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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 27, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> ktvu channel 2 news starts root now with breaking news. >> breaking news tonight in the case of a dodger fan stabbed to death in san francisco. the man arrested in the case is about to be released from jail. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank. the district attorney is turning the suspect loose. for now, anyway, due to insufficient evidence and the possibility that the stabbing was done in self defense. george said that the office is
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obliged to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did not act in self defense. we are outside of the jail in the market area. this is a live picture. we have talked to the sheriff's department and we're told that 21-year-old michael montgomery is being processed for release. more now from ktvu alex savage on the conflicting accounts of what happened with friends and relatives of both the victim and the suspect. >> reporter: the father of 21- year-old michael montgomery says that he his son was trying to protect himself during a fight during the game. he is accused of killing dodgers fan. he told a newspaper, michael got jumped. denver and his friends started swinging chairs and he stabbed denver. but the victim's family disputes the notion that this
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was somehow self defense. >> none of them were fighters. a giants fan made a comment. comments were exchanged and an altercation broke out. >> reporter: the 24-year-old dodgers fan came down to watch the game with her father who was celebrating his 49th birthday. they said in a statement -- today, i asked the giants' general manager about this violence stemming from a heated rivalry. >> it's sick ening. i can't understand how a sporting event aside that society has gotten like this. >> reporter: in the meantime, police are trying to talk to two of montgomery's friends to figure out what their involvement was in the attack. those two men have not yet come forward. the district attorney said today that he will take any
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claim of self defense into account. in san francisco, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the district attorney sent a text to a reporter late tonight. he wrote that police need to conduct more interviews and track down other witnesses. he said that once the investigation is complete, prosecutors will revisit whether or not montgomery will be charged. be sure to stay with us with continuing coverage. we will wait for montgomery's release tonight f it happens during the newscast, we will of course bring it to you. >> we are learning new information tonight about a teenage boy killed today on his way to school. it happened when a speeding car slammed into the back of his mother's minivan in san francisco. 16-year-old kevin san was a junior at lincoln high. he was involved in junior rotc and belonged to a group of
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bicycle enthusiasts. he was in the orchestra and enjoyed playing music. the accident happened at pine and gaff. the driver of a mercedes suv traveling up to 70 or 80 miles per hour ran into the back of the family's minivan. >> reporter: police are telling us that his mother and sister are here both in critical condition. mom is suffering from life- threatening injuries but her 17- year-old daughter is expected to survive. >> i saw the car coming on the left hand side. >> speeding. i looked up and the car in front of had, the van on the side was split. >> reporter: witnesses say the crash sounded like an explosion. tonight we have learned that 16- year-old kevin was sitting behind his mother in the gold minivan and his sister was in the front passenger seat. police say the driver responsible for the crash is a
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58-year-old woman. they say she was speeding and slammed into the family van, mangled metal and shattering lives. >> she came out and fell to her knees and grabbed her head. >> reporter: police say investigators took the driver of the mercedes to the police station to interview her. >> during the interview she complained of chest pains so she has been taken back to the hospital. >> reporter: we asked the police chief what caused her to slam into the minivan, along with a catering truck and parked car. >> there is no excuse for this sort of driving. >> reporter: there is no indication that she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. >> any indication that the vehicle that she was driving had a mechanical problem. >> reporter: the vehicles were so mangled, if you will, that examination couldn't be done. certainly not in this quick a time. >> reporter: the three people in the catering van were taken
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to the hospital but were told that their injuries are not serious. the police chief tells us the driver of the mercedes will face at least one count of vehicular manslaughter. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news, in san francisco. >> friends of kevin have been posting condolences on our facebook page. vivian writes i will miss you kevin. rest in peace. my brother, i love you, bro. in my mind forever. please show up in my class 6th period monday. promise you'll be there. all right. please. you can share your condolences with the family by posting them on our facebook page. just like for ktvu on facebook. >> new at 10:00, a good samaritan in oakland helped a police officer from being run over by a rolling car. officers spotted a lexus that had been carjacked along with a driver who they believed had a
