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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 15, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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after shouting down s peakers, people are detained. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. the paddle debate became a hot seat for embattled oakland major jean quan. debra villalon live in the city who tell us it didn't take long
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before tonight's issues started to deteriorate. >> reporter: that's right, commonwealth forums are usually very quiet but today they had to threw some people out. what now? what next? but they were barely seated before quan became a target. >> we're no longer asking for your permission, to tolerate or not tolerate anything. >> reporter: pent up anger over the tear down of the camp. >> i was there when the tear gas happened. >> reporter: hostility from fellow panelists and the audience. >> what the nation saw was the few seconds when a group of anarchists, a small group broke into buildings and started setting fires. >> reporter: throughout minutes
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of so called mic checks, quan sat quietly. then several people were escorted out. >> we came in here under good terms. >> reporter: but on it went, members of the audience shouting lie kwrar and standing to turn their back on -- lie -- liar and standing to turn their back on quan. >> i've been in tougher situation, i've been bullied before. i thought this was a chance to have a dialogue. i tried to go to talk and they won't let me. >> reporter: we're back live on market street now where the commonwealth club meets. after the hour long panel everyone was supposed to break into small discussion groups, but mayor quan was heckled so much she fled behind closed
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doors. debra villalon. major quan says she is disabling one of her facebook pages. she plans to maintain a personal site, people wanting to contact the mayor's office will be directed to the city of oakland's website. cal osha is investigating a deadly work accident. investigators say the man was working under the bus just before noon when it rolled off the concrete risers killing him. the work area is home to party bus and kelly tours. it isn't clear how the accident happened. >> failure of whatever the bus was on, mechanical failure by the bus. we're trying to determine how the accident occurred. >> no one at the tour bus offices would talk to us.
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the victim has been identified as 58-year-old walter paitihla of san francisco. the search is on for a suspected rapest from eastern contra costa county. stephen paul clark is accused of raping a woman. clark's car was found at a rest stop down in san diego county. detectives say clark is a registered sex offender and should be considered armed and dangerous. in 19 minutes the case against barry bonds, what's on the table tomorrow as he returns to court in san francisco for sentencing. a marin county judge is rejecting the state's new lethal injection procedure. alternative procedures were not given proper consideration. a hearing on the ruling is set for tomorrow. a federal judge is also considering a separate challenge. more strong signs from the
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economy as jobless claims fell once again. initial numbers climbed to 366,000. that's the lowest level since 2008. the drop comes after the national wide number dropped to 8% in november. credit card use dropped this year. credit reporting agency transunion estimates 8 million people have given up their credit cards since the recession started in 2008. the positive economic news sent stocks higher yesterday. the dow rose 45 point, the nasdaq edged up one point. another tech company is about to go public with one of the most antipated ipos of the year. zynga goes public tomorrow. the company is slated to ring nasdaq's opening bell from its
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new san francisco headquarters. the company is selling 100 billion shares. republicans and democrats say they've reached a compromise on a trillion dollars spending bill to be voted on tomorrow. earlier today the senate overwellingly approved the $662 billion defense bill. a deal is also close to renew the payroll tax cut and extend unemployment benefits. negotiators are preparing a shorter two month version as a fall back. congress is hurrying to get its work done so members can go home for the holidays. the republican presidential hopefuls attended their last scheduled debate before the iowa caucus on december 23rd. front runner newt gingrich and mitt romney again tried to
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separate themselves from the pack, craig. >> reporter: they certainly did, good evening to you ken. not exactly the aggressive tone we thought this debate might take during the two hours tonight. more of the questions turned aggressively toward president obama. but there were some. the candidates going after newt gingrich as recent polls show him to be the national front runner. although a new poll shows gingrich has fallen into second place behind mitt romney, many polls still show the key speaker hraoelding. >> we can't have as our nominee of our republican party someone who continues to stand for freddie mac and fannie mae, they need to be shut down not built up.
