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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 20, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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bryan throws underneath for jones. he makes the catch and knocks down the game is over. the 49ers are going to the super bowl. and with that the san francisco 49ers are returning to the super bowl and to the glory days of nfl dominance. >> and the excitement spilled out to the san francisco streets with police arresting several rowdy fans tonight. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. the 49ers they staged quite
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a come back to defeat the falcons. and fred inglis is joining us. >> this is why i don't go on roller coaster rides. my stomach can't take it. the 49ers knew they would need a record setting come back. and quarterback colin kaepernick showed leadership. 49ers take the first lead with more than eight minutes left in the game. matt ryan he was big all day but his fourth at four. and there's navarro bowman. 49ers earn the greatest come back in history. they now have a chance to win their sixth nfl title but their
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first one in 18 years. >> we want to go get it. those guys came out on fire. putting 17 points early. this type of shot late in the season, we definitely did that today. >> can you explain what it means to go to the super bowl now? >> it means a lot. from the bottom, being at the top right now this feels amazing. >> as an individual this is what you dream of. you dream of going to the top position at home. beat them on their field to go to the super bowl. it would have been nice to play in candle stick but this is much more sweeter. so now we get to go to the super bowl. i've been dreaming this dream for a long time. >> and quarterback colin kaepernick's numbers were not as gaudy as the last few weeks. but this guy really put this team into the lead, into the victory lane. they now go on into the super bowl game. it's going to be the har-bowl featuring brothers jim and john
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harbaugh of the baltimore ravens. it's going to be interesting to see how they operate here for the next few weeks. but there's no doubt about it. 49ers are champions. this is what it looked like on the streets of san francisco. fans could not wait to celebrate. this is the scene now at the mission district. debrora villalon is live now. where the celebrations went a little too far. >> reporter: for some people it did get a little out of hand. the buzz has died out now. but for a time the streets on the mission went crazy and police made about a dozen arrests. >> reporter: as the sun set on a historic game, crowds were
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euphoric, cruising the mission district. you might have thought the super bowl had already been won. >> everybody is pretty cool, and they are just you know celebrating the win. and i think police have a good handle on it. >> i just said one word. >> reporter: what police had to handle were arrests for public intoxicate. as people poured out of bars and homes and kept the party going. >> 49ers baby. >> reporter: along the 43 street corridor some people took the celebration on to the street attracting the attention of officers trying to keep traffic flowing and intersections clear. some people needed more persuasion than others. >> if there's an issue our team responds. >> reporter: riding fire fans destroy a $700,000 bus after
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the giants series. >> that was a horrible situation. we're aware of it that's why we're out. we do everything in our power to make sure that doesn't happen again. >> reporter: vandalism tonight seemed confined to broken glass, from bottles and overturned trash cans. but a victory in two weeks would make this celebration seem minuscule for a city that has waited a long time for another super bowl shot. for some the postgame show included handcuffs and a drive to the drunk tank. for several hours, police sirens mixed with horns blaring but at this point tonight, the celebration seems to have run its course. the fact that this was an early game may have made all the difference helping keep things calm tonight. you can see there are still a few people out on the streets making their way home. reporting live in san francisco, debra villalon, ktvu channel 2 news.
