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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  January 15, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the day's best videos and the stories behind them -- "right this minute." here comes. >> a guy is trying to feed a fish off a dock when suddenly. >> the fish said, yeah, i think i'll just take the bait and your arm. >> ooh! >> see who wins the epic balltt when you hear the real story behind the viral video. a woman and child are trapped between a wall of flames and a window with bars. >> the cage that's keeping them inside their burning home. >> that's a death trap. >> how firefighters managed to cheat death on this one.
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>> she shared her life on the internet. an average-sized woman who suddenly became a giant. >> actually, every day is a pain. >> now, a sad update for the woman who went public to help others. plus, a sledder's near miss -- >> heads up, heads up, heads up! >> and some dudes stage -- >> a championship of just stupidity. >> with the great ceiling beam jump. >> i've got to see how this ends. i want to ask you three and i want to ask america who is doing the fishing in this next individual? watch this. a guy's on a dock dangling bait. no rod luring a fish. watch what happens. >> oh, my god! oh -- >> a giant fish, which we believe is a tarpon, latches on to his dude's arm. >> oh, my god! >> the video's a little older but trending big time now. we found out the real story behind this video, this was
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actually taken at robby's in the florida keys. people come here every day to can feed fish. >> ah! >> this guy's name's billy smith. on robby's website it says occasionally a tarpon rises up from the water to meet the bait as it leaves your hand. that definitely happened in this video. of course, the florida fish and wildlife commission, 8 feet long, 280 pounds, can live up to 50 years. you hear the girl who's filming this. she's like kind of doing a mix between laughing and screaming. >> ah! billy! >> eventually two guys come over and wrestle to get it off of his arm. at the end of the day -- >> they called it the silver king, strength, stamina and
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fighting ability. >> do we know if the guy was injured? hurt? anything happen to his arm? >> looks like the guy's okay. >> what a fishtail. like i once caught a fish this big with my bare arm. >> or, i once got my ass kicked by a fish on a dock, and then he swam away. >> that's even better. a terrifying fire in china's szechuan province was all caught on camera and the scene is heartbreaking. this is an apartment building and you see smoke just pouring out of a window. but notice closely at the window, they all have security bars on them. >> oh, no. >> and look what we see in one of those windows. you see a young boy and an older woman trapped between the fire and the security bars on their window, and their several stories up. basically it's the cage keeping them inside their family home. >> are they the only ones reported trapped? >> according to the reports we
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have, they do seem to be the only people trapped in this home, and when we first found this video we terrified this wasn't going to end well for them. now, the remarkable thing is that firefighters really did come to the rescue taking water to the flames, getting the fire under control and rescuing both of them. and amazingly, no injuries were are the roed as a result of this fire. both woman and child got out of this safely. i mean, you've really got to hand it to these fire fighters. >> incredible that they were the only peek that were stuck in this fire. looking at this building, it could have been any number of people that were trapped. four young men in texas were up to no good when they went into a washaterria at 4:00in the morning. e guy is dragging atrash can. watch what's in his hand. lighter fluid. according to police, these guys came in to start and arson fire.
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>> not only did they do that, they were attempting to break into vending machines with a bat. >> why do you want to light a laundromat on fire? >> i think this qualifies as criminal mischief. >> what a bunch of loser. >> tried to use a chair to break open the window. final something on the outside was able to break the window in. they couldn't light it at first. poured lighter fluid on the ground, threw a match on it, can't work. then this didn't work. then when they started in in the trash can they were finally successful. >> look right at the camera and squeeze the lighter fluid right at the camera, like, smile, buddy, we got your face right in the middle of the lens. >> unfortunately they were successful getting the fire started and they left. an hour later, look what happen happened. the fire is significantly larger. smoke filling the room and it looks like a lot of damage is going to be done. low and behold, a firefighter
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comes in. he was driving by, saw smoke. came in, extinguished it so it couldn't spread to the whole place and damage was main maini >> what a bunch of punks. >> treating it like a pile of candida kindling. >> have they caught them yet? >> no. that's why they released this, hoping somebody will identify them and turn nem. and dangerous last week. sledding down a hill and noticed a section of the hill was getting icy. he notice add kid speeding down the hill. >> heads up, heads up, heads up, heads up! >> and just goes shooting out into the street. >> oh! >> like he was moving head-first, too. >> he did get hit by a car that was coming down the road. the rear tire going over the young boy causing head and face injuries. if you look closely, you can barely see the car approaching on the left.
