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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 4, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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>> it's raining in parts of the bay area again tonight. what makes this weather system different than the storms that pounded the region about 10 days ago. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we're back on team coverage. this system could slow your morning commute. amber lee begins our coverage.
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she's live in san rafael and is telling us it's been raining off and on there for several hours. >> reporter: we're in downtown san rafael where it's raining right now. people are out and about. and they're preparing for the storm even though the storm is not expected to pack a punch. these sandbags are staying put. they say the storm flooded sunday morning and hope this round of rain will not cause any additional problems. >> are you worried about the afternoon? >> hopefully it won't be that bad. >> this is where we keep all our rain boots, rain suits. >> reporter: inside the store there's what's called a rain room. tonight some shelves need restocking. there's been a shortage on tarps and repair supplies. >> they will wait, when it
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happens you will see them comeing in in droves. >> reporter: this kindergarten teacher says he's learned his lesson he's finally bought his rain gear tonight. >> got really wet actually. so much i got sick over the weekend as well. just being out and about. >> reporter: we saw the thomas family putting christmas decorations in their trunk. their goal tonight was to try to get the outside of their home decorated before it rained. >> i'm getting ready. i know it's coming. i know they said it's farther north so yeah, just trying to get it all ready and up tonight before it all starts. >> reporter: in san rafael the public works director showed us the hundreds of sandbags that stand ready. he said residents can get them at designated stations. >> when the rain comes down we don't have time to fill them up. to go ahead and address the issue. though the rain hasn't been steady it's been heavy at times and people told us when you live in the north bay. rain is something you expect for the next several months. reporting live in downtown san
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rafael. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. along the coast, caltrans crews have been busy trying to stabilize a known trouble spot in san mateo county. the crews have been trying to mitigate the erosion. traffic was reduced to one lane between linda mar and pacifica and the north portal bridge area of devil slide. and in the santa cruz mountain crews are still trying to shore up vine hill road in scotts valley. county officials say restoring at least one lane is a top priority because it's a crucial connection to highway 17 and the silican valley. crews told us they wanted to get that lane open by today but now the hope is it will stay open by tomorrow afternoon. live storm tracker 2, showers north of the area. san rafael as you just saw. you can see most of the activity the real heavy stuff is up here north of sacramento. it's coming a little closer. we head out toward the north
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bay. that's where the heavier showers have been. they've been moderate to light. santa rosa, but you see it's widely scattered right. there's napa, fairfield, vacaville, slight scattered showers. this system is priming itself it's going to roll on in here you're looking at concord near bay point willow pass. this system is going to ramp up. there's san francisco with a few showers. what we're seeing now it's not a big deal. by the time we get to the morning it's going to increase but it is the morning commute. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. and stay with us for continuing coverage in 12 minutes we're going to take you to the banks of the river still saturated by all the rain. at 10:20, bill comes back with tomorrow's forecast. at 10:45 he'll go beyond tomorrow and tell us about a significant change coming up during the weather. disturbing new information has surfaced tonight regarding
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the kidnapping and rape of an autistic teenage girl who walked away from a group home in oakland. ktvu's heather holmes is live at opd headquarters and tells us how police tracked down the alleged attacker and what she's learned about the man's past. heather. >> reporter: police tell me that surveillance cameras at the fruitvale station caught the man and they knew he was their suspect. so when he showed back in the area on sunday officers arrested him and these court documents that we obtained they detail the three day ordeal involving kidnap and rape. the severely autistic boy walked out of the fred finch youth center last tuesday and police say right into the hands of a predator. >> this is by far one of the most sickening cases i've seen in my career as a police officer that someone can take advantage of someone of this stature. >> reporter: that one is gary
