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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  February 8, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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>> tim: an incredible second half for north carolina. john henson with 17 boards. kendall marshall and john henson
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getting help with some fantastic play outside as well as in by this tar heels team. they lead is nine with 3 45 -- with 3:45 remaining. gets one out of the two. >> dan: duke has attempted 31 free throw shots out of 54 total shots. >> tim: they were in this game and led much of the first half because they were knocking them down. less than that way in the second. >> dan: less than 30% this half. >> tim: runner off the window. >> dan: only an eight point game. duke still has time.
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>> tim: slows things down. barnes working on curry. and it goes. and harrison continues with the shooter's touch in the second half. 25 on the night. took him nearly 14 minutes to get his first field goal tonight. 82-72. >> dan: this is a situation where barnes, you don't have to drive all the way to the basket to use the size advantage. barnes is able to stop and knock down the mid range shots. once barnes pulls up for the shot there is very little bit curry is going to be able to do about it. >> tim: i sometimes think and i realize if you are trying to
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reduce the player control foul it is a risk because you can take yourself out of the play anytime you do that. one of the on lookers tonight, former tar heel. the evolution of these games, it is always interesting. the first game between duke and north carolina is a sort of stand alone game between the two. when they meet the second time it is played out and usually a great deal at stake in terms of seeding the conference. kelly. deflected by north carolina. >> dan: says it belongs underneath the duke. >> tim: kelly is a good three point shooter but it is very difficult to sweep the three over john henson. only 1 for 6. that is some wing span.
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finally tyler thornton gets the triple. first bucket of the night for thornton we go back to the three ball concept. >> dan: we most of the threes remain in the first 12 or 13 minutes of the half. duke shot the ball very poorly. they continued that in the second half. a lot of credit has to go to the north carolina defense. they have the size inside that they can do that with. henson and zeller controlling the middle it is hard to give a
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pump fake and drive by and get all the way to the basket. >> tim: just under 2:00 remaining. the way the game is played out the last five minutes of the first half. do you think north carolina would be up 15 by now. curry steps in three. yes and just like that 82-78. the dukes won't go away. 10-3 this run over the last 3 and change. >> dan: now you have to find barnes or zeller if you are north carolina. >> tim: barnes on the way to the rack. offensive foul. it will go the other way.
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>> dan: this is a play where duke looks offbalance and curry fortunate he didn't walk. kelly is just outside that restricted area. >> tim: a brilliant defensive play on his part. rivers. kelly takes one. just off the back iron. gets his own rebound. it's down to two. 82- 82-80 with 1:06 left. here we go again. zeller back in the game and he has it right where he wants it. >> dan: that's a good place to go with the basketball. that is a place where duke had a problem defending all night
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long. now zeller will go to the line for two. north carolina has left a couple at the free-throw line over the last few minutes. >> tim: 21 for zeller tonight. he is 5 for 7. >> dan: now he missed his last three. >> tim: he has been sitting for a while. on the bench for at least three or four minutes after he got the fourth foul. still a one possession game. 44.3 left. don't need a three here. can't be fiddling around for a long time. rivers giving it up to thornton. not much room. north carolina extended the defense.
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time-out, duke. with 11 on the shot clock and 20.3 to play. talk about this run. it began with the thornton three. >> dan: missed five three point baskets. this is a kid who is confident. curry steps in. curry had an outstanding game. kelly is able to track down his own rebound and make a two point shot. >> tim: the game did slow down and the foul difficulty to the north carolina front line allowed duke the opportunity to scratch and claw. they could have gotten the lead had they shot the ball better. >> dan: i think the fact that duke continues to play hard and continues to attack and the fouls did pileup i think north carolina loses a lot when zeller goes out of the game. >> tim: in a lot of ways he is the heart and soul of this team
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although marshall is the engineer of all that is good to take place with their offense. >> dan: the other thing that happened as duke scored better and shot better that took away north carolina's transition and the transition game was something that was so effective throughout the evening for the tar heels. >> tim: i think mike's team has grown regardless of the outcome of this game. he had a lot of questions coming in this week. i think he has gotten a few of the questions answered. >> dan: he is looking for guys to play consistently well over three or four or five game period. the blue devils attempted 35 threes tonight and made 13. >> tim: rivers and kelly. . he got the hoop. i think he may have been fouled. >> dan: the question is whether or not -- that was zeller who
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gets it in. does zeller get that ball in the cylinder. if he did then it is a three. if it was out of the cylinder then it is a two. >> tim: plumlee would be credited with the hoop. the ball goes up. here comes zeller. he got the ball before it got over the rim. it was deflected in. that's what happened. >> dan: zeller knocks it in. >> tim: he tipped the ball outside the cylinder. and then you saw the rotation change. >> dan: it had no chance to go in the basket. >> tim: now one point game. >> dan: a foul right away. >> tim: thornton against zeller.