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>> matt cook reacted quickly. >> 911. 911. >> the kid did not have life-threatening injuries. he'll be okay. but matt was stunned by what he saw and so moved that the next day he went out to help out. kttb talked to him. >> i witnessed something that totally changed my life. >> posted sign, put out caution tape trying to warn people that this isn't exactly safe. >> a minimum of 20 people stop and read them and probably 15 people stop and read them and then turn around and leave. >> as a parent, i would be worried about my child sledding this close to a road to begin with. >> it's pretty surprising they don't even shut down the road, or block it off or something, but you can't blame the driver. had no idea this person was coming. watching a video just waiting for a crash on a dashcam. >> you're wondering what exactly are we in right now?
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>> yeah, we're flying. >> see what it is that makes this videocam different. and a new tv show all about the "sisterhood." >> when you're married to a pastor you're held to a different standard. >> a different take on the "real housewives" theory
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pretty sure this car is equipped with an ejection seat. >> oh, boy. oh, geez. >> what? >> what? >> how did that happen? >> that car turns left in front of another car. gets t-boned, pops open the windshield of the car. looks like this female driver just pops right out of the front of the car. watch that again in slow motion. >> you're right. the whole darn windshield popped off like a door. >> she's not wearing her seat belt. >> insult to injury. notice the wiper trying to scrape her off the windshield? >> kind of like she just got a
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windshield wiper enema. >> now from one russian dashcam jo video to another, this starts like any other. waiting for the crash, waiting for the insanity. you see a guy driving down this road. now he's going to pass this truck. now a speeding car, head-on collision, somebody flies through the window. taking a lot to pass this truck. >> catching up. >> the trees on the left. eventually comes up to a field on the left and here comes the pass move and you're like oh, boy, here comes the crash. up the shoulder, down to a ditch. what's going on? then you're like what exactly are we in right now? >> we're flying. >> your mind's blown, because this isn't a thing with wheels. this is either a helicopter or some sort of plane that was travelingn the road. >> that's definitely a helicopter. >> can you almost seep t the fr of the bottom left. >> you're in the truck, you look
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out your window and you see -- >> he did the right thing. pulled over ars the thing got clos closer. >> definitely something to something you would see in this vision video. one of a kind. there's a new show on tlc called "the sisterhood" a little different than we're used to. >> in the church world, you're called the first lady. >> when urinaried to a pastor, you're held to a higher standard. >> "the sisterhood" is all about the lives of pastors wives. known as first ladies. >> a first lady has to appear perfect, because she sets the standard for the congregation. pull back the curtain and see who we truly are, you'd be shocked. >> a different take on the whole "housewives" theory we're so used to. the trash of those shows. >> it's very difficult to be a first lady. very difficult. >> "right this minute," from
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georgia, tara lewis, one of the first ladies. welcome to the show, tara. >> thank you for having me. >> what made you agree to do a show like this because this is really putting everything out there for everyone to see? >> i was willing to share how we can go through things and struggles and find god in them, and that it would help someone else. >> do you hope to stay out of the reality show drama? >> oh, my god, how i wish that were true. >> tell the devil he's a liar! what is wrong with you? >> i have hope for all of us coming together we wouldn't display the behavior, we would, in fact, show women a different way. >> you're going to do it your way. i'm going to do it my way. >> i'm sorry to say you will see some tension and strife and maybe in it it is handled somewhat different than from what you see on the other shows. >> all hell is breaking lose. >> there's controversy already surrounding the show. i'm sure you heard about it. a woman started a petition to get the show pulled off the air
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because they-of-she thinks it's offensive to christians. >> oh, my god. she is partly correct. we get to look into areas of people's lives where we battle each other, that's hurting other christians, they thought they were going to see something that would edify them, be uplifting. you can't pick and choose the only sisters want to see in the church. it would be great but it wouldn't be real, would it? >> air the 9:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. central. >> pray for me. >> girl, pray for me! a captain home from afghanistan marks an appearance at a hockey game, but -- >> his family has no idea he was at the game. >> see their reaction when dad takes often the mask. and, on your mark, get set -- snow! [ cheers ] >> that looks absolutely awesome. >> find out why these dudes are
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♪ welcome back to the show, but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. ladies and gentlemen, i give you the 2013 snow swimming championships. this is in finland. you see the dudes in like their boxers, they're walking up to the starting blocks, almost olympic, like.
