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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 18, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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you have an easy dinner. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy. an innocent person is killed when a car fleeing from police at a high speed is involved in a violent collision. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. three burglary suspects are facing a variety of charges after police say their getaway car slammed into another car,
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killing a driver. >> reporter: that intersection of more avenue, and cherry street is open now, after investigators shut it down for almost eight hours. tow trucks carted away the silver honda civic, where a person died, and also the chevy impala, police say slammed into it. police say the chevy impala blew through the intersection around 10:30 this morning. the impala continued on for another 50 yards, overturning, and ending up in a station parking lot. one man was injured, and trapped. two others ran, but were eventually caught by police. officers say the men were seen
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trying to break into a nearby home. police chased the car, but called off the pursuit a mile and a half from the collision scene. >> the estimated speeds were approximately 80 miles per hour. a short pursuit ensued, and because of the suspects reckless and erratic driving, our officer called off the pursuit. >> reporter: the suspects are all 20 years old, live in the east bay, and police say have extensive criminal histories. >> who is driving? that's still under investigation, and obviously, that's a very important aspect of this investigation. >> reporter: suspect watkins is still in the hospital with life- threatening injuries. we ran the plate of the silver honda, and discovered the honda is registered to an east bay couple. the sheriff's office is not prepared to release the name or
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the gender of the motorist who died in the collision. san francisco police say two women attacked have been upgraded to critical, to stable condition. a man broke into this home on 20th avenue last week, and attacked a 76-year-old woman with a hammer and a knife. she ended up losing one of her eyes. a few minutes later, a second woman was attacked by the same man, but was able to run off for help. we've also learned $10,000 was stolen. the attacker is described as a catonese speaking asian man. misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges. those stem from an incident last august in the castro. wallace took his bus onto
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hartford street where he fatally struck emily dunn. loggens was looking into his side view mirror and didn't see dunn until it was too late. prosecutors introduce dna evidence in the trial of joseph naso. semen found on the panty hose of the murder victim likely came from naso. dna taken from another pair of panty hose wrapped around the 18-year-old's neck matched that of naso's former wife. he is charged with killing four northern california women from 1977 and 1994. the 77-year-old is defending himself. it has been a long time coming, but there is finally rain on the way to the bay area tonight after weeks of dry weather. if the forecast holds, we could see a series of storms lasting
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into next week. >> reporter: not a drop of rain so far tonight frank. we've talked to some folks here in guerneville, and they say they are anxious for the wet weather, even though this area is prone to flooding. we found these men yon loads firewood for yet another anxious customer along river road tonight. >> i just know the storm is coming in. it's supposed to rain for quite some time from what i understand. >> reporter: power outages are almost a regular occurrence during winter storm season. >> at my house, we don't have any heat. we have a stove and a fireplace. >> reporter: at guerneville, the flood level is 32 feet. right now, the river is just 5.5 feet high. mary thomas would like to see it higher so her husband can get their boat out. >> the weather's got to get a little higher.
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>> you're looking forward to the rain? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: the storm headed here has already pummeled the pacific northwest. seattle was virtually shut down today by unusually heavy snow. those who could get to the airport found dozens of flights canceled, but some made the best of it. >> we're going to sled down, get more hot chocolate, sled down, get more hot chocolate. >> we need water, we need rain. >> reporter: we've been up here in years past, where there have been sand bags and parts of the town under water. no worry about that right now. the russian river is only at 5.5 feet right now. it would take a lot of rain before anyone up here has to worry about flooding. ♪ [ music ]
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currently, live stormtracker 2 has that rain just to the north of where kenny is. the rain in eureka, they've seen 3 inches of rain on the north end of the coast. here's how it goes tomorrow. the rain moves through, it's going to be wet during the day. rainfall accumulations up to an inch in the north bay. nearly 2 inches in the coastal hills of the north bay. central bay, about half an inch to three quarters of an inch. is that a big storm? no, but it's rain and the first in a series of storms. when i come back, i'm going to run the computer model through tomorrow so we can time out the rain showers in your neighborhood. the golden gate bridge district went ahead today and began demolishing a brick walkway, despite objections and a public outcry. 7500 bricks indescribed with messages from the 50th anniversary, are being removed to make room for an expanded visiter's center. removal has paid for the people
