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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 9, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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a contra costa county teacher left school in handcuffs today and is now booked on 17 counts of having sex with minors. good evening i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a 41-year-old middle school teacher is behind bars accused of having sex with an underaged
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girl. one of his former students. alex savidge is live tonight where least been talking to parents. >> reporter: and those parents are in disbelief. the teacher was handcuffed and arrested here on campus today and police say he's confessed to everything. facing charges of statutory rape and lewd acts with a minor, andrew cottrell was arrested in the middle of school day although it didn't happen in front of students. steve sherman's daughter is a student. >> i am just glad my daughter didn't have this teacher. i heard about it like everyone else, it's just awful. >> reporter: cottrell is accused of having sex with a student between 14 and 15 years old. >> her parents discovered information that led them to believe there was a relationship between the two. at that time they contacted the
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police department. investigators say cottrell and the underaged girl had sex numerous time at his house and possibly everyone at the school. his long time neighbors were stunned to find out about the arrest. >> he's a lovely guy. i've always thought he was a lovely guy. i am shocked. absolutely shocked. >> reporter: janet abrams says cottrell is married and has two little boys. >> i'm mad at him but i feel sorry for the his wife and two little boys. >> reporter: police believe cottrell only had the one relationship with the one little girl but they want parents to come forward if they think their child was victimized. cottrell is being held in jail on just under $1 million bail. i did have a conversation with a woman at his house, she did
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not want to speak on camera only saying it's horrible. a medical helicopter had to be called in to inrescue a hand glider. -- to rescue a hand glider. steep terrain and wind conditions make the area popular for hand gliders and paragliders. a missing 17-year-old girl from sassoon city has been requited with her family. cristina almansa was located in a home in vallejo. at this point police are saying they don't believe any crime was committed. two other people found in the house were questioned but have not been arrested. almansa disappeared on wednesday. her family received a voice mail saying she was being held captive by several men. police come together to
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talk about the dangers of handguns. the peace march comes after a 2- year-old boy died after being shot in the head. amber lee has the story. >> reporter: when 1-year-old harum lawrence was taken off life support here at children's and pronounced dead at 3:05 this afternoon he became oakland's 97th homicide victim of this year. hyrum's mother emergeed from the hospital late this afternoon surrounded by relatives and religious leaders. >> this shooting, it needs to end. i shouldn't have to lose my baby to a gunshot. >> reporter: hyrum was among seven people shot in a gun battle might be gang related. we learned a woman and teenage boy were also wounded and both remain hospitalizeed in critical but stable condition. almost two weeks have passed since the shooting in west
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oakland, but police say no one has been arrested. police say they do have six persons of interest in jail. the police chief says that he is afraid a gang fight might break out in retaliation of what has happened. >> we have placed extra patrols in the area. >> reporter: today community leaders held a peace march. the family of another child victim attended the east oakland event. carlos nava was killed in a shooting three months ago, another mother at the peace march told me she lost her son in the cross fire of a retaliatory shooting. and advices witnesses to come guard in this case. >> they have the community held hostage. as long as the community keeps silent, they're going to keep
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killing. >> reporter: no eyewitnesses have come forward in hyrum's case. amber lee, ktvu. more details about the oakland homicide rate it had been trending down from 120 killings in 2007 to 118 the following year. then 101 in 2009 and 90 last year. this year the number is moving higher again. as we mentioned the death of hyrum lawrence jr. is the 97th homicide of 2011. that number came from the chief, the others are from opd's annual report. police in oakland are busy tonight investigating two separate shootings. the latest incident was in west oakland between 32nd and 34th streets. police say they received reports of multiple shootings. one gunshot victim showed up at highland hospital. his injuries are not believed to be life threatening. police tell us that one of the homes hit by gunfire is owned
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by the former oakland administrator debra edgerly the second shooting was just six blocks away at 8:35 off of mcarthur boulevard. the shooting happened at about 8:00. the victim is also at highland with nonlife threatening injuries. a candlelight vigil was held tonight in memory of a san francisco man killed early they are year in a homicide case that remains unsolved -- killed earlier in the year in a homicide. that case remains unsolved. >> exactly one month later on january 9, he has actually assaulted and killed down the street from here at temple nightclub and became a patient himself at the er. police say there were at least two fights at the temple that night and hernandez was attacked for no reason. he died from his injuries.
