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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 23, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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it happen again for the second time this month a driver has been shot and killed during an altercation on the streets of oakland. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. authorities won't say much, but the shooter slamming on the bus while trying to get away.
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amber lee has been piecing together what happened and is live tonight at ohd. >> reporter: they're telling us they're interviewing people here for this case but they're not saying much more. we pieced together what happened by talking to witnesses and people in the neighborhood. the shooting happened shortly before 3:00 this afternoon. first responders tried to save the woman who was shot while she was driving a car with two passengers her sister and another woman. the passengers told her the driver had been shot about two blocks away. they said the woman walked up to the car but got away. when she tried to drive away, she was shot once. the woman managed to drive a block and a half before the car stopped. >> you take somebody's live, i don't care what the reason is it hurts. it hurts and you feel it. >> reporter: this is the second
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fatal shooting of a driver in exactly three weeks in oakland. the driver of this black honda was shot and killed on april 2nd shortly before noon. clint bowyer was the victim of the same crime. >> everybody has access to a weapon. this is happening all over oakland. the question again comes to when will we see change. >> reporter: the driver in today's shooting died after she was transported to the hospital. police have not yet released her identity. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the shooter. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and more news from oakland tonight. a robbery victim is telling ktvu he is so so fed up with the investigation of his case
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that he hired a private investigator. he recounted to us what he did. >> do whatever they say and maybe i will come out of this alive. >> reporter: oakland pd responded quickly to the scene of the crime but that was a couple of weeks ago and since that the investigation has gone nowhere. the police investigator told him he only works 8:00 to 4:00 monday through friday, period. >> to say you're not going to work past 4:00 p.m., an investigation of this is sort to say, i am going to deliberately do a rot job in this case. >> the police department has eight investigators each taking on 1,600 cases a month. he can't get officers to do anything with information. social media sank the stock
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market. a hacker got into twitter and with one tweak caused a crash at wall street. the hoax only lasted a few minutes but reached all the way to the white house. traders at the new york stock exchange call -ld -- called it a day. it said breaking, explosions at the white house and president obama is injured. the page warned fellow reporters. >> i want to say at the top that it appears as though ap's twitter account has been down. >> reporter: the dow dropped 180 points before it recovered. >> the machine is so fast, it's so infuriating it can move so quickly. >> reporter: in a statement a twitter spokesman said we don't comment on individual accounts
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for privacy it leads to a fishing site logged in to picking up log in names. >> i'm older, so i'm used to looking at the new york times, the wall street journal, some where else before looking there. >> reporter: a group calling itself the syrian group claimed responsibility. more details now, wall street ended the day with strong gains after that almost immediate recovery. the dow industrials rose 152 points, nasdaq was up 35. we sat down with a professional hacker today. coming up in 18 minutes what he calls technology's dirty secret and what twitter can do to
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protect its users. apple recorded its first declines in years. even so the cupertino company -- it also hinted it won't release any new products until the fall. apple stocks were down after trading. new video tonight of a two alarm fire at a women's shelter. the women and children had evacuated. no one was hurt. the red cross is now helping find temporary shelter for those residents. the santa clara county's sheriff office has released
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video. this video is from the 7/11 in unincorporated san jose. authorities are hoping someone can identify the man in the hooded sweatshirt. he was seen with another man in an orange sweatshirt. the victim was able to get away. the incident happened two months ago on valentine's day at 11:45 at night. the parents of little leaguers made a plea to the vallejo city council for increased police reports. their request comes after two men got into an argument at a little league game last week and one fired shots at the other. at tonight's meeting city council members heard the comments just as they began to map out their budgets and consider more funding for police. in a stunning reversal, federal officials today dropped all of the charges against the man accused of threatening the president with letters containing the poison ricin. as john roberts tells us authorities are now looking at