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now in 1995 the 49ers fifth super bowl victory that triggered violence as well as fights. about 50 people were arrested then. less dangerous displays included fireworks, honking horns and dancing in the streets. tempers flaired after the game and left a fan h ospitalized with a knife wound. the 49er fan took out a gun and slashed the falcon fan in the neck. there's no word yet on their identities. police are investigating the incident. baltimore ravens fanned poured into the street. massive crowds gathered in the hill district with hugging and jubilationlation in the street as fans high fived each other. many predicted their team would win the big match up in the super bowl against the 49ers. >> back here in the bay area,
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fans watching the game at home they were jubilant that the 49ers are indeed going to the super bowl. >> this was the scene at the moment of victory at noe's bar on church street. fans told us they've been waiting for years, actually they've been waiting for this win for seasons and some for years, some since 1969. >> we have one more to go and then we're super bowl champions. >> they had me going there. but we took it back. we took it back. >> we're going to the super bowl now. i'm so excited, yes. >> i'm still in shock. still in shock. >> in a good way? >> in an excellent way. >> the younger fans are anticipating their first time watching the 49ers play in a super bowl. older fans though táel us they are savoring the idea of winning for a sixth time. happening now the 49ers are in route back home to the bay area here's a live look now at
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mineta san jose airport. where the team is expected to arrive in just about an hour from now. they left atlanta shortly after their victory. the players will have just a few days to enjoy this win and then it is back to business preparing for the super bowl in two weeks. niner fans made sure their team fell right at home back in georgia. many 49er fans made the trek to atlanta for today's game and offered their support from the stands. but bay area fans weren't the only ones stressed out. some new orleans fans were also wearing red and gold as a way to root against their rivals also note the fans of the saints as the dirty birds. san francisco mayor ed lee issued a statement about the big victory today he said quote all of san francisco will be rooting for the red and gold as the 49ers continue their quest for six. congratulations to all of the players, coach harbaugh and the york family and the entire
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49ers coaching team and staff. he also urged fans to celebrate respectfully and peacefully. so it'll be a harbaugh super bowl. the super bowl is set two weeks from today. that's sunday february 3rd in new orleans kick off time 3:30. this evening 49ers season ticketholders received an e- mail offering them tickets to the super bowl and the official tailgating party. tickets start at just over $400. they were also offered tickets to and from new orleans. along with tickets to the game, that package starting at just under $4,000. for more on the game including interviews with coach harbaugh and players, go to and click on the championship tab. president obama officially began his second term of office today and thanked supporters here tonight at a reception. >> all of you here understood
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and were committed to the basic notion that when we put our shoulders to the wheel of history it moves. it moves. >> reporter: tomorrow mr. obama will be sworn in during a public ceremony. he'll give his inaugural speech then take part in a parade and series of inaugural parties and balls. here's a live look at the white house tonight. tori campbell has more on how mr. obama won a spot in history. >> that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. >> reporter: the president is officially in his second term now. he was sworn in in the blue room of the white house with chief justice john roberts doing the honor. and you can bet that chief
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roberts said the words carefully. four years ago he said the oath wrong. so president obama is the first to have been sworn four times. this morning, joe biden was sworn in by sotomayor. then there was the wreath laying ceremony. and the first couple also attended the episcopal church for martin luther king celebration. >> reporter: when a president and vice president are sworn in it's only for a four year term so if they're reelected they needed to be sworn in for a second four year term. reporting from washington, d.c., i'm tori campbell, ktvu news. more details on
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predictions. aides say the president is taking the challenge of a second term very seriously and that he's still working on his speech. they expect him to strike a balance between calling for unity and admitting that not all issues can be resolved. and while mr. obama will announce his vision for the country he'll likely save details for his state of the union speech to congress. veteran news woman barbara walters was hospitalized last night following a fall at an inaugural ball. walter was at an event when she fell and suffered a hit to the heat. there's no word yet on when she might be released. our coverage continues at 10:30. we'll have a live report from washington, d.c. as some familiar bay area faces prepare to celebrate tomorrow's inauguration. big waves bring out big crowds today in half-moon bay. the local surfer who took home the big prize today at
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mavericks invitational. >> and a train derails in the sierra foothills. a trip to hawaii turn
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that was the 49ers first touchdown in today's game curtty -- courtesy of james. as you know by now the niners went on to beat the falcons paving the way for a spot in this year's super bowl. the 49ers game wasn't the only big competition happening today. for the first time in three years the mavericks invitational surf contest took place off the san mateo coast. patti lee tell us a local favorite took home the top prize. >> reporter: big waves brought some of the world's best surfers to half-moon bay. and after a three heat, the field of 24 was widdled down to just one. peter mel declared this year's winner. contest organizers warned that the waves might not reach 30 feet as expected. >> we called this way early