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no one has been charged with his killing. we have new details about monday's plan to blockade at the port of oakland: today we learned the time line at 5:30 monday morning the first group of plans to march from the west oakland b.a.r.t. station to the port. then at 4:00 in the afternoon, protesters will head to the port again after staging a rally at frank ogawa plaza. a third wave of protesters plans to leave the march. a university spokeswoman says she expects the new york company cole will take a month for its investigation. the total cost won't be known until the bill comes in. new information tonight involving that debit and credit card skimming plant. save mart says it has replaced
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or inspected 2,500 credit or debit card readings in northern california and nevada. at least 24 bay area stores and 500 people have fallen to the scheme. someone put circuit boards at self-check out lanes. the secret service and fbi are now investigating. san mateo sheriff's deputies are now investigating the theft of 500 i pad computers. the thieves broke into the best buy store in san carlos and were gone just one minute after the alarm sounded. >> you can see from surveillance video these two thieves walked into this san carlos best buy last night focused. >> they were very efficient, got in, got the stuff. knew where they were going. knew what they wanted. >> reporter: they didn't waste a send. from the moment detectives say the thieves pried open the security roll up door using a carjack, within a minute they were gone. >> it was no questions it
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looked well performed. well choreographed and were out of there almost before the alarm sounded. >> reporter: and they still had time to take 300 i pads through the door. not the stuff holiday tales are made up. >> it's shocking, it's the holiday season you're not supposed to be stealing stuff. >> i just can't believe the audacity of people. i think everybody is having a hard time with the economy and for something like that to happen. >> reporter: the estimated loss of the i pads is about $100,000 best buy issued a statement today. best buy is cooperating fully with authorities and does not comment on open investigations. the san mateo sheriff's department warns buyers about stolen goods saying unknowingly hot item in your possession could get you in trouble with the law. >> who goes and buys an i pad, a brand new i pad from a guy on
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the corner? >> reporter: detectives say any deal too good to be true, often is. and on you can watch the entire surveillance video of the best buy burglary, look for the link at the top of our home page. wall street ened the week with a rally after european leaders agreed to a -- nasdaq rose 50. this is the second consecutive winning week for the markets. all but one of the 27 european union stations agreed to that deal. only britain opted out. the deal forces member nations to submit their budgets for review in order to limit deficits. rising debts in countries such as greece, italy have kept final markets on edge with fears they could trigger -- they played in the nba's oldest arena. oakland's plan to keep the
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warriors as the new owners consider moving to san francisco. temperatures have been dropping off rapidly this evening. coming up the areas that will be in the upper 20s
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los angeles police shot and killed a gunman after he walked
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down the middle of a busy hollywood street shooting at passing vehicles. this frightening video shows the man shooting at a pickup truck. witnesses say the man walked down vine street yelling kill me. here's what people say they saw. >> bam, he was trying to kill some people. >> the guy, tall guy was walking north on vine in the middle of street, okay. and he was shooting, shooting up. >> i mean he was making weird body gestures. literally running at people. running in circles. >> he came through here, when he saw he just went and shot him. and there's the car right there. >> the car was actually peeling backward from the intersection. because the thing is the guy that is walked through here went through the intersection,
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they shot at those people that tried to bypass him. >> he walked back here more, there's a car going that way and he shot at it too. and the cars coming this way going that way, he shot at it too. >> i believe he was just trying to kill, he was trying to kill. >> then he took out a knife, the cops came out and bam, bam, bam shot him five of six times. >> was the man saying anything? >> he was saying i want to die, things like that. i couldn't understand what he was saying. >> do you think it was death by cop. >> probably. the man wanted to die man. >> the man is expected to survive. as for the shooter his name has not been released. surveillance video shows
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the fire bombing of a sheriff's station it happened last month in isle of vista. you can see the suspect lighting something on the corner of the screen, then throwing two items into the building. the building caused the patrol car to sat -l. no one was hurt and the fbi is offering a reward for information leading to that fire bomber. san leandro police say all three suspects wanted in connection with that black friday shooting at a wal-mart are now in custody. police identify them at tony phillips, detwon watson and quiton foreman. the three are suspected of shooting a man in the parking lot. two members of the vagos motorcycle club wore bullet-
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proof vests into court. a hell's angels member was also on trial. virginia tech police identified a man who shot and killed a campus police officer at virginia tech as 22-year-old ross truitt ashley. ashley shot 39-year-old officer krauss as krauss sat inside his police cruiser. ashley then took his own life. investigators say ashley stole an suv a day earlier. there's still no word on what the motive may have been for shooting the officer. hundreds showed up for a candlelight vigil to remember officer krauss. the golden state warriors could be looking for a new home when their lease expires at the coliseum. david stevenson tells us about the various proposals made by both oakland and san francisco
