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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  September 12, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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[heartbeat] hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want today's best videos, this is the show for you, "right this minute." you can see why cops at a festival would not be amused. >> that is a two-pound joint. no way. >> see how the crowd got the law to help them get lit. >> a street mural of jason girulo is unveiled. >> one good graffiti deserves another. >> you can see she's different than other dogs. >> her little front legs are straight out. >> the remarkable story of the
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man who rescues animals like moppy. plus an epic mac and cheese on a waffle iron and this football fan has to pay off -- >> this stupid bet he put on himself. >> why this is one loss that's hard to swallow. >> i'd be willing to bet you didn't think you'd see this today. >> it's a northwest harvest fest for canabis. that thing the man is holding. that is a two-pound joint. >> no way. >> the officer is helping him light it? >> good observation. they're going to light this thing and seemingly indulge. >> that's the biggest joint i've ever seen. >> how do you smoke that? do you just let it smoke and run through it? >> do we know for sure it's
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actual marijuana? it could be anything stuffed in there. >> we know for sure this man is not an officer of the law. we reached out to the washington state patrol department. he's not an ployies, though he has a somewhat authentic looking uniform, he has a washington state patrol patch that is available at the souvenir shop. he likened this outfit to a halloween costume. >> they must be thrilled at that. >> well, they know who the guy is, he's a local cannabis proponent. no actions are going to be taken against him. he's just in a crowd. he's not attempting to arrest somebody. >> does everybody get stoned in this crowd because there's so much secondhand smoke?
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do you just stand there and get high from this? >> at a festival like that, you're already baked upon arrival. >> wow! >> you can see there the two kids were riding their bikes and this calf comes sailing through. we say it was going 50 to 55 miles per hour. if you notice, the kid who is 12 years old jumps back up and shakes it off. the kid said he was so startled, he took off. he didn't report it until the next day. >> to me it looked like whoever was driving had a lot of time to slow down or stop. you can see they're crossing the street. >> i think it was probably a distracted driver because it does not look like that driver was paying attention. >> according to police, there's a lot of guilt to go around. they say the driver did run a
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red light but they also say the kids will be turned offer to the juvenile court because police say they broke the rules for entering the crosswalk on a red light. >> it seems like they should get a slap on the hand. >> the driver faces up to 30 days in jail and a fine. plus the driver may be prohibited from driving anywhere from six months to three years. >> good. you can't hit somebody and -- >> the running off makes it even harder to watch. >> a few days ago i brought you guys this video. it was shot at a san diego trolley stop, the metropolitan transit system officers were detaining this man on the bench and also in the process took away his dog. i have an update for you guys and some never-before-seen video. this surveillance video from the actual trolley stop shows
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exactly what happened moments before this altercation of caught on the cell phone video that i showed you earlier. that is 30-year-old christian thompson. according to the mts, christian thompson was passed out on the bench when an mts officers comes toward thompson to make sure he's okay, but watch the dog. you see the officer pull his weapon. the dog comes straight after him. eventually thompson gets the dog back in his control but that is what led to the conversation with officers that ended up resulting in thompson's detention. >> was the dog being aggressive or just curious in. >> i think it was enough that the officer backed away. the dog, diego, is taken to an animal shelter and will be held
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for 14 days. now thompson can go and get his dog back but it will cost him $69. according to an mts spokesman, officers don't carry tasers. thompson was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice ands did orderly conduct with alcohol. he just appeared in court on tuesday. >> jason girulo recently tweeted this out from the underground graffiti tunnel. he helped his buddy sam create this mural. it's all to help promote his album except -- >> it got graffitied over. >> nor graffiti artist goes over it and then -- >> he takes it too far.
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if you're going to put art in a graffiti tunnel, you know somebody is going to paint offer it. but that isn't even artistic. it like something a fifth grader did. >> is it also possible that jason girulo did this video? maybe doing something like this get the album out there even more. >> there is some speculation about that. some are saying it was planned by jason's team but i don't know. because they eventually posted to the youtube channel and at the end they are promoting a documentary but it has nothing to do with jason girulo and himself project. >> if anything, they'd give him more attention. >> and girulo had to paint offer someone else's art.
