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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 10, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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crest whitestrips. life opens up when you do. this isn't the sierra, it is santa clara county. there's a freeze warning tonight with overnight temperatures expected to be some of the lowest of the season. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a bay area cold snap has people really turning up the heat tonight while those without a home are just trying to survive. we have team coverage for you. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the temperatures and freeze warning. but we begin in the south bay
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with maureen naylor and a pointiant story about keeping people alive. >> reporter: outdoor dining isn't that attractive tonight. in campbell it's 43 degrees and it's expected to get a lot colder. >> this is my baby lexus. >> reporter: today we met this grandmother and her dog dressed in scarves. olivia is grateful that her heater is working now because she rang in the new year without heat. >> i don't want to go through that again. it was pretty cold. >> reporter: she says her hearts go out to people liveable -- living on the streets. such as this 50-year-old. he says his friend died just after christmas in this same camp. >> he just died saturday morning. he has part problems like i did. >> reporter: patrick took us inside his makeshift home where
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under a blue tarp he watches quintin torentino movies. he was one person benefiting from a blanket give away by a church this evening. among those handing out blankets this 56-year-old church member who himself is homeless. he sleeps in the front seat of his truck where he reads the bible. >> you know for me, i'm very blessed that i have a roof. >> reporter: while his friend sleeps in the cab. >> even with shelter and a blanket it's still cold. you really can't sleep, the cold keeps you up. >> reporter: he told us the worse time is before dawn in the hours between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. where the coldest hits. maureen naylor, ktvu news. the catholic charity in santa rosa has more than 30 people on its wait list tonight even after bringing in additional beds. >> a lot of people that we serve come with already a lot of health issues, disabilities, mental well being so there is
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concern about that as well. >> with the frigid weather all 138 beds at that shelter are full. to help those still on the streets, volunteers plan to hand out warm clothing tomorrow morning. and in the south bay, a frosty mount hamilton provided a scenic view of the mountains. it attracted dozens of visitors who just wanted to see what it looked like up close. take a look at where it is. you don't usually see frost advisories right along the bay. then we have a freeze warning. those are the purple areas. the freeze warnings are very impressive because you're below freezing. that's the frost advisory but you're seeing it in redwood city, san mateo and fremont places that don't usually get those. very chilly for this hour it's 38 in fairfield. it's 36 in napa. so what's going to happen?
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these temperatures that are further north like 37 in sebastapool are starting to creep south. we're looking at the overnight lows to be the coldest of the season. we'll see some ice in the morning, we'll see some frost, some very cold overnight lows in the 20s. we have the specifics for your overnight forecast. on top of that the freeze warning and frost advisory they're going to roll over into sunday morning. so we have a couple of mornings that are going to be downright cold. >> you can follow bill and the rest of our ktvu meteorologists online. they postupdates on facebook, twitter and governor brown says that california will have a surplus for the first time in 30 years. >> reporter: when governor brown walked no to announce his
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budget he said something about california's chronic deficit have not heard in a decade. >> we're on a road to sustainable balance. >> reporter: brown announced that this budget year will see an $850,000 surplus, a surplus that will continue. >> right now for the next four years we're talkinged about a balanced budget. we're talking about living witness our means. this is new, this is a breakthrough. >> reporter: even some republicans were cautiously optimistic. >> at this point i'm certainly agreeing with the message of restraint. i think that's a good thing. >> reporter: governor brown's budget does call for increased money to education, 2.7 billion to can through 12. the increase in education spending is made possible by voters who approved tax hikes in november under proposition 30. brown was quick to warn that the surplus could disappear based on federal actions such as cutting the national debt or increased health care costs. democrats who control the
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legislature say the governor's plan mirrors their own but they are eyeing rebuilding the social net. >> we're in this middle ground area. no more cuts but not sufficient moneys to make restoration. >> reporter: in sacramento, ken pritchett. the governor's focus on education may come at the expense of some of the wealthiest school districts. the governor said the situation is different for people who grew up in oakland or compton than those growing up in piedmont. his proposal calls for pouring money into schools where
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students are learning english as a second language. >> disproportionally funding those schools that have disproportional challenges. >> reporter: wealthier schools could see cuts. the san mateo union school district says it expects to lose $4 million in state funding under the governor's new plan. >> we live, we soar. in san francisco protesters held a rally on behalf of health and human services. they want the governor to restore full funding to programs for children, families, seniors and the disabilitied. they say budget cuts weaken the safety net for california's most vulnerable. instead of concluding a search, we learned that san jose is expanding it. we learned that sandra pegoni
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wants more time to consider them and look at additional candidates. city officials say they want the best match for san jose and there is no time limit. the current chief chris moore plans to retire a week from this friday. vallejo police say that a man that was once behind bars is back behind bars after killing his mother. dennis stanworth was first sentenced to death in 1966 for murdering two teenage girls. after california did away with the death sentence, his sentence was changed to life in prison. >> i am worried about our system, him getting out again. but i have a gun and i know how to use it. >> reporter: this time police say sanworth killed his mother in his own home. he said he called 911 and then
