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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  January 30, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman and it's time for some great stories and videos right this minute. it was a violent robbery and shootout. now see crime solving in action as cops play by play the video for clues. >> now i get it. they're ejected from a rifle. >> it's almost like we're at the scene here, at the crime scene. a dog trained to help kids testify in court has critics
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saying -- >> you know what, this is manipulative. >> we've got the story, you be the judge. can this guy really rap this fast? he took on the doubters by taking the time challenge. see if he beat the clock. someone get this little dude some nasal strips stat. chris is going to get some things started for us with some seizure surveillance video is like nothing we've ever seen or heard before. >> this surveillance video sent a chill down my spine and you're going to see why. this is at a wilmington, delaware food market. you see a man go in the door and a man rush into the back of the store. another man comes in unloading the pistol toward the direction of that man. he then runs out the front door. one of the things that's interesting about this video that we never get to experience is the commentary of the police
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officers as they're reviewing the footage. and they all finally leave the store. this is outside the store, and you see the men, you see the woman rush in and then they cal come back out. >> they're firing on the sidewalk. >> they're shooting down the street because apparently that's where the victim they were shooting at went. >> what is that one car that just pulled up? >> does anybody drive a white or silver car? >> no. >> it's almost like we're at the crime scene because we're hearing the police review the footage with the people who work at the store. >> then they come back and start going at it. apparently that car belonged to the victim they were trying to attack. >> so no one in the incident was shot. >> police showed up at this store and they did get a call from a nearby hospital saying the victim checked in with a
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gunshot to the thigh. so he was hit but he was in stable condition at that time. police arrested and charged frank diaz, one of the shooters, with possession of a firemen, conviction of a felony. they're still looking for the second man in the video. he was identified as 23-year-old owen ortiz and a warrant is out for his arrest. service dogs are being used in courtrooms to help victims, but some defense attorneys are raising objections. sophie is a two-year-old lab. she was trained in california to be a service dog in smith county, texas. that's around the tyler area. what she does is she sits in a courtroom with children who are victims, and what she does is give them comfort to help ease their fears. this reporter demonstrates how she works. >> if emotion is expressed, sophie will put her head on children's knees to give them comfort. >> i had no idea this was even
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an option. >> i would probably be so nervous, i can see how it would relieve the anxiety of a child. >> this defense attorney says, you know what, this is manipulative. >> this is supposed to be difficult so people will tell the truth. >> i think it would be exactly the opposite. if you had these puppy dog eyes looking up at you, i think you would be more inclined to tell the truth. >> there's some way they can know if the dog is there, throw it up to a jury and we'll hear it. >> there may be the comfort of a dog that will weigh on the jury one way or another. >> the jury understands this is something to help a child, it's not evidence of guilt. >> i'm going to try to disagree with this dog in the courtroom. riding in style. are you guys ready for a high-speed chase? >> love 'em. >> this is in rutherford
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college, north carolina. it's in burke county. an officer was riding down a one-way street and a motorist passed him going 65 in a 45. as you can imagine, the cop did a u-turn, and after he turned his blue lights on, he thought 20-year-old travis jeffrey long was going to pull over into a gas station parking lot so he could give him a speeding ticket. instead he runs the stop sign and goes about his way. the chase goes on for quite a while at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. and if you watch, this seems like a scene out of "dukes of hazard" because you can see the cop car fly over hills. watch his car. whoa! now they're on a dirt road, basically just a farm, and the motorcyclist keeps on flying. >> he's going to have trouble on that gravel. he slows down. >> he just lamely did it. it wasn't even dramatic. >> well, let me tell you the
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story behind why this guy did it. he goes through a barbed wire fence. >> that will wido it. >> then he can't control his motorcycle any longer. the guy was arrested under a new law in california called you run and you're done which went in effect in september. his motorcycle was confiscated and now the police department can sell it. >> they should have a song to that. run and you're done, son. >> yep. you would expect you militarstrucinstructor, your ma instructor to be a big, tough guy. let's blow that theory out of the water. >> you should be able to prepare for any situation. the source of any soldier is his instructor and this is one of those instructors.
