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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 19, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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for investors the number that sparked the sell off. shorter hours, today for students inside one building at uc berkeley. it's thursday january 19th january 19th. this is bay area news at 7:00. well at long last winter rays have arrived in the bay area, the first significant storm of the season rolled in this afternoon and another big soaker is due in. let's go to straight meteorology where the storm is right now, mark. >> you have the rain showers started up in the north into the afternoon hours moving through parts at least a good portion of the bay area. the latest right now you can't see the coverage with light to moderate downpours right around
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sonoma and around southern marine county as well and also drifting to the south and to the east as we take a wider perspective here close tore a santa cruise, closer to san jose we have some action to show you closing in and morgan hill. rain fall will continue to be part of our forecast at least for the next few hours then there's another system developing offshore. as far as the radar over the past 24 hours you can see what happened and also the rain fall amounts most of the action as advertised has been off to the north bay just over a quarter of an inch, san francisco nearly a tenth of an inch. we're adding to the totals right now. i amtraking a stronger system developing right now in the pacific coming up. >> just before dark.
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there's plenty of snow you can see little traffic a winter storm is in effect and chains all required. we have a news crew right now and we'll bring you after live report at the top of tonight's 10:00 news. you can always visit including a live look at radar images around the bay area. >> watching coverage -- san francisco ross. he appeared in court today for arraignment in a sometimes cheerful afternoon testimony and rulings. he pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor charges, domestic violence and dangerous child and misleading a witness. he asked her protective order preventing him from seeing his family be lifted. his wife supported in telling the "i think the violence is against me i don't have my family with me. this country is trying to pull my family apart "the judge did not go along.
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prosecutors convinced her to issue another order and ordered him to surrender his weapons. lawyers are pushing for a speedy trial. he's due back in court next monday. police today identified an innocent man killed yesterday when a car full of burglary suspect flew -- slammed into his car. the victim was 69-year-old robert lewis cheney a makeshift memorial stands at the scene of the crash. police say they were pursuing three suspects but it called off to chase when the crash happened. they say he died instantly. the da's office is now reviewing the case against them. prosecutors today charged a shuttle bus driver with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. authorities say 64-year-old wallace richardson was driving a shuttle bus when he ran a red light and crashed into a big rig. one of the passenger's kevin was killed. nobody else was hurt. he's set to be arraigned next
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week. north bay man is facing charges after taking a wrong turn and triggering a -- triggering nightmare. that story coming up. a former wife took the stand today as a witness in his preliminary hearing. this item took center courtroom and his ex-wife were questioned asking if he had ever hit or threatened her. judas told the courts, no, she also testified that nay sew asked her to claim she lost a pair of panty hose. it linked to the strange relation one of the women he's accused of killing. >> do you feel he's capable of the crimes he's being accused of? >> i don't know. >> reporter: when asked if she recalled any pantihose missing from the home in the 1970s. she said no, but i did find a strange woman in the house once. the lady i had an affair asked.
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judith said yes. the preliminary hearing resumes tomorrow. dozens of uc berkeley students are logging extra hours in the school library tonight but it's not to study for exams. the students are protesting cuts and library hours in rising tuition cost. >> who has the power and responsibility. >> uc berkeley students an professors are protesting inside the library in berkeley by refusing to leave. >> they're here to reclaim our space, we're coming to study. >> up until last month the library was open from 9 in the morning until 6:00 at night. now it's open from noon to 5:00. >> i am working a thesis right now i'm using a book in the cave with scenes that i can only use it inside the library. i can't get that book anywhere else. >> reporter: late this afternoon a group of students began what they called a testimony teaching inside the library. >> once they started cutting
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back the hours, seriously under cutting the possibilities and you can educate. >> they reduce this hours because they haven't been able to replace the full time library. it was the departure of one employee. but of course the budget situation sets everything up. it gives you fewer resources. >> students say the library hours are nearly an example of what's happening at uc. tuition has gone up and services have gone down from fewer classes to over crowded class rooms. >> results of first week of school it's important, you know, you know -- assert ourselves again that we are back. >> some students told us they brought tents and spending the night. police have kept them very low profile. ktvu channel 2 news. >> here people are getting hammered in after hours trading. after the earnings missed analyst target. reported fourth quarter
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earnings on lower click revenue. the earnings are at 20%. the news came -- google shares were trading down so since the end of today's regular session. it's a different story for intel the company closed out 2011 with a flourish. intel thought profit rise by 6% that's up from a fourth quarter. the chip maker is forecasting -- will meet for the start of 2012. more good news, it says reaching their lowest level in all of 4 years the government says 352,000 people filed for unem place of employment benefits. the average over the last four weeks is 379,000. the jobless numbers and positive earnings bank of america and morgan stanley helps stop close. the dow industrial rose 45 points nasdaq climbed 18. apple computer has a new plan to make textbooks the kind of
