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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 25, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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and vandals target the work of young people in the south bay. their emotion of seeing it defaced. good evening it's wednesday january 25th. this is bay area news at 7:00. he's in witness protection, the soul survivor of shooting rampage, yet he went to san francisco courtroom today and testified about the gunman who targeted his family one summer day back in 2008. just a teen at the time, today he pointed to the defendant in court and supporters called courageous. >> reporter: inside this high security courtroom that has a
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metal detector and bullet glass, he broke down in tears as he described the moment his father and two mothers were shot to death. he's now 22 years old is in witness relocation program. from the witness stand he pointed to edwin as the one who fired a gun into the family car. andrew was sitting in the backseat. he testified "i didn't know what was going on. it was like a movie he shot my family like that it doesn't make sense "as he spoke his mother began sobbing uncontrollably. >> testifying in such an emotional and stressful situation just shows courage and strength to fight for justice for his family. >> reporter: the prosecution maintains ramos is a member of ms13 gang and mistook them for rival gang members. he testified he saw no one else in no one else's car.
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defense said he didn't see ramos had a passenger. >> he had no knowledge that the passenger was going to pull out a gun and fire into that vehicle. >> ramos is charged with murdering anthony and two sons michael and matthew. from the stand andrew cried when he was shown their photograph. >> teaching all of us to really valuable lesson and that is our civic duty even under the most difficult circumstances and still step up. >> if convicted ramos could face life in prison without the possibility of parole. in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news. >> continuing coverage now of the legal problem facing san francisco late today ktvu news confirmed that he and his defense attorney has parted way the office of attorney robert wagner confirmed the split but -- but did not collaborate.
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a police report released today has details of prosecution's case including a witness who said the two-year-old son "daddy made a boo boo on mama's arm" he's due in court tomorrow. a $20,000 reward is now being offered for the capture and conviction of open murder suspect. 36-year-old mcdaniel is wanted in connection with january 4th january 4th killing of isaac white. he's accused of shooting him near an apartment complex. police say mcdaniel has ties to the county and central valley. he has a long criminal record and police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. right now the oakland city counsel is in session. union members representing the 105 worker who is could lose their job packed in tonight's city council. the city says it has to cut more than $28 million to offset the state redevelopment funds the counsel is rediscussing the
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plans it calls for layoff and cuts to services and popular programs such as oakland zoo and children's fairyland. >> in order to reduce the number of people who were cut we set a time to reorganize an entire city literally. four or five departments are gone. others have been merged. >> the city council needs to approve the cuts and finalize the budge by the end of the month. >> occupy protesters at oakland have announced plans to take over vacant building this weekend. >> the building will be converted into a social center and a meeting place for the movement as well as the people of oakland. >> activist are not disclosing the location of the building yet but say they'll march there on saturday during a planned festival. they'll carry out other actions such as city hall occupation or another port short down. group of students is in its
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second day of occupation of vacant building there. protesters say they plan to use the building for center of operations. building was recently used as campus cultural center. it's set to be used to house student affairs programs. an active vandalism so callus, four figure reward is being offered to solve it. created by young people. that drive and santiago avenue has not yet been cleaned. high school kids created this mere corral this month, be u this week vandals crushed a lot of hearts with this red spray paint and mean spirited approach to this youthful expression. teenagers, we're at risk at one point and we changed, though, we're trying to help out the community. >> what was the message you were trying to get across with this. >> like achieve your goals, shoot for the stars.
