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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 23, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a pet smart employee accused of being in cahoots with house burglars. the tip she allegedly provided about people boarding their animals. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. victimized while on vacation. detectives on the peninsula uncover a scheme to rip off traveling homeowners. a scheme that ultimately led back to their pets. it's a story you'll see only on 2. heather holmes is live with
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the kennel connection. how it worked, and one very expensive item that was stolen. >> reporter: frank, the investigations into two recent home burglaries revealed a common thread. an employee here at this pet smart. i spoke with investigators who said the employee tipped off thieves when customers dropped off their pets and head out of town. >> there isn't much debby wouldn't do for her beloved boxer. >> i love her to death. >> reporter: she makes special arrangements for madison. >> i would leave her here if we weren't having family watching. >> the paramount objective in this case is to get the victim their property back. >> reporter: san mateo county officials tell me on september
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11, a stolen porsche. another recent auto theft revealed a common deno, ma'am mater. investigator says one of the workers, ashley kier, 23 years old, provided thieves with customers personal information, including their address and time their pets would be boarded. pet smart released a statement tonight saying it was quote deeply concerned when it learned of allegations by a pet smart associate and that it is fully cooperating with authorities. >> we're still working it diligently and vehicles are being discovered along the way in our jurisdiction as well as others. >> reporter: innocent pet owners who just wanted to do right by the animals they love. >> i really trusted the store. >> reporter: a 17-year-old boy has also been arrested in the
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scheme. in addition to those two stolen vehicles, search warrants turned up additional stolen property. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. new video tonight, police in pittsburg say a 2-year-old girl was hit by an suv when she ran into the street chasing a ball. it happened about 6:00 tonight on jimno avenue. investigators say the driver didn't see the child, but stopped and tried to help. police say neither alcohol nor speed appear to be factors. the child was taken to children's hospital in oakland with what are described as serious injuries. a fatal accident in eastern contra costa county involving a 12-year-old boy on a bike. we've been following the story since mornings on 2. the 7th grader was riding to excelsior middle school when he was struck by an suv. the chp says the woman behind the wheel had just dropped off her own children at 7:45 this
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morning. she was leaving the school when she turned right onto the highway, striking the child on his bicycle. amber lee is live in discovery bay. she attended a vigil for the boy, and also spoke with a grief-stricken family member. >> reporter: we're at timber point elementary, where tonight's vigil was held. earlier, i spoke with the boy's father at the home nearby, he told me he was too distraught to speak on camera, or to attend the vigil. >> in this little tight knit community where everybody comes together. >> reporter: friends, family, and teachers came to remember this boy. they say his brilliant smile matched his brilliant mind. >> he had such an amazing light. the first thing all of us said was he would have been that student who went on to cure cancer. >> reporter: his father seen here with his son, shared these photos with us, but was too distraught to speak about his only child.
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friends tell us, the 7th grader was a boy scout and rode his bike to school every day. killed doing what he did every morning was really hard to accept. >> it was shocking to all of us. >> if he needed help with anything, if anybody needed help with anything, he would be the one to be there for you. >> reporter: a community united in grief, and some offering forgiveness to the mother who drove the vehicle that killed burgess, after dropping off her on children at school. >> give them a hug, tell them you know it's an accident, and they are completely forgiven. >> it's very difficult. we live in a small town, and we're all very close. >> we also have to worry about the families who are left behind, and the students left behind who loved him as much as we did. >> reporter: to help the community heal, parents tell me there will be another vigil
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tomorrow night. some of his friends plan to hold a bike ride in his memory this saturday. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> and on our facebook page, the ktvu facebook page, you can post your condolences to the hu family. more than 1,000 people have already done so. a bay area bike riders say they are thrilled that governor jerry brown has signed new legislation at keeping them safe. the legislation requires drivers to keep a 3-foot buffer zone between their vehicles and bicyclists. if it's not possible, they must slow down and pass, but only when doing so does not endanger the cyclists. finals start at $35 can go up to $200 if the cyclist is injured. the law is set to go into effect in september of next year. new at 10:00, police in mountain view are looking for a
