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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 10, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete barry news coverage starts right now this is the news ♪ [ music ] >> golden gate park rocking tonight. the tens of thousands of people leaving a mark in a typically quiet residential neighborhood. good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> the first night of the outside land's music festival is wrapping up in san francisco where a huge crowd is causing strain in neighborhoods next to golden gate park. happening now eric is live at the polo field and he said that people inside the show are excited but those outside not so much. eric,. >> reporter: from there are mixed feeling, right behind the main stage.
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neil young, crazy horse just wrapping up, over my shoulder you can seat thousands of people that will very soon make their way out of here. any indication this will be a big weekend. . >> reporter: the foo fighters one of the biggest acts on the first night of outside lanes. playing to a crowd of thousands and making a few new fans in the process. >> it was great. . >> reporter: bella and her parents are among those who paid $225 to attend all three days. >> it's a fun show. it's cold but we wanted to bring her. >> reporter: just outside the concert traffic was jammed on fulton street. the sound carried throughout the neighborhood
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>> from her second floor window jennifer is taking it instride. >> want to see if we could recognize who was playing. >> reporter: with six stages for music and new attractions, such as beer land, concert organizers expect a full crowd of 6 5,000 people a day even if the weather remains chilly. >> it was cold, like a lot colder than everybody said it would be. it's like bring boots and sweaters and hats, it's chilly. >> big furry hats. >> reporter: we checked in with police tonight. still a big weekend. some of the other major acts still yet to be seen. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> and the website has more coverage of outside lands including a map of the festival area and the full concert line up. look for the tab on the home
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page. and another big music festival in the bay area at 10:30 the sound of jazz, filling downtown san jose and all for a good cause. >> developing news tonight on the campaign trail. romney is ready to announce his running mate and plans to do so first thing tomorrow morning. this is video of romney today arriving at his headquarters, his staff made at nounment tonight saying romney will name his running mate during an appearance in norfolk virginia. wisconsin representative paul ryan seems to be the pick to join the gop ticket. several media outlets including cnn and the huffing ton post say romney plans to name ryan as his running mate. here is a live look, pundits have urged romey to pick him. ryan is known for writing a plan to curb all titlement
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spending changes to medicaid to a voucher like system. others on the short list include rob port man, former, minnesota governor, bob mcdonald and florida senator. tune in tomorrow for the latest on the romney announcement. the coverage starts at seven. >> the news has learn that a south bay marine is one of three killed in an attack by an afghanistan officer. the 29-year-old graduated from strain francis high in mountain view in 2001. both of his parents are bay area judges, his mother is at the state court ofa pals, his father a judge in santa clara county. officials say they were having dinner at a police officer yesterday when the afghanistan officer gunned them down. it's the third attack on united states forces by afghanistan
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security this week. the court issued a statement that read on behalf of the court family i wish to express our profound sorrow, our thoughts and prayers are with the family. >> the flex alert issued by the power grid is being called off though people are skill asked to save energy. it was called because of the extreme heat and increased demand because of planned outages. it was in effect today but its been lifted for saturday and sunday. state officials say they shortened it because temperatures are slightly lower than anticipated. folks in a neighborhood said when the temperature climbs to 100 their power goes out. about 38 homes on drift wood way were without power yesterday and the day before. residents say they are routine in hot weather. >> people -- they turn the ac
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on and powers up. it happens between four and five. >> reporter: pg&e said it replaced the underground transformer three times in the past six weeks. the power was on today and neighbors say they hope it stays that way. >> today was a second day in a row of triple king heat. a few neighborhoods topping 100 degrees. take a look -- look at vacaville. 103 degrees, antioch 1 '02, fairfield, livermore and gilroy around 100 degrees as you can see. we have the fog showing up cost side but the inland numbers, this 10:00 hour. san jose 64 degrees, concord dropping off in toll upper 60s. livermore, 10:00 hour. . coming up the temperature change, we have in the forecast for tomorrow and the neighborhoods that will top 100 wednesday again into saturday.