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atkinson of san francisco. he was charged with kidnapping and rape. >> the child was resilient. she assisted the investigators in this case and we're proud of her courage. >> reporter: the 16-year-old who is autistic left her home and kidnapped by atkinson. who was held against her will and repeatedly raped. she was able to escape and found on a at a b.a.r.t. station. >> this predator is no longer on the streets of oakland and the community is safer for that. >> reporter: now frank and julie because of those prior convictions, adkinson would be sentenced under the three
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strikes law to life in prison if convicted on these new charges. the community of social services has launched an investigation into that group home to see if they acted properly. new at 10:00, the san francisco police department latest crime fighting tool. officers are launching a weekly segment on the police website called the line up where investigators asked the public for help solving a crime. this is surveillance video from this week's inaugural posting. it shows a man attacking another man at about 9:30 in the evening. police describe the assailant as an african american male about 6'2", 200 pounds, between 40 to 50 years old. anyone with information on the case is asked to call police. there's a legal ruling to tell you about tonight regarding a controversial they
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therapy that aims to convert gays to straight. there's a ban on conversion therapy for minors. a block buster deal tonight involving netflix. they have landed the u.s. right to show disney movies. however that won't start until 2016 because right now stars holds the right to disney moves under a deal that expires in 2013. federal investigators have given the right to buy bay area based lucas film. george lucas is to receive about half of that in cash and the other half in newly issued disney shares. he has said he plans to tea -- plans to donate much of the money to charity. and yahoo has announced a plan to buy on the air. it's not clear if yahoo will
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continue to use on the air's product or if the company is just scooping up mobile computing specialists. one month after bay area voters went to the polls, more than half a million votes were cast and the measure lost by fewer than 200 votes. the measure would raise the sales tax by a half cent. the money would pay for improvements to roads, freeways and public safety. now to san jose where police are looking for a people who converted a rented home into a marijuana grow operation. officers made the find. >> see, look at this. oh my god. >> reporter: min wynn could not believe his eyes. >> oh my god, my house.
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>> reporter: when he saw how the inside of the single family home in san jose -- >> see the bedroom over here. >> reporter: had been gutted and convert into a full scale marijuana growing operation. >> oh my god. >> reporter: industrial ventilation, lighting and the remnants of 300 harvested pot plants filled the house he and his house had been renting out to a friend of a relative for about $1,800 a month. police got the call to sandalwood court around 3:00 this morning when neighbors saw people loading up several cars and thought they were witnessing a burglar. instead they found a more lucrative crime. >> this house was solely for marijuana. >> never had a problem with them. always hi and bye and they minded their own business. >> reporter: neighbors say they have no idea what had been
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going at this unassuming house. wynn says it had been months since he checked the inside of the house and he feels he has been duked. >> of course, because this is for them to live not for them to do something like this. >> reporter: today we found the little dog they left inside. the marijuana these guys got away with is worth about $100,000 on the street. the search is on tonight for thieves who made off with $1,000 worth of holiday items and tools from a christmas tree lot run by piedmont boy scouts. a spokesperson says the gate was locked but it appears the thieves jumped the fence and made out with the goods. the boy scouts plan to continue selling trees and garland at the lot through christmas. i told you about tonight's
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scattered showers. i will give you an hour to hour on how this system will move during the morning commute. $175 million for a light
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new at 10:00, a proposed
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expansion of the vta. it's controversial because of a hefty price tag. the line currently ends in campbell. the proposed $1.6 million extension would move the line to the netflix head quart headquarters. matt keller has the story. >> reporter: this is the end of the line, but there's a proposal extending the line into los gatos. for jessica jay another mile and a half of track would make life much easier. >> it would be perfect to take public transportation then walk from there. >> reporter: the proposed junction station would be the new last stop and sit next to netflix in los gatos. joe pesinski says even more growth isen planned near by.
