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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 10, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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water front location, it's huge price tag and a promise of thousands of jobs. good evening. it's wednesday, april 10th. this is bay area news at 7:00. whatever the fix, it won't be quick. the broken bolts on the bay bridge may delay it's planned september opening after all. it's our top story at 7:00. paul chambers is live. cal tran will no longer commit to the span opening on time. paul. >> reporter: officials have said the new span would open labor day weekend. with last month's discovery of that problem with the bolts they said today they hope to make that holiday deadline, but it's not guaranteed. >> oakland and san francisco are expected to bring in
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hundreds of thousands of dollars from the opening of bay bridge. >> hotel rooms were filling up. >> last month ending gineers found that a third of the 96 bolts installed the bridge failed. now they're trying to figure out if additional bolts will be okay or need to be replaced. doing so would place back the labor day deadline. >> we think we're going to be okay on schedule. until we get to that point, i don't think we can give you a guarantee. >> if those are canceled, that's a lot of empty rooms and lot of resources that aren't going to happen. s they say it's safer than the existing bridge. however, that news isn't sitting well with some people. >> i'm just glad they found it before they opened the bridge. if it's delayed while they make
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repairs, that's the wise thing to do. >> it concerns me a little bit. it's their job to know if it's safe or not. >> i think we can wait. we've waited this long, i think we can wait until the bridge is -- there's absolutely certainty that it's safe and ready. >> reporter: cal tran officials say they've give updates every few weeks of the progress. mayor quan asked to give ample time in case it has to be delayed. authorities identified a 19-year-old man shot to death as he took part in the richmond build job training program. dameria young was shot when he was jogging with a group of trainees. they are working on a suspect description. >> for the last 6 years we haven't had any incidents. we take it very personal when one of our students or potential
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students in this case is targeted for this kind of senseless violence. >> we first reported on them in 2007 when it started. since then the program has continued to grow. we're told the victim's father brought in his two sons so they could all apply. it was his younger son who was gunned down. now to san francisco where police are trying to find a man that was seriously injured when he tried to rob a donut shop. the suspect entered and forced the owner's wife to the floor. the owner entered from the kitchen and stabbed the would be robber. he shot the owner then escaped. police say they believe the stab bounds are severe enough that he could die without medical treatment. police are calling attention to a a series of armed robberies, including one crime caught on camera. what the suspect said in a grocery store that an employee still can't get out of his mind. >> the grocery out let at east
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14th street. >> i like the people who work here. >> michael vaughn is one of them. >> about to get robbed. >> he was right . 50 seconds in and out. two men walk into the store on january 28th. one robber heads to the check out, pulls a gun. >> i don't know what if person said on register 6 or not. after that he shot up in the air and after that he opened the register. . >> they continue with the robbery, they end up fleeing the business. >> they did fire a shot, which is pretty unique. we don't have that happen that often. >> he believes the two men are responsible for at least seven armed robberies during a 10-week stretch any city from mid january through the end of march. they also hit this home depot. >> they're still out there committing multiple robberies. this could have a non-peaceful out come. we want to avoid that. >> inside the grocery out let
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the bullet hole still remains. michael vaughn says that's one remight beed erminder of the crime. >> he told the person on six, you're lucky i didn't shoot. big rallies took place today in important of immigration reform. >> parent, children, workers, torn from their families. >> in san francisco hundreds of demonstrators rallied outside the federal building late this afternoon. they laid out about 1,000 paper flowers representing the people they say are deported every day. earlier this group marched through downtown. it's part of a national day of action demanding a road to citizenship for all. >> i want to see families stop being separated. i want to see -- they fought for this, they deserve this. we all came here for the american dream. we deserve the american dream and we're ready. that change needs
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to happen to reform now. >> this march and rally was peaceful, no arrests were reported. in the south bay immigration advocates march. union workers and community members took part. several students spoke to the crowd saying they came to the u.s. and young children and hope to stay as legal citizens to give back to their community. in washington dc thousands of people gathered on the u.s. capitol. they urged congress to pass legislation that includes a path to citizenship for the country's 11 million undocumented immigrants. the senators are working on an immigration reform bill. the u.s. postal service is being forced to back down to eliminate saturday mail service. it would have saved $2 billion a year. a spending bill passed by congress included language prohibiting the postal service from changing its delivery schedule. the agency say it's
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disappointed but would follow the law. lawmakers in washington are nearing a deal to strengthening u.s. gun controls law. why some bay area gun owners say it will still fall short. now to wall street where stocks had another big day as the bow and s and p reached new highs. the s and p 500 finally surpassed its previous all time high closing at 1587. investors point to growth in imports by china. just how bad is the personal computer business? idc is reporting a 14% drop in sales during the first quarter. that's the largest decline on record. part of the reason, the higher sale of mobile devices. they also talk about the new windows 8. finding facebook blah? some faithfuls seem to be tuning out. ahead in 5 minutes, where they're turning to instead.