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>> over night monday. >> why would penguins get sprayed over, that makes no sense. this is one of seven murals that the kids painted. all of them carrying inspirational and antiviolence messages. dave is outraged. he's now offering a $1,000 reward to catch the perpetrator. >> we don't know if it's somebody targeting the message per se. it could be theoretically. it could be gang member. it could be disgruntled neighbor. >> some neighbors don't like it saying it hurts their property values but other residents passing by express their support for the teams. >> don't get discouraged to keep doing stuff like this. >> there will soon be a neighborhood meeting to decide whether to recreate this mural or just paint over it. >> working now underway to show the cliff telegraphed hill where there was a big rock slide on monday. crews are clearing the way so
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work can begin to stabilize. workers removing to reduce the steepness. several units at the complex there on lumbar street remain. >> at your own risk. authorities are advising those residents to move their bed away from the windows. he said the economy is getting better but the plans to keep interest rate near record lows for at least another 18 months maybe longer. >> many decided the to keep the target range at 0 to 1/4% and currently anticipates economic conditions are likely to warrant exceptionally low levels for the federally fund rates at least until 2013. >> then the fed could still raise rates sooner. provided a kick start to wall street rebounded from early decline. apple's earnings skilled the
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nasdaq which closed 31 points higher. flicks are up nearly 15% following the company's latest earnings rereport. announced it has regrained about 3/4 of the customers it lost following last year's surprise price increase. that amounts to 600,000 customers. the cust -- $40 million in the last quarter. imagine being paid to watch television, might sound too good to be true but there is now an app for that. see how it works ahead in just 8 minutes. president obama hit the road and took direct aim at his republican opponents. >> there are people in washington who seem to have collective amnesia. they seem to have forgotten how we got into this mess. they want to go back to the very same policies that got us into it. >> the president envisioned for the future is built on american manufacturing. he wants to full tax deductions an create tax credits for
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companies coming back to u.s. >> he didn't say last night we're spending too much and borrowing too much and american gets on collision course. if we don't get off this course we could sink the american economy. >> rep p cans hopeful mitt romney repeatedly describe detached from reality. he made $21 million last year did not address the central argument that fairness demands that wealthier americans pay more in taxes, help stabilize the economy and reduce the debt. an emotional farewell today for out going congresswoman gabrielle giffords, the final act she insisted on before stepping down. president obama today said he could not be prouder of the navy seal team involved in a daring rescue of two aid workers kidnapped. the rescue was carried out by members, the same elite unit that killed osama bin laden last year. what we're showing you here is animation that describes how it
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went down. you saw the team parachuting, that's following a shoot out with the pirates they rescued the aid workers. american jessica and denmark paul were kidnapped in october both were uninjured during the raid. the highway patrol is investigating a fatal crash which may have been the result of road rage. this happened about 5:45 this morning on interstate 80 in richmond. the chp says its preliminary investigation indicates the driver of ford minivan tapped his brakes when driver of gmc pickup got too close. the truck driver that apparently got in front of the van and also tapped his brakes, the driver of the van, we're told, then sped up and tried to go around the truck but clipped it while changing lanes. >> see made an unsafe lane change and cut off the driver of the pickup truck and they collided into the wall and then rolled several times. >> the van's driver died at the scene. the people in the truck were not injured.
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new rules the port of oakland helping to cut down -- berkeley researchers been eight months since they had to either install choughs filters or retire their truck. they found that nitrogen levels had decreased an black smoke was cut by 50%. experts say they expect air quality to improve more as truck get filters and old trucks are retired. >> the 49ers plan a ground breaking ceremony for new stadium next week. we'll tell you why stadium opponents say that will be foolished. get ready for tonight tomorrow's opening. it's not just app how about a device that opens your beer. first look inside coming up. a lot of sunshine across the entire bay area today. coming up the areas that have drizzle first thing tomorrow morning. i'll let you know if we can have rain clouds in the 5-day forecast. ao
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arizona congresswoman officially resigned her house seat. she was severely wounded westbound year ago that left six people dead. her final act was to vote for own bill to increase sanctions against drug smugglers. there's a report tonight that former east bay congresswoman is planning to step down from her job. according to blog called the "the cable" housed her intent to formerly resign for -- at international security. instead she'll serve in a newly creative position called the special envy. cashier represented east bay for 13 years and spent 3 years
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working the obama administration. the state department told ktvu tonight has not confirmed the report. things can hardly be better for fans at apple. the company's latest earnings sent shares soaring and trading today. tomorrow mac122012 opens in sap francisco. our consumer editor got a preview. >> we really call it the i fan event that's the place to discover everything you can do after you walk out. it will showcase dazzling play of game -- >> it's a $2 app that allows you to special sound effects and music. with smartphone cameras getting better and better, it allows for steadier too toes and videos. this $99 iphone app not only silently wakes yo up analyzes your sleep patterns an involves therapy for improving sleep. >> it's pretty cool.
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>> splash topic, $10 application could save you hundreds of dollars in software cost by turning your mack into a pc without buying windows and program to run it on a mac. >> you don't need to buy anything else. >> reporter: it's cross platformed, meaning. >> your android device or ios device or mac or you can go the other way around too. >> this iphone case comes in with a built in bottle opener. while the fun part is popping that beer, the reality is this will also tell you that you're getting drunk and how you can call a cab to prevent a real tragedy. >> we have parts and -- >> reporter: it -- mac world runs through saturday. google is planning to change privacy policy continue to promote criticism.