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this year. that may have been -- we maybe should have waited 24 hours. >> reporter: but the early notice helped filled stores and hotels and gave law enforcement time to prepare for an estimated 30,000 people many of who arrived by car. >> we stayed in capitola thinking it was going to be a short up the one. >> these fans ditched their car and opted walking a mile. >> we think siting in this traffic is going to take longer than we just walking. >> reporter: the surf action could only be viewed from a designated lot behind the oceana hotel. a place where tons of people were. some people compared this outdoor venue into a concert. but as long as there was a jumbotron showing the action no
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one seemed to mind. >> for more on the competition, you have to check it out go to our website and click on the mavericks tab. san francisco authorities released the name of a 26-year- old man who was shot to death yesterday while driving near japan town. the victim was identified as jamal gaines of san francisco. jamal was driving a car last night when someone opened fire on his vehicle near gary and fillmore. he was struck by one bullet. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the gunman got away in a white vehicle. police say an argument between two groups of people led to a gun battle at the station's bus stop just before 12:30 yesterday afternoon. early reports put the victim killed at 40 years old but we learned today the bystander was actually 50. a woman was hospitalized for
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minor injuries a 16-year-old boy was arrested and police are looking for at least three other suspects. dozens of elderly residents were evacuated after flames broke out at a senior care facility. it took firefighters about an hour to put the fire out. no one was injured. a firefighter on the scene says the facility suffered minor fire and smoke damage. there is no word yet on what caused the blaze. another fire broke out a few hours later in east oakland this one in a cargo container. a huge plume of white smoke can be seen coming from 98 avenue and gold street at about 6:00 this morning. firefighters say a container and piles of debris were under fire. this fire too is under investigation tonight. a uc davis researcher injured after an explosion
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today was arrested. he was charged with possessing materials with the intent to make a destructive device and possessing firearms on campus. authorities say he'll be booked into jail once he's released from the hospital. an independent panel has found that using pepper spray on student protesters was inappropriate. last april about 100 students gathered outside a trustees meeting at a santa monica college to fight a proposed fee hike. the protest turned into a melee when an officer sprayed the crowd three times. friday's report says user pepper pray was against the college's policy. a train ran off its tracks about 11:00 this morning. a total of five cars slipped off the tracks. one was leaking a clear liquid. those people were finally
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arrived back when the liquid was identified as a nontoxic saline solution. union pacific officials hope to up right the cars tomorrow and remove them from the track. searchers in hawaii will resume their work tomorrow morning trying to find the body of a san francisco man who was swept off the ocean off the island of kauai. another victim has already been found. >> reporter: spectators could hear and see the high swells from the kauai shorelines. the waves made it difficult for crews to rescue the bodies of adam griffiths and brian baker. >> the island mourns with them. this is really a tragic event. >> reporter: the group were part of five men vacations in
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kauai. the men decided to surf in the north shore. >> that time another friend who was with him adam griffiths jumped in to try to help him and he was overcome by the waves as well. so they both drowned. >> reporter: officials were able to retrieve the body of griffiths but the high swells made it difficult to search for baker. the search continues today. the last minute legal move that has protesters up in arms. >> another very nice day
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a 15-year-old boy has been arrested in new mexico for killing and shooting a man, a woman and three children. officers found the bodies last night inside this home. each victim was shot several times. investigators say they also found several weapons in the home including an assault rifle. the boy lived in the home and may be re lat -- related to the victims. in addition to finding the bodies, five militants were also found hiding in the facility and taken into custody. algerian showed off some of the weapon reu -- weaponry found in the facility.
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>> you could hear the gunfight, sometimes rapidly, sometimes quiet. but we knew it was really, really bad situation. >> reporter: initial reports indicate 77 hostages were killed along with 23 kidnappers but those numbers did not include the numbers from today. outside a courthouse in alexandria people rioted. inside six senior police officers are on trial accuse -ld of killing protesters during this 2011 uprising to oust former president mumbarack. the fighting first broke out yesterday when it was announced that one of the judges overseeing the case was stepping down. just a day before delivering the final verdict. and in afghanistan the u.n. released a report saying that afghan jailers continue to
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torture prisoners hanging them by their wrists. the u.n. has found a rise in torture. they deny severe cases of inhumane treatment. more details now on the controversy surrounding noter dame football star teo. the associated press reports that when teo sent roadses roads -- sent roses to where he thought was the alleged home of his girlfriend it was the master mind of the hoax. the suspect said he came up with the hoax. san francisco police are investigating accusations that crab tree sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel last sunday after the team's win over the packers. now espn reported tonight that
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a second woman has now come forward to back up crabtree's version of what happened. also a source in the nfl mentioned he highly doubts crabtree will face charges. getting ready for the big day. excitement is building in washington, d.c. we'll have a live report from washington as the you can't move the tv there.
