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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 6, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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her son. why the police think a witness may come forward. >> a bay area lawmaker goes to court. the unusual rational her lawyer provides to explain her actions. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it is friday, january 6th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. the first jobs report of the new year is offering, yet, another strong sign of an economy heading in the right direction. the u.s. labor department says 200,000 jobs were add in december. that brought the unemployment rate down to 8.5%. the lowest in almost three years. but contributing to the decline, 50,000 people stopped looking for work. president barack obama applauded the approvement but acknowledged there is still a ways to go. >> there are a lot of people
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out there. after losing eight million jobs in the recession obviously we have a lot more work to do. >> reporter: the economy add one00,000 jobs. each of the past six months. the first time it has happened since 2006. the news is promising but does not help much if you are in need of a job. >> reporter: a few weeks ago katie, two years unemployed, was working for work here at the one stop center. today recruiting for her new employer, a telemarketing firm. >> it is turning around, you know. my company is hiring, you know, 60 or 70 more. >> things are getting slower and slower for my kind of work. >> reporter: for construction workers the multiple year reality of california's devastating down turn goes on. >> not only me but i have other friends and other people that i
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do know that work is just slowing down and more people are losing jobs. >> the head of the workforce development board thinks we mostly bottomed out. we are now seeing signs of stablization. we are seeing thicks, good things -- things, good things, better things out there in the private sector. picking up in demand. the state can not get its financial house in order the rock solid public employment is anything but. >> school districts and others had to at a minimum keep status quo and shed their workers. >> meaning hundreds of thousands of californians will have to reinvent themselves. >> anyone can make it the way you want to make it. you have a negative attitude things will not go well. a positive at tuesday and you get up early in the morning and get up and work hard. things will happen for you. >> it would have been worse but for the fact that many who quit looking retired or given up, meaning they are no longer
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counted. >> reporter: on wall street the dow slid 55 points in lack luster training. it ended the week with a 3 point gain and up for the start of the year. now, to the presidential campaign where republican mitt romney is campaigning in south carolina. most polls project he will walk away with the new hampshire primary next tuesday. today he criticized president barack obama rather than his fellow republicans in the race. >> this president does not understand how this economy works t. is time to get a president who does. >> reporter: -- it is time to get a president who does. >> the latest polls show he surged into the lead in south carolina with rick santorum running second. >> i will take on mitt romney and on the issues. i will not make judgments about his character or if he will be weak or strong. i will make the arguments and let the people make the
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decision. >> he remained in new hampshire. his strong showing in iowa given him a bump in the polls. high surf advisory posted for north carolina beaches expired an hour ago but not before bringing impressive -- waves to the bay area. the pleasant weather and strong surf drew people to baker beach. our crews spotted quite a few people snapping pictures along the shore this afternoon. farther down the coast choppy surf pounded the beachace pacificca. they say swells today reached 16 feet, turned up by storms far out in the pacific. coming up in 10 minutes robert honda reports on opening ceremonies for the maverick's surf contest and why the waves are not quite right to begin the competition. a bay area mother is hoping that a big reward and a little help from the public we are
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live at 11th and folsom streets in san francisco near where the shooting happened knife years ago. >> reporter: gasia these are the flyers the police handed out today. showing the suspects and it shows the victim. now, casies on the day he was murdered first went to work as a security guard. then he came here to the club which since has been closed. as he drove down the street here two blocks to folsom and thenth he was shot and killed. -- 13th he was shot and killed. that was five years ago and the police are still looking for his killers. >> i try to think positive and just believe that i really have a beautiful angel now. >> reporter: tomorrow marks the 5th year since her son's murder. >> somebody confronted him, followed him, waited for him, drove up and shot him in his car. >> reporter: it happened at 13th and folsom in san francisco during the early
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morning hours of january 7th, 2007. there are sketches of the suspected killers and a $250,000 reward for their arrests and convictions. the police believe someone saw something that could be their big break. >> sometimes it takes a push or time to go by and people will come forward with information that will help us. >> reporter: today, the police put out a plea for the public's help. something that elsa and her friend, paulette, do dailiy. her son's -- daily. >> her sons murder is on the list. >> it is sad. who wants to number this club. >> reporter: crime bulletin poster. i was going to get rid of it because i could not stand to get in his car. she drives her son's car and has the bullet holes. >> it went through the whole vehicle and killed him. >> reporter: driving that suv
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is part of her healing. >> i just like to say to those killers that they are not going to get away with this. >> reporter: now this is worth taking another look at. take a good look at photos of the suspects. those are sketches that were made at the time of the murder five years ago they were thought to be between 18 and 25 years old. that was five years ago. if you recognize them, if you know anything about what happened here january 7th, 2007, call the police. there could be a $250,000 reward in it for you. reporting live in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. a state lawmaker, accused of shoplifting from neiman marcus has her day in court. the reason that her attorney gave for the plea of no contest. a judge sentenced a woman to 25 years to life in prison for the torture and murder of a 15-year-old. we have been following this since 2008. she has been found guilty of
