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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  June 5, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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pocket knives. >> and one bay area woman learned after contracting hepatitis a from berries. and how a suspect was caught and how others may be connected. . good evening. it's wednesday, june fifth5th, 2013, i'm gasia micmic. >> gasia mikaelian. >> tell us about the public out krooi that prompted the security agency -- outcry that prompted the security agency. >> one passenger brought this
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cork screw with the blade. >> it's the size of a finger or toe nail and thumbnail and they wouldn't let it on. >> this cork screw is a tool of the trade for marcus who is in the wine business. >> i put it in my carry on thinking the tsa would approve knives. >> they backed down to let people carry them into the passenger cabins. >> the idea of loosening the bans that have been in place since the 9/11 high jackings jackings made flight attendants edgy. >> it was such an outrageous policy we knew it wouldn't go
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through. >> we're flabbergasted they came up with the decision to try to implement this in the first place. >> i think it's much of a danger. >> while some passengers agreed, they say they pose a more bigger threat. >> i think say should relax a little. >> i think sports equipment should be allowed, question. >> so, to prevent any confusion, or having something confiscated, the tsa recommends you check a list on the web site. ktv ushgs channel ushgs u channel 2 news. >> we've had 0 incidents of knives on planes.
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>> we do know a that it can do worse. east bay mayor congressman was on the security committee. he joined with 333 other members of congress to ask the tsa admin straighter to continue lowering the rule. conjackson said she's concerned on the decision. >> she wants the state attorney general to investigation. >> she wants them to remove themselves from the investigation. >> the staff recommends they pay two and quarter billion dollar pejt that killed eight and destroyed 38 homes. new charges against the
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disgraced campaign flooier -- flyers in 20 ten -- 2010. >> considered offensive by emigrants. >> he was running for city council against an aid. she lost by 20 votes. >> his dna went into a state data a base. >> it's really a an example of the importance of dna as a way of solving crimes and protecting the public. >> he's free until a court appearance friday. >> he may face jail time. a run off election is set for july 3th to replace him. >> cindy chavez fell short
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receiving 41% of the vote. >> theresa alvarado got 31%. >> tonight, frozen berries, another case who bought the berries. >> that person was not hospitalized and is recovering at home. >> earlier today, robered handa spoke with someone recovering from hepatitis a after eating contaminated berries. >> 22-year-old alia of the coon -- contaminated berries. >> i didn't know other people were feeling sick from the berries also. >> we didn't know how i got sick. >> howard said she began drinking smoothies. >> she was hospitalized shortly after memorial day weekend following four days of high
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fever and unusual symptoms. >> i was nautious. >> you can probably tell, they're pretty yellow. >> they were stunned to see the cause. >> we let the doctors know, you know, there's a report from the public health department that there is some concern regarding something that she actually did eat. >> she says she's feeling much better but it will be a couple months before she is completely recovered. >> i do encourage people to get the vaccine. >> if i knew i could get a shot to prevent this illness, then i would have. >> the public health hospital is also encouraging people to get the shot, reminding the public there are other wises to get hepatitis a. >> robert handa, ktv ushgs 2 newsu 2 news.
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>> the patient was a pharmacist who filled descriptions at target in san leandro. >> they're warning customers that say the risk of infection is low. >> the pharmacist has recovered. new details about the oversight of the bay bridge. >> they've assigned a lis on liaison. >> includeing one from the federal highway administration. >> if you're the chairman and cofounder of twitter you do to climb the bay bridge. >> jack dorsy posted this of
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himself. this is posted on twitter's video service. a make credit card scam was discovered by chance. >> workers from the dmv and a hotel could be involved. >> san francisco police raided a twin peaks apartment confiscating items investigators say may a be part of a credit card operation that was discovered after a bail bondsman went to retrieve it from a client. >> he breached his contract so it was a reason for me to check on the monitor. >> joel rocha is the head of the fugitive recovery. >> they found signs of a credit card knowning operation including blank cards, and a printer. >> it contains credit card numbers and names.