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who paid for the bricks as part of a fundraising for the 1987 celebration. bridge officials didn't make their plans known until last week, and claimed the bricks couldn't be saved. they promise the messages will be duplicated on a wall. occupy sf protesters are planning demonstrations in san francisco's financial district. at a press conference, one bay view resident said applying some pressure got results when she faced foreclosure. >> we generated over 1400 emails and a few hundred calls to the ceo of aurora bank. within one hour, they called me to reopen my case. >> richardson says the bank has since rescinded her foreclosure. organizers of the protesters friday say they expect the
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demonstrations to be some of the largest since the anti-war demonstrations in san francisco back in 2003. a grassroots group submitted a petition today opposing the 49ers move to santa clara. the team secured an $800 million loan last month to build the nearly 70,000 seat stadium. but the group known as santa clara plays fair wants the city to repeal the development agreement. it says voter who is approved the stadium measure last year weren't told exactly how much it would cost. >> the outrage coming from the people who signed these petitions is huge. we've had people outside of santa clara who aren't happy they don't get a vote. >> santa clara plays fair says it brought in nearly 11,000 signatures opposing the stadium plan, which is now projected to
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cost about $1 billion. a peninsula couple's tweet has earned them free tickets to the playoff game at candlestick. the new parents watched the game at the hospital and their dedication has paid off. >> reporter: julie, it was right here on the third floor, where michelle went into labor last weekend. during contractions, she and her husband were doing what most of the bay area was doing. they were cheering on the 49ers. >> yeah, yeah, i know. >> reporter: the new dad holds his baby boy, who will undoubtably grow up a 49ers fan. >> they've always been in my heart, because i've always watched them play. whether they win or lose. >> reporter: or whether his wife is in labor. on sunday, the couple was awaiting the arrival of the first born child when someone in the room asked the score of the game. >> the doctor, who was great
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said, let's get the game on. >> reporter: like other niner fans, the couple couldn't take their eyes off the television. >> we saw everything. the multiple lead changes. we saw the last four and a half minutes to the tee with vernon davis and alex smith. >> reporter: his wife encouraged her husband to share their story of dedication to the team president. he asked fans to tweet why they deserved free tickets to the championship game. >> they saw the one about the woman who named her daughter, montana jo, i said we're not going to beat that one. >> but his tweet earned them four passes. mom michelle is going to sit this game out. while dad takes his seat at the 6, for what might be his last game for a while. >> reporter: now dad actually had tickets to last saturday's
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game, but frank and julie, he had to give them away. he knew he would be able to see another 49ers game one day, he just didn't know it would be the nfc championship game. those coveted tickets to sunday's game went on sale to the public today. coming up at 10:30, what 49ers fans did as they tried desperately to score seats and how fast the tickets were snapped up. our coverage starts at 2:00 p.m. kickoff is set for 3:30, immediately following the game, the point after. asking for the public's help. san francisco police reach out with a huge reward to try and solve the killing of an elderly man. the bidens come to the bay area. the special visit jill biden made, and what her husband said about the 49ers that had
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it happened about two years ago, an elderly man beaten to death at san francisco airport for no apparent reason. no one has ever been arrested, despite a very large reward. what police did today to try to help them solve this case once and for all. >> reporter: tonight, police are using this flier to remind
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the public they need help in finding his killers. this afternoon, homicide investigators gathered at the location where juan chen was fatally beaten. he was walking home after getting off a t line streetcar around 6:00 on a sunday night. a group of teenage boys attacked him. police say witnesses were only able to provide vague descriptions of the attackers. >> i'm hoping someone might remember something that might come back to them, or might encourage them to come forward. >> hit my friend and me. >> reporter: this 76-year-old woman told us she too has been attacked her near the bus stop. she was a friend of chens and they lived on the same floor here at all hallow community.
