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tv   SJSU Update News  KICU  February 26, 2012 1:30am-2:00am PST

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campus... s-j-s-u isbeing forced to turn away local students for the first time ever. ...i'll have a live report it's every graduate's biggest fear. the story of how some students stuggle with the post-graduation job search. there's s a group on campus searching for signatures to get their issue on the ballot. if you wrk in san jose, we'll tell you why you might be interested in their
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cause. update news stats right now. hello and welcome to update news... i'm paris maxey and i'm jame sy... thaks for joining us. san jose state is turning away local students for the first time in istory. c-s-u leaders will decide if s-j-s-u will have to turn away about one-thousand-00 south bay applicants. michell rivera is live on campus witthe sory. university officials sy severe budget are the reason they have to make this ry tough decision. " " the state budget crunch has reached a point where we may be not able to sustain the local area guarantee that we've had in place for many many years." in rent years s-j-s-u has experienced more than 750 million dollars in budget cuts.
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and the price of tuitio will continue to rise. " they have to stay in san jose to help out their families and stuff andi they can't go to a university they don't have as many portunities." students from santa clara county high schools will have to have higher grades and test scores in order to be considered for admission. " test scores and grades matter more than ever. we are receiving upwards of 40,000 applications a year. we can only accomodate at most 30,000 students on our campus total. "" the univesity's role as an afforadable insitution that provides a strong education may be changing forever. cs-u leaders are meeting today in sacramento to decide if these restrictions will go into effect. live on campus, michelle rivera update. update news has learned hat the university will terminate its current learning management system desire to learn -- or d-2-l. provost ellen junn told update news tht d-2-l costs the university 360-thousand dollars a year to operate.. a steep price considering the university's budget problems.
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she's organizing a committee to help determine which new system will save more money in the long run. " my goal is, as n administrator as we face continued budget cuts is o ask how can we as a campus make a really informed decision about what are our options and wht's in the best interest of students and faculty."" among the other systems beinconsidered to replace desire-2-learn is moodle, which is used by ten other campuses in the c-s-u system. the other eleven campuses are using blacboard, which j-s-u last used in spring 2010. j-o-b-s... four letters that college gruates are hoping to put together. this would seema lot easier considering the jobless rate is dropping. nevertheless -- many graduates have the rigt tools ... but findingthe right opportunities is still tough. " students n s-s-u campus make their way to class in hopes of gadai and pursui a career. but for most it's not that easy.
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getting a degree isn guarantee for students to get into the career they worked toward in school mny student can't find jobs that relate to heir degrees and have to settle for jobs in any field. "for me it will be easy becae of my major, but other people in the business i don't think it will be as easy because there is still a decline he recession" the job market may b filled with jobs but caeers ar what students are striving for finding a caeer and not st another job is not something students have to do on their own. the s-j-s-u career center holds job fairs and prepares students by helping with resumes, propr attire, and job interview skils. "in two in a half weekse have the largest job fair of the whole semester coming up. 1-hundred-1employers coming as of today,oud possibly be more and all these employers r going to have opptunities"t the center also provides career counselors t guide students on how to enter the job market and succed. career cnter director lead cherly allmon knows its on
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the udento use resource available "for the student that takes advantage of the servies and gets some, or makes contact with facuty that is connected with the employment market fair he best in this economy"j johnny thompson grauated last year with a degree in sociology and uderstands the job hunt well and giving up is t anion. "so just don't get scourged just because you have a degree. you still have to puin wrk like you did to get that degree" in may ... more than eight-thousand studentswill graduate from san jose ate. many will finding hemelves competing for the same jobs. with the economy in flux d the cost of living on the rise -- one campus organization wants an increase in san jose's nimum wage. "the living wage group" is working to gather enough gnates to get a minimum wage initiative on the november ballot their goal is to raise the minimum wage in san jose from 8 dollars to ten dollars. one s-j-s-u professor leading the initiative says this is just one step.