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>> reporter: gingrich shooting back at his rivals. >> first my policy is to break up both fannie mae and freddie mac. i have never once changed my positions because of any kind of payment. >> reporter: meanwhile according to some polls, texas congressman ron paul is gaining ground in several states including iowa. >> i have something different to offer. i represent a different foreign policy which is different than policeman of the world. >> reporter: of the run, roughly 120,000 likely voters in the iowa caucuses. about 50% say they are undecided so a lot can happen between tonight and february 3rd. craig boswell. which gop contender is best positioned going into the
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primaries. michael la fleur writes noneover them. and jason leman writes, by the time we get to california, we won't have a real choice. the iraq war officially came to an end today during a ceremony in baghdad. most u.s. troops have already left but a few thousand will remain there in the new year. as jonathan mann reports, the ending was low key compared to the start one march in 2003. >> reporter: what we began with
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panetta presided over the symbolic ceremony. >> you will leave with great pride, lasting pride, secure in knowing that your sacrifice has helped the iraqi people begin a new chapter in history. >> reporter: more than 4,500 americans have been killed since the conflict began while its estimated that more than 100,000 iraqis have died. >> we look back at the sacrifices made by so many americans and so many iraqis, but we also look forward to an iraq that is sovereign, secure and self-reliant. >> reporter: but nearly nine years after the war began, some current and former u.s. military brass questioned if u.s. troops are leaving too soon.
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>> in my judgment we could have used the next few years training and developing the iraqi security forces so that those hard one gains that our soldiers have achieved would be permanent and not speculative. >> reporter: of the 5,500 troops still in iraq almost all must leave the country by december 31st. jonathan mann, reporting. more details now in addition to the 4,500 deaths, nearly 32,000 americans were wounded in action. some put the monetary cost of the war at $800 billion. iraq is now creating 2.4 million bar r-les of oil a day. that's slightly less than before the war -- barrels of oil a day. that's slightly less than before the war. we're featuring a out of iraq
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new at 10:00 tonight at union square tonight a salvation army bell ringer is trying to set a world record. jana katsuyama is with him, and how long has he been going at it so far? >> he started at 9:00 this morning, he's been going for more than 13 hours now. this is butch the bell ringer. he's one of 21 bell ringers nationwide still standing and hoping to break last year's world record. >> reporter: welcome to macy's. thank you sir. merry christmas. >> reporter: when it comes to the sound of the season, marcelino osriano is a seasoned bell ringer. this time soriano known as butch hopes to ring in the new year as a champion. >> i'm going to go as long as i can go. lord willing i can make it. >> reporter: you see butch is out to beat the 36 hour bell ringing record set last year by a man in seattle. he'll have to ring by the
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rules, with no sitting and no eating. >> i see people walking by with a hot dog i go oh gosh. >> reporter: while he can drink liquids, if nature calls. >> you get one 10 minute break every hour, that can be your bathroom break. >> reporter: but he says the biggest challenge will be staying awake tonight. >> i'm a morning person, that's the problem. >> reporter: family and friends have been dropping by to support him and his holiday cheer has people stopping by. >> i think he can do it. he's doing it for a good cause. >> reporter: butch says he isn't doing this for glory. >> i've been doing this for 17 seasons. >> reporter: it's a desire to inspire. >> just to put a smile on someone's face. i believe in what they're doing. they're raising money to help people in need. >> thank you, merry christmas. >> reporter: and back out here live at union square, butch i
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have to ask you, how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling great. >> holding up, huh? >> holding up. >> reporter: he hopes to be holding up tomorrow at 9:00 at night which is when he passes the 36 hour mark and would break the record. reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. a walnut creek institution will close tomorrow after abruptly announcing it is $400,000 in debt and can no longer afford to keep its doors open. the contra costa jewish community center was operating an adult day care and preschool. thousands of families are scrambling tonight to find other daytime options for their children or disabled relatives. >> it is a huge under mining of our community and given my background, you know this is really important to me and to my family. >> reporter: a meeting for families will be held at the center tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. pg & e has been given permission to raise measure on
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three bay area natural gas pipelines including the one involved in the san bruno blast. the contra costa commission approved permission by pg & e to raise measure on the pipelines. pg & e says it's inspected the lines. one man tried to rob two people then stole a bicycle left in a driveway. police released this sketch of a man wanted in the three incidents. he's described as hispanic, in his 40s and thin. police say he confronted two people, a woman refused to give him anything and a 14-year-old boy ran away. san jose police say four men are under arrest suspected of leaving a tagging crew responsible for half the graffiti sand vandalism in the
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city. manuel villagran are all under arrest. police are looking for 30 more people in this case and more arrests are expected. we have new information tonight about the raids of a danville home and a newark memedical marijuana collective we first told you about last night. they seized a shotgun and $30,000 in cash from the home. authorities are investigating if the collective illegally sold marijuana. a contra costa county man is telling a frightening story tonight after a police canine attacked him while he was helping officers. ktvu's rob roth tells us what may happen now to the dog. >> reporter: john freeman is wearing a bandage covering four deep puncture wounds. >> the worse ones are up on top. >> reporter: from a dog bite. but not just from any bite.
