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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  July 30, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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good evening, i'm ken wayne >> and i'm heather holmes.
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>> >> lucky that crews were able to contain a chemical which leaked through the fail safe secondary line of defense. at 4:30 at the water treatment plant a report of a chemical spill from a fiberglass tank containing 11,000-gallons of sodium. color identify, a more concentrated investigation of bleach and chlorine. >> >> reporter: the incident commander tell us us of the faulty tanks with 1 of 9 behind this 3-foot concrete wall. the wall to contain chemicals if they were found. >> there is still products inside of theth secondary containment that will be pumped route of there. >> reporter: hazmat crews started shoveling dirt to keep
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the liquid that was anying down hill from draining into the dirt. while water treatment workers started to pump the liquid chemical in portable tanks. >> some of it has reached the dirt in that level, to recover everything >> reporter: there water treatment plant is situated below lake hennessey, used for dranking water, but above the creek which feeds into the napa river. one of the primary missions was to prevent the water from reaching the dirt and tapping into the water supply. i had a cannes to talk to the plant manager who said the cleanup crews have arrived at the plant. once that is done, there will be more answers about what happened here today. but the cleanup could take days. >> >> new at 10:00. swastikas and slashed tires, what is left behind after vandals struck 50 cars in santa
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cruz. eric is standing by live to show us the damage. >> >> reporter: 24 is 1 of the streets where we found car after car, including that 1 there with slashed tires and angry owners. a rash of vandalisms so large -- >> i had 2 flat tires on with your car and another flat tire on another. >> reporter: dozens of crews suddenly had something in common overnight. >> i was pretty stunned. i don't know why anybody would do it. >> reporter: suzanne said someone slashed the tires on all 4 of her cars. >> tow truck was $200, tires $500. >> >> reporter: ryan's tires were not touched, but he discovered someone keyed a scat stick canoe his car. > swastika into his car.
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another neighbor said he discovered a broken blade. police will only say they have selected some evidence and increased paroles in the area, but still need help to catch the persons responsible. >> we don't have suspect information. we believe there are people who know suspects in the area to do that many vandalisms, someone had to have seen something. >> something is bound to give. >> roy and so many others here just 1 answer >> i would like to talk to whoever did it, you know, give them a piece of my mind. >> reporter: now, police can track down the vandals, they say it will be up to the district attorney's office to prosecute as a hate crime. they don't think that anyone here specifically was targeted because they went after so many cars >> an accused vandal in the north bay sent to the hospital after he fell through a sky
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light while allegedly trashing an elementary school. they were caught in the act by place. they were taken into custody at 4:00 this morning. officers say they were breaking items on the roof of the elementary school and police fell 15 feet through the sky light when they arrived. police estimate the damage at several thousand dollars. >> >> in washington, d.c , congress has shut down for the night, ending a long day, but know final results about the debt showdown. republican leaders and the white house are making significant progress. under the latest plan, reportedly, the nation's debt limit would rise in 2 steps. first by $4 trillion. the second, later this year by $1.4 trillion. earlier, the senate put off a test vote until tomorrow. majority leader, harry reid was
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frustrated. >> revenues off the calendar. we cannot talk about revenues. entitlements, all they are after entitlements, medicare, social security. >> reporter: the plan would not require approval of a balanced budget amendment, something many republican also called for. >> >> reports of progress, but still no final agreement. going through today's debt talks. >> the republican controlled house of representatives rejected a debt ceiling proposal from senate democrats. senate majority hairy reid said that the democrats are filibustering these ideas. >> there are no revenues. there are cuts -- >> reporter: cutting $2.4 trillion and raise the debt ceiling by the same amount.