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turned himself in. a potentially dangerous reptile guarding a stash of marijuana has died. the reptile was a 16-year-old cayman which closely resembles an alligator. the oakland zoo took it in yesterday and said it was in very poor health. alameda county sheriff deputies found the cayman in a home along with marijuana. the owner faces animal abuse charges. a case of bullying is said to be the motive for school shooting in central california. authorities in the town of taft in kern county says a student entered a class, and opened fire. the current county sheriff says the teen targeted students who had bullied him for several years. a teacher finally talked him into dropping his gun before he
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fired again. a student is in critical but stable condition. as eric rasmussen found out one district is locking students inside class. >> we're just going over all of our practices. >> reporter: we were with martinez unified superintent dent mute as she checked to see if teachers are following new marching orders. >> hi. >> reporter: locking all classroom doors during the school day. this one was. >> in talking to the police department what we determined was that anything you can do that is seen as a deterrent is one way to slow down an intruder if they were on campus. >> reporter: administrators point out these doors are only locked on the outside. in the event of any kind of emergency such as a fire students and teachers can still get out. the school district plans to
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install so called columbine locks. it's one change being implemented after the shooting of 20 children and six adults at sandy hook elementary. >> we feel we have procedures in place but then you analyze that incident and think, hey maybe we aren't as prepared as we have. >> reporter: they have brought in two consultants before making specific changes at all campus. parents say they welcome the scrutiny. >> i'm in support of anything that will offer extra support for our children. >> reporter: they're not in favor as going so far as to arm teachers but they are looking at bringing resource officers to schools who don't already have them. eric rasmussen, ktvu. and coming up at 10:30, an overflow crowd today in the knot bay. the hot button issue that's atracking a lot of attention.
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bay area fire stations shutting down. the confusion over the closures that has some people upset. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems.
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you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. queen mattresses start at just $699. and now, save 50% on the closeout of our silver limited edition bed. ends sunday. new video tonight of fire fighters in oakland responding to a two alarm fire around 7:30 this evening. investigators tell us the fire
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started outside a body shop at 55th and foothill in east oakland. when fire crews arrived that i had say they found at least one burning mattress outside the building. inside at least a dozen cars were damaged. four fire stations in contra costa county are closing next week due to a lack of funds. residents in those communities are getting nervous. amber lee is live now in martinez where officials held their first public hearing so residents can find out what happens next. >> reporter: we're in front of fire station number 12, it's one of four fire houses in the contra costa fire district slated to close next tuesday. >> we're not in this alone. we have county ams, we have amr. >> reporter: they explained to dozens of residents that the closure is the last resort to
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close a budget deficit. >> my concern is then the response time. who is going to take care of us. >> reporter: these two women live just steps from the martinez fire station that's about to shutter. 75-year-old barbara eye tells me she has a heart condition and that firefighters recently saved her husband's life when he stopped breathing. >> they just took care of my husband here not too awful long ago. and i just think that they're not going to be around. it does upset me, you know. >> reporter: the fire district says it has no choice but to close four fire stations. in addition to the one in martinez, fire houses in lafayette, clayton and walnut creek are also closing. voters failed to pass a parcel tax that fire officials say would have provided the revenue to keep the fire houses open. >> response time will increase because of these closures. we're looking to work with our partners, amr ambulance as well
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as using some strategic deployment plans. >> i don't think it's fair. you know we need our fire departments, we need our public services. >> reporter: the district says there will be no lay offs. currently there are 225 firefighters they say that's far short of the national standard. 600 firefighters for a district this size. there will be another public meeting to address public concerns there. reporting live in martinez, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a sex abuse case involving a santa clara soccer coach is back in court. the victim's parents are now suing several soccer organizations claiming that the coach should have been subjected to a background check. 37-year-old emanuele fabrizio was convicted for sexual abuse. the lawsuit is against the youth soccer associations and fabrizio. it says that a background check
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would have revealed fabrizio's previous offenses. dexter oliver faces 22 counts including attempted murder, torture and arson. his girlfriend star lamar suffered third degree burns that prosecutors say left her almost unrecognizable. they said the incident began with an argument at the laundromat and that oliver went home and returned with small containers of gasoline. police say he then poured the gas on lamar and lit her on fire. >> if you add to that the fact that he has a history of domestic violence and that obviously he has not learned from the prior incidents, this is an individual that is very dangerous. >> reporter: the judge set oliver's bail at $10 million. he also issued a protective order to keep oliver away from lamar and her family. police say they arrested three men for robbing a group of three people on a munni bus.