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you consider it pretty lucky when you can trade a bike in for a car, unless it illegal. like this was. this guy decided to leave the bike and take the car. it was easy to do because the woman left it running when she ran in the store. >> you can't leave the keys in the car and leave it running. you can't trust anybody. >> when you leave your car running and the door unlocked, this can happen. >> new orleans police are still looking for this guy and the characters involved in this
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armed robbery. here a car stops and a guy gets out. watch from this angle. there is a woman walking down the street. she's got her purse, she's alone. he grabs her purse and points a gun at her. >> scary and sad for somebody in their own neighborhood have to go through this. >> she's probably just walking home and somebody stalked her in a car. >> unfortunately this guy got away and new orleans police are looking for them, too. >> this is the best video you're going to see all day long. this is a miracle. the miracle of life happening right on the beach. yes, these are little leatherback turtles working their way through the sand. >> please tell me we're not going to see any kind of bird or prey come swoop these up. >> happy from beginning to end. >> you see the little turtles
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using their little flippers. but some working their way straight to the ocean. it amazing how you see the sand moving, which what rick bryant saw when he started recording this video. he's not supposed to touch them, by the way. they keep coming out, one, two, 15, 20. they get it's about 50. i'm going to go with about 5,000. >> that's a lot of babies. >> you see the first batch go. but if you pan back to where the nest was, you see two more. >> they were at the bottoms. they hadde flippers in their fa the whole time. >> they're called leatherback turtles because they don't have a hard shell. they have a thick, rubbery skin. they will grow up to seven feet long and could way from 500 up to 1,500 pounds. they're going to get big. >> love it!
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>> and contenders pump themselves up before an event, right? this is john luka, a junior motocrosser at an event in germany. man, this kid is fired up. he is pumping himself, revving his engine. you notice the rock star sticker. he's sponsored by rock star, an energy drink. >> i have a feeling that's all natural. tease a natural high. >> imagine what he's going to be like as an adult. i hope he keeps this level of energy. >> it's a lot of intensity coarsing through him right now. when the race is about to start, he grabbed the clutch, pops it in gear and he's focused. sadly all this energy didn't pay off for this little racer. he finished 17th. >> aw. i thought for sure he was going to finish first.
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>> not this time. >> this guy has the latest best web trick. >> i got not to get that through. >> see how it works "right this minute." and still to come, dude made a deal with the football gods to get a win. now it's time to pay the price. >> here's video of a stupid bet he put on himself. >> the gross thing he's got to get down to make good on his promise. >> and a tour of the town. >> right now he's running through the tree like a monkey and then from ledge to
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this adorable little lady is moppy and moppy looks like one of the happiest dog you've ever seen. you see her little tail wagging as her owner comes up to give her some love. you'll notice moppy has something very special about her. her little front legs are straight out at 90 degrees. you can see that she cannot stand or put her weight on her two front legs. now, moppy is a rescue dog. sean mccormack, the kind soul that he is, rescued little moppy. sean even says that had someone it and care of her when she was just a puppy and moved her legs in, her legs may have been able to form and grow correctly. but sean mccormack has more than 130 animals on his property, but
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he was just evicted from the property that he is currently living on. he has three weeks right now to find a new place to live and a new place for all of these animals. and he is currently taking donations to find help to get some help. we have sean mccormack via skype from taiwan right this minute. welcome to the show. >> good morning. >> this is so beautiful you've taken on all of these animals. did that have something to do with your eviction? >> no. and eviction sounds mean. the land lady's been great but she needs to run the property. our contract runs out at the end of the month and we have to move. >> what do you need to make this happen? >> we've just been very fortunate to find an amazing property nearby. we're going to do a kick start campaign soon and we're looking for somebody very soon to help
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the organization. >> is moppy your new figure head for the campaign? >> she could be right now. if she wants to be the face of our campaign, i don't see why not. >> she's sitting next to me if you'd like to meet her. >> can we see her? >> she's doing interviews. this is moppy. >> she's waving. >> she's not really cute. it was just clever editing on the video. we call her moppy because she cleanse t cleans the floor. >> i know you rescue all kinds of animals. can we get a little pan of the facility. >> well, we are a sanctuary, and that means we're a permanent home for the animals that arin li -- are unlikely to get a home elsewhere. we have blind dogs, aggressive