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republicans say it cuts too too much sunshine -- >> i think we are dealing with reasonable responsible people who want this crisis to end as quickly as possible. >> let me just add our country is not going to default for the first time in history. that is the not going to happen. >> reporter: i talked with california senator barbara boxer from washington and she's not as optimistic >> never in our history, have we seen the full faith and credit in the united states be held hostage to 1 party's strong extreme wing. that is what is happening, now. >> reporter: a lack of deal could harm an already fragile economy. mortgage rates would probably be higher, gng forward. that's not drastic, but enough to families that are stretched. >> reporter: in oakland, ktvu
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channel "2 news." some in the bay area say they are worried the default cross effect their own lawmakers and are angry that so come prom has been reached. >> it's going to mean moore to me to have higher interest rates >> social security the programs that help people who are unable to help themselves. >> i would like to see them all kicked out. i hope we have the biggest recall in the next election and get rid of the crash we have in there, now. >> reporter: people we spoke to said a lot going on is political posturing and the debt ceiling will be laced inside. >> >> coming up, how california is preparing for the possibility of government default. >> >> you can find out more at our website. we posted a county by county report on the impact a default
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would have. >> >> 2uc berkeley grads being held on spying charges are minutes away from a court hear that would lead to their freedom. family members say the hearing for the 2 is set to take place at 10:30 after in iran. that's less than an hour from now. sunday is the second anniversary of their arrests, which experts say is a good sign. family members are hoping for the bet. >> we want to send a clear message we are here, beginning a period of intensive prayer, and after so many dales, josh and -- the 22 will finally be
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released. >> > public utilities commissions want to ineffect the well as part of the connection neighbors said they knew crews would be out there, but they say they are surprised by the strong odor. >> we didn't know we were going to smell gas. they said it was an old pipeline. >> reporter: 00 untilty said there was no actual gas, but the chemical used to give natural gas its odor still lings in these parts. >> >> family and friending of missing nursing student held a fund-raising car wash. proceeds were used for expenses related to the search. another 1 set for august 11th
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planned parenthood missed a deadline yesterday to provide the city proof and secure 27 parking spots required by clinics. thee planned parent lot is week working with other businesses to find parking. >> >> john davis trucking company said amtrak and union pacific did not maintain safe railroad crossing when bun of the drivers slammed the car -- neither union pacific nor amtrak have been filed.
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>> >> 212-year-old clark gaines gable and a friend were arrested the allegedly pointing a laser like this at an l.a.p.d. vehicle friday fight of the officers followed the vehicle. gables sister defended her brother when she went to defend him out of jail. >> lasers should be banned pilot. that things should be illegal. >> he told people outside of the jail that the arrest was a misunderstanding and that people make mistakes. >> >> anthony opens up about his time on the job and the changes he has made. >> check youth this video be a store clerk fights off a robber, but as you hear it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done.
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oakland police chief anthony bass said that conditions are improving for citizens. >> reporter: march 2009, a funeral for 4 of oakland's finest, in attendance, anthony bass from long beach pd. a man who told himself that day "i want to lead the department in oakland" and by the
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following 2009, he was and now 20 months later. >> i feel the passion for the community. >> reporter: 1 year into the job, the city's budget started to have an impact. a department under federal court oversight and by early this year, the city city of san jose was calling his name. >> i didn't look elsewhere. else war came to me and i came knocking on the door. >> we had an agency where the focus was not on the police department. we just laid off 25% of our organization. we had cars that didn't run. a new deputy u eye pi chief was brought in. formal internal police chief -- >> he's not coming coming over to be the next chief. >> reporter: the new hire comes as chief bass reorganized his department. more command staff, more supervision in the field. >> there is our second -- we
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have had 1 or 2 small hiccups. suspects that are preying on our victims, we can watch them closer. we know the connectivity. we know where they are. it's more efficient for us. >> reporter: the chief said his frustration level is not as high as it once was. radios are working. some officers are being rehired and his passion to protect the community is growing every day. >> >> a ceremony in shankville, pennsylvania to mark the connection of all of those killed on 9/11 trees, each for the crew and passenger that lost their lives, donated. >> we look up in the middle of the night and say "and what of shankville?" "what of the pentagon." >> we feel the 3 were sister
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sites in many ways. . 100 thousand trees will be planted the a brave gas station clerk has quite a story to tell, tonight and there is surveillance video to back it up. police in missouri released this video of aaron jacobs behind the counter as he scuffles with a man who pulled out a knife and demanded money. the man did not -- got him into another submission and threw him, head first into the door. >> he is so casual about it. unfortunately, the bad guy did get away, but not with what he came for. >> >> 5burg lays an and an attempted burglary that took place this week. a gray bmw sedan was seen in
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the area. police want to question 2 minute, 1, a white male 25-30 years old and a black male the same age with a medium build. belmont residents who have seen anything suspicious are urged to call the police. >> >> fighting to keep labor reform off the november ballot. city's firefighters union filed a complaint, claire laikaing the city broke the law when it place binding ar underway to create the dream team for the newest sports financial franchise. alis are musen >> reporter: 15 guys with the same goal. all competing for a shot at probasketball.