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another man. >> reporter: a surprising move for the investigation into ricin laced letters. all charges against 45-year-old paul kevin curtis now dropped. >> when you've been charged with something, you've never heard of ricin or whatever. i thought they said rice. i said i don't even eat rice. >> reporter: curtis was released today a week after the arrest. he was charged of sending ricin to the president. >> i respect president obama, i love my country and i would never do anything to pose a threat to him or any other u.s. official. >> the government was able to basically find another suspect who we believe is the true perpetrator of this heinous crime. >> reporter: investigators returned to another person's home where they previously searched. the man maintains his
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innocence. >> the paranoid anti government schizophrenic is the one that wraps up me who is in his fantasy world. who is a patriotic american. >> reporter: meanwhile a military official saying, a report of a suspicious letter at the bowling air force base turned out to be a false alarm. mail screening for a minute alerted officials to the possible presence of a toxic but no suspicious letters or packages were found at the facility. the defense facilities agency said the fbi took samples and will conduct further tests. in atlanta, john roberts, fox news. continuing coverage now of the boston marathon bombings, a carjacking victim is telling reporters that the tsarnaev brothers told him, we just blew
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up two bombs and stole a car. tonight his condition has been upgraded to fair. earlier today the men who found tsarnaev hiding in a boat described following a trail of mood. >> - - described following a trail of blood. >> on the floor, i saw blood. i looked over there and there's more blood on the floor. and i looked back and forth to those two things, there was a body. >> reporter: a senior employee of a chain of fireworks stores says tamerlan tsarnaev said he bought fireworks. the owner says he walked into the store and asked, what is
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the most power thing you have. and the widow of suspect one hid her face as she left her house. >> as a mother, wife, -- >> brothers have several sisters and they say their heart goes out to all of the victims. they released a statement that says in part. it sadness us. the family of martin richards held a private funeral
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for the third grader. his family released a statement thanking the public for what they call the outpouring of love and support in what they say has been the most difficult weeks of their lives. and a memorial was held for sean collier. the tsarnaev brothers killed collier. probably in an attempt to get his gun. sean collier was 27 years old. a threat to safety. >> we are very concerned. >> what leaders in this bay area county want to do that could put the entire community at risk. >> at 10:30,. >> there's a pot club here, another one around the corner we counted five within
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back in january the contra costa county has shut down a fire station. and now the city is considering closing another station. >> reporter: all signs are counting to this fire house as the next one to be shut down. it is station 87 here in pittsburg and all of this is coming right as we're entering fire season. green grass turning brown and some neighbors around here
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getting particularly concerned. >> we are very concerned, that is where we get our service. >> reporter: the contra costa fire district is very big. >> it's a very big district. very busy, high community threat type of district. >> reporter: but since the recession the district has gone from 306 firefighters to just 219. it's budget slashed for more than $105 million to 94. and it's not enough. today the contra costa county board of supervisors suggested even more cuts. >> there's alternatives we can do, at this point we have to get a budget together, looking at the budget it looks like we will have the station closed unless we come up with something creative before. >> reporter: although housing prices are rebounding, proposition 13 limits how high taxes can be rised. >> they can only bring the
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values back up 2% at a time. so we lost probably about 20% of our revenue. to get up to that number it's going to take twice as long. >> meanwhile fire response times can getting longer. >> right now our average is seven minutes and 22 seconds. >> firefighter and judy barker are hoping for some kind of change. >> if there was a petition going around i would sure sign it. >> reporter: there will be meeting this summer to find out which fire house they will shut down. more details now the county closed five fire stations back in january and those stations in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette remain closed tonight. they were shut down after voters rejected a tax on the november ballot to help support
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the district. flight delays varied by airport today and there were 422 cancellations counted by flight the furloughs of air traffic controllers kicked in sunday and they are expected to continue through october. one airport reagan national in the washington, d.c. area listed staffing as the reason for today's delays. the furloughs were blamed for 1,200 delays yesterday. united airlines passengers now face the highest fees for changing flights. united is increasing the fee by $50 so it'll cost $200 for domestic and canadian flights. but analysts say if united fees stick expect competitive airlines to raise their prices too. 41-year-old tech sergeant dave hernandez was just five months of retiring when he was killed. fernandez was driving his
