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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  December 8, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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computer: some hiney would be nice, too. hiney? computer: honey. captioning sponsored by cbsand warner bros.television captioned by media access group at wgbh
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. i don't feel for my safety as much as just sad that something like that is happening right now. >> a recent wave of gun violence in one east bay city reach a normally quiet neighborhood with innocent bystanders coming dangerously close to the gunfire. >> good evening, i'm david steepson, ken wayne is off tonight. >> i'm heather holmes it's a neighborhood in oakland that doesn't typically see this type
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of violence, but today gunfire erupted in jack london square with deadly consequences. jade hernandez talked to those who heard the gunshots. >> reporter: several callers told dispatch to send officers to 3rd and franklin this afternoon. >> we got multiple calls of gunshots at the it 2:45 today and we pound the victim laying out in have the. >> reporter: paramedics couldn't save the man suffering from gunshot wounds and detectives should down the street and interviewed witnesses and employees inside the oakland grill. >> while we were parking we heard some -- sounds like firecrackers going off. i was saying whoo and thinking that noise we heard could have been gunshots. >> reporter: police told these three oakland residents their cars were sitting inside the crime scene. >> we didn't see anything and apparently we parked about exactly the time that it
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happened. >> very surprising and shocking and very tragic. >> reporter: jack london square is known for its restaurants and shopping. recently luxury condos have popped up, but today's shooting took place in front of the garage entrance, pushing detectives inside, looking for anyone who might or seen anything. this resident felt bad about the person who lost his life so near to her home. >> i definitely feel safe inside the building and even when i walk around, you know? there is not that many people in this neighborhood. >> reporter: the department hasn't released any details with the shooters or made any arrests plus police and crime stoppers are offering a $10,000 reward in this case. jade hernandez. oakland police are searching for two other gunmen involve in a homicide in east oakland. they found two men shot just before midnight one of them
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died at scene. the other is in stable condition with multiple gunshot wounds. an oakland man is in custody on suspicion of homicide after police say he shot and killed his girlfriend on their daughter's birthday. officers went to a home long fellow avenue near 103 last night and police say 32 jokay ellis was killed. the two children in the home were not hurt. police say 31-year-old christopher carter turned himself in. pleasant hills police arrested arrested two teenagers who soviet a pipe-bomb. officers detonated a second pipe-bomb after tracking down the teens of they say the teens blewp a mailbox. a witness saw a read chevy blazer leaving the area. officers later found the blazer and the teens with a second unexploded pipe-bomb. >> this was a second pipe-bomb
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and like i said, the mailbox was completely destroyed and anybody had been close to it they certainly would have been injured and possibly killed. >> the officer said the school was not a target, just the place where the teens decided to meet up. two teenagers were arrested for the explosives. other was arrested an unrelated charges. two others were released to their parent police in sacramento forced the end of a standoff, saving the life of a hostage trapped inside. a the gunman held a female hostage for hours. she and another hostage released earlier are both safe tonight. gunman was taken out on a stretcher and is hospitalized of the police have not yet released his condition identity. police arrested in a man on
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hold charges after a road-rage incident that ended in shooting death of a driver of the driver reported two women in a car had a gun. while as we making that report he said another vehicle was driving near him and then gunfire was heard and the man was shot to death. the accident walk up the elkhorn neighborhood. >> i was laying down half asleep and heard three shots, pop, pop, pop. >> it was a stone-cold murder and i heard tires squeal and another like there was two cars involved. >> police say that the women were scared and called a family member, the alleged gunman who is now under arrest and identified as 24-year-old brian jones. a fire in alameda this morning covered a downtown restaurant and put several employees out of work. ktvu's allis rasmus tells us why investigators are calling the fire suspicious. >> reporter: an alameda police officer stands guard on santa clara avenue. this morning the american oak
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restaurant became a crime scene. after investigators found signs that the fire had a happened there was suspicious. >> possibly purposefully set. >> reporter: it started after 6:00 morning. firefighters tackled part of the fire from the roof and the smoke and flames didn't spread to any other buildings. no one was hurt, but police closed off the street for their investigation. once the fire was out and investigators had a chance to go inside, they found that the fire had started in multiple separate locations. that raised a red-flag. >> accidentally fire would probably have one cause. so the chance of it being two or three different spots and two or three different waves, definitely raises suspicions. >> reporter: max russian has been a cook here for the last year and a half. >> it's just kind of wild. you know, waking up really early to find out i'm not working today. >> reporter: now he and his co-workers are