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police sent us these photos of taylor, anderson and thomas. the three approached some teenagers and demanded money. fbi agents searching for human remains in san joaquin county finished a fourth day of prep work at a new excavation site. the bureau plans to examine the bottom of the well for evidence of victims of the so called speed freak killers. the fbi says it thought the well would be about 50 feet deep but located the bottom today at about 200 feet. they say it's filled with water which first has to be drained before they can dig more. now to our continuing coverage of this week's near disaster when an oil tanker sideswiped the tower of the bay bridge. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar went out on the bay today to give us an up close look at the
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damage and the critical issue why the coast guard needs speedy repairs. >> reporter: he's referring to this incident in the cosco busan incident. while the bumper remains damaged but still has restraints time is of the essence it needs to be fixed because another hit by a big ship will make grievous damage to the bridge itself. >> we expect through a -- what's known as a directors order that repairs will be put on the fast track. we're probably under way to repair that fender within 30 days. the massive overseas raymar
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remains at anchor. how seaworthy will it be when it's filled with the massive weight of all that oil? >> i'm a wood boat guy and i know that. if you hit something the first thing you do is go look on the inside of the haul to see if it's cracked or broken. >> reporter: if the overseas reymar follow it is example of other collision ships, one gone it won't be back again. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. cold air has settled in over us. that's why we have that freeze warning and frost advisory in effect tonight. all this air coming down from the polar regions is here now. we're going to see very cold overnight lows. 28degrees tomorrow morning in santa rosa. 26 in napa and 30 in vallejo. it is going to be downright freezing in many inland bay valleys tomorrow. lots of frost as well. when i come back we're going to go looking for the coldest temperatures tomorrow. we're also going to look at your forecast as we head into the bay area weekend. there's some rain drops to talk
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about, i'll see you back here. president obama signed a bill making pinnacle's national monument the country's 59th and newest national park. pin -- pinnacle is now the closest national park to the bay area. it gets its name from the rocks made from an extent volcano. it's culturally significant to several native american tribes. it's also popular with rock climbers. the new designation is expected to draw more visitors and business to the area. most visitors visit in spring and fall because it can be very hot during the summer months. allowed what sounded to me like an explosion. almost like a shotgun blast. >> a big rig crashes falls 30 feet from
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a paramedic that pulled a driver from a big rig wants to find the two men who helped him. rob roth shares the paramedic story and the images now sered in his memory. >> you can see right there it's singed. >> reporter: perry hood suffered second degree burns on his arm trying to save a man he never knew. >> we did everything we could. >> reporter: this is what the big rig looked like seconds after hookie and the others managed to pull the driver. a big rig and pickup collided on highway 37, careening and falling 7 feet. hookie is a paramedic who was on his way to work.