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man who threw a woman to the ground at the shore line amphitheater, knocking her unconscious. the incident happened on september 14. police say a 24-year-old woman tried to knock her down. she recuperated and went back to watching the hip-hop show. this video was posted online. police in pleasanton are also asking for the public's help tonight. this case involves a man who was beaten unconscious. police say people were making noise outside the man's house. he went outside to ask them to quiet down, and he was attacked. a witness saw a dark colored suv leaving the scene. the man remains in the hospital tonight. the website is reporting that aldon smith has checked into a rehab facility. he play in yesterday's game against the colts after being
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arrested for dui and possession of marijuana. the 49ers are only saying that smith has taken a leave of absence to address a personal matter. a weekend side show in oakland turned violent when the sound of cars burning rubber gave way to gunshots and screams as ktvu's noel walker explains, social media may help police capture whoever opened fire. >> reporter: oakland is known for side shows. those spontaneous gatherings where crowds watch drivers burn donuts into the road. this video posted to youtube from a side show early saturday morning shows just how dangerous. that's gunfire, and what sounds like a woman screaming. oakland police say it happened at 4:15 saturday morning on middle harbor road near the port. today, truck drivers barrel over the telltale signs in the
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road. port employees tell us side shows happen here almost every weekend. >> it's dangerous play. >> reporter: the councilwoman's district includes the port area. we showed her these youtube clips. >> i think i was really stunned about how people reacted to the gunfire. it was all too normal. >> reporter: the one this weekend left bullet holes, shell casings and a sign. police announced a crackdown on side shows after patrol cars were hit during one. >> the department has to balance between active calls and the way in which side shows happen, which is spontaneous. >> reporter: side shows rely on social media to promote, which may also be their undoing. police are looking at these youtube clips. take a look at this. this bullet casing nearby. police say they checked area hospitals to see if there were any victims who checked
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themselves in and there were none. some lavish corporate parties are underway tonight in san francisco, where more than 60,000 people have gathered for oracles open world conference. the annual convention is one of the city's largest. all together, it's expected to bring more than $120 million to the bay area's economy. some of those attending say they're focusing on social events. others say they're strictly here for business. that conference runs until this thursday. a strip club in san francisco is suing oracle claiming that the company is refusing to pay more than $30,000 in charges made on a corporate credit card. the lawsuit claims an oracle employee used that credit card on two occasions at the new century theater on larken street during last year's open world conference. each charge was in excess of $15,000. oracle is not commenting on the lawsuit. >> a north bay base jumper's
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final moments. the phone call he made before dying from his injuries after a jump. >> warm today, but it will soon be feeling like fall. how much cooler it could be when you walk out of your door tomorrow morning. >> and in 90 seconds, a three- ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900.
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cleanup crews are still on the scene tonight of a fire
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that tore up an oakland church, which has stood for decades. the fire started just a block from the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. continuing coverage from ken wayne. he was on the scene moments after that fire started, and tells us, firefighters face some extra challenges fighting the flames. >> reporter: julie, firefighters can expect to find danger in just about every call they get, but this time, that danger was caught on camera. large flames and heavy smoke werer toking when the first trucks arrived on the scene. within minutes, the high voltage turned dangerous. >> that was a problem. we had a high voltage wire that was burnt initially. so we had to be careful. the wire was dangling down. we had to stop our fire attack
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for several moments until we could get pg and e to respond. >> reporter: the outage put 1900 customers in the dark. drivers on the nearby 980 freeway could clearly see the smoke and flames. larry gat is was drive -- gatis was driving in front of the church. >> the church being burned down period is sad. >> reporter: the oldest such church in the bay area. mr.james watkins says it served an important role in the neighborhood. >> this is one of the churches that has a food giveaway program. an important fixture in the community. >> you see a building on fire, it always pull at your heart. that's someone's home, or church home. you hope that they're able to rebuild. just about 20 minutes ago, the
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bishop took us inside the church to show us the damage there. you could see just about everything is destroyed. the pews, the organ, the piano. but the church says it will likely rebuild, but a final decision won't be made for a few weeks. i'm also today that atf and fire investigators will return here. atf is involved in investigating every church fire. live in oakland, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. california kids now have the eraser law on their side to help remove embarrassing things that they've posted online. governor jerry brown signed a bill into law today that requires the removal of online activity if a minor requires it. facebook and twitter allow ways to erase content for people of all ages. it is said to take effect in 2015 for teenagers under 18. a new lawsuit is attempting to hold pg and e executives