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>> dan: even if he makes them both he has 13.9 seconds to get a three. >> tim: nice piece of officiating by the crew to get that call. you talk about bang-bang plays. >> dan: that was a big call for that particular situation. if you are tyler zeller why would you jump up and try to get that ball? >> tim: it would have been a goal tend at the very least. >> dan: maybe he was on the court and possible he knew it was not in the cylinder. >> tim: tyler thornton is fouled out. he had to get himself out. a young man from the defensive standpoint did exactly what mike krzyzewski needed him to do. he did trigger the comeback with that one three-pointer that he did finally hit. zeller gets the first.
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either way it is a one possession game. will duke have a chance to win it? >> dan: very comfortable at the line but misses. >> tim: one out of two. duke can win with a three and send it to overtime. rivers on his own. the blue devils win 85-84! wow! and the dock is so happy.
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>> dan: you made a point a couple of times you thought north carolina was up by 16 or 17. this is just a situation where he has tyler zeller on it. he gets himself collected. zeller can't get close enough. that is a long three over a seven foot guy with his arms extended. this is just a tremendous play. and the missed three throws come back to haunt north carolina. rivers scores a bas k. 27, 28 and 29. referees have to look at this one. i think it is going to be very clear that this is good. he let this go. the ball is out of the air with one second left. >> tim: 29 on the night for austin rivers. the freshman has come of age and he did it in front of his dad. always a confident kid, just adapting to the game, understanding you have to play to a higher level and perhaps be better on the defensive end but never at a loss for confidence.
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the young man came up big with a shot that really zeller had to defend the way he did. an incredible game tonight. closed captioning provided by bojangles' famous chicken 'n biscuits another incrediblepit was ano side p>> dan: a lot of.
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long.
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ice fishing is a popular pasttime in places like wisconsin this time of year. this happened on the bay at green bay in little swamico. we got this from wluk, fox 11. some people were out fishing on the bay in green bay and as they're out on the ice, some fishermen start walking around and realizing something is wrong here. you see the guy in the background and look at this big, long line. >> is that a crack in the ice? >> yes. that is a giant crack in the ice. >> oh. >> the ice was starting to move away from the other pieces of ice near the shore. >> the crack becogins to get wider. we got out to head to the shore but it was already open. >> did i see they were out there on four wheelers and stuff too? did they bring their cars and four wheels out too? >> people take their ice fishing incredibly seriously.
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there were seven fishermen and a 3-year-old who ended up being rescued. look what they brought out to rescue these guys. >> an air boat. >> usually only see those in florida. >> they're using it to rescue the ice fishermen. they had to take two trips out to bring the seven fishermen and 3-year-old back to shore. that was the coast guard to brought in to assist to make sure the people made it to shore safely. >> what happened to all those quads? did they sink or left -- >> oh the humanity, the quads. >> not the motorcycles. >> some of the quads are still out there on the ice and they have to wait until the ice connects again to get them back to shore safely. summer is around the corner. and we're all going to be out in the water again. shawn rhinegouts is out there at ski ricks and cable park in deerfield beach, florida.