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gun. after a chase, the car crashed at 19th avenue and the driver escaped through the passenger door. an officer caught him. they struggled and that's when the car started to roll. >> when the car was moving, that's when i started to worry about. one of them, you know, because he was just right there and the car was still moving. >> he stopped the car and the officer managed to set the brake. police did make an arrest. both the driver and a passenger. >> now to marin county where police believe that someone is poisoning drinks after two women reported waking up sexually assaulted with no memory of what happened. it's happened twice in san rafael in the past two weeks. deborah. >> reporter: both times, julie, the women were at this downtown bar, popular with college students who are being warned to watch their drinks. the lounge fills up and the
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dj gets everyone on to the dance floor. customers are learning that a predator has been mixing in here. >> we're careful. we're all careful. >> reporter: two nights this month, young women have been drinking here with friends and woke up hours later, one in her own bed, one in a hotel room, realizing they had been sexually assaulted. >> that's the problem, they can't give you a lot of detail. it's all of a sudden we were at a bar, drinking, lights out. >> reporter: the victims are in their 20s. they don't know each other and don't have the same friends. >> it's not like they're falling down drunk. it's not like they're being helped out. it's all of a sudden they wake up and they can't remember a thing. >> reporter: it looks like the date rape drug was slipped in their drinks. it causes amnesia. women are aware that it's an ongoing issue. investigators are trying to find witnesses, analyzing the drugs in the women's systems
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and checking any surveillance they can find. >> violated and really angry. >> reporter: the club owner says this weekend, 11 video cameras will be installed here. she prides herself on a safe environment. >> we watch our girls. we do. we make sure that they're going home safely. we ask them who they are with. it's really -- people walk in, i tell them to mind their manners. >> reporter: police want to renew awareness. keep your drink close and don't take one from a stranger. a good idea to keep your friends close too. the two women's companions had left by the time they were drug, so they were alone. the buddy system a good idea at any age. >> a candle lit vigil was held on the san francisco waterfront for a man whose body was found
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off of peer 14. they are hoping that someone can provide answers about the circumstances of his death. 32-year-old wittle was seen september 9th. seven days later his body was found in the bay. he was both a father and husband. he had lived in san francisco and berkeley. >> 13 days and counting. we are now less than two weeks away from another possible bart strike. bart and its union rep wrapped up the latest round of negotiations at 7:30. both sides want to keep the trains running but they are tens of millions of dollars apart on pays and benefits. those were the topics -- discussed today. next tuesday they will resume talks on major sticking points. >> plans for a new arena has gotten a boost by governor brown. they want a new arena on peers
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30 and 3 -- piers30 and 32. the panel will have the final say whether it complies with rules for waterfront development. giants fans demonstrated tonight out of at&t park. the workers say they are protesting a wage freeze and what they claim is limited access to health insurance. they are demanding job security from the food service contractor center plate. >> we've had a lot of actions out here. we're going to continue to talk to the community, talk to people and make sure that folks know if you care about workers, bring your own food into the park. >> center plate has said it is making a fair offer and it's the union that is being uncooperative. this is the last weekend for giants games this season. the union says it plans to keep
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the pressure on during the off- season. >> warm weather for the last weekend of september. when you can expect the highest temperatures where you live. >> coincidence or deadly connection. what we are learning about two people killed in the same place just 24 hours apart. >> but coming up next ♪
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>> at least $6 million damaged. that's the early estimate from the damage caused by a fire. these pictures were taken from up above this afternoon. they can be seen from the livermore valley and beyond. it is burning in the city of winters. >> noel walker is in the middle of it. that picture behind you is remarkable. >> reporter: it looks like i'm on a hollywood movie set. i am in the town of winters. you can see there's a burned- out fire and then piles and piles of hay on fire as far as my eye can see. what started as a small spark and a little smoke quickly turned into this. >> this is one of the structures that was lost. most of these barns were completely full of hay. >> reporter: winters fire chief took us around.
