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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 14, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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it is deja vu time for b.a.r.t. riders as we wait for breaking news to whether b.a.r.t. union workers will go on strike at midnight. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. another deadline is near. our count down clock shows less than two hours remain before the deadline for a deal set for
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by the unions last flight. deborah villalon is live where the two have met face to face tonight. >> reporter: and they're inside. the union and the district are meeting. 20 minutes ago we saw the general manager of b.a.r.t. to get here. they have something for her to contribute on. we know for the last hour they've been hashing out an offer from yesterday. something the union calls insane, something b.a.r.t. calls great. they say it's a 20% increase over four years but paying more for benefits many workers say that if they take this they would not be better off. >> we feel like we have reached
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the limit. >> reporter: stretching is limit is where they are now. >> it means it's the financial envelope. it means that there's a set of costs and set of work rules we really don't want to go beyond. >> reporter: but the unions have their limits too. >> we feel we have to give them notice tonight, unless something breaks and there's a hail marry, there will be a strike. >> reporter: a strike possibly longer than the four day walk out. a strike bringing more pain for the public and political public. >> we're weary, but the way to a deal is not having management coming down here and jamming it down people's throats. >> the calls we're getting is, you guys have to hold the line. >> reporter: and welcomed by the union. >> he's a person with a lot of experience. this is a federal apointee by
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the president. so hopefully that will help out. >> how does this negotiation compare to the nba or nfl. >> i said thank you very much for you talking to me it's a pleasure. >> you've been in some very intractable disputes how does this one compare? >> every one is one of its kind. thank you very much. >> reporter: well the negotiation has the two sides plus the boss. yesterday at this time talks were collapsing. people were storming out of here angry. this lack of activity might be a good sign. and we know from our sources inside that the two sides are meeting face to face and that the general manager is involved may also bode well for riders.
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deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. whether it was the possibility of a strike or something else, fewer riders took b.a.r.t. today than on the columbus day holiday a year ago. its ridership was at 83,000 by four. on columbus day it was 204,000. that's the difference of 10%. b.a.r.t. doesn't have a final count for today. these numbers are from 4:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. if there is a b.a.r.t. strike, transportation agencies have ways to help people get in and out of san francisco. there are thousand of other commuters who could still be stranded. several people who live and work on several parts of the east bay reached out to say their optioned are limited. out of the 400,000 trips that people took today, 22% begin and end in the east bay.
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and some of those people staying home and telecommuting is not an option. >> i do make up so i can't work from home. >> reporter: car and van pools could be the best option for some commuters in b.a.r.t. workers go on strike. we've learned many bay area commuters have made plans to work from home and telecomute if there's a strike. >> i will be working from home. >> i'll be working from home. >> i'll work from home. >> reporter: the took their lap laps home. >> for a couple of days, if the strike goes longer for weeks or potentially months that's a real problem. >> reporter: pg & e says they have a contention in place for their employees. they were encouraged to talk to their supervisors in advance
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about flex time or telecomuting from home. if you need to go some where, go to you will find information on ferries and buses. we learned there is a plan in place for all available officers to hit the road. it is not just b.a.r.t., ac transit workers have given notice they have ready to strike. a live report on that dispute just minutes away at 10:15. developing news from san francisco where police are investigating a shooting that happened and sent people to the hospital. we're live on buchanan street and rose alley. noelle walker has the story. >> reporter: we're told they
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moved on to s.f. general where family members have gathered to get information about the victims in this triple shooting. at about 7:30 tonight the crime scene tape went up on rose alley. >> the witnesses we talked to head the shooting and saw the victims down. >> reporter: police say it was either a drive by or walk up shooting that left three people shot. two of the victims in their early 20s the third in his early teens. a witness took this video shortly after she arrived. she is too scared to show her face. >> the boy is very young. and i guess really scared of the shooters. >> at this time, with the change in the area over the past few years it's a surprise. >> reporter: man who has lived here most his life tells us it
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wasn't always like this. >> we didn't resort to shooting. we fought it out. now the kids are chasing blood like it's money. >> reporter: police still want to talk to witnesses. they're looking for any surveillance video to give them any indication on what led up to this triple shooting. right now they have no suspects or suspects in custody. reporting live in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu. at least two people were shot tonight in east oakland. the victims were 14 or 15 years old and one was a 15-year-old girl. the shooting happened on east 16th street. there are reports that a third person may always have been shot but they have not been able to locate a third victim. none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. new details tonight about a truck driver killed today in ha construction accident at the 49ers new stadium in santa