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abusing jasmine's twin brother who survived and testified against his aunt. although her attorney argued davis suffered from mental illness a juriy found her legally sane at the time she committed the crime. now to oakland where the family of a 5-year-old tpw gunshot victim was joined by members of the community for the child's funeral. he was shot to death one week ago today as he stood by his father's taco truck on international boulevard. oakland police say they don't know the motive for the shooting but say they doubt the child was the intended target. his preschool teacher was among those who attended the service at the church. >> he was a wonderful child. he was -- he was -- he loved. he did not know you and if you did not know him you would know him. he would tell you, hey, i'm gabriel. come, come play with me. >> reporter: along with sadness they expressed a feeling of frustration. he is the third child to be kill inside oakland in the past five months. a judge in san francisco today sentenced a man to 29
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years in prison for serial child molestation. district attorney held a news contproepbs talk about the sentencing of lewis. he said he is part of child abuse sex cases that dates back to 1989. one of the victims was at today's briefing. he said seeing lewis sentenced made her feel that justice had finally been served. phil brodstein is making a career change. he is resigning for herst newspapers. he is going into investigative reporting. he started nought san francisco in 1980 as a reporter for the examiner. tonight, a monthly celebration of art. an event that has been overshadowed by the occupy movement. art murmur is here. the recent occupied protest
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hurt attendance but they now hope tell change. artists say they identify with the occupy movement and vice versa. >> there is a connection in the grass-roots activism. >> i think they found out we were really not the enemy. we are really the 99% along with them. >> art murmur runs until 9:00 tonight in uplands district. >> now, a driver crashed a lexus straight into a children's art studio t. went through the front -- it went through the front window and through the back wall. it happened at 8:30 this morning. the police say the business was not open at the time. investigators said the 56-year- old driver of the lexus was trying to park when she drove into the building. she suffered minor injuries. the building will be boarded up pending repairs. pictures from an accident. the red honda here that flipped on the side ran a red light at 10th street and madison hitting
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a maroon vehicle. no one was injured. newspaper reports a dommestic vie hreugz with the new sheriff-elect and his wife brought a cautious response tonight. >> it is unfortunate. i need to allow the process of investigation to move forward and determine whether or not there is adquit evidence here. >> the san francisco chronicle reports that the police responded to a neighbor's report of domestic violence at the home of newly-elected sheriff and his wife. the wife issued a statement today that said that he has never been abusive. today surfers and organizers of the maverick's surf contest had opening day ceremonies. when will have have an opening day where people ride the waves for real? >> talk about blind robbery. a new computer will raise your bank account but trick you into thinking everything is -- erase your bank account but trick you
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into thinking everying is fine. when the stronger winds will move into the bay area forecast
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. three freight trains collided and derailed causing tanker carses to burst into flames. the crash happened this afternoon in northwest indian a. the officials say -- indiana. the officials say one train hit the other and derailed and hit a third train. no injuries. as a precaution a handful of homes were evacuated. the officials say a team responded to see if there had been any spill from the tankers. in new zealand a hot air balloon caught fire and killed all 11 people on board. the balloon came down north of the town of carterton. the eyewitnesses reported seeing flames shooting up to 30 feet in the air from the
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balloon's basket. the balloon went down to the ground. the police say they don't have details yet on what caused the early morning crash. a bay area assemblywoman pleds no contest to shoplifts $2,000 items from neiman marcus her defense says a health problem is to blame for her lack of judgment. >> reporter: she appeared in the hall of justice this afternoon to face a felony shoplifting charge. in court the district attorney knocked it down to a misdemeanor. she pled no contest. her attorney said a serious medical condition caused her bizarre behavior and effected her judgment. >> unfortunately she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. but it is benign. and it can be taken care of and addressed with medication. >> reporter: she stole $2500 worth of clothing from this neiman marcus store. the arrest stocked people of the democrat. >> now that her medical
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condition has been about known it may impact their decision to reduce to a misdemeanor. a judge sentenced her to three years probation, a $180 court fee and ordered her to stay 50 feet away from the store. a neiman marcus spokeswoman dekhraoeuped comment on the case but prosecutors say that her health and political position played no part in their decision. >> she is a first time offender. she has no other criminal record. so what she did is unexcusable and held accountable for her actions i think it is appropriate to exam and explore all of the possibilities. >> reporter: her attorney says her tumor may require surgery but at this point successfully treated with medication. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can go to for more cover ledge of the plea. that is where you will find a link of her attorney discussing this case. a congresswoman is calling
