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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 25, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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slick streets and problems on the road this christmas the latest winter storm to soak the bay area moves through tonight. and good evening i'm jana katsuyama. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank and gasia are off tonight. we're on storm watch as another storm moves through the area. bill martin is tracking the rain and where it's falling right now but we begin with cara liu where some drivers are
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coping with wet and slick roadways out there. >> reporter: the water has begun to dry since the rain did stop. but still heavy traffic especially considering it's 10:00 tonight. a lot of folks returning to dinner after a rainy day today. rainwater covered multiple lanes. the rain fell steady most of the afternoon and evening weather and speed are being blamed for a single car crash. neither the driver or his family were injured when the suv rolled on to it side it was one of a number of crashes that officers responded to during the storm. >> with anything involved with these collisions where there's water on the roadway it's going to be speed.
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people need to slow down, check their tire pressure and the threads on their tires and allow themselves more space as they're traveling behind vehicles. >> reporter: through the san rafael bridge, to the golden gate driving conditions were downright miserable for most everyone on the road. that did not stop these folks from enjoying the rain and the bay area's most iconic rainfall. >> this is our first time watching the bridge. and we came to visit. >> easy to vacation time, everybody is having a good time. we're just getting out of the house and having a drive and driving around. >> reporter: and windy conditions on a number of bridges tonight. a high wind advisory went into effect around 6:00 and is still in effect right now. reporting live, cara liu. highway 1 south of big sur
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is closed tonight due to a rock slide. caltrans says it's working to open at least one lane later this week but it has no estimate on what day that might be. we're going to turn now to ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin who's been monitoring all of these storms and which places are getting reallily soaked. >> it came down for some time. it was steady and sometime in the afternoon it really started to hammer. take a look at the last few hours and you can see that over the last few hours those oranges and reads down in the santa clara valley that's when it was really coming down. you can see by the oakland area, by skyline boulevard you have some light showers there. some showers down around san leandro we head out toward beach front boulevard near belmont. you see showers there. how about roson avenue getting heavy activity. at least toward campbell. but as we worked our way toward
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evergreen and san felipe road you see significant rainfall on these bands. you touch on here an we show you rainfall bands at .2 an hour. that's significant rain and you head down toward the corridor and gilroy. they were getting hammered for a time today this evening and now they're getting a little bit of a break. but the rain came down hot and heavy there. the santa cruz mountains they're getting a lot of rain and it's coming down fast. as it stands right now, the showers are starting to die down, the worse is over. it was a fast moving system and we're fortunate it is coming down fast. it could have caused bigger problems but it migrated through rapidly. i'm going to be talking about showers still lingering, we're going to see you back here in a few minutes. the rain now is actually helping to create a good supply of water for the summer. the santa clara valley water
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district says the intense but separatic storms have filled the south bay reservoirs to 102% of normal. >> last year we were in a deficit situation and we really needed to make up some ground. luckily we have a lot of ground water storage capacity. this series of storms have helped with the reservoir capacity. a member of the alpine meadow ski patrol has died after being buried in an avalanche. bill foster died overnight at a reno hospital. yet the ski patrol used explosives to trigger the avalanche in a private area of the resort near lake tahoe. resort officials say the avalanche broke much higher and wider on the slope than expected burying foster in the snow. we'll go to the sierra for updates on conditions there tonight as this latest storm bringing everyone more snow to the high country. you can get the latest weather
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conditions any time online or on your mobile device at look for the link to storm tracker 2 near the top of the page. you can also follow us on twitter. we postupdates on the ktvu channel 2 facebook page. police found dozens of shell casings on the ground where a man was shot and killed. neighbors told our photographer that they heard multiple gunshots. police say they found a man on the street and he died on the way to the hospital. the coroner's office has not yet released the victim's name. a woman is recovering tonight after being hit when stray bullets pierced the wall of her church in oakland. it happened as some 100 worshipers attended evening service on mcarthur. eric rasmussen spoke to the pastor who was in the line of fire. >> reporter: and that pastor