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leaders to build a new stadium for the team. >> reporter: as the golden state warriors warmed up in their oakland gym, warriors president rick welts said it may be time to take the team elsewhere after their lease at oracle arena expires at the end of 2016-2017 season. >> the fan expectation is that we will have to have a new playing facility. we're currently playing in the oldest arena in the nba since 1966. >> reporter: the warriors met with the giants. the giants have exclusive rights to develop an arena in the area. >> one of the things that is so wonderful about having the giants at the table is they privately financed the entirety of at&t park. the warriors understand that the city is not in a position to contribute. >> reporter: oakland is still in the game. major jean quan today touted a
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multi million dollars coliseum plan aimed at uniting, the a's, raiders and warriors in one complex. >> they've been pretty excited about the coliseum ideas. like any ceo you have to look at all of your options. i'm convinced that the coliseum city is going to be the most exciting option for all of the teams. >> reporter: san francisco officials say the city, the warriors and the giants will begin brainstorming proposals for a new arena before making a public presentation in a few months. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu. >> on our facebook wall we're asking what you think is the best option for the warriors. vote for your choice. a modern coliseum, arena near jack london square, or near at&t park. look for our poll on facebook. that giant nation's burger ad that is now the subject of a lawsuit involving the oakland
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raiders. the ad said 100 strikes, raid a nation. the team and the national football league filed suit. the sign was located next to the coliseum. if skies are clear then early risers in the bay area may get a glimpse of a total lunar eclipse just before dawn. the total eclipse begins a short time after 6:00. the next lunar eclipse will be in 2014. and we have been tracking the weather conditions for that lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. here you can see the set up with the sunshine and the earth. it casts a shadow from the moon to the earth. here you see the timing, just
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after 6:00 the total eclipse begins. then the total eclipse goes into a partial. to áf tomorrow we could have some patchy fog up in parts of the north bay and also a few high clouds moving in. so it won't be completely clear, but a few high clouds moving through the region. you can count on the cold temperatures sub freezing in santa rosa, napa, concord and antioch in lower 30s. antioch starting out in the upper 30s. we have more changes for the weekend coming up we'll bring down the timing of possible showers. tomorrow will be a spare the air day. the fourth in a row. the alert means people should not burn logs indoors or outdoors. the ban does not apply to people who depend on stoves or wood stoves as their only heat source. during late fall and winter months wood fires are the largest type of pollution.
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the family of an american who disappeared in iran five years ago is trying a new approach in their efforts to bring him home. today they release add proof of life video they received a year ago but kept out of the public eye until now. it shows robert levinson looking haggered but alive and asking for help to get home. levinson's wife and son are now releasing their own message to the captors. >> we tried to contact you but you never responded. i am sending this message because we need to know what you want our family to do. >> reporter: the video offers
11:55 pm
few clues as to where he's being held. levinson is a retired fbi agent and was working for a private company when he vanished. she is still in her 20s yet she is the mayor of east palo alto its youngest mayor ever. lloyd lacuesta live tonight in east palo alto and introduces us to a young woman determined to change her city's imagine, lloyd. >> reporter: that's right, mike. i'm at east palo alto city hall where a new mayor has taken office. the youngest mayor in this city's history and she was born years after this city was incorporated. >> this is the mayor, the new elect mayor, the choser mayor of east palo alto. she would like to say a few words, laura martinez. >> reporter: tonight was laura martinez's second public function. at 27 she is the youngest mayor in the city's history. and was elected to the city
11:56 pm
council when she was 23. >> i bring a new perspective, i also can reach out to a lot of the young residents in east palo alto. >> reporter: the mayor was elected this week by her city council colleagues and says she wants to change the perception that this is a crime ridden city. a label east palo alto has carried for decades. >> i also hope for crime to be down, and more job opportunities for our city. >> she's an experienced council member, community advocate, resident i think that's what people look at. that's what they looked at when they voted for her. >> reporter: martinez is a director of afterschool programs for an east palo alto charter school. she grew up in this city and is well known. >> i believe that laura is the kind of person that has compassion and enthusiasm to bring new ideas. >> and relates to community and our young folks in the community. >> any higher political ambitions? >> it's possible, i thought
11:57 pm
about it. i am interested in running for reelection in 2012. >> reporter: mayor laura martinez will serve for one year and says she will make best use of that time to serve her city. live in east palo alto, lloyd lacuesta. there is a labor dispute involving the company that makes those legendary oscar statutes given out at the oscars. the workers union says it is trying to avoid a work stoppage. if there is though, there may be no new trophies for next year's award. but the academy says it has enough stock on hand for the show to go on. it's getting harder to find an empty table or banquet room, why the co
