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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  July 16, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. welcome to another edition of "right this minute." we've got videos first. a guy goes on one unholy rant. >> claiming that he's jesus. >> oh. and he happens to be -- naked as a jaybird. >> he looks like he's trying to flap his wings. >> obviously not armed. >> a lot of people beat speeding trains. now a new video has a warning -- >> don't do this. >> see what happens to one guy who didn't listen. >> no, no, no! an unsuspecting wife and her daughter go to a restaurant. >> behind where she's sitting, do you see that man? >> how he pulled off an epic surprise. and a co-worker seals his phone in lemon jello. see the unique way he got it out.
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>> ooh, ooh! is that out of a nose? >> yeah. gayle is going to get our show started with our first video. >> something is definitely wrong when a man strips down naked and starts claiming that he's jesus. >> a deejay was in a club, heard that something was going on with a guy outside. so he went outside and this is what he saw. >> wait a minute, is this the terminator? >> he had special powers. this guy does not. he was chanting -- i am jesus! repeatedly. >> i am jesus! >> he's obviously not armed. >> yeah. at least the police know what they're dealing with. >> i am jesus. [ bleep ]. >> he looks like he's trying to flap his wings and fly away. acting like there's something wrong with him or he is under the influence of something. >> those are good guesses. there were allegations made by people who were there. we have not verified that with police. we're still trying to get to the
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bottom of what went down. but the police called an ambulance and he was taken away for a psychiatric evaluation. according to the guy who posted the video. >> was he tazed? did he submit? >> good old-fashioned tackle. they say he was tackled to the ground. >> road rash. >> you notice, nobody tried to approach the guy. they were standing back like, something's going on here, we don't know what it is, but we're going to stay back and let the police handle it. >> when there's a man naked in the road screaming "i am jesus" the best thing to do is let the authorities handle that. >> i am jesus! tri-met is the public transportation system in the portland, oregon area. they just launched a summer safety campaign. their message? don't do this. >> they've got a number of different videos on their website. of people just -- in these close calls with the train. >> on bikes, on foot. seconds before the train goes by. look at some of these. if you're a conductor in one of those trains, you've got to just feel so helpless.
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and think how stupid these people are. >> the train weighs 80 tons. it can go up to 60 miles per hour and these things can't stop on a dime, either. take a little bit of time to stop. yet, they still have videos that look like this. watch this. >> this is an old man -- and the train is at a stop here it starts to go and this old man in a walker -- is just walking right across the -- >> no, no, no! >> you see somebody come and pull the guy back. but this stuff happens all the time. they have cameras attached to the train so they can have videos like these. so they can show them to people and say -- look, don't do this. and also, it can hurt your pocket. this can be considered trespassing. it could be criminal trespassing, a class a misdemeanor. you can get a fine of $6200. >> wow. >> these passenger trains aren't huge, long freight trains that take a long time to pass. they're just passenger trains, a few cars. they go right by. they're commuter trains, taking people to work. sonb it won't take 15 minutes f
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this thing to go by. it might take one minute for the thing to go by. i want you guys to take look at the dash cam footage just released from the patrol car of officer john day lore, in roanoke rapids, north carolina. i want to warn you, the video could be difficult for some of you to watch. >> your license plate. can you roll the window down? >> no. i -- [ gunshots ] >> five shots rang out from the driver of the car. four of the shots hit officer taylor directly. >> i've been shot. i've been shot a! >> one in his hand, one through his neck, one in his stomach. the other one was stopped by his bulletproof vest. >> this all happened in november of 2010. and miraculously, officer taylor survived. is back on the force, and has been promoted to detective.
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and he says that this entire thing has just changed his perspective. >> things about not taking your life for granted. not taking the special things like your family, for granted. and really appreciating every day for the gift that it is. >> one of the crazy things about his injuries, he is still getting shrapnelut of the wounin his i cut myself shavin probably the worst splinter you've ever had. >> from the dash cam footage. after the shots rang out, the car sped off. >> officer taylor pulled this car over because the car was following too close. but it turns out, these two were in a zoelen vehiclstolen vehicl were on the run from authorities in pennsylvania. rene phillips, the passenger in the car, was arrested and is currently in jail in pennsylvania. after a manhunt for michael edgerton, he committed suicide.
