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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 30, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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wind, whipping trees this hour and prompting a warning tonight. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. it's just getting started, a high wind warning in effect tonight. live team coverage, bill is tracking the strong winds tonight. but we begin with amber lee
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live in the oakland hills. >> reporter: we're in the neighborhood just above the tunnel. the night sky is clear and the wind is coming and going. it's calm one second, the next second, it's blowing like crazy. for the moment, it's fairly calm. when this man arrived home tonight, he found his garbage cans on their sides. he told us he was surprised by this windstorm. >> usually, the month of october, or november, it's rare. very rare. >> reporter: did you know it was coming? >> no, i didn't even know it. >> you feel the wheel pulling you. >> reporter: this woman told us it was unsettling. >> i had to open all of my windows, because i have a light car, and travel slowly. >> reporter: in montclair
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village tonight, people told us, they're prepared for the wind storm. >> it's important to take the lawn furniture in, so it doesn't break up in. in the hills, sometimes it swirls and you can hear it. >> reporter: in sonoma county this afternoon, north of crews tangled in power lines. a pg and e spokesman told us the wind has wrecked havoc, causing some pockets of power outages. >> moving our cars, and making sure we don't park underneath any big trees. >> reporter: back here live, we first drive up here around 5:00 this afternoon, and checked out various spots. we found the hiller highlands to be the windiest. we could feel the wind jolt our vehicle several times. reporting live here in the oakland hills.
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amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. the wind is really blowing around the bay area as well. this is a live picture from our camera at jack london square in oakland. you can see the flag blowing in the wind. and the camera shaking slightly as a result of the wind. the winds have also caused power outages throughout the bay area. we just checked with pg and e. overall, 2600 customers have no power. most are in the north bay. in the east bay, there are 380 without power. 480 on the south bay. none in san francisco. those numbers have been up and down all night. and will no doubt change again. ♪ [ music ] the winds are howling out there. a wind warning in effect for areas above 1,000 feet. i have done a check throughout the bay area on my weather page. it says who's got wind? everyone's got wind. the strongest winds were in the
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north bay. winds up there have been 44, 45 miles per hour. we've seen winds near in the east hill near 50 miles per hour. look for perhaps 60, to 70 miles per hour. the winds are just getting going. it's going to really ramp up in the next few hours. it probably is in your neighborhood. i've got reports from redville city, free month, concord. gusts 45 miles per hour. this wind advisory stays in effect until tomorrow. it's the current map, automatically loads. 50miles per hour in the east bay hills. 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts in fairfield. 30 in santa rosa. it's windy, it's nasty out there on the roadways. when i come back, we're going to look at the forecast for tomorrow. the winds are not going to die down soon, they're going to last for tomorrow. >> we will continue monitoring the winds. you can also get up to the minute weather information from
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our website, the family of a 1-year-old boy is praying tonight he'll survive. hiram lawrence jr. was shot in the head when three opened fire on monday night. spoke with the child's parents tonight, she joins us now with their message to the community. >> reporter: tonight here at the hospital, hiram's parents are asking people to pray for their little boy and their hoping someone in the community will step forward and help catch the shooters who have put this child's life on the line. >> that's the last picture hiram took. >> reporter: now the toddler is fighting for his life. today, his mother, britney houston held a poster with messages of love. while the shooters remained free. >> they didn't get a man. they didn't get a teenager.