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visited the woman who's here in serious condition. this woman was hit as she was trying to protect the children around her. friends say teresa cordovo was trying to shield her children from gunfire. >> she's trying to protect the child, jumping, that's why the bullets caught her. >> reporter: today pastor sagero says he was in the middle of sermon when the gunfire opened. >> i told the people, go to the ground. >> reporter: get down? >> get down, yeah. >> reporter: he says he counted seven to eight shots through the wall including a bullet that ended up in this stroller. >> reporter: the pastor's daughter says a baby was in that stroller just minutes before the fire started. >> reporter: a couple of minutes before. >> a couple of minutes before
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she had taken the baby out. >> reporter: that baby could have been sitting there. >> yeah. >> reporter: the church was not the target. despite a packed house for christmas eve no one else inside the church was hit. saguero says his next service on thursday will go on. are you scared to go back. >> a little bit. but i am serving kpwoád -- god in the house of god i have to go back. in the north bay a portion of roadway is closed tonight after a water main break in fairfax. it happened near mid-way lane late this afternoon. crews have since shut off the water but have since shut down
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because of flood concerns. hundreds of people made sure people had a warm meal. some of the most notable volunteers included football players who have a connection to those they served. >> reporter: this bus was full of navy football players, their destination st. anthony's. the team and coaches will help serve 4,000 meals today they are in san francisco to play in the craft fight hunger bowl. >> we're excited to come here, play in the bowl game. but i think scenes like these will last much more longer than the football game. >> reporter: the generosity at st. anthony's is echoed at glide memorial church. here the navy's opponent the team from arizona state university did their part. >> it's awesome to be able to come and help people out here. >> reporter: glide too served
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thousands of people on this christmas day as it does every day of the year but the money donated for the holidays and their volunteers are not seen often. >> we're going to put a dent on this lack of money and participation of people wanting to do what's right and what's righteous and loving and generous and kind. >> reporter: guide says it had plenty of volunteers to prepare and serve food but what it says it needs is for volunteers tomorrow, next week, next month and next year once the christmas spirit has faded. u.s. troops shared a christmas meal thousands of miles from their family. while many troops said they would like to be home they say the bonds they have made with other troops both american and afghan are truly remarkable. >> christmas in afghanistan is amazing. the countries have come
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together and we have joined to celebrate this christmas day and this season as you can see all the people here in afghanistan are enjoying the meal at a family. >> reporter: the u.s. has 66,000 troops in afghanistan out of an international force totalling 102,000. in his christmas address, pope benedict xvi called for peace in the middle east. >> i appeal for an end to the bloodshed. easier access for the relief of refugees and the displaced and dialogue in the pursuit of a political solution to the conflict. the pope delivered his speech to tens of thousands of people from the central balcony of st. peters basilica. he spoke about the violence in syria. he also urged the new leadership in china to give people there more religious freedom. families in the south bay
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enjoying a winter wonderland tonight in north america. the entertainment included live shows and games. wonderland will stay at north america through january 4. children four years and under get in for free. a lot of fresh new snow in the sierra tonight and an incredible example of human nature. a chain installers mission to return a lost wedding ring. >> ch
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a manhole cover exploded in downtown san francisco this evening. pg & e says it was caused by an underground vault fire. the blast happened around 5:00 this evening near the corner of third and mission street. the intersection was closed to traffic for a while as crews put out the fire. no one was injured and there was no power outages. investigators have found a note and human remains at the home of a man who's accused of deliberately setting a fire and then shooting and killing two firefighters that arrived at the scene. david lee miller has the new details emerging on the man at the center of this attack. >> reporter: when firefighters arrived at the home of adam spangler they did not know they
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would be ambushed. spangler left a note, detectives will not release the entire content. >> i have to make sure i burn as many homes i can. >> reporter: he had with him three guns including a semi automatic rifle. the same weapon used in the newtown connecticut massacre. he also had plenty of ammunition. >> when i was being told by investigators there were a lot of ammunition around. he was ready to go to war. >> reporter: authorities say they believe they found his sister's remains in the house the two shared and that spangler set ablaze. >> we did locate apparent human remains in the ruins. the assumption is that it's the