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motorcycle when he broadsided a van. the impact killed him. the driver of the van was arrested on dui charges. today friends of sergeant fernandez said, they are in shock. >> big dave is what a lot of people call him. because his presence, not only was he a big guy but his presence was big. any room he went into you knew he was there and people wanted to be there. >> reporter: investigators say it's unclear who was at fault because the alleged drunk driver may have been making a legal turn as fernandez tried to pass him on his motorcycle. pleasanton police released an aged enhanced sketch of a man who walked away from him home 10 years ago and hasn't been heard of since. this is the sketch of what inez may look like. this is a photo of inez as 32. police describe him as a while male with brown eyes and brown
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hair. he has the words deck of cards tattooed on his chest. the letter s tattooed on his right shoulder and possibly another s between his left thumb and pointer finger. governor jerry brown spoke to crime victims in sacramento. sacramento police arrested 26- year-old jamal maurice johnson for investigation of prowling. police say he was found on the balcony of the governor's apartment building in sacramento. the governor said fortunately he wasn't home sunday night when it happened. >> just a few days ago, a gentleman was found on my balcony trying to break-in. i live on top of pf change -- chang on the fourth floor. luckily i wasn't home. >> the governor said three men tried to break into his home in oakland about a year ago. the recent hot weather gave us a sneak peak at summer and a
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look at whether the air- conditioning worked. the high temperatures and record high winter -- will affect our weather this winter. >> reporter: one must know the state of our transmission line, the dry weather, the summer is not expected to see shortages. >> over all california is looking to be in fairly good shape going into summer. >> reporter: stephanie mccorkle says even with back to back low snow pack winters, run off will be at 85% of normal that's because our state reservoirs remain in good shape. shasta is at 144%. fulsome lake 96%. >> there's only a slight
11:51 pm
decrease in hydroelectrical power. >> mccorkel says the impact will be mostly in san diego county. blackouts or problems in southern california should not significantly affect the north. due in part to new transmission lines installed since the power crisis of roughly a decade ago. >> it's allowing the iso to move mega watts around the system to share systems better. >> reporter: it could change because we've had a dry winter. we could have a busy fire season that could damage transmission lines. it's an unlikely scenario but considering a possibility. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. significantly cooler along the coast. the coast 10, 15 degrees cooler. the fog is back. now outside, i've kind of penciledded in a lot of -- penciled in a lot of the fog.
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we're going to see more fog in the bay tonight. that means more cool air going further inland and that means more cooling in the inland valleys tomorrow. tomorrow's temperature is about 5 degrees cooler than they were today in the inland valley. so lots of low 80s and upper 70s tomorrow. current temperatures lots of 60s still warm up in the valley but temperatures are cooling up rapidly. tomorrow we're cooler, we have a change coming as we get into the five day forecast. i'll have all the details on that, back here at 10:00. >> know before you go. bart's new tool for knowing how busy your train is going to be
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continuing coverage now the phony tweet that sent shock
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waves through wall street. lorainne blanco spoke to a hacker. >> reporter: one tweet caused a drop in the market today. the associated press was hacked and sent out news. >> the associated press got hacked because everything is getting hacked. the dirty secret of information security is that everyone is exposed. >> reporter: professional hacker, john kaminsky started the a team to help systems. >> my work has been to break into systems and fix them. >> reporter: someone clicked a malicious link and exposed the company's information. >> our problem right now is that it's too easy. high school kids with a bunch of time in their hands can go ahead and graffiti on twitter. hack a little account here and
11:56 pm
there. >> reporter: kaminski says one measure twitter can take a consider a two factor authentication such as password and answer to a personal question. many extra levels of authentication is important important. >> there's phone systems that are coming online. there are biome biometric where they look at your eye, finger. there's a lot of technology that's being produced right now. >> at twitter head quarters in san francisco, lorraine blanco. in san jose the violent death of a school counselor has left the community grief stricken. 72-year-old sandra paget was shot to death in her home. paget's husband is the prime suspect. he was also found in the home suffering from what investigators believe is a self-
11:57 pm
inflicted gunshot wound. tonight he is listed in critical condition. sandra paget was a counselor in san jose. b.a.r.t. is now offering riders a chance to find out just how crowded trains may be to gauge whether they'll be able to get a seat. by going to the b.a.r.t. website. riders can obtain an estimate of how crowded a train is. b.a.r.t. says the new service isn't a realtime awe -- authenticator but offers a look at how there is no mass-produced human.
