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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 17, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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of guns returned in a buy-back program. how events influenced gun owner. residents say one body hope is has gone too far. the new action city attorneys are taking to support the claim. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's monday, december 17th. this is bay area news at 7:00. happening now, local religious leaders are presiding over and interfaith service to reflect on friday's mass killings at a connecticut elementary school. these are live pictures from outside the first presbyterian church. it's dark outside there right now. we're told 100 people are gather there had tonight. public trustees are also participating in the event. we do have a crew at the service and will have a complete report for you on the 10:00 news.
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mourners in connecticut today held the first funerals are two victims in last friday's rampage. john has been there since late friday night and is live there at the site of a memorial that continues to grow. >>reporter: i've got to tell you first right behind me are sandy hook firefighters who are getting hug, handshakes, and a great deal of gratitude from the folks here at the memorial. this memorial here at the bottom of the sandy hook christmas tree continues to serve as a place where browners. it has -- mourners are gathering. a funeral home across town was one of the first two memorial services for children killed three days ago. >>reporter: hundreds of people, including a young wrestling team came together at the funeral home in newtown to say goodbye to jack pinto. the media was not allowed inseed
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but outside the grief was clear. >> it was sad. it was very sad. it was short. >>reporter: the pastor attended the service and said jack was buried in the jersey of his favorite new york giants football player. flowers are in heavy demand this week for the funerals and many memorials that have popped up in town. >> you love to be able to help people at a time like this. i always feel that the flowers do comfort people but this is just so overwhelming. >>reporter: the owner told me the connecticut florist association has kicked into high gear to help hangout. in the city of monroe, a middle school is going to serve as a temporary home for sandy hook elementary when those kid go
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back to class. today, one moving truck after another brought in furniture and supplies from sandy hook. >> i think it's great for the kids. they need to go somewhere. this is close for him. >>reporter: this man lives across the street. his three days made a sign, welcoming them. >>reporter: back live, we're joined by a couple of sandy hook volunteer firefighters. you're all volunteers here? >> yes. >>reporter: obviously, you've been through hell and back. when you take a look at this memorial, what do you think? what does this say you to? >> this is a beautiful outpouring of love from around the world, the country. this whole memorial was started by a five department in texas. we have an annual christmas tree fundraiser. we sell christmas trees. they must have caught wind of it. i woman called up and wanted to buy two trees and have them put
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out as a symbol for kids to come decorate. >>reporter: did you ever imagine it would get big? >> never. >>reporter: thank you so much. thank you for your service. that is the very latest here in sandy hook and at newtown, connecticut. noah pozner was also laid to rest today. neighbors say he was a bright young boy. his twin sister was in a different classroom. she survived the shooting. the tragedy has some bay area schools reviewing their own safety measures and plans today. washington high increased security in the halls, along with placing guards at the front doors. the superintendent says more fences and locks won't stop someone intent on entering the school. >> it's not about stuff.
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it's about people knowing what they need to do, having a well-informed student body that feels comfortable coming guard. >> counselors were made available at some schools today. the shooting has rei can nated the be-- reignited the issue over gun control. >> in light of the connecticut shooting, this is really an appropriate way of dealing with a tragedy that i hope will never happen again. >> a state senator says he'll reintroduce a bill to outlaw bullet buttons. he said the bill would close a loop local that exists in the assault weapon band. we talked to an instructor at a firing range today who said he
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favors background checks. >> we want people without issues to be able to get a gun if they choose to have one. >> a similar bill was introduced in colorado but failed to pass. leaders in san francisco say that a gun buy back program over the weekend was is single most successful event they ever helped. a christian captain claims how the tragedy may teach some to rethink ownership. >>reporter: oakland police showed off a few of guns they took in the buy back program. this sergeant says the school shooting at son i did hook was on everyone's mind. >> one officers sold me he heard a woman who saw the coverage of shooting and found a gun at her house and sold it.