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freeman was bitten by a trained canine. >> it was more scary that it happened. >> reporter: freeman was called to the police station to pick up a pickup truck to allow officers and the canine to check the bottom of the truck. >> all of a sudden i glance to the right, and the canine grabbed on my arm. like someone took my arm, put a vice and tightened it up. expect this vice had teeth. >> reporter: this dog individually has been in service for six years with no prior incident like this. >> reporter: the dog's handler got the dog to release freeman's arm. police don't have an idea what caused the dog to attack him
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but have an explanation. >> it appears that the tow truck driver got the attention of the dog because he was waving a flashlight. >> if they knew it was going to be a problem, they should have let me know. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a funeral is set for tomorrow for little lawrence jr. who died last week after being hit during a shoot out in oakland. the service will be held at axfeld gospel church in oakland. doctors removed him from life support and he died last week. and showers moving out of the area, you had sprinkles in your neighborhood this morning. most of the bay area .5 of an inch. heaviest rainfall i found up in sonoma. started off cloudy, ended up
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kind of cool today. these were the highs from today. your highs on friday well you're going to see temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. so slightly warmer tomorrow. but it's going to be cold tonight. santa rosa 48 degrees. dewpoint temperatures are running 35-degree. so when santa rosa drops another 5 degrees fog will form. valley fog in the forecast for those inland bay valleys. a freeze warning south of sacramento. it's going to be cold when you get going tomorrow. i'll have your morning forecast about 10:45. some port workers are back on if job since that monday blockade. about 400 employees lost three days of work because of the demonstration. one employee told ktvu she understands the occupy movement but questions whether protesters understand that people need to work at the port to make a living. she's one of the smallest babies ever born.
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the newborn who against all odds is >íñ y=mñs9w
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former giant slugger barry bonds learns his fate tomorrow. he is due to be sentenced at 11:00 a.m. as rita williams reports he faces the possibility of prison time, home detention or something in between. >> reporter: it's in here tomorrow where it all began eight years ago. barry bonds learns his sentence for obstructing justice. >> nobody really thinks he's going to get 15 months in prison although prosecutors have asked for that. the real question is whether he get real jail time at all or home detention and a lot of community service. >> reporter: it was 2003 when the home run king testified
11:55 pm
before a grand jury investigating steroids from balco. the prosecutor gave bonds -- if he would tell the truth, they say he lied. >> i don't believe that barry bonds will ever go to prison. >> reporter: that from the man who started it all. balco's founder victor conti. conti always defended bonds saying he had no firsthand knowledge that trainer greg anderson gave bonds steroids. >> you cannot be sure that greg anderson ever gave bonds steroids? >> it's never clear. >> he's only worry about the hall of fame after this case. >> reporter: whatever sentence barry bonds gets here tomorrow it likely will not go into
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effect while he appeals his conviction. and that could take another year. in san francisco, rita williams ktvu channel 2 news. stay with ktvu channel 2 for continuing coverage. we will bring you tomorrow's sentencing decision on air and online. a man accused of trying to assassinate president obama is due in federal court in washington, d.c. tomorrow for a preliminary hearing. our ktvu news bureau in washington, d.c. obtained this booking photo of oscar ortega hernandez. he was arrested last month and it took that long to get this picture through the freedom of information act. hernandez is accused of firing shots at the white house. if convicted he faces life in prison. more details about a hit- and-run incident that left a firefighters hospitalized during the hearing of the suspect's girlfriend. here's surveillance video of the suspect. we're going to show that to you, eduardo escoval at a jack
11:57 pm
in the box. he is reportedly heard on this video tape saying he is going to run over the firefighter, albert bartal. the girlfriend is accused of trying to cover up the incident. the judge today ordered the two to be tried together. another hearing is set for tomorrow, bartal remains hospitalized in critical condition. a southern california baby born four months premature, weighing less than a can of soda has survived the odds and going home. she's among the smallest babies ever born and now doctors in los angeles are preparing to send her home by new years. melinda's original due date was today. doctors say it's really too early to tell how she will fair developmentally and physically as she grows. a holiday traditional under attack, the nativity scene one group wants to see moved. plus-- >> reporter: cheers for a