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for a huge rent increase in san tpr-pb for san francisco for its use. they paid the federal government $30,000 to use eight miles of the valley. the representative, a republican, wants san francisco to pay $34 million a year. he says the current low rent amounts to a federal subsidyee for the water and power supply and it is unfair to farmers in the heavily agricultural district. state treasurer is throwing his support behind california high speed rail project. he believes the project is key to california's future. despite the nearly $100 billion price tag. he says the only way for the project to move forward is to secure federal funding. the legislature is scheduled to vote at some point during the current session on to spend the first $9 billion on the project. an intersection has reopened after being shutdown for hours by a downed power
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poll. pg&e says the car hit a poll at 10:30. it knocked out power to 600 customers of the power was restored at 2:45 in the afternoon. the police tell us the intersection was closed until 5:45 while crews made repairs. computer security experts are warning about new malware that can cover criminals tracks. the security company "trust fear" says the spy eye steals bank account log information. it actually hides any fraudulent transactions and can display an incorrect balance and the victim does not realize monsegone. security experts -- money is gone. security experts say double- check your balance at an atm. the recent high surf brought hope to surfing enthusiasts that the surf contest might start soon. optimism swelled even more at
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today's opening ceremony. >> reporter: the timing seemed so perfect. the swell, surfers and contest organizers hoped for did roll in. providing spectacular practice runs for competitors that showed up for the contest soaping stair moan. -- contests opening ceremony. this is some of the opening ceremony rituals. the get together on the beach with family, friend and fans. a gathering, until this morning, nobody knew was going to happen. >> i did not know if they were going to have it. that is when we got the call they were going to do it today. yeah, i think it is great. >> reporter: but today's big waves were not enough for the contest to actually start. >> size wise it would be a day. but it is -- the conditions are not good. it is really lumpy and, you know, kind of breaking all over the place. >> reporter: and the officials are standing firm on a new policy, no fans on the beach
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and bluffs on contest day. >> it would be nice to be out there and witness it firsthand but i am not too disappointed about that to be honest you. >> don't plan to take a chance on trespassing or getting a citation? >> no, no, not this year. >> reporter: it may turn out to be a job keeping all of the fans away, especially with impressive waves coming in. not a problem anybody has to deal with just yet because the waiting and watching of the perfect surf conditions continue. the mother of a 15-year-old texas girl, deported to south americaia over a year ago says her daughter is back in the united states tonight. she said she ran away from her home in dallas in april 2010. haouft an policehuston police says she used a different name and she got deported.
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. the annual silicone auto show is rolling into san jose. it has plenty of bells and whistles. >> order movie tickets, do online searches. >> showing off the feature that provides apps for your cars. some have centers to open the trunk with a sweep of your foot. hundreds of cars are on displaand to learn more about the cars -- display. and to learn more about the cars go to our web site and click extra. another sunny day across most of the bay area for this afternoon. here is a look at the sunset. this is what happens when you take a picture of the sunset every 10 seconds for about 20 minutes you get a movie like this. you see a few of the high clouds pushing through the bay area. right now we have partly cloudy skies. as far as the temperatures of today we warmed up into the upper 50s to lower 60s. we cooled off compared to yesterday's balmy readings. san jose, 60, nap a59 degrees. here we go, forecast headlines
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for tonight. fair skies t is cool out there. -- it is cool out there. this weekend, clearing. the wind speeds, heading into saturday afternoon. the extended sun cloud mix. but still no significant storms lining up, possibly right around january 15th. things could be changing for the second half of the month. something we will be watching. overnight lows, want to bundle up in the north bay and inland valleys for the east bay. livermore, 36, and oakland started out on saturday into the lower 40s around 42. this was the case today, this area of low pressure dropping to the north. cooling us off a bit. this will continue to push off to the east. high pressure rebuilds. as the air rushes out of that high into the low the wind speeds will be on the increase, especially for the higher terrain and out towards fairfield, and antioch. it is increasing. here you can pick out the wind profile. the expectations for tomorrow could be gusting around 25 miles an hour for the valleys. look at what happens?
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up above 2,000 feet. the winds gusting at 45 miles an hour. this is the dry off shore wind. as a result the fire danger will be on the increase. strange to talk about fire danger in winter but that will be the case. for tomorrow, 12:00. sunny, breezy. gusty winds at 3:00. the readings back up. it -- will be warmer tomorrow. san jose tops out in the middle 60s. the weekend view, we are almost there. you can see plenty of sunshine, temperatures, still, on the mild side as we head into sunday. fair skies by monday and then more cloud cover by tuesday. gasia? we have breaking news from san francisco. in the past few minutes san francisco police announced an arrest in a series of sexual assaults in the mission district. the police say one attacked happened november 18th others another three weeks later december 8th. both woman were assaulted in the early morning hours on 24th
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street. the officials offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. we have a crew on the way. we will have more for you at the 10:00 news on ktvu. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues on tmz is up next on tv36
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