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it will create a general policy statement for all of its project -- products of -- the new policy allows google to share personal information across google services without permission. today u.s. senators said google should allow users to opt out of information sharing. one of the most popular video games is coming to facebook. angry birds will have its big debut on valentine's day. nothing says valentine's day. amy was the most popular paid app for iphone and ipad last year. watching tv on your iphone or ipad could earn your valuable gift certificates. the new app launched today for apple devices recognize what you're watching and give you about 2 points per minute. if you rack up 7500 points you get a certificate such as burger king, starbucks or i tunes. and advocates are raising concerns that state budget
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proposal could cost many their lives since 2009 the state has limited shelter payments from stray animals to 3 days instead of five. he wants to make that policy to save $46 million a year. some bay area sheltered told ktvu they will pay for the extra days of animal care. the shelters may be forced to euthanize more animals. another round of starting started today in the south bay. it's controversy over the $1 billion stadium. both supporters and opponents are ready to go to court. >> workers are doing what they call clean up work on the stadium side at the great american parking lot for a series of ground breaking ceremony starting monday. where the council on 5-2 vote rejected a referendum from the group santa clara plays fair to put the city project back on the ballot. they say they feared the stadium project will get tied up in court.
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>> i hope we can move pass this. i'm for the place where people not to succeed with the court action. it's going to take more time, cost the city more money and cause a lot more grief than it's really worth. >> it is definitely considering suing the city to force another election saying, again, it believes the city misled voters on financing when measure j. passed in june in 2010 spending money it doesn't have and may not collect in the future. >> there's all kind of options available. i think it's foolish but that's their decision. >> the mayor says the city is headed to court first to head off any legal delays. >> the court's understand and they understand the jobs an the importance of this. i know they'll fast track it. we're asking a very narrow question, is this reverendble, we believe the case law that it's not. >> he hopes the judge will start reviewing the case within a week and has no plans of
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postponing monday's ground breaking. robert, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco 49ers link to learn more. you can take a look back at the team successful season. the county emergency officials are warning residents about a mountain lion. they say it was spotted about 2:00 today walking near the 200 block, that's near the border. mount lions generally avoid contact with humans but if i recalls say anyone who encounters mountain lion is advised to make lots of noise. san francisco schools are rolling out new con trough version effort. mild temperatures remain in the bay area for the rest of the work week but meteorologist will let us know which parts will link up to spas. you can watch bay area news at 7:00 and all our ktvu cast on your computer. we're streaming live for you at [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. the storms that brought us rain here allowed ski resorts to finally open. they have no equipment for man made snow and allowed on mother nature to cover the snow. managers say they were getting
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a little nervous over sugar bowl, the same store allowed the results to increase it runs from 32 to 62. and once again more sunshine across the bay area today. you may have noticed increase in some of the mid and upper level crowds especially across parts of north bay late this afternoon into the evening hours. those clouds will continue to be a factor. we do have this, partly cloudy skies, patchy fog developing. tomorrow a touch cooler across most of the region and this weekend once again no rain clouds in sight and temperatures will be on the mild side. fog once again reforming in the inland vallies so right around livermore and fair field visibility coming down possibly as low as one quarter of a mile. pretty much same deal as you would expect right around the santa rosa area. overnight low in addition to the fog we're going to have higher clouds moving into parts of the bay area, with that
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we'll call it mostly cloudy and temperatures mainly in the 40s to right around 50 degrees we will not have that extreme chill out there, but the coolest locations right around 45 in santa rosa and napa. here is the big picture in the pacific, you can see some rain fall right here. for -- up toward crescent city. this weak system moves in for tomorrow. with that will generate a few extra clouds and possibly some drizzle to start out your thursday morning. this will be moving out to the east weakening, but that area of low pressure will set up shop right around lake tahoe and that in combination with high pressure developing that will generate more wind. so a bit of a breeze developing as we head into your friday still sunny skies and temperatures on the mild skies. tomorrow morning show i don't go this, some overcast, here is that central valley fog regrouping it's one of the deals you can have instant drop off in visibility, got the rain showers to our north.
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close enough you can possibility from drizzle tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours and stubborn clock cover we can still have more clouds to deal with even by late tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours. with that most neighborhood coming down, few -- that means the warmest location in the low to mid-60s. and here is a look ahead you are your extended forecast with weekend always in view. drizzle tomorrow morning, that sun cloud mix for the weekend. the city of san francisco is trying to get school children to drink more water, not the kind you buy at the store. the public utility's commission launched a campaign to encourage more children to drink more tap water. they handed out reusable waters and installed these dispensers, they say they plan to expand the tap water campaign in your schools in the coming months. that's our report. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
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news breaks. our coverage continues online at and with tonight's 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2.
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