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>> come out here and play hard. 100% effort i'm thinking about working hard's makes as many shots as possible. work hard, that's all you can do. >> reporter: guys out here on the cower are trying out to find the the richmond rockets. part of the american basketball association. . >> we are trying to fill the spots with community basketball players. >> the rockets will play in richmond ace civic auditorium. richmond is an ideal place for a hometown basketball team. >> it's 00 nice working class community, full of great people. it's a great opportunity where there are no protegessal sports already. we have a great opportunity to meet the team. >> richmond file bay italian chief came out to watch the trial. not really the san francisco warriors, not the daily city
11:50 pm
warrier. have a team named after in your city, that will bring up surprise. >> reporter: hope envelopes had more experience an ors. many say even if they don't make the team, they will come back to watch and support. >> give people something to do, come to the game. >> ali rasmussen, ktvu -- . gag gone dancers lead the way, neighbors got their fires rock into the library. >> >> after 75 years in lease or temp pray spaces, the neighborhood has a brand-new 9,000 square foot facility. san francisco continues to show worthy of it ci of the know how. that we know the tax dollars are spent for good reason, giott purpose and we get
11:51 pm
something for it. >> reporter: the -- . there are spaces for children and public meeting the $13 million facility was approved of texas governor rick perry is backing a limit on gay marriage. he said ports a time line. he said his focus is on jobs and no socialissues. the republican is asking a cress pension kid, getting ready for the first tomorrow. >> >> as norway mourns, 2 details alick more about the suspect and his prodeckion. >> >> roy wedding, the secret, connections they staired in common before getting married. >> >> comi
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. ? this weekend, norway honors those remembered in a attack. a concert in oslo honored the 77 norwegians killed in last week's bombing and massacre. one concert goer said it was time to express love and support. >> . >> reporter: meanwhile, police say man who confessed to those attacks had mortar gets in mind, he published an anti- muslim manifesto before those
11:55 pm
complaints, blaming immigrants for "destroying your heritage." map. . >> other news of the world. caribbean airlines jet slid on a wet run way in georgetown, crashed through a fence and barely shot short of a 200 drop in a riven. three survived and only try had to be hospitalized. middle east of -- in italy,
11:56 pm
the appeal of a student connecticut viced of murdering her roommate. today, under forensic experts testify that the evidence used in the trial was unreliable. one said while there was a complete profill of the dna inbound on the knife. the dna could not be chose to match that the victim. . gene elizabeth's granddaughter, sara phillips married. the ceremony considered modest compared to the recent numberrials. today's newly weds are parts stars. bay area environmentalists have worked hard to remove
11:57 pm
noninvasive plants from uc. biologists say many nonmaytive plants are better able to adapt to a many water and drier climate as the effortett warms. they say invasive plants will check of native plants, leading to diversity and more frequent wildfires. >> >> -- allowing storm water runoff so pollute the bay. water control board sign -- tom daschle regulators say contractors failed to cover routine practices and used straw veils to prevent dirty water from reaching the storm drains. >> >> as we close in on an unprecedented default, see preparations california has made to try to
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>> new video shows a dramatic cliff rescue. a man and a woman posing for picture along the side of highway 1, a mile south of stepson beach when they both slipped and fell 150 feet down the cliff base. rescue teams, as you see here this these pictures used a helicopter to pull the couple to safety. the man was air-lifted to john muir hospital in walnut creek. the woman was taken by ambulance to the hospital. their identities and conditions have not been released. >> >> uncertainty over the debt