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wondering how long they will be out of work and what they will do next? in oakland, allis rasmus, ktvu . >> first responders in the east bay sosay 20 people evacuated at a gneiss store after a possible chemical leak. it happened this afternoon at the food maxx on monument boulevard in concord. a fire department spokesman says people complained of burning eyes, difficulty breathing, and nausea. one shopper described what happened after employees told people to leave the store. >> so we did like they said, after the second time because everyone was really? and then we walked out and as i walked out i started coughing and we heard something was released in the air. >> those affected were treated at scene. knope was hospitalized. people described the odors a strong chemical scent possibly a solvent or cleaner. the family he i man who
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died arbeing injure during the giant's world series celebration is offering a reward. >> moffit died the next tape day and investigators say moffit may have hit his head while celebrating. moffit's family though believes he was attacked and hope the reward leads to an arrest and a conviction. a highway patrol says a cyclist was killed today while riding in the east bay. well, this crash happened along palomares road this afternoon of the chp says the rider hit a rock causing the fatal accident. authorities were not able to give us any more details and the county coroner tells yous that the cyclist's name has not been released.
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>> a section of berryessa- knoxville road and the road re- opened at 10:45 this afternoon. no one was injured in the slide or clean-up. san francisco's world- famous cable cars are back in service after a closure that started last night. muni had to shut down the lines at 8:00 last night to repair a cable problem. service was restored for a while this morning, but went back down after muni discovered another problem with the cable. service was restored at about 1:00 p.m.. in san francisco tonight people gathered in union square to light an enormous menorah on this the first night of hanukkah. the menorah was a gift from the late music produce bill graham. people from around the world took part in tonight's celebration. >> this is the past place to to credibility hanukkah.
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. one east bay city is bracing for a showdown over medical marijuana. a defensive lineman for the dallas cowboys is arrested and the charges he faces in the death of a fellow teammate. >> it shows the power of on- line media and what is changing. >> owner has a right to get
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. growing medical marijuana outdoors could soon become illegal in concord. new at 10:00 ktvu's eric rasmussen is live with the new recommendation and the case that sparks it. >> reporter: david it all started after we did a story about a backyard grow in october now this report from city staff is recommending a ban on all outdoor marijuana growing even though california law allows it. >> for consideration on december 11th. >> reporter: she is handing owe green fliers to neighbors taking on green of another kind grown anyway backyard behind her house. >> it smells like a skunk and i mean literally a skunk.
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first we thought we were being invaded with skunks and then we realized that somebody was cultivate marijuana. >> reporter: we first reported on complaints of this medical marijuana grow in october and the city confirm it was a legal medical marijuana collective, but next week they will recommend a citywide ban. >> we keep wasting time, money and resources on nothing. >> reporter: the owner of the home with the backyard grow says he is doing nothing wrong. he doesn't want to be identified for his own safety, but disputes the claim that his roughly 30 marijuana plants would attract crime. >> we grow it and distribute it and that is it there. is no traffic in and out. there is no, random high schoolers coming. >> this is something that we need to put a stop to, because otherwise, it's going to attract the wrong people. >> reporter:
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now there are already a handful of cities in california that already ban outdoor cultivation of marijuana, including moraga and council members will consider their next step when they meet on tuesday. eric ras news tribune ktvu can channel 2 news. the second of two funeral services will be held tomorrow for the two teens to best frenz shot and killed in oakland i sidewalk memorial marks the is go where 16-year-old bobbie sartain and 15-year-old rca yell gerstel were gunned down two weeks ago. friends and family gathered today to remember sartain. tomorrow's services will be held for gert yell at coopers mortuary. police have not made any arrests in the case. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano was among the 1,000 people at a memorial for a veteran coast guardmen killed near the
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channel islands in santa barbara county. officials say chief horne died after the boat he was on was struck by another vessel running without lights. it service included military flyovers. two mexican citizens have been arrested and charged with killing horne. a dallas cowboy player has been arrested and held without bail. josh brent was arrested early this morning for intoxication manslaughter. they say he crashed his car, killing his passenger and teammate, 25-year-old jerry brown. linebacker was a member of the team's practice squad. a police spokesperson says brent was taken into custody after he failed a field sobriety test. >> it appears he was traveling at ahi rate of speed at which time his vehicle touched or impacted the outside curb causing his vehicle to flip. >> brent is scheduled to be