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chris rene. congratulations chris, we will see you next week. santa cruz native chris rene has gone from recovering drug addict to the brink of landing a multi million dollars
12:01 am
recording contract. amber lee sat with his supporters as they watched him go on to the next challenge. >> reporter: now every week his friends gather here to cheer him on and tonight they have something special to celebrate. cheers broke out when the crowd learned chris rene a santa cruz native made it to the grand finale next week. the self-described recovering drug addict is representing the area. >> he is going to show what can happen. >> reporter: many told us his message of recovery hope resinates for them. >> i have 80 days today clean. i will put his songs on when i am feeling down. >> reporter: friends tell us rene has been playing music since he was 12. they've known him through his ups and downs and what was always apparent was his musical
12:02 am
talent. >> it's very spiritual. it's really crazy how he can inspire. >> reporter: another man wore a band aid with his motto. love life. >> reporter: his sister who also competed on the x factor told us what's more important is how music helped save rene's life. >> it's not just about selling records it's about touching people which is what music is for. it's about connecting with people. to me he has the x factor. that's what i think. >> reporter: some of these friends plan to go down to l.a. to support rene during the grand finale. others will hold a big watch party here at tampico's kitchen. if rene wins, it'll be an early christmas present, he turns 29
12:03 am
on christmas day. amber lee. >> you can hear from tonight's eliminated contestant marcus kanti on ktvu mornings on 2. a display at travis air force base is causing a stir. while it may be festive it's offensive as well. more than 100 people have complained about the display. the group says it has asked for the base to move the display to the chap chap -- chapel lawn. >> that way everybody can see it and it does not officially endorse religion. >> reporter: the military religious freedom foundation says it will considered filing a lawsuit. two bay area charter schools are among 10 in the state being recommended for closure. the list from the california charter schools association came out today. it includes leadership high in
12:04 am
san francisco and west county community high in richmond. officials say the schools should close because of low test scores over the past several years. the association says poor academic school records hurt the charter school movement. the oakland unified school district has received two golden bell awards. the sustainable energy program, the district was also honored for its meaningful student involvement program and green gloves. a san francisco bank is turning the tables. alex sadvege is telling us what the bank is doing with a home. >> reporter: the place needs some work but this home is going to turn into a dream
12:05 am
home. the bank has decided to give the home to a family in need. the group plans to fix the place up and then move in people who are currently homeless or living in shelters. >> so it's independent living with supportive services to help them to achieve maximum independence. so it's not about folks coming in at night, spending the night and leaving. it's about a family really reaccomplishing themselves in a home. >> reporter: the home is valued at close to $300,000 and it was donated by luther burbank savings a santa rosa based bank. it took over the property from a wealthy investor who went bankrupt. biggs says he opted not to sell the home. >> let's face it, banks are not looked upon right now as being the best community corporations and it's really good to try and change that imagine. >> reporter: the homeless organization hopes people will be living in this house by spring of next year.
12:06 am
a silver lining to the foreclosure crisis. and this will be the gift that keeps on giving. the donated home is actually situated on this huge lot. 2acres of land, and eventually the community housing group says they plan to build five more homes on this property to help more homeless families get off the streets. in santa rosa, alex sadvege. a ritual to remember those too easily forgotten was held in san jose today. >> ron borough. jaime barajas. >> every year the name of people who died on the streets is read. outside a permanent memorial has been erected to those who died before they could create a
12:07 am
new job. a safety escort for holiday shoppers. the program offering peace of mind for b.a.r.t. shoppers. but up first the
12:08 am
12:09 am
commuting in los angeles was terrible today even by l.a. standards. a freeway was damaged yesterday when a gasoline tanker caught fire closing a 10-mile stretch of the road and requiring long detours. caltrans plans to demolish at least part of theover pass tomorrow. officials say the work should be completed in time for tomorrow's evening rush hour.
