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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 22, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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♪ wish you didn't have to go ♪ no, no, no, no -- captions by vitac -- complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's tuesday, october 22nd. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. the closure of one pediatric unit in an east bay hospital is catching patients and parents off guard. the date for the closure is suddenly being pushed up, and hospital workers are having to scramble. it is our top story at 7:00. paul chambers live in hayward with exclusive details about what's left parents struggling to find care for their children. paul. >> gasia, nurses here at kaiser claim they thought the hospital was closing late next year, but a couple last month they were
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told it's actually closing in a couple of weeks. next year, the kaiser in hayward is slated to be closed as the hospital moves to its new state of the art facility in san leandro. the 20-bed pediatric unit will not be relocated. >> it's really upsetting. >> days after she was born, john green's daughter chloe was treated her for severe case of jaundice but now that hayward brafrnl is closing, he feels the hospital is leaving those who need them the most. >> if there was another problem, we'd have to be driving 45 minutes away. so on top of having a sick child, the stress of commuting, the stress of finding accommodations, of babysitting, of taking time off work is horrible. >> the closure means parents want to take their children to either roseville, oakland or santa clara for in-patient treatment, something nurses knew was a possibility but thought was not happening until next year. >> on october 16th, they came up and told us that they were closing our unit on november 17th of this year. >> we've never mentioned the transition in the combination of
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our in patient pediatric unit with the center of excellence other in kaiser oakland. >> kaiser officials say hayward pediatric unit sees on average fewer than four patients each day so it makes more stoens centralize treatment in oakland. >> weal have much better service available at our oakland facility because we'll have pediatric specialists and sub specialists and the latest technology available for our pediatric patients. >> kaiser says it will still provide children outpatient care in its medical offices in hayward even after its main hospital closes. live in hay regard, paul cham bers, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco park worker accused of running over a woman as she was sunbathing at holli park was booked on felony vehicular manslaughter and hit and run this afternoon. struck and killed christine as she sat in the park with her 11 month old daughter on september 5th. his attorney calls it a tragic accident. burnoski is being held on
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$350,000 bail. governor jerry brown is asking for a 60-day cooling off period that should head off a threat and strike by ac transit bus drivers. alameda county superior court judge is slated to hear the request tomorrow morning. today an advisory board found a strike would seriously disrupt public transportation and arm public safety. if the judge agrees with the board's findings, it would prevent the union from going on strike for the next 60 days. happening now, bart trains are up and run wg no delays being reported at this hour. bart employees returned to work this morning ending a bitter four-day strike. while bart said service would start as early as 4:00 a.m., many stations didn't open until 6:00 a.m.. bart said it just didn't have enough workers in place to start service. we saw frustrated riders leaving the station after realizing that there were no trains coming. delays stretched about 30 to 45 minutes this morning. commuters could also opt for bart's free charter bus service. many people decided to bypass bart and drive to work. this morning we saw extremely
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heavy traffic heading into the bay. at about 5:00 tonight, highway 101 in san francisco heading toward the bridge in the middle of the screen there was at a crawl, almost back to the 280 split. the two bart unions providing workers with details of the tentative agreement and the vote is planned for monday or tuesday of next week. at this point, we've learned the deal with the transit union includes a 13% salary increase over the next four years. that's 1% above the last offer. workers would contribute 4% to their pension, and $4 years. that's 1% above the last offer. workers would contribute 4% to their pension, and they'd pay a month more medical benefits. another issue that kept the two sides apart was safety. >> they have been met in a way that i can live with and that i think our members can live with. >> one safety provision in the new contract provides bullet-proof glass for station ajents at 15 bart stations. in addition, life insurance would double to twice an employee's pay. one lingering question tonight is what can be done to keep a strike from happening
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again. our coverage continues now with john fowler and a warning from lawmakers. >> the strike may be over, but the acrimony certainly will linger, and now there's a warning for bart. >> the people of this region are not going to put up with this again. they will move forward legislatively or otherwise, to disband an agency that cannot effectively govern itself. >> lieutenant governor told me late today that new agreement calls for a labor management committee to try to diffuse issues before they blow up. >> we like to see the legislature solve this problem. that's what we expect. that's what they're there to do. >> these contra costa county elected officials today urged sacramento to outlaw bart strikes. >> we don't have to throw out the baby with the bath water. >> san francisco labor counsel head tim paulson satd such a ban won't fly. >> this strike was avoidable, and the workers got pushed into a strike. i want to be clear about that. >> that sentiment echoed by two other neutral sources i spoke with today who told me bart appeared willing to tolerate a
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strike, that the public would blame union and may call for a future strike band. san francisco state labor expert who also sat in on the talks told me these were the quote, most dysfunctional sector labor negotiations possibly in state history. he's calling for a board of inquiry into what went wrong. new some says these mistakes simply cannot be repeated. that grass roots movement to ban transit strikes today acknowledged that legislatures likely will not act immediately but say if the lawmakers dawdle, they will go directly to voters. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, bart officials say the numbers are still being tallied, but the earliest mat for loss of service is $8.4 million per week. the two strikes added up to a total of eight days. the free buses bart used cost another $200,000 a day. even though the agency saved $4 million per week in unpaid wages, it still lost millions in dollars. >> go to for more coverage.
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you'll find the link under hot topics. this afternoon, federal investigators said they plan to reenact the accident that kill add bart employee and a contractor on the tracks near walnut creek this past week ebd. the ntsb learned the lights, horn and brakes were all functioning on the train when it struck the two men saturday. agency also said the two men on the right of way were required to remain together, and one was to be designated as a lookout. >> the designation of the lookout is determined during the job briefing, and a plan is also discussed on how and where to move into the clear of any oncoming trains or other equipment operating on either tracks. >> the ntsb says the accident reenactment will happen between noon and 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. bart says it will run shuttle buses every 15 minutes between lafayette and pleasant hill stations during that time. new at 7:00, the sonoma county sheriff's office is investigating a shooting south of santa rosa involving one of its deputies. we just got this video into our news room.
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officials tell the press democrat that deputies spotted a man carrying what looked like a handgun and rifle near morland and west robles avenue. deputies tried to contact the man, then one deputy shot him. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. today authorities reveal add 12-year-old opened