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>> wow. >> i'm so glad those bullets didn't hit anything major. there's no reason for this. at this restaurant, sitting, having a meal is an unsuspecting, loving wife and her daughter. right behind where she's sitting, do you see that man? that in the video we found on the "welcome home" blog, we see u.s. airman brian who just came home from afghanistan. what is he going to do? surprise the wivy. >> i know what she's going to do. >> may i take your order? [ screaming ] >> i love that, it was so simple and right to the point. can i take your order? that's awesome. >> told ya. >> at this point, she's crying, their daughter is, oh, so excited when she realized daddy was home, too. she just runs and there's family
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hug. >> this is better than the daily special. >> i love these, you just love them. >> it's great when everyone around them notices what's going on. >> they're wonderful to see love. in action. >> just to see love. >> this is not -- the look of love! it's it it's the running of the dogs. who let the dogs out and why. and it's an international competition where -- >> they stick it in their -- that's gross. >> they stuck snot in their nose. >> find out who's in the game this year.
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what's it like when you take
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200 dogs out for a walk? >> chaos. >> well, it's like this! [ dogs barking ] >> where is this coming from and why are they all in one place together? >> this is the lucky lucy foundation in south africa. what they're doing is letting these dogs out for a run. this foundation does a lot for animals. and poor people and children. and they go into communities that don't have food for themselves, let alone their dogs, so they help sterilize the dogs. they help care for the dogs. but they also go in and educate the communities where the dogs live among people. so they help the people, too. >> how cute, they all seem like they're friends. all different sizes, little itty guys and big old guys. >> i have a feeling there's someone on other side of the camera that we can't see,
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holding a big old steak. >> this video is enough to make you happy. if you're having a bad day? watch this video. mousetraps aren't the most humane way to get rid of your pest problem. this guy is from finland, he's got a name with far too many vowels in it for me to pronounce. i'm going to call him "this guy." good thing this guy doesn't choose to use it on little rodent. instead he use it is on the cute little thing in the middle of his face, his nose. [ screaming ] >> there's only one way a guy could be convinced to do that. and that's if he lost a bet. >> hello. >> i disagree with you, gayle, because he does it a second time. [ screaming ] >> i am concerned for his sanity. >> seriously. >> he's nuts. >> he did it twice. and he acts like he didn't know what was going to happen. >> now, ladies, take it easy on me.
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but i like watching this. it makes me laugh. what does that say about me? and i said, take it easy on me. >> it says that you have more testosterone than we do. that's all it says. >> guys love hurting themselves and they love watching their friends hurt themselves. i don't get it, but it's funny to watch you watch this. >> ido'tike i like watcng other people. >> it's funny watching other people fall, though. >> you know, right. >> ow! in the u.s., we're not big fans of snuff. which is a form of smokeless tobacco. >> if you see people go -- sniff, sniff, they put it on their hand and sniff it. >> in germany, they love it. so much so that there is an international competition, beer drinking! >> it's like nothing in this video that we found on itn, we found competitors from all over the world. they -- >> what? >> they stuff snuff in their
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nose. >> are you sure he's stuffing and not digging? >> ugh. >> they have to stuff five grams of snuff in their nose within 60 seconds. >> i love the little bibs and the people behind him, like, mmmm. >> they're wearing the bibs because that's where all the excess snuff has to fall. because later, they weigh it. >> they weigh it. >> there's a team usa in this competition? >> there is a deem usa. >> do you suck it in? >> you're supposed to inhale it in. it's like smoking, but it's smokeless. >> the few people that i've seen do it, they take a big deep breath and up and away. >> could this become a huge, crusty booger problem. >> irritated lungs, itchy, scratchy lungs? >> and coughing up snuffy phlegm? >> and can you imagine kissing somebody with that breath?
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>> and you don't want to shake somebody's hands after they've competed. it's like black snot coming out of their nose. >> allow me to play the video again. ♪ ♪ monday e-bombs world. is this real or fake? >> i feel like these people go to work and say how many times did you get hit on the way to work. >> we're putting videos to the test. see what you think. a peaceful, uneventful ride down the road. sort of. >> no! >> how did that happen? i thought the car came to a stop. >> see what happens when the car comes to a stop.
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let's take a little ride. a little dash cam ride. easy, breezy. this guy is approaching an intersection. get nervous yet? >> a little bit. >> whoa! no! >> how did that happen? i thought the car came to a stop? >> it looked like this was going to be an uneventful dash cam video, especially when i first saw it i jumped, too. i thought what was going do happen. everybody stopped. people on the sidewalk. >> oh my gosh. where did the car come from? >> it went straight to the girl that was standing at the corner. >> knocked him down. it did not appear to hurt him seriously.