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" so quite a few of our students are making this very low wage and a few more bucks an hour is going to help them pay for their tuition, pay for their books, and help them just meet their daily expenses" even if san jose's minimum wage went up to te ollrs an hour .. san francisco would still havehe highest minimum wage in the u-s ... at ten dollars and twenty-four cents. well-known research universities such as stanford and u-c san francisco are not the only schools performing groundbreakng cancer research in the bay are. as jansey lagdamen shows us -- san jose state researchers are also racing to find cures for cancer. " cancer reseach is beindone all over the sjsu campus, including he lab of chemistry professor, dr. marc d'alarcao. he has spent the last ten ars developing precise targeted treatmnts .
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there's a challenge, in designing drugs for cancer because cancer clls are human cells and so a drug that is effective in treating canr as to kill a human cell, a cancer cell, in the presence of other them, and so the strategyng tha4 we use is to exploit bihemical fferences between the cancer cells and the human cells. his lab work with inositol glycans or ig compounds, ich kill cancer cell. the ethe link ig is quite stable compared t the ester link ig, so both the compounds are equally active against killing the cancer cells, so they can selectively kill the cancer cells the national institutes of health funds his research th around hal a million dollars to help push the development of certin cancer treatments, which could've helped steve jobs. in santa clara county alone, doze are afflicted with pancreatic cancer. hoghthere is no cure yet...he american cancer ciy sys this kind of research will pay off in the long run. in twenty twelve, we estima that about a hundred and forty-fiv disease... not necesaril the ones that diagnsed ths year, but those that have
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been battling pncreatic cancer. cancer researchhas progressed overtime, but a cure s still ye to be discovered. in the mean time, rearch groups nd cancer organizations help bring us one-step close to finding a cure. in san jose, jansey lagdamen update news." woud ya like some girl scout cookies? well they're officially in season and this year the young ladies are on th bll when it comes to twenty-fir century technogy. the one-hundred-year-old organization is now accepting dbit and credit card payments using a mobile device. all the buyers hve to do is hand over their credit cards -- he them scanned and then sign the touchpad. " we would have waited for them for nothing--- so its been great for that." but that's not just it for these tech savy ladies... tirl scouts also created a cookieinderble app that helps users find the closest place to buy their yummy goodies.
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girl scout cookies will be on sale until march eighteenth -- for four dollars a box. first lady michelle obama's "healthy, hunger free kids campaign",is now being adopted in localchol districts. the goal is to encourage childreno eat healthier. schools are now required to serve more nutritious and balanced lunchesand osan jose state nutritionist says ' aout tm childhood obesity is acknowledged as a rea public health issue. " marjorie freedman,sound byte: there are a lot of health consequences, there's psychological consequences, there's, ichildren a lot more uh, depression, we have absenteeism from school, bullying, and the more time the child's absent hels likely their gn t learning." she says childhood obsesity is at shocking levels. cording toentrs fr sease control approximatly twelve-point five illion children ages two to 19- years old are bee. freedman says te first lady's campaign has come in a timely manner and hopefully will spur america into action for a healthier life style.
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this wek -partans got a taste of some cuttgdge cuisine. spartan shos hosted their firs"street eats" event. students lined upoutside clark hall to chow down on vietnamese andwhiches many say the event will provide exciting food options to students. " the possibility that will have grilled food, uh, accessible to us students on campus at a reasonable pice is a good thing." in th futre, studentw able to purchase food ranging from koren bbq tacos to burritos. make sure to follow street eats on twitter... so you'll know what tasty treats ar coming to campus. the new student union is set to finish in 20-13. it will offer tudents more eateries, hang-outs and places to study. but as ryan kern tells us... these things are nothing new to the locatio. " (nat of construction) we often look forward to what the future has to hold.buweseem to forget it's the past tat already has a story to te. (grady) "et me go getmy books and get dtstudy
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but i want to get a ptcer wi mies... i think that's probably something that's going to be mised" the studn union expansion project is bringing on a nw era for future spartans... but at the same time...t' burying another one (nat of construction) sraight into the ground. spartan pub ruled campus from 1975 to the mid 90's. before andr atr class you could buy beer... a zze... an just hang out. alum justin grad say the pub was an important sense of identy. (grady) "the college experien should be unique." spartan pub made it unique? "spartan pub was part of being a partan and being sptan was unique to anything else." backthen... downtown san jose had less to offer students... and the pub hosted live ands every thursday night... which ade a smash hit. (stand-up) if all this is hard to imag well... it is for me too. it's been nearl 20 years since the spartan pub stood where i'm standing now. so what happened?