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arraigned. the second-degree felony charge carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. police in cc released the dash-cam video showing chief's linebacker jovan belcher hours before he killed his girlfriend and himself. the officer saw him asleep in his car about 3:00 a.m. and encouraged him to leave the running car and go upstairs. police say belcher was cooperative. a second video taken just five hours later shows officers rushing to the chief's stadium, where belcher shot himself. there is more legal trouble for comedienne katt williams today. he was wanted for allegedly leading the chp on a chase. williams faces assault charges in yolo county for allegedly
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slapping a target employee. former software mogul mccafe is being held in guatemala for allegedly crossing illegal into the country from belize. mcafee is wanted in questioning in belize for the fatal shooting of his neighbor. his request for asylum was denied. the los angeles police department today apologized to the family of the notorious b.i.g. for failing to tell them it was releasing details of the rappers autopsy. the la pdp says it meant to notify the family, but the report came out early due to an administrative error, reporting that the rapper was killed by a single bullet during a drive-by shooting in march of 1997. deputies unsealed the autopsy in hopes of getting new tips in this unsolved murder. some southern california homeowners banded together to get a decomposing 40,000-pound whale off the malibu beach:the whale has been rotting on beach since monday in paradise cove,
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home to millionaire and movieie stars. today the homeowners' association hired a tugboat to tug the 40-foot whale 20 miles from jail. president obama due on election results to say americans support his approach to prevent falling off the fiscal cliff. >> they agreed with the balanced approach that asked something from everyone, but a little more from those who can afford it the most of the it's only way to put our economy on a sustainable panel without asking even more from the middle-class. >> florida senator marco rubio responded with a call for limited government, reform in the tax code and the goal of creating new taxpayers, not new taxes. president obama has outlined what corporations can do to help the nation celebrate
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his inaugural in january. while taxes pay for the swearingin, festivities are privately funded new hampshire 2009 mr. obama refused corporate donations and he is now accepting them in packages up to $1 million. . former south of canpresident nelson mandela was admitted to a hospital. current president of south africa says there was no cause for alarm by the4-year-old's health. mandela spent 27 years in prison for fighting fighting apartheid in south africa. two dozen teens work on ideas at castro library this
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afternoon. >> it's really interesting ideas at inspection and around places like parks. the winning app is called book it and would allow users to reserve materials remotely. >> congratulations to them. a crayfish cook is on the loose in lake tahoe. >> the family of the nurse who apparently took her own life after the prank and what the radio station is saying. and in weather
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british a prince william would not comment, but the international community is plasting an australian radio station whose djs made that prank call to kate middleton's hospital room. nurse who forwarded the call was found dead yesterday from an apparent suicide. jonathan samuel tells us that the head of radio station spoke out about the support. >> reporter: this is jacintha saldanha and this is the man many are looking to for answer, the chief executive officer of the radio station that broadcast the prank call that may have contributed to the apparent suicide of the devoted employee and mother. >> nobody could have reasonably foreseen what actually happened in this case. it's incredibly tragic. every one of us are deeply
11:56 pm
saddened. we're incredibly sad for the family and that is the focus. >> reporter: at king edward hospital, jacintha saldanha put the call through. the nurse was apparently struggling to deal with her involvement. flowers have been left outside of the hospital accommodation where her body was found. >> i will miss her a lot. she was a good-natured sister- in-law. she was so. she was beautiful and she and her husband were great together. >> reporter: commercial radio here in australia constantly pushes the boundaries of taste and decency in the battle for ratings. 2 day fm has been racked over the knuckles by the media
11:57 pm
watchdog here, but known has ever had such tragic consequences. today's their boss says the tragedy could not having foreseen. jonathan samuels, sydney. >> there are reports that the leader of an egyptian terrorist cell is under arrest as the possible suspect in the deadly attack on the american consulate in 2011. four americans were killed in that attack including ambassador chris stevens. unnamed sources say ahmed was detained two weeks ago in egypt. both say ahmed admitted to traveling to libya and assisting ansar al sharei a group that officials suspect organized that attack. >> speaker: from egypt, president morsi rescinded a decree he issued last month that hugely expands his powers.