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>> my name is danielle. i'm a shooting instructor. >> danielle teaches all kinds of different soldiers from special forces to everyday soldiers' marksmanship. women and men are required to serve in the israeli army. they're the only country in the world that requires women to do this. >> you know what cracks me up, she walks up to where they're supposed to do their target shooting. she flings her ponytail, picks up this big old gun and just starts firing like it's nothing. >> rambo style. >> it's probably intimidating trying to pick her up in a bar. oh, so what do you do? i'm a machine gun instructor. and i'm an astronaut. come on, alphie. >> find out if little alfie can tiptoe his way across the creek. and see some college guys in e
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leotards tiptoe across the hey guys, breakfast!
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welcome back to the show, but don't forget to check in to great videos all day long. a video rapper put some videos of himself rapping really, really fast. people said, no way, man, you're speeding this thing up. you're rapping too fast for this to be real. he even got this facebook message from a person named britney. >> two, turn it into an acapella verse. >> he's also reading this super fast. i'm pretty sure the guy can rap fast and then he proves it.
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♪ >> thankfully, he puts the words up here so we can figure out what the heck he's saying. he's going so fast. ♪ >> holy lord! i think he should be the new micromachines guy. ♪ >> definitely real. >> and he's got a little talent, too. >> i think he should do the rest of this pitch as fast as he can. >> maybe we'll just speed this pitch up. foster puppy, take one.
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>> there are a couple of things that all of us know. number one, vampires don't like to cross running water. ♪ >> but neither does this puppy. >> come on, puppy. >> the dog didn't know the vampire. >> foster puppy, take two. >> you know that phrase, this dog won't hunt? >> yeah. >> well, this dog might hunt but this dog doesn't like to cross the creek. >> alfie, come on. >> alfie is a six-month-old boxer pup. alfie does not want to cross this creek that has about one inch of water. but besides being the cutest boxer pup ever, he is like, i am not going to cross this -- what he thinks is probably a big river. >> geez, he's scared, leave him
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alone. >> they're training him. >> yeah, i guess. >> he did it. >> victory. >> do you see him looking at his paws like, what is that? >> as soon as he got across, do you know what they should have said? >> that dog will hunt. >> alfie, let's do it. all right, isn't it? for my next birthday, this is what i want you and you to d seeing the ballet and why not two of my best friends put on a show for me for my birthday like these. >> is it about the show or is it about seeing nick and i in leotards? >> that, too. well -- >> or is it about the editors putting he and i in goofy ballerina --
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>> these are students at the university of arizona school of dance program. >> one of the most unusual things about our program is that we have so many men. now we're up to 45 or 50 men. that's more men than any other dance program in the country. >> anybody who says ballet and being a male dancer is girly is completely wrong. because the perfect example is the dude who snags natalie portman. >> you're a big motorcycle-riding dude. i think you could do the little stance. >> i spent years in musical theatre, if you did not know. i was in "the chorus line ", i was in "42nd street." >> so basically this would be a walk in the park for you? >> we put us in the back, i couldn't see anything to sing or dance, but i was there. ♪
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he swings, he falls. wait until you see him land. >> i'm with you, actually, i'm going to say real, because in slow motion, it even looks realer. >> real? fake? time for e-bomb's world. and what is as small as a pine cone and senat [ mom ] hey guys.