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a housing complex for low income seniors, just a block from the attack. >> don't go outside in the night. >> don't go out at night? >> yeah. >> reporter: this 22-year-old says he worries about his grandmother's safety. we reached chen's son who lives in colorado by phone tonight. >> i usually talked to my father every day. >> reporter: neighbors say they grieve for chen's family, but doubt more witnesses will help police. >> a lot of people fear for their own safety if they come forward. >> reporter: police say they won't give up, saying sometimes witnesses have a change of heart. reporting live in san francisco's bay view, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland police have finally made a kexes between a missing woman and a body found last month. the woman was found in the oakland estuary at the ferry landing on december 15. police have now identified her
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at 31-year-old jasmine vaga of oakland. the identification was delayed in part because the description varied in height and weight from the body. the republican presidential candidates have three more days of campaigning before the south carolina primary. mitt romney's wealth is becoming an unwanted distraction in the state where the unemployment rate is among the highest in the nation. >> reporter: opponents are nipping at the heels of front runner, mitt romney on the eve of the last debate there. >> he's running out of excuses. in 2012, he's out of town, we're going to get rid of him. >> reporter: the cnn time poll today showed romney slipping some, as newt gingrich gained. he reveals he pays federal taxes at about a 15% rate. less than many middle class americans. >> i fully expect the romney
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campaign to be unendingly dirty and dishonest. they're desperate. they thought he could buy this. >> reporter: newt gingrich says he will release his 2010 income tax return tomorrow. romney does not plan to release his tax return until april. president obama's is 25%. after a poor finish, former pennsylvania senator, rick santorum is hoping for a big comeback in south carolina. >> this is a race where the people are going to speak and there's going to be a big surprise in south carolina on saturday. >> reporter: historically, the winner of south carolina's primary has gone on to become the republican party's nominee in every presidential election since 1980. the vice president and his wife were both in the bay area today. jill biden met with veterans
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who is suffered several series injuries. a new diagnoses for patients who suffered multiple injuries in battle. in san francisco, biden's husband, vice president joe biden demonstrated his tendency to make gaffes while speaking. at a fundraiser in the financial district, he said quote, the giants are on their way to the super bowl. the vice president quickly corrected himself, and said he's used to thinking of the winning giants baseball team, not the winning giants football team, which is taking on the niners on sunday. now to that italian cruise ship. search teams were pulled off due to safety concerns, and fears the cruise ship may slip into deep water. 21 people are still unaccounted for, and families of the missing are getting anxious. >> five days have passed and my sister has not been found, i
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feel very bad waiting. >> i hope that he's safe somewhere. everyone would be happy to know his safe return. >> the captain today told italian media that he did not abandon ship. he remains under house arrest. a satellite image provides a breathtaking perspective, as it lies on its side. the picture was taken yesterday from 308 miles above the earth's surface. even at that distrance, the ship is clearly enormous. clouds increasing today. here's a shot around, just before sunset. here's a wind shift across the bay. you see the clouds coming in from the north. we haven't seen a sunset like this in a while, an indication things are changing rapidly. showers back into the forecast tomorrow, they get here in the
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afternoon. north bay, a little earlier, but for most of us, 2, 3, 4:00 in the afternoon. the afternoon commute looks like it's going to be a wet one. not at cold overnight tonight, kneeled of 20s like we -- instead of 20s like we saw last night, we're coming up in the mid- to lower 40s. rain in the forecast tomorrow, that afternoon commute is it going to be wet. when i get back, we're going to look at the long range model, and the short range model, and pinpoint the timing on the showers. amtrak has just installed surveillance cameras outside the bathrooms at oakland's station, after thieves made off with metal piping. sometime in the past month thieves pulled valves from urinals. those could cost hundreds of dollars to replace. the family escaped without injury. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading to the living area. in addition to the garage, four
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cars were locked. his family was awakened by the fire, he, his wife, their two teenagers, plus their dogs all got out safely. firefighters say the cause of the fire appears to be accidental. the governor is optimistic. what he said about california today during the state of the state address.
