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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 14, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >> this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2 news. it's an instant classic, the 49ers electrifying last-second touchdown to beat the saints and move within one game of the super bowl. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> not since 1997 have the 49ers done this. they are advancing to the nfc
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championship after today's thrilling finish in the playoff game against the new orleans saints. >> he throwss and interception. >> after four lade changes it was alex smith's pass to vernon davis that sent the saints marching home. both teams tried to muscle their way to the top. >> what a game and fred inglis with the heroics. >> jumpp out to an early lade, check and turn alex smith and vernon davis into the reincarnation. smith
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finds his favorite target vernon day, niners led at the halftime, but the saints led with less than four minutes in the game and 30 years after the catch, we get the run. alex smith races 28 yards and it's longest rushing touchdown by a quarterback in 49er's playoff histrism did you hear, that steve young? here comes brees, drew brees to jimmy graham. graham nobody stops him, 66 yards and new orleans leads 32- 29. 97 seconds left. smith to vernon davis and that is it. a 14-yard game-winning touchdown and vernon davis is in tears as the 49ers win 36- 32. they are one more victory away from reach the super bowl. the magical, mystery tour continues next sunday, but first the 49ers will have to watch tomorrow's game between the giants and packers game right here on fox at 1:30 p.m.
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if the giants win that game, the giants come to candlestick park and if the packers win, 49ers going to green bay. great game. >> it was incredible. >> thank you, fred. well, the excitement and tension of today's game could be felt all across the bay area, but especially at the pub in san francisco. that is where ktvu deborah villalon joins us. >> reporter: many of these fans were kids last time the 49ers made it this far. >> niners yeah! >> reporter: their championship shirts hand down from their parents. but for this generation, it's alex, not joe. >> it's fantastic, good
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niners! take it all the way! way to go alex! way to go. >> reporter: the super bowl nicknamed the har-bowl. the walls here are lined with 49ers memorabilia. history with more being made right now. >> it's great having the 49ers back in the winning season, you know? it's great for business, great for the pub itself and great for everyone in the city, you know? [ applause ] >> reporter: fans crowded out the door and watched from the sidewalk and when the win came and horns bladder, they spilled out in celebration, but the moment in between, nerve-wracking, as the scores seesawed in the final minutes. uncertainty on every face as no one wanted the season to end here. >> let's go niners! >> i have been a 49ers fan
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since i was 4. >> reporter: tebow-like, they kept the faith and were rea warded in the final seconds. >> i love what they did today and they are so amaze. i think they are on their way. 49ers, baby, all the way! >> our defense held up and we did it and now we're division champs super bowl, that is all i can say. we're going all the way. >> reporter: vintage t-shirts, very '70s and you can see this bar is still very busy and everyone still very excited. who dat? indeed. we're live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco mayor lee is also celebrating tonight's 49ers victory in a statement issued the mayor congratulated the players, coach harwalk and the entire coaches team and staff saying, "san francisco
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stands with you as you embark on your quest to super bowl xl vi. llowance seafood and cake and abita beer will soon be on its way to san francisco. >> 49ers fan lucky enough to be at today's soldout game were thrilled by today's unbelievable ending. ktvu was there as people streamed out the candlestick park after that wild pitch fans we talked to said they couldn't have asked for a more exciting playoff game. >> it was a helluva game, what you call a game. i don't know if you will ever see another one like this one. >> they did it. they truly showed how san francisco does it right there. >> go champs!
