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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 22, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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area's biggest. >> and at the water repair. the plan is to build it and tear it down. ♪ this is bay area news at 7. good evening past tuesday, january 22. this is bay area news at seven. happening now, hundreds of people are packed into oakland city council came percent even overflowing into the hallways. the council set to vote on a controversial plan to hire and outside police consultant. opponents say his stop tactic is racial profiling. we do have a crew there and we'll bring you a live report
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tonight on the 10:00 news. meantime opd stays rounded up five people during a 20 hour as much for suspects following a shooting that wounded one of thundershower officers -- one of their officers. the under cover officer was shot in the arm last night. opd and the county launched a search. they combed through dozens of homes. >> the residents in the area have been fantastic. they have worked with the police department and other agencies here with pus. >> we love to see something done that would be more lasting as far as curbing this kind of violence. >> the under covers off has been in facing a previous shooting and was interacting with several people when he was shot. it's unclear if the suspects new he was an officer. two of the five people rounded up were arrested for parole violation. another three were detained for
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questions. you can go to to view law video of the arrests. san francisco police say they've made an arrest increase with a fatal shooting this past weekend. it happened just after midnight yesterday near napes. police say 43-year-old daniel cologne and his cousin were walk home from a bar when someone opened fire. they've arrested 32-year-old seth mires of san francisco. new at 7, the america's cup and san francisco won't just be about failing. they're building an amphitheaters for an america's cup concert series. live at the site to explain how the venue will be used and the big name singer coming to town. >> reporter: that's right. the amphitheater will be here between pierce 27 and 29.
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you can see they will have america's cup billboards up here. today we got a look behind the fence at the venue's construction site. a facility that will become a viewing and media area during the cup races this summer. crews also are preparing to start work now on the adjacent lot where a 9000 pavilion will be built. the temporary amphitheater will be used for concert, educational shows and televised viewing of the race. >> this will be the seating area. >> reporter: the staff took us into the construction zone. >> all of ceremonies will be here at america's cup pavilion so plenty of chances to meet those teams. >> reporter: and along with the sailing the america cup concert series will bring top international stars to the water front. today they announced sting will kick off the series.
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giving nonsailing fans a reason to come down. >> bring people like this kind of thing so it will be good. >> having entertainment to go along with the sport just adds to adds to the festive atmosphere. >> the temporary pavilion is scheduled to be completed mid- may. and the concert series will continue into september. reporting live from san francisco tonight, ktvu, channel 2 news. happening now the city council hearing from google about the search giant's expanse. google opens property in the city. tonight the company showing elected officials how they plan to handle a spike in
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photographic. >> in traffic. tonight's meet is just a study session. >> city leaders say google must complete transportation and environmental study before any development go forward. andgoogle reported rev news up almost 2 billion from a year ago. the company sited hire advertising rev news along with a boost in international markets. as for the broader markets the dough industrial rose 62 points to notch its ace game. l solid earns dew upon the, traveler, provided the spark. nasdaq tacked on eight points. the natural food maker the is recalls its new frozen pizza because there may be metaling fromments in the doe. doug -- dough.
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all varieties are being recalled. the news sent the company's stock down 11% today and they're offering refund and says no one has been hurt. more flights between japan and san jose have been cancel due to the grounding of the dream liner. the japanese airline have canceled all flights through next monday january 28th. ana is rebooking those flights on 7478. workers begin i are pair on the bay bridge. consumer editor explains what's being done and who's footing the 7 figure bill for the f -- fender bender. a large crane barge will act as the head quarters. >> the first part of business
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will be just dismantling the damaged sections. >> reporter: this time as last time, the ship's owners are responsible. >> the initial hollow case is $3 million. -- allocation is $3 million. >> reporter: and despite many passing ships to come, repairs will take time. >> the contract calls for 90 works days which is monday through friday. so that comes out to about four and half month. >> reporter: they expect to beat that schedule. when this work is fully dun the bridge will -- done the bridge will be ready for another glancing blow. but as we learned the last time this happened a direct hit would be quite a different matter. the fender system is not invincible. during the incident five years ago structural engineers says a direct hit would cause loss of
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the use of the prejudice. >> you want to make sure that the fenders are up and running and pride as much protection as possible. >> reporter: that's what caltran will most sure beat the deadline. san francisco police are hoping surveillance images will help them track down two men who robbed a bank. this is an image released today of one of the suspects in the january fourth robbery on geery boulevard. they say this man pointed a gun at the employees and while the second man stood by the entrance. they got away in a dark colored vehicle. and san jose police investigating whether a home invasion robbery and carjacking are connected. the crimes took place yesterday. police say several armed men burst into a home on brett heart and tied up a couple in their 70s. the robbers stole electronics, jewelry, and two cars.