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jerry brown says california is on the mend. the governor declared his state of the state message to the legislature in sacramento today. ken pritchett was at the state capitol for the speech, where the governor said he is making progress, and intends to stay the course. >> reporter: governor brown started with a light jab at republicans who accidently released their response to his speech yesterday. >> i'll let you in on a little
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secret, my speech wasn't finished 24 hours ago. >> reporter: brown was quick to highlight the state's improving budget situation. >> last year, we were looking at a structural deficit of $20 billion. it was a real mess. >> reporter: now that's down to $5 billion, after lawmakers passed massive cuts in the last year, but republicans blocked putting new taxes on the ballot. >> so we're left with unfinished business. closing the remaining gap. again, i propose cuts in temporary taxes. neither is popular, but both must be done. >> turns out this year, he's running right around the legislature. he's going right to the voters and holding a gun to their head, saying if you don't raise tax, i'm going to cut education. >> reporter: he did not dwell on more deep cuts to come, with a sense at the capitol that the darkest budget days have passed. >> the governor's speech reflects the fact that while we haven't turned the corner
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completely, we can certainly see around the bend, and we can see that straight away ahead. >> reporter: in an unusual governor brown went to southern california to talk about his tax initiative. he did not talk about the consequences if that initiative fails. ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. the governor also made a point of pushing for the state's high speed rail project. he said california is growing, and the bullet train is a wise investment. >> it's now your decision to evaluate the plan and decide what action to take. without hesitation, i urge your approval. >> the governor acknowledged there are plenty of critics but he compared them to the opposition bart faced in the 1960s. opponents say it's a waste of money and that the project is being badly managed even before any of the tracks have actually been built. advocates for the poor and
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disabled rallied outside the capitol following the governor's speech. they were protesting cuts in social service spending. saying the state needs to raise taxes on the wealthy and also rescind prop 18. that limited california's property tax rate. they're concerned about the governor's plan to cut funding for healthcare services and cal works. the cal works program provides up to five years of financial assistance. president obama today rejected plans for a massive oil pipeline running from canada to oil refineries in texas. but he did not kill the controversial keystone project entirely. the white house said there was not enough time for a review before a deadline imposed by republicans. the president has suggested an alternate route to avoid environmentally sensitive areas in nebraska. >> you have to take a look at this route and be sure there are not problems with it.
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i think that's doable. i find the whole thing unfortunate. >> some unions and republicans supported the plan, because it would create thousands of jobs. environmentalists are opposed. a chance to get a player's autograph, 49ers fans will wait for hours. you won't believe what they'll do to get tickets to sunday's game.
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keeping an eye on the nfc championship game weather. right now, showers all around.
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it looks like it's going to rain pretty strong saturday night, and again sunday night. right now, we're looking for a wet field. maybe scattered showers toward the 4th quarter. chance shower, and the winds aren't going to be that strong. that could get in there and swirl around. the championship game right now looks mostly dry from the sky, but wet on the ground. see you back here with your forecast in just a few minutes. tickets to the 49ers game this weekend are pretty much the hottest ticket in town. today, a limited number of those tickets went on sale. patty lee tell us, they were gone so fast, some fans could hardly believe it. >> reporter: at the strike of 1 today, nfc championship game tickets went on sale for the public. through the nfl sanctioned ticketmaster website. >> i had my phone in my hand, i hit the number, busy.
12:02 am
>> reporter: angel torrez is a life long 49er fan, who spent the afternoon trying to get tickets to the game. >> as soon as i got in ticketmaster, as soon as i got to the screen, three minutes later, it said sold out. >> reporter: he is not alone. many in this crowd, now intent on getting players autographs, also spent part of the afternoon trying to get through. steve weekland tells me he does not know how many tickets were sold to the public today, but it was likely less than 3,000. most sold out in minutes. premium seats took a little longer. >> a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> reporter: right now, fans like the ones here, have to relee on secondary markets where tickets are saling from 350, to $20,000 a pop, but with
12:03 am
no guarantees, buyer beware. mind your manners. that's the call tonight from san francisco police chief greg surf, following reports of bad behavior at last weekend's 49ers game. the chief is asking to report unruling fans, but texting bad fan to 69050. 20 people were arrested during last saturday's game at candlestick park. we asked on our facebook page tonight, how much would you pay for tickets to this week's game? paula wrote, if i had it, any amount, but since i don't, i i'll have a party at home. katherine said i hate to ask what the going price for parking is during the playoffs, i would rather watch it on television. thank you. tell us what you think on ktvu channel 2 on facebook. we asked some fans to send us their photos. we received this shot from juanita keel and her family of