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>> 49ers will find out tomorrow who they will face next. they go up against the winner. green bay packers? >> new york giant's game. officers tell us 20 people were arrested at candlestick park. 19 face misdemeanors for intoxication, battery and recisting arrest. one faces a felony for having counterfeit tickets. officials also tell us several more people were kicked out of stadium. we asked fans on facebook what's your favorite moment of today's game? we got several responses, but it was no contest. george chrisman of san francisco wrote "seeing vernon davis cry on jim harbaugh's shoulder after the win." and claris wilson posted," i wanted to cry along with him. tears of johnston ridge observatory it's been a great season made even better." you can join the conversationn our facebook page ktvu channel 2. our 49ers coverage continues and not only is the team one win away from the
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super bowl it's also closer than ever to mamoving to the south bay. we talk to fans and business owners in santa clara. well, demonstrators say a rooftop occupy protest in san francisco today led to several arrests say was just a warm-up for a much larger event to come. >> protesters climbed on the roof a wells fargo branch. police called in a fire ladder to get the protesters down. five people were arrested, earlier 200 people demanded that bank representative s fax a letter to wells fargo ceo, calling to an end on foreclosures. >> the highest rates have been our neighborhoods of color and neighborhoods fitzpatrick predatory lending. >> occupy protesters say that on friday they plan to shut
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down san francisco's financial district may day long, peaceful demonstration. san francisco police are asking for the public's help to find the man who attacked two women with a hammer thursday night. investigators say an asian man broke into the home of 86-year- old rose chung, attacking her and another woman delivering food. chung remains in critical condition and the other victim is in stable condition. investigators say the attacker spoke cantonase. people gathered in oakland with the goal of bringing an end to isle. the terror of faith ministry offered music, food and community between bankcroft and foothill boulevard. the party honored the three recent victims of gun violence, 3-year-old carlos nava, 23-month-old and all of them
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killed in oakland in the past five months. >> i'm tired of it and let have a little prevention. >> the church held a similar event. the churches are partnering with the city of oakland to offer mentoring to young people at-risk and saying they want to getid kids on right track before they get in trouble. firefighters in fairfield spent the day looking for hotspots after a five-alarm fire. investigators say the fire is not suspicious, but they are still working to figure out what the exact cause was. it started just before 7:00 near the fairfield civic center. it took firefighters several hours to put out. firefighters say the fire is a reminder to residents to be aware of fire danger all year- round. >> this is definitely not the time of year that residents think about fire danger, but they need to be extra cautious, because it's so dry. when you add the winds it really becomes a recipe for disaster. >> no one was hurt in last night's fire of the of the building housed several businesses including a law
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office and the officers of the american cancer society. we have developing news in oakland right now. occupy oakland is taking to the streets again tonight as oakland police prepare to face off. ktvu assists eric rasmussen is live in downtown oakland what is going on. >> reporter: ken, we have been following this march in our vehicle for the last hour of the we have got setup on broadway and 13th. that is frank ogawa plaza and you may be able to see a decent sized crowd gathering in the intersection there at 14th and broadway. again, this is an occupy oakland march, as you mentioned. a repeat of last saturday when they took to the streets and slightly different than in past marches. seem to be directly in opposition to police. we haven't seen any problems break out here tonight. however, like i said, about an hour ago, this group of maybe about 100 began to march through the streets of oakland. they first tried to go to oakland pd headquarters, police
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firearm line of officers at several streets leading to the headquarters. and the crowd came up to them, did not confront the police and turnarounded and and began to march back north through downtown oakland. like i said, we have been following them for the last hour as they basically are weaving their way through the streets. again, what is happen right now, you see the crowd has come to a stop just outside of frank ogawa plaza, filling the intersection. in fact, just moments ago there was an officer on a motorcycle stationed here at 13th and proceedway. redirecting traffic. police have been trying to minimize the number of people coming in contact with this march as it's filled the streets, but we're continuing to monitor what is going on here. we have been hearing small elements of the crowd, might have wanted to incite some sort of trouble. we have not seen that happen four ourselves and we're going to keep you updated as the march develops. live in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news.
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family and friends of a missing woman gather today in oakland. who they are working with in hopes of finding their loved one. the campaign trail heats up and g.o.p. presidential candidate rick santorum gets
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we're gonna erase breast cancer once and for all. walking 60 miles... in three days. (woman) we're united. (woman) a family. (woman) a coming together of thousands. so that one has to suffer the agony of a loss. the agony of my loss. we're going to erase breast cancer once and for all. (woman) walking 60 miles. (woman) in three days. join us. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. . an oakland family fears the
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life of a missing woman is in darker. lorraine blanco shows us how friends and family rallied together to find her. >> reporter: with the pound of drums and intensity of devotion. >> we embrace you yasmeen with the faith of our prayers. >> reporter: family and friends and even strangers rallied to bring 31- year-old yasmeen vaughan back home and into their circle of safety. her mother gathered almost a hundred members of artistic community. >> when youu you need help and not getting it, there are too many possibilities. >> she has some history of mental illness that has gob untreated. >> yasmeen was last seen at her participant in oakland. she has been estranged from family in the past, but the
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5'4" dancer has never been out of contact this long, not since christmas. >> we hope that no one has done anything to her. >> reporter: people from all over the bay area pledged their support on- line, with fliers and even on wheels. >> i work in berkeley and i'm going to pass them around berkeley and san leandro and hopefully someone has seen her. >> reporter: take a close look at yasmeen's picture, 5'4", 140 pounds and often wears a head wrap. if you have any information, call oakland moiss. oakland, lorrain blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. a shooting in the mission district happened at 16th andvan valencia street. police say they did recover six bullet casings in the area. one witness reported seeing a
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gray toyota corolla leaving the scene. >> police say two recent sexual assaults may have been committed possible will you by a teenager. the first attack was six days earlier around 10:00 p.m. on the 1200 block of market street. both cases 28-year-old women walking alone were approached by a teenager who acted like he had a gun, took their wallet or purse and then sexually assaulted them. we found one woman who says she makes a point of walking with her dog. >> it really helps. he is like my bodyguard pretty much. other than that, i don't go outside after dark, no. >> the suspect is describeds an african-american teenager. he is between 5'4" and 5'6", weighing about 145 pounds.