11:58 pm
the decree gave the president the power to make laws not subject to judicial reviews and following last night's protests, the egyptian military started to expand the barriers around the compound. in venezuela president hugo chavez announced his casper has returned and plans to return to cuba for more surgery. it was just yesterday that chavez returned to caracas after undergoing treatment in havana. . and in qatar, u.s. climate talks today ended with what some delegates call a watershed agreements. delegates from 200 nations established that rich nations should move towards compensating poor nations for losses due to climate change. negotiations now move towards drafting a will you legally binding agreement to replace the kyoto protocol. the u.s. has never signed onto that agreement. well it took 69 years, but
11:59 pm
a christmas letter from a mother to her military son is finally arrived. listen as he describes how she signed it. >> she says merry christmas and happy new year, signed mom. >> signed mom. jack speers says late last month police called saying that they had a letter for him. when he saw the write writing and saw the return address he knew right away it was from her mother. she is sent the letter christmas eve in 1943 while her son was training from the canada air force. she died 20 years. today marks the anniversary of john lennon's death and they gather to remember the musician. one fan who looked a lot like the late singer took place at the memorial at central park.
12:00 am
it day in 1980 the 40-year-old lennon was shot to death outside of the dakota apartment building by chapman who right now remains in prison. a restaurant owner's unusual move and why it's generated so much attention. reports of big changes at the livermore outlets. you can get ktvu news to go ♪
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[ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good!
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want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. . there are reports tonight that just a month after the grand opening of the paragon outlets in livermore, the mall is getting a new owner and new name. the property group snapped up
12:03 am
the mall that features 130 designer outlets and also purchase its sister mall outside of dallas. it will be remaimed livermore valley premiere outlets. a san francisco restaurant is getting a lot of attention even though it already closed its doors and why the restaurant owners are partly blaming their closure on critics on a popular website. >> reporter: jakes on market closed its doors last week, but the castro district restaurant is getting more attention on the streets and online because as owners thank their supporters they lashed out at critic nyset letters posted here on the door and in the window take aim at the folks who posted negative reviews on yelp saying, "we'll never forget you either." >> i think it's a little silly and sad, but i couldn't imagine that it closed because of the reviews. >> i'm glad i never ate there, after reading the letters. >> reporter: on-line reviews both positive and negative have continued days after jake served its last
12:04 am
meal. >> it shows the power of on- line media and what is changing and how you don't even have to go to a place to see if it's good or not. >> reporter: the owners told us by phone they never expected the national media attention and think the letter hit a nerve because it shows how much social media can impact a business' survival whether reviews are true or not. >> they are usually dramatic, especially in this town, where we have a lot of people who like to express themselves. >> reporter: mark says regardless of the reason jake's closed, the way it did has become its legacy. >> people aren't going to talk about the food or the service or whatever, but talk about the snarky note he put up on the door. >> a lake tahoe businessman says someone is stealing his crayfish traps and stealing his
12:05 am
livelihood. the owner of the tahoe lobster company says someone has tollen his pots. federal regulat ors are backing off new rules to prevent childhood obesity, but parents were upset and claiming that their children were going hungry and school leaders wanted more flexibility. the agricultural certificate says the u.s.d.a. will drop the cast on meat and grains, but still make sure kids get a nutritious lunch. there appears to be a new backlash for the new logo for the university's design, which made its debut yesterday. some opponents say it's undignified. and university officials say the new design is not replacing the traditional logo, but will
12:06 am
be used in addition to the traditional university seal. >> it looks like golfers can coexist at pacifica's golf course. a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by environmental groups that accuse the city of san francisco, which runs the historic golf of violating the endangered species act. the judge cited a fish and wildlife report that found golf is not likely to harm the animals. east bay blue star moms got a helping happened putting together much-needed care packages for u.s. troops oversea. volunteers spent the daypacking 2700 boxes at walnut creek. they serve service men andwomen mostly destroyed in afghanistan, conditiontaining everything from peanut butter & jelly and cookies to socks and t-shirts. >> the thank you notes we get,
12:07 am
they actually bring tears to our eye because these guys actually appreciate being remembered and knowing that people care about them and they are not forgotten and their sacrifices people are appreciating that. >> volunteers say the boxes will arrive in time for christmas. spreading the holiday cheer and the big-name behind today's annual toy drive that will help dozens of organizations. after