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seems like they've trained for this. taking it very serious, and then the race starts. [ cheers and applause ] >> then you realize these guys are basically freestyling in, like, six inches of snow where essentially they're crawling. point out my favorite part, the flip turn and try to push off and make it back. i can't tell you exactly what the rules are here, but sure looks cool. >> that looks absolutely awesome. >> from there we go to a championship of just stupidity, i would say. this video we saw. we do have a guy on a beam, and he's preparing to try to jump from one beam to the xt.ak prop safety precautions of moving the couch below in case he falls. >> i've got to see how this ends. >> aim for the couch. >> oh! >> it's even better. >> i thought he was going to jump like leapfrog. y didn't know he was going to try to catch it like a hard core
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guy. >> i thought the same thing. >> that girl had zero concern, too. shep wad like, oh, he just came crashing down. >> lands on the arm of the couch. the most painful part of the couch he could have landed on. >> what happened to pushing him into the couch? >> the guy didn't want to wait. the time is now. i'm going to do the stupid stunt. >> aim for the couch. >> oh! this guy, he's playing goalie. >> are we ready? >> a goalie with no skates. no big leg pads. >> that's right, steven. he's missing some stuff, because he's not really a goalie. watch what happens. >> ladies and gentlemen, we give you playing goalie for the first time from -- >> that is captain nathan
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leggris. he's been in afghanistan seven months with the minnesota national guard. his family had no idea he was at the game. so here's his daughter, shooting pucks at him, and she has no idea -- his daddy -- >> he comes storming out of the goal. at first she looks scared and then, wait -- daddy? >> she was there with her mom and brother donavan and sister. they got a really big striz. >> notice on top of the net instead of gatorade, flowers back there. i think you know who those are going to as well. >> the minnesota hockey game. >> hockey's a pretty big deal in minnesota, at college level for sure, but this, even bigger. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] you may recognize this woman. this is tanya who became the face of gigantism. a condition known at acromegaly.
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she took her story to the media, and became a hero to others who suffer from her condition. i'm very sad to report that tanya passed away yesterday at the young age of 34. >> what exactly is gigantism, other than the obvious? she was very tall? what else vexed her? >> the story behind tanya. at the age of 21, tanya was an average, young woman. 5'8", weighed about 130 pounds. just a few years later she was diagnosed with a tumor wrapped around her pituitary gland causing it to make large amounts of hormone. her voice got deeper. >> i live every day in pain that's ex-trush yating. >> doctors tried to remove the
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tumor through surgery but were unable. they believe her heart just failed due to the strain. >> did she continue to grow? do you know? did she ever stop growing? >> they thought they had a breakthrough this summer. hormone levels had begun to go down and got for a brief moment two normal levels but this fall those levels started to go up again. the growth hormone was showing up in large numbers in her blood. chances are that she would continue to see changes in her body and potentially grow, but you can see that people are paying tribute to her on her blog. >> looking at her blog and seeing a lot of these photoses, during her fight she had a lot of people by her side and able to inspire others to help them, too. >> you even see dr. drew holding up a sign, tanya acromegaly community hero. a psa all about drugs on the job. >> you can see by the type of
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drugs they allegedly gave to this worker -- >> let's just say, he doesn't get high marks for this performance. see why -- >> once they
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oh, the things that dudes will do to impress the ladies. it you're a deer, you do this. this is in northern mexico about 60 miles south of laredo, texas.
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two dubucks duke it out for the dough in the back ground to show who's tougher than tough. these two bucks are duking it out, the dough walking is like, i'm out. i'm into lovers not fighters. i'm going to find a peaceful buck somewhere. but we wouldn't do this if they didn't respond. >> no. it's millennia. the women like the muscle guys. >> i think you can tell from the video, the deer, the dough -- th doe -- they're like -- >> i don't want to hang out. >> in this case, looks like neither really won, because in the end, all the ladies left. now we got to -- out there and started -- >> yes. and we still didn't get any doe tail. >> geez. my man. >> what you got there? >> what kind of sauce aring going for? [ laughter ] >> the turner brother, they're a funny comedy troupe so they
1:27 pm
decided to make their own public service announcement about the effects of drugs on you at work and it's called "drugs at work" and you can see by the type of drugs that they "allegedly" gave to this worker that is past performance. >> mind yourself. [ laughter ] >> warning people about slippages or slipping and want people to be careful. it's a basic message he's supposed to tell, but as his dosages change, so does his ability to do his job. >> say hello to my friends. and my heart is beeting like a mother [ bleep ]. hello there [ laughter ] >> i have a feeling they didn't really give them all of these drugs. >> i don't think i can -- i am freaking out. this is [ bleep ] surreal. >> i don't know why you'll fake
1:28 pm
being on drugs. >> once they give him the magic mushroom, he's toast. >> whoa. wwwhhhoooaaa! >> i don't understand. what's funny about pretending 0 be ton drugs? like i want some doofus to just act like a doofus. wwwhhhoooaaa. that's it for "rtm." thanks for spending time with us. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody, for the next edition of "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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