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responsible for the massive losses in the san bruno pipeline and explosion. the lawsuit was filed by a share shoulder who said executives paid themselves nice bonuses while they ignored safety issues. and because they put profits above safety, they should pay for the legal fees and other costs related to the fire that killed eight people and injured many more. the utility has spent $1.8 billion in costs related to the disaster. now to the threat of another b.a.r.t. strike. just 17 days left until that cooling period comes to an end. if no deal is reached, b.a.r.t. workers could walk off the job again. they reported little progress. b.a.r.t. managers told ktvu, they were trying to move the negotiations forward, but the unions are accusing management of wasting time by revisiting old ideas. the mediators latest schedule
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calls for most of the remaining 17 days to be spent negotiating pay and benefits. those are the two major sticking points. oakland police are investigating a robbery at a casual carpool line in what is normally a peaceful neighborhood. it happened this morning at the corner of clairemont avenue. >> on the corner of clairemont and hudson. just 50 feet away from this freeway onramp. local commuters lined up to start their day. the victim we talked to didn't want his name or face shone. he says around 9:00 p.m. this evening, he noticed three get in line behind him. >> three with hoodies. it didn't look like they were ready to go get into someone's car and go to work in the city. >> reporter: one of them pulled out a gun.
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>> they said give me your stuff. some people started to cry. a couple of people ran into the street. >> reporter: the victim we interviewed handed over his work bag full of personal electronics. then the three robbers ran to a car nearby and took off. late this afternoon, oakland police confirmed they detained three people in connection with the crime. some rockwood residents point to other recent armed robberies in the area. >> following people home from b.a.r.t., or robbing people outside of cafes for their computers and cell phones. part of a sad trend. >> reporter: the victim we talked to said he still feels safe in his rockridge neighborhood, though he's not sure yet whether he will be taking the carpool again tomorrow morning. casual carpoolers in san francisco have a new pickup location because of ongoing construction of the new transbay terminal. the location has been moved from beale street to the west side of spear street between
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howard and folsom street. carpoolers will meet there for the next 18 months while construction is underway. gas prices are falling in the bay area and some analysts say they're going to continue to go down. prices here in california could drop below $3.80 a gallon by halloween. they say an increase in supply from refineries is going to help drive down prices at the pump. according to aaa, the average cost of a gallon of regular in san francisco right now has fallen two cents in the past week to $4.08 a gallon. in san jose, it's $4.01 per gallon. in oakland, the average gallon of regular costs $3.99 today. down three cents from last week. creativity meets canned food. that's the theme of a friendly competition underway in san francisco. here's a look at the structures built for canned-struction.
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nine teens designed the structures to show off their skills. in all they used nearly 30,000 cans in those structures. the cans are to be donated to food banks in san francisco and marin. it was warmer today. clearly, or we saw saturday and sunday. these are the numbers. these are the highs. temperatures tomorrow are going to drop down. the winds are coming onshore. a little bit of patchy fog along the coast. the winds are going to pick up the next couple of days. it's going to export some of this cooler air. import some of this cooler air to the north of us. the next couple of days, temperatures are going to trend down a few degrees. as we look at the forecasts here, we're checking in on temperatures right now that are in the upper 60s in the inland bay valleys. tomorrow, yellows are highs. forecasting 70s. there's the 80s further east. a cooler day tomorrow. less fire danger, good air quality. when i come back at 10:45,
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we're going to talk about the warm up. the fire dangers as well is going to increase. all of those specifics back here at 10:45. >> we'll see you then. millions sold, why apple's biggest iphone úññólçzó:
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former nba star, shaquille o'neal used to trash talk the sacramento kings. now he's a part owner of the team. back in his playing days, shaquille o'neal was known for calling the team, the sacramento queens. >> sacramento was a tough place to play. and believe it or not, at times i feared these guys, but i had to do what i had to do
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marketing wise. >> o'neal is the latest high profile figure to join the kings ownership under the new owner. we're now just one week away from the possible shut down of the federal government with the u.s. senate expected to make the next move. harry reid said republicans will have to accept a spending plan that leaves healthcare untouched, or shut down the government. the republican controlled house passed a version that strips funding for the president's healthcare law. >> we're not going to balance the tea party anarchists who deny the fact that obama-care is the law. >> let's see if harry reid is willing to shut down the military, just because he wants to force obama care on the american people. >> it is expected the senate will restore the healthcare money, then send the bill back to the house. congress must pass a budget by midnight, september 30, to avoid a government shut down.