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the flames so close we could feel the heat. >> incredibly hot. with the amount of fuel that is inside of the building. >> reporter: hot enough to twist metal barns that before the fire started last night looked like this. castillo was the first to see the fire burning close to a worker's home. he says he was afraid because he thought a coworker was on fire and knocked on the door to alert them because the fire was so high. firefighters were able to save the home and a dog. with as much as 20,000 tons of hay kindling, the blaze is not going out any time soon. today it stretched past mount diablo. >> one of the career fires that the size and the magnitude, you don't see it every day. >> reporter: especially in the small town of winters. >> it jumped from hay stack to
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hay stack. it is a family business that has been around for 30 years. >> i am very close to the owners. sorry. it's just sad. it's just sad. >> reporter: because there's nothing to do but let the hay burn. the hay -- they are trying to keep the hay separate from the hay that is not burning right now. fire investigators have not said what sparked the fire. noel walker, tkvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco firefighters say a compost fire near candlestick park may take months before it burns out. it broke out on carol avenue. gas and heat generated from the compost ignited the fire and old construction material is helping to fuel it. crews will stay on the scene as long as the flames are smoldering. >> san francisco police are asking for the public's health in finding a missing woman who
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disappeared from the general hospital. lynn spalding was last seen saturday at the hospital where she was being treated for an infection. spalding was wearing a black sweatshirt with the words san francisco pow-wow. she appeared to be very confused when they last saw her. >> the fire is out and two major streets have reopened in redwood city after a propane explosion. a small tank exploded this morning at a u-haul facility on el camino real. the explosion damaged a larger tank that contained 500 gallons of propane. firefighters spent much of the day pouring water on the tank to cool it down. fortunately no one was hurt. we have new information on a hit and run victim who was killed in atherton. he was jeffrey allen zemen of redwood city. his shoe was found earlier today and then 200 yards away,
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they discovered his body on middlefield road. the police department is asking for the public's help to find the suspect vehicle and driver. >> new details about the deadly shooting of a san francisco state student as he was getting off a muni train. as david stevenson reports, he went looking for victims on the night of the killing. >> reporter: the parents and cousin of the victim came to the supreme court today searching for answers. >> i want to know what happened. >> this individual went off hunting that night and unfortunately he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: police say that the 30-year-old san francisco man is seen here on a train monday night minutes before he allegedly shot and killed justin valdez, a fellow student. >> i don't believe it. i don't know. he goes to school. >> reporter: he was in court today charged with felony
11:19 pm
murder and possession of this m- 10 assault rifle, illegal in california because of the altered hand grip. it's unclear how he got the gun. >> we hope to have better information next week. >> reporter: he is charged with assault with a firearm. he held a gun to another student's head prior to shooting valdez. that young man escaped on a muni train and called police. >> it seems like in the first instance he didn't have the courage to pull the trigger. in the second instance, he obviously did. >> reporter: investigators say that he also bran dished the gun outside of a nearby thai restaurant. he is being held without bail in the jail ward. prosecutors today declined to speculate about his mental state. he is due to be arraigned on the charges next wednesday. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have sad news tonight about a toddler who was hit by an suv while chasing after a
11:20 pm
ball in pittsburgh. the family of 2-year-old mia mcdonald said she died last night. she was being treated at oakland children's hospital. police say she ran into the street in between cars when she was chasing a ball on monday with other children. the other children were not hurt. police say the driver stopped and it appears to be a tragic accident. >> the alameda county red cross honored members of the community who stepped up to make a difference. ktvu heather holmes emceed the event. one was the police sergeant. he is on crutches now, injured in a robbery investigation. but back in february, he was on bart with his fiance going to get a marriage license when he helped other passengers catch a robber. >> i have to do something. all of these people -- i have a gun and a badge. i can't sit here and do nothing. >> another hero was a young woman who collects clothes for
11:21 pm
