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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 16, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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in oakland tonight. >> the father of a toddler killed in a drive-by shooting speed is publicly for the first time. >> in a crash has neighbors want to safety from street racing -- wanting safety from street racing. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is tuesday, august 16. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. it is the nation's top issue, they want jobs and tonight hundreds of bay area residents are speaking out a town hall meeting with top democrats in congress. jana katsuyama is live. >> reporter: it started at 5:30 p.m.. let me get out of the ways you can see what is going on. people are still giving
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testimony and house democrats nancy pelosi, arbor reed, mike hondaare taking notes to take back to washington. people started filing into the church about 4:00 p.m. >> i want to see a program to rebuild the infrastructure, rebuild the schools, approve medical care raid and the more we the more we will have its euclid something useful. >> reporter: and california where unemployment is low .3%, many people here have friends out of work. >> she just lost it two months ago and her home is in foreclosure. >> reporter: the chart on meeting was organized by barbara lee. >> we need to get is country back -- get this country back. >> reporter: they say that
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reducing taxes and reducing government is key. >> i think we should go into a six-month freeze all of all new federal regulations aimed at the epa and department of labor out of the way. >> reporter: you can see their big screens of people taking their testimony. posey wants to take the testimony and create jobs for all. there is that u.s. budget committee which will have to cut about $120 a savings and they hope this will give people a voice in that process. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama spent today touting his new aberrant on how to assist rural america i have
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been 15 minutes. on the economy watch, they are keeping their top grade credit rating for the united states, that is to the three leading agencies are keeping the triple a grade. they did it the treasury to prevent reiterated its call for lawmakers to work has to cut the u.s. budget deficit. and amitai worries about the economy in europe weighed on u.s. stocks today and germany's economy stalled last quarter. the dow dropped 76 points. the bay area rapid transit systems as pressure one-week man may call it to shut down south -- made the call to shut down cell phone service in an effort to thwart protesters. they say that bar to the right thing but it's unlikely that the tactic would be used again. they pointed to a 1969 u.s. supreme court decision to bolster its congressional decision. >> they are our detailed plans
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their actions, based on a 1969 ruling based on very narrow circumstances you can do this for public safety. >> reporter: they told us is gathering information from bart about what happened. firefighters we talked with had mixed opinions -- bart riders that we talked with had mixed opinions. speech and says damage during yesterday's protest was limited to a world on station door and police tells us there tells us there were no restroom and the district attorney file murder charges against a man accused of driving the car used in the fatal drive-by shooting of a 3- year-old boy in oakland. just minutes ago police released this photo of 22-year- old willie torrence. officers arrested him in las vegas. a spokeswoman said he was in
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the jail medical units for an undisclosed reason. to us released the booking photo of norris bernard, he is accused of being the gunman. funeral services were held for carlos nava today. as rob roth reports, desantis was punctured with a familiar call to end the violence. >> reporter: more into a new family, friends, and strangers, came to say goodbye to the little boy whose death many hope will be a lightning rod for change be today carlos his father spoke publicly for the first time got my speaking through a translator. carlos was killed by a stray bullet eight days ago on international boulevard. was with his family sitting in his toy car. >> is not words to describe
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that. >> reporter: the mother called for an end to violence. >> there's nothing anybody can say, there's nothing anybody can do to keep his family feel better. not being. >> reporter: as the councilman says that he is to act must be a call to action. >> we have tonight is call two days, we have to ask the police to do their jobs. >> i am thankful for what you guys did for the community. >> reporter: local businesses held a car wash with the family says race more than $20,000. but even though most parents are out of work, they say they will donate the money to
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fighting violence. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the 9-year-old fillies and that was seriously injured its back and pennsylvania could he made the flight yesterday on a specially equipped medical plane previous condition is improving but he remains on the critical condition -- he remains in critical condition but the suspect in the case pleaded not guilty to charges of drunk driving and hit and run. a grandmother of a toddler is speaking out about the death of a girl and her father. they'll man and daughter were found dead inside an suv. the two died of carbon monoxide poisoning. a coroner has not yet confirmed that. 29-year-old james mitchell was found guilty in a marin
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county court last month of fatally beating his ex- girlfriend and kidnapping his daughter. >> we have some photos to show you bring a shows a boy holding an assault rifle as a police officer talks with a group of children. critics say it is inappropriate treatment picture shows a child holding a gun. please, an event organizers tell us it is a success with the many are each. a new surveillance camera
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is up and running in gilroy, beating the live video to police. a business group coach but to itself six cameras in gilroy in an effort to stop vandalism and crime been celebrated as a violation of their privacy. sp1 city attorney is under fire under allegations of racism. city attorney dennis tarara who is running for mayor said the appointment by lee smacks of cronyism and raises ethical problems. she cited a 2000 the investigation. >> he should know about appropriate use of funds be there have been numerous newspaper articles and press reports. >> his assault on mr. mohammed, an outstanding public servant from the african-american community, will not be
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tolerated. >> reverend amos brown says he was never charged with any violation. neither he or mayor and leave a comment on the matter. the great love that wandered into the river beached itself on a sand dune and died creamery mt. it's a -- ruling by august they will try to figure out what happened to a. customers and staff had to leave a store at market and fourth st. when a sprinkler burst. it happened about 45:00 p.m. it is spent -- send water spewing out events. police have promised increase patrols in san francisco .co sunset district after a series of thefts.