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on wall street, stocked declined tonight. the dow industrials lost 49 points. the third straight losing session for the dow. the nasdaq lost 9 today. the chrysler group filed for an ipo today, 15 years after going private. the auto workers own about 41% of chrysler. fiat owns the other 59%. they want to own the rest of chrysler but they and the uaw have not agreed on a price. apple says it sold 9 million phones over the weekend. people lined up last weekend to get their hands on the iphone 5s and the less expensive 5c. one reason for the boost in sales, this was the first time newly released iphones were
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immediately available in china. apple stock rose $23, or about 5% closing at more than $490. there is a gold rush of sorts on ebay for those new gold colored iphones. someone bit up the price of the s models to $10,000. the new phone retails for $649 plus tax. but right now, all of the champagne, or gold colored phones are on back order. the only way to get one now is to buy one from someone who has picked one up before the supplies run out. the garage where the first apple computer was built, may be designated as a historic site. it's also where steve jobs and steve wozniak put together the first apple 1 computer. jobs moved into the home in 1968, and the home is still in the family. the commission could hold a public hearing and vote on the matter as early as next month. new bikes for california's
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highway patrol. at 10:45, the bay area shop selling all of them, and how much that contract will mean in tax revenue. >> and first responders talk about a call they've never gotten before. how defying gravity cost a napa county man his life. >> and a reminder, you can get
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a man in a santa clara county hospital needs public help tonight. hoping someone can identify this man. the hospital says he was admitted a little over a week ago without any id. and he was unable to provide information about his name, or
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address. he's of hispanic dissent, 5'10", and weighs 154 pounds. if you know who he is, please contact the hospital. a north bay man died yesterday doing an extreme sport he loved. he hiked the top of the mountain, and jumped off with only a parachute. debra villalon is live now in middleton to explain base jumping and its dangers. >> reporter: this fire station got the call, what was thought to be a paraglider crashed on mount st. helena. age 41 in a youtube video. unlike paragliders who launch with their gliders already open, base jumpers free fall from a fixed height. on this day, it was a back flip off a bridge in utah. his parachute broke his fall.
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randall was an avid thrill seeker who had done this all over the world, but sunday, a jump in his own backyard killed him. >> they do crazy things from what i've seen. >> reporter: the fire crew responding has never gotten a call like this on mount st. helena. most calls are bicyclists injured. >> a lot of easy places to get lost there. it's just, very unpleasant terrain to try and find somebody. >> you can look over the edge, and it's straight down a good 5, 600 feet. >> reporter: was conscious long enough to call his wife. he said he thought his hip was broken. his emergency beacon made it possible to find him but he was dead by the time they got there. >> it is what it is. >> reporter: flags were lowered tonight at the vineyard management company where he had worked for several years after earning two engineering degrees from uc davis.
