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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 19, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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(sniffs and sighs) (whispers indistinctly) -- captions by vitac -- good evening, it's thursday, september 19th. i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. we're following breaking news this hayward tonight where a big rig has overturned carrying boulders. the driver was exiting interstate 680 and hit a bmw and kept ongoing back up the on ramp and tipped over on the embankment. police say it will take a couple
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hours to clean up those boulders. >> antioch call it a malicious broadcast. someone made a transmission on an emergency frequency for police only. we're live from antioch with a warning from police. >> reporter: scanners allow us to listen to some police communication. sending our your own message on police frequency that can get you jail time, yet that's exactly what someone recently did. >> recording we obtained only lasts a second or two. it sounded to me as if they were in a bar, a party. >> this civilian radio technician heard it live over labor day weekend. he doesn't want to be identified but confirms the broadcast went out on the frequency reserved for antioch police. >> you hear bar noise in the background and i was hearing, come on back, and on back.
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next police responded with a serious warning. police department, for communications relating to government code, be advised all channeled communications are recorded and violations are sent to the fcc to referrals to the department of justice for criminal prosecution before criminal courts. your immediately sessation of radio traffic is required. >> if an officer needs back up, he or she would be unable to call for help. antioch police don't believe the transmission was an honest mistake. >> this transmission didn't appear to be bleed over from another channel. this appeared to be someone who was specifically talking on our radio channel with the intent to disrupt our communications. >> reporter: police still don't know whose responsible yet they say those illegal broadcasts seemed to stop after they read that fcc warning over the air. now the department says it would like to move to an upgraded
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system complete with inkrift crypted system, but that'll cost millions. >> it hours for police to learn about the shooting today, investigators say they got the first 911 call at about 7:30 this morning from the family at the home on tampa heavy. police later discovered the rounds were fired at about 10 a.m., wounding the girl as she slept with her sister. >> we were trying to figure out if knew there was a shooting or tried to piece things together after the fact. >> how is she feeling? she's feeling fine. >> child's father wouldn't give specifics about the delay in calling police. the girl is going to be okay and the family is cooperating and police say someone approached a 32-year-old man the
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8th and chester streets in west oakland and opened fire at about 1:00 today. you can see more than a dozen markers on the ground. the shooting victim is expected to recover. >> the high patrol is trying to track down someone shattering ten driver's windows in the southbound lanes near mcee road near rush hour. all the vehicles hit were in the slow lane and had their passenger sides shattered. one mini van had an infant in the back sheet. >> i'm glad to see or hear that nobody was hurt at the time. i was always concern canned maybe this might cause somebody to serve and cause an accident. >> officers scoured the area but didn't find any suspects. they say someone is shooting a pellet or beebee gun although no evidence has been found and the contra costa she was
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released 42-year-old mike gonine's name when bank representatives and sheriff's deputies repossessed his $1.6 million home, he opened fire and wounded a real estate agent. >> as rob ross reports a recent push to change the reputation is showing signs of progress. >> from his front steps, roger wineman says he's seen it all. you'll see people looking for trouble, loitering, and looking for fights >> the he shot this video last february. a series of balls opened up in the parking lots after clubs were closed. a an officer was hit in the hit
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in the head and were hurt. >> city officials and business owners unveiled a business plan for the two-block stretch of broadway from columbus to montgomery. police say crime is down 40% here from two years ago. >> we saturated the area using our tactical units, swat teams, motorcycle officers out here for traffic enforcement. >> another major change, party buses must now operate under stringent guidelines. ktvu caught the drunken rowdiness last year. the owners of the club on broadway, monroe's says the area has gotten closer. >> we're trying to change the perception of broadway. >> the city is also thinking
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about raising the fees for loitering in the area, and other crimes. >> if city college of san francisco loses accreditation and shuts down, it could cost the city millions of dollar at upon analyst says the closure would mean a $300 million drop in activity. students at city college would also have a hard time finding education at a comparable cost. the school is appealing the a accreditation ruling and the bank will cut 1,800 jobs and given employees 60-day notices. the cuts are not coming from the bay area office. wells fargo has already laid off 3,000 people. fewer people than are expected are financing their mortgages leading to job cuts tesla motors came from an analyst who says the car maker is expected to out perform
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expect akz expect a recollection -- expectation the drou dropped 40 point the clock is ticking on the bart talks with the next round of negotiations next week. pay and benefits are the big issues saying the two sides are more than $100 million apart. the union is another issue, safety. more on bart's record. >> reporter: safer working conditions and passenger safety are just as important. >> on time ride, dependable. it's a really good experience, and safe,?. >> absolutely.
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how does bart stack up against other major rail transit systems. the california public utilities says from 2009 to this year, bart racked up 42 transit incidents. san diego, 92. sacramento, 102, santa clara vta, 109, la's mta, 180. san francisco, 366. by this comparison, bart is a safety star. >> i do feel save. i've commuted every day for nine years. >> where folks do have a problem is with conduct in and around bart. >> i've seen people committing crimes. i did have my car broken into last week a woman struck and killed while riding or bike was
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identified as an internet pioneer. diane coy was the first financial officer in amazon. she served on the board of the national resources defense council. she leaves behind an 8-year-old son on. yesterday, a delivery van turned in front of her. the driver is cooperating. >> conservative groups will continue a fight for boy scouts. it was intended to put pressure on the group to lift its ban on gay troop leads, the measure will be reintroduced next session senate bill three we effects not just the boy scouts. it essentially is a tax on
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values the conservative, helped raise questioned about the california tax measure and oracle cup faced a number of things today. to the delight of many fans, team new zealand needs only one more cup. they only need the best of 2. >> i'm on the edge of my seat and i'm not cheering for team new zealand. i want both big brother keeping tags. does taking pictures of well-known landmarks make you a target for a nation wise terror? >> the and some very warm
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temperatures the, the drop you can expect for friday and the one part of your weekend you could be dodging some raindrops.