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they got a toddler. a 1-year-old. he hasn't even been here long enough. he don't know what's going on. he shouldn't have to go through this. >> reporter: the shooters came from around the corner, and started firing into the crowd. he was one of seven people shot. >> he's strong. >> reporter: today, hiram sr. asked the community to pray for his only son, and help find the shooters. >> the community needs to step up. this is a child we're talking about. >> reporter: tonight, neighbors held a candlelight vigil. a community pulling for a little boy's life. >> reporter: back here live at children's hospital, the family is hoping that hiram will live to see his second birthday on
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december 28. there is a $35,000 reward for information that leads to the shooters. live in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. a federal jury in san francisco began deliberating on a case involving former bart officer mehserle. filed suit for civil rights violations amend is seeking more than $1 million. the incident happened six weeks before mehserle killed bart passenger oscar grant. angry words today inside a contra costa county courtroom, as a former youth counselor pleaded guilty to molesting three boys. two of the children were clients of his. the grandmother of one boy who jewell began molested when he
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was 5, said jewell should grow old and die in prison. the aclu went before a federal judge today claiming oakland police used excessive force, violating the 1st amendment rights of occupy oakland protesters. the aclu said the police tactics on october 25, created a chilling attempt for protesters. they're seeking an injunction with the oakland police department. the judge said he will take the request under consideration. a period of wait and see at san francisco's occupy protest as the city has once again asked campers to move out. they say they need to stay near the financial district to be relevant. today, the city public works director said it's time for the protesters to leave. >> i will tell you today that
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time is short. and that we do not want them as of noon tomorrow. >> reporter: now officials say the camp is a public health nuisance. stock markets soared today on news that the world's central banks were easing borrowing costs, which should help ease the european debt crisis. the dow jones rocketed up 490 points and closed above the 12,000 mark. it is the seventh largest single gain day on record. tom reports on why the good news is meeting with some skepticism on main street. >> reporter: debra puts today's news in perspective. >> october, november, i felt a definite uptick in business. but it followed a really dismal summer. >> reporter: the always forward looking stock market ate up
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today's better than expected news. >> better than what we expected, so that means there's more growth coming, there's more employment coming. >> reporter: economists were expecting a november increase of 130,000 private sector jobs. adp says the increase is 206,000. the number of announced job cuts was 13% lower than november of last year. folks we met on walnut creek's main street are still cautious at best. >> it's very fragile. it feels like it's like on the tip. very small things can teeter it, in very big directions. >> i think we still have a long way to go before things, the real estate market and jobs get better. until the point where we can enjoy with some confidence that it's going to stay that way. >> reporter: the stock market
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is still 800 points below its post recession high hit 7 months ago. a huge crowd gathered in danville today for the funeral of marine lance corporal joshua corral. ♪ [ music ] fellow marines escorted corral's coffin into the east bay fellowship church in afternoon. the 19-year-old graduate of san ramon high school died while fighting in afghanistan. he was known as chachi. his father said his son joined the marines to make a difference. >> you made a difference. >> he said the last time he talked with his son, days before his death, chachi told him to pray for his fellow platoon members. there was love and respect for a fallen vallejo police officer today.
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details coming up in about 15 minutes. we have new information tonight about a strange incident that happened outside the main san jose post office yesterday that lid to this. the police bomb squad blew up a package that had been left by a mysterious man in a gas mask. the man who left the package contacted police. he says the mask is actually a cardiomask that he wears while running to mimic the effects of exercise at high altitude. he also apologized for causing all the concern. stanford students are on alert. two robbers come on campus, carrying guns. they're still on the loose. the winds are just starting to ramp up out there. wind gusts are going to get up
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new at 10:00, a campus wide alert at stanford university tonight, after a opportunity was tied up, and robbed at gun point. what's even more frightening is that this robbery happened inside the student's own
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apartment on campus. >> reporter: known as the quinnland courtyard. police tell us the armed robbers somehow forced their way into the apartment with the resident inside. here's a police artist sketch of one of the alleged robbers. the incident has unnerved students. >> just the use of firearms takes it to a different level. it sort of seems to indicate, they were willing to hurt someone. >> reporter: police say a man and a woman somehow got into a campus apartment, pulled out guns, tie thed occupant up, and made off with a laptop, wallet, and cash. investigators label it a home invasion robbery. >> we don't have a motive at this time. the suspects have not been apprehended. >> reporter: the male suspect is described as latino. medium build, wearing a dark gray, hooded sweatshirt. the woman he was with is