12:01 am
limit has people worried. sacramento state leaders prepare for the worst. >> >> reporter: no 1 knows exactly what will happen on august 3rd. but, just in case federal funds stop flowing to the states, california has borrowed $5.4 billion to make sure it can cover health care programs, transportation and other services. >> >> it means the state obligations are paid. >> >> reporter: california takes out this so-called bridge loan every year, usually in august, but a failure to raise the federal debt ceiling could 3 federal markets into turmoil. economist said securing the loan, now was a smart move. >> the only thing you can do is act on the information you have at any 1 time. the future is so uncertain with the debt situation that he was wise to do a cut. >> reporter: the state got a low rate, 0.237% from wells
12:02 am
fargo and other financial institutions. >> which means, if we pay it back. it's a few million dollars in interest, which for $5.4 billion is a good deal. >> reporter: political experts say it's ironic when southern safely hands it out, the state faces potential harm because of gridlock in washington. >> us californians are not used toking looking fiscally responsible compared to anyone. it's nice knowing that our state treasurer found $5 billion other dollars to keep the state going in case the government can't pay its bills next week. >> >> the u.s. military is looking for more suspects assault rifles from a southern california army fort. federal officials released this photo of an ak74 assault rifle that was recovered during initial arrests. 26 more are still missing, tonight, along with a sniper rifle. the weapons were all taken
12:03 am
earlier this month from a supply warehouse outside of barstow, officials say the weapons may have wind up in fresno. the atf is offering a reward for place about the theft >> emergency room employees often help some of the sickest and injured patients. many of them become victims of those they are trying to help. a study showed nearly 40% of emergency room workers report they have been attacked by someone in the past year. california nurses association has been calling for increased security and policies to prevent hospitals from retaliating against nurses who report attacks by patients. >> a replica of a wrights brother plane crashed in a field, killing the 2 men onboard. witnesses say the plane's engine had been sputtering just before it crashed. wright brother's replica was
12:04 am
built by aviation enthuse afters and certified air worthy by the faa. ntsb is investigating the crash. >> >> firefighters cleaning up after putting out a massive wildfire in san diego county. the fire started july 21st and burned more than 22 scare miles of the indian reservation. investigators believe an arsonist started the fire. no 1 wastelot in the fire, no buildings were damaged, but the cost of fighting the fires is statemented at $15 million. >> >> 1 sacramento area neighborhood is just about bee free, but the insects did not give up without a fight. a vacant house in fair oaks have become home to 6 hives of bee over the years. the owner finally had fluff and hired a bee keeper to remove them overnight. .
12:05 am
>> a surprising find for a father and son out for a walk on the beach. this is what they found onshore. a 4-foot lions main jelly fish. >> we were stunned when we saw it at first. all of the colors, awesome to see. . >> no 1 knew it was going to be like that. i never heard anything like that. so, it was pretty cool. >> >> the lions main jelly fish live in north pacific ocean from alaska to washington state. rarely seen as far south as california. truly monsterrous 1s are said to grow across 6 feet across and have up to 15010 considers. >> >> a group of bay area penguin chicks waddled back to their
12:06 am
home. >> they spent 2 months being observed aces they swam and got used to people. zookeepers say this year's bash did surprisingly well sticking together on their way home. >> every year, we never know what they are going to do, the pace at which they will move, whether or not they will stay together. this group stayed at a casual penguin walking pace. >> it brings the penguin population on the island to a whooping 49. the zoo said that was the largest group in north america. >> perfect weather., high- [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order.
