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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  January 16, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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hi, everyone, i'm beth troutman and it's time for great videos and the stories behind them -- "right this minute"! police officers confront a man on the side of the road. after drivers call 911 -- >> saying, there's a guy in a horse mask running around with a crossbow. >> now the man in the mask tells us what he was really doing and what police had to say. >> a couple gets sweet revenge when they catch a suspected neighborhood burglarred-haed. ultimate citizens
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arrest goes down. it's a world-famous offroad race. but when one team takes a nose-dive. >> you can see it's not about just getting out of the car. it's about getting out of the car quickly. >> see the frantic race to escape as gas comes pouring in. >> get out! get out! >> he's the prankster known for messing with strangers. but this time -- >> andrew tries to turn around and say, this is just a joke. >> but the dude ain't having it see how this prank becomes stranger danger. for some reason, wearing one of those horse masks and doing all sorts of wacky stuff has kind of become a thing. we even have one here at the office, one of our editors, production guys, greg likes to wear his horse mask. >> terrifying. >> that is what kevin hennessy was doing in portland, oregon, he had a tripod. but watch what happens.
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>> okay. that's the police, telling kevin to put your stuff down. >> that's a camera tripod? >> yes. >> a crossbow. >> >> a apparently people were calling the police saying there's a guy in a horse mask running around with a crossbow. >> do you have i.d. on you? >> yes. >> kevin was i.d., he wasn't confrontational, but he has a lengthy conversation with the police. they kind of say look, people are pretty sensitive right now about weapons in public. you do have a mask on, which makes it seem a little sketchy. >> you could lk go to jail for something like that. >> what? >> for having a horse mask. >> you start freaking out enough people that they start calling 911 and hillsborough county cops start descending on you with lights and sirens and stuff? >> but it's not a weapon. and wearing a mask on a public sidewalk is perfectly legal. >> it gets a little confusing, because the police do say this. >> it's actually legal in this
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state to walk down the street with a gun strabed to your hip. >> yeah. >> you're probably going to get talked to. >> of course. >> combine it with a mask and people start thinking armed robbery. >> we've got kevin with us via skype talking about this incident. at the end of this you walked away, right? >> no ticket, nothing, just have a nice day. >> are you upset with how this went down? >> i understand they're the police and people are paranoid. but i thought his overreaction was a little too much. i can't see myself going to jail for fear. that's what he seemed like he was telling me. enough people call, we could put you in jail because people are scared. >> are you going to hit the streets with your mask and tr i tripod again? >> of course, i make goofy videos. >> do you think it's a sign of the times we're in right now? >> i think it is. i was in portland, oregon, one of our mottos is, keep portland weird. i thought it was one more thing to add into portland's
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krasiness. >> i grab might shotgun and i had been thinking about this moment for a long time. >> the moment he was thinking about was confronting the man that had robbed his san antonio, texas home two times. the man holding the shotgun is paul. his girlfriend, heidi, had just come home from a company party. >> she said she had seen this guy. >> grabbed my boyfriend and said, he's here. >> what they saw was the man suspected of burglarizing homes in their neighborhood, carrying a tv belonging to someone else. so paul's surveillance camera picked up the confrontation. >> whoa. >> in broad daylight. >> it was like he was walking right there where paul could see him, like walking across his lawn. >> was this tv from paul's house? or somebody in the neighborhood? >> it was somebody in the neighborhood. he couldn't have gone too far, because it was a big tv you can't walk too far with. >> he comes out john wayne style. shotgun right down the nose of
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the guy. what happens next? >> he was very compliant. >> smartly so. >> yeah, uh-huh. >> this is like the best citizens' arrest i have ever seen. >> i hoped i wouldn't have to. but i like the fact that you know, if it, if it does happen again, you know, we'll be prepared. > >> one of the most demanding races in the world is the dakar rally. this year it is going through the countries of peru, argentina and chile. one of the stars of the race is robbie gordon. here you see him driving his bright orange hummer, speeding through the wide-open desert. oh! >> but he quickly turns his hum near a lawn dart in the middle of the desert. check out the in-car camera. all the stuff that was on the floor is now on the roof. >> but is that gas? >> fuel leaking everywhere. >> can you see it's not just about getting out of the car, it's about getting out of the car quickly. >> get out, get out!