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clara. he's identified as 60-year-old edward irving lake jr. of vacaville. it is the second fatality at levi stadium in just four months. jana katsuyama is live and spoke to those who remember lake. >> reporter: friends tell me he was a very private man. he just liked to be called ed. and many are still in shock and can't believe that their close friend is gone. construction work came to a sudden stop at levi stadium just after 6:30 this morning. a delivery truck worker stopped to unload his truck when a pack of rebar fell on him. a spokeswoman says he had been
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their employee since march. stadium workers are stunned. >> we had a fellow coworker lose his life. i think that sank in really quick. and it's pretty emotional. >> reporter: emotional also for neighbors and close friends in vacaville where lake had lived in the same house for some 30 years. >> i'm just shocked. i really am. he was a good guy. >> reporter: lake lived with his girlfriend and their dogs. inside nobody wanted to talk. >> he was always there when you needed him. he would help you out in any way possible. >> reporter: tonight long time friends say the neighborhood will miss him very much. >> he was over here off for the holidays and things. very good man. very good man. very kind man. >> just pray to the good lord. i hope he didn't suffer.
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>> reporter: the cal osha investigation may take a few months. they plan to have a meeting for all of the workers tomorrow before the work site reopens. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now the 49ers released a statement today saying in parking lot, our sincerest thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and coworkers affected by this tragedy. donald white was struck by a counter el say weight in a shaft -- elevator weight in a shaft. white knew the elevator was in motion and he made the decision to stay where he was when he was struck. a worker was killed in
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minnesota while working on the new stadium. a tractor ran over him. an electrician while working on the cowboy stadium touched an electrical wire. and in 2002, an electrician was killed in detroit. the usgs say it is quake measured 7.1 it hit beneath the island of behol. four of those killed were said to be inside a fish market when the building collapsed in the city of se hu. there are also reports that other buildings were damaged by the quake and at least 23 people were injured. there's no tsunami warning tonight and none is
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anticipated. they saved the date during the last b.a.r.t. strike. but could a warning mean that the area is in for a double doze of trouble. the cool conditions tomorrow. how cold it will be. targeted for their tools. >> they took almost
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new at 10:00, police in benetia are working on a rash of of thefts that are causing businesses tens of thousands of dollars. heather holmes spoke to two owners who's trucks were just stolen. >> reporter: the owner of this truck just got his truck back. he was lucky, the tang was not that bad. >> we didn't think that we would be a target. >> not even a vessel of target would keep thieves from that i canning this truck. the truck vanished last monday it's just one in a series of thefts that police are investigating. >> f150f250 work type vehicles, and vans. >> reporter: those vehicles are being targeted because of the valuable tools often inside.
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just this morning, nicholas piano owner of all american elevator got a call from an employer saying that someone was speeding off with his truck. this is a picture of the vehicle later found abandoned. it had been completely stripped. you can see traps are the only thing keeping the doors closed. >> there were cleaning supplies they took. they took almost everything out of the truck with the exception of the a few small screws. >> reporter: this morning there were three vehicles stolen. that makes more than a dozen in just the past two months and they're happening all other the city. >> some have been taken from businesses. others have been taken from residents in the south hampton area and even on the east side of town. >> reporter: so far no arrests in any of the cases leaving business owners feeling vulnerable and victims
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frustrated. the owner of the business quickly put up camera. uc berkeley police are issuing a crime alert and urging students to put away their cell phones while walking around campus. the warning comes after three robberies and one attempted robbery on or near campus in just the past week. the most recent incident happened last night. police say two men approached the student while walking near moffet library. >> one produced a pistol or firearm. and pushed them down and took his cell phone. >> over the weekend a student reported being approached by three men who tried to grab his backpack near guenell hall. a woman was hit possibly with a gun by a man who stole her purse. a 19-year-old student had his
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backpack stolen. police are looking for a man who started a fire inside a wal-mart store in fair field. police released these surveillance photos. the store was evacuated and damage was limited. well it's not just b.a.r.t. workers who could go on strike. union workers at ac transit the bay area's third largest transit agency have also given notice they are prepared to go on strike as of thursday morning. commuters in the east bay could be left without both b.a.r.t. and bus service. ken wayne has the story. >> reporter: we're looking at the possibility of a 1-2 transit punch that could cripple much of the east bay if this latest strike threat goes through. thousands more commuters could be stranded. bus after bus rolling down broadway in downtown oakland tonight. but come midnight wednesday night all 700 buses in the ac
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transit system could grind to a halt leaving 181,000 daily passengers stuck. >> absolutely disastrous. total disaster. i live in alameda, i'm a paraplegic, to get from alameda any where is going to be difficult. >> reporter: local 181 has rejected two offers. the latest offer includes 3% in raises for each of three years but medical costs could rise as much as $280 a month. >> that's the biggest issue but of course you know there's other issues as well. >> one is driver safety. earlier this month shots were fired through the window of an ac transit bus on international boulevard in oakland. >> it's no secret that our members are subject to a lot of violence in the workplace. >> reporter: ac transit officials would not speak on camera but says their agency is reviewing the offer.
