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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 26, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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(cheering and laughing) -- captions by vitac -- pleat bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7. good evening. this is bay area news at 7. san francisco police say teen rivally out of control lead to the stabbing on a dodgers fan. this is the victim, jonathan denver at the ball park just hours before he was killed. denver was on third street with a group including his father who we learned is a security guard at dodgers stadium.
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they argued with a group of giants fans and that's when he was stabbed. >> the fact that anybody go in any -- not in any sort of a beef over the game is just senseless. jonathan denver lived in fort bragg. a neighbor has known the victim's father for year. >> jonathan was his younger son and he was a pleasure and a good kid. >> san francisco police are still looking for two other men who may have been involved. they are promising increased security tonight for the giants dodgers rematch. it's not the first time a game has taken a tragic turn.
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>> reporter: the killing of the dodgers fan. >> i think it was unfortunate because we're better than that. >> on the minds of the orange and black and blue. >> reporter: are you going to where your blue? >> i don't know. >> a social psychologist at the university of san francisco. >> alcohol might be a conflict here but people get physiological around. >> reporter: some fans get so obsessed teams can become part of their identity. >> we become passionate about our teams when they're winning that's why we wear hats and shirts. that's basking in reflective glory. >> reporter: the giants are
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working to step up security in the ball park. >> there is no place at these games for violence. nobody's life should be at stake. >> reporter: police will have undercover policeman just as they have been since a giants fan was beaten outside dodgers stadium in 2011. >> there is zero tolerance. arrests will be swift. >> reporter: and jonathan denver will be honored tonight before the first pitch. also new information about the san francisco state student shot in the back was shot for no reason and they have uncovered gear from the suspect's home. they displayed the items they found in thephakaysone's home who is charged with fatally
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shooting justin valdez. the suspect might have been planning a much larger attack. >> we're just glad nothing played out other than it did, but it doesn't do us any good with poor justin valdez. >> justin valdez appeared to be a random target. they are still investigating whether thephakaysone is mentally ill and got the weapons illegally. a red flag warning is still in effect because the winds. you can see the flags waving. the fire danger is high. we have a firsthand look at the potential danger. >> reporter: a grass fire along
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highway 24 about 2:30 on this windy red flag day. firefighters hit it hard. >> we had a dozer on the way as well as a full response team including engines and aircraft. >> reporter: they contained this potentially disastrous fire. >> it could have created a fire storm. in pittsburgh they brought in four extra firefighters all on until eight tonight. we found this tree trimming crew, tree branches can spark power line fires. last night several thousand east bay customers were without power. tonight high winds predicted
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again. >> the winds can contribute to fires. >> reporter: several trees have fallen recently. >> we have supplies and water. >> reporter: this fire could have easily spread to homes. they are urging everyone to be fire safety consideration. now to santa cruz where a man who was filming female students running track on monday is in custody. they took down the car's license plate number and the next day a parent called after seeing a suspicious man taking pictures of girls. >> reporter: a teacher accused
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of having sex with a student was arraigned today. hugo cortez guzman faces four felony charges starting a year ago. the judge set bail at $250,000. he's set to enter a plea next week. three area schools are being penalized for violating test rules last spring. a teacher was placed on leave. james logan high school and vallejo high school also reported violations. all the schools will have their rankings for this year revoked. >> a playground accident sends a young girl to a hospital and has a school taking action. what we learned about the accident and why parents are concerned.
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>> reporter: parents still have a lot of questions after a four- year-old little girl was injured on a playground and had to be -- playground and had to be hospitalized. there was no sign of the play house removed after a four-year- old girl was hurt planning on or near it early monday afternoon. the child suffered a head injury. >> she obviously suffered injuries and she was conscious and her mom was with her and was able to calm her certainly and she was, you know, she was conscious when she was taken and transpropertied. >> reporter: parents were alerted by e-mail and phone that ambulances were an campus of a child was injured. >> i'm curious to know what happened but i know that the school always had really good
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supervision. >> reporter: officials don't know if she fell or how she was injured but they are investigating. the equipment is now in storage. >> we went out and did a survey of the area where children played to ensure there was nothing that would pose a safety risk so we believe the area is now secure and children are able to play there. >> reporter: we have been unable to reach the girl's family and they are waiting to hear to see how she's doing. the girls class mates did sends banners and cards. channel 2 news. >> reporter: tonight we're getting a preview of the new website where millions of people can enroll for health insurance starting next week. michael penny can't avoid
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traditional health insurance but next week he can. the staff at a medical clinic say seven-day it is site will be helpful. >> a lot of times they're asking us what do i qualify for or how do i know? well, all of that information will be there. >> the new website goes live next wednesday but you can get a preview right now. we have a link and try out the process at the job market is showing improvement. the people filing for benefits is lower than ever. california and nevada had a backlog earlier this year but the numbers are now up to date. stocks were up today the dow
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was up. ebay is putting another payment service on its shopping carpal tunnel it's buying -- cart. it's buying braintree. it's an on line and mobile payment service used by hundreds of other merchants. the new company will help paypal to expand. san francisco police are warning about a telephone scam from someone claiming to be a police officer and demanding money. the caller id indicates a legitimate number. they claim to represent mark ottoman and associates. police say they never contact citizens for outstanding citations or civil debt by phone or e-mail. a local e-mail is trying to take a bart strike off the
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table. plus a bay area car maker is now on the road to more availability. back right after the break. beautiful sun set. warmer tomorrow and fire danger warning stays in effect. the forecast for friday coming up. tesla test
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the clock is ticking down to the possibility of another bart strike. now just two week into the cooling off period. bart management and union met separately with little indication progress is made. they heard from members of bart's union today and later met behind closed doors to get updated and adjust their
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proposal. >> we're having that discussion with the board, and then we'll go back and speak with the unions. >> we believe the agreement is available to be reached, but it has to be reasonable. >> the two unions spent their day in a joint strategy session. face to face negotiations will resume tomorrow. some believe it's time to take the option of a strike off the table. >> stop bart from striking. >> steve spent about two hours this morning trying to get bart riders on board his new push for bart strikes. >> he's not taking sides but wants to protect riders and the economy. commuters we talked to had mixed reaction. >> this is not as simple as
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they shouldn't strike. >> i think it's a great thing. the think the services they provide are terrific and work hard and do a great job, but it shouldn't be burden of proofed by airstrike. >> -- interrupted by a strike. >> we talked to bart and the union and neither were behind the ban. >> reporter: he says his idea is a simple one and not a new one but also says there's a reason he's out there alone. >> reporter: a bill has never gotten traction because no one wants to ruffle the feathers of people on both sides. >> we're trying to build a movement everyone should listen to. >> reporter: any politicians calling you saying they want to come with you. >> no, i shouldn't be alone. >> reporter: but more than one person got upset.