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latina. >> in these times this can be tempting. >> reporter: up until now, bike thefts have been the crime of concern, with few strong armory robberies like this. lloyd mcquesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. last night at this time, we reported that thieves had taken gifts collected by the friends of oakley charity. since then, donations have been pouring in to replace them. today, wells-fargo donated $4,000, other members of the community have been coming forward with cash and goods. on saturday, the group, peace, love, swap is holding a holiday swap and shop. proceeds from admission will go toward the friends of oakley. anyone what wants to take part
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is urged to bring blankets, games, and sporting equipment. the latest legal fight in pacifica has gone against environmentalists and in favor of golfers. a judge said there is evidence the frog population is actually increasing. a trial on this is set for next july. the future of some athletic fields on the western edge of golden gate park, they want to replace grass with field turf and install field lighting. new information tonight about the woman who claims she had an extramarital affair with presidential candidate herman
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cain. ginger white has been in financial straits several times, and she once lost a lawsuit spreading lies about a business partner. cain called her a troubled atlanta business woman. as for the candidate himself, herman cain was on the campaign trail in ohio as he considers whether to drop out of the republican race. cain says he will decide by next week. he did say though, that the controversy has taken an emotional toll on his wife, and that's why he is reassessing his candidacy. our exclusive ktvu field poll has mixed news for president obama in his reelection campaign. only 45% of california voters say they are inclined to vote for him. in a head-to-head match up with mitt romney, the president fares better. the poll shows the president with 50% of the vote, compared with 40% who say they would vote for romney. 10% are undecided. and going against newt gingrich, the split is even
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wider. just 35% would cast votes for gingrich. surveillance video breaks the case. a driver who allegedly mowed down another man with his car, putting him in a coma has been arrested. ktvu's debra villone has reaction. >> he's the same. but he's alive. >> reporter: pat bar tell says her son albert is young and strong, and she hopes that helps him heal from brain injuries suffered when he was rammed by a car on thanksgiving. the driver allegedly this man. with these images circulating, a san francisco cop recognized 22-year-old eduardo esquavel, now in custody. >> i'm glad the young man is off the streets. >> reporter: this mother's focus is her 29-year-old son.
11:50 pm
a marine veteran, who lost a half dozen friends in iraq, only to come home, and suffer injuries. >> i told him, while you're sleeping, i'm in charge. i told him his job for the day is to open his eyes. >> reporter: she said she had his daughter elizabeth record a cell phone message for her dad. >> play it over and over again, because she's the one person who can make my son smile. >> he didn't die on thursday. i believe god has more for him to do. >> reporter: he had three surgeries here, and a fund to pay for medical expenses has been set up on his facebook page. more details now. police say the vehicle used in that attack is still missing. it's described as a black suv, possibly, a ford or mazda, with
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front end damage. and i've got a few reports of some power outages towards the bodega bay area. windiest conditions are in the hills and town around redwood city and around fremont. gusts in the valley, the next 24 hours, 40 miles per hour above 1,000 feet, and near 60 miles an hour. above that, we could see 70 miles an hour gusts. the forecast as we go through time. tomorrow morning, these are just some numbers the model is throwing up. 41 in livermore. it's going to be a windy day again tomorrow. those winds are going to be strongest in the next few hours as we head into tonight and tomorrow morning. your daytime highs tomorrow, starts off windy, it's going to be warm again. we're seeing mid-60s in many places. downtown san francisco, 65
11:52 pm
degrees tomorrow for a daytime high. wind advisory still in effect. wind warning in effect, and the winds are just getting going. when i come back in a bit, we'll show you more current win speeds, and how long the wind will actually last in your neighborhood. tonight on our facebook wall, we asked if it's windy where you live. jenny writes, extremely windy here in hayward. we heard the sound of something falling twice. thank god it wasn't our tree. eric comments, i live a thousand feet up on mount hamilton, and it almost feels like an earthquake. show us potential
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a community said goodbye today to a police officer killed in the line of duty. john sasaki tells us, how people remembered jim capoo. >> jim is a true american hero. we love you jimmy, and we will never forget you. >> reporter: the stadium was mostly filled with fellow police officers. >> he loved jennifer with all his heart. i could see the grin on his face, whenever she called him on his iphone. he was like chubby on the little rascals. he would suddenly get all sweet and nice, and it would gross me out. >> reporter: the former marine loved his wife, but it was
11:56 pm