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this young lady has no idea how she's going to get to school on a bus. >> you go up 32nd but you go up the hill. >> that's 80 blocks. >> that's 82 blocks, up the hill. >> it might get me to start biking to work. maybe it's not a bad thing but it's going to be a bad thing for a lot of other people. >> we're well aware of their needs. we understand that most of our passengers are transit dependent. >> there are about 1,900 ac transit workers. union leaders say they are hoping to hear back from management to avoid a strike. but if they don't the buses will stop rolling at midnight thursday night. ken wayne. ac transit runs buses from fremont to richmond. along with transbay service in downtown san francisco. all of those commuters could be forced to find alternatives if
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ac transit workers walk off the job. twitters ipo is nearing and now there's word the san francisco company plans to raise more revenue by selling ads on other websites. twitter may use it own data to target and sell ads on other websites. twitter is looking for more ways to make money as the company is preparing to go public next month. the wall street journal reports that the los gatos company is negotiating with comcast and time warner to be included in their service areas. right now netflix users need to hook their tv sets up to the internet. netflix has already signed a similar deal in england with virgin media. it was cold out there this
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morning. it's going to be cold again tomorrow morning but not as cold. these are the current numbers, 51 in santa rosa. 58 in concord. so it's kind of warm actually. those are automated stations. temperatures temperatures have kind of warmed. 42 in santa rosa. 46 in vallejo. as you get going for your tuesday morning, pretty chilly. not as cold as this morning but pretty chilly. highs tomorrow are going to be in 70s and 80s. the colors are going to come in and you're going to see oranges are 70s. fire danger gets elevated. we'll talk specifically about that and the forecast specific for your neighborhood back here at 10:45. new evidence bay area home values are climbing. the part of the bay that's leading the way. plus a looming deadline in washington. the optimism tonight that there will be a deal to avoid a default. >> also the threat of a
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b.a.r.t. strike looming large at
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breaking news here, we want to take you live to downtown oakland outside the caltrans building. pete castelli here a union representative talking about the situation. >> to see if we can make progress. it rests in the district's hand s at this point. >> do you think you may on the final. >> we have, we did. it's comprehensive. it's in the district's hands. we're trying to honor the gag order so i'm trying not to talk about the movement we made. but we want people to know that we're still up there working. we wish we had a deal but
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unfortunately we don't. >> would you consider working through the night. >> at this point we're asking people to prepare for alternative transportation plans. we extended the deadline yesterday and right now we are bargaining but the strike deadline by the union given earlier still stand. >> so you're ready to drop. >> correct. >> how far are you right now? >> i can't really talk details. because we want to give the bargaining room room to talk. we do have the head of the united states mediation services is one of the mediators in the room so we're honoring that process. >> how does the federal mediator work? >> we think it shows the importance of this bargaining and how much people want to get an agreement and how much
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people want us to reach an agreement. but the deal has to be reached between the two parties. okay, sorry. thanks. >> well you heard -- go ahead deborah. >> reporter: that's okay. coming back live you just heard pete castelli he's the executive director of aciu. what he said is the unions have given b.a.r.t. a counter proposal and that b.a.r.t. is looking at it. they haven't gotten a response but everything seems to hinge on whether they can accept that counter proposal or take that counter proposal and work from there and find more compromise. we don't know how different this counter proposal is. how far apart it is from that final offer that b.a.r.t. made yesterday. but that was pete castelli giving us an update and telling
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continuing coverage now of the government shutdown. it is dragged on for two weeks. and the looming deadline to avoid a default is only three days away. the good news tonight, senate leaders are reporting progress. they say they are close to a deal to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. but house of representatives remains a question mark. mark emanuel reports tonight on the positive tone coming from one side of the capital. >> reporter: the bipartisan leaders of the senate say the conversation in recent days were heading to success in the final hours. >> we've made tremendous progress. we're not there yet but tremendous progress and everybody just needs to be patient. >> had a good day yesterday.