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tonight planners in washington, d.c. are putting the finishing touches on the big inauguration ceremonies. president obama will be sworn in publicly outside the capital tomorrow. ktvu's ken pritchett live now in the nation's capital and he tells us this inauguration will
12:02 am
be very different from president obama's first inauguration. >> reporter: tomorrow morning hundreds of thousands of people will stand in line for hours in the cold so they can take in history as president obama takes a ceremonial oath of office here at the capital. obviously it is a huge event. but it is not as huge as what we saw four years ago. as the finishing touches are put in place the stage and thousands of chairs set for president obama's second in inaugural. there are people like gail olaney with memories still fresh from last time. >> if there were so many people it was awesome. it was surreal. it really was. >> reporter: the inaugural drew 1.8 million people. 800,000 are expected to attend tomorrow. among them many bay area residents. congressman eric swawell who came to washington two weeks ago will have a good view. >> we have pretty good seats. congress sits behind the president. >> reporter: and in a bar who
12:03 am
caters to 49ers fans we found san francisco mayor ed lee with his hopes on more than the game. >> a lot of hope. we avoided the first fiscal cliff. looking at another one but we have a lot of hope for the president's agenda. >> reporter: the president's second term officially started today when the president took the oath to meet the constitutional deadline. a full day before the inaugural celebration it's only happened six times before. also unusual the tone this time around. >> we're in the height of bickering and then the inauguration happens. there hasn't been a down time. >> reporter: the motorcade leaves at 8:00 in the morning, the swearing in will follow then the parade will follow on what is a very chilly afternoon with snow flurries possible in
12:04 am
the forecast. ken pritchett, ktvu news. more details about tomorrow's schedule. ceremonies begin at 8:30. beyonce will sing the national anthem. the parade is scheduled to begin at about 11:30 and the inaugural balls begin at 3:00 p.m. with the gala. our own ken pritchett and tori campbell will have live reports throughout the day. we will also be streaming inaugural events live on our website. tomorrow also marks the martin luther king jr. holiday which this year falls on the same day as the presidential inauguration. with the nation's capital packed with people tomorrow, big crowds are expected at the martin luther king jr. memorial in washington. years in the making the memorial honoring the slain leader was finally open in
12:05 am
2011. there are several bay area events set for tomorrow for martin luther king day. among them the freedom train it is expected to depart san francisco for san francisco. and sewing the seeds of peace in walnut creek. four people including two children are out of their home tonight following a fire in san francisco. news chopper 2 was over head around 2:30 this afternoon when firefighters were responding to a house fire on conner street off san jose avenue. investigators say it's not clear what caused the fire which was under control in about 35 minutes. the home though was seriously damaged. a water main break caused a big headache today in an oakland neighborhood. you see a small river of water gushed down a residential street this morning. the water main break flooded
12:06 am
parts of vicente road and vicente way. there's no word on what caused the water main to burst. late word on the fate of the sacramento kings. >> plus -- >> reporter: the bat mobile goes up for sale. the hefty price one businessman paid to buy the crime fighting machine. >> holy sunshine, batman. the warm weather may soon go away. mark tamayo is tracking rain in the forecast. >> you did not just say that. also a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go
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and just a beautiful weekend across the entire bay area. beautiful conditions in terms of the winds, you can see the video here always amazing to see these scenes out to the west of pillar point. waves probably the keyword today was inconsistent as far as the descriptor with waves 15 to 20 feet. but we had waves approaching 25 feet topping off lots of smaller waves but lots of bigger ones. look at this person just taking off and what is called an f moving out of line there. lots of sunshine and a treat to see all of those big scenes. napa topped out 57. san jose 64 and mountain view in the mid-60s. our live storm tracker 2. already dropping to the mid- to
12:10 am
upper 40s near fairfield, napa, santa rosa. san jose in the upper 40s at 48 degrees. for tonight mostly clear skies. your monday mostly sunny and mild. your martin luther king junior day. for wednesday, wednesday clouds and we will drop off those temperatures and the latest forecast model increasing fog chances. san francisco 43 and san jose 36 degrees. a quick look at the public inauguration forecast for washington, d.c. you can see the cloud cover on the increase first thing tomorrow morning. there's a slight chance of some rain or snow by mid- to late afternoon but the bulk of the activity mainly out to the west. temperatures for afternoon highs mainly in the mid- to low 40s. we had lots of clear skies. high pressure is still in full command of our weather.