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new at 10:00, the city of vallejo is considering a moratorium on marijuana dispensaries. but authorities worry this is just a prelude to change. >> reporter: members are still inside debating the moratorium that the vice mayor says is necessary so that the city can draft some much needed regulations. they can open for business in just about any part of vallejo, , operate at any time of day and operate from any space. including this mobile home. they do not have to abide by any code. it's time to look at drafting some rules. >> should they be located close to residential areas. should they be located next to
12:01 am
city facilities, all of these questions need to be answered. >> reporter: vallejo voters approved a marijuana tax. before the city had drafted any operational reglations for dispensaries. al says 11 dispensaries are believed to be in operation. we found three of them on one block of broadway. >> it's about resources and the safety of our public. >> reporter: a time out is needed. she sites a link of crime that ties up valuable police resources. >> i believe that the community is being harassed at that point. >> reporter: but this business owner, says that clubs reduce crimes. >> most of the dispensaries don't want new clubs coming in. at one point we had too many. we had 28 at one point. >> once again that was heather
12:02 am
holmes reporting tonight. a long time baseball coach is facing new child molestation charges after prosecutors say another alleged victim came forward. 52-year-old joel kaufman pled guilty. he was also charged with two additional felonies. kaufman owns batting cages. he was ordered to electronic house arrest and is due back next week. a bittersweet day for an oakland charter school. the u.s. news ranked the indian school at 38 among the best public high schools in the country. but the win also comes with a loss. the school is set to close at the end of this school year. the oakland school board voted to close the charter after allegations that the former director spent $1.3 million in school funds. it's a decision that has many parents upset. >> it's really a shame.
12:03 am
because this is just like a diamond that shines for oakland. >> reporter: if school's new director says they are working to try to keep the school open by taking steps to tighten fiscal oversight. the board is appealing the school's decision. pacific collegiate in santa cruz ranked fourth in the state. mission san jose high school in fremont came in at number 79. and summit in redwood city came in at 82. and in france, parliament gave the okay the to same-sex marriage. the issue has divided france. and today both sides gathered in paris to celebrate or protest. the two men arrested for
12:04 am
plotting a terror attack in a train appeared in court separately today in toronto. one of them denied the charges and said authorities were basing their conclusions on appearances. authorities say the two received guidance but not money from iran which iran denies. the alleged plot involved derailing a train headed from the united states to canada. former military leader was taken to court under very heavy protection. he recently returned to pakistan from self-exile. a man has been arrested for killing a horse with a cross bow. 31-year-old joshua slater is a transient and is charged with
12:05 am
animal cruelty. deputies say slater admitted poaching deer near by when the horse was hit. the authorities have revealed the information at a wild animal park that was the site of a fatal lion attack last month. diana hanson was cleaning the lions cage when the animal escaped a smaller enclosure and attacked her. the gate wasn't completely closed. federal investigators say all enclosures were working properly and they did not find any violations of the animal welfare act. the city has reached an agreement with two women that were shot during the search for a shooting system.