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>>reporter: cash was donated to buy back the guns. >> as buy backs go, this exceeds in the buy back we've ever done before and i think it's completely because folks wanted to get these guns out of the their houses in light of tragedy in connecticut. >>reporter: oakland's mayor says getting these guns off the street is a good start but believes the country needs stricter controls. >> we're glad to take these guns off the street. there's still many guns out there in the hand of young people. >>reporter: both police department say the killings like the ones in connecticut raise awareness but say they are seeing a steady stream of young people killed by gun violence one at a time. they say it's like a slow motion tragedy. a town council meeting that's just now getting under way is expected to draw crowds of protestors opposing the opening of a stores that sells
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guns. the store is opening later this month. the location will serve the hunting, fishing, target sports is and law enforcement community and will also offer safety clinics. reports that the shooter, adam lanza, had been diagnosed with asperger symptoms are promptings autism experts to speak out against the symptom. some people with the condition are typically very bright but socially awkward. doctors say people with asperger are less likely to commit acts of violence. with ask you to stay with us for continuing coverage. our next newscast is the 10:00 news. you can go online for updates anytime. police are searching for a gunman responsible for killing a 17-year-old football player in
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san francisco over the weekend. he was a senior. he was shot about 10:00 saturday night. police say that a friend took him to san francisco general hospital where he was pronounced dead you. new at 7:00, an auto body shop neighbors say has no being there. it's located in the bay view district. we're live outside the superior court are a new lawsuit accuses the owner of illegal activity. >>reporter: i read the complaint. it accuses the own of illegally operating an auto body shop and renting illegal reach-infested apartments. >> that one, this one, this one, this one. >>reporter: neighbors say he regularly parks 15 or more cars along the street outside his house at 1278 thomas avenue. now, the city attorney is suing him, saying that behind the tall
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gates he has been operating brothers auto body shop illegally in a residential area not zoned for business and says he turned his single-family house into an illegal apartment operation. >> before i've seen as high as 30 people living in that house. >>reporter: how do you know? are they coming an going? >> coming an going. >>reporter: on friday, a report was filed for a preliminary injunction. >> we have a report going back years of calls for service from the police department, the fire department, notice of violations begin out. >>reporter: we spoke with him last month when a fire broke out. he charges $1,000 a month for one room. a former customer says he agreed to buy a car from him but never paid for it and now won't give
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it back. >> he would not give me the 87 mercedes. he still has it there. i'm going to get involved with the lawsuit to get my stuck back because she should not be in business. >>reporter: i left messages for him but have not received a call back. a hearing is set in january. san francisco's police chief called two of his officers genuine heroes as they described their efforts to save a newborn boy's life. the boys were called out last wednesday where they found a man holding a newborn that had just been born 30 minutes ago. they said the child was blue and in distress. they drove the baby to the hospital in their squad car. one officers performed cpr on the newborn.
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>> while he drove, i jest kept up cpr the whole time. >> while i was driving out of my prif remember, i peripheral, i could see him crying and talking to the baby. >> that baby boy remains in the hospital tonight. testify mother is facing child endangerment charges and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow morn. a 16-year-old girl collapsed in the middle of the day. we'll tell you why san francisco police may classify this a homicide. the man who hacked into an e-mail account of female celebrities learns his fate. tracking some rain heading back into the bay area forecast. i'll let you know when it's going to get here, how long it will last and how much we'll see.