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. a new study says warmer winters have cost the u.s. about a billion dollars in lost revenue from winter sports over the past decade and there could be even more losses of those
12:10 am
are the the national resources defense council predict that climate change will result in shorter winters and less snowfall. here in california the sierra hasn't felt those changes just yet, but experts predict that the snow pack could decrease by as much as 70% by the year 2050 in greenhouse gas emissions don't drop. >> time for us to look at our weather and a lot of people might be heading up to the sierra. we could be talking about more snow by wednesday, so that is good news if you are waiting for more snow and we'll be talking about rain chances as we approach midweek. you probably noticed a few high clouds moving into the bay area. by mid-afternoon those high clouds is it still sticking around. the satellite loop, the most recent images basically party to mostly cloudy skies over a good portion of the bay area and those clouds will continue to push through over the next few hours. in addition, to our high cloud cover, this is a red-flag warning. they still have fire concerns towards southern california. they have not picked up much
12:11 am
rainfall and as a result. this in place tomorrow until 2:00 tuesday afternoon with dry conditions and gusty winds of we have a dense fog advisory to the san joaquin valley in place until 9:00 sunday morning. current temperatures have been cooling off and san francisco downtown 52 and san josi reporting 50 degrees at last check. forecast headlines for tonight, party to mostly cloudy. we bring showers changes coming up on the five-day forecast. overnight temperatures, we just showed you the cold numbers setting the stage for a cold sunday morning. lots of mid-30s for santa rosa and napa. san josi forecasted low around 43 degrees. had to snap this picture
12:12 am
from this afternoon into the evening hours, beautiful with a few high clouds. you can see the high clouds showing up on the satellite the high pressure continues to build offshore. first thing sunday morning could be some gusty winds especially up in the hills around 30 miles per hour. but some of the stronger winds close to the surface, around the delta, 25 miles per hour. so a bit of a breeze for your sunday. temperatures though will be warming back up around 60-68 degrees. our forecast model showing you most of the organized fog out to our east. as a mentioned a few patches developing in the inland valleys. more sunshine into the evening hours, but breezy out towards to the higher terrain. san josi around 66 and san mateo, 64. here is a look ahead your five- day forecast and into monday, still a fairly nice weather
12:13 am
pattern. if you missed the rain already, we're talking about more rain showers by wednesday. a chance of showers into thursday morning. also a major dropoff in the readings. at least tomorrow looking pretty about for all the outdoor activity. so good news in that department. >> thank you mark. >> well, sure. >> folks in peninsula had a chance to spread holiday cheer at the 18th annual jerry rice toy drive. it took place in redwood city and folks who brought toys to donate got to take photos with nfl dd
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. good evening everybody and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. if they keep going like this, we mike have to reevaluate the golden state warriors we have known the past decades. they are perfect three games in their season-long road-trip. a healthy steph curry has been a big part of their success. driving to the hoop for 2 of his 22 points, but you always hold your breath when it looks like curry may have been injured. it looked bad in the 4th quarter when curry was tangled up with martel webster. washington's jordan crawford falls. carl landry passes the ball to klay thompson, with 2 points
12:17 am
and the warriors never trailed the rest of the way. curry returned and got the assist as david lee goes off the glass for 2 of his 24. warriors up by 8 at this point. and thompson will dish to lee as the warriors hold on and make their freethrows down the stretch and it's their 10thwen in 12 games overall. >> they have been giving out college football's heisman trophy for 78 years and before tonight had never gone to a freshman. >> the winner of the 2012 heisman trophy is johnny manziel [ applause ] >> texas a&m johnny manziel probably wasn't on anybody's radar out of college station, texas, but he put himself on the national map when he and
12:18 am
the aggies upset alabama. he set a new conference record throwing for 4600 yards and leading the aggies to a 10-2 record in their first year in the sec and edged out north carolina linebacker manti t'eo and kansas state quarterback collin klein in the voting. >> this is the moment that i have dreamed about as a young kid running around the backyard and dreaming i was doug flutie. this heisman trophy is for all. >> three more northern california football teams earned the real estate ; right? to play their southern california counterparts for the state championship in the sacramento previously undefeated folsom got to see what de la salle is about in the open division game. the spartans led 13-0, just five minutes into the game. folsom came into the athaveraging near
12:19 am
nearly 47 points. de la salle led 28-7 at the half and it was more the same in the second half . the game was so lopsided they went to a running clock in the 4th quarter. de la salle plays in state's open division chance after the 49-15 win. in other regional finals the eagles were edged by oakdale in the division 2 finals and marin catholic will represent after holding sutter to a touchdown. today's san francisco city college lost to bakersfield in the community college championship, 35-14 as bakersfield wins it all for the first time in school history.
