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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 12, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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a large structure in the heart of town is going up in flames right now. plus, a surprise candidate shakes things up for mayor of san francisco. . it is friday, august 12th hello again i'm heather holmes in tonight for gasia, this is bay area news at 7:00. new at 7:00 tonight, the candidates last-minute decision. we talked to the field of candidates it is smaller than expected, john? >> reporter: heather, the deadline has come and gone. here is the list of candidate for san francisco mayor not
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including one. 16 people going down from three dozen including former supervisors and now the public defender. >> reporter: san francisco public defender jeff adotchi walked in with little time to spare. he filed the papers a half-hour before the deadline and took the candidate oath. >> reporter: afterwards he told reporters he jumped in today because of what was not said at the mayoral debate. >> it was not until i really listened to what the candidates were saying in the last few debates about pension reform and i became convinced that either the candidates don't get it or don't want to get it. >> reporter: he is unpopular with city unions because of his attempts to change the pension systems. he has a measure that would do just that. but pension reform is just one reason he is running. >> we are seeing what is happening in washington, d.c., we are seeing what is happening in sacramento, we can not let
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that happen to the city that we love. >> reporter: the forme superrizor, peer, filed her papers today. >> former superior, peer, filed her papers today. >> we will talk a lot more about pension reform as a result of it. >> reporter: and david shoe who welcomes it. >> i think, at this point, we have an alphabet soup of candidates in this case. >> reporter: he says he will not accept public campaign financing and he will abide by the spending cap. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news right now out of sacramento where the fbi issued an amber alert for a man suspected of abducting his 2- year-old daughter. highway signs are lit up with the information that the authorities say the suspect has ties to here in the bay area. it happened on sunday so they could be anywhere. we are going to show you, now, a photo of the missing girl, madeleine fae. she weighs about 30 pounds, two feet tall.
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the fbi says her life may be in danger. her father described as 5 '6 tall, 160 pounds. he is an egyptian-born u.s. citizen and can speak spanish. >> we may be a danger to himself or maybe even to madeleine. if that is the case -- madilyn. we have breaking news at this hour in the delta where firecrews are attacking a four alarm fire in the town of ilton. the fire broke out in a boarded upbuilding on 2nd street in heart of downtown. we watch now as engines have been pouring water on that fire for about 45 minutes. the crews are trying to keep the flames from spreading to other nearby buildings in the historic town. the two-story building appears
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to house an abandon store. the fire officials there busiy and so far have not been able to return our calls for more information. >> the city of pacificca may consider stricter regulations on dogs. following yesterday's fatal mauling of a pregnant woman. tonight, there is talk of a brief spectacular sterilization law. >> this morning -- specific sterilization law. >> reporter: this morning they talked about her 32-year-old wife was killed by the family pit bull. >> swrel to piece together what happened and wait for the exams of the victim and the dog. >> as long as i have been here there has not been a fatal attack in pacificca. >> reporter: in san francisco there has been. wiplen in 2001, another in 2005. that same year san francisco passed a law requiring pit bulls be spayed or nutterred. >> we seen pit bulls like chico
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that is sweet and kind. >> reporter: we are the copresident of the spca in san francisco. >> we are not sure that breed- specific legislation is the right answer but it has been effective. we did see the number of pit bulls being surrendered to hurt shelters drop dramatically. >> reporter: the police say the pit bull that attacked her was not neutered. he is torn if pacificca should enact the sterilization law in response to the recent attack. >> i am worried it will further the bad rap of pit bulls. it really is not justified. you know, any breed of a dog can be aggressive. >> reporter: the police say that the cause of death has yet to be determined and an autopsy was scheduled for today. the results are expected sometime next week. reporting here in pacificca, ktvu channel 2 news. the man who admitted killing oakland journalist, bailey, was sentenced today to 25 years in prison.
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23-year-old risard killed bailey and another man four years ago. he received a reduced sentence in exchange of testifying against the man who ordered the killing. they were accused bailey was righting an expose on the bakery. >> i don't know what was going on in his head when he did what he did but i wanted to give them my condolences because i feel bad for them. >> reporter: the attorney says his client plans to become a mart of the muslim faith. the man accused of fatally shooting a 3-year-old boy in oakland made a court appearance today. lawrence denard faces four charges including murder. he did not enter a plea today. the judge scheduled arraignment for later this month. his family members defended him saying he had nothing to do with monday's shooting that
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killed him and injured two men. the police say they had witnesses. san francisco police have released two officers involved in a shooting. 35-year-old richard hastings and 30-year-old lopez. on july 16th they were chasing 19-year-old harding, a parolee and murder suspect in seattle. the officers exchanged gunfire and hit him in the leg. but the police say that he accidently shot himself as he fell. the police identified the officers in response to a request from the aclu. now, to santa rosa where a reward is being offered tonight to catch the gunman who stormed an armored car warehouse. it happened before 11:00 last night at the guarded truck warehouse. the police say a number of men lost two employee -- locked two employees inside of the building and got away with cash. the police are going over surveillance video for their search of the gunman.