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>> on the other side of the highway 85 there's a propough -- proposal for 550 feet of new class a offices for netflix headquarters. >> reporter: if the vasona junction station is completed, it'll bring 430 extra boardings. and 717 extra boarders if there's a park & ride. tonight they discussed if the increase in riders is worth the price tag. >> personally i'm not very sure that having the extra mile and a half for the cost of $175 million is the best use of community funds. >> we believe that the extension is needed. >> this is fiscal maverick, parents should never do this to their children or
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grandchildren. >> reporter: a spokesperson told if the project is approved the money would come from several different sources including state and federal funds. vta says the earliest possible start of construction would be in 2014. reporting live in campbell, matt keller, ktvu news. the san francisco metropolitan transportation agency decided how to spend $6.87 million of money from the state. 5million will go to fleet improvements. the other 1.7 million will go to free muni passes for young people from low income families. that plan starts in march and will run through 2013. a fight over the oldest recycling center is expected to come to an end tomorrow. the city and parks has given them until tomorrow to park and end. the city plans to put a park there. supporters claim the center was
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target because it attracting homeless people to golden state park and the surrounding neighborhoods. a two alarm fire burned two homes and led the authorities to an illegal marijuana growing operation. the fire started around 1:30 in the attic of a home in ashburg and spread into the house next door. that second home at 1550 page is a huge ornate victoria that was featured in a documentary on the hippy movement. both homes suffered damage but no one was hurt. >> these old victorians are made of brick wood, they are usually very dense and packed together and usually when you see one on fire you lose three. >> at this point police have not made any arrests. a study is the first of its kind to track the effects of
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synthetic the áf marijuana known as k2. that's a small fraction of the 5 million drug related er visits. k2 has many harmful side effects even though it's marketed like a safe alternative to the real thing. back now to our storm watch coverage. flooding is not expected to be a concern tonight as this next round of rain is forecast to quickly move through the area. as ken pritchett reports, some folks are still drying out from the last storm and they could use a break. >> in sonoma county the flood signs have been put aside. this road now clear of flood waters. still fill near by vineyards. some small creeks and streams are flowing faster than normal. the result of a deluge over the weekend. and that certainly true of the russian river as well. >> so, those trees over there 20 feet high. >> those trees. >> those trees under the water.
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>> reporter: george baltram owns river bend tree farm. >> so up to your knee it's 35 feet deep. that's where they thought it was going to be. >> reporter: the river made it to 30 feet, short of the elevation. but it's dropped several feet just since this morning. a trend that he doesn't think will change much with this latest round of rain. >> you know i think it's going to come up a little bit but it's not going to be quite a bit. >> reporter: with this rain renewed flooding may not be a concern but i talked to a fire chief with the san rafael fire department and they said the ground is saturated so with this rain they will be keeping an eye out for the possibility of landslides. in petaluma, ken pritchett. the couple left citrus height as a major storm was approaching. they were headed home to gardenerville nevada likely taking highway 50 most of the
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way. roderick cliffton and 46-year- old paula lane had been visiting relatives. police say their cell phones appear to have been turned off. rain right now, a heavy cell just north of sacramento it's going that way. at this point we have moderate to light rainfalling. we have wet roadways for sure. this whole activity is going to spread south so it will have an impact your morning commute. at 4:00 a.m. it's starting to group a up a little bit. so you have wet on your roadways. most of the bay area all nine bay area counties have some rain on them. your morning commute is going to be a little dicey. now steve and sal are going to be here tomorrow morning. this is not a major major rain event but it's enough you know any time you put water on the morning commute you have a
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mess. so the early morning commute tomorrow pretty darn wet. when i come back, we roll this all the way through. we'll take a look at the forecast to see if we can't find some sunshine, back here in a little bit. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. you can get up to the minute weather by up loading it right on your mobile device. we also provide updates on facebook and twitter. organizers of the outside lance music festival announced the dates for next year's concert. that's stevie wonder there. this is footage from last year. no word yet on who's performing but last summer's headliners at outside lands included neil young, crazy horse, metallic
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and stevie wonder. the names gains popularity with the royal family.