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(noriega) "there were at least a few times whn things went through the plate glass window that bordered the front of the pub." sergeant robert noriega began working for upd back when the pub was in its heyday in 1987. he says combining the small venue with the numbes it rodced was just too much. (noria) "large fights involving maybe 30 to 40 students where we would have to call for help from not only our department but from san joseoldpartment to put out the fights." on campus now you still see one-of-a-kind shops like 'on 4th street" and "just below." spartanpll owns a beer licence but says e old days will stay in the past for now. (pauly) "the emand just isn't there. in the lst year that we sold alcohol in hte cafe buildinwesld two thousand dollars wort of alcohol over the entire year." s...e though the beloved bar is way more tha just an afterthought... students tody have their own spartan pubs... and its not like gettig thee is a journey away either. in san jose, ryan ke,pdat news."
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coming up on update news we'll introduce you to an s-j-s-u student war veteran ationed over-seas. while also... we'll introduce you to a student who has drawn in millions of viewers through his youtube channel. and... theres a harrypotter inspired sports team on campus and they're ettn ready for a big tournament. we'll show you how. but first, students tell us what their dream job is. " my dream hob is to be a actor and to work in llywood on some big time productions. to play for the usa national volleyball team my dream job would be having to do something with disabled kids. professiona banana eater and why is that? because i loveanans. my dream job would be a executive life coach.
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basically you work with executives and ceos of different companies and hlpe them with their company and make sure their company strves." with the end of th wa i iraq -- many veterans are returning hom and pursuing college degrees -- id new caers. maya nzalez has a rofile of one vetwo found his passn for photojournalism on he bttle field. " learning to snorkle and capturing moments though photography is how san joe state student jesse jones spends some of his time after coming back from deployment. jones deployd right afer his high school graduation leaving college ehind and says deployment was a allenge. "i mean it was hard... it was difficult, i mean it wa hard to explain... i mean you're scared all the time " unlike many activ duty soldie back to finish off ther degree, jones did not have any plans.
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but this changed while h was in iraq. joneiered his passion for photography whil guarng the palestine hotel in baghda a say a certain man inspired him. "he worked for the washington post for like sa.. i just met hime he guarding the palestine hotel." hs conversations with the photojournalit mae combat photography even more appealing jons. "just ng bleto show what combat is acaylike what cntries go through all the time jones used a small 35-mlimeter camera to take pictures during his time in iraq yet he lost all his rolls were destroyed by xray screening at the airpot. his long termgoal is to become a comb photographer and travel aroud th worl. "j being able to show wh... show people outside the bubble what they think
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the world is mostly like." his passion fo combat photography is so strong he's willing to return to a war zone - this time armed with only his camerage. san jose, maya gonzalz, udate news." during the month of february, c-s-u representatives will speak at super sunday events el at over one-hundred pre-dominantly african american churches. the events are part of the csu's mission tofrm students and families about how to get into college and earn a degree. this super sunday event took place at emmanuel baptist church in san jose. " it is to provide information and allow students and their parents to ask questions. we'v been doing this now for more than fivers the initiative has shown promising results, as mor african america students prepare to apply toc-s-u campuses. duing the fall tweny eleven semester -- the c-s-u received around seventeen- hundred applicantions from african american students. this is nearly a one-thousand increase from the previous year. thouads of people upload deos on youtube in hopes of making big someday. one -j-s-u student has
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found the spotlight by attracting millions of fans worldwide to his oftenfunny videos. i met with yousef erakat and saw hohe handling his sudden fame. " students have probably see hi alk around campus...but what they may not know is that there's a lot to thistudent that mkes him...extraordinary. erakat bgan uploading his med videos to youtube and in less than a year his channel 'fouseytube' became a sensation with thirty million views. (yousef erakat, "i kept going and going and going and now im releasing videos like stuff drake says which got 1-million h first day now 7-million in a month. it's is just a blessing.) he now has more than one-hundred thound facebook followers and was recently featured on 'the all this succes while still attendins-j-s-u as--you guessed it-- a theatre arts major.