homeless teenagers. we are proud to say that ktvu was a sponsor of today's ceremony. we have a complete list of them and their achievements on under web links. >> current temperatures are on the mild side. it will get cool overnight. upper bay in the 40s. chilly in the bay tonight. then tomorrow, a warmer day than we saw today. no fog at the coast. nice and clear. as we get to tomorrow afternoon, temperatures warming into the 70s and low 80s. like today but slightly warmer. as we go into sunday, the clouds thicken up. monday, there's a chance for showers. when i come back at 10:45 we will dial in the highs for your city and look at the rain chances for the five-day forecast. i will see you back here at 10:45. >> an emergency at 30,000 feet. an airline pilot suffers a heart attack while at the controls. how the plane landed safely. >>
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goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪
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♪ >> a house fire in san francisco took an awful toll today. three members of one family died in that blaze. firefighters responded at about 1:30 a.m. to a three-story building at 18th avenue. officials say the father, 33- year-old raymond cee was killed. was sleeping in the basement because he wasn't feeling well. the fire started on that level of the home. a 2-year-old and the grandfather was on the third floor of the home and died from smoke and heat. >> it had double pain windows. it keeps all of the heat inside. it makes it tougher for the people living in there. >> the child's mother who was on the second floor escaped
11:25 pm
with only minor injuries. investigators say the home did have working smoke detectors. a un airlines pilot died after suffering a major heart attack during a flight. it made an emergency landing in boise, idaho last night. two doctors on board performed cpr until the plane landed and the pilot was rushed to the hospital where he died. the first officer landed the plane. it was in route from houston to seattle. >> the united nations security cancel passed a resolution to remove and destroy syria's chemical weapons. the vote was unanimous. it calls for consequences if syria fails to comply. next a un inspection team will track down and remove the stockpile. you will recall the u.s. pushed for action after a chemical weapons attack that killed 1400 people last month. president obama made an
11:26 pm
unexpected announcement at the white house briefing room. he had just spoken by phone with the president of iran. this is the first conversation between the leaders of iran and the united states since the iranian revolution in 1979. president obama said they agreed to work toward resolving their dispute over iran's nuclear program. >> michelle obama is planning a visit to san francisco next month. she is scheduled to attend a women's brunch with. that event is a fundraiser for the democratic congressional campaign committee. >> governor brown has signed a bill into law that creates a recycling program for old mattresses to be kept off of the street. we told you about a problem with old mattresses being dumped all over the bay area.
11:27 pm
this creates a recycling organization. a fee will be added to the cost of a new mattress. it requires retailers to remove old mattresses at no cost when delivering a new one. >> i think obamacare is a train wreck, it is a disaster, it is a nightmare. >> tough talk in washington amid a last-minute effort to avoid a government shutdown now just three days away. >> plus two killings on the same street in the same location in less than 24 hours. what we're learning about both victims. >> we are staying on top of breaking news. a decision to release the suspect in wednesday's deadly stabbing of a dodgers fan. the update after the break. the update after the break. >> download we love this kitchen! the update after the break. >> download what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these.
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>> more now on tonight's breaking news from san francisco where the man arrested for the stabbing death of a dodgers fan is being released from jail. the d.a. decided to release 21-year-old montgomery due to insufficient evidence and the possibility us t that stabbing was done in that montgomery has en processed. however, our crew at the entrance of the jail says there has been no sign of him yet. two people killed in the same place in just 17 hours. the shootings happened in unincorporated north richmond and no one has been arrested at this point. we spoke with family members of both victims about what happened. >> reporter: contra costa sheriff deputies had just cleared the scene of the first homicide in north richmond when they were called back for another homicide about 2:00 this afternoon on the same
11:31 pm
block. some people watching at the scene cried and said they knew both of the victims. we have learned that the first victim was 30-year-old matlock. a relative sent us this photo. sheriff deputies said that he was shot multiple times and died at the hospital. the second man killed had been mourning with matlock's mother when he was shot. he had been released from juvenile detention in july and earned his high school diploma, hoping to turn his life around. sheriff are looking for clues to lead to a suspect and answer the question of why the two men were killed. >> the gas is finally back on at a mobile home park in san jose. we told you last night about how gas service has been cut to the mobile home park. that meant no hot water or gas