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it wasn't santa claus but a man that had to be plucked from a chimney last night. firefighters had to use special equipment to get him out. authorities have no idea why the man was in the chimney or how he got stuck. >> there are questions tonight surrounding the death of a teenage girl in san francisco. the girl's mother has been arrested. >>reporter: residence dens of bay view hunter's point reacted with grief and shock to news their neighbor died. mitchell collins is one of the witnesses who saw the girl
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collapse and die. >> she wasn't breathing. the ambulance tried to revive her. >>reporter: tonight, san francisco police confirm they have arrested the girl's mother, a 46-year-old, or charges of felony child abuse and neglect. >> they brought the mom out. she was dressed with no pants on. they had her can't cuffed and she was yelling to the top of her voice. >>reporter: she lived behind this date with her two daughters. neighbors say family outbursts that disturbed the peace were not uncommon. >> the family had issues. >>reporter: sfpd investigators are now waiting continue coroner reports to determine how the girl die and may determine whether police call it a tragedy or homicide. long-time democrat hawaii senator died today in washington
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d.c.. he was 86-year-old and had represented hawaii since 1959. he served in world war ii where he lost an arm. he died of respiratory complications. the man who admitted to hacking to dozens of celebrity e-mail accounts has been sentenced to ten years in prison. the judge watched a tearful videotape from scarlet johansson. other victims include christina aguilera and other women. >> president obama and house speaker john boehner held talks today in efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff. boehner did not speak to reporters when he returned to capitol hill. over the weekend, the speaker agreed to raise tacks on those making over 100 dollar$100 -- $1
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million a year. the dow rose 100 points, its largest single day gains this mom the nasdaq rose 39. we have an update now on a story we first reported for you last week about the campaign for an easy bake oven for boys. a 13-year-old petitioned the toy company on behalf of her brother. he said the purple and pink oven was too burn lee girlie. california's booming solar energy market is coming at a coast to homes and businesses. power company said they're required to buy electricity at the same price they resale it to
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the other customers. utilities estimate the loss at $1.3 million. christmas is just over a week away. results of a new survey show 79% of bay area consumers are not done checks off their lists. apparently 16% haven't started shopping. we spoke to some last minute shoppers in union square. >> sometimes you're short of time in a given day. times it's ideas of what to get. >> we're busy. there's a lot to do right now, a lot of parties. we procrastinate. >> the survey says last minute shoppers is will spend and afternoon of $304. if you spent any part of the day at the post office, you're not alone. today is the single busiest shipping day of the season. the postal service remind us that people can mail items at
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any times of day at some post offices. volunteers started distributing holiday meals today. sacred heart will be handing out grocery bags to families through wednesday. each bag contains about 40 pounds of food, including turkey or ham. organizers say they have seen a 10% ingress request for assistance over last year. if you would like to help, go to our website. one, two, three, go. >> volunteers went on a shopping spree at a local target this morning, picking up toys for children in need. the group dig deep raised more than 50,000$50,000. sharks fan ss finally can satisfy their hockey hunger. tonight, dropping the puck tonight at the shark tank.
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visual reminder this holiday season about christmas tree safety. the fire department held this demonstration today showing how it just takes seconds for a free to go up in flames. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here to talk to us about two factors this week different than now. >> that's right, big changes, especially temperature-wise. you're noticing it now and the rain heading our way. let take a look at how much rain we got today. you'll see the numbers. they're not horribly impressive but we did see rain. almost a half inch in the oakland area. as you look at the radar, i'm tracking the area north. we've got pretty strong storms and thunder and lightning and hail going on up there. that's the remnants of this weather system that moves out of area. that system is basically gone. with it, we're seeing cold air
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settling in. it's going to sit with us. it's going to be cool, especially in the bay, tonight. you're going to be in the 40s. areas in the inland bay valley are going to see temperatures in the 30s. rain should be done. we should be dry but the cold air is going to dominate. tomorrow morning as you get going to school or work or in your car, you're going to be scraping ice. you may have to worm up the car. daytime highs tomorrow, they're not impressive. they're going to struggle to get into the mid-50s. daytime highs on wednesday are going to struggle to get into the low 50s. we're going to see lots of 40s for daytime highs as we head to wednesday. tomorrow morning, i see showers offshore. i think we're fine. but a cold start. tomorrow afternoon, nice.
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no wet on commute. then we go into wednesday. still looks good. there's wednesday afternoon. here comes thursday afternoon. this system, thursday afternoon, it gets close. that's as far as our model goes. thursday night into friday, real rain comes our way. these are the forecast highs. santa rosa, 51 and 56 in san jose, 54 morgan hill. the five-day forecast, in the mountains, they've got a winter storm warning. that's going to continue. slight chance of sprinkles tomorrow. the story here in the bay area is thursday, friday and then again on sunday. the biggest rain will be thursday night into friday. hockey is back in san jose tonight but it's not the sharks playing. the team worked out a game between it's minor league affiliate. i was a full house.
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