11:55 pm
>> i heard a loud, what sounded to me like an explosion. almost like a shotgun blast. >> reporter: two other men arrived at the same time and saw flames growing from the back of the class. hooky says all he could see is the driver's leg. >> i am not going to watch this guy burn to death. so i got into the back of the cab. he was still restrained, he was in his seat belt, he was upside down, he was still alive and i could see the bottom of his shoe was on fire. i told the guys we have to get this guy out of here. >> reporter: the men carried the driver away from the wreck and the big rig then went up as a torch. hookey a paramedic tried to keep the driver alive. but the driver never regained consciousness and dried. the solano coroner identified him as rudy. he said he would like to get in
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touch with the other men who helped that day and thank them. chevron said the fourth quarter earnings will be higher than the third quarter. however in the third quarter chevron earned more than $5 billion on revenue of 58 billion. the number of americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits increased slightly last week. 371,000 people filed initial claims. that's up 4,000 from the week before. the four week average of 365,000 remains near a four year low. analysts say the numbers indicate stability in the labor market. wall street had another good day. the dow gained 80 points. the nasdaq was up 16. and the s & p500 closed at a
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five year high. also today the head of the european central bank said the worse of the euro crisis may be mind us. >> your committee is in very deep water here. >> reporter: strong words tonight at a town hall meeting. the controversial issue at the center there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. queen mattresses start at just $699. and now, save 50% on the closeout of our silver limited edition bed. ends sunday.
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♪ ♪ conquer dinner. one cut of meat at a time. the everyday collection. by target.
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a town hall meeting about gun violence lasted more than an hour and a half longer than scheduled for and spilled into the hallways. >> reporter: the crowd from napa county came here as part of a listening tour but tonight
12:00 am
citizens put him in the cross hairs. >> they create these mindless video games that i would not allow my kids to play. >> reporter: this isn't the meeting on preventing gun violence. it's everyone who came to the meeting but couldn't get in. listening in the hall, or an overflow room. as many people outside than inside the chambers. >> i'm a gun owner, i'm a veteran, a combat veteran. i'm a hunter i understand guns. >> reporter: mike thompson tried to reassure the crowds no one wants to take away their guns. >> u.s. citizens have a right to own firearms. period. >> reporter: but many here are unconvinced seeing any reforms as threatening to gun owners rights. >> these are people who have been disarmed and cannot defend themselves.
12:01 am
>> i don't care if you ban assault weapons. if it takes me do more than five rounds, i will either be dead or will be. >> reporter: this teacher called for compromise. >> but i do think we can minimize killing and the time is now. >> the most emotional perspective from the widow of the fort brad councilman gunned down by a man. her husband's coworker escaped and stood beside her. >> he was able to escape the killer. if he did not have that gun he would not be standing here with me tonight. >> the only way we could do it is if we all come together, we all are at the table and everything is on table. >> reporter: after forums like this in napa and vallejo this
12:02 am
was the final one. thompson takes what he's heard back to the task force he heads in washington, d.c. live in santa rosa, deborah villalon. according to the state department of justice there were 601,000 requests for background checks in 2011 for people buying guns. last year that number jumped to 812,000 requests. so far this year in just the first ten days there have been 27,000 requests. however the bureau of firearms tells us the percent of people denied from buying guns has remained constant at 1.1%. biden has been holding high level meetings and today he met with gun rights activists. >> surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks. >> biden said that means all buyers including private sales
12:03 am
after today's meeting the national rifle association said it believes the administration has an agenda to attack the second amendment. president obama nominated jacob blu to to be secretary. some republicans quickly said they oppose lue nomination. that is his actual signature a series of loops. the treasury secretary signature appears on all paper money in the united states. the president said lieu assured him he would try to make at
12:04 am
least one letter legible. a judge in colorado ruled there is enough everyday for james holmes to stand trial for the aurora theater massacre. holmes is charged with 166 counts for killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in a crowded theater last year. he could face the death penalty. police in san jose say they seized thousands of dollars worth of guns and firearms after executing a search want on the 700 block of ross circle. they discovered $65,000 in cash, multiple firearms including 2 pounds of marijuana and more than 200 pills of oxycotin and vicadin. officers identified a suspect as terry lee washington. he faces several charges including being a felon in possession of firearms, drugs for sale and resisting arrest. the food and drug
12:05 am