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new at 10:00 it might be a sign of improving times, the company christmas party seems to be making a big come back. debra villalon is live with a look at how party rooms are back in business. >> reporter: three different parties, bookings here are up 50% over last year. by day they work at a restaurant supply company. but tonight it's dinner and drinks on the boss. >> most business now are doing more with less. i just feel like you know to motivate your employees and keep everyone going. >> reporter: nothing beats a party. years ago this group dined and
12:01 am
danced on a bay cruise, nowadays it's a buffet on dry land but no one is complaining. >> hopefully 2012 is going to be bigger and better. >> reporter: around the corner we found this dental office toasting the season. a small staff with big smiles. bonuses and a holiday dinner too. >> there's just no way we're not going to have a party. at least once a year for them especially on christmas day. >> we worked an extra couple of saturdayers to pay for this if we had to. >> reporter: and the kitchen at chris's ruth is in full speed. add a christmas party in this room, and an even bigger one in this room. >> they moved past the rescission. >> things are in the up and up. every single week they're up from the previous year. >> reporter: unlike years past, holiday planners can't afford to procrastinate. >> people are calling up hey can i get a party on december 15th. it's like i'm sorry, too late. >> reporter: what we saw here
12:02 am
tonight seems to fit national trends. when a few thousand employers were surveyed some six in 10 said they would be giving parties this year. that's up from about half last year. now not big bashes necessarily, but certainly better than nothing at all. we're live in walnut creek, debra villalon, ktvu news. ford issued a voluntary recall due to concerns that wheels could fall off. the recall involves fusions and milan. the bolts can break causing them to separate from the car. ford says it's unaware of any crashes caused by the problem. historic hanger one is slowly being torn down but there's a plan to save it. the structure was built in the 1980s in moffet heel. google founders larry page and current ceo eric smith says
12:03 am
hanger one should not be dismantled and would like to do the reconstruction. the three own jets and would keep their airplanes at the hanger. >> it may be creates a winning proposition for all parties involved. >> reporter: the proposal was submitted to nasa a couple of months ago but there has been no response. all the panels are supposed to be removed from hanger one by the fall of next year. new at 10:00, napa valley wine growers are getting rid of more than 100 acres of perfectly good vines. ktvu's rob roth tells us they're sacrificing this valuable crop to save something they say is more worth while. >> reporter: napa valley wineries are giving up land. wine grapes grew just above the napa river here at the honick
12:04 am
winery. but dozens of winerys have removed the shrines for good. the land will now be used as part of an ambitious project to save these river banks from further erosion. >> in some cases, sites along the river losing one to 3 feet of bank a year. the response typically by property owners have been to armour the banks and that tends to create bigger problems by increasing velocity and narrowing the channel. >> reporter: each year shanook salmon spawn in this water, but every year the water keeps eroding. to restore the dwindling salmon population, wineries are sacktizing a combined 135 acres of prime land along the napa river. when you consider each acre produces 3-tons of grapes every year that's giving up a lot. >> we're sacrificing some vineyard for the good of everyone. >> reporter: once the erosion is brought under control, the napa river should be healthy again for salmon and steel
12:05 am
head. >> they'll be able to spawn within this section of the reason effectively. the river will support the reds, the nests of the fish. >> reporter: the project is expected to be completed in 2017 and this area should become popular again for sports fishermen. in napa county, rob roth, ktvu news. fire officials in heelsburg say they now know what start had the house fire we first told you about last night. fireplaced ashes in a plastic bucket burst into flames. initial reports indicated the home was empty at the time but heelsburg firefighters say two adults were in the home when the fire started and called 911. no one was hurt. damage estimates are between 150 and $200,000. there's word tonight bay area transportation managers are ready to cut back on the number of freeway emergency call boxes. the boxes connect stranded motorists to operators who can
12:06 am
dispatch help. the metropolitan transportation commission or ntc says the number of calls it gets has dropped dramatically since cell phones became popular. according to the san francisco examiner the ntc wants to call the call boxes making the cuts in urban areas while leaving the phones along rural roads. starting tomorrow you can see for yourself the effects of the hayward fall in the east bay. the long crack at fremont's community center at lake elizabeth is one example. the building sits on top of the fault and the shifting has caused damage forcing the city to close part of it during the 1970s. the nonprofit group is using the business as part of the exhibit to show the impact the fault has had throughout the city. the unveiling is set for tomorrow afternoon. thousands of nurses planning another strike. what we learned tonight about a walk out being planned before the year is out. clear skies and cold temperatures across the bay area right now. but some changes for your
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new at 10:00 the california nurses association is planning another strike targeting sutter health this time just before christmas. the cna announced today 4,000 nurses are getting readty read -- ready to walk off the job. that's exactly three months after their last strike. sutter health and the nurses union are in negotiations for a new contract. a judge found a 39-year-old man not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.