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>> tomorrow is set as another spare the air day in the bay area. reduce pollution, those who are sensitive to bad air are told to avoid physical activity in the late afternoon. the worst air quality is predicted for inland areas like eastern contra costa andal immediate a. >> andal immediate and alameda. >> share cars, barbecue with a gas grill, net lighter fluid. >> tomorrow will be the 8th spare the air day in the bay area this season and the third day in a row. stay bus for continuing coverage. mark returns in 11 minutes, and. we will hear what people are saying about the heat in one bay area hot spot. >> richmond still cleaning up from the fire at the chevron refinery. one farmer isn't taking any
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chance was the produce grown in the community garden. >> reporter: its been five days and workers still trying to wash away any remaining residue from monday's refinery fire. >> sooty, oilly stuff you could have on your playground equipment or toys or whatever. >> reporter: that's why health officials recommend using a mild wash in water to wash playgrounds, toys, fruits, vegetables, anything you may be worried about many that's what workers will be doing today in richmond. in east richmond the folks at this nonprofit were doing a lot more but with a heavy heart. >> we would rather err on the safe side rather than give them to something and they have health problems. >> reporter: instead of selling to humans they are giving it to
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animals. >> have some -- give them to the an ma'ams because i love them too. . >> reporter: he hopes they will be okay. after a career in public health he said that he is not willing to take the risk with people, although its costly. he isn't sure if he will ask chevron to reimburse the farm. the folks say they won't let this it get them down, they are learning about the hazards of being in urban farms. rita williams. >> mower details now. county officials say that chevron expects to make it's first up close inspection of the damaged area of the refinery on monday. the fire was in the number four crude procession unit. analysts predict it'll be off line for months. >> people affected by monday's fire had their first chance to talk with staff at the new claims center. hundreds lined up at the center
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in richmond to report problems. some at the claim center said they also came today for information. >> here because i don't know what this could lead -- the symptoms could lead to. afraid for our health. >> reporter: it'll be open again tomorrow from eight until noon. chevron said once the claims verified it'll send out checks. the effects of the fire being felt beyond the bay area. tonight at 10:45 why drivers paying more at the pump. >> a cloud of black soot went on people in jack london square. they said surprise and upset them. john looked for the source of the soot and said what he learned. >> reporter: the weather was perfect in jack london square until something started raining from the scheme. >> like black snow falling from the air, falling down on you, all in your eyes and face. >> people in and around the
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square found themselves in a soot storm. they were covered a dirty black unknown substance. >> reporter: kind of spread out. everybody in the area got covered. >> reporter: an attorney said the substance irritated the eye issue. >> this i'm concerned about. i have a -- serious medical problem. >> reporter: a bit later a woman who said she worked for the developer came to talk to the people and take photographs. the crowd seemed to feel she was dismissing their concerns. >> we were trying to find if it's chemical, and we just want to go back to work. i need to get paid. i understand. i called bay area quality management. >> reporter: the developer's representative who wouldn't give us her name said she contacted port officials. >> i was told by a representative this has happened three times before and it's a shift that is -- emitting exhaust. >> she added she was told the
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same ship has been responsible each time. u be you and i will be me. >> reporter: there is a lot of it. it may come there a departing ship and if that's its case they will try to find a way to prevent it from happening again. in oakland. >> a hole in a fence, discarded tools, change of clothes, the attempt to break a teen out of detention on his birthday. >> a temperature range of nearly 40 degrees, coming up the hottest day of the week weekend and when a cooling trend kicks in. >> i could go ♪
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. new, the owner of a pit bulla accused of attacking a park police horse is speaking out to ktvu tonight. amber lee spoke to the owner who said his dog shouldn't be put dawn because of what happened. >> reporter: we met with the dog owner here where at tack happened. he contacted us and asked to tell his received the -- his received side of the story he runs every day with his dog. he said he raised him since he was a puppy. now he is worried that animal
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control may order the dog destroyed and he is concerned about the federal charges he is facing including assault on a police officer. >> assault on a police horse. >> reporter: he showed us the four citations he got. >> i could go to federal prison. i don't know what will happen. i can't afford an attorney. >> reporter: on monday the 44- year-old said he let charlie off leash in this area. he said his dog started running toward a park police horse on patrol. >> gets along with all animals, people,. >> reporter: he does acknowledge that he bit the horse in the leg and chased it. >> i'm sorry about everything that happened. sorry for the horse, for the officer, and -- you know i stepped up and took responsibility. >> reporter: he said park police arrested him right after the attack but that he was released two hours later. san francisco animal contractual returned him tuesday saying that the dog had no history of aggressive behavior. >> friendly dog. he wants to play.