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a green toyota hi lander andean toyota cam i are. >> you're currented about them because you never know who that could happen too. >> our current in this case is in f these suspects decide to do another crime like this they escalate their violent behavior and perhaps injure or kill somebody. someone beat up and elderly man and stole his car. he's expected to be okay and his car found abandon. officials add call state university say they need a lot more money. governor jerry brown indicated that probably won't happen. call state figures it willerer $250 million more than it's currently proposed for the next academic year. the governor warden it would be tough to get that extra money. calling it more of a dream than reality. brown has already agreed to an extra $125 million with the condition cal state does not raise tuition. the bay area largest state
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college teeters on the us own fiscal cliff. ahead the new doomsday plan that may include teacher lay you haves. and president obama and the first lady attended the national player this was -- this morning. 2000 guests joined the first couple for the service at the national cathedral. the interface celebration include clergy and chip yours -- scriptures from different faiths. the tradition of an inaugural prayer service dates back to the first inauguration of george washington. ♪ did she or didn't she? may have been lip sinked.
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another represented said that can't be confirmed the artists artists are are required to have a prerecorded weather track ready any n case -- in case of weather conditions or other circumstances. a critic of the president is in the bay area and speaking out about the obama health care reform. >> there's not flust our health care system -- trust in our health care system. he signed copies of his new book. he die delaware fines himself as -- defines himself as conscious. he made clear heinies intense run for office but say -- he has no intention to run fors off but says there is a lot wrong in america. a teenage shooting victim tells us what happened. the fashionable kick that may have prompted the gunfire. and take on a notorious bay
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area event gets a lot of -- attention in tinsel town. >> and wet weather on the way. i'll show you how much and what to expect coming up. q x
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authorities say a shooting today on a college cam news houston started with a fight between two people. maintenance workers was caught in the cross fire. he suffered nonlife threaten injuries. another person had a heart attack during the shooting. the more than 10,000 student were told to shelter in place. and teenages recovering after a drive by shooting. a pair of shoes may have
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trigged the shooting. >> the bullet went in here. came out this side. and hit me in the stomach right here. >> reporter: the 16-year-old enesto carolina described the drive by shooting. >> i saw the shine of the gun. and i took off. >> four men in their early twenties pulled up in a white four door sedan. >> they were asking like questions like do we bang and we said no. and we had nigh key cortez. >> two of the bullets striking the front of the house. the boys ducked. police say none are gang members. four of them were shot. the youngest 13 years old. all expected to survive. >> it's shocking. nothing like that ever happens around here. >> reporter: neighbors couldn't believe violence trickled entire that community.
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>> a great neighborhood. yeah, you're right. it was great community and we won't tolerate this and we'll work hard to take these people. >> reporter: witnesses say the driver was a white with a blond buzz cut and small g goh tee and build. the other three passengers are describe this at latino males. >> i'm a regular kid. i mean i never really thought this was going to ever happen to me. >> reporter: ktvu chainlet 2- news. now to pittsburgh where police have made an arrest in a shooting that killed a 16-year- old boy and wounded another team. a swat team arrested the 23- year-old suspect around 9:30 this morning. he's accused of shooting the two teenagers just before 8 this morning following an altercation. investigator say the shooter left after the fight and returned with a gun. the victim, who died was shot in the back. the other boy treated at the hospital and released.