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shooter's sister. >> reporter: why spangler the set off the attack nobody knows. when spangl er's mother recently died she asked for doe neighs to the fire department. we may never know what was going through his mind. it was a somber christmas in newtown connecticut as the sidewalk memorial for the 26 victims killed at an elementary school almost two weeks ago continues to grow. today volunteers kept watch over a candlelight vigil to make sure they remained burning all day. police officers from near by towns filled in for newtown police to make sure they had christmas off. here at home crews in santa clara county spent the day looking for the cause of a three alarm fire that destroyed
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a campbell business. ktvu is live. firefighters tell us they were forced to take a defensive stance as flames shot 50 feet into the air. it took crews about an hour to put out the fire. today severe weather is swept through the southern states from texas to florida with several tornado sightings. this video is from mobile alabama where an apparent funnel cloud touched down this evening it took down tree limbs and power lines and caused damage to homes, a high school and a church. at least 20,000 customers are without power. an in louisiana a brave boater captured this waterspout on camera just north of new orleans. the spout formed over lake pontchartrain. new orleans and the surrounding areas remains on alert for tor -- tornadoes through the night. the same storm system bringing a lot of snow to the
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sierra. a winter storm warning causing problems. >> reporter: these brake lights greeted drivers to the sierra. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: at times many went no faster than 10-miles-an- hour. and had delays of two hours. >> at first i was a little frustrated but then i thought, to make me safer i don't mind going slow. >> it's my first time in the snow. i'm a excited and scared i might slip and hit something. >> reporter: crews at times put a stop on traffic. >> i don't mind the snow, we've been on the road since 6:00 this morning and it's supposed to only take us 10 hours to get to reno. >> reporter: we've been stuck for an hour 1-1/2 or so.
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kind of sucks but oh well, i have to get home and work tomorrow. >> it's kind of scary but yet you know it's different, it's a white christmas for us. something different for us. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. a wedding ring lost in the sierra snow has been found. but now the question is how to find the owner. a snow chain installer working on interstate 80 found the ring in the snow. douglas benedeti says he saw a man looking for the ring off the shoulder of the roadway. the man told benedeti had lost his ring and decided to look for it. he looked for it with his led light. >> i scooped it up and looked at it. once i saw lisa's name i knew i
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had the right ring. it's been a rainy day over all. the heavy stuff later on in the afternoon in the early evening hour. moving off in the east now but heavy rainfall accumulations in these areas. palo alto you're getting moderate to heavy rain right now but you see behind it, the rain is relatively light and that's moving off as well. out by dublin and foothill road. you have scattered showers. driving out there it's not so great. so the way this goes is we're going to have a winter storm warning. ken mentioned it, it's in effect through tomorrow night. snow levels to deal with this, snow levels are down to 3,200 feet. that's enough to cause problems as you saw in the last story because they're chaining up much lower than normal. they're going chaining up to 3,000 feet through the morning. when i come back the latest computer model and we'll get you through tomorrow which has more showers in it and then a chance for more showers as we
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head down the road toward the weekend. see you here. tonight marks the 20th year of the kung chow kosher comedy. the show the is the brain child of lisa godorden who found herself telling jewish jokes at a chinese restaurant. pat wynne says she has missed only one year. >> it's christmas day and i'm not christian. so you have to find a thing to do in the bronx. here we are. >> the organizer says the audience was originally 100% jewish but it's changed into
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those just looking something to do. >> how people in th have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature.
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volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. a retail data service says holiday sales grew at the weakest pace since 2008 when the nation was in the grips of a deep recession. sales in the two months before christmas increased by an anemic .7 of a percent compared to last year. many analysts had expected sales to grow from three to 4%. some analysts say severe weather and consumers rising uncertainty about the economy may have hurt sales. netflix service is out and running after an outage that lasted several hours.