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$2500 reward is offered for information. b.a.r.t is criticized for shutting off cell phone service at four san francisco stations. all in an effort to interrupt cell service yesterday. and to make it more difficult to coordinate. the protest last month over the fatal shooting of charles hill led to a near shutdown of the b.a.r.t system. they told us that they are concerned about b.a.r.t cutting off phones and what could happen in a real emergency with cell phone service blocked. a colorful demonstration had a serious purpose in san francisco today. drummers and dancers performed outside of the department of homeland security building. protesters are demanding that the federal government and the community's program. that program requires law enforcement to get fingerprints
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of people put in custody. >> many people are getting caught up in this wide net they are throwing and it is not addressing community safety. that is not making our community safety when communities do not trust the public officials and the police. >> reporter: san francisco is among cities that tried to opt out of the program. homeland security officials say they expect all u.s. law enforcement to be in compliance by 2013. on wall street today, investigators finally got a chance to exhale after one of the most volatile weeks on record. no wild swings, the dow gained 125 points. for the week, though, the dow finished lower by 1.7%. the nasdaq today rose 15 points. boosting the markets, new numbers showing consumers spent more last month. retail sales rose by .5% in july. this is the largest jump in
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four months. people are spending more on vehicles, furniture and gas. retailers are hoping consumers will dig into their wallets as back to school shopping season kicks off. stores such as target make 15% of their yearly earnings for back to school shopping. but a study done say shoppers are feeling cautious. 82% said they will spend the same or less on back to school supplies as last year. 12% said they will spend more. students say they are getting the message from mom and dad. >> i do not pressure my mom for getting me so much so i ask for little things throughout the year rather than getting it all at once. >> many parents say they are looking for bargains as they check items off of their shopping list. a decision today to get a key component of the health care reform law that makes it likely that the case will wind up before the supreme court. since president barack obama signed that bill into law for
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march 2010, 26 states sued them. today, a federal appeals court in atlanta found the requirement that they must carry insurance. other courts reached a different conclusion. most expect the supreme court will have the final say. experts warn of a new style of hacking. they call it a drive-by download. the risk that you need to know about. inside look at outside land. crowds pack golden gate park for three days of music, food, and wine. a few changes to the forecast. coming up, our updated fog forecast model and the condirection that temperatures will be heading this weekend
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. for more than an hour this morning at the airport screener spotted a item in an x-ray machine. the sheriff's bomb squad was called in at 10:15 a.m. and determined the object, including wires, battery, anda a circuit system did not pose a threat. the airport officials say they notified airlines and asked them to help out passengers who were delayed. a survey of bay area transit agencies finds most of them are seeing a spike in ridership. they found increases in all about twou of the agencies. the -- two of the agencies they looked at. the ace train saw an increase. cal train ridership was up 12% and b.a.r.t 8%. ac transit showed declines in ridership. rise in gas prices, bridge tolls and parking fees are sending commuters to public transit. computer experts identified a sinnister new trend in hacking.
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it is called drive by downloading. as alex savage explains it involves legitimate web sites being overtaken by hackers. >> it is a new twist on internet hacking. groups in their web sites of mostly small businesses and then targeting visitors to that site. san francisco-based armorize say eight million web pages have been infected. visitors to those sites are falling victim to drive-by downloading. >> as long as you browse a web site that is infected all you have to do is navigate and browse a site and you would get infected. >> they can take over your personal computer and access your information. if you have been hacked you may have no way of knowing. >> it is going to stay on your computer until an antivirus finally gets the signatures to be able to alert you of this. most of the time that is a long time after. >> reporter: the latest trend starts with hackers working out
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of the ukraine, now, copycats are jumps on board. >> it gives more numbers to a large problem that we know is going on. >> reporter: no way of knowing exactly how many internet users have browsed an infected site but frequent online shoppers say they are not overly concerned. >> i think as these problems occur the industry does create solutions for them. it is just a matter of, you know, new threats and new solutions. >> reporter: the internet security companies say the best bet for business owners to protect themselves upgrade the software on their web sites. for internet users they say to update your browser and of course use antivirus software. reporting from palo alto, ktvu channel 2 newsism the republican field for president -- the republican field for president is supposed to grow by one tomorrow. rick perry is expected to make the announcement. he could shake up the field. he is from a big state,
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considered kaeurz. he has stopped scheduled for new hampshire and iowa. a new book claims people's temple leader, jim jones, once planned a september 11th-style plot to crash a plane into the san francisco -- into san francisco. "1,000 lives" is the book. jones hatched a plot in 1975 to crash a commercial plane filled with his followers and he even sent one follower to an oakland flight school. zones considered driving people's temple buses off of the golden gate bridge. instead he led more than 900 of the followers in mass suicide. actor james franco is writing a documentary. he was recently in the bay area shooting scenes for a movie in this building, the old mission armory. now the home of an adult porn