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seven years ago, he and another base jumper flown themselves off yosemite at night, and were arrested by a ranger when they landed. >> doesn't seem a good idea to me, but then again, people do what they do. >> reporter: he had lived and worked in st. helena a decade, and he was a newlywed. just got married to his wife danielle in december. reporting live in middle town, debra villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. the project to build an arena for the golden state warriors along the san francisco waterfront took a step forward today. the arena would provide a venue for the warriors, along with concerts and other events. today, supervisor scott wiener requested a transportation impact report from the county. that arena, if it is approved,
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it would open in 2017. lois learner, the irs official at the center of a scandal involving the tea party has retired. she headed the division at the irs that handled applications for tax exempt status. they improperly scrutinized tea party groups that applied for tax exempt status from 2010 to 2012. late reports from kenya tonight that explosions and gunfire are once again being heard coming from the westgate mall in nairobi. these reports follow the government's report that it has regained control of the complex. two or three americans were among the attackers. today's effort to end the bloody siege. >> reporter: the kenyan government says at least two militants were killed during the operation on monday. >> we have done such of the building, and we can confirm
11:34 pm
that the hostages, almost all of them have been evacuated. >> reporter: the estimated 10 to 15 gunmen stormed the upscale mall on sunday, saying they wanted to kill only non- muslims. >> i had 30 to 35 kids with me, besides two of my own. the shots started coming in. i saw something whiz by my son's head. it hit the little boy over here, who was standing next to him. tried to, you know put my hand there to stop bleeding. i don't know what i was doing, but i couldn't save him. >> reporter: kenya's red cross says more than 60 bodies have been recovered. over 170 others, including several americans were injured. kenya's military says the gunmen are from a number of different countries, but all belong to the group al-shabab. an al-qaeda linked group in somalia who says this is revenge for kenya's attack on
11:35 pm
them in 2011. initial reports that some of the gunmen may be women. we now know they are all men, with some dressed at women. in jerusalem, fox news. a graduate of the university of california at berkely was among those injured in the mall attack. elaine deng underwent surgery and is recovering in a nairobi hospital. >> i don't want people to think something about kenya. i'm very pride. for the country -- prideful for the country, and i love kenyans, even though i'm american. >> deng is the general manager for eat out kenya. that's a website that helps visitors find restaurants. san francisco's twitter is playing a role in the violent, and deadly takeover of that mall in kenya. islamic extremists and the kenyan military are using twitter to get information and ideology out to the rest of the
11:36 pm
world. a spokesperson for al-shabab says muster your forces. >> you have a technology that can be used to help revolutions that can push democracy forward, but can also be used by terrorists who are committing a crime against humanity. >> tech analysts tell us twitter has shut down several accounts used by the militants only to see them quickly replaced. the chp is switching to harley davidson motorcycles. why it's making the move now, and how it's giving a boost to bay area businesses. >> cool air coming in, but it won't be lasting long. the details on a late week
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oracle, team u.s.a. sailed to its fifth consecutive win over new zealand, keeping alive its defense of the america's cup. since last week, the new zealand team has only needed one win to take the oracle cup. team u.s.a. was behind 8-1, now it's 8-6. oracle needs to win three more to keep the cup. racing is set to resume tomorrow afternoon at 1:15. organizers had promised that the america's cup would bring a boost to the economy. after a lackluster start, that finally seems to be happening. >> reporter: 215 hotels, 33,000
11:40 pm
rooms, san francisco's cashing in again tonight. >> the prices were exorbitant. very, very high. >> reporter: she settled for a room across town. she had hoped to stay waterfront. >> even at the higher rates there was no availability. we're quite aways away. >> reporter: two america's cup crowds. >> everything was booked when i tried about a week and a half ago. >> reporter: the hotel on the waterfront today had a few one bedrooms for tonight. $600. the manager told me, 100% booked. same with the hyatt regency embarcadero. with team oracle winning again today. >> it's a bit of a challenge, as if it would be, if the world series or the playoffs or any of those came around. >> you tell them you don't have any rooms available. if they're insistent and say something like i'm not going to
11:41 pm
check out, technically, you can't evict them. >> but hotels can charge their highest rate. >> if the hotels are virtually sold out, it's the equivalent to buying an airline ticket at the last minute. >> reporter: guests spend more money outside the hotel, than inside. still, no one is ready, just yet to speculate on what the america's cup has meant for the bay area economy. john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. the winner of the coveted $400 million powerball jackpot came forward today to cash his ticket. the man purchased the ticket at this gas station in columbia, south carolina. he wants to remain anonymous. however, he did tell lottery officials his dog was the first to learn about the matching numbers. then he shared the news with his wife. the man says he was getting gas, but decided to buy 20 lottery tickets when he saw the size of the jackpot. he says it was only his second time playing the lottery. a bay area ice cream company launched a new flavor
11:42 pm
today. it's inspired by san francisco giants pitcher sergio romo. mexican chocolate is the newest flavor from three twins ice cream. the marketing statement is it only tastes illegal. that is a takeoff on a t-shirt he wore during the world series parade that said i only look illegal. three twins recently announced the purchase of a production plant in wisconsin and has plans to increase its workforce from 60, to 90 employees by the end of the year. they have ice cream parlors in san francisco, napa, san rafael, and larksberg. a warm up on the way. in five minutes, the temperatures our chief meteorologist is tracking on his extended forecast. >> i've had this bike since >> i've had this bike since 2009, and locked about 97,000 we love this kitchen! >> i've had this bike since 2009, and locked about 97,000 what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these.