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had another good day today. i think it's safe to say we've made substantial progress and we're looking to making more progress in the e near future. >> reporter: reid's progress is a longer term deal so his side could fight the sequester cuts. boehner argued for doing something about debt. >> this will be the sixth time in just four years that the senate wants a ceiling increase and the amount they want is a million dollars a minute for the next year. >> reporter: but senators who have worked on trying to find a bipartisan deal sound upbeat. >> we're going to get this tone. i feel very confident that they have an outline of what they want. i think it's just putting the dates and times and things of that sort making sure it works for everyone procedurally. >> reporter: i'm told nine gop centers were unable to be there. so they will meet tuesday to
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go over the plan because as they told me, for a deal this big you want everybody in the room. the president visited a soup kitchen and while there he said that government must end the shutdown soon. >> that damage would be magnified if we don't make sure that the government is paying its bills and that has to be decided this week. the president was supposed to be with congressional leaders while he was at the soup kitchen. the markets moved higher on the renewed optimism from washington. the dow closed up 64 points after being down more than 100 points earlier. the nasdaq added 23. the u.s. supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments in a case that could impact california. the case before the justices
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dealing with michigan's ban. california voters passed proposition 209. it also bans affirmative action in college admissions. the question before the court is whether voter initialtives can discriminatory. home prices are rising and silican valley is leading the way. santa clara county saw 8.3% growth in residential and commercial property for the current tax year. santa clara county's assessor larry stone says jobs are helping that issue. napa and alameda county saw 5% increases. gains were smaller in marin,
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solano and san francisco count tips. the b.a.r.t. negotiations are still under way in downtown oakland at this hour. b.a.r.t. plans to offer limited bus service between the east bay and san francisco in the event of a strike tomorrow. it says it will have 200 charter buses that's about double the number it hired during the july strike. b.a.r.t. estimates the buses can only accommodate 6,000 passengers a day. the buses will pick up people at nine different b.a.r.t. stations in the east bay. we highlighted them on this map for you. the buses will pick up riders between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. and drop them off near the terminal in san francisco. the return trips for the city are set for 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. b.a.r.t. is also suggesting that commuters try alternatives as we mentioned earlier. many plan to telecommute or work from home. another is to change your work schedule so you can travel during off peak hours. car pooling is also an option.
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caltrans is extending car pool hours in the event of a strike. many people will be hopping in their cars in the event of a strike and that will likely create major traffic problems. the california highway patrol is anticipating heavier traffic and says every available officer will be working to keep things moving as we just mentioned car pool lane restrictions will be extended and enforced for much of the day from 5:00 in the morning until 7:00 -- 7:00 at night. at you will find a dedicated sixth to help you get around including transit schedules and live drive time traffic. our coverage is set to begin at 4:00 a.m. british security officials say they thwarted plans for a large scale terrorist attack with the arrest of four men.
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the four are thought to have set up a plot just like the one in nairobi. the libyan al-qaida suspect seized in tripoli nine days ago is now in an american jail. anas al-liby is expected to be arranged tomorrow. he is reportedly sick suffering from hepatitis c. he was questioned before being transferred to new york on saturday. today's paper was the last under that name. tomorrow it will become the international new york times. the times has owned it for 10 years and is now rebranding the paper.