12:11 am
mostly clear skies. we're going to hold on to that easterly flow. tuesday a few clouds into late afternoon. here's the next system, definitely a chance for rain. this has a chance of a few sprinkles. the next forecast bumping up those chances. into wednesday more cloud cover, this particular forecast not so aggressive with the rainfall but something to keep an eye on for that time frame. lots of 60s, those numbers not a big change for today's weather. look at santa cruz 73 and san francisco 64. here is a look ahead your five day forecast. looking pretty good for your monday and tuesday. there's your chance of a few showers on wednesday. we'll be watching that. we could be tracking a few more showers about a week from now on day seven on monday. dress in layers off to a good start. i guarantee you your afternoon will just be beautiful out there.
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>> when the wet season started out with a bang and then nothing for three weeks. >> that can happen a lot in the month of january. things could change. >> we still have a lot of windchill. >> right. batman and robin listen up. the original bat mobile was on the auction block and it sold for a whopping $4.6 million. the 19-foot crime fighting vehicle was actually a modified 1955 lincoln futura concept car. it was auctioned yesterday in scottsdale arizona. the bat mobile was used on the bat man television show from 1966 to 1968. the car comes equipped with bat phone, bat smoke. the buyer is reportedly a businessman from phoenix. >> actually showed up once at the auto show. espn is reporting that the maloof family agreed to sell its 65% stake in the franchise
12:13 am
to a seattle based group for $525 million. sources say the maloofs would retain a minority interest after the team's expected move to seattle as the super sonics. the deal still needs formal nba ratification and after that's done, sacramento still has a chance to counter that offer. coming up, more coverage of the 49ers quest for a sixth super alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches.
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jaws of defeat but today it was the 49ers who kept their cool. recorded the largest combat in nfc championship history. kaepernick made his fourth nfl start. first series of the game. ryan to jones. the longest td by the niners this season. i thought you had him. no i thought you had him. ryan had just too much time to find his big receivers. and here's julio jones again. terrell brown for coverage. but a great catch. jones stays in bounds. it's 17-0. kaepernick ran for just 21 of the team 149 yards rushing. james scores his first nfl touchdown. it's a 15-yarder. 17-7. next possession, 49ers march down it's kaepernick to
12:17 am
vernon davis. davis with his first 109 yards receiving game. he's 17-4. then tony gonzalez just seconds left. that might be the final touchdown of tony's 16 year career though. niners get the ball first in the third quarter. put together a seven play 82- yard drive. frank gore from 5 yards out. it's 21-24. 49ers defense shut down the falcons. it's the first of two turn overs in the fourth quarter. that interception gives dave akers a chance to tie the game. but akers miss it is field goal. he knows this may cost him a job. next possession, niners can take the lead again when kaepernick hits michael crabtree. roberts unrips the ball lose. crabtree can't get in, atlanta recovers and how many chances do the niners get?
12:18 am
but hey, falcons punt. san francisco comes right back. and there goes gore. san francisco gore 9 yards to give san francisco its first lead of the game with just over eight minutes left. but the falcons call their quarterback metti ice because he's led so many fourth quarter come backs. bowman just punches it out. the 49ers run out the final 69 seconds. ryan threw for 126 yards and two touchdowns but kaepernick showed poise and leadership today as san francisco overcomes a 17 point deficit and earns their first super bowl appearance since super bowl xxix way back in january of 95. our own joe fonzi was in miami for that game. he was also there today to witness championship history. >> you would have to call this a character game for the 49ers any time a team is down by 17 points and comes back to win on
12:19 am
the road nonetheless it speaks to the character of the team on both sides of the ball. >> i think it's a great team win. our team played great, our offensive line played great. our running backs played well and our receivers played great. our defense battled back in the second half. this is a great team win. >> kaepernick is the man. very bright future. i just tip my hat off to him. because he came in here mid- season and just turned everything around. >> we can do whatever. throw the ball, run the ball. he can do whatever. he's a hard working. he's a different quarterback man. >> he just played great. he played great. i don't even know the words to say it. it was a great performance by the quarterback. and many others. there's-- everybody everybody chipped in on this one. played their hearts out and you know thank you to them.