12:10 am
shannon bradley moore was accused of the stabbing death of 73-year-old ray monocas -- raymond casso at a postoffice. moore faces a 16 year to life term in a mental facility. his sentencing is set for january 6. the state of california plans to convert a woman's prison in the central valley to house male inmates. the conversion could help ease overcrowding at other state prisons. many of the females meet the requirements to serve their sentences locally. california needs to comply with a federal court order to fix overcrowding at state prisons. in india 90 people died at a smoky fire. much of the staff abandoned the
12:11 am
building. police arrested six hospital administrators. in italy a letter bomb exploded at a tax collection agency. this was the second letter bomb in europe this week. a device sent to doich bank was defused before it could explode. and in panama a prison is getting ready to receive an infamous new inmate this weekend. former dictator manuel noriega is to be moved from spain. trump planned to moderate a debate on december 27th in iowa one week before the caucuses there to kick off the presidential election season.
12:12 am
so far only newt gingrich and rick santorum have agreed to appear. one said he refuses to kiss trump's ring. trump may still run as an independent, he will hope all the republican candidates would participate. an open casting call in the bay area for fox' master chef. how today's county graduation is
12:13 am
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or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! for a limited time buy select seating and get 15% back. a new year is just weeks away and the fire department is excited for it. today the department welcomed a new class and as ktvu's john sasaki reports reinforcements
12:15 am
have arrived. >> reporter: this is san jose's second class of firefighters since last year's major roundover lay offs. eight firefighters transferred here from other departments around northern california, one is from san diego. >> we put a lot into this academy and we're looking forward to going to the line and learning a lot and giving back to the department and the community. last year the department laid off 49 firefighters to help close a budget gap. >> we have longer response types which generally means that we have four outcomes on whatever the kinds of emergencies we go to -- poor outcomes on whatever kinds of emergencies we go to. >> reporter: these recruits are being paid for with a grant. but mayor reed says we have a long way to go. >> we need to save enough money to bring those back. >> reporter: the mayor thanks the firefighters union for accepting 10% cuts in
12:16 am
compensation which he says saved hundreds of jobs. these new san jose firefighters say they are ready to protect their city. >> i live here locally so i want to be close to my family, close to home. and it's always been a dream of mine to work for san jose. this is the third time for me testing, third time is the charm. the firefighters report to their locations on sunday morning. another academy class is set to start in february. i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. u.s. drivers dug deep into their pockets this year spending a record $448 billion on gasoline. that's up more than 22% from last year. analysts say it's not because we're driving more. government figures show demand fell it's because of the high price of gasoline. u.s. oil companies are selling twice as much of their product overseas. aaa said today the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline is up 37-cents from
12:17 am
this day last year. in san jose the price was $3.60 up 33-cents. in oakland the average price is $3.62. it appears fish and game officials are ready to extend a delay of crab season in far northern california. the state director delayed that because the crabs were not meaty enough. but the crabs are still skinny. and the director is expected to delay the start of the season until january 16th. master chef is calling all bay area amateur chefs. the cooking competition show hosted by chef gordon ramsey is holding a casting call in san francisco tomorrow morning. the show's producer tell us they're looking for people who know food and have a good personality. >> we're looking for people with a passion for food.