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business. apparently franco wases so intrigued during the business that he started planning his documentary. young doctors to be shared their discovers today on this the 30th anniversary of a special program. the annual summer research program at oakland children's hospital research center wrapped up today with a big party. 50 students did real life lab and clinical research over 90 weeks with a mentor from the hospital. one student studied sifticifiy broseis. she had a chance to meet a leading researcher who also has the disease. >> he is 67 years old. it is double the age of survival. it is great to see someone doing what i want to do in a similar situation. >> organizers say many of the summer students go on to careers in medical research. a bay area school has one honor in a national video
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competition. san fran's elementary received a $2,000 check today from the big lots discount chain. the school's black and white video came in second among 116 that entered the "lots to give" contest. san francisco outside land festival kicked off today. as david stevenson reports tonight, it brings more than just music to san francisco. >> reporter: crowds gather on the opening day of the festival. >> i love "grateful dead." >> reporter: people are expected to gather for gourmet food and wine. >> we have 100 wines served all from around the bay area, california area. a very local event. [ laughter ] >> reporter: for vendors an opportunity to get their wears in front of an audience. >> outside lands because it
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gives us acses to 180,000 people that i can not get in my wine bars. -- access to 180,000 people that i can not get in my wine bars. [music] >> reporter: the organizers estimate the festival will create 4500 temporary jobs and generate $6 million in spending. >> any time folks come from san francisco and experience something like this it is something they tell other people. >> reporter: private secity and san francisco police are out in force. checking the tens of thousands of people pouring into the norm alley sedate sunset district. >> they are trying to really strike that right balance between ensuring that everybody can really enjoy all that the city has to offer and then protecting it for the residents. >> reporter: many of the thousands of people coming to the festival are taking public transit or carpooling. they suggest people lock their vehicles and take their valuables with them. in san francisco's golden gate park, ktvu channel 2 news. well, it was one meet and greet he probably was not
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looking forward to. [ laughter ] >> president barack obama putting on a brave face as he welcomes a championship team to the white house. where will the sunshine this weekend? we have the all important bay area weekend forecast
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. a truck accident knocked out power to 4,000 residents this morning of the authorities say a large flatbed truck struck a power poll at 5:00 a.m. two lanes were closed for much -- pole at 5:00 a.m. two lanes were closed for much of the day. the driver suffered minor injuries. pg&e says they restored full power at 3:00 this afternoon. a lot of festivals including outside lands what is the weather going to be like? >> bundle up because of the coast and around golden gate park, the fog, keeping the temperatures in the lower 60s for afternoon highs. inland, a different story. now, we are tracking this cheer area, primarily to the north of the golden gate bridge around the headlins. here we come in to daly city, san francisco, golden gate park and the golden gauge bridge. patchy fog out there and the
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low cloud deck will be increasing as we head into the overnight hours, for tonight, then, we will go with that. partly cloudy skies, increase, tomorrow, morning overcast, the temperatures come down a touch. the weekend, next week, quiet weather pattern with a little bit of a bump in the numbers. overnight lows tomorrow morning, chilly up in santa rosa. 79 degrees. possibly a few patches inland. quick clearing for the interior. at least as we head into the morning hours for your saturday. the cooler weather system moves in from the north. as a result minor cooling for this weekend. so, for the coast, patchy fog, temperatures in the lower 60s around the bay. skies becoming partly sunny. for the inland neighborhoods, sunshine, temperatures on the warm side. wind speeds pick up at 25 miles an hour. showing you some of the overcasts tomorrow morning and a few patches in the north bay
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as well. here we are on saturday at 6:00. putting it into motion. pulling it back to near the coast and more sunshine as you work your way into the bay and concord and antikwrobg. tomorrow morning, 7:00, temperatures low to middle 50s by 12. patchy coastal fog and then by 4:00, numbers inland, increase in sunshine across a good portion of the bay area. partly cloudy skies for the beaches. the temperatures for tomorrow. not a big change for today. warmest locations middle 80s. san skwroesa, 76. san francisco, 64 degrees. here is a look ahead. your extended forecast with the weekend in view. the temperatures cool off slightly on sunday and monday. minor warming for next week. heather? president barack obama today swallowed some pride and welcomed the latest super bowl champions to the white house. >> i am just going to and out and say it. [ laughter ] this hurts a little bit. [ laughter ] >> the green bay packers spent the day with the president who makes no bones about being a
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big fan of the chicago bears. not only are the bears and packers bitter rivals but last year the packers beat the bears in the nfc championship game to advance to the super bowl. the team precentsed him with a jersey today and one share of the only publicly owned team. stick around, tmzs next here on tv36. !á yn@ vp
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