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49er faithfuls. we couldn't resist these two young fans. if you have a photo you'd like to share, go to for more on the 49ers, just visit, and click on the 49ers tab. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is expected to plead not guilty tomorrow. an interview mirkarimi's wife gave to a radio station in her homeland. >> she describes what she told a neighbor about a new year's eve fight with her husband, san francisco sheriff, ross mirkarimi. >> i told her i had a disagreement with my husband that didn't involve yelling or anything like that. >> reporter: it seems to contradict court documents yesterday in which the neighbor said it was the second time
12:05 am
lopez had been abused in 2011. madison and her husband today declined to talk. she heads to court tomorrow to face charges of misdemeanor domestic violence, endangering a child, and dissuading a witness. heand his wife deny the charges. >> there are many interests that won't forgive my husband for being progressive. >> mirkarimi's attorney says the sheriff may not be able to get a fair trial in the city. >> gag orders are possible in these kinds of situations. it certainly is something that is an issue to be considered. >> he is under a protective order it is set to expire friday. >> she has made it clear to me, and i believe she'll make it
12:06 am
clear to the court tomorrow, she wants her husband back with her and her son. >> reporter: mayor ed lee's office today indicated he may make a statement today about the case, after sheriff mirkarimi addresses the charges. 2500 oakland city workers received a pink slip today. 1500 notices were issued to full timers. a thousand notices were issued to part timers. city leaders say only about 200 people will actually lose their jobs. police and firefighters are exempt. the city is trying to cut costs to make up for the loss of redevelopment money. the owner of williams- sonoma will have to wait to find out if his store can go home again. it would have prevented williams sonoma from returning to its original location. they now have 250 stores
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nationwide. the controversial arizona sheriff who calls himself the toughest sheriff in america said he intends to serve search warrants at google headquarters. he wants the name of the person who runs a blog called targeting cops. the blog hosted by google's blog spot. the site posted messages applauding the recent killing of an arizona deputy. the same post shows shows arpaio. shares of zinga slipped 6% today after getting a neutral rating from analyst. the san francisco based online game developer host 50 cents per share after the report questioned their growth prospects. shares started at $10. stocks hit a 6 month high on wall street today on news that the international monetary fund is increasing its effort
12:08 am
to ease europe's debt crisis. the nasdaq was up 41 points at the end of trading. it appears the doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter for michael jackson's death will not have to pay restitution to the family. the jackson family asked them to drop it. murray had his medical license suspended earlier this month. he is currently appealing his conviction. the number is stunning. how many sexual assaults are reported each year in the military and how that may be just the tip of the iceberg. first, activists in antarctica are injured, who they got in a fight with, and
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i thought that i had enough coping skills. it's like a pressure cooker and you know you want somebody desperately to, to trip that valve. you know, lose all of that anger and angst. what you take as a simple thing is not so simple for me anymore. hear more of their stories at usoinvisiblewounds dot org.
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the wounds are invisible. the stories are real. activists challenged a japanese whaling ship off antarctica. they say the japanese crews threw grappling hooks at them. they say it was their fault for coming too close to the ship. aid activists say thousands died needlessly in the famine last summer. they say the international community didn't respond fast enough to the early signs of famine and the food shortage had been predicted a year before. aid groups also criticized themselves for not responding
12:12 am
more quickly. in myanmar occupation groups took to the streets. a 66:00-year-old nobel peace prize winner had been under house arrest. if she wins a seat in parliament, she and her party will hold minimal, but symbolic power. in rome city taxi drivers went on a strike today. the cabbies are upset with new austerity measures that they say encourage new competition. italy has had to enact the measures because of the massive debt crisis across europe. leon panetta enacted new steps to combat sexual assaults in the military. he figures the real number is 19,000, or about 50 a day because most are not reported. he says services will be
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if you don't know what sopa and pipa are, they're the reason why some internet sites went offline today. >> reporter: this is what happened when you click on wikipedia, the english version was blacked out for 24 hours. giants of the internet today are protesting by shutting down, including mosila.
12:16 am
google showed solidarity with a black banner around its logo. they're opposed to a pair of antiinternet piracy laws in congress. the protesters say the bills will bring censorship to the internet. >> if i'm constantly worried about liability, being used by a content holder, i'm not going to let as much speech and content on my website. >> reporter: the bills are favored by the film and music industry, looking to crackdown on line piracy. among those opposing the bill is mc hammer. >> we don't want people who spend their days legislating to try to control creativity. >> reporter: legislators say it's been a rough day on the internet. >> craigslist was kind of a pain. they've got a disclaimer on
12:17 am
their page, making it harder to look for a job right now. >> reporter: wikipedia came back online at 9:00 this evening. in san francisco, rob ross, ktvu, channel 2 news. facebook unveiled more than 60 new apps today that will make it easier for users to share what they're doing. the apps facilitate frictionless sharing. once you sign up for the apps, they'll automatically share your activity, for example, the new ticketmaster app will share what concert tickets you buy. the last space shuttle to travel into space is getting a permanent home. atlantis returned home. today nasa broke ground. shuttle discovery will go on display outside washington, d.c. endeavor will get a home in los angeles.