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here's what i think happened. i think the car we're riding in slowed down and when it went to make a left. somebody behind him tried to pass. and -- >> you no he what the craziest thing about this? that you feel like you're in the car. when you hit, you really do feel like you're driving this car. >> actually that hurt. >> did you get whiplash. >> whiplash, i jump sod hard. >> ♪ ♪ >> three, two, one! >> time for the always-dapper
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matt dreidel from e-bomb's world. looking good once again. >> i had to come back with the fedora. >> i've been thinking about it all week long. >> and because steven hated it so much. i had to bring it back. >> if you didn't have that hat on, maybe we would agree with you. >> it takes some getting used to fo r fake, the first video super mario brothers theme, played on wine glasses. >> that's the best thing i've ever seen. >> i've seen this before. that's real. >> i wanted to say well maybe got a track playing for a second, but that's real. >> that's awesome. sue's grandmother fainted when she walked in and saw it with all the crystal. >> i have a feeling you agree with us this time. >> it's real. >> i sometimes envy guys with this much time on their hands, you know. >> on to the next video. steering wheel attack.
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>> oh! >> that's not supposed to happen like that. but not while you're racing. this isn't much of a mishap. it popped out, he popped it back in and kept going. >> you don't want your steering while popping off while you're driving at any point. >> tell me, nick, is it real? >> sure it's real. good thing he wasn't in the middle of a turn. >> good thing it wasn't a woman driver. >> whoa, he's going there. >> how do you know that for sure? >> because he kept it on the track? >> i complimented you today. >> we're not going to get into the girls versus boys thing again, come on, it's 1999. >> next video, girl gets hit crossing street. >> oh! >> she didn't even look. >> if she didn't get hit by this car, she was going get hit by the car coming the other direction. >> this must be normal. because she didn't blink. >> the part of the school book that teaches you to look both ways before you cross the
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street. someone tore that page out. >> i feel like these guys go to work and say, how many times did you get hit on your way to work. >> we're going real on this one, matt. >> definitely a real clip. and for a bow flnus reel, the r mullet. >> let's get fresh. > this guy wants his whopper his way. >> with 1,000 slices of cheese. >> >> that is a recipe for constipation. >> see while the whole thing turned into a recipe for disaster.
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steve and his wife moved into a very old house. and they found this bird bath. he put a go-pro camera on it and look what they found. >> birds! >> it looks, look who decided to stop by. get a little fresh. >> a bird. >> this one looked around to make sure the go-pro wasn't a predator and decided, okay, the water is fine, i'll jump in. >> the bird is taking a bath. >> uh-huh. he said listen with the volume all the way up. it gives you a real feel for it. >> i like how it ducks its head in and looks around and starts shaking everything off. >> get under the arms, behind the ears. >> gets everything, including the camera. >> where else can you put a go-pro now. it makes you wonder. >> a hummingbird feeder.
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>> that's the kind of chick i need to date, quick in the bathroom. quick to get ready. in and out. >> but she left a mass. water everywhere. >> can't be that big a deal. you guys think bill cosby would like or hate this video? >> jello pudding pops. >> zoel my phone. >> that's a jello mold and inside the jello mold is that guy's iphone. >> his co-worker borrowed his phone and gave it back -- inside the jello. so you're wondering, how's he going to to get it out. >> yellow jello is the worst flavor jello. >> lemon jello is yummy. >> no way, yellow, green, orange, gross. red, blue, purple, best. >> do you know how many germs are on your phone? i wouldn't eat that. >> it looks like the phone is wrapped in something. otherwise this would be water all over it look at how he gets
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it out. >> let's do it as fast as you can. >> heck yeah, eat through it. >> i'm not sure he likes the yellow jello. >> ooh, ooh scloom! . did that come out of his nose. >> i'm proud of them for pulling this prank off. they did this on "the office." this guy is apparently the dwight of his office. >> does the phone work after all of this. >> it turns out that the friend switched the phone and is using a decoy phone. it's not really his phone. >> it's just a fake? >> hey, hey, hey! . i told you about the guy who tried to eat a hamburger with 1,050 pieces of bacon added to it here he is walking out of burger king in japan, he's ordered a whopper with 1,000 slices of cheese.
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>> that's a recipe for constipation. >> and a heart attack. >> that's one way to put it, yes. he said that the clerk was nice enough to loan him the tray to carry it back to work. >> like he was hauling a sack of potatoes. >> it's not exactly like. as you can see, it was quite an architectural feat to wrap this thing up. it does not look tasty. he does attempt to eat it. >> beth, you've got a distasteful look on your face and you like to watch people eat. what's wrong with this? >> i don't like this big giant pile of cheese beside him. >> he won't finish this, so he is just wasting piles of cheese that could have been put on some people's burgers. >> the cheese wasn't wasted, he did give the extra slices to his co-workers. >> i guess that's kind of impressive. >> i feel like two weeks from now we're going to see the same dude carrying a giant burger
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from burger king with 1,000 tomatoes. >> extra pickles is not a problem with me. that's our show, thanks for joining us, have a great rest of your monday. see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
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