12:20 am
well for the fourth time manny pacquiao and marquez meet and this one might have pacquiao questionion to continue husband career. pacquiao was knocked out and down for up to 2 minutes. pacquiao has now lost two straight fights. earlier on fox, ultimate fighting championship taking place in seattle. henderson won, his second successful title defense. the los angeles dodgers took on l250 $250 million worth of payroll and that still didn't get them into the playoff, but it stop them from being big spenders. they are committing $137 to
12:21 am
zach greinke, who started last season in milwaukee and traded to the angels. greinke is the top pitcher on the market this offseason and the deal reportedly for six years which breaks down to $24.5 per league. and the trade between the texas rangers and phillies. michael young a 7-time all-star is headed to philadelphia. young has spent all 12 of his seasons with the rangers. young who was the rangers all- time leader in a number of categories goes to philly in change for good morning! wow.
12:22 am
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. the 49ers have a very important game at candlestick park against the miami dolphins, but there was another topic being talked about at team headquarters this week. >> streaks, is that you? >> i didn't recognize you under all of those muscles. >> i have been working out you should try it. >> yes, that is a very young jim harbaugh in an episode of "saved bit bell." when the was quarterback with the indianapolis colts. it might have been a nice break from the quarterback talk and other things 49 for harbaugh this week. >> my wife and a few other players told me about it. >> being a hero isn't about what you do on the field of it's about who you are. >> screech, absolutely. >> anything for a friend of my
12:26 am
'cuz. >> it's a highlight. everything has been downhill after this. [ laughter ] >> the fox pregame show is started at 9:00 and then cowboys and bengals at 10:00. the army navy rivalry has been a lopsided affair and they met today for the 113th time. navy was trailing with less than 5 minutes to play, when quarterback keenan reynolds kept the ball and put navy on front. front navy was able to run out the clock and 11th straight win over army. navy at 8-4 will be in san francisco later this month for the kraft fight hunger bowl. in local college basketball
12:27 am
games u sf went down to uop. head coach at louisiana tech isn't usually the last thing on a coach's resume before he takes over the football program at university of california. sonny dykes may not be from this part of the field, but as fred inglis reports he is doing his best to acclimate quickly. >> go bears. [ applause ] >> cal's new heads coach sonny dykes is excited now, but he knows despite his success in the south, he is still relatively unknown and unproven to the bay area football fans. >> i think the key to getting people to buy-in is to have success. and being visible and we intend to do both and get out in the community and recruit hard. people like to follow a winner, so if we have success on field and play exciting style play,
12:28 am
people will follow us. >> reporter: louisiana tech finished 9-3 and averaged more than 51 points per game. they averaged nearly 36 points were game over dyke's three -year reign. >> i'm very excited how he teaches us how to rezone. when programs are kind of down, i do think programs need change, . >> sonny says he would like his entire coaching staff filled by christmas time. >> we did have a bit of an anomaly, no. 1 in offense and great defense is like pitching. it's consistent. day in and day out. if you can be a great defensive football team it will allow you to have an opportunity to win over ballgame. >> and the current players know they must reprove themselves to the new staff. >> we'll have to earn our
12:29 am
coaching staff over time and through play. that is something that shouldn't be a concern if they are used to doing things right all the time. >> you are at the no. 1 institution in the country with these wonderful resources how could you not wake up excite and do your very best? building a winning football program honestly is a process. what does the future hold any can't answer that question u, but i know our goal is to get to a rose bowl and not only get there, but win it. >> cal hasn't been to a rose bowl since 1959 and haven't won it since 193. so if dykes will accomplish his goal, the fans will develop a southern-born coach as their native son. and that will do it for this saturday night edition of sportswrap. see you genertomorrow at 5:00. >> thank you. that is our report for tonight, thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time newsbrk.


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