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>> reporter: one condition of release was that charlie we leashed at all times. the hearing to decide if the dog will be destroyed is scheduled for august 23rd. >> he has been my best friend and i don't know what i would do without him. >> reporter: he is scheduled to be in federal court to face charges on october 11th. he said he expects to be fined and hopes the charges will be dropped. reporting live, amber lee. >> the pilot of a small plane died tonight after crashing in to a residential neighborhood. it happened just after six near olympic and westwood boulevard south of ucla. a loss fire department said the plane didn't hit any building. the crash sparked a fire but the flames were quickly put out. no injuries were reported. the pilot declared an emergency for unknown reasons, shortly after leaving the airport. a trash truck in campbell caught fire creating a smoky
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scene around 4:30. this started to smoke and then flames broke out. truck wound up dumping its load on to the street. >> a tourist is facing homicide charges in hawaii in connection with a jet ski accident that killed a north bay teen. the 20-year-old made his first appearance in a hawaii courtroom. he was riding a rented jet ski sunday in the waters off hawaii when he rear-ended another watercraft. that jet ski was driven by a 16- year-old from vacaville who would have been a junior at 9 high school this fall. he died tuesday at a hospital in hawaii. >> vacaville police released the name of a man shot and killed yesterday by an officer just outside police made quarters. police say the 57-year-old came to the police station at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon acting strangely. they say about 20 minutes later
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he confronted an officer outside the station threatening him with a knife. he then shot him. vacaville police are asking anyone who saw him to police call police. >> it was a brazen attempt to bust a criminal out of juvenile hall. that teen remains in jail tonight. those who tried to break him out are still on the loose. >> reporter: the first call came in at 4:35. deputies swarmed a juvenile hall. inside the six by nine room just below the window and just inside was the young inmilitary. he was set to be taken to the county jail but just hours before his departure. >> unknown suspect had breached two security fences, using bolt cutters, they had then attempted to break down the wall, the south wall of the housing unit using a
11:49 pm
sledgehammer. >> reporter: staff on site heard the noise and whoever broke in ran away. soon after neighbors started to stir. >> it was police and at that point i thought -- i hope nobody comes in it. >> reporter: whoever cut the fence hasn't been found. they found a bolt cutter, sledgehammer and more. >> about a block away we found a backpack with clothing. it was found in the middle of the street which is strange. there is no identification in the backpack. >> reporter: the teen max wade first made headlines after was charged with two counts of attempted murder . america charges more charges will be added. tonight he is out of his room at juvenile hall and is now in a cell at jail. channel 2news. >> a big temperature range to work with today across the bay
11:50 pm
area, you could have 59 in pacifica, am the way up to 102 degrees toward antioch. san jose at 85 degrees. here is the forecast model showing you this, dense fog coming back cost side. a factor right now and into tomorrow morning. into the afternoon hours, partly sunny skies, here we go, with the heat inland, upper 90's to around 100. we head into saturday afternoon. as you do work your waya cause, 70s, 89o's. warmest locations, inland, on track to reach the upper 09's and topping 100 toward antioch. could be approaching 102 to 104. tomorrow the hottest day of the weekend coming up, how much of a temperature drop you can expect for sunday and when the real cooling moves back in. >> the grape harvest now underway in napa. grape clusters cut this morning along the trail for sparkling wine produce mum napa this
11:51 pm
year's harvest started several weeks before it did last year. harvest in sonoma expected to start tuesday. >> a quiet memorial for the victims of the skikh temple shooting. >> more than a year since the quake and tsunami in japan. they what they are doing at berkeley and their hope for the futu iiiid[%
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. why would someone do this? >> thousands of mourners gathered in oak creek wisconsin to remember the six victims of the shooting at the temple. each family escorted their loved one's casket. they faded the shooter as wade
11:54 pm
michael paige. he shot and killed himself as police moved? . the bay area community held a vigil tonight. the event was organized by members of the temple -- the vigil drew scores of people in a show sympathy. >> new at ten its been 17 months since the quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in japan. tonight, hundreds of students who survived are here in the bay area. we are live at berkeley to explain what they are doing here and their hopes for the future. >> reporter: the students had a farewell party here at international house tonight. marking the end of a leadership program to help put the past behind and look to their future. it's a graduation day. 300 students sat in the sun enjoying new friendships a world away from their hometowns
11:55 pm
devastated by the natural and nuclear disasters. >> some of them -- some of them even lost parents. >> reporter: they arrived in july for a three week program. they learned about leadership, united states culture and building relationships. skills that organizers hope will help them return and rebuild their community. >> hasn't changed so much. we believe that [inaudible] going to take five to ten years, even more. >> reporter: at the graduation ceremony today many students spoke from the heart saying the program has given them hope. some shared photographs of their homes and hometown he says his hometown is still devastated. >> my -- area has radiation problem. we have to deal with the problem. my -- school is still temporary school. >> reporter: the program was
11:56 pm
funded by a company founded by uc berkeley alum. >> this program is just a fee positive thing. it's wonderful. >> reporter: it was such a short time. we need to connect it and -- we want the boys to come back. >> reporter: the people that came, [inaudible] >> reporter: the students returned to japan this weekend, the program was sponsored by the united states and japan governments. live in berkeley. >> work is set to resume next week on gas pipelines in the san bruno neighborhood still rebuilding that deadly pg&e explosion. construction stopped last week after a contractor damaged a two inch gas line in -- almost the same spot where the deadly blast happened. a dozen homes were evacuated. the contractor saw has agreed to more safety efforts. the officials say they will monitor the project daily. it's expected to finish next
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month. >> reporter: a dispute over the 49ers new stadium is release me, momigus!