administration lowered the dosage of the sleeping aid ambiant for women. the new recommendation is less than half of the original doze. the sleeping agent effect may linger in the morning. they focused on women because women take longer to metabolize the drug than men. as ktvu's lorrane -- blanco say some people are getting a flu shot and some are not. >> reporter: this is why she's getting a flu shot this year. a public health emergency in boston and high levels of influenza like illness across
12:06 am
the country. >> i do not want to get ill so i do things like wash my hands constantly. >> according to the centers of disease control and prevention this could be among the worse flu seasons in a decades. nationwide there were 22,048 cases in september through tes of 2012. that's 26 times more cases. >> our emergency room our clinics are busier. this isn't just a scare that's coming out of any where. >> reporter: target officers free shots. >> i have had asthma in the past and so i was high risk so i always got the flu shot. i no longer have to take the flu shot but i've just grown accustomed to. >> reporter: but no longer how high the warning, some like 88 murray who's feeling sick refused to listen. >> i'm sure when i go to the doctor monday he'll be trying
12:07 am
to push it on me but i'm still not taking it. >> if you do get a flu shot be aware doctors say it takes two weeks to become e -- effective. and we apologize there for the video problems during that package. a $31 million prize tag we've learned why the cost of security cameras for the new bay bring jumped from its original cost of $8 million. >> back here in just 10 minutes the five day forecast with your weekend in view and there's a few
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and there's a big advantage parents can give their kids -- making sure they get active at least 60 minutes each day. studies show that physical activity not only helps kids stay healthy, it can enhance important skills, like concentration and problem solving, which can improve academic performance. this means physical activity can help your kids in the most important game of all -- life. the cost of security systems for the new eastern span of the bay bridge could top $30 million. the highway patrol is
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requesting a comprehensive system that includes 165 video, infrared and thermal imagery cameras. the bay bridge toll authority had figured the cost of the cameras would be $8 million. a decision is expected next month. in news of the world tonight in paris members of the curdish community mourn the deaths of three women. the three women were shot execution style. one was the cofounder of a group that has been fighting for decades for autonomy for kurds in turkey. in venezuela, supporters celebrated the inauguration of hugo chavez even though it didn't happen. mr.chavez is still in cuba where he is recovering from cancer surgery and he hasn't made an appearance in months.
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the family of killer whale trapped by ice now appear to be free. officials say the winds shifted and the ice moved and that allowed them to free themselves and reach open water. the pod of orcas had been taking turns rising for air. this morning the orcas were gone. researchers say it had seau's brain had abnormalities similar to those with brain injuries. baseball commissioner bud selig announced random testing
12:12 am
will begin in the upcoming season. under the plan all players will be tested at least once. last year tests were only done during spring training. in the future, records will be kept of baseline testosterone to compare with random drug tests. the nominations will be out, who will be competing for oscar gold. plus the count down is on. businesses and fans are gearing up for saturday's big game at candle stick. temp
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if you noticed extra lights on one part of the bay bridge it's part of an art installation. crews have begun testing the lights that are being installed
12:15 am
on cables. once completed those lights will flash in synchronized patterns. it is being created to celebrate the anniversary of the bridge. it will stay in place for two years. jana katsuyama is live in san francisco where she found the city and the visiting green bay packers fans are showing their colors, jana. >> reporter: that's right, check this out coit tower lit up in san francisco orange. at the sherton fisherman's wharf tourists are already showing up. >> when we left home it was about 20 so this is warm. >> reporter: and the visitors
12:16 am
say they've been treated well, even when showing their colors. >> we've always been treated well, the san francisco fans are always fun. >> we're anticipating a good portion of our guests to be all packer fans. we have a room for them to congregate so it should be fun. >> reporter: fans of both teams have been gearing up with team shirts, hats and the hot item, the san francisco answer to the cheese heads, gold nugget head. >> these are the two items that are hot. other things jackets and jerseys. >> it's a good game. packers are tough. big rivalry but i think we can pull it off. >> reporter: bars such as zeeks are running specialless. and fans are pumped up. >> there's going to be wings, beers, it's going to be great. >> it's great that the whole city is excited. >> reporter: you can see the
12:17 am
city showing it's 49ers pride. the ferry building was also lit up in 49ers red. beacons of hope you might say for 49ers fans that this year might be san francisco's shot at victory. reporting live from san francisco tonight, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now, mayor's ed lee of san francisco and james schmidt agreed to a friendly wager on the outcome of this weekend's play off game. the losing city will have a day to invite all children to a museum. coverage begins with our play off play book and then kick offset for just after 5:00. after the game catch sports director mark ibanez for our live point after show. some san francisco residents are stepping up their