11:32 pm
for stoves. nine days ago, service had been shut off after five gas leaks were discovered there. it took so long to restore service because it was waiting for the property manager to make repairs. but the property manager says that pg&e is responsible. the swimming pool was closed down at the berkeley high school this week. it says that health inspectors found that the chemical levels were too high. the discovery was made after students complained of eye irritation, and loss of body hair. an equipment malfunction is blamed. the pool could reopen on monday if inspectors give it the red like. >> turn is seeking $13 million in fines against pg&e for keeping sloppy records. investigators blame faulty records as one of the reasons for the pipeline explosion in 2010. turn and the city of san bruno
11:33 pm
says that pg&e knew that it had bad records a year ago but did not report it until july. >> a federal government shutdown looms tonight as the budget battle ramped up on capitol hill today. three days away from a possible shutdown. mike tells us how a major vote in the senate putts pressure on house republican leaders to keep the federal government running. >> reporter: today in the u.s. senate, strictly party line vote. >> democrats and republicans acted responsibly by voting to keep our government open. >> reporter: senators passing spending legislation to avert a government shutdown ripped out of the bill language that would have defunded the health care law. >> i think obamacare is a train wreck. it is a disaster. it is a nightmare. >> reporter: a weekend showdown in a house of representatives now awaits. republican controlled house can accept the legislation that funds the government or vote with tea party conservatives
11:34 pm
who say they would rather shut the government down than fund the health care law. >> it's impossible for democrats to negotiate with house republicans when they can't even negotiate with themselves. >> we don't run washington, d.c. republicans are one half of one third of government right now. >> reporter: if the government shuts down monday midnight it would be the first time in two decades. thousands of workers would are furloughed and government offices would be closed. >> the house republicans are so concerned with appeasing the tea party that they have threatened a government shutdown unless i repel the affordable care act. i said this yet. let me repeat it. that's not going to happen. >> president obama says the health care exchanges will open on tuesday, october 1st, even if a government shutdown occurs. >> men and women in the military would be paid with
11:35 pm
ious. the members of congress would still get their paychecks. 41% of federal employees would be furloughed. all national park service sites would be closed. the bigger impact would come on october 17th if the debt ceiling is not raised. the government would then go into default. >> the threat of a government shutdown put a damper on the stock markets today. analysts say investors are waiting to see what happens in washington, d.c. over the weekend. if there is no deal, stocks could fall even more monday morning. a san mateo company ring central rang the bell for the new york stock exchange. it includes cloud based communication centers that funnels phone calls to different devices reaching workers in and out of the office. the initial public offering was a success.
11:36 pm
it closed at $18.20. >> this police force is shrunk by 400 officers in the past few years. why new recruits may not fill high hopes of restoring the ranks. >> wet weather back in the forecast. the specific changes in store for your area over the next several days. >>
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
>> a high-speed police chase in contra costa county ended in a deadly crash today. the car hit a tree on marsh creek road west of deer valley road near the mobile home park. as paul chambers reports, the impact was so strong that it could be felt inside the homes. >> reporter: the driver of this car was was folded around a tree took sheriff deputies on a
11:39 pm
high-speed chase. >> it was solid sounding and it felt through the floorboard of my trailer. >> reporter: what he heard and felt was this stolen lexus colliding with this tree. another witness said when she first saw the vehicle, it was literally wrapped around the tree. deputies say around 7:00 this morning, they got a call of suspicious vehicle in the area of walnut boulevard in brentwood. when deputies ran the plates -- >> the vehicle, a lexus, came back stone out of the city of concord. the deputy tried to stop that vehicle and the vehicle failed to yield. >> reporter: leading the two deputies on a high-speed pursuit, lasting around 7 miles before ending up here, outside of the clayton regency trailer park where the driver and the passenger were trapped inside. >> the driver was pronounced deceased at the scene. >> reporter: at least check the other two men were listed in
11:40 pm