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(yousef erakat, "i'm living these two diffrentworlds. i'm in ottawa and i'm doing radio interviews at 3. tv interviews a. going back tmy hotel getting ready... getting escorted to my event. alty stuff is goingn ad 2ays latei'm bak home with m mom telling meo domy laundry and to get ready for scol the next day.") this palestinian-ameicanis best known for making parodies of his clture he dresses ike his arabic family members...for a purose. (yousef erakat, "i'm depicting arab household worldwide and everybod is able to relate to it nd enjoy it and it's a fun way nly shw them how we are similar at the same time but also give outsiders loing in to see that they are just like my family and that were not the scary neighbors next door") erakat consides his work as a fresh movement. he says he's creting a 'tyler perry' comedy for middle easterners.
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(yousef erakat, "wakingup have the same upbeat energy when your life sucks and nothing is going your way you have people who are expecting to seeyou smile and peop expeting you to tn why they're smiling.")" erakat is wain for the day someone finds his opportuity for moreim an success. keithington bryant is he with arts and entertainment... whats up keith? as paris just showed us earlier --landing a job in this economy can be tough. experts say having the right attitude and wardrobe can give job seekers thd one event on campus showed students how to add flare and pizzazz to their job interviews. " over 200 students attened the live interview demostration and career fashion show organized by the campus career center. target and other clothing stores sponsored the fashon show to expose students to trendy and inexpensive looks. career counselors say what your wear is critical to landing a job becaueit is the first form of communication an employer will see when they meet you for e first time. (doug evs, "it's kind of a
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tragedy wenomeone who is really qualified for the poton, is not considered simply because they did not dress up enought.") the career center says it's also critical for student to stand out in job interviews. students got a fly on-the-all perspective o how a real job iterview is conducted. many spartans found the workshop helpful. (vincent lockett "plenty of things. first of i am going to ask the right questions, i am going to make sure that when i go in to an interview that i don't loose m personality. so a lotof people go in there silent or they're...try to act as if they're a certain way when they are not.") in addition, students also learned w toaser various hirin questions from "why you should be hired to tell me about yoursefl?" experts say it's critical to create a connection with the employer. (evans, "the more the interview devolves into a convsat)on that two people are having that is a sign of a good interview..")"
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other tips to stand out in an interview is first to research the job your applying for and listen to questions asked by you prospective employer. grab your brooms...and pack your quaffles (quaf-fulls) because the quidditc club is looking toringa trophy back to s-j-s-u. qudditch is a fictional sport based of the harry potter series. the team is hard at wor counjuring up a spell to sweep the competition at u-c-l-a next month. they will battle it out... against 25 other college teams across the nation for the western (wes-turn) world cup. many players are thriled for the tournament. " we been building our team slowly but surely. we been conditioning three times a week, having our usual practices, uilding our strength. everyone is doing excellent, everyone is in good spirit adwere all super excited." the quidditch team practices every wednesday and friday from four to six p-m on the a-s lawn. the team is always looking for new wizards to join in the fun. lights, camera, action! this sunday marks the 84th academy awards and some lucky stars are looking to
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take home the oscar. i've got my oscar predictions for best actor and actress, best picture, best director and best supporting actor and tress. so let's roll the tape. i think hollwyood hearthrob george clooney will take home the oscar for best actor for his stunning performance in the descendents. as viola davis will clinch the best actress catergory for her regal role in the help. in addition davis's co-star octavia spencer is my favorite to win the best supporting actress. as nick nolte's powerful performance in the warrior deserves the oscar for best supporting actor. now moving on to best director. ithink movie giant martin (score-say-z) will score best director for his children's film hugo.