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san francisco's board of supervisors today gave final approval to an ordnance banning public nudity. like a previous vote, it prompted opponents to strip down. the ordnance is expected to strike a balance between freedom and restraint. >> reporter: officers today finalized a ban on a ban on nudity. prompting people to strip their clothes. >> this is amazing we are
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leading a world battle against oppression. >> i gave this about two years to run it course and rather than running its course it got more extreme. >> reporter: nudists call it a violation of their free speech rights and are taking the ordnance to court with some castro residents sympathetic to the cause. >> i kind of have fixed feelings about it. i think people should have freedom to do what they want to do. then i sort of also understand some of the families and kids. maybe their concerns a little bit. >> opponents of the ban say police should be focused on violent crime rather than siting nudists. but george gascon told us even low level offenses are important to prosecute. >> there are other social restraints that are part of the social contracts when we live in an organized society. if we want to live out on the woods by ourselves that's a different story. >> reporter: supervisor james kim said she made a mistake and she changed her vote to change the measure it still passed by
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one vote. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. u.s. stock markets edged lower today as the fiscal cliff talks drag on. the dow lost 13 points, the nasdaq was down five. trading was light as investors wait for details on the negotiations in washington. in six minutes, rita williams will tell us about a new poll on the fiscal cliff. do americans think it can be avoiding and who are they blaming. sales of pandora plummeted. pandora is facing competition. it appears brits are really getting into the royal pregnancy and bookmakers are taking odds. bets are being taken to if name
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of the expected babies. traditional names of royals such as elizabeth, victoria and williams are still the favorite. a hollywood landmark is getting a make over. the last minute opposition to a bay area sheriff's purchase of an aerial drone. >> it's like the worse nightmare imaginable. it's like this isn't true. >> while in dialysis and
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>> welcome back. >> reporter: she may be tiny but her absence left a big home in this potrero neighborhood. >> the worse feeling imaginable. it was like this isn't true. >> reporter: robert runkel recalls his dispair when he realized his miniature yorkie lola was stolen when thieves smashed his car window. >> the days she was gone, i just layed in best most of the day. >> reporter: if news also rattled neighbors many of whom own dogs themselves. >> all i thought immediately is what would i have done if somebody stole my dog trouser. you would want everybody you every met to jump in and help. >> reporter: tracy moon printed these oversized fliers. she everyone threw in her own money $3,000 for a reward. moon says runkel who goes to dialysis three times a week and
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recently learned she had lymphoma could not handle any more news. so when she got a call about a dog running around in a neighborhood. >> i was worried would i recognize her. because i cannot bring the wrong dog. the alameda county board of supervisors today postponed a decision on the purchase of a surveillance drone for the sheriff's office after an objection from the american civil liberties union. records obtain bid the aclu of northern california show sheriff greg ahon received bids for the drone back in august with the stated purpose of intelligence gathering and surveillance. >> we have nothing yet on paper
12:02 am
that will bind the sheriff impose written and personal safeguards and mechanisming to prevent public abuses. >> to think we would go an use an unmanned aerial system for civilian surveillance is inaccurate. >> reporter: ahern says the surveillance would be used primarily for search and rescue. a vote is now expected early next year. president obama appears to be winning support for his plan to raise taxes on the wealthy to help deal with the so called fiscal cliff. ktvu's rita williams reports on the court of public opinion and why it may not be enough. >> reporter: what do you think? will the president in congress send the country plunging over the fiscal cliff. >> i don't think they'll reach it. i don't know what they will do then. >> i am hoping and praying they do. come together. >> i am hoping it will be by
12:03 am
the end of the year. >> do you think they will reach an agreement or not? >> i don't. >> reporter: a poll shows more americans think they will not agree. 49 to 40%. and if they don't an automatic spending cuts and tax increases take effect. americans by two to one say they will blame republicans more than the president. but that didn't stop both sides from criticizing the others proposals. >> his proposal was so outlandish, i don't think we should go back to the table until he puts something there that we can work there. >> when you look at the map it doesn't work. >> reporter: an attempt
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take place in january. we want to ask him about a homicide. live storm tracker 2 picking up showers showing up around the golden gate bridge. when we come back we'll track those and get into
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following a string of publicized problems kat williams says he's going to quit stand up. >> i'm announcing my retirement from stand up, i'm kind of done.