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its printed in about 135 countries and for the first week the web version will be free. taking testing for people in a bubble. >> include critical thinking. >> what they hope will prepare students for college. >> how long we'll experience elevated fire danger. >> in two minutes
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new at 10:00, work now in progress on the new eastern span. caltrans took us underneath the roadway late tonight.
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you may recall the saddles became necessary. >> eventually this fix will provide the exact same clamping force to hold the clamps in place. >> what you're looking at right now are the saddles under the westbound lanes. workers still have to install steel tendons or cables cables essentially to hold them in place. caltrans expects to have the entire job complete by december. genentech plans to open up 300 jobs. it's part of a larger $880 million effort by genentech swift parent roash to swish products in germany.
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a pedestrian was struck and killed on caltrans tracks in menlo park late this afternoon. it happened at the crossing shortly before 4:30. a caltrans spokesperson says trains were stopped then single tracked around the scene in menlo park causing delays for riders. so far no information has been released about the person who was killed. breaking news now from los angeles. a second dry ice device has been found at l.a.x. in just the last 24 hours. we want to show you pictures of the los angeles bomb squad at the tom bradley terminal. three bottles with dry ice were found in a restricted area at about 8:30 tonight. they also say they don't believe this is a terrorist act. about 7:00 last night, a plastic bottle exploded in a men's restroom. no one was hurt. the coast guard is
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investigating the drowning of a 6-year-old boy. the boy drowned at the pool deck during the fourth day of a tour. the drowning appears to be accidental but it's prompting debate on whether cruise lines should be required to have life guards. some big thieves caught in the act. three times in just two weeks near tahoe. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a shift in our weather. in five minutes what we can expect for the
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during a visit to the bay area today california schools chief tom torlechson talked about the day's shift to common core curriculum. it's the new way of teaching. the goal is to produce more
11:45 pm
engineers, scientists and college ready kids. one of the biggest changes is throwing out the old s.t.a.a.r. test. all kids under common core will take tests on computers, starting in march as part of a pilot program involving three million students. >> 21st century learning skills include critical thinking. not so much the multiple choice tests but hands on learning and critical thinking. torlakson says that millions of the dollars in education funding is at risk. bear trouble in tahoe is something people there are accustomed to. however this fall hungry bears are doing more than just breaking into homes. as mallory huff tells us now, they're also locking themselves in places they shouldn't be.
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>> reporter: a 300-pound bear fogged up windows in this car. this time officers caught it all on tape. the neighbor who called police describe what he saw. >> dome light, flashing, vehicle rocking. all the windows were fogged up. >> reporter: he said he wanted to check up the situation up close. >> so i walked up to the driver's side door. so as i did that the bear head butted the window. the window came like 2-inches off the frame i'm surprised it didn't break. >> reporter: it wasn't until morning that the owners learned what had taken place. >> there was a message on my business voice mail saying that a bear had gotten into our car. >> reporter: this photo shows the inside of a toyota after a bear wandered inside. there's the bear. a similar description of the mess left behind. >> the material on the roof was
11:47 pm
torn up. all the side panels, the plastic was all torn up. >> reporter: it's the wrath of a black bear that was likely in search of food. >> it's toward the end of the season. it's a fairly dry winter last year so they're looking for food. and they're trying to pack on the calories before it's nap time. >> reporter: as to how the bear got into the suv in the first place. >> bears can manipulate the car door. >> reporter: in truckee, mallory huff. state water managers are warning californians about low water level in reservoirs and the need to converge. another dry winter could result in hand -- mandatory cut backs next year. they say, the low water should
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bring attention on the need to conserve. with the help of volunteers, the park has been produced up. the picnic area is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset. a nice warm day out there it's been a nice run of weather. the weekend is beautiful. these are the highs recorded today. we had some 80s. you have an 80 in livermore. everyone else upper 70s. highs tomorrow they're a little warmer than these or very similar. you see what's going on here as you look at the high pressure kind of, you can't see it but where there's no clouds is where the bank is pushing it offshore. the wind are slightly offshore. that's good because it keeps the fire danger from being horrible at this time of year. the last think you need is offshore wind.