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it was the perfect day to go out and fly a kite in berkeley. runs of people took advantage of great weather at the city's 26th annual kite festival. the event at the marina featured lots of food, art and high-flying kites of all shapes, sizes and colors. the festival continues tomorrow from 10:00 am to 5:00 p.m. . this is the time of year to plan those -- not much of a change of our weather pattern. low clouds and fog keeping our temperatures, cool to mild side. right now, i'm watching another batch of fog off shore and already, you can see pushing back into the bay. south bay, san jose reporting partly cloudy skies, as we move the maps to the north, overcast for san fransco and also the oakland airport reporting mostly cloudy conditions.
12:10 am
focast story for tonight is this increasing low clouds and temperatures inland on the clear side. we'll have few patches develop late tonight. tomorrow, morning cloud cover. we'll stick with the pattern. cool temperatures for the beaches, but still warm numbers inland. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning. coolest locations in the lower 50s. freemont, 58 and morgan hill starting out sunday morning. 56, last day of the garlic festival. you can see a fairly nice day, a few high clou to the forecast, temperatures on track to reach the mid-80s by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. >> >> satellite, you can see some activities, clouds and rainshowers targeting parts of the sierra skirting to the south and east of lake tahoe. we will have to keep an eye on it for tomorrow because some of the moisture will be approaching the bay area by tomorrow afternoon after we have the fog for tomorrow morning. as we head into the afternoon hours late in the afternoon
12:11 am
into the evening hours, there could be enough instability. we bring in a very slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm for the higher terrain of the dic ablo range. east bay hills for late tomorrow afternoon to the evening hours, a minimal chance. main impact a few high clouds. temperatures not changing too much. >> >> here's our forecast model, showing you some fog, a batch of high clouds moving in from the south. mainly targeting areas south of lake tahoe and by tomorrow night at this time, we'll be talking about low clouds and fog. tomorrow morning, 56-58 degrees. by 12:00. coastal fog and by 4:00, partly cloudy skies and temperatures ranging from the upper 50s to right around 60 for the beaches, warmest locations inland approaching mid-to upper 80s, oakland 70, san jose, 79 and fang tops out at 65 degrees. >> >> here's a look ahead to the five-day forecast. really not much change.
12:12 am
low clouds and fog. at least in the morning hours, heather and ken, i like to talk about a big change in temperatures. cool down, i don't have it for tonight, pretty much stablizing, 80s inland and 60s for the coast. we'll make it more exciting tomorrow. >> >> a's try to keep their bats hot as they battle the twins
12:13 am
12:14 am
. good evening, everyone, welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. after 2 impressive wins in philadelphia, giants have stumbled twice in cincinnati.