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. i'm about to make you all's day. we've got matt dradle from "ema's world." the first one, a guy falls over a railing in a nightclub. looks like surveillance video. >> take a closer look at this video. >> what is he doing? >> no! >> oh! >> no, there's no way. >> jumping over, i think, is totally real. he looks like he was trying to be all cool and hang over the railing and then he lost it, but did he land like one floor down? >> how could they fake something like this? it's not like he could have gone up and they play it in reverse. >> if it is a nightclub, he probably had maybe a drink or two and he's not quite in
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control. >> i call real. i'm going to say real. >> i'm with you, actually. because in slow motion it even looks realer. >> when people drink, they tend to do things they can't always normally do, so i'm going to say real as well. >> all in agreement for once. >> next one, how to freeze a coke in seconds. >> coca-cola didn't pay us to do this. >> what? >> i don't think it's impossible, but i just want to know how it's possible. >> there is an explanation and the mythbusters actually tackled this one. it has something to do with the gas escaping. >> the carbon molecules in the coke bottle are releasing, making the molecules freeze simultaneously. it's pretty simple.
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>> there you go, matt dradle. last one, guy makes incredible shot. >> oh! >> wow! >> it goes out of bounds and he just kind of skoocoops it behin him as it goes out of bounds? >> the problem is he made it on the wrong side so he actually scored for the othe team. the superbowl is less than a week away, so i thought i would give you guys a little bit of a preview. the koreans have come in with their animation on the match-up. >> i think this looks more like the new york overs. >> they take the matchup between
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the patriots and the giants and see how they'll match-up. they say this is a more fair match-up than it was in 2008. >> did you notice the giants, also cyclops. >> the shortened name of the new york giants is actually giants. they're actually the new york giants cyclops. >> the scene with the ravens choking. they show the niners pretty much gifting their superbowl bid to the giants. everyone hates the patriots because they cheat, according to the koreans. they say at the make tom brady nearly untouchable and they accuse belichick of running up the score. they think this is a more even match-up. >> the giants, in this animation, are smaller than the patriots. >> but weirdly, if we're going to predict a winner based on this animation, i feel like when you take the giants, they've got clubs, they've got one eye, they
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look mean. the patriots look like they're from the revolutionary war. >> you know what? >>, that's what. >> go there, enjoy the videos, share them with your friends. >> it's a great deal just for you. and everyone else. >> no fees. >> no membership. >> that's a crazy great deal. crazy great deal. crazy great deal. >>, that's what. and here's what's coming up next on today's show. the purpose behind this pothole artwork. >> dogs love honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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we see some pretty awesome kites, skiing, wakeboarding. >> kites landing. >> i've never seen a kite skiing. >> it makes you think you won't need to pay for a lift ticket because you just take a kite. >> it also kind of helps because you don't have to carry your poles. >> i want to know the controls. how do they get more air in, how do they release some air? is there a cutaway? if they get in trouble and catch a huge gust and they're going off into space, can they pull a
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rope and make it cut away? >> it seems like they have control over the kite. >> but it seems like they're on a flat surface. it's not like they're going on a big downhill. because i think maybe if they did, they might take off. >> i think you're right. >> sleeping dormouse. >> it's sleeping and it's snoring. sleeping dormouse. potholes in the road can be unsightly, they can be annoying, they can do damage to your car.
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steve wean from london is taking on potholes and turning them into a thing of beauty. >> oh, a table. and a chair. >> and a little tv set. he does a whole little scene. >> aren't people just going to run these things over? >> he does pick things up after he gets his shot. he's using back streets, on sidewalks, in between cobblestones, and he's using the potholestori aention to the crappy condition the roads are in. >> i don't think he meant to do that. >> in this video, he puts together little pothole gardens and gets people's reaction to them. >> it's unusual to see greenery in a city. it's kind of nice. >> when i saw it, i was quite
3:58 pm
surprised. >> you knew that was going to happen. >> the dog paeed on it. >> dogs love it. >> i see it more as a kind of -- more as an aesthetic intervention, an awareness of potholes. >> do you think it's an effective tool for bringing attention to potholes and disrepair? >> i think it's an effective tool for making people smile. that's going to do it for this edition of "right this minute." thanks so much for joining us and we'll see you tomorrow, everybody.
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