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12:00 am
next two days. funk, jazz filled the air in the heart of downtown san jose. people brought chairs and spread out on the grass to enjoy the concert. >> beautiful, great atmosphere, people having a great time. no worries or stress. >> reporter: more than 100,000 expected to come to the summerfest with 12 stages and 110 acts preforming, they can walk to different venues. >> swing, blues, straight ahead, funk, r&b, soul. >> reporter: it takes me back, way back. >> reporter: everywhere you look people are moving to the music, regional artists to grammy award musicians. donna has been coming for years. >> i'm looking for more -- i plan on doping the bird them.
12:01 am
>> reporter: everybody had a chance to jam with the time when they took the stage. just outside the gates, foot traffic at nearby restaurants and bars was heavy. at the grill managers expect sales to nearly double over the weekend. hotels are also see age boost in business. >> my wife's vacation. she is off for three weeks on a job. we decided to make a week out of it. >> reporter: costs $20 a day to attend the festival. allot money goes to putting on free concerts and giving music to under privileged music. it opens tomorrow at ten. reporting live from downtown san jose. ktve channel 2news. >> danville police asking for the public's help to catch a thief they say is threatening the community's safety. eight street signs have disappeared in the past few weeks, mostly throw out town. you can see empty poles where
12:02 am
signs once stood. it may seem like a harms prank but can have serious consequences. >> get hit and people know where they are going. >> reporter: as people search for whoever is taking the signs, they say they will replace them at $100 a piece. >> we had the update on the story we first brought you, a man police say is a social burglary. sserial burglar. they are responsible for three other burglars at same restauranta amounting to $33,000 in losses. police say they caught him after this burglary on august 2nd. a 20-month-old assault was the focus tonight of a segment on america's most wanted. the main suspecta accused of
12:03 am
assaulting an underaged victim. he is thought to have gone to texas or mention do. anyone with anyone in information about his where about social security asked to call police. >> it's a fight that pitted the new 49 erstad jump against a strapped school district. robert honda says the dispute over $30 million is now settled out of court. >> reporter: andrew and his student athletes have something to high five ability off the field. the district and other agencies have been nighing the 49ers over billions of dollars in public money. after a closed door meeting, the parties agree to split the money rather than go to court. for the school district it'll mean about $7 million over three years and no layoffs. >> i was excited because i know that in the past we have had layoffs and its been -- the morale has been down because of that. to hear we won't have any
12:04 am
layoffs is wonderful. >> reporter: parents of students agreed. >> i think it's very important for the teachers to ba ground to educate the children. to me that was just amazing. i love it. >> reporter: the dispute came after the governor's agency -- a committee overseeing the santa clara funds decided monday write should go to schools instead. now the school district and santa clara county will have about half the money it wanted but a supervisorrer isn't complaining. it still works out to millions. >> it's good to see appears to be a fair thing. we don't want to be greedy. >> reporter: the district and county will get their money over several years t will take about five to get 30 million for the county. the deal manslaughter be approved at a public meeting. in santa clara. robert honda. knvu. >> the trade commission okayed a final settlement with facebook over privacy
12:05 am
violations, it includes a requirement to express consent before overriding privacy and to block access after a user has deleted their account . >> netflix ceo bought almost $48,000 of facebook this year. he sits on the board of directers, the purchase was seen as a votek. he may have gotten a bargin, facebook shares down almost 45% since it's initial public offering in may. he bought the stock wednesday at more than $21 a share. since wall street stocks went higher despite disappointing trade information from chain a. the dow gained 22 points, the index has moved higher in five weeks,s in. its been up four weeks in a row. >> local oysters under rewall. >> and mystery solved, how
12:06 am
nasa explaning a slight smudge on a photograph from mars that had manges running wild. >> your weekend is approaching, where we will have fog first thing tomorrow morning. the forecast and when [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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. state health officials warning people about possible contamination involving oysters from marin county. drake's bay oyster company issued a recall today of it's oysters after three illnesses were reported. officials say that they could be contaminated a bacteria. the products have a label similar to the image you see here on the left of the screen.