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turning to eelection 2012 and an influential group of evangelicals gave an endorsement. the group of pastors and conservative leaders endorse rick santorum and the former pennsylvania senator got a warm reception in mount pleasant. he is hoping to draw more sunday from south carolina's social conservatives. >> observers say it's not clear if the endorsement can stop mitt romney's momentum. the former massachusetts governor is campaigning hard in south carolina. a reuter's poll shows romney with a 20-point lead over his rivals. >> a federal judge ruled that four republican candidates cannot be added to virginia's ballot. the decision means that rick perry, rick santorum, jon huntsman and newt gingrich will be left off the ballot. this all four failed to meet the requirement of signature. only mitt romney and ron paul
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qualified for the ballot. perry's campaign attorney said they have not decided to appeal. the excitement reached from candlestick park to the south bay, where the team hopes to be playing in a few years. they tell jade hernandez they are counting down to the first touchdown in santa clara. >> reporter: the restaurant lured with happy- hour priced drinks and management insists a new statement built near the great america amusement park would bring in business like this every game. >> i think it will be great for santa clara. >> reporter: this san josi family could not imagine cheering on their hometown team without being here. >> that is our celebration for saturday. >> niners all the way! >> reporter: kim wilson, a current season
11:50 pm
ticket-holder explained her father was a 49ers coach in the 50s and 60s and she is ready for the team to move south. >> i think there is an enough of a support base to have it successfully transferred to santa clara. >> reporter: last month the san francisco 49ers and city of santa clara secured a multi-million loan for the project and today the new stadium buzz could be heard south. >> i'm excited about it. it ain't costing me anything. [ laughter ] >> over nine years we have been waiting for it. >> reporter: patient and faith they will have to keep until the expect expected completion date in 20146789 in santa clara, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. to the streets of san francisco the playoff game brought out fans ready to spend
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lots of money and coming up a little bitter later at 10:30 christien kafton goes inside san francisco businesses to gage the economic boost of today's game. former penn state coach joe paterno said he "didn't know which way to go." when assistant coach came to him saying that he saw jerry sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a locker room. paterno says the situation still makes him sick. california state lawmakers are looking to put caps on compensation for california state university administrators and executives. two bills are currently under consideration that would limit executive compensation. now one caps the base pay for newly hired executives. at just 5% more than what they are predecessor received. other bill seeks to cap csu
11:52 pm
president salaries at 150% of whatever the chief justice of the california supreme court earns, currently $225,000. these two bills follow the board of trustees to raise tuition at the same day it hired a new president for san diego state at salary of $400,000. frantic moments offer the coast of italy after their cruise ship runs aground. authorities in southern california arrest a man suspected of being a serial killer and who the man
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[ male announcer ] for some reason
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those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. fantastic! pro-gresso ] they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. . >> one of the crewmembers was telling us that we need to stay
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on and that is when mark was saying that we don't need to stay on because it was sinking so fast. >> offer the coast of italy tonight, three pel are dead and 40 missing, as a cruise ship runs aground just as the first course of dinner was being serve. scenes were reminiscent from those of the titanic, italian media reports that the captain is investigated on suspicious of manslaughter and abandoning his ship. as greg burke reports passengers describe chaos as the carnival cooperation ship capsized. >> reporter: off the coast of italy, chaos, confusion and fear as the costa concordia runs into trouble. the luxury cruise liner brushing too closely to a tuscan reef late friday, ripping a 160-foot hole in treas side with water rushing aboard. some saying it was a hasty
11:56 pm
evacuation of the more than 4,000 people aboard. >> they didn't have enough room on the boats for us and we had to wait. they said they were come back for us and the boat was sinking more and more and we made the decision at that point that we had to get off. >> reporter: that group with hundreds of others pushed into the saltry sea, trying to swim to safety. >> i got on my back and kick, kick, kick kick, swim. >> reporter: with the morning light, a better picture of the crippled ship on its side. these american tourists carrying life vests in disbelief. back at a hotel in rome, frightened passengers filed into hotels and still shaken up. >> the rescue was awful. i mean it was very, very disorganized. the rescue boats were full. it took us five tries on different boats to get on. >> reporter: the captain of the ship has been detainedded and will be
11:57 pm