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the city of oakland unveiled a major development project for the water front funded by a large chinese investment group. it will be located at brooklyn basin. officials say it would include more than 3,000 residential units a marina and public parks. they are putting up $1.5 billion. they said it would create 10,000 jobs. today a bill was passed at the boy scouts. they have a policy of excluding eagle scouts after they came out as gay. >> as a tax-exempt non-property profit they would not be eligible if they discriminated.
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>> it's an unconstitutional law. it's the i think fringement of the ability of the group to decide who can be a member. >> if it becomes law it would take effect january 1st. the boy scouts will review their policy on sexual orientation that summer. now trending, a heroic 911 call made by a 4th grader trying to help her mom. the 8-year-old is going to be recognized for keeping her cool under pressure in a ceremony at the state capitol tomorrow. >> mom, she said take a nice easy breathe. she said she's trying. >> last alexis louis she call 911 when her mother got sick. she calmly spoke with the dispatcher. help arrived and her mother is now fine. if you would like to listen to the entire call, we posted it for you at just scroll down and click on hot topics.
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workers are caring for a harbor sale pup. they named him sled gate dolly. it's the first time in years a labor sale has been found in palo alto. she has a ways to go before they can release her back into the wild. talk about a shock. a woman uses a stun gun to stop a fight on a crowd crowded bart train. >> cal athletes will sport a different look next year. >> most of the bay area warmed up nicely this afternoon. some change is on the way. how much cooling you can expect for your thursday and the coolest day for the upcoming weekend.
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california attorney general addressed privacy and apps for mobile devices. she was the keynote speaker in san francisco. harris asked developers to work with law enforcement to find ways to protect the privacy of mobile users. the attorney general is taking action against 100 of the most popular apps that did not comply with california law to privacy policies. . a new survey suggests that teenagers are getting bored with facebook. an increasing number are turning away. the survey shows 33% said that facebook was their top choice. last fall that number was 42%. teens are showing interest in the website tumbler. for teens want iphones rather than an droidz. two senators announced the possible compromise to expand background checks for gun buyers. this comes as the senator is struggling with the gun control policy.
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they will require mandatory background checks for gun shows and online sales. many of the measures being discussed are already in place here in california. >> good morning. >> just a day before the senate tackles the subject of gun control two senators, both proud gun owners say they've reached a deal, a compromise on expanding background checks for gun sales. >> i don't consider criminal background checks to be gun control. i think it's just common sense. >> this is common sense. this is gun sense. >> the bipartisan plan would require manned to background checks for gun show and internet sales right now only a licensed dealer is required to run a check before a sale. >> we have to prevent people from getting firearms and harming people. >> it would not ban firearms, create a national gun registry. sales between friends, family
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members and hunters would not require a background check. >> mansion said he was in contact dialogue with the lobbying group. the nra criticized the proposal. the group said expanding background checks at gun shows will not prevent the next shooting, will not solve violent crimes and keep our kids safe in schools. >> this legislation is part of a bigger gun debate starting this week. military bans and ammo limits is also under consideration. this plan has a republican and democrat behind it. a georgia swat team stormed a home rescuing four firefighters and killing a heavily armed man that was holing those firefighters hostage. there was an exchange of gunfire and one officer was shot in the happened. this incident started this morning our time.
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they went to respond to a medical call and that's when they were taken hostage. the swat home entered if home at 4:30. the man asked for the utilities to be turned baaing on. authorities are learning more details about the student that slashed 14 people at a community college in texas. the 20-year-old, dylan quick told them he fantasized about carrying out the attacks since he was 8 years old. police say quick slashed the victim with a wife. all are expected to survive. so far she's charged with three counts of aggravated assault. a number of engineering courses offered to students is can expanding at san jose state. they'll offer an online engineering program to students. san jose state will also open up a training facility for faculty.