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and offering a new emergency notification service for those who live in the north bay. starting on saturday you can register your cell phone. the emergency alert notified users of neighborhood crime and natural disaster information. land line phones are already included in the system. and if you'd like to learn more just go to and find the hot topic section and click web links. today the 40th anniversary of the landmark roe v. wade case. the issue remains a contentious topic. people on both sides rallied today in the bay area. >> my professors used to tell me about wards which is k would be 30 to 50 women just lying there dying from back alley abortions. >> 40 years legalized murder is
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sad. so we're not celebrate. >> a research poll shows 63% of americans would now be in fair of overturning roe v. wade. the characters in the ewill be a boar raid so called hoax involving man te'o's hoax. diane omira the today show she went to high school with the man accused of creating the fake girlfriend. she says she's a victim too, of identity theft. officials at the city college of san francisco are preparing tens of thousands of students for the possibility at this school will be unable to dig out of its deep financial crisis. as rob roth reports it involves complete closure. >> reporter: at the city college of san francisco students are worried. worried whether they're school will be around much long. >> kind of makes it hard.
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you don't know if what's going on with the school. >> city college is prepared a draft report how it would handle closing the school. >> it's our profound hope we don't have to come to that but it is our legal requirement to think through. >> reporter: the report outlines steps it would take to assist students. students who complete at least three-fourths of their course work would still have to complete class add another cool but may still get their i i did employee in a ma from college city. >> you'd have o walk, bus, probably wouldn't finish. >> reporter: closure could also mean 1600 teachers lose their jobs. >> a lot of hope and concern. both things are happening at the same time. >> reporter: city college has until march 15th to submit a report stating why it should be
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allowed to continue operating. this comes after the commission had numerous concerns over how the college operates. >> our student -- are students going to be stuck? we're hoping not. we're working to make sure that doesn't happen. >> reporter: a report on the status is expected in june. in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. the movie said to be gets the most buzz at sun dance festival is about oscar grant. it was shot in oakland. grant was killed at the fruitville station. the movie starred star -- stars octavius experience. and incorporate, system of the cell phone video of the incident. it's called a high tech answer to genuine safety
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concern. how a hair drier could improve pipeline safety. >> and wet weather on the way. when the rain may show up in your neighborhood. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet
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the village retirement community in san jose taking
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new approach to control the expanding deer population. a wildlife management group will tank lose and sterilize the females. and now we were, we were just talking how it has been so cold but it's changes. >> wet weather is coming back. it's been more than ten days for many of us. mostly cloudy skies outside our doors. associated with the system that bring us the wet weather. upper 40s walnut creek, 50s around the bay and to the north, 50 degrees out outside. temperatures very similar to what felt yesterday within a few degrees. slightly warmer in some cases. a look here at the storm tracker it 2. take a look at this plume of moisture. stretches from alaska all the way down. tomorrow morning we wake up, we will be dry. we will be mostly cloudy and the rain will develop as we get
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into wednesday. wednesday morning, 7:00 a.m. the morning drives looks safe but by noontime the showers will begin to form and then into the afternoon we'll become widespread by thursday. we're drying out and that's about all she wrote. how much rain? any be from a tenth to three tenths over parts of north bay. and a little bit less than that other the parts of south bay under a hills will pick up any where from a tenth four tenth. when he remain with a mostly sky and so that will actually help us out in the overnight hours. for the first time in several days, temperatures will sink back into the low 40s in areas like santa row sea -- rosa. upper 30s not slipping back to below freezing as you start your morning there. 44 in mountain view, 42 in redwood city. we we're not going to have a
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lot of that sunshine. afternoon highs for tomorrow will be on the cool side. 62 in oakland. 62 in san jose with the clouds and the wet weather. so bring along the jacket. make sure you have an umbrella packed as they head out tomorrow. the scattered showers will be developing. thousand partly cloudy. dry, on the cool side. friday, more of the same. as we get into the weekend with your weekend in view when he have -- we will have a slight chance of rain in view. ptv unveiled a new high tech laser scanner. it can enhance gas pipeline safety. the new handled provides a 3d view. it they say the device can protect potential safety concerns such as corrosion and warm nag pipeline. it can be used with other safety tools to help test, and
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repair segments as needed. well, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. and we're always here for you at tmz is next here. hope you have a good evening.
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