12:09 am
you can go to the website for a link to the recall information including lot numbers and harvest date. >> there has been a lot of talk about whether the mars rover photographed a ufo shortly after it landed on the red planet. today its been declared solved sedgeds after it touched down, a tiny camera snapped a picture showing a smudge on the horizon. they said it was just the aftermath of the backpack crash landing in the distance. police in santa cruz say a van found on fire thursday morning is connected to wednesday night's fatal shooting of a 13-year-old boy. joey was gunned down wednesday night while walking home from the beach boardwalk. police have called the shooting gang related. today police said a van spotted at the scene of the drive by shooting was later found on fire 12 miles away. they say the van was stolen and stripped of its license plates
12:10 am
before being set on fire. >> in news of the world tonight in kleina government officials say more than two million people were relocated from their homes in a coastal province when a typhoon hit. one dam gave way destroying a village. it's its third one to hit the coast in the past week. in syria fighting continues in several parts of the country after 17 months of conflict. they say government air craft are waging a deadly campaign in. they say there is steady fighting in and around damascus. in italy a tourist decided to take a nap on a bag belt and didn't wake up when it started moving. security officers spotted him on xray monitors, he had reportedly been drinking now facing criminal charges. he had to be tested for radiation exposure. >> marin officials struggling to find a buyer for a mansion
12:11 am
formerly owned by the prime minister of the ukraine. nobody bid on the 19,000 square foot home at auction. the home was assessed at 7.7 million bah was on the auction block for two. the former owner was convicted of money laundering in the united states and is currently in jail. south bay connect could be forced to close its doors, the nonprofit hacker dojo said it needs $250,000 to bring its building up to code. required improvements include a fire sprinkler system and handicapped accessible rest rooms, they have until december 27th to get the work done. no get the news to go. down load the app, you can watch all of the newscast live on your smart phone. >> concerns about lysteria prompt two separate recalls. >> watch it go up, up, up.
12:12 am
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. the sudden increase in gas prices recently has many drivers wonder figure it's due to monday's fire. the chevron refinery in richmond. tom a seays how much price prices have gone up and why chevron is going to benefit. >> reporter: chevron won't say how long it's disabled refinery will be down but every day it is we are all paying more. >> it's funny. as soon as i saw the fire i filled up my tank. i have been watching the gas prices go up and up. >> reporter: it all boils down to this. for every night gallons of gas here in the state of california, chevron makes one
12:15 am
of those. take that away and you have a price spiking dent in california's gasoline supply. >> it seems like a small thing. fragile for one thing to affect everything else. >> reporter: a 399 a gallon the average for a gallon is 16- cents higher than a week before before the fire. in san francisco, the bay area's highest average price is 16-cents higher, san jose is up 18-cents a gallon. oakland up 19 and climbing. chevron's huge southern california refinery and all others benefit from the tight supply and demand. >> sounds like -- a set up almost. really, we are getting, we are getting played. that's -- >> that's not right at all. have to pay the price for that. why -- others get away with it. that's not right. >> reporter: they can keep the still working parts running but
12:16 am
only say experts by shipping in very expensive supplies; ktvu channel 2news. >> any form of the swine flu is back in the news. the cdc said that a new type of the flu hassin effected 145 people since july 12th. most of the new cases have been reported in the past week in indiana, ohio, illinois and hawaii. experts say humans get it from exposure to live pigs at county fairs and on farms. you can't get it from eating pork. there are no reports of deaths from the new flu. >> . 133 pounds of out of state cheese recalled because of possible lyst eria. . the bay has told all the stores and food services company that got them. so far no illnesses have been linked to the recall.