clear his pride and joy were his three daughters. they got up together to say goodbye. >> my dad was amazing, he was my best friend, and made me the girl i am today. >> dad, i will forever have your back now. rest in peace. >> reporter: the girl's basketball team also stood to share their love for the man they called coach. >> a gift worth more than anything i could have asked for, sharing in this grand and exciting adventure, and allowing me to be a small part of his legacy. >> reporter: the service ended with a fly over of helicopters. in vallejo, john sasaki. the man accused of stabbing
11:57 pm
, a jury found him guilty of first degree murder and sexual assault. the d.a. says hudson killed janel scott. the two girls he was accused of assaulting were 9, and 13 years old at the time. he is now facing 80 years to life in prison when sentenced in january. san francisco businesses may soon get a tax break if they higher convicted felons. the board of supervises passed a budget that would give them a tax break if they hired men or women who served their time. they hope it will reduce nearly 70% of san francisco felons who end up back behind bars. the measure helds to the full board probably sometime next year. new information tonight when the maverick surf contest
11:58 pm
may return to half moon bay. the contest could be held as late as march 1. surfers say conditions at pillar point haven't been anywhere close to what's needed to hold the contest, which depends on the famous, 50 feet high waves. tonight, a hopeful celebration here, at
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. a big thank you this friday & saturday with the simplest way to save extra. just use your jcpenney rewards credit card and save an extra 20% off all apparel, shoes
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marking its own milestone. an emotional event just wrapped up there. >> reporter: frank, it is a bittersweet night. this marks the 23rd anniversary of the national a.i.d.s. memorial. it also marks years of immeasurable pain at the loss of so many loved ones and friends. ♪ [ music ] a lone man played the bagpipes as he walked down the paths of the grove. the sound, and the setting evoke deep emotions of the 400 people gathered here tonight on the eve of world a.i.d.s. day. >> he died almost 25 years ago. it's hard, every time. >> reporter: david jenson's boyfriend was among the first to be stricken with a baffling new disease in the '80s.
12:02 am
>> he was sick and went into a coma and died all within two weeks. >> reporter: his name was added to the circle of friends. while jenson volunteered, he couldn't bear to see his friend's name here until tonight. >> over the last 30 years, this community and communities across the country, you know lost an entire generation. >> reporter: it's a crisis that is far from over, with more names added each year. jim hormel knows about loss. he was the first openly gayambassador and helped get this memorial created. >> remember a time where a.i.d.s. was reaping the finest people, so to have a place to come to honor those people, to reflect on their contributions, and to reflect on how we have grown
12:03 am
from them, is miraculous. >> reporter: this was the second light the grove event. tonight, hormel was honored. this memorial, now 20 years old. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. a judge today rejected an argument by medical marijuana dispensaries that the feds effort to shut down dispensaries was unconstitutional. lawyers accuse them of entrapment, because the obama administration said two years ago, it would not target dispensaries in states where medical marijuana was legal. a new study suggests legalizing marijuana can result in fewer traffic deaths. economists from the university of colorado and montana state university, say there was a drop in alcohol consumption, and a 9% drop in traffic deaths in states that legalized
12:04 am
medical marijuana between 1990, and 2009. the economists noted earlier studies suggest drivers under the influence of alcohol tend to underestimate how badly their skills are impaired. while drivers under the influence of marijuana tend to avoid risk. soldier set to return home two weeks from today, instead, he returned home today in a casket. this young man had big plans for the life he wanted to start in the south bay, after leaving the service. >> reporter: always quiet on the tarmac as the jet carrying the body of sean walsh landed. his family huddled together in tears. walsh was shot and killed by enemy fire in afghanistan. his mother brought his dog to greet his body. >> leana would have been there when he came home anyway. i feel it was important to me, that she welcome him home. >> reporter: cheryl walsh said
12:05 am
his son wanted to become a k-9 police officer and enlisted in the military to help. his friends posted this tribute on youtube. his mother says it shows the type of person he was, a happy soul who loved to make people laugh. >> my son was always telling me, i love you. always and the fact that he put it up there, it just makes me so proud. >> reporter: those who loved him, watched as his casket was lowered off the jet. officers from the santa clara police department were there to pay their respects. >> this is kind of a chunky faced little kid, and to watch him turn into a young man, and had a great future ahead of him, that's part of it that's painful, knowing that we've lost him. >> reporter: the flag is flying at half staff here to honor
12:06 am
walsh. his funeral is scheduled for this saturday. ktvu, channel 2 news. the pentagon says 1,835 service members and defense personnel have died in operation enduring freedom. u.s. military presence there peaked in june, with 101,000 american troops deployed. the u.s. is scheduled to pull out 33,000 troops by the end of next year. a smiling and waving billy graham was admitted to a north carolina hospital today with possible pneumonia. the health of the 93-year-old evangelist has been failing in recent years. immigration officials have uncovered one of the most sophisticated drug tunnels they have ever seen. this one linked warehouses in san diego county and tijuana, mexico. it had a hydraulic lift. it even had electric rail cars.