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thing you only read about in well textbooks. that story ahead in just 7 minutes. president obama today boost u.s. tourism and in turn with the u.s. economy. the president made this announcement right in front of sin dea reel la's castle. america is open for business. we want to welcome you. >> so one step we're taking will be the expansion of something global entry program. it's a program that protects our borders and makes life easier for frequent travelers to and from the united states. >> the plan would speed for chinese and -- san francisco bay area benefits from chinese tourism. legislatures failed to over ride a veto of build that will allow -- threatened with closure. vetoed was last year but signed another bill allowing nonprofits to help spark operation. it was split along party lines with republicans on the short
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end. it takes a two-thirds vote of both houses to over ride a veto that hasn't happened since 1979. the federal government has shutdown the world's most 13th 13th more popular web site. mega is accused of costing copyright holders more than half billion dollars in revenue. they claims it is diligent in responding to complaints about pirating sterile. internet giant says yesterday's online black out to protest internet piracy -- to look up their congressional representative. google said almost 5 million people signed a petition to protect intellectual property act and stopped online piracy act. now reports that calls for internet use clogged lawmakers phone lines. a big -- presidential nomination. key player stepped out. his endorsement and surprise vote reversal may impact the south carolina primary. the news at world tonight
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remembering one ostler january of red and blues. he grew up right here in this bay area. >> the first storm of the year is moving through northern california, i'm currently tracking another storm, stronger storm. coming up expected to move into the bay area and the one car that could take out nearly 2 inches of rain. for sweetheart. we need to talk.
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firefighters in the south bay today scrambled to put out a house fire before it could spread to other homes. the 2 alarm fire started at 5:15 this morning. the -- got out safely. firefighters say the attic and garage were fully engulfed when they arrived and they called the damage extensive. charred a new course for cruise ship safety in the aftermath.
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11 people died and 21 more are still missing tonight's following last weekend's accident. barbara frost that ensured evacuation are cubbed before any ship leaves port. the house transportation committee is now launching its own investigation to redeem cruise ship rules and training procedures. newt gingrich took the stage at debate in charleston tonight 2 days before the south carolina primary. jennifer david tells us it's been a busy day. one candidate drops out. iowa announced a different winner and newt gingrich's ex- wife claim he wanted an open marriage. >> i know when it's time to make a strategic retreat. >> and rick perry says that moment is now. the campaign trail the texas governor endorsed newt gingrich calling him the best conservative choice. >> newt is not perfect but who among us is. >> reporter: adds to the growing momentum in south
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carolina. he' rising in polls there but his second wife is not one of his supporters. his ex-wife is now speaking out saying, gingrich asked for an open marriage because he's seeing his then misstress who is now his wife. >> an audience member later asking about his "lapses in personal judgment." >> i'm been very open about needing to go to god. >> gingrich continues to argue he is the only conserve tiff to compete n. a surprise reversal gop announced a new certified tally shows rick santorum got 34 more votes. many ballots are missing they're declaring a tie. never the less. >> we feel very very good about what this win will mean it says that we can win elections. >> as he works to hold on to his lead in south carolina, romney turned his attacks on gingrich who is nipping at his heals there. >> the speaker was talking about all the jobs he helped create, the idea that he was
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the author of raganomics. since 1980 no republican has to cure the presidential nomination without first winning its primary. jennifer davis, fox news. >> students will be able to lighten their load. apple relieved its new e textbooks. >> it's definitely lowered the amount of weight our backpacks carry. >> i don't have a signed textbook. >> apple launch its interactive textbook program today. textbooks will be available in special i tunes store where students can download each book on to the ipad for $15 or less. the rainstorm that blew into the bay area is bringing more than badly needed rain. it's also bringing in business to certain stores. business looking for a boost in sales. had boots, umbrellas all out
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for the taking. >> we can -- this entire rack. >> it's not the only one to understand this. it's not only needed but necessary. >> in kid field. >> you're a weather farmer. our tickets are good. we're it is appointed that we lost christmas. >> they weighed in on why the rain is more than necessary for the area. >> i mean, we don't get the rain, the grass is going to grow much taller and dryer, we're doing to look at another fire. >> woodland's pet foods and treats. >> i work in a -- >> supporting a fashion whose trainer this happens to also be using the rain today to take advantage. >> a lot of people think their dogs hate the rain. it's the humans the rain and they're feeding off energy. if you leave the house with a small and chuckle, the dog will actually like the rain. >> visit for additional coverage. full forecast in just 7
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minutes. canadian skier sarah berk died today 9 days after being injured in a training accident. yesterday it happened while berk practiced in the half people. damage to an artery led to irreversible brain damage. pioneer for women of south skiing and thought to have the event included in the olympic rhythm games. >> and raised -- otis had a career that started in 1930s and included and willie and harlem. he helped his career, hank and big mama willie may thornton. heusered as deputy chief of staff -- his manager died tuesday at his home in los angeles suburb.