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>> robbie says at first, he can't get the driver's door open. so he has to scoot out through the passenger window. and get away from the car. luckily, the car did not catch fire. and luckily they weren't seriously hurt. but this is damaging. >> if this scene looks a little bit familiar to race fans out there, that's because if you check the internet, robbie did pretty much the exact same thing last year. that's why the accident is so frustrating. >> same exact situation, almost open desert comes up over a dune, carries too much speed, the back end goes up and he winds up rolling over right this group of speck daters. these guys prepare for this race the entire year. even though the car was righted, it pretty much puts a "you're done" stamp on this race. >> i'll be honest, i thought we were going to win this year. frustrating, no words can
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explain it. >> this is a scary video. this is a video from a parking garage where at least one of these women lives, he hits this woman, pulls her to the ground, picks up her purse and takes off running while the other two unsuccessfully chase after him. this video is from back in october. but police released it because there are at least five other victims. they believe he is responsible for attacking. police have also released this sketch of the suspect. >> this is tough, because i mean what are these women supposed to do. he sneaks up on them. >> they are together, not by themselves. >> comes up so fast. >> what can you do. >> the one tallest girl, she even came at him with her purse. it was like she was trying to fight him off. >> wsb tv talked to one of the victims. >> i looked over my shoulder and saw this guy stepping out of the shadows with his arm cocked back and a brick in i>> isnother vid what police believe is the same man attacking another woman. you can see him hitting her on
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the head and kicking her. he falls, she tries chasing after him, unsuccessfully. >> there's a third video where you see him waiting for his victims to come. police are worried, they believe he could do this again or worse. tired of the hassles with the bike locks? here's a new idea -- >> that's brilliant. that's a great idea. it's so simple and elegant and clean. >> see it and see what you think, next. >> the old shell game. can the cat guess right? >> okay, here we go. >> see how well he plays along on "right this minute." [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it.
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♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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my phone died, can i borrow your phone? >> what kind of phone is this? ♪ >> you're kidding me. that's not cool. >> not too long ago we watched a video from andrew hale where he was stealing people's cell phones the asking to borrow people's fun and running on
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byu's campus and people weren't chasing him. his shtick is getting old, people know who he is and what he's up to. so he has to take his act up north. different part of town. here he is, trying to pull the same move on the guy in the brown jacket and vest. >> what kind of fun is this? >> andrew takes off. >> this dude drops his bag. >> oh! >> no kidding, dude. >> that's not cool. i would beat the crap out of you like that. >> i've been waiting for this to happen to andrew hale. it seems like it's going to happen every time he pulls one of his pranks. >> we're doing a prank, dude. >> that's so perfect, dude. >> oh, my gosh. >> that was amazing, dude new york city one has ever done that before. >> they showed it to him and they go on to explain, you're the first person who has ever had this kind of reaction. the guy thinks it's funny. >> he still gets lucky. this guy finds it funny.
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the guy two seconds ago was about to kill him over a cell phone. he was able to communicate this was just a joke right before the dude gave him the old knuckle sandwich. but andrew said the whole experience was pretty scary. >> dude, i'm, no, kidding, dude. what's the most annoying thing about bike riding? >> you can't look cool in a helmet. saddle sores. >> no, the most annoying thing about riding a bike is having to lock it up when you stop to get ice scream or a cocktail or whatever. well problem solved by this guy. >> i'm adrian and this is the interlock. most bike locks suck. i decided to invent a new one. >> that dang lock is so annoying, it's wrapped around your seat, you've got it in your backpack. >> it bounces against the frame and chips and scratches things. >> and sometimes you forget to bring your lock and you're stuck watching your bike the whole time. this guy has created something called the interlock. >> it's a seat post with a bike lock inside of it.
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>> it's brilliant, great idea, simple, elegant, clean. >> like -- >> a retractable cord on a vacuum. >> but putting the cable through the frame, it insures the bike is secure even if someone tries to remove the seat. >> it seems like it would be easy to cut through. >> can you use it with a u-lock if you want to be extra careful and lock up the front tire as well. this is a brand-new product idea. so of course it's a kick-starter project. >> we need $48,000 to cover the cost of tools and materials to make it happen. >> if you donate $39 by may of 2013. you'll get an interlock lock for your bike. once they hit the market they'll be $50. it saves you $11. >> if you think it's a cool project, please, back the project. i'm about to show you one amazing cat. one thing you should know about him, he was twice abandoned by the age of six months old, but the people who own him now have realized this is one special
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cat. kiddo can play a shell game. watch. >> let's guess ourselves. >> i was going to say far left. >> i'll go with the middle. >> the question is, does he get it. >> it was the middle. >> he was so nonchalant about it. he's like, please. typical cat behavior, they're bored with everyone and everything. he does it again. >> middle. >> i think it's the middle. >> here we go. >> middle. >> that begs the question -- is he only picking the middle one. >> the owner ups the ante by putting four cups down instead of three. >> i lost it, too. >> i have no clue. >> nik? >>ne of the left, i think. >> let's see. >> whoa! >> this is impressive.
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does it have to do with the noise, because it's a bell? >> that's a lot with their ears, you can see his ears are perked. >> the amazing thing is cats have that ability. >> he doesn't even break a sweat. don't you want to take him to the streets of new york and do a shell game. >> you could hustle a lot of people with this trick. >> it's his first time. >> every time we show you an adventure video like this, what does nick say? >> i wish i could be there, i want to go. >> see how one of our friends is taking him everywhere, next. and this guy solves the music while skiing problem. >> he needs an ipod. >> see the guy who skis to a different beat, "right this minute."