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>> police declined to talk to us about the investigation, but sources today told us there was concern that the scope of the potentially operation may extend beyond the bay area. >> the man he help helped capture indicated at least five people were involved in obtaining the credit card numbers and false i ds, including a worker at a dmv czech check, and, and another at a bay area hotel. >> the man arrested was out on $350,000 bail, and now looking into payment on that was made through a knowned credit card -- cloned credit card. san francisco police arrested people tonight over wages. >> after a march and rally beginning at four, the members sat down in the middle of market
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street. after a place warning, the arrest began. >> the union said it represents about seven thousand security guards a state wise and have been without a contract seven months and are considering a possible strike. a manhunt is on hunt for a man who shot his girlfriend and father. >> take a look at jamar cleveland. >> he car jacked three people yesterday. >> both shooting victims are expected to survive. >> police are working with his friends and family to find him. police in valejo identify a man as 40-year-old timothy john walker. >> the officer opened fire in self defense. >> the officer was investigating a report of an argument about 8:00 last night. >> walter had a flair gun that had been modified for use as a shot going to. >> this is the second deadly shooting this year. on wall street, stocks
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ended the trading day at the lowest in the month. >> 216 points to close below that 15,000 mark. >> nazda zshgsaz 14. the move a that ended the event. >> plus, we're now learning about a possible motivation for that fbi raid at a lawmaker's office in the state capital. low clouds and fog pushing into the bay. >> the weather pattern is changing. >> coming up, how much of a temperature bump you can expect tomorrow, and when 90s return on the forecast map. ♪
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. a memorial event on to remember those who died in oakland today. >> 130 balloons were released this evening, one for each person who was killed in the city last you're. >> there were also 131 pairs of shoes on display. >> the organizer said releasing the balloons was a way of releasing the soul to go home. san jose to investigating a man's death. >> this morning, there was a body wrapped inside, in a cart. >> this is a park with a sizable home less camp nearby. >> his death have not been ruled a homicide. today police confirmed a death in a crash. >> her son, 3-year-old, anglo gill was killed yesterday when
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the family's honda struck a tree on paseo padro parkway. >> speed is a factor, and no charges determined yet. heroing stories today. they arrived at the scene, and found a 16-year-old girl beater and half naked and raped. >> the officer wasn't sure he was alive until he heard her money. >> two men are being tried in a double jury chase. >> they took plea deals and two more of awaiting trial. state senator and the fbi are keeping tight in the raid. >> state officials did clarify one detail. >> they said some offices that were searched are no longer used by the latino caucus. >> the state senate president said the investigation will not
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interfere with its work. >> obviously this is something that is upsetting, but we've got work to do. >> we've got a budge tote -- budget to pass in the next ten days. >> it has to do with calderona time with the water board. impacts laboratory is laying off 10% of its workforce in hayward. >> the federal government denied approval of a drug for parkinsons and noted concern at the plant. two silicone valley start ups are within the crowd source security for web and mobile applications. >> they were selected in an annual competition by sv forum, a nonprofit organization in silicone valley. chevron's richmond refinery
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has a new manager. >> jud was most recently assistant general manager and has worked for chevron for 20 years. >> it comes as they faced trouble last summer over a fire. the palace card in hayward is expand. >> last night the city council voted six to one in favor of the plant. >> they plan to build a two story addition. >> a nationally recognized breast cancer walk won't becoming to san francisco this year. >> participation in last you're's three-day walk from o marin dropped saying its too
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costly to hold. >> it needs to finish for that support. >> this is last year's local susan gvment k oshgs g. race for the koour. >> local chapter director points out before last year's three-day you walk, controversy e represented over proposed cuts to planned parenthood. >> the organization reeves reversed the decision. >> it suffered to about $600,000 last year. >> local chapter officials don't want that national walk cancelation to confuse donors. >> this is a separate event, that we're still going to have
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the race that we have every year. >> the susan g. komen will be held. it's next year that will be canceled. we've been talking about a dip temperatures, but mark is here. >> we're talking about a few upper 90s. >> today they have been cooling off. >> not much in the way of 80s. >> a few 80s to report. >> you can see on the official highs map. >> everybody warms up tomorrow. >> we have to the west the fog regrouping offshore and that will be a factor in our forecast for later on tonight as it already is pushing into the bay. >> and first thing tomorrow morning. >> all because of this. >> looking pretty strong toward
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fairfield, southwest at 26 miles an hour. >> livermore out of the west at 14 myles an hour. >> those winds will reverse and change and as a result we are talking about warmer temperatures. >> first thing tomorrow morning, most locations in the low to mid 50s and right around the bay. >> that's all part of our forecast for tonight. >> tomorrow our warming begins. >> friday and saturday the warmest two days. >> the current satellite situation, it begins to warm us up tomorrow, about 5, maybe 10 degrees for your thursday. >> as a result, we're talking about some mid to you upper 90s inland. >> around the bay, upper 60s to the 70s, lower 70s. >> we could be talking about an increase in the fire danger especially in the north bay hills friday and saturday. >> the clouds a big factor clearing to the shoreline. >> temperatures for tomorrow,
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everybody up a few degrees. >> santa rosa, upper 60s, even a few 90s toward antioch. >> oakland 72, san jose, sunnyvale, downtown san francisco, clouds in the morning pulling to the shoreline. >> here is a look ahead with your weekend always in view. >> tomorrow we warm things up with the real heat for friday and saturday, especially inland. >> by sunday a big drop off in temperatures. >> we cool off by monday to next week with 60s and 70s. >> gasia. >> mark, thank you. some riders will try out the buses in the new fleet june 16th. >> they're quieter. it's certainly known as the shark tank to most of us in the official name in san jose will
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. the city of san jose says the new deal will rename hp pavilion, sap center worth millions over a five-year period. >> it wants out of the naming deal. >> sap is t software company. >> the sap name is already attached to a tennis tournament deal. they'll vote june 18th. he appears in a video on major league baseball's youtube channel for the dream is now campaign. >> a route to citizenship for undocumented citizens for citizens who arrive in the u.s. as concerns. >> remember romo drew attention last year during the giant's world series parade that read a
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t-shirt that says i just lookil. >> a school district is considering implementing a bully rule. >> she was sexual assaulted and photos were shared among students. >> the school district is looking into a suspect texting service that would let students confidently aware officials. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> gasia mikalein. >> the venue, all in a live report at ten. >> we're also here for you. tmz is up next right here on tv
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>> we're going to start the show in 30 seconds but before we do we have to tell you about a story from this morning. paris jackson apparently attempted suicide. michael jackson's daughter was taken by stretcher to the hospital this morning. it was a possible overdose. we know she had multiple cuts on her arms. we have been told there have been other attempts like this. this was the most serious. this was not a cry for help. though she has had issues in the past. we have seen pictures where er


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