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dogs, pigs. 40% of the animals are available for adoption as well. >> i just have a message to all nfl fans out there in the world. the players, the teams and the coaches that you cheer for do not care if you do things like this that you're about to see, these very, very stupid things like this fella. >> all right, everyone. yesterday while the texans were playing the chargers, at halftime they were down, i made a promise if they allow the texans to move forward and come through with a win at the end, i would drink my own [ bleep ]. well, we did it and now it's my term to make sure the football gods don't rain their righteous might down. >> here's video of him owning up to this stupid bet that he put on himself. but here he goes. and it's just gross. >> i'm not convinced it's urine, though. >> you know what, nick, neither
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am i. he says it is. he's reacting like it's pretty gross but anybody can do that. >> i can't believe it's urine either. he would at least be gagging if it's real pee. >> now, that is just terrible. oh, my god, it's awful. >> of course it is. it's your urine. >> this guy's an idiot. it's not going to help the texans win. from one guy to another guy, this dude here is a redskins fan and he's got a number of issues. >> what happened in. >> the redskins lost. >> what's that mean? >> it means i have to eat my beard. >> oh, brother. >> go bigger, buddy. you got all that beard to spare? >> just imagine chewing up beard hair. pretty disgusting. >> it is really not very pleasant to eat one's own beard. >> this is freaking >> what do these guys think,
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that they have to prove themselves to this team of millionaires? they're cashing a check on the weekend whether you do this or not. >> i'm going to cough up a hair ball. >> it's a twist on a tasty comfort food classic. >> mac and cheese made on a waffle iron. >> the step by step to make your
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>> i got a tip for both of you
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if you ever spend any time in the amazon. don't give a sloth your hat. it's unusual because it doesn't have all kinds of active adventure, just him interacting with some kids and particularly this sloth. >> it really looks like he's holding a little robotic stuffed animal. >> devyn recently spent a month in peru and all around the amazon. this is one of the many add vietnam turs he's had and it's got his at on. >> the hat kind of matches his coloring, too. it kind of goes with his ensemble there. >> like he coordinated it. >> watch it just spread right out. >> of course he had to go for the belly rub and underarm tickle. this is so adorable. looks like a little man with a
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fire man hair cut. >> not that mac and cheese is ever boring but it got more interesting thanks to the guys at the youtube channel. this is mac and cheese made on a waffle iron. include all your normal ingredients in a bowl. >> bacon added to it is nice. >> you create balls of mac and cheese. you cover it with whisked eggs and put that over bread crumbs. then you take those balls and put them on the waffle iron and then you let it crisp up in the waffle iron for a few minutes. >> oh, man! >> and tell me that does not look good! >> that's incredible. i just like things in waffle formation anyway. that looks awesome. >> where are the producers nour bringing this in? we test lots of stuff. i've eaten dog food.
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>> oh, my goodness. >> where are the waffle mac and cheese things. >> yeah, when it's dog food or something group, it's always here. but when it's this delicious stuff, it's never here. >> why do we not have it? >> every second of this video is a spectacular view of south hampton in the united kingdom. the view comes from james kingston, who has chosen to do a pov video of the city and this is going to be one of a series of point of view park videos he's going to do. right now he's running through a tree like a monkey and then from ledge to rail to ground ground. the guy is jumping from ledges that look like they may be maybe a foot wide to two inches wide. >> this really gives you an idea of how much balance they have to
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have doing this. >> it's a cool idea. it like a tourist video for the city. he's up in the trees, in the neighborhoods. if you're maybe thinking of moving here, just watch this video. >> it looks more terrifying when it's from the first person perspective. >> the neat part about what james kingston is doing is he plans to do this as a series. if you want him to come to your city, all you have to do is ask ask him in the comments below this video. >> if i worked for a chamber of commerce, i'd be like we have a great area, come run through it.
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>> cr 10-238, you were drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana at age 14. >> he loaded it up and handed it to me. >> you were smoking and drinking by the age of 13, using opiates and marijuana by 14, and by your early 20's, you were using methamphetamine and barbiturates. you are 29? >> yes. >> have you had counseling or treatment before? >>


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