questioned. in rome greg burke fox news. in other news of the world tonight at least 53 people are dead after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a security checkpoint at the conclusion of a shi'ite pilgrimage. people say the bomber was hang out food to pilgrims before he detonated the explosives. recent sectarian violence has taken aim at shi'ite. and in iran, protesters there chanting "death to israel and death to america." as they demonstrated against the assassination of an iandan iranian nuclear scientist. he was killed by two assailants who attached a magnetic bomb to his car. israel hasn't commented and a spokesperson for iran's joint armed forces staff was quoted saying "tehran has
11:58 pm
reviewing the punishment of behind-the-scene elements of the assassination." >> policee in orange county are extremely confident that a 23-year-old man behind bars is the man responsible for killing several homeless men over the past month itzcoatl ocampo was arrested after a four homeless man was found stabbed to death in anaheim. witnesses say they heard an assault taking place and several people followed the suspect on foot. >> several brave individuals from our community were able to pursue the suspect a slight distance and provide very critical information to the police department. >> friends have identified the fourth victim as a man known as joe, who was a vietnam war veteran. the first killing happened december 20th. the victims are all identify as homeless man in their 40s, 50s
11:59 pm
and 60s. police have not released any information on a possible motive. black-and-gold or red and gold and we'll tell you why san francisco businesses are sweetheart. we need to talk.
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. . niners! >> 49er fans were riding high at candlestick park as they celebrated their team's incredible comeback win against new orleans saints. before the game even started there was a buzz in san francisco as fans poured into the city for the team's first playoff appearance in almost a decade. ktvu's christien kafton talks to fans. >> reporter: san francisco streets were
12:02 am
awash in a sea of red, black- and-gold. football fans came from far and wide looking for a place to eat and a place to lay down their heads. >> today is crazy. people are flying in from all over. >> reporter: the opal hotel says on a normal night they have 100 rooms available and by noon today, the hotel was booked up. >> people are spending crazy amounts of money just flying in for one day. i mean the rates are going up and managers and general managers are taking advantage of that. >> reporter: san francisco businesses have good reason to be excited about seeing all of those visitors. visitors say they are looking to spend big bucks. peter per share threw in from look for the game and says he is splurging this weekend. >> probably with the plane fare and the two ticket issues
12:03 am
would say $100. this powere family drove in from mendocino and planned to spend a thousand dollars when all is said and done and said he can't put a price on football history. >> it's definitely worth it. >> reporter: in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. for more on today's game, including a slide show, you can visit and look under "top story." a recall is in place for certain tissue boxes after health officials detected radioactive material inside. the department of public health says the dual ridge tissue boxes with model number dr8m contain low-levels of radioactive cobalt 60 chemicals. tissue boxes were seldom at bed bath and beyond stores in california. members of san francisco black firefighters youth academy practiced their drills before walking in a community
12:04 am
march in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr.. . >> march. >> the event was organized by the bayview baptist ministry and one of the pastors hoped us what youth would learn from the event and the holiday. >> by them becoming more an intricate part, they can be better people and have a better life. >> the march began at the bayview opera house in san francisco and walked to 3rd street for a celebration at the martin luther king, jr. swimming pool. visitors are to san francisco's golden gate park may notice something new. bison calves joined adult bisons at a newly-renovated paddock at the park. this comes a week after a baby bison died after running into a fence after being chased by a dog. a day of honor for three servicemen at the va in palo
12:05 am
alto. as the men were warded the purple heart for severe injuries suffered in ballot in afghanistan. the family ever army private first class semi sitockali suffered injuries in afghanistan and also honored was 20-year-old army private geoffrey quevedo, who lost his leftarl and left foot in afghanistan last november when an iud exploded. >> you havee to take pride. >> also horned today staff sergeant robertt flores, who smiled as he was awarded his purple heart. the 3-year-old was injured right before christmas
12:06 am
while fighting insurgents near kandahar. learning how to help animals in distress. the tragic accident in the bay area that led to today's training session. also there may be
12:07 am
12:08 am
. well, another beautiful day across the entire bay area. a look live at live stormtracker two with the multiple doppler sweeps. by wednesday and beyond, we will be tracking moderate to heavy rainfall head back into the bay area forecast. as far as today, you can see
12:09 am