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>> it's an antiunion stance. >> reporter: but names on the at that time almost -- on the petition almost doubled. >> interpole announced a look for the white widow. she's the widow of a man who died carrying out the london bomb not guilty 2005. she may have been involved in the kenya mall crisis. two brothers pled not guilty to a listeria outbreak. 30 people died. the package facility in colorado had old corroded equipment and pools of water on the floor. they could face up to six years in prison on shipping
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contaminated news. the bug in 7 for apple fixed the problem today. >> hummingbird by google is meant to improve the increasing number of searching that involve complex phases as well as -- phrases as well as voice based searches. tesla's model s is now available for rent. the agency says it has five teslas right now they're only available in san francisco and los angeles. it starts at $500 a day.
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today a policeman spent his time on the motor vehicle and with the help of at which time he threat public follow his every move. >> it's a good way to let the citizens know we're out there, they're voice is being heard and we're making things safe. >> they hope the get more followers in case of an emergency they have reach out to them easily. >> 79-year-old bud selig will retire after the 2014 baseball season. he was in charge during the strike that led to the cancellation of world series. he has also seen baseball revenue quadruple. temperatures came up a couple of degrees today. upper 70s as well. take a look.
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76. then find your city and note temperatures you can add a couple of degrees, so warmer tomorrow. red flag warning stays in effect and main impact in the east bay hills as the winds pick up again tonight. we'll see more tonight and what does that mean to you? slightly warmer day tomorrow. fire danger is high but not critical. red flag it's not like a ten, more like a seven out of ten. winds aren't as strong as they could be. we'll update the forecast. but the idea being tomorrow is warmer. red flag warning should go away and then a warmer period into saturday and sunday. weekend looks good. tomorrow warm and breezy. extended forecast warmer, so high pressure sets up. the arisings and you get this flat temperature and that means
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60s and 70s coast. 70s inland. so as you look at the forecast, highs tomorrow 80s there. lots of 70s and low 8 90s. that's your friday forecast. -- 80s. very nice. saturday forecast, not much different. sunday slightly cooler. red flag warning in effect through tomorrow. think about that. strongest winds will most likely be late tomorrow early tomorrow. 69 out at the coast. no fog. the winds clear the fog. five day forecast with the weekend in view and you've got a warm up and little cool down. look at that, chance of a shower into monday. bay area five day forecast. i'll be back to update this at
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10:00 o'clock. could bring some showers. a group of california lawmakers is in scandinavia to study energy policies. state senator kevin are on a trip. none are from the bay area. the trip was paid for by the california environment association. at which time makes a new bid to beef up sports profile. how it may soon impact sports. and doctors are calling it a medical first. the leg that would make the six million dollars man proud. watch us live from your smart phone or tablet.
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at which time is teaming up with the national -- twitter is teaming up with the nfl to show video clips of games advertisement. it's a first partnership way social media company for the nfl. >> the 49ers are making a bid to host the national championship game. they plan to play at their new
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stadium next year. the team plans to submit the bid this week. the winning bid will be announced in six week. our high school game of the week is moreau catholic and fremont. they say it's a first. researchers in chicago developed a bonnic leg control -- bionic leg controlled by brain waves. he lost his leg four years ago. nerves are wired to communicate with the leg. the goal is to create better prosthetics for those who lost limbs in war. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news.
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our coverage continues on the 10:00 o'clock newscast. we're always here for you. tmz is up next.
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>> today on tmz -- >> some people are saying khloe kardashian is going to spend her anniversary with lamar, but they have a lot to talk about because he's holed up in a house 100 miles from l.a. with two women. one of whom he's having sex with as they do crack all day ong. i'm guessing will not be a pleasant dinner. in other words, it's not going to happen. >> they can go to the olive garden. [laughter] >> robin thicke at the airport. >> have you heard back from the gaye family? >> i think they want his name out there. >> no, they were pissed. >> they want money. >> you got to watch those gays.


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