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last is best picture. i am absolutely sure that the artist will take home the oscar for best picture...because of it's silent movie stylings and that will do it for me, jayme back to you. still aead on update news -- sports anchor brandon castillo has the highlights from the first home game for the lady spartans softball team. also... earthquake fans are known for filling the seats at games... but this week they filled up a much different venue... we'll tell you where they were and why they left cheering. also... the s-j-s-u rugby team played the santa rosa yes that's right, we said rugby. 1we caught up with the team and have the results. but first... we quiz students on which movies are nominated for best picture in the oscars.
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" it's actual jersey shore and i have no reason why, yeah it just seemsto be really entertaining, it has a mixture of everything, violence, and romantic love making. my favorite tv show right now is probably the office. because the characters are just great, they're ridiculous, and it's all funny. how i met your mother, and the ason that it's my favorite show would have to anst the atmosphere thatmedy the show gives. probably up all night, it's a new tv show because i don't know, i really like maya rudolph, she's pretty hilarious. my favorite tv show is the office cause i think it's really funny der's a lot of dry humor, a lot of people don't understand it. but i think its kind of funny."
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baoctillo is here with sports. wat going on this week brandon? the lady spartans played their home opener wednesday against sacrament state the sacramento hornets started out strong scoring one run in the first inning. the spartans reid with bases loaded...two outs...and they caught a big break when an illegal pitch was called on the hornets pitcher...advancing the runner to score. the spartans opened up the game in the second inning scoring three runs taking the lead four to one san jose's centerfielder..vanessa he hit a solo home-run in the bottom of the fourth o ose out the ame... spartans win five to four... vanessa house: " it felt good to be hnst. i was out there and i was like is this dejavuuz for some reason i see myself out on the field. its great to behee i am excited to be here at a divisio ochool you know so i try to impactth school here and show i am a good player and contribute to san jose."
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house made a great impression for her first home game debut finishing e day two for three... the spartan rugby team played its second home game against league leader - santa rosa junior college. the brutal loss shows jst how far the spartan a go to successfully compete with the best. " the game was off to a rocky start last saturda with a significant amount of turnovers the spartans. the santa rosa bear cubs quickly took the lead, scorina overwhelming amount of try's and penalty kicks. santa rosa is seen here scoring yet another try, which for all you football fans is like a touchdown. one includeda long return through the spartans defense for another try. for all you football fans a try is equivalent to a touchdown. in the second half the spartans looked a little more hyped but that wasn't enough.
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senior michaelcronenwett made some key tackles, but said the fundamentals for the team as a whole just wasn't there today. mkwe need to tacle better, we had a lot f dropped balls, and when you drop a all it just klls your mementum s, tackling, ball handling, just pretty mu o to the fundamentals, i think we did some things right but just not enough to do wll today." due to some injuries the spartans were missing some more experied lyers and had to start nine freshmen which iseficult to do in this cmpete league. head coach ken bousfield says he isrou of the freshmennd ther performances. coach:"these resmen learn a lot from each game as we go on. um and they are as i say practice is for improvement so every practice i hoe ech prson improves individuall turns that into actual team play as well."" of the game, 47 to zero ... santa ros. coach bousfield says he as a lot of freshman on e team. and it may take a more years to get them ready to play against t commis voed six to zero, wednesday night to go through with the develomt of the sanose earthquakes and black... whchas filledwith commison ttention.t
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it was a happy night for earthquake fans once the decision was made. gres a big step fort's u to be moving forward, um with working drawngs for tium now that were approved which the next step in the process."" the tea willadd a partial roof to the stdt reduce oise..hiwasne of the main concerns of neighbs... near the location. club officials hope to break ground on the stdumsome time this year. thasr ps his week... back to yus. that'll do it for now. thanks for staying up late with us. be sure to check us out on facebook by searching 's-j-s-u update news.'
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