12:18 am
♪ [ music ] scattered showers to the north, those showers work their way south as we go into the evening hours. well into the evening hours and the morning hours. rain and showers for the afternoon's bay area commute for basically all of us. overnight lows on the mild side. daytime highs in the 50s. it's been a very dry january. things are starting to change around as we go into 2012, the first significant rain looks like it starts tomorrow afternoon. it doesn't stop there, we get the first one tomorrow, we get into friday, we get another one. friday's weather system has a little more juice. a little more wind. showers develop again on sunday night, hopefully after that niners game. out in the pacific, it is very active, this is kind of how we were last year. showing you systems stacked up. this one is stacked up. there's your thursday storm, there's your friday storm. thursday will blow here in the afternoon. that will moisten things up. storm number 1 thursday.
12:19 am
rain in the north bay spreading south. i think most of us, freemont hayward, san jose, you don't notice it until the afternoon commute. storm number 2, your friday getaway if you're headed to the mountains, it's going to be nasty and snowy. snow levels are high. there's another one coming in sunday night. tomorrow morning, is it raining in your house yet? i don't think so 7:00 a.m. 11:00a.m., starting to shower in the north bay. about lunchtime, showers in san rafael south to maybe the sunset district of san francisco towards the four point area. in the afternoon, there's your afternoon commute. thursday looks wet as you drive home tomorrow. tomorrow night, winter storm warning in the mountains, scattered showers in the bay area. thursday at 10:00, kind of moves on. the next system dials in on friday. that's your friday afternoon commute as well. we've got some activity coming
12:20 am
our way. the timing on these, right now tomorrow's afternoon commute. in the mountains, a winter storm warning will go into effect. snow levels are a little higher. that's good news for you watching water content, moisture, warmer storms, usually get a higher water content. your five-day forecast looks like this. bay area weekend in view. get the boots out, drive slow. get the umbrellas handy. it's going to look like winter tomorrow afternoon, starterring around lunch. >> slippery too, because it hasn't rained in so long. thank you. season 11 of "american idol" kicked off tonight right here on ktvu, channel 2 news. [ singing] ] >> some of the singers who additioned hit the right notes and they gave them tickets to hollywood. but the judges found others who just didn't measure up. more "american idol" auditions continue tomorrow night at 8:00
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san francisco mayor ed lee and new york mayor michael bloomberg have agreed to a friendly wager on this sunday's nfc game. if the giants win, lee has agreed to send sourdough bread to new york. according to lee's office, the mayor initially considered asking bloomberg to temporarily
12:25 am
rename new york city to jed york city. here in sports, it's kind of, you win one, you lose one. >> you can't really find yourself falling into the same old trap. they played pretty well. remember, they're playing without the injured steph curry. bottom line, they lost out in new jersey, despite that they led much of the day. for the nets darren williams, 10 assists. slam dunk. monta ellis steals. he and the warriors got all over it defensively. got to give them credit for that. a 15-4 run by the nets late, 2-
12:26 am
2 road trip for the warriors so far. 49ers would like to lay the giants quarterback on his back come sunday. eli manning spent much of this day laid out with what they're calling a stomach virus. the giants hoping it is of the 24 hour variety. meanwhile, the 49ers dealing with about 10 times more media coverage than they're used to. the maturation process of vernon davis. he credits his former coach, mike singletary, with getting the ball rolling. >> it started when coach mike singletary was here. he sent me to the locker room. from that point on, i was, i just kept my head up, and kept going down the straight path. i knew from there, from the talk that we had, i was going the wrong direction. so i changed my life around, and i became more of a leader, because in the beginning, it was all about me. and that's not right. some baseball news, even with the terrible exchange rate for the american dollar over in
12:27 am
japan, the texas rangers have themselves a new pitcher that will still be very wealthy when he does go home. japanese pitching sensation, yu darvish agreeing to a $60 million deal to play for the rangers. they had to pay the team that had his rights $51 million just for the right to negotiate with the 25-year-old. australian open, we've got a guy kind of channeling john mcenroe. not only destroys his racket, goes after his spares, losing his cool and the match. a textbook example of how not to conduct yourself in public, i would say. that's the sporting life. 49ers, 3:30 game time sunday. pregame here on channel 2 at
12:28 am
2:00. >> how much did that guy lose by? a lot. >> take some pointers from vernon davis, turn things around. >> mike singletary would like to talk to him. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll look! here she comes!
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