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the los gatos company said service was fully restored this morning. customers had not been able to view content since yesterday afternoon. from cable car drivers to investigators, people were making the best working on christmas day. >> reporter: but just as families share quality christmas time, many work. to keep the streets tidy to showing tourists the prettest pretty -- prettiest part of the city. >> i would rather be home, but that's okay. >> it's part of the job. >> reporter: and at starbucks
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it's a reinvolving door. the baristas are busy. >> somebody has to do it i again. i've worked on christmas and sometimes you get time and a half. >> reporter: if you own a business no holiday pay. but for max patel it's not so bad. >> it's not so bad. we'll close early and we'll be home for dinner. >> reporter: we met blue at the powell street turn around who works for his christmas dinner. the fmta says they're pretty slow throughout their system today except for their cable cars they're actually more popular on holidays so some of those operators are working
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until midnight tonight. lorraine blanco. charles during has died. he won a tony award, and earned two oscar nominations as well as an actor's achievement award. he is wanted for questioning in belice where john mcafee is
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as the rain continues tonight, east palo alto
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residents are seeing a newly renovated levee -- >> reporter: despite the rain, san fransiscito rushed today. >> hopefully it'll be bring a will the of freshness to the valley. take out the dirty and bring the new for the new year. >> reporter: marin county gets 3/4 of its drinking water from rainfall so for many this is worth the bother. >> it's wonderful to have the rain for the plants for everything. >> reporter: we found people doing truly last minute shoppers, dodging the showers. >> i don't like the rain, i don't think so but maybe other people like it, yes. >> i have a restaurant close to the napa river so we're always on a flood watch up there. >> reporter: this christmas day
12:01 am
brought crowds to the golden gate bridge. >> you can come to san francisco, you expect good weather and you came to the golden gate, that's it. >> reporter: we saw this open topsighted seeing bus. health and science editor john fowler ktvu news. rescue crews spent the evening rescuing a horse. cracky the horse climbed up to the loft looking for more hay. he was stuck up there for three days. the horse is in good shape. >> officials at u.s. airways are looking into what caused one of it aircrafts to catch fire. it happened during maintenance
12:02 am
check. the fire started in a small motor under the plane's trail. no one was aboard at the time. the plane was scheduled to fly to vancouver. passengers were put on another airplane craft two hours later. there's word that mcafee is spending christmas in england. the pioneer wrote that he's safe in the country where he grew up. mcafee was born in england. the sun reports mcafee is hoping for a fresh start. mcafee has been in hiding from authorities in belize where he had been living. he is wanted for questioning in the death -- for the suspicious death of a neighbor. ktvu's robert handa followed the mail carriers on their rout today. >> reporter: it's not exactly santa's sleigh but some san jose postal carriers including nancy ray hit the road christmas day to deliver last minute gifts. >> merry christmas.
12:03 am
>> hello. >> the postal service delivers on christmas day. >> this is awesome. i can't believe you're here. thank you so much. >> this is what makes it worthwhile. when people are home and they're surprised and they're happy i like the surprise of it the most. >> the delivery day started early at this postal facility where nancy ray and seven other carriers worked out routes. why volunteer to play santa of course. >> they call the kids, the wives, the girlfriends look honey what you got. and they rip it open, big old smile on their face. >> reporter: officials say the hectic christmas delivery day here in san jose and the bay area caps off a very busy holiday season. the big rush is pretty much over but for those individuals that still want to get something out for the new year day, i would say december 28 is a good time to make sure you get your packages and letters into the mail. >> reporter: that should work if nancy ray gets the packages. >> today i had 26 but that
12:04 am
opportunity mean that's all i'll have. once i finished i'll go back into the office and see if i have more to go. >> reporter: with that kind of dedication, maybe driving a sleigh would be appropriate. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. there was plenty of joy in berkeley outside of a delicatessen. soul's restaurant's annual christmas event included music. it's been a tradition for jews and gentile alike who come for good company, good friends and look at that good food. one little girl's christmas surprise did not come wrapped in a package this year. tracy lot was sitting on santa's knee in alabama talking about just how much she missed her father. he's been stationed overseas for the last three years. >> is he the most special
12:05 am