12:20 am
>> best day of my life when my kids came but this is one of them. we came a long way as a team. it's been a long time. now we're going to the super bowl. >> we have one game left i think you know it's all for not if you don't go and take care of that one. whoever we're playing is going to be tough. i think we're prepared and this definitely isn't what we came to accomplish. >> reporter: the 49ers have won in very tough venue this is year. you can now add atlanta to that list. one more win on the road and they'll have their sixth super bowl win. i'm joe fonzi for sports wrap. >> i'm emotional and the traditional continues with a fantastic family. and there was a pointiant
12:21 am
moment when debartolo handed the trophy to his sister. it appears winning even settles family disputes. a lot of similarities between the nfc and afc. the winning score is 28. the road team wins after shutting out the home team. the winners were coached by a guy named harbaugh. >> hey jim congratulations you did it. >> yeah older brother john harbaugh already knew his kid brother was going to the super bowl. tom brady wants the choice to match his super bowl. while lewis wants to postpone his retirement for two weeks. and this was a rematch of last year's afc championship game. patriots won that one and they retake the lead here when brady
12:22 am
hooks up with welker. greg gronskowki is feeling good. quarterback joe flacco to pitta. five yarder touchdown there and ravens led 13-15. joe flacco is called joe unflackable. flacco was 240 and no mistake. patriots never lose at home or do they? wrigley look out. wrigley gets hammered by ravens polard. ravens recover the lose ball. ravens back in business while wrigley leads the game. to bolden again. and you know patriots bill belichick has seen him enough too. tom brady threw for 124 yards. mcfee raises big pause. chips the pass. and baltimore beats new england for the second time this season but this is a big one right there. 28-13 is your final. john harbaugh and company are
12:23 am
going to bourbon street and you're not belichick. tom brady was 67-0 at home when he led at halftime but that streak is now over. john harbaugh heads for the har- bowl or brother bowl. his brother jack on his mind. >> i hope he's on his fourth or fifth beer right now that's what i'm hoping for. and you know, hope he and mom have a big hug going. couldn't be more proud of jim watching that team play they do reflect his personality. they have physical players, they run the ball, throw the ball. you have a quarterback making plays all over the place. they have a rough house. i would love to think that our two teams are very similar. i would like to think when you're looking at two teams you're looking at mirror images of two teams. it's going to be a great football game, he's a great football coach. >> there it is. a big bright colors the superbrother bowl. nebraska third 49ers are already early five point
12:24 am
favorites but we have two weeks to discover from younger brother jim had to wear john's hand me downs. two q x
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12:28 am
second. and marleau is leading the league in scoring. and stanford was hosting usc these two teams were tied for first place. records can be deceiving, cardinals led by 14 at halftime and kept going. as usual, agumike led the way. grabbed 16 points, scored 23 of her 29 points in the second half. stanford wins 75-66. they're 5-1 in the conference. the humana challenge was up for grabs today. it used to be the bob hope classic they still remember him. how about this. r.h. lee with a thanks for the memories of his own. 152yards and that's in there for an ace. he finished and tied for tenth. alameda high and cal grad led today. han finished tied for fourth
12:29 am
and that's not a bad day for the rookie james han. but ryan gate got into sudden death play off with charles howell iii. he decides just to finish off with a birdie to win the humana challenge in style. that is sports as we see it for this sunday night. it's the 49ers and baltimore ravens in super bowl xlvii two weeks from now. 49ers first super bowl appearance since 1995. but what a whole different cast. a whole different kind of team and what a great come back. >> absolutely. >> we're just getting word that the 49ers plane is due to arrive right now at the san jose airport. more on that tomorrow morning. >> that's right. >> that is our report for


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