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so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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we lowhat's next?hen! great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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the california highway patrol is about to make a big change on the road that drivers will see and hear. motorcycle officers are phasing out their bmw's for harley davidsons. a bay area dealership won the contract to provide the new bikes statewide. >> reporter: the signature sound of harley davidson will now come with light and sirens on california highways. chp officer tim moore will be among the first to trade out his bmw for a harley next week. >> i'm excited. i've had this bike since 2009. >> reporter: the chp says that's one of the reasons it's making the switch. more than 20% of the
11:46 pm
motorcycles have more than 100,000 miles. >> we bid against kawasaki, bmw, i think yamaha. >> reporter: the bike dealership in oakland won the contract. they agreed to pay 21 of them. >> it's a huge deal. i think the tax revenue on the 120 bikes is $225,000 approximately. so yeah, the great for the state of california. we're glad to keep it in the bay area. >> reporter: he says the custom electric glides are assembled on site. using parts from local venders. >> to a little light so they can right tickets. >> reporter: maybe just as critical to the winning bid. a three year $60,000 warranty. some say maintaining the cost of the old bmw's might have been another reason for the
11:47 pm
switch. officers in the bay area may be among the first to take them out on the road. the parent company has agreed to sell the building on ritter park drive, just off of interstate 880 to super microcomputer based in san jose. a price was not disclosed. the paper plans to stay at the site until it finds a new location next year. struggling smartphone maker blackberry announced a deal to sell the company to a group led by its largest shareholder. the $4.7 billion deal would allow blackberry to go private. the news comes adjust days after the canadian company says it would lay off 40% of its global workforce to cut costs. the faa is expected this week to complete revisions to rules, involving the use of electronic devices onboard commercial airplanes. the new guidelines are expected
11:48 pm
to enable passengers to use e books, and listen to music and videos while take off and landing. the faa should announce the changes by the end of the month. some mosquitoes in antioch are testing positive for west nile virus. it's the first group of mosquitoes to test positive for the virus in antioch this year. it's important to dump standing water, which can breed mosquitoes. temperatures warmed up today over the last couple of days. they're going to cool tomorrow for the next couple of days. so tuesday and wednesday, cooler daytime highs. these are the numbers from today. as we look along the coast, a little bit of fog out there. you're not going to see it here. what you are going to see is that weather system to the north. it's a nice looking weather system. it stays north of us, and really just serves to bring a
11:49 pm
stronger onshore wind, and cooler daytime highs. these are the current numbers. 59 in santa rosa. 67 in concord. kind of mild out there. tomorrow, i think we'll see mostly low 50s. we had been seeing 40s. i think we'll see mostly low 50s and mid-50s. symptom and wednesday. the extended forecast, we get to friday, saturday, and sunday, the winds clock around a little bit. go slightly offshore and temperatures begin to warm. here's the high pressure system. here's the low pressure system that i talked about earlier. that comes in, and just trends tuesday, and trends them down. it's not going to be a big teal. not going to be a big chill or anything. after that, we get into thursday, friday, and saturday, the numbers start to come up. tomorrow, lots of 60s, low 70s, i don't think we'll see any 80s. the hot spots maybe antioch.