temperatures still on the mild side. 60s towards santa rosa and 68, san josi, 68 and morgan hill in the lower 70s. there is the time-lapse and the high clouds have been increasing. but not much in the way of threatening cloud cover, but with that was some of the high clouds temperatures tomorrow morning will not be as cold as this morning, but still pretty chilly. napa starting sunday at 29 degrees and santa rosa at 34 and san josi in the upper 30s at 39. here is the big picture in the pacific on the satellite. we do have some development that will be the key in our forecast beginning wednesday, thursday, friday and even beyond, but in the short-term, a little, weak weather system to the north and the speckled nature of the clouds is a signature of cold and with that, scattered clouds for tomorrow morning. temperatures coming down a good
12:10 am
8-10 degrees from today's balmy readings. winds pick unin the afternoon hours, as far as the cloud cover, we'll take this into tomorrow morning and some scattered clouds out there and then we take this all the way into tuesday. tuesday night, at 10:00, we're still dry, but look at the rainfall beginning to head back into the northern california, and then by wednesday, there is the chance of some rain primarily up in the north bay. look at what happens thursday. and then especially into friday. that rain line gradually spreads to the south and this could be moderate to heavy rain and even beyond friday into the upcoming weekend we could track multiple storms. once again the advertising change we have been talking about looks like it's develop developing out in the pacific. tomorrow morning, party to mostly cloudy. by 12:00, partly cloudy and gusty winds into the afternoon hours. temperatures, warmest locations only in the 50s for afternoon highs. san josi right around 55. here is a look ahead at your
12:11 am
extended forecast with your weekend always in view. temperatures remaining cool for monday, especially into tuesday morning. coolest locations will be starting out the day in the 20s. there we go with the rain clouds, rain clouds reflecting rain chances on wednesday and likely into thursday and beyond thursday we could be talking about a series of storms heather and ken to watch over the next few days. >> that is what we need. >> thank you, mark. wildlife officials are working to educate people on how to care for wild animals in distress. first of a two-day training session began today in berkeley. officials say it's important to know what to do if you see a wild animal that needs help. it's a lesson learned after the cosco busan oil spill. tomorrow's event will involve robo ducks and rescue techniques. it's called an instant classic
12:12 am
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. today was another one of those where were you moments in sports? as san francisco and new orleans played the game that turns ordinary people into legends and 30 years after the catch, we get the grab. it was a picture-perfect day at candlestick park and the place was rocking. coach harbaugh put his faith in alex smith. five more turnovers and the mighty saints marching on the first drive.
12:15 am
thomas catches the pass and is wrung by dante witner, ouch. patrick willis recovers at the 2-yard line and this sets thetability early for the niners. alex smith was sweet, smooth and sassy today. hitting vernon davis. davis just too big, too fast force new orleans. 49ers led 8-0. drew brees setting passing records, but the 49ers picked him off twice. san francisco wins the turnover battle:45 1. alex smith 24 for 42 for 299 yards, three touchdowns. this one to the streaking michael crabtree and 49ers out with the lead, but only led 17- 14 at halftime. after a quiet 3rd quarter, saints go to the little, big man, darren sproles. daring to be great. zipping 44 yards, great downfield block by jimmy
12:16 am
graham. we talk about the catch. here is the run. alex smith cap and 00-yard drive with a 28-yard touchdown of it's the longest td run bay quarterback in san francisco's playoff history. smith must have channeled steve young for this one. asnay-sayers, he runs and throws and finished with a better day than drew brees, but there is still too much time left. brees with his fourth touchdown pass of the gam. jimmy graham. the greatest touchdown pass and saints lead again with 97 seconds left. harbaugh knows a field goal could tie the game, but smith lead his troops on the 85-yard drive. forget the tie, let's play in tract. to vernon davis with the big hit. davis hans on, with 9 seconds left, the niners first playoff victory since january 5, 2003 and it brings vernon to tears, but drew brees threw four
12:17 am
touchdown passes and the saints fall to 0-5 all-time in road games. alex smith played the best game of his nfl career and so did vernon davis. they either visit the giants or the packers next sunday. joe fonzi with more from the stick. >> reporter: when people talked about scenarios how the 49ers could win the game and mentioned creating turnovers and special teams plays, but didn't mention two touchdowns in the game's final 2 minutes, 11 seconds. >> coach told us you have to come back, ya'll can do this. i knew what this game meant. >> it was a great play by vernon davis. i can't remember winning a game in such spectacular fashion as this one. >> really just to stay patient, the whole 3rd quarter and not much happening for us on offense, even in the start
12:18 am
of the 4th. and then three or four times he got one-on-one an made the play every time. i hit him down the sideline and he made a great play and the last drive, made his play, when he had to with the game on the line. so really happy for him. >> history is going through my mind. us against history is what i could say. us against no, us against can't and all of those things and we managed to pull it off. it was a really emotional game, like a roller coaster. i made the play. i made the play. made it happen. alex made it happen. if it wasn't for alex, i wouldn't have made the play, so kudos to alex. you are the man. >> reporter: this play will be remembered as an instant classic and also the day that vernon davis and alex smith cemented their place in franchise history.
