in the summer, in the summer it didn't have enough juice to get the rain. but it has enough use to get the fog. that's the mechanism, we've been looking at this low. it's not going away till the end of the weekend. san jose you have low clouds when we wake up. downtown san jose, down toward
12:21 am
-- out toward cesar chavez park maybe 73. a little warmer down there in the buildings but still on the cool side. it's fire season in the bay area, it just taking a little bit of the edge off. by the end of the week and early in the weekend, temperatures start to come up. but really a moist cool weather pattern. indications are that low is going to come back, again. so long range forecast are for this mild weather to continue into next week. >> we had a mild summer last summer too. thank you bill. the crew of the space shuttle atlantis got some welcome news today. nasa extended the last flight by an extra day. atlantis is docked at the international space station delivering a year worth of groceries including fresh fruit
12:22 am
and other supplies. it appears arnold schwarzenegger is moving on from his failed marriage by focusing on his acting career. arnold schwarzenegger signed back to the production company. he and his wife maria shriver are in the middle of a divorce after he
12:23 am
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12:25 am
mark is here now with sports. another close call at a game tonight with a fall. >> all star festivities almost with a big not good happening. it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. that was nearly the case again today. near tragedy again at a ballpark. happening in the midst of the home run hitting contest. making fans forget personal safety. his name is keith carmichael. his father and a friend holding him that was a 160-foot drop. disaster prevented. red sox and yankees in the
12:26 am
final. and first of all it was gonzalez tieing the record in the final with 11 only to have it broken by cano the yankee second baseman with a 470-foot two shot. and there you go. 472feet will win it for the yankees second baseman. you know not since 1966 has a giant gone to an all star game so well represented it. are five world champions, gio gonzalez is the loan a's rep for tomorrow night's game. both teams went through the paces in arizona earlier today. in preparation for the midsummer night classic. to be seen by the way right here on ktvu tomorrow. matt cane selected to the game although he will not pitch. quite proud of his heritage. >> these guys that i've kind of played with and stuff in the giants organization, i think those guys rub off on you. you want to be a professional on the field and offer the
12:27 am
field. especially off the field. >> i'm proud to be here and represent the oakland a's. i want to do the best and ráept the american league all star team. if i get the ball and the opportunity i'm going to try to do my best and keep us in the game as long as possible. meantime it is the women's united states open. before they took the first swing this afternoon in the three hole player could be decided it was guaranteed that only a south korean would come out happiest. it was ru against so for the u.s. open title in the three hole play offs. so ru approaching at 17. set herself up for a birdie and a two shot lead going to the final hole and she will wrap it up there. ru is your champion and has the champane bubble bath to prove it right there. nice going. that is the sporting life for a monday night, again the all star game right here on channel
12:28 am
2, 5:00. >> i can't believe that caught that guy. >> he was so lucky they caught him. >> that was a near tragedy averted. just by the skin of his teeth. his arm and his leg. >> mark, thank you.
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