11:50 pm
a nice looking day, good air quality. the forecast highs at # 8 in vacaville. 73 in vallejo. 75 in pittsburgh. so below 80. cooler than today. good air quality, like i say, and this pattern holds true wednesday. these numbers, you can drop a degree or two. these will be cooler as we head into wednesday. these are tuesday's. in your five-day forecast with the bay area weekend. we've got cooler, and warmer, and warmer. saturday and sunday, put the sunday in there for you, you see the temperatures warm nicely. the temperatures on saturday begin to warm up with numbers easily getting into the mid- 80s. bay area weekend, a lot different than this last bay area weekend. there's your five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. fire danger, it's always in there. i think we're in good shape here. the bay area weekend warms up
11:51 pm
nicely. >> yeah, looks pretty good there. the moon may be about 100 million years younger than scientists previously thought. new research out of the carnegie institution in washington subjects that the moon is about 4.4 billion years old. scientists now believe the moon was formed when a celestial body about the size of mars slammed into earth, creating a cloud of debris. some of that debris then gathered into a disk which ended up forming the moon. what a beautiful shot there. >> pretty much how i had it figured. >> had it all figured out? i bet you did. you're going to help us figure out the bay area sports teams. the football teams aren't looking so good. the reality check, the raiders, pretty much everybody else saw it coming tonight in denver. but you are facing one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game. peyton manning, not about to dial it back at all, just
11:52 pm
because you happen to be rebuilding. mile high in denver tonight. broncos, 2nd quarter, manning will find the veteran. wes welker. touchdown. check out the fake. that's how he got so open. that's nice. 17-0. however, a little excitement for the raiders. terrell pryor on the button to denarius moore. 19 of 28. 281yards and that touchdown. the broncos offense at times looks like they could score at will. payton to julius thomas. 374yards, 3 touchdowns. darren mcfadden scored one on the ground. threw one there beautifully, like he used to do at arkansas. 37-21, denver.
11:53 pm
and well, it did make the broncos work a little bit. say that. >> it wasn't easy. oakland, they did a good job of really, putting pressure on payton, and just guys in the coverages. we just made some plays in the game. put us in situations to be successful, and the back end, made those plays. turning to baseball, if the a's did anything like they have lately in the playoffs, look out. 10 more runs tonight. 10 more runs tonight. there was no let down, you unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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the a's continue to put up video game like numbers. how about this 49 runs in the last five games, they go double- digits on the angels down in anaheim. 5-1 a's in the 3rd. jed lowrie, the crush. cruise control after the 5th inning, pretty much. brandon moss cranks it up. the a's with, 84 homers since the all-star break. that's first in the majors. they're just a game back of boston for the best record in the american league. usually, it doesn't come this early in the season, but we're
11:57 pm
going to see just exactly how the 49ers deal with major adversity. news that aldon smith will not take the field again for a while. officially put on the rehab list. he could miss an extended period of time, but does have the coach's public support. >> we're very supportive of aldon, as we are of all of our players. all of our coaches or personnel. always supportive in house. >> let you down? let the team down? >> we've hashed through it, we're taking steps to, and aldon's taken steps. we support him in there. >> they could be without patrick willis too. just a few days to heal up. they play thursday night against the rams. they're in it deep now, and it's very early.
11:58 pm
thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning news will be working to learn the cause of that devastating fire at a church in oakland today. our coverage begins at 4:30
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> bryan cranston at the airport. >> there are spoilers here from the week before. >> they killed hank! bryan! >> watch the damn show if you want to watch the damn show. you got a week. once that week is over, i'm sorry, guys! hank's dead as a [bleep]. [laughter] >> miley cyrus performed a song that was supposedly about her breakup and then she just starts crying. >> i'm not buying it. >> she did have one agenda. she was very much trying to show off the bu


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