12:17 am
apples apples are also being recalled. the packaged apples are giveno burger king and mcdonalds. it includes various snacks with ready pack labels and apple salad kit was a safeway farm label. no illnesses have been reported. >> even though it didn't quite reach trip ill digits today it was still hot enough to make a lot of people uncomfortable. >> if i had to walk these streets it's to much. to hot. >> ly use my power. i will use my air, i will use everything i can to stay cool. >> reporter: temperatures reached 96 degrees today in pleasanton that. didn't stop from being in the sun. others opted for frozen yogurt. >> tomorrow will be day three
12:18 am
of trip ill digit heat. we still have the other extreme, the fog keeping it pretty chilly on the coast if you plan to head to the beach probably to cold with the sweaters and the jackets, right now we have dense fog show up near half moon bay, pacifica, around san francisco, has been on the increase. we have the steady on shore breeze that will help -- cap the temperatures once again for the beach for tomorrow. right around the bay. away from this the temperatures really soaring as you work inland. for tonight mostly clear skies except for coastal fog. we will start to trim back on temperatures for the second half of the weekend and next week for the extended more cooling expected for monday, tuesday and wednesday. over night lows the 50s to the lower 60's. san jose around 60 degrees, we could have a few patches of fog pushing in to the bay, the solid fog bank will be out near the coast. toward pacifica and stinson beach. for tomorrow high pressure,
12:19 am
talking about this over the past few days, sinking air, that's a warming air mass and temperatures still inland. around 100 to 103 for tomorrow. about the same as today. could be a business warmer, morning fog near the immediate shoreline and a few patches could last in to the afternoon. here is the change starting sunday. this high starts to weaken, this cooler weather system moves in. we will start to cool it off for the second half of the weekend, on average three to six degrees. that means mid to possibly upper 90's, the inland spots on sunday. excessive heat warning posted this weekend for fresno toward bakersfield. temperatures around 106 to 112, that's a major heat just to 9 south and east. forecast highs for tomorrow you can pick the temperature, 60s for the coast, 80s, 90's, warmest locations on the hot side. 100 degrees in fairfield. 102 antioch.
12:20 am
103 brentwood. closer to bay only the upper 07's. san jose right around 90 degrees, the temperatures will check check in about 3:00 and pacifica chilly only around 64 degrees. downtown san francisco, 70, out toward golden gate park we will cool it off. compared to downtown san francisco by three, four forecast high of 64, the outside land. here is a look ahead. the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. weekend almost here a little cool america to sunday. we will still have up 90's inland. we will refresh the forecast tomorrow morning. hot numbers to talk about. >> thank you mark. >> the oxford english dictionary has added some very new modern words you may know some of them including bling which is expensive, flashy clothing or jewelry, guy liner or eye liner worn by men, bromance a close nonsexual
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. san francisco 49ers pretty much own it tonight as much as anyone can. talent laden roster for them and a carry over from last year. per usual. this time of year. >> lots of kinks worked out but the opening drive looked good. well played. 84 yards, alex smith. zip to brett, four yards, see it again. smith the rookie of the year
12:25 am
after toby, they are calling a hip bruise. he is day today. not said to be to series the number two quarterback, first play, i don't know how he passes but he can run. gone. 78-yard touchdown down the sideline he goes. 17-6 final over the vikings, number one quarterback like what he saw. >> got the short yards in, red zone in. got a lot of situations in there. that what you want. are you trying to get the reps, get the stuff out of it. i thought it was a good start. >> talk a little baseball. the rockies out of this yard. they have up in denver. they aren't half bad. circling the bases, different story tonight. that's the back to the future mobile -- that was your giant highlight of the night.
12:26 am
the 4th inning, tim had a two out hit. he didn't pitch to badly. giants no offense, tyler with the base hit -- the best chance to score, runners at first and thirst but tim strikes out, copper thrown out. trying to steal and there you go. 3-0 final. the dodgers won. giants tied for first place. heaven knows they have done it better than anybody else. the walk off victory. fate returns the favor in chicago. a's led early. jumped the yard, his 12th of the year. early 3-0 lead. it's 3-3, that is pat. giving it up. jordon danks his first major league homer and it is walking off time for the white sox, a's will have to shiek it off, a tough 4-3 loss. little league world series, the goal, this are looking hot.
12:27 am
jumping all over -- -- danny gone, two run shot, strolling, they face hawaii in the regional final. the last major of the year, they call it glory's last shot. tiger is in it and his putting game returns. long birdie, there on number four, a one under 71, four under total. he is tied with bj. yesterday's leader carl patterson for the lead and your olympic snap shot. the usa basketball team, a winner, spain the final. >> thank you. >> . >> that's it. thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> morning on two starts at seven. they will have mitt's big announcement. he is expected to name paul ryan as his vp running mate and [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet
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