person in the world? if you believe we might see him. you do believe. she does believe. >> how are you doing baby? >> an emotional reunion there. sergeant jonathan lot says that he plans to spend the holiday with his family and just hopes he will be relocated state side in the coming months. on this christmas day, stocking stuffers took on a special meeting at one midwest hospital. all the newborns at the maternity ward at st. luke's were gently placed into holiday stockings. volunteers made the stockings for the holidays and the hospital says it creates a warm welcoming environment for families in their birth suites. five years ago tonight a tiger attack stunned people around the world. we return to the scene of the attack and look at the changes the zoo has made. >> the rain is tapering off for now but there's some more rain
12:06 am
in the forecast. there's going to be a cold. some fog as well. all that
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in news of the world tonight at least six people are dead and thousands homeless after fire struck two slums in manila. at least one of the fires may be the work of an arsonist. five of the dead were trapped inside their apartment when a fire broke out. riots broke out after the fire as residents fought with the firefighters saying their response was slow. a new constitution passed with 64% of the vote. less than 1/3 of egypt's 52 million eligible voters cast
12:09 am
ballots. opposition voters say the vote was -- opponents argue it ushers in islamic rule and restricts freedom. the afghanistan, officials say the woman who killed an american advisor was islamic. it does not appear the woman has linked to militant groups. five years ago today a shocking attack at the san francisco zoo made national headlines. a tiger escaped from its enclosure and killed a teenager. eric rasmussen reports on how the victim's family is coping. >> reporter: at the san francisco zoo, holiday lights wrap a statute of tatiana. the siberian tiger attacked three young men killing one of
12:10 am
them. >> i remember definitely being a shocking incident. we had been at the zoo that day. it's a tradition for us to come to the zoo on christmas day. suza died of his injuries. responding police officers shot and killed tatiana. the families eventually received settlements to avoid court. >> people felt strongly that tatiana was wrongly killed. >> reporter: the tiger's grotto walls were 4 feet lower than federal standards. today there's an electrified fence, and a new thigher martha roaming the compound. the zoo has signs like these.
12:11 am
we spoke to carlos suza's father just after he visited his son's resting place. >> the zoo is safer, people can go there knowing that their children can be safe. >> reporter: david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. rocket scientists at the space x company have released pictures of what could become a new spacecraft. the grasshopper rocket is unusual because it can hover allowing it to land vertically. space x has a contract to resupply the international space station and recently signed an agreement to develop rockets for the u.s. space programs. not every gift hits the mark. what you need to know before you try to return something. up first, thousands of toys for children who need them. the firefighters on a mission
12:12 am
to find every needy child. and chief meteorologist bill martin is updating the forecast for the rest of the holiday week. he's back with another look at that as we look at the
12:13 am
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san francisco firefighters spent part of their day spreading holiday cheer to children across the city. >> merry christmas. >> every year the firefighters go out into the neighborhood in search of young people who's families might not be able to get them presents this christmas day. one engine went to the tenderloin neighborhood. >> we find people that just really need the toy the most. that really don't know what christmas is about or they've forgotten the christmas day and they just get a gift from a
12:15 am
firefighters and it changes the day. suddenly they have a bike or a doll. almost as soon as the presents are unwrapped come the concern, can i return the ones i don't want. consumer reporter tom vacar checked the policies of major stores. >> reporter: it'll take another three to four weeks before the season is fully tallied experts expect it'll cost consumers $586 billion even after returns and exchanges that takes a lot of retailers time and money. >> they're harder to deal with without a receipt for sure. they want to give you a credit because if you get something else of a lower price. >> they would only give us store credit, they would never give us cash or anything. so we would just go there and buy what we needed. >> take it in, tell them we don't want it and they'll exchange it or they will usually give you a store credit
12:16 am
they will not give you your money back. >> reporter: wal-mart accepts most things back within 90 days. electronics within 15 days. cosco usually does not have a time limit, except for electronics which should be returned within 90 days. at sears k mart sears has 30, 60 and 90 day return period depending on the item and k mart gives just 28 days. many choose the alternative of regifting. >> don't take it back. just give it to someone who might want it. >> we try to give as much as we can to the salvation army or goodwill. >> reporter: tom vacar. more details now on the
12:17 am
return policies at a few other stores at best buy most items must be returned by january 21st with a receipt and photo i. d. toys r' us has a 90 day return policy but you must have the receipt and packages. at toys r' us you will get a refund. and severe weather sweeping through the skies made for severe weather. three tornadoes were reported in texas today with one building damaged. blizzard warnings were in effect. and blizzard warnings are posted for parts of indiana, kentucky and missouri. in hawaii officials are trying to figure out whether a