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> i brought you guys a ton of adventure travel videos, every time i show you one, what do i say? >> i wish i could be there. i want to go. >> finally somebody has listened to my pleas. >> this is sandy borden with adventure trail. when nick calderon said he wanted to be a sticker on one of our panniers whenever we take off on one of our motorcycle series, i thought, i'm going to help this poor guy out. so nick, this is for you, welcome to the nick flick. >> we have skyped with the
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adventure free yoe befotrio. she and her son and husband travel you'll over the world. >> one of my first virtual adventures, i went to mount shasta. >> i like your handsome head shot. >> so basically i'm like a flat stanley. going all over the place. they even took off for baja mexico. i went on that trip, too, and i'm going to go on all of their future trips. because -- i'm stuck to sandy's motorcycle. joining us "right this minute" via skype, sandy, thank you for making me be a part of your adventures. >> one of the greatest marketing things ever is to just put your face on a sticker. and just bring you along. >> did you go through a lot of pictures before you selected this one? or was it pretty obvious? >> are you kidding?
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he's already having fun op on a ferris wheel or a ride. >> tell me some of the adventures i've had so far? >> you've ridden around the dirt in a mount shasta forest. you really enjoyed baja. i think this summer you're going to go to alaska as well. >> you'll continue to update me as to where i go? >> you might even go skiing, we'll see. >> this is the coolest thing ever. you're awesome for doing this. >> well look how excited he is he's got the same expression as his sticker. if all i had to do was come up with a "stick with nick" campaign, and take him places my job is done. >> do people see the sticker and say anything to you. >> it's not even saying anything as much as -- >> you're finally off the road for a while. time to enjoy a little bit of what mexico has to offer. condoms for the most part, serve one purpose. think we know what that is. but not if you are ben smythe.
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ben has his own trick he does with the condom. ben is going to insert this condom in an area where condoms are not inserted. [ sirens ] >> that would be his nose. >> trying to do the old string through the nasal cavity trick. >> what guy wants to pull a condom out of his mouth. >> pretty disgusting. >> it's a good bar trick. >> why is that a good bar trick. >> hey, ladies, look, i've got a condom in my pocket. instead of using it, i'm going toank it thue. ashamed later if finds himself in need of one and realizes i shouldn't have made this video. >> i'm not thinking this guy is going to need one. >> i don't know what woman would find that attractive. exactly. >> if you want to check out this entire video, head to our website, and
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click on best of "rtm." 6-month-old ava is on a quest, "mission impossible" style. >> because she's smooth like that. >> the mission, should she choose to accept it, is coming up, "right this minute"!
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it's not every day we get to see a crazy lacrosse highlight. but this one will blow your mind. it's from the national lacrosse league. we've got the buffalo bandits
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against the philadelphia wings. this video courtesy of the lacrosse network. the bandits are in white here. the guy on the bottom of your screen is doing the whole lacrosse kind of move back and forth. watch the guy at the top of the screen. he comes in, he actually has the ball. the philadelphia defense has no idea what's going on. and the announcer has no idea what's going on, too. listen to this. >> popping up with the ball, in over the line. set up by shawn williams, score. >> the guy that scored the goal is john taveras. we see the secret here. number 15 flips the ball to john. as they have their backs to the philly defense. the national lacrosse league came out and said this goal should not have counted. the ref should have indicated during the stoppage where the ball was on the field. so technically the goal shouldn't have counted. this is a trailer to a new action movie called "mission impossible-baby."
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you see the hero of the movie, the stunt man himself and actually it is the stunt woman herself. it makes the movie even better. her name is ava. she's about six months old and they did this trailer, as a stunt about 12 days ago. ♪ ♪ >> about time for this to happen. >> we're sick of tom cruise, anyway, right? >> and she's better than tom cruise. >> come on. >> you see that swift, stealth drop, right? >> is that candy? >> yes. her mission is to get the pot, this can full of candy. she gets it, there's a few more stunting. brings it up to her mouth and makes a swift exit. >> is that the most well-behaved baby, ever. the dad is hanging on by the back of her little onesie, and she's like, whatever. >> our editors could probably put some special effects laser beams in there to show the baby. >> and the little grip of sweat
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that's about to fall down her face. >> into the jaws. >> but it doesn't. because she's smooth like that. who needs ski poles when you've got a -- trombone? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's great. that's shawn pauling. shawn's rocking "ride of the valkyries" generating his own sound track to his ski run. >> who cares about not needing ski poles. >> you just play your music as you go down the hill. >> if you do a face-plant in the snow, that trombone is going to hurt. >> check out this. >> it could be a good thing to get all the other skiers out of your way. and say -- excuse me, on your
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left! you belt out a tune on your trombone. >> that's some serious multitasking to be able to swish, swish, swish and play a trombone and get the music and the notes. that's some skill. >> well shawn pauling has skill. he's a true musician out of l.a. this comes automatic to him. >> can be imagine going down the run and -- what the heck was that? >> i wonder if he takes requests. >> if you take the lift up, like hey could you ski rightext to me and play "eye of the tiger"? o it for us here at "rtm," thanks for spending time with us, see you tomorrow, have a fantastic rest of your day! 234
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