critical condition. they are not sure what caused the driver to lose control. >> they were trying to have fun or something. but it's unfortunate. they shouldn't have taken the car in the first place. >> reporter: the accident still under investigation. it's unclear if the other two passengers will face any charges. i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> workers for the university of california staged a loud protest outside of the regents office in oakland. the union members are angry that uc has ended more than a year of negotiations by imposing the final contract offer. that offer increases employee contributions to retirement by one and a half percent. the union says the lowest paid workers at uc can't afford the
11:41 pm
increase. >> they are saying these public servants deserve nothing in terms of being able to even afford to send their own kids to the university. this is how the income inequality gap in america grows. >> uc says the offer is fair and fiscally responsible and it has the legal right to impose it. >> the san jose earthquake celebrated a milestone today in the building of the new soccer stadium. they joined fans and community leaders for a concrete pouring ceremony to lay down the foundation of that new stadium. the next phase of the project is to put up the steel framing that is expected later this year. the new soccer stadium is slated to be open for the 2015 season. >> more oakland a's playoff tickets went object sale today -- on sale today. they are for the home games during the second round of the playoffs in case the a's make it to the american league championship series. they clenched a spot in the
11:42 pm
playoffs last weekend but they don't know what team they will face in the first round best of five series set to begin next friday. >> in five minutes, chief meteorologist martin with the outlook for the weekend and the changes coming next
11:43 pm
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mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ >> the san jose police department got a much needed boost to the with 40 news officers from the police academy. as robert honda tells us, are -- critics have pointed out that just because they graduated in san jose doesn't mean that they will stay there. >> reporter: officers and families filled the ball room for the police academy
11:45 pm
graduation today. 40 recruits for the san jose police department made it through six months of training to become cops. it will be a big boost of san jose after a benefits fight with the city has seen the force drop about 400 officers in the past few years. >> people that have trained us have been nothing but professional and they make it exciting to go out there. >> patrol. providing core services to our citizens. >> please step forward and get your badge. >> reporter: the mood was mostly positive as families shared the accomplishments, including pinning the badges on their loved ones. because of the pension and benefits of the city, that mood will change after going through the final field training phase and become free agents. >> i know we have officers looking for other jobs and some are in backgrounds with other agencies. >> reporter: many council members attended the ceremony and there is disagreement what
11:46 pm
they are doing to solve the problem. >> do you feel like san jose is doing enough to keep them. >> for the amount of money it has, it is doing the best that it can do. >> reporter: they will find out if the cops hit the streets here or somewhere else. >> a record gift from the foundation will create more parkland in san francisco's area. the $25 million gift announced today is reportedly the largest cash gift ever to the national park service. it is intended to connect the main post to the fields by creating open space on top of the rebuilt drive. the san francisco zoo showed off an exhibit to give people a better appreciation of insects. it's called big bugs out of the box. it has pictures and models of insects such as butterflies and spiders. some are displayed up to 400 times their actual size.
11:47 pm
it will be at the zoo until mid january. >> your weekend is here. the weather looks good. these were the highs from today. in the upper 70s, low 80s. highs tomorrow, very similar. one of the hot spots was in livermore. more 80s tomorrow in the inland bay valleys. nice beach day as well. no fog to even think about at this point. but as we go into saturday night, sunday, i suspect we will see a little fog return to the coast. clouds move in as we move into sunday. temperatures come down a little bit and then we have a shot of wet weather monday night. the north winds have died down a little bit. whatever wind is out there is below 10 miles per hour for the most part. light winds will give us cool temperatures in the north bay valleys. up in forestville, down to the mid-40s tonight. maybe even lower than that. nights are getting longer and days are getting shorter and it's chilly in the morning
11:48 pm