12:06 am
- - shooting suspect. los angeles will now pay them $600,000 each. the sacramento bee first reported that a hospital in las vegas bussed patients out of state. nevada's governor said he did learn of at least one patient who was improperly discharged but said investigations have been launched and steps have been taken to avoid future errors. dennis herr era says he is investigating the operation. fog returns to the bay area. bill martin will show us
12:07 am
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the golden state warriors were still looking for the win tonight. the warriors are on the road but here at home, a full court press is trying to decide the move. >> reporter: a big win for the warriors series. now tied 1-1. warriors fans turned out here inside stock and trade in san francisco to watch the game on the big screen. meanwhile the tug of war on where the warriors will play has never been higher. warrior fans packed the bar at
12:10 am
war and trade. fans come together to build support to bring the team to a yet to built stadium. >> we are just trying to make sure that people in san francisco know that it's not a definite yet. i think a lot of people think it's definite. so it's going through the approval process we're trying to build supporters. >> reporter: the plan has faced organized opposition within the season. even some fans seem imbevolent. i can see the warriors here or see them there. >> reporter: fans here say the warriors may have started out in san francisco but they built their fan base in the east bay. >> we moveed the warriors, the as. everybody is talking about moving. i would like for the warriors
12:11 am
to at least stay. >> reporter: backers of the plan to move the warriors to san francisco say they are working hard to craft a plan that would appeal to neighbors and have minimal impact. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. mark ibanez will have warriors highlights and the other nba action coming up later in about 10 minutes in sports. united airlines says it's flown one of its boeing 787 dream liners to texas to get its batteries fixed. united has grounded their fleet of 787s because of problems with the batteries. united has scheduled it's first 787 flight for may 31s but may actually fly sooner. las vegas cab drivers overcharged passengers by
12:12 am
nearly $15 million last year. auditors say the problem is long hauling. that's when drivers take longer needed drives. the nevada taxi cab authority says it intends to put measures in place. there is now video of actress reese whiterspoon being taken to jail in georgia. you can see the state trooper taking the actress out of the squad car and taking her handcuffs off before walking her into the atlanta city jail. whiterspoon was arrested last friday. an officer said she refused to stay in the car while her husband was being arrested on suspicion of dui. whiterspoon's attorney has arranged for her to go through a pretrial intervention process to avoid a conviction on her record. in two minutes, fast food
12:13 am
favorites thráeufred
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an experimental swiss design solar plane flew over the area today. it flew over san francisco. pilots were testing the plane's wings to prepare for a cross country flight next week. hold the pickles, hold the lettuce and hold the trip to the fast food restaurant. burger king is now offering home delivery in some bay area cities. rob roth heard from one public health expert who's calling this a step in the wrong direction. >> reporter: here in east oakland this burger king started a new service this week, home delivery. >> could i have a chicken
12:16 am
sandwich meal, crispy please. >> reporter: john called the burger king name but after giving his address and phone number he was told that burger king was having difficulties. and was asked to call again. >> reporter: are you going to call back? >> probably not. not really interested in it. >> reporter: there's a $2 delivery charge and a $10 minimum order. >> i would do it if i was home and i didn't want to go out or if i didn't have a car. i would definitely call them up. >> reporter: burger king is most famous for its whopper. although it does offer salads, but some are concerned about home delivery of fast food. >> the this really exacerbates the obesity epidemic making it just sort of flipping on its head what we want to do which
12:17 am
is make healthier meals for accessible. >> what i would love to see home delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: the new service is creating a new job opportunity. burger king is now looking for delivery drivers. rob roth, ktvu news. >> on our facebook page we've been getting a lot of feed back about burger king's plan. while you're there like ktvu channel 2. there is new evidence that indeed the rich get richer. an analysis shows the richest 7% of american families saw their average wealth soar 28%. while the other 93% saw their net worth down 4%.
12:18 am
significant cooling today along the coast. and around the bay. kind of warm inland. we saw upper 80s. the reason for all of this dry weather has the jet stream going to the north. you see this fog going in underneath it. fog along the coast. that fog will have an impact on your tomorrow temperature. as the cool air is starting to filter into the inland bay valley. we're seeing the fog up toward lafayette. current temperatures reflect that. you have 46 in nevato. the change is here. we had the heat. record heat yesterday. now we're dropping off with that cool sea breeze. these will be the forecast overnight lows for tomorrow morning. 49 in napa, still kind of chilly. i'm not going to see frost or anything but you will see fog along the coast. right along the bay right out front on the west side of the bay. temperatures, upper 40s, low 50s as you get going on your wednesday. tomorrow's weather story really, more fog.