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tonight california is taking part in its first powerball draw. at last check the estimated jackpot stood at $60 million. the drawing is set for 7:59 tonight. that's when the powerball people draw five white balls and one powerball. powerball is drawn on wednesday and saturday nights. a middle schoolteacher is on leave after a video surfaced allegedly showing the teacher lashing out a stick like object. it was taken by a middle school student before spring break. the school district did not immediately respond to our request for comment. the superintendent said the district is appear of the concerns. a fight on bart after a man refuses to give up his seat is broken up after a passenger
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sticks in. the weapon she used to end the assault. >> police said the fight started at 7:30 this morning over a seat. this man, zachary mccabe was spread across two seats when a 62-year-old passenger asked him to make room so they could sit down. he became aggressive. >> we received a call of someone with another person in a hock lock on one of our trains at the pleasant hill station. >> police say a third passenger got involved, a woman packing one of these. she zapped mccabe with a stun gun ending the altercation. >> it was a good deed. it helped this victim from possibly getting hurt more seriously than they were. . >> mccabe was treated for minor injuries and arrested on suspicion of battery. no one else was injured. the woman with the stun gun committed to
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crime that anyone expect convicted felons can carry them. they cost about $40. sun guns need to have direct contact. >> we ask them as long as they're old enough, 21 years old, that's fine. unless people that come in and just want to use it for protection. >> passengers on a different train applauded the woman who stepped in. >> you have to set aside whatever your fear is, whatever you might be afraid of what would happen to you and just go for it. >> if convicted zachary mccabe could face up to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. in pleasant israel, rob roth. only one team showed up today for the giants tilt against the rockies. the giants routed the rockies. sito pitched seven scoreless innings. the cal golden bear wills have a new look when they take
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the field or court. they unveiled new uniforms today. they were developed with nike and include a more four rugs row goe. they say it creates a new visual identity for the team while embracing tradition. a bay area institute celebrates a milestone moment. how san francisco range in another anniversary in the journey of the cable car. >> if you were lucky enough to spend time outside today you know it was gorgeous. how long the warm weather will stick around. >> get the ktvu app or go to back in the day, we didn't have the u-verse wireless receiver.
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the cal academy of science is showing off a new member of the family. a new baby penguin took his first swim this morning. he's a little more than 2 the months old. he had been kept with his parents from a private nest. he's the first penguin to hatch since it reopened in 2008. we're going to talk about today's extreme heat for some and what's to come ahead. >> yeah, a big bounce in temperatures today. in fact, the warmest locations reached the mid 80s. it was really warm
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out there. change is on the way. we'll cool off those numbers for your thursday . you will notice that change. you can see a big batch of high clouds moving into northern california and parts of the bay area. the fog will be regrouping coast side for the over night hours. current temperatures we'll check in on those for this 7:00 hour. still mild out there. still have the 70s out towards fairfield and antioch, livermore 73, down ton san francisco 61 and santa rosa at 74 degrees. as far as though readings from today, you can so e the one record to report towards santa rosa, 85 degrees, the old record was 83. san francisco maxed out at 74, san jose in the lower 80s at 82. everybody cools off for your thursday. tonight we'll go with this, mostly clear skies but so much patchy fog regroups late tonight into early thursday morning. it will be cooler,
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that's the key head line for your thursday. the weekend will be dry and somewhat of the mild weather pattern. the winds could be returning as early as sunday afternoon. over night lowing will be in the 40s to the 50s. chilly and areas of fog. hayward the lower 50s and livermore 47 degrees. for today high pressure strengthened and as a result the warmest day of the week. we can only go one direction, cool things off for your thursday. you can see some fog for the coastal spots and temperatures coming down a good 8 to 12 degrees from today's highs with the fog a factor in that steady on shore breeze. he's our forecast model showing you the fog regroups coast side around the bay at 8:00 and then into the afternoon hours partly sunny skies, maybe still some patchy fob near parts of the shoreline. temperatures for tomorrow, no more 80s. warmest location still warm in the low to mid 70s.
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san jose 70, half-moon bay 60 degrees. the look ahead, your five day forecast. a little bit warmer for friday and saturday then sunday will be the coolest day of the weekend. we boost up those wind speeds by sunday and monday of next week. >> thank you. it was 135 years ago today san francisco's california street cable car line began to climb halfway to the stars. >> the first day was back in 1878. today to celebrate the historic anniversary, the executive vice president rang that bell as many times as he could in 1 minute. for reach ring the bank located money. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage tonight with the 10:00 news. tonight student journalists expose as a result at a well to do bay area school.
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