12:10 am
b.a.r.t. riders are being offered safety escorts. b.a.r.t. passengers carrying packages are concerned about their safety were given free escorts by police volunteers to any where within three mocks of the station. the escort service will be offered again tomorrow. >> that's fantastic, i'm going to the symphony and we're getting back between 7:00 and 8:00. we parked across the street, it makes me a little nervous but this is you believely where i come to go -- but this is where i usually come to go to san francisco. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. urges everyone to be aware of their surroundings when riding or entering b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. has named a new president. john mcpartland. mcpartland says his priorities will be renewing their aging fleet. and the longer term goal of
12:11 am
bringing b.a.r.t. to livermore. in news of the world tonight in india more victims of poison bootleg liquor were rushed to the hospital. so far the toxic brew has killed 143 people and made many others sick. police arrested 10 people. they said the bootleggers included ethanol. the flooding set back filming on the movie the hobbit. in peru, an explorer dug items 100 years ago then donated them. after long negotiations yale is now returning them to peru.
12:12 am
another shipment of pottery and stoneware is to be returned next year. a stockton man learned a tough lesson today. sneaking back into his family's home through the chimney is not a good idea. firefighters were called in after someone inside heard cries for help. it turned out to be 20-year-old jorge herr era. he came home late, missing his curfew and decided to enter through the chimney. >> i would guess that he had his hands in the edge and release. thinking it would be a nice smooth transition into the house. >> reporter: firefighters used a soapy mixture to ease herr era's exit. he was fine just a little dirty. after that he refused to talk to reporters about his misadventure. the key decision
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california's mid-year budget cuts announces a million dollars cut for workers who care for the sick and elderly in their own homes. 372,000 people may be affected. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live to put a face on those statistics. >> reporter: behind me is a senior citizen's apartment complex and tonight we found a woman who lives here and a care giver who enables her to live here. charlotte johnson spends 13.5 hours a week, cleaning, cooking and caring for disabled diane houston. >> i don't know what i would do without her. >> reporter: but houston is facing that possibility. the state pays for such help called in-home supportive services.
12:16 am
because of budget constraints the state will reduce in-home care by 20%. >> if she gets cut. then i'm out of a job period. >> this is dignified work that they provide. this is work that's needed. >> reporter: tonight houston on johnson for at a protest. >> what they're getting is not enough for them to stay in their home safely and in the most healthy environment they can possibly be in. >> reporter: tonight supporters say the cuts will mean more people will not be able to receive care at home. >> it's a lot more expensive to put them in nursing homes, so it's going to cost the state more money in the long run to put these people in a nursing home. >> reporter: houston has had johnson's home for 17 years. a group disabilities rights
12:17 am
california is suing sacramento. they claim the cuts are putting people in jeopardy. the federal court isn't slated to hear the lawsuit until january 19th. the cuts go in effect january 1st. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta. ktvu channel 2 news. santa clara county today launched a new campaign to educate parents about a potentially deadly problem. the safe sleep awareness campaign was announced in response to 41 infant deaths in the past six years in santa clara county. health officials say all were because of unsafe sleeping. the goal of the new campaign is to make sure parents know that infants should sleep alone on their backs in a crib or bassinett. we expect to see a boom right from the day they start
12:18 am
construction. however environmental groups say not so fast. they vow to challenge the decision before the san francisco board of supervisors. >> some of the things we're concerned about is shoreline impacts. birds and plants, we want to make sure they are adequate plans for signage and monitors to keep people out of sensitive areas. >> reporter: america's cup officials say they can wait a little longer to begin construction but not too long. boosters of the race claim it'll bring $1.3 million in revenue to the pay area. has more on the plans being made for the america's club including a video report card. look for a link on top of our home page. green peace and facebook have called a truce. green peace and facebook said they will work together to use renewable fuel instead of goal. green peace wasn't happy
12:19 am
because the site is served by a power company that uses mainly coal. facebook launched it's new time line feature today. time line is meant to turn a users time line from posts and events. once pictures are selected they will only have a week or two before time line becomes the default look on your profile page. it is cold outside tonight looking for some valley fog to reform. maybe a little bit of frost. we go to live storm tracker two. these are the current temperatures. find your city or a city close to you. i don't have them all up here but these are the ones that are very cool and the dewpoints are very high. right now here's your temperature in santa rosa, i'm going to click it and there's your dewpoint temperature. you see the difference. santa rosa was 2 degrees difference. fog forms, you saw that in napa as well. north bay valley they have a great opportunity for fog. tomorrow morning valley fog.