12:19 am
cooler daytime highs. especially inland. the major cooling today was along the coast and around the bay. the mayor cooling tomorrow four and five, 8 degrees will be in the inland bay valley. the coast did its cooling today with the fog. there's the 80s or the 80s and 90s if you go well inland. these are 50s and 60s. that's fog. you visualize the fog. that's where it's going to be tomorrow. cooler tomorrow. forecast highs will be in the upper 70s in the warmest spots. tree pollens still trending high. grasses have come on. oak pine some of the more predominant pollens out there. but the grass pollens are heading up as well. if you have a tree that's going crazy in front of your house and you're sneezing and sniffing, that's likely what it is. with this time of year, the pollens are starting to be produced. 79 in napa, 79 in fairfield. almost 80. you'll find some 80s out there. 79 in livermore, real close to
12:20 am
80. you get the picture. the seven day forecast is coming up here and it's going to show dry, dry, dry. no real rainfall. we're hanging in this zone. it's a nice weather pattern. fire danger take as little break -- takes a little break with this fog. temperatures are cooling down. inland tomorrow you will notice a cooldown. >> look at that weekend though. >> weekends is going to be nice. >> holy cow. a nonprofit group is trying to make the dreams of naturalist john mier come true by expanding yosemite. they've agreed to sell 1,600 acres of land to the park. feinstein introduced the bill to buy the land for an unannounced price. armstrong unjustly enriched himself while cheating to win the tour de france. the justice department is trying to recover the millions of the dollars he was paid by
12:21 am
his sponsor the postal service. armstrong admitted using enhancement substances after years of denial. nba play offs, warriors did it without david lee. >> might have been their best game of the year. certainly one of their better play off games in recent memory. the occasion doesn't begin to tell the story of what they did up in denver aside from putting an end to the nuggets 24 home gain winning stream. they came out firing. steph unconscious. he had 30 points, 13 assists tonight. they were up eight at the half. they continue the momentum and the outside shooting had a lot to do with it. clay thompson, stop and pop. he had 21. they shot 64% from the field. 64% from past the three point line.
12:22 am
andrew boget i think you can say he set a nice screen there on andre iguodala. and show it to you again, looking again. he had 24 points, six rebounds his game as a pro. the best series 1-1. game three friday. mark jackson talks about his guard. >> my opinion, they had the greatest shooting back board. i'm a guy that's not throwing that out there. i follow basketball my entire life. not only played, covered, but i was a fan at a kid. i watched the great players. and these two guys, are absolutely off the charts. >> reporter: a pair of other postseason get togethers. miami pumped up as they toy with milwaukee. chalmers clanks out of nowhere. lebron chimes in with 13. heat up on the bucks 2-0. same story for the knicks over
12:23 am
boston. the warriors not the only team around here going to the postseason. sharks do punch their ticket tonight at the tank. and warriors giving th
12:24 am
12:25 am
12:26 am
>> wow in many ways kind of like an instant replay of last night's come back. but arizona they flipped the script on this one. you don't show up on a dodger cap and expect not to get into heat. they're playing arizona. one on nobody out. brandon belt, ticket to ride. it looked like again the giants would come back to steal one from arizona. bottom of the 10th inning. two on-2 out. hunter pence delivers. remember cody ross pretty good arm. he nailed pablo sandoval by a country mile. at the plate so he stayed tied going to the 11th. an error by belt and this wild pitch allows arizona to take santiago casilla and the giants in the lead.
12:27 am
not fit for eskimos, brandon moss. he doesn't mind it. two runs are going to score in a sixth run third inning. the a's start to break it open. setm smith again. he goes deep. bartolo colon they finally call this thing mercifully. the carrot no longer dangles. the sharks come in late. this the winning run. couture drilling the winning goal. and one better than dallas. a little something going on but the warriors huge victory. friday night in oakland. it's going to be insane. >> that's going to be a good one. >> mark, thanks. before we go tonight developing news from oak land. police are on the scene of a fatal shooting that occurred just a block away from city
12:28 am
hall at 13th and broadway. official reports indip cate -- indicate the victim is a male in his teens. b.a.r.t. has close down the second street station because of this investigat look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip!
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trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.


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