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hurricane manuel, left landslides along the pacific coast. 97 people are confirmed dead and 68 others are missing. manuel hit twice, first mondays at tropical storm near aupulco, then near baja california. some people complained they didn't get enough advanced warning about the storms from the government and today workers return to the navy yard for the first time since monday's mass shooting. the secretary of the navy met with workers this morning offering sport for anyone who
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needs it, the building will remain closed for investigation. >> the best thing to do is pick up the pieces and go on with our daily lives. >> hopefully some normalcy, but the recognition we lost some people. >> the shooter visited two va hospitalized last month of the alexis told doctors he was suffering from insomnia rules require gun shops requiring at least to be 250 feet of government buildings, schools, and parks. the only gun store in town is not in an approved location. the town council agreed to give templer sports four years to move. >> new revelations show taking photos can get you on jail for
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taking photos of landmarks. the aclu obtained activity from federal database. >> this records people when there is no reasonable suspicion of criminal activity the aclu wants the government to change the way it gathers the data at this hour, the game against the twins is just getting underway a. starting tonight, fans must empty their pockets and other items before going through the detector. also searching bags the u.s. forest service estimates it will be fully contained by midnight tonight. most of the somehow of hetch hetchy vesvoir reservoir, crews
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say about 80 square miles have been wiped out with not a single tree left alive and a new moveable barrier is one step closer tonight. the plan to buy the moveable concrete barrier was approved by the gold know gate district, designed to prevent head on collisions. if it gets final approval, the barrier will be installed next fall an east bay mother who lost her son, invited us for that motional -- emotional moment. >> we followed the highway patrol on to the old spay of the bay bridge. >> anything that we can do to prevent someone else from driving drunk it was a mission led by
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castro county mother, carol. early on the morning of the august 17th, 2008, the car was heading east on the bridge when another car slammed into it at 100 miles per hour 21-year-old son was killed. >> we would like to bring the family out and have some closure. this is the family's crash with nothing left of the back seat. the chp showed carol the exact point of the impact. she created a memorial, then his mother put paints and left imprints outside the smaller heart. >> i'm hugging you like you held us. i love you, baby as it's been in the five years since his death, the family's message is crystal
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clear the driver the other car made the choice to drink and drive. i just don't want anyone to make that choice again scott learned of earning a medical degree. in death he can can hope save lives at home pretty warm all around the bay today, but this is going on to change? >> the you might want the umbrella over the next few days. as far as today though, really warmed up, lots of 70s, 80s, even a few 90s out forward antilock, and fairfield. oakland topped out 82 degrees, san francisco in the mid-70s. you can see our storm developing offshore. thing enough for this cloud cover. i have notified some patchy fog regrouping offshore and that'll
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increase in coverage to the early 90 ho. for this evening, mostly clear skies and some calm conditions. mostly clear skies with some haze, and partly cloudy tomorrow, temperatures will be cooling on. you're going to notice that temperatures drop about 8 to 12 degrees as we head into friday, and then by saturday, showers will be making a come back, especially for the nor half of the bay area. these showers i'm returning to the expect the place it is in the region or. here's the overall set up of overnight lows, lots of 50s for san francisco, san jose, and livermore. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, the cooler air filters in tomorrow night. there is a shiet chance slice of
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chance it's going to rain by early saturday afternoon. we could have a moderate down power. showing you the chance of sprinkle up in the north bay. especially by saturday afternoon at 12:00, the activity really backs off by lady saturday evening and into the morning hours. warmest locations in the lower 80s out toward brent woot and wood and antioch. showers likely especially early afternoon on saturday. sunday morning starts off cold, the first day of fall, warm back up monday we've got an unclose look today at new efforts being launched to make sure california city otters survive and 35
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as the population spreads they were going encounter a huge influx. sea on the ares were almost extinct, now there are more than 300. >> still to to come, medial food in the trash --. >> and how one playground is a whole lot more fun and exciting. >> and if you're on the go oh, awake from life, you can watch live on your computer, or home. ksktvu.
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it turns out the expiration date on packages food it is may have little to do with whether or not a product is safe to eat. those used buy dates are really indicators for inventory purposes and are responsibility for nearly $1 billion of wasted food every year. the natural resources defense council is calling for national
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standards for food cables companies such as lift and side car, those firms use smart phone apps with connect riders with drivers. now they're required for a background check. the san francisco cabdriver's opposes the new policy and will create unfair competition and reduce the quality of passenger service volunteers helped refurbish the playground of a richmond elementary school. more than 30 employees of utility inned healthcare at grand elementary, wanted to help upgrade playgrounds because of the key health benefits of recess, play, and exercise and thank you for watching ktvu tonight. we have new information about what bart is quietly doing to prepare for a strike next month.
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tmz is up next on tv 36.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> lebron james is more famous then some of the biggest tourist attractions in rome. >> all of the tourists are taking a picture of lebron james. not the huge, cool building they should be taking a photo of. >> they look like they're taking pictures but i think they're on wikipedia thing. what is that black thing? [laughter] >> you know grand theft auto made $800 million yesterday. >> everyone's doing this. >> you should try it. >> i want to. >> when you get in different car, there's different radio stations. you get in mexican gangster's car, venice music. >> subaru outback plays indigo girls. >> mark zuckerberg.


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