12:07 am
authorities say this tunnel was designed to move a lot of drugs. it was standing room only tonight in berkely for harry belafonte. a famous singer and songwriter has been a life long leader in the civil rights movement. two big surprises in tonight's grammy nominations. where adele got her nod, and the artist that picked up seven nominations. we'll check out the wind speeds, talk about the
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nominees were announced tonight for the 54th grammy awards. british singer adele won six nominations. the awards will be held february 12 at the staples center in los angeles. you can see the entire nominations list on crews working at the project in mission and beale streets have found items that date all the way back to the late 1800s. at that time, the area was a working class neighborhood of
12:11 am
mostly irish and chinese immigrant families. the bottles and items show us how different life and hygiene was. >> you only brushed the front. you didn't brush the side. >> starting on friday, an exhibit will be open to the public in the lobby of 201 mission street. san francisco's museum of modern art revealed new details today about a major expansion project. the new structure shown in white, would rise above the existing structure. the museum will move its famous staircase. it would double the gallery space. it is hoped that this new museum will open its door in 2016. in news of the world tonight, in london, the british
12:12 am
government ordered all iranian diplomats to leave the u.k. this attack happened as britain imposed new sanctions on iran for its nuclear program. in hong kong, a fire killed nine people and injured 34 ours in a crowded market popular with tourists. fire crews rescued many people who climbed to the roof to escape the flames. the fire started in the morning and wasn't under control until noon. in afghanistan, a maternity hospital in kabul is evidence of change in the country. fewer infants are dying in the first five years. it used to be one in five died, now it's one in ten. more mores are surviving child birth. at the same time, afghanistan remains one of the most dangerous places for pregnant
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like father, like son, tonight, a man is just about done with a 4,000-mile horse trip. his father did something similar: >> reporter: this man and his horse have quite a tale to tell. in june, they dipped their toes
12:16 am
and hooves in the atlantic ocean. next week, they'll do it again in the mighty pacific. >> i thought, i will just go coast to coast, that's before i realized how far it is across this country. >> reporter: 3800 miles in six months on highways and back roads and gino's four hooves. the recent tulsa graduate hasn't spent a penny on a hotel. but a few thousand dollars on vet bills. 40 nights sleeping under the stars. others in castles, to chicken coops. >> you really know people in a hurry when you step into their live for a day. >> he's a good kid. i can respect him, appreciate his journey, and his journey within himself as well. >> luke and his low tech horse
12:17 am
have a high-tech gadget to help them get where they're going. but he relies on faith to find the goodness in people. >> i've been really blessed. >> reporter: he can't wait to get home to oklahoma for christmas, to sleep in his own bed, and no fence, gino, to drive a car again. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. a rare work of art sold for $2 million today. a pristine copy of a rare action comic, featuring superman was part of an auction event. the minimum bid, $900,000. it went for $2 million. the rare comic sold for just 10 cents on news stands back in june of 1938. two generic versions of the cholesterol lowering drug, lipitor are expected to hit the market in the coming days. lipitor is the all-time best selling prescription drug,
12:18 am
bringing in a peak of nearly $13 billion for pfizer, and almost $11 billion last year. today, its patent protection expired. a huge drug company in india has also received fda approval to launch its own generic version. the agency has had to back pedal after it disputed information by dr. oz of arsenic. they may have to issue new safety guidelines. finally, crab lovers can get those local dungeonous delights. it started two weeks ago, but was delayed in a dispute between fishermen and buyers over price.