12:20 am
if that system clears out, it did drop a little bit of rain. .5, .1 in the heaviest spots. it's cold, fog comes back. we haven't seen that much rain. look at december, so what i'm going to do i'm going to lay this in and you're going to see this last week pretty dry. then we had a little bit of rain last night and this morning and that's it. as we go into the next last few weeks of december this last week looks pretty -- like we could see some rain but this week does not look that wet. december has not been a very productive month for rain. that's why we've seen so much valley fog in the bay area and frost and freeze as well. tomorrow morning the valley fog is back. it'll be in the spots it always is. the spots you've been seeing the last few weeks. be prepared for that, friday morning's commute. the roads aren't wet but there will be valley fog and there'll be frost on the windshields. tomorrow morning as you get going, it's cold when you send the kids off. not 25 but 35, 34 degrees in
12:21 am
the cold spots. sunny mild, this pattern continues. not just over us but in the central valley. friday sa'de with mostly sun -- friday is a day with mostly sunny conditions. after that temperatures cool. so the bay area weekend will be cooler. these are your forecast highs for friday. but saturday and sunday temperatures come down. a degree or two. still a good weekend but you're not going to see 62 like in santa rosa. i think most temperatures on saturday and sunday will be in the upper 50s. valley fog back in the forecast. real cold overnight. maybe some frost. here's your five day forecast with your weekend in view. you can see here it is a dry one. there are some stuff lining out in the pacific that might look like it might want to fire off into the end of december. you look at that five day that's pretty >íñ y=mñs9w
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getting rid of an unused cell phone is going high tech. you can put it into an atm. the machine will determine the
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value of the phone and officer you cash. the eco atm will offer you the value of the phone. phones taken will be refurbished or recycled. the crowd had nothing to make noise about until the third period. then it all breaking lose. three goals in less than 4-1/2 minutes. it's burn in front deflecting his own shot home his fifth goal of the year. suddenly it's 4-3. crowd alive. 29 seconds later, joe pavelski will risk it home. we have 4-4 on his 13th goal of the year. three minutes after that it's patty marlough putting a shot on goal.
12:26 am
couture redirecting his 12th. it stood out. sharks one by only a 9-6 and 1 record at the tank. they have to do better than that at san jose. raiders going at it sunday and just can't buy a break right now. trying to balance after a couple of blow out losses on the road. back home against the lions but this isn't going to help any. detroit will have their best defensive player back. the dominating suh will return following a two game suspension for stomping a green bay lineman. happy thanksgiving there suh something more than contrite and would yesterday would answer only questions concerning football. >> i am looking forward to getting on the field. playing against oakland. looking to get ourselves solidified. >> do you feel bad that you did
12:27 am
what you did? >> next question. and they had it all going on, jacksonville brings nothing, first drive 75 yards. and matt ryan flipping for 29 of them right there to julio jones. defense falcons ferocious. john abrams 3-1/2 sacks. cory peters returns it, touchdown falcons 41-14 the final. falcons looking like a play off team. and still kind of sizes up on christmas night. the warriors had a minor piece. dominique mcguire you might remember him. he'll get a big paycheck out of the bob cats, 5 million, two years. williams a guy that can come off the bench, score a little for you, instant offense. they have rookie clay thompson to take care of that for them
12:28 am
this year. that's sports for a thursday night. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. channel 2 news. [ monica ] i'm away on a movie shoot and it hasn't been going exactly as planned. cut. cut! [ monica ] i thought we'd be on location for 3 days -- it's been 3 weeks. so i had to pick up some more things. good thing i've got the citi simplicity card. i don't get hit with a fee if i'm late with a payment... which is good because on this job, no! bigger! [ monica ] i may not be home for a while. [ male announcer ] the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go.
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