11:49 pm
we have an offshore flow. calm winds in napa kind of out of the south. the winds are very light. north in novato, north in oakland. we're not seeing the strong gusty fire wind which is good. more warmth or this high pressure stays with us right through the week. the peak of temperatures will be on wednesday. wednesday it warms up as this high pressure intensifies. thursday, friday the highs stick around a little bit. these are subtle changes. fire danger does elevate a little bit in the evening hours especially tonight and tomorrow morning. we're talking wind up there if they get going 15 to 20 miles per hour and that will be a really big deal. i'm not sure if they will blow strong tonight at all. 80 in napa, 82 in vacaville. these are the daytime highs for
11:50 pm
your tuesday. lots of 80s. warmer than today and more than you saw. we saw lots of 70s and we'll see more 80s tomorrow. a little warmer on wednesday. 80 in s era toga. it's not hot but it is nice. off the coast no fog. so it's 70s. in pacifica 70s in point ray. it shapes up like this, warmer, warm and a little bit slight down trend. bay area weekend in view slightly cooler. not a lot of changes. it's good because we're not looking at a big bumpy high fire situation. this pattern can be really dangerous. the pattern is in place but it's a weak signature of an offshore flow. so it's not enough to create advisories and warnings. >> once you get the fire danger out of the way. october is a great month. >> beautiful weather. >> great week ahead. macy says it's opening friday night to get an early
11:51 pm
start. it plans to open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving and stay open all night long. toys r' us was the first to open on thanksgiving a couple of years ago. since then target, wal-mart, sears and k mart have followed suit. retailers say this gives people a time to shop after family gathers on the holiday. it was the annual pumpkin weigh off. the heaviest pumpkin in contest history. the heaviest pumpkin weighed 1,300-pound. >> i'm kaepernicking. probably the only time i will do that in my life. >> way to go gary. you can see the heaviest pumpkin at the half-moon bay and article festival. >> that was a good one.
11:52 pm
mark is here with sports. nlcs, dodgers back in it. >> you have to have pitching and there's been plenty of it. how about nine runs between both these teams in three games. really didn't look good for them for the cardinals top gun wanewright going tonight. but wayne wright would like what he says. that will score mark ellis who had a double proceeding him. gonzalez has got himself a double and he's pretty pumped up. 1-0. puig very excited about the fact that he almost hit the ball out of the yard. he thought it was gone. a little show boating but he still winds up with an rbi triple and as it turns out the dodgers have plenty of offense in the third. ramirez playing with bad ribs. carl crawford will wheel it
11:53 pm
around and beat the relay, molina the tag a little bit late. the replay bore that out, it was a good call. cards are hitting . .134 as a team. still leading the series. just one touchdown in the monday night football game. the only touchdown of the evening would be out of the right arm of rivers as they will thread it to cal product keenan allen had himself a night. and that touchdown the colts they top luck passes all night long but san diego hangs on to a victory 19-9. change the pace a bit when we come back. the warriors
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this kenmore elite dueluggle temperature double oven,? exclusively from sears, can help. impressive! and so is kenmore elite ranking highest in customer satisfaction. this is sears.
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in a far away time, warriors doing the best to represent the nba in china and get a little sleep some where along the line. golden state conducting a few clinics for the youngsters. interacting with fans who have
11:57 pm
a voracious appetite for hoops. and trying to get some practice before the first of two with the lakers starting tomorrow. >> probably approaching mid- night our time. and your clock is all wrong. you know we're going to have fun here while we're here. and then continue to prepare for the first game of the season. grinding it out will probably be the optimum phrase for the cardinals. a hard nocturne overcreating defense and an opportunist offense. the key sunday, 18 play, 89- yard drive to drain 9-1/2 minutes off the clock that assured the victory. >> i think it's big for us. our defense had been on the field for quite some time. we definitely felt they needed a break. they got the turn over and it was a such -- situation where we were able to put the game
11:58 pm
away. >> and that they did. that's the sporting life for a monday night. three straight wins for the niners. >> mark, thank you. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. >> live pictures from downtown ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition.
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welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at >> today on "tmz" -- >> charlie hunnam bails on the of his career and yet he's still the best man. >> not for "fifty shades of grey" apparently, though. >> maybe he had a really small wiener and they didn't know that. >> heidi and seal hanging out over the weekend. they go to say goodbye, double cheek kiss. >> how could you do both cheeks? >> double cheek kiss. th


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