12:19 am
at candlestick park joe fonzi. >> just like vernon the emotional dhirendra terrale owens cried after his game- winning play. it was called the catch, in honor of the catch from 30 years ago and now they are calling vernon's play, the grab." >> and forever part of the 49er lisa fletcher the afc divisional play was a scoring spree at least for one team. the denver tebows traveled to new england. there was no repeat of last week's exciting overtime victory for denver of the tebow was sacked five times by the nfl's 31st -ranked defense. san mateoo tom badly threw five touchdown passes in the first half alone and three went to rob gronkowski. he is mobile, agile and
12:20 am
hostile. this time it's brady to deon branch, 61 yards. brady ties lamonica and patriots host of the winner of tomorrow's baltimore-hoist game. new england wins its 9th straight game and denver finishes 9-9 for the season. sharks are patiently waiting for the football season to ran out, so maybe someone will finally notice they are having a sensational start to the new year. thomas greiss in columbus. the sharks scored offer a power- play. all-star logan couture chips and ryane clowe makes it 1-0, sharks. the blue jackets finely saw rice and nash shoots and they score. the worst team in the western conference ties the game at 1.
12:21 am
pahlski shoots and patrick marleau for the rebound goal. and coming up, the bay area basketball teams are loving this new pac-12 season. this new pac-12 season. the
12:22 am
that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give em' what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today! and big-time value. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward.
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with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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. warriors signed another center today, journeyman barron to fill kwame broxt not even the red baron would be enough help. stephen curry mission his fifth game because of a sprained ankle. 10-3 warriors, bobcats rookie kemba
12:25 am
walker scoring. warriors trailed by 20 at halftime. they chipped away. montmonta ellis for 3. augustin for 3. and then win 112-100 and warriors 0-4 on the road and 3-8 overall as they visit detroit tomorrow. it's still early, but stanford and cal are sitting on top of the pac-12 basketball standings. golden bars 13-0 at home. not tested as camp find the lane to score. gutierrez wasn't really sharp early, but finishes with a team-high 15 as he hits the 3. it's a 30-point lead. call the police.
12:26 am
> . stanford fans staid loyal to the basketball team and watched the cardinal clobber colorado. that is owens with the team and slam. randle in the corner gets hits four 3-pointers. cardinal turns it up in the second half. brown gets a kind iron for 3, stanford wins 84-64 and 5-1 the pac 12, and after trouncing gonzaga thursday by 21 points, st. mary's new today's game against portland could be a trap game, but titles never really got off the ground. gales in the wide jersey. where is waldo? right there. gales win to stay undefeated in
12:27 am
the west coast conference. holt with a team-high 21. gales are 17-12 overall. the dozen played in front of a small crowd, hosting pepperdine during the 49er's game. michael williams scored 156 his 17 points in the second half. and calario steals. also tonight bui wins its fourth straight game and santa clara still winless in the conference. that is sports as we see it this saturday night. 49er fans may want to tune into ktvu tomorrow at 1:30 because 49ers play the winner of that game. >> see if we can get home- field advantage, right? >> if new york wins, new york will come here next sunday and if the packers win, the 49ers travel to green way and i think they would rather stay home. >> absolutely.
12:28 am
[ laughter ] >> a little chilly in green bay. >> that is our report for tonight, thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> join
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