12:09 am
>> reporter: williams was arrested at a seattle bar over the weekend and last night in oakland for hitting a man. when he appeared at the oakland coliseum his bodyguards carried him off the stage when he threatened to pick a fight with a fan. many at his show described his behavior as odd and they sued him. los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa made the announcement today for the ports of los angeles and long beach. experts say the shut down costs an estimated $1 billion a day. in news of the world tonight, in egypt more than 100,000 people protested outside the presidential palace in cairo. they call it the last warning and some of them actually breeched the palace walls. the protesters are furious at president morsi over broad powers. they want to force him from
12:10 am
office just like they did with former president mumbarak nearly a year ago. large waves and strong winds are battering a cargo ship off the coast of istanbul. the shift is drifting in heavy surf and there's black smoke pouring out. another ship that was carrying coal sank in the storm. one crew member is confirmed dead, nine others are missing. a rescue boat hit rocks and also sank. an in guatemala software company founder turned up today in guatemala city. he says he used a double to get out of belize and plans to file for asylum. one official in belize says they do not try to plan to extradite him. facebook said today it will not use information from photos automatically up loaded from a user cell phone unless that user share it is photo with friends. the menlo company reported to concerns about a new feature that instantly up loads photos from a cell phone to a private
12:11 am
album on facebook. facebook could use information such as locations or activities for advertising purposes. some analysts are predicting that facebook stock will get a boost from the company's inclusion in the nasdaq index. the company is expected to be added to the index on december 12 as one of the largest nonfinancial companies. shares closed at $47.46. a new study points to a growing addiction to cell phones. researchers at baylor and seton hall kwraouft says materialism and impulsiveness lie behind cell phones and instant messages. another study found three out or four people say they would panic if they lost their phones. it's a battle over oysters, why one family is now suing the federal government. chief meteorologist bill martin updating his forecast right now. he's back with the timetable for tomorrow and beyond.
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new video into our newsroom now. we have learned a woman was injured after a car crashed into a liquor store in berkeley. the accident happened around 9:45 this evening. witnesses say a driver lost control of his car and went through the glass doors at the easy market liquor. initial reports indicate the woman's injuries are minor. she was though taken to the hospital. the driver remained on the scene and is cooperating with police. the owner of the drake's bay oyster farms says he's not giving up without a fight. today he announced plans to sue the u.s. government. jana katsuyama reports the owner says millions of the oysters will go to waste if he has to do what the government
12:15 am
wants. >> reporter: in rain and blowing wind, workers clean the docks at drake bay oyster farm. 30 employees might lose their jobs if the company is forced to close. today long time customers came for a final taste of tradition. >> i thought was a really bad decision to close the oyster farm. it's been here for a long long time. >> reporter: the owners say they want to stay on this federal parkland so their taking the u.s. government to court. >> this is washington, d.c. who ignored the will of the people around the bay area. >> reporter: kenney lonnie got a call from ken salazar last week. the secretary has toured the farm but decided to let the 40 year lease expire on november 30th. the national park service bought the land in 1972. salazar now wants to move ahead with plans congress laid out then to potentially make it a marine wilderness area. the only one on the west coast outside alaska. lonnie filed a lawsuit asking the district court of northern
12:16 am
california to set aside an hold unlawful secretary salazar's november decision. the lawsuit also requests the park service grant them a 10 year special use permit. >> we have eight or 10 million oysters out there at different stages of development. if we have to shut our doors in 90 days, all that food has to be destroyed. >> the drake's bay oyster company produces about 40% of california's oysters so the outcome of this lawsuit could affect the price of oysters at the market or the table. a strict new smoking ban is set to go into effect in petaluma next august. it will ban smoking in hotels and motels and public units. no smoking will be allowed in most public outdoor areas. the petaluma city council passed the ban unanimously last night. some realtors objected saying it would discourage smokers from buying condos in the city.
12:17 am
the fate of several the áf fire stations remain in limbo tonight. fired district officials say the closures of offices would help them trim $10 million from their budgets. >> we are at a point now that we don't have a lot of options available to us. >> three additional stations could be closed in the next years. each year the postoffice gets countless letters from children asking santa for something special. one woman who stopped by today said she doesn't have a whole lot of extra money but she does have a job. >> i have a job so i'm going to try to do the best that i can to help somebody else out.