12:18 am
protest of a proposed restaurant on the city's marina green. neighbors in a half dozen homes have put signs in their windows saying stop restaurants on marina green. residents are upset about plans to open up a restaurant. this is an artist rendering of the proposed restaurant. the board of supervisors is expected to take up the matter laterren on this month. it's cold out there right now. we're finding temperatures in the upper 30s. that cold air is filtering in. the skies are clearing. you see the satellite loop and that big hole right over us. clear skies helps things really cool off. here's where we are right now. we have plenty of cooled numbers. 39 in santa rosa. 36 in napa. so you know that in the next few hours it's not going to be hard to get those numbers down into freezing. and even below freezing that's why we have a freeze warning in effect for the inland bay valleys including santa rosa. we have a frost advisory around
12:19 am
the bay. this is unique, the bay is a relatively warmer temperatures in the low 50s this time of year. maybe mid-50s. you're getting frost in hayward, oakland, richmond, right around the bay. not just tomorrow morning but again on saturday morning. a freeze warning in the darker purple. temperatures will be in the 20s. we often see freeze warnings in downtown san jose. it's going to be cold tonight, tomorrow night and it stays cool right through the week. there's a chance of showers as we head into saturday night, sunday morning. it doesn't look like a big deal but there's a chance for it. here's how it breaks down. temperatures in the 20s and 30s tonight. as we head into the weekend, don't change your plans. it's going to be chilly. need a jacket maybe a little bit of a breeze. but the rain showers if they do show up will be light at best. on your computer model you're going to see that that these
12:20 am
systems go right offshore. here we are friday morning, here we are friday afternoon. nothing, nice day. cool though. here we are saturday morning. here we are saturday afternoon. everything goes right by. here we are sunday morning. everything is gone. so you get the picture the weekend looks nice. it's just going to be cool. if you have plans in the morning hour, do golfing or outdoor activities, jackets, gloves, the whole bit. if you're a jogger in the morning and you see people out there jogging it's going to be very, very cold. not just saturday morning, but sunday morning as monday morning as well. five day forecast is pretty dry. good thing we have so much rain in the rain buckets. because we look we're going into an extended dry pattern. we'll see but as it stands now it's all about how cold it's going to be. the oscar nominations are out and one film ran away with
12:21 am
a dozen nominations. >> lincoln, steven spielburg. >> this morning lincoln was nominated for 12 academy awards. other best picture nominees this year include amore, argo, beast of the southern wild, django unchained and les miresrables. lieutenant governor gavin newsom and his wife may be joining others on the red carpet. the 49ers make their decision on who's going to be q x
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i wanted to be in the military since i was a kid. i served a total of 16 years. and at 19 years old, that's the first time i ever saw somebody die. coming back, i was raging. i started having pretty horrible nightmares. i started drinking a lot. i guess i never recognized it in myself. it all starts with going to the va. there's a whole community of veterans that just want to help you out. it's for the guys who couldn't come back, you owe it to them to live well. because they're not here with their families.
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there are a lot of reports tonight suggesting britney spears has decided to leaf the x factor after just one season to concentrate on her music. x factor judge l.a. reed will also not be returning for season three. the future of judge demi lovato remains unknown. now we're going to find out
12:25 am
what happened to gonzaga. >> i think that i have nothing because i can't top that story. well, we'll go to gonzaga basketball. protecting their home court but just barely. a crummy start by the gails. bulonick 7-footer the rebound for him. matthew delavadoba with st. maries maries -- mary's is in the thick of it. clanking here. 6.9 seconds left that would have tied it. the ninth ranked zags 15-1. broncos losing by four to lmu.
12:26 am
dons also four point shortage versus san diego. and to the clippers, they go into portland having lost two in a row. they hope the heat done tonight. heat on top most tonight. stripped by lebron who took it the distance. just missed a triple double. and the blazers over highly regarded heat. the most talk probably ever about a couple of field goal kickers leading up to a play off game. the drama is over, jim
12:27 am
harbaugh reporting that akers still holds the job. >> a tremendous player, a guy that strong that can make all the throws. for me the surprised me is how fast he processed things. making quick decisions and the closer you get to game day, very focused guy. all those teams looking outside in the play offs they're all about coaching changes. the jaguars interested in
12:28 am
roman, the 49ers assistant coach. game time 5:00 hit a landmine
12:29 am
when i came here, i couldn't move. [male announce david was broadsided on the highway. they weren't very hopeful that he would survive at all. [male announce their traumatic brain injuries have yet to heal. the way i describe it is you're just afraid. am i going to start forgetting things? [male announce tbi is as serious as any battlefield injury. thankfully va has made important advancements in tbi


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