12:18 am
boat discovered off the coast of oahu is debris from last year's tsunami. the state department of land and says the boat carried green mussels to be from japan. officials say on thursday, they plan to go back to the area where the boat was found to see if any of the mussels were dislodged from the boat. in the santa clara valley getting hit again with more heavy rain. you will see another line of showers working their way into the san jose proper area so they were dying down there. there's san jose and this stuff is pretty significant. it's coming down hard. it's a small band but it's powerful band. coming real close here. there's san jose, north first street it's raining real hard. willow glen is going to be raining really hard within the next couple of minutes in your place. campbell you're getting heavy rain. milpitas, you come north and you will see showers up around scott creek road and fremont
12:19 am
that's moving off to the east so you're going to start to dry out for a little bit. you move up toward liver mother and sonol and showers are moving in a northeasterly direction. so the showers working their way out. santa cruz up in the hills here you're getting some moderate rain. just one of those nights a lot going on. the showers are going to die down and when they do it's going to get cold. it got warm when the clouds came in and the clouds this morning and they never allowed the temperatures to warm up. some of the temperatures were in the 40s. 46 in napa. 48 in concord. overnight lows are going to be down into the maybe upper 30s and lots of low 40s. there's going to be lots of valley fog in the morning. there might even be a few sprinkles. there'll be a -- a lot of clouds. there'll be some breaks, some sun, you will need an umbrella
12:20 am
then you don't. but today it was like you needed an umbrella all day. clearing in the afternoon. widely scattered showers. the extended forecast calls for a drying out. there's a change of something coming. but it doesn't look like it's too much. tonight 10:00, there we are tomorrow morning 4:00 a.m. scattered showers. here we are at 9:00 p.m. not too severe. and here we are at 5:00 p.m. so not so bad. then we move through the day on thursday. there's thursday morning, there's thursday afternoon. we'll be talking valley fog on thursday. and then as we get into friday, friday morning and then friday afternoon. this kind of weak thing wants to rumble in. so it doesn't take much but it'll be enough to drop a few sprinkles. there's the story, five day forecast coming up. we're looking at temperatures that will be in the 50s. it's winter, boy you can tell it's wait -- you can tell it's
12:21 am
winter. right now we're 160% of average. in the mountains it's snowing. that's staying for a couple of days. they're getting a lot of snow. it's dicey getting up there. a los angeles county homeless man who had been living on an island in the los angeles river had to be rescued this week when water levels in the river rose. a team of firefighters from several departments came to the man's rescue yesterday afternoon. they tossed ropes so he could tie himself to a tree and then they used a rescue boat to bring him to safety hey, dad.
12:22 am
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a southern california family really likes christmas trees this season they managed to put 103 of them inside their house. mom and chief decorator allyson seaward says her love came from the enjoinment of pine forests.
12:25 am
allyson's calls the january ritual of taking all of these sad but cleansing. >> i wonder where they store all of those in the offseason. big day for basketball and basketball fans. >> should nba players be at home with the family or making some money? well the npa scheduled five big time match ups for christmas. warriors were not part of today's line up. they should be just about getting to their hotel in utah right now to play the jazz tomorrow night. in fact, golden seat hasn't played since saturday when they lost in overtime to the lakers at home. warriors are 7-1 following the loss. this time off during the holidays means more rest and so much more. >> this is just a game, you want to cherish those moments. it's a long season, it's a very demanding one and it's great when we can take a deep breath. relax and enjoy the things
12:26 am
that are really important in life. well kobe bryant doesn't seem to mind playing on christmas day, he scored 33 points. the new york's carmelo anthony scored 17 of his 34 in the third quarter. i just hope knicks can return those ugly christmas uniforms tomorrow. steve gnash to gasol down the chimney he goes. lakers win one # -- 194. and i hope the crews got extra pay to change the floor. they worked hard. griffin scores 13 they win their franchise record 14th
12:27 am
straight game. soup stars kevin durant and lebron james met for the nba finals. not a lot of christmas cheer in in game. james going down there and duran led everyone with 32 points. drew the thunder within one point. james scores 29. eight rebounds and here's one of his nine assists. it's chris bosh. he beat oklahoma city 103-97. houston rolls in chicago. boston beats brooklyn. the usf dawns and plays tennessee in hawaii today. and they snap their five game losing streak 67-49 is your final and that's sports. >> all right, very merry christmas day. >> thank you, fred. >> and thank you for trusting
12:28 am
ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning news will start at 4:30 a.m. they'll have all the overnight
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