12:19 am
they finally settled on $2.25 a pound. so far, restaurants say the crab looks good, and they're hoping for a long season. the wind warning in effect around the bay. the wind advisory as well. just picked up something on live stormtracker 2, that's pretty interesting. in the richmond, san rafael bridge. gusts to 38 miles per hour out of the north. see this arrow? that's a north wind. that wind is blowing perpindicular to the bridge. you're having issues tonight. also on the bay bridge, strong winds perpindicular. over here on the golden gate bridge, you don't have the same story, because it's running parallel. on the bay area bridges, especially the richmond, san rafael, we're having issues. a wind advisory, and warning in effect through tomorrow. gusts in the hills could easily make 70 miles per hour tonight overnight. a wind advisory basically for
12:20 am
everybody. here's the deal. these wind advisories, these wind adventures last about 12 hours. this was going 24. that's what makes this one a bit different. you see them all the time. a dry pattern, it's warm, overnight lows will be warm. daytime highs will be warm. this low, and this high are the culprits. this low went down the back side of the sierra nevada. usually, that low goes away in about 12 hours, but it's not going to happen. that low is going to stay in close proximity to this high through tomorrow. the strongest winds overnight tonight, through the early morning hours. we will still see gusts from 35 to 40 miles per hour throughout the day. winds will decrease late in the day. your forecast highs tomorrow, because of these winds, they're offshore. actually sinking. when air sinks, it warms. high in napa tomorrow, 67. fairfield 65. a warm day tomorrow, overnight lows not freezing. fog not an issue as it was this morning.
12:21 am
mid-60s in san jose. 66 in gilroy. a five-day forecast with your weekend in view, which has no rain in it, and show plenty of wind tomorrow. clouds coming in on saturday. lots of reports in the weather center about folks at home. it's a very strong wind event. in los angeles, they're calling this one a strongest wind event in 16 years. out in the oxnard area, gusts up to 150 miles per hour. l.a.x. was closed for a time today. our winds are going to start picking up. it's going to be very windy overnight. you will notice it when you go to bed. you will notice it in the morning. mornings on 2 will be ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends, so, open your eyes and check out your new living room! [ gasps ] honey, the tv's over there! yep, we got you the new at&t u-verse wireless receiver so you can put your tv pretty much anywhere you want. and that stand... anywhere? like, we can put it over there? and that coffee... or we could t it on the patio for watching the game with the guys. or in the kitchen? but, these curtains are... i can't believe you moved the tv. it's like a whole new living room. it actually is a whole new living room.
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mark's in now with sports. we've got some baseball, and talking about a move that makes you go what? >> just another reason baseball financials drive fans crazy, particularly the old timers. a's fan, you totally understand this. here's a guy, david dejesus who came over to the a's last off- season as a highly regarded outfielder. had a absolutely dreadful season. statistically the worst of his career. could not buy a clutch hit to save his life. the cubs are signing him to a two year contract worth $10 million. next time a baseball official tries to tell you about fiscal responsibility, laugh and walk away. coco crisp drawing interest out of the free agent market right now. roaming center field for the a's for the last couple of
12:26 am
years. reports out of detroit indicate the tigers are interested in his services. supposedly, coco would like to stay on the west coast, and would like the giants. it could be like a red cross flight to miami for the raiders this weekend. they had 16 players named on the injury list today. 9 didn't practice at all, including sebastian janikowski who provided the bulk of the offense over chicago. miami, much improved despite a 3-8 record. so don't expect a blowout. the raiders in fact have won three straight, but by a combined margin of only 17 points. coach jackson sees the upside however from all of those close games. >> we all wish we had those blowouts where you're sitting in the 4th quarter smiling, but that's not really the way it is in the national football
12:27 am
league. hopefully, we'll have one soon. >> we know it's going to be tough. we know this team kind of likes it that way. i don't like it that way, but i think they're okay with it. as long as it ends in wins, i think they're okay. sadly, the raiders and extend the family wake today to find they have lost one of their own. chester mcglockton has died. he played 12 seasons in the nfl. mcglockton was currently an assistant coach at stanford. he also did some television work with us here on the point after show. he was just 42 years old. that is the sporting life for a wednesday night. way too young. >> nice man. very pleasant to be around, and a great football player too. >> he will be missed. mark, thank you. >> thank you for trusting ktvu,
12:28 am
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