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>> some commuters had trouble getting to work after less drunk driver turned beauty into a mess. this isn't the first time suspected drunk driver had veered off the road and into an under grantable. >> this is this what the man's car looked like after getting stuck inside the tunnel, just before 6:00 this morning witnesses say a man driving on -- became an ancient and went around the streetcar. instead of making the turn, the driver kept going. >> it was about two city blocks. very long way, a lot farther than he should have. >> reporter: the driver got stuck inside the tunnel delaying thousands of commuters, many who had to transfer shuttle buses to take them the rest of the way downtown. he was able to reopen the tracks and resume service about two hours later after pushing the vehicle to sidetrack way. >> a lot of people questioned how this could happen. we'll do investigation and work with the police department to find out exactly what did. >> police identified the driver
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of scott mitchell. police say mitchell was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, driving on the track way and failure to obey time. workers took this picture of the suv wedged on the tracks where it became stuck. this morning our crews caught another driver making the turn from church street trying to get into the tunnel. many told us it's just a matter of time before it happens again. >> it's too easy because, you know, -- >> officials say this wouldn't be the first time that someone has driven into the tunnel and suspected of driving after the influence. as for the suv that's still down there, many officials say they will remove it later tonight. in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco central -- get financial boost from federal government. san francisco chronicles education department it was called a letter of
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nonprejudice. the $1.6 billion project would extend from 4th and king street to china town. the letter will allow the city to begin digging a hole on 4th street. san francisco attractive celebrates 22 years why it almost disappears but recently came back. finally arrived in the bay area. how long is it going to stick around, mark was monitoring storm tracker two. keep in mind if you can watch bay area news at 7:00 and all of our newscast on our computer or even your mobile device. we're streaming live on [ male announcer ] for some reason
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a storm blasting the pacific northwest is causing problems up and down the west coast. rain seattle airport earlier today as of this afternoon two runways were open but the weather in seattle has caused numerous flights to and from the bay area to be cancelled. when we last checked the web site flights this evening were scheduled to depart as planned. well finally the rain advertised in the past week moving through parts of the bay area. not a major system but bring in enough. coming in tighter you can see the coverage toward fair field. we'll head to the south here and show you activity closer to
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-- right around the golden gate bridge and moving into san francisco. here is a wider perspective down toward month ray bay. we do have some rain showers to talk about. so still some off and on showers in the forecast for tonight and for tomorrow morning still the possibility of pop-up showers overnight lows will be in the 40s to right around 50 degrees so the key change here at least in the morning hours will not be nearly as cold, but coolest location back down into the mid 40 you could be dodging a few showers first thing for the commute. today this will be for storm in 2012 light to moderate downpours. the activity developing. this is our next storm and this will be a shorter one. as we do head into your friday. as you break down the system for tomorrow the chance of showers for the morning commute heavy rain increasing rain fall through the evening commute, in fact increasing toward the afternoon hours and some gusty winds, wind around 45 to 50
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miles an hour and we're going to hold off the possibilities of showers the best chance will be for the morning hours. here we go as rain fall expectations. look at the amounts of protein two inches, the forecast rain fall total begins to back off a little bit but still could be around three quarters of an inch in the south bay. up in the mountains a as well. the winter storm warning in place until early morning. snow fall expectations around 10 to 15 inches we'll have another warning kick in tomorrow evening and into the portion of the weekend. here we go forecast model showing you possibility of showers tomorrow morning at 7:00. then we'll take this into the afternoon hours, look what happens we increased the coverage throughout the afternoon hours and we also increased the intensity, heavier downpours moving in by late tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours could be earlier for the north bay neighborhoods. santa rosa 53.
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san francisco 54. san jose in the upper 50s right around 58. look ahead extended forecast with the weekend always in view and keep the umbrella handy, you'll notice showers likely into saturday. another system moves in on sunday with increasing shower, chances by sunday afternoon and sunday tonight watching out the 9ers game. sprinkle into monday morning. >> thank you. people gathered peer 39 today to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the arrival of the sea lion. first showed up after 1990 occupying -- feasting on hairing after reaching a peak of 1700 animals in 2009 they left. experts say the animals followed their food sources further offshore. they're slowly returning and dozens were on hand. that's our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues online
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and tonight's 10:00 on ktvu channel 2. i want a baby.
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