12:18 am
so amateurs who you know haven't cooked in the kitchen before, but may be make a ridiculous ha san -- lasagna that everybody loves. >> reporter: contestants must be 18 years old by february 1st and a u.s. citizen or legal resident. once the 2012 season begins you can watch it right here on ktvu channel 2. well the bay area has been locked in a dry weather pattern for nearly two weeks. things could be changing as we go into the weekend. we do have mostly clear skies but we're tracking a batch of clouds. and those clouds will be moving in as we head into early saturday morning. as far as the time lapse from today, looking out toward the bay, a bit of some haze out there but still plenty of high clouds. lots of sunshine also as well. temperatures warmed up nicely. lots of 60s out there.
12:19 am
san francisco topped out at 60 degrees. but with the clear skies out there, temperatures are already dropping. look at the 30s showing up in santa rosa right now. 36degrees, fairfield at 36, san jose 46 and downtown san francisco in the lower 50s at 53. here's the satellite, the radar once again those high clouds approaching the region from the south and the west. no rain drops associated with this batch. so for your saturday, it will be dry some patchy morning fog out there. once again a very cold start to tomorrow morning. we will call partly sunny with temperatures on track to reach the mid-50s. no more 60s for tomorrow. warmest locations will be approaching the mid, possibly the upper 50s then we'll take this into sunday. this weather system moves in and this will be just approaching our coastline. with that definitely more clouds. cooling trend will continue as we do head into the second half of your weekend: you can see here we do bring in a chance of showers. pretty much the same deal for saturday afternoon.
12:20 am
and then by sunday morning, we do introduce the possibility of some light shower activity. maybe a few moderate cells approaching the region. we're going to hold on to that possibility until sunday afternoon and sunday night. that main weather system will be headed to the south approaching southern california by late sunday and into monday. for tomorrow for your saturday at 7:00 definitely bundle up. most areas back down into the upper 30s to start out the day. by 12:00 clouds and sun. by 3:00 scattered high clouds and temperatures up 55 degrees. santa rosa 56, san francisco down from the 60s we had today in san francisco. san francisco goes down to the mid-50s for tomorrow. san jose right around 57. here is a look ahead, the extended forecast. there's that rain cloud on sunday to reflect a chance of a few scattered showers. timing best bet would be sunday afternoon into sunday night. then some lingering clouds for sunday morning. slight chance of a sprinkle on sunday. maybe a few light showers only a minimal chance for wednesday
12:21 am
of next week. julie and mike we'll keep an eye on that sunday system. but you can count on the cold morning once again first thing you might be scraping off the frost out there because it's going to be an issue. >> we have to keep those uggs on. >> exactly. >> temperatures in the upper 50s.
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there she is, that's our ktvu colleague rita williams ringing the salvation army bell. sal castaneda and mark tamayo also joined in today raising
12:25 am
money for those in need. the red kettle tradition started back in 1891 in san francisco. when a salvation army placed a kettle and asked people to keep making donations to keep the pot going. >> first day mark jackson was introduced as the new head coach of the warriors he promised that golden state would make the play offs. today's practice was the next step toward fulfilling that hope. only nine signed players are currently in camp that include andres and monte ellis. both of them constantly mentioned as trade bait but they're still wearing warriors gear. >> every year i go through that. so so it was just another summer of you know, rumors.
12:26 am
>> i want to be a golden state warrior, i love it here. just to play basketball. >> he's an incredible basketball player. i'm going to need him to lead this team, to defend, to compete and to score the basketball. i'm excited about the opportunity to coach him. nothing has changed, the same message. >> charlie bell was not at practice because he was arrested in flint michigan yesterday for being drunk at his old dui hearing. yes you heard me right, charlie bell was drunk at his own dui hearing. golden state was expected to release bell before this embarrassing news. but now his entire nba career is in jeopardy. and it looks more and more like the oakland a's are back in their annual rebuilding mode. they once again traded another
12:27 am
player that was about to get a big boost. cahill gets a $3 million raise this season. maybe that's why they traded him. and check out the play of the day from naples florida. nick price playing in greg norman's shoot out. price uses a four iron on the 213-yard par three 12th hole. it's been years since price has had a hole in one. and ladida, the dude is buying. concord also wins 28-20 to claim the division two championship. >> i love your enthuse enthusiasm there with your hole in one. >> i've had one in my career
12:28 am
and i know what that teels like. >> at least you have one. >> and i know what it feels to buy the place a round too. buy the place a round too. >> everybody loves that. we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin! for a limited time buy select seating and get 15% back, at ikea, the life improvement store.
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