hours. we are looking for a mild evening tonight. it cools off quite a bit. tomorrow, warm. the extended forecast, increasing clouds. as we go into monday, it looks like we have a chance for showers. here is your all-day saturday into sunday morning. you see this setup here. as we get into sunday, clouds increase, temperatures drop. by sunday evening, showers showing up north. here is monday. greens and oranges -- greens and blues moving in which will be light wet weather at best. as we head into monday afternoon, let's look for light showers and cloudy conditions. saturday, warmest day on the weekend. 74 in downtown san francisco. on sunday, more clouds. tomorrow in san jose, 79 for a daytime high. sunday in san jose, more like 72 degrees, something like that. so cooler as we head into
11:49 pm
sunday. 81 in vacaville. they will be the warmest that we have seen in a little while. and then temperatures coming down on sunday. good beach day tomorrow. all along the coast will be nice. winds are light out on the bay. anywhere you go, it will be a nice day. sunday is nice too but just more cloud cover. sunday night into monday and monday night in tuesday, maybe a sprinkle in there. there is your five-day forecast with the weekend in view. the weekends are flying by. >> it's almost october. >> i know. the weeks will flying. the weekend is here. the weather not like last weekend. we had rain. >> i'm taking my kids to the beach board walk tomorrow. >> it will be nice. >> two bay area companies working together to improve the lives of people in africa. mike's bikes and pods are collecting new and used bikes and sending them to mike's bikes sister shops across
11:50 pm
africa. the idea is to train people to work on bikes so they can set up their own businesses. they hope to collect a thousand bikes by october 13th. all donated bikes are tax deductible. >> pedal power. >> giants and a's win today. you're going to start by talking about the a's. >> big night. like you tell me, julie, chicks dig the long ball. it seems that they live by the long ball. no one going deep more often than these guys in the second half of the season. usually a stubborn obstacle for the a's, especially with fernandez on the mound. tonight, brandon, two on and he just jerks it for the distance. 29 on the year. quick 3-0 lead. 7th inning stepping it up. norris as a pinch hitter tattooed it to left. that's a two-run homer.
11:51 pm
by the way, cologne clinch it. third place just has a much better sound to it than, say, dead last. if the giants can do what they did to the padres a couple more times, that's how they will salvage the season. hunter pence gets the willie mac report. most deserving of that award. the rookie, juan perez, his first big league homer laser to left, two-run shot. the giants take the lead. brandon belt into the act. he has 17 homers now as he comes on in the second half of the year. 4-2 lead. you win an award, you hit a home run. hunter pence a career best. 26 homers with this shot that leaves the premises to go. ticket to ride. the giants 7-3 win. of course fall is in the air so
11:52 pm
were footballs all over the place tonight. highlights we've got for you. and we will
11:53 pm
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>> the growing pains of a program in transition. san jose state not liking it. but the spartans are living it. they got worked by utah state. watched the spartans get on the board. 16 yards to kyle nun. they ruled it a touchdown but they rule him down just inside the 1. and they will get it through 3rd and goal. jason simpson on the edge pits
11:56 pm
the pylon. but utah state up 20-12 they point. utah state aggies, their quarterback the reid option. touchdown. they win it running away, 40- 12. getting down to serious business of league play as well for a lot of high school teams tonight. that was the case of the mission valley athletic league. the friday night game of the week. from hayward, everybody pumped in hayward. derrick totes it 28 yards. he rushed for 227 yards tonight. that was one of his three touchdowns. kennedy also sports out of their back field. wayman will weave it around. 6 yards. 28-6. touchdown. kennedy leading and taking care of the business. morro on the board late though. big time back. jason on the move after a half back screen.
11:57 pm
35 yards. but he tonight was held under 100 yards rushing. he averages more than 200 a game. kennedy fremont 36-14 over monday co-catholic. kennedy dominating the ball tonight. they ran 67 plays to 34 for morro catholic. that tells the story. 36-14. nfl quarterback robert griffin the third in oakland. he suffered that concussion against denver this past monday night. you will see the raiders and skins at about 1:30 here on channel 2 sunday. that is the sports for friday night. >> it will be a sellout for the raiders. >> they sold it out. i think rg3 had something to do with that. pryor is something to watch. >> definitely. >> he passed the protocol for concussions. >> i love seeing the high
11:58 pm
school football game of the week. it's fun. thank you. >> thanks for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. >> the news starts at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow with the latest on the man accused of
11:59 pm
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> kanye west is screwing with us. he's going after jimmy kimmel and something is making me feel like this isn't real. >> he went absolutely off on jimmy kimmel. hashtag, all capitals, kanye west means business. >> another woman filing suit against


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