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i never seen a cable park. if you want to do water sports like this you need a boat to this is cables that run back and forth to pull you all over the place. >> whoa. ♪ >> shawn is a pro, but take a closer look at shawn. >> he has a prosthetic. >> he does have a prosthetic. his leg below his left knee was amputated in an accident he had when he was just 19. he was working at a fishery and a forklift ran over him. took both his feet out. he had to have one prosthetic fitted, but once he was able to get back on the water he was right back to the same tricks and flips that he was doing before the accident. tell us a little bit more about his riding, shawn rhinegouts joins us right this minute via skype. tell me a little bit about your recovery and does it make any difference in the way you wakeboard that you have a prosthetic? >> yeah, it does.
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i mean it's harder to keep my leg on the water. my leg is held on so i have to use duct tape to get 100% seal. and sometimes if i fall hard enough my leg will come off. >> what kind of competitions are you entering? is it standard competitions or are you competing with other people who have prosthetics? >> there's actually one contest i do compete in that's for all people with disabilities, but majority of the contests i compete in are against able bodies. >> when you had the accident did you think you would be able to get back out and do what you are doing now? >> i did. i had seen videos and pictures of other amputees running and, you know, things like the possibilities were endless. it's just a matter of your attitude and your motivation, i guess. >> i'm sure as you're traveling around you run into a lot of people. do you have other amputees that come up to you and tell you that you're in a way an inspiration for them to get out and try doing sports? >> i do. that's what kind of helps motivate me and keeps me going
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and makes me keep wanting to go forward with everything. a reminder, you can find all the stories on "right this minute" today on lots and lots more great videos. >> all day long, 24/7. >> it's jack's new secret sauce. a milkshake not on the menu. >> you guys have the bacon milk sheikh. >> the bacon shake, yes. >> we broke the code, got the shake and -- >> cheers. >> all at once. all at once. okay. >> one, two, three. >> we're telling you what it tastes like. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! ♪ and this is to remind you
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can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut for this 110 calorie strawberry shortcake is a good swapportunity. that's not a real word. oh haha it's real. [ female announcer ] delicious, creamy, yoplait light. over 30 flavors each around 100 calories. do the swap today. merry go rounds are so fun, but for this guy. >> not so much. >> not so much. >> no. >> this is in latin america, and
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there is a entire herd of sheep going around in circles over and over again, around this car that's trying to get through the road. >> that is hilarious. that's like the most hilarious road block i've seen in my life. >> they're going really fast too. >> this is like follow the leader gone wrong, because if one of them would go straight everybody would be happy. >> everybody would be happy. >> no. >> so bad. >> i love it. everyone would be happy. but no. for all you nonspanish speakers that means but no. >> had to go in circles. there's a brand new fast food treat that is making waves all over the internet, from gizmodo to "the huffington post," everyone is talking about jack in the box's new bacon milkshake.
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it's a secret item on the menu only for the elite jack in the box visitors who know that this exists. >> and everyone who is watching this right now. >> you're welcome, america. >> take a look at this video from alicia and oh so fresh and it's appropriately set to the police song "the milkshake song." >> we are actually going to try the new bacon milkshake. >> if there's one milkshake that would bring the boys it's the bacon milkshake. >> do you have the bacon milkshake? >> the bacon shake, yeah. >> can i get two. >> do they make it with real bacon? >> no, they do not. this is made with a bacon flavored syrup. >> hickory bacon. >> tastes like hickory bacon. >> wow. >> it will not hurt your diet at a whopping 773 calories and 40 grams of fat for a regular size. it's like a light snack. >> light menu.
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>> bacon shake. >> come on kids, dig in. >> best day of my life. >> i know. >> cheers. >> all at once, all at once. okay. one, two, three. >> it does take like hickory bacon. >> it's bacony. >> ice cream with a bacon finish. >> i want to like this. i really want to like this. >> it's weird because you don't not like it. you know. it's like i don't hate it but i don't -- >> like a side of eggs. >> it tastes like bacon dog snack smell. >> oh. >> yeah. >> pepperoni things. >> yeah. >> like bacon strips. >> begging strips smell. >> now that you've said this i don't want to have this anymore. that's going to do it for this edition of "right this minute" everyone. thanks for joining us. we're going to leave you with a time lapsed video called integral shot in amazing places
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across the u.s. another half hour of rtm is on the way.


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