12:18 am
>> so far san francisco postal workers say they've received 500 letters to sanity far more than the 350 they received in all of last year -- 500 letters to santa, far more than the 250 they received all of last year. as we come in closer you will see just off san francisco, we have moderate showers moving in. there's gary boulevard marina district. secondstreet in the marin head lands. you're starting to see showers, embarcadero we come out a little bit more. that area of showers are heading out moving in motion kind of a northeast deal. what we're going to see are these showers increasing throughout the evening hours. by the morning commute we're going the see wet conditions and so your morning commute is going to see a slow one just based on that. it's not a gully washer but there will be periods of moderate to heavy rain at
12:19 am
times. really short lived. this is widely scattered stuff. tomorrow mid, 7:00, 8:00 in the morning we will see the stuff moving out. those yellows are all north of the bay area. that's when most of the rain has been. up in the santa rosa area, they've had about .2 of an inch of rain. this area will move late tonight early tomorrow morning. so your morning commute there it is at 6:00 a.m. that's significant rainfall after that red. that's going to represent some very significant rainfall in a short period. it's not a large mass area. steve paulson will be here in the morning. that's up toward the sears point area where the old racetrack up there. the old cedars point. you get into 7:00 a.m. right. widely scattered showers. san jose you have some too. the heavy stuff has moved out into the valley. that's 9:00 a.m. you see stuff down here along the santa cruz mountains and that's 11:00 a.m. that's about it. there will be clouds and
12:20 am
scattered sprinkles. by lunchtime tomorrow, this thing is a distant memory. .25 for a lot of us, .1 of an inch less than that along the concord area. they could see an inch of rain by the night is over. we can use the rain. it won't be cause us any problems because we've had time to drain off and the system is much different than the last couple of systems. it's a nice little refresher but the morning commute hates rain and the morning commute is going to have rain. >> and we know what even a little bit of rain can do. hockey is returning to hp pavilion but it won't be the sharks. its season ticketholders can get complimentary tickets. there's been no nhl ticket this
12:21 am
season because of a lock out. now that stanford is advanced to the rose bowl seeing the game will be difficult. the allotment for the game are already sold out. fans without a ticket can always watch that big game on tv. the giants sign a key player to three more years, sports is coming up. first though we have some very serious developing news from oakland. oakland. we [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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developing news now within the last half hour we have reports that four people were shot near lake merit in oakland. this is a live picture of east 18th street near sixth avenue where three people were shot. police found a fourth person just a few blocks away also on east 18th. the shooting happened at about 10:20. we learned three men wearing hoodies were seen running through the scene. again this is a situation that is still developing, still unraveling, so far we don't know the conditions of the four people who were shot. mark ibanez joins us now with sports. we want to change gears and talk about the giants.
12:25 am
>> keeping the chemistry from the world series victorious ball club together for 2012 and hoping it's not rewarding players for past deeds. hero of play off clutch player, marco scutero. the players had wanted him to agree to a two year con track. scutero too valuable to lose. it's a three year $20 million deal. have arm will travel that seems the way it's going for dan haren. he's been with oakland, anaheim and now the washington nets won't be there long either. one year deal worth $13 million. giants happy to get this guy out of the league sean victorino. always a pain in their rear. will not be with the dodgers.
12:26 am
some rumors are just too juicy not to repeat. profootball weekly reporting that the raiders are in talks with john gruten to bring him back as their head coach at this point there's absolutely repeat, nothing to substantiate that story but it sure would bring something needed to the giants. and well beyond 50, niners not pointing fingers however there were lots of mistakes being made. >> you know what the circumstance is, they have to drive if ball on the defense. so regardless, you know. we need to go three and out own stop them right where they need to get the offense and try to put points on the board. it works hand in hand both
12:27 am
sides of the ball. up on the hilltop tonight, things looking pretty good for the sc. not sure if chris mullen was at the game but he would not have liked what happened to his alma mater. that is st. john's coach steve navin. big local name. usf second half is what breaks it open. tim dirkson dualing. the end parker 28 points driving to secure the victory and that was the end for st. john's 81-65. and at the end an east bay product and i don't know if you guys know how he got his name but he was the last of 10 children mom named him daend. >> you can't make that up. >> that's a true story. >> daend. that's it. thank you for trusting
12:28 am the news continues at 4:30. >> we will be following a shooting with multiple victimless. v ictimless -- victims. we will also be tracking the morning commute rain. and when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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