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in one incident, the resident confronted at the end was threatened with a knife. police are searching for a driver after a car turned into this business in belmont seen at president obama goes to america's heart land. outsider doors after a nice, warm day. clouds and fog returning and that he expected in some areas. we will have the forecast, coming up. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points?
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>> a big rig accident today
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snarled parts of highway 101 great happened about 5:30 a.m. in redwood city, spilling a load of scrap metal prints three southbound lanes of 101 were closed. the attack for what attacker provides speedy. no one was injured in the accident. police are trying to figure out how a volkswagen jetta ended up at the bottom of a pond. it's not the first time a car has ended up there. >> reporter: it was spotted around 1:45 a.m. this morning. by the time police arrived the driver was gone. a witness to old ktvu news that a driver lost control during a street way. >> at this corner of the are a lot of people who go to stop. >> reporter: in the last two years alone, three cars have
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ended up in the water although street is he here is rare. >> i have been here about six years in about every two years there is an excellent there were a car stops or goes in. >> reporter: illegal street racing is an ongoing problem. there is a couple of reports every month. >> it's something that we have zero tolerance for. >> reporter: which is what happened to a teenager who pleaded no contest for racing is are two years ago and crashing into another call be he quickly entered an elderly man driving home with his wife and was sentenced to 16 months. he is not alone, it is easy find video posted online. police tell us they have identified the owner and are trying to tell us about was the same driver that survived the crash and ran. a bit of a defined was tonight for a mystery that played out in southern
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california. authorities have recovered a rembrandt lithograph stolen over the weekend. the million-dollar print turned up and set up inside building. the lithograph was part of the exhibit. police got a tip last night. so far no arrests have been made. yahoo and facebook are testing the notion that there seeks to be separation between most people. yahoo! and is both say they have listed facebook members to see how closely people are connected. they say that this study is for academic research. twitter will move into its new headquarters. people live and work in the area say that the vacant lot across the street has become a rat resorts. rat poison containers are clearly visible but it appeared
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it's a cozy home for the vermits. animal rights activists trained and its allies for slaughtering dogs and cats for food. they see that 2 million south korean dogs are electrocuted or even to death every year ends on the black market. a spokesman told ktvu the group has a right to protest. michele bachmann having a very public slip of the tongue today. >> before we get started, let's all say happy birthday to elvis presley today. >> the problem is today is the anniversary of presley's death. she spoke earlier saying that
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presley is still in their hearts. president obama continued his trip to rural america and called on the people of iowa to share their ideas. he and john knew of no support from farming communities including small businesses. as robert hunter reports, farmers say anyhow this fall, but are not sure if he will get it. >> reporter: bennies it has been a tough year so far, erratic weather any radical economy has hurt overall production. they would like to see the president lanoza business for california farmers by giving them a chance to supply government act programs such as school nutrition program. >> i am not asking for any direct units in the government for help with some of those
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other programs which inadvertently applies and the collective grower community here in california would be welcome. >> reporter: but farmers who can do that van dyke family don't think the president or any past president pictures california farmers reuse its corporate farmers in iowa in the midwest have much more influence in special is the only farm seekers. >> i think it on us to do with lobbying, that is where the money is. like a unique and that's than $1000 to get my wording to congress. >> we tend to have higher costs of doing business and higher land value. we tend to get priced out of the support programs. >> reporter: some say the president's proposal to boost small businesses could provide some indirect assistance for for the most part they will have to wait to see the money for government-sponsored programs will make it from the cornfields of iowa to the ones here. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. the number 1 movie in the
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nation brought more visitors to a landmark. it was not actually filmed that the producers did it to the park and take pictures. officials say it has helped boost the parks by 30. a jetliner landed in the bay area this afternoon. it is a chance for children with special medical problems to get a break from treatment in hospitals in for their parents to get a break from being caregivers. a bay area teenagers effort to help others is paying big dividends. >> is a warm-up in the works?
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>> remember, you can watch the seven on computer -- bay area news at 7:00 on your computer or mobile device at
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>> hilton with us rolled out the red carpet for chinese
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tourists in san francisco today. bears are any programs during special services to accommodate an increase of chinese travelers. we are going to remain slightly cool along the coastline but you are expected to top of it warmer for tomorrow. a little easier -- breezier throughout their fields. low 80s and livermore and concord 370 in napa and a santa rosa area-- and in santa rosa
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could we have a week to strip it out to the southeast. there could be some high clouds. in the meanwhile, we will wake up with low clouds and patchy fog out there. the high pressure is going to squash the marine layer a little bit. it will burn out quicker. a round of the day, and 80s. and again, warmer than what we saw today. your work as here, we will wake up tomorrow morning with patches of fog out there. i 9:00 orand we are dealing wit mostly sunny skies. i'd and, mid-and high-level scout street you look up and see those clouds. it should not be a big deal. you will start tomorrow morning
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of those similar to today. low parts of that they expected around the 50s. afternoon high, 80s. 80 expected for santa rosa could low 90s and concord. upper 70s around the bay area to fremont, redwood city, and mountain view. and widespread low 60s with for the coastline created by the weekend we are slipping once again into back below average temperatures this time of year. >> summit students will be wearing new or almost school -- or almost new clothing. they were donated from the brainchild of laura graham, a sophomore from high school she
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spent a year collecting more than 400 items of clothing. >> that is a report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian be keep in mind our coverage continues online at and whether 10:00 news. >> "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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