12:15 am
also made news with another predeadline trade. things got off to a very bad start for starting pitcher, 3 runs already scored in the first inning when chris heise sent a hard grounder up the middle for a base hit. johnson, a 5-0 hole. coming back from the deficit -- pablo sand doe value did make some noise, he sends 1 halfway to kentucky for his 11th homer of the year, but this was void of significant giant scoring. bad luck here in the 4th when the reds scored 2 more. miguel single to the left side. balm gardener doesn't back up the play. charged with an error as the runners move up a base. frustrating for the giants. barry zito is all that stands between the giants and the series sweep. the giants general manager is
12:16 am
not stopping in acquiring additional offense for this team. could brother a was hitting 24 had with 4 homers and 38 rbi's. he is in his 15th season. joining his 19th since 2004. giants gave up mine league outfielder, on the disabled list in fresno. >> >> justin upton and the diamond backs chasing the giants. arizona trailing 4-1. upton had the big blow. this drive to the gap in right center. by the time they get the ball back to the infield, 3 runs scored. five run inning for arizona, which goes on to win 6-4 diamond backs pick up a game on the giants, trailing by 3. >> >> oakland a's have been putting runs on the board as late. guierl o, 3-2 lead before they
12:17 am
erupted for 4 in the, nick blackburn. the gambia, it goes for an infield hit,matsui comes home in the with the bases loaded. the ball rolls, josh willingham, sweeney, cliff pennington head to the plate. the play on pennington close. a's go on to win 8-3 to end a losing streak to the twins at 3. >> >> 2 more hits for matsui batting 473 since the all-star break. >> >> in addition to doing dealing, red sox were also winning, adrian gonzalez with runner on in the ninth, that ball is way gone. number 18 on the year for gonzalez, boston rolls over the white sox 10-2. the first win over chicago in 8 games. >> >> the first few days of the nfl season have been about as frenzied at baseball when the
12:18 am
deadline approaches. raiders signed local guy as insurance for starting quarterback jason campbell. trent edwards who played for college at stanford has agreed to a contract. edwards was waived by the bills in september and spent the rest of the year in jacksonville. >> >> more not happening than happening. earlier this week, their relief quarterback, nate clem mons. he agreed to terms with cincinnati bengals. clemmons is beginning his 11 season, playing the last 4 in san francisco. there is a report that the 49ers are involved in the wuing of plaxico burris, he is trying to sign on with the team after serving 2 years in prison on a gun possession charge. the finals are set in the
12:19 am
bank for west tennis classic at stanford. serena williams with a win. she will meet marianne bartoli, she advanced when her semi- final opponent withdrew. >> >> jim harbaugh waited a long time to get his hands on
12:20 am
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this run will actually be beaten by his teammate. he did claim the top qualifies spot for funny cars, 139th time he has been a top qualifier, breaking the career record he previously held with warren johnson. >> >> nascar's nationwide series warming up before tomorrow's brick yard 400. elliott saddler spins and gets into austin dylan. both drivers were able to finish after saddler went to the pits to
12:24 am
12:25 am
so of his teammates have his back. >> he s been through so much. it has to be tough. he had his ups and downs. >> it doesn't matter what anybody says on the outside. have you to have confidence in yourself and i feel like he does. >> i started with coach harbaugh coming in and talking with him. for me, just making a good decion that was a lot less for me. >> harbaugh won't discuss any of the 49er as big plans likelying in plaxico burris or anyone else. instead, he seems content to be back on the field. >> it's good to be back. i like being in the chaos of
12:26 am
this >> at this early stage, there appears to be a lot of room for improvement. in this year of new faces on the golf tour, someone expected to be at the top is making some noise. that person is not sergio garcia >> the leader is anthony kim whose last win was a year ago and took 3 months off. senior open, 2 man battle between mark o'meara who makes birdie here at 17 and brown, the 2 were playing in the same group. brown answers to o'meara's
12:27 am
birdie with 1 of his own. brown matched him, once again, brown shot a 65. o'meara, 66, brown in front by 2 strokes headed to tomorrow's final round. >> >> the women playing a major. women's british open. defending champion, sing, sing finishing around a 66 with a birdie at 18, but she has a battle on her hands from a player from germany, setting up with this approach, shot at 68, leading sing by 2 strokes again, heading into tomorrow's final round. >> >> earthquakes losers, 2-0 to dc united. that's it for this night's edition of saturday sports wrap, we'll see you tomorrow. >> >> be sure to join ktvu's morning on 2. will the 2uc
12:28 am
berkeley grads detained on fraud charges finally be free? >> thanks for joining us, our coverage continues on our website. turn left. you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. hd video cam for lectures. game pad. have you ever considered this ? it's got all that and more than 200,000 apps. technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon. buy one droid 3 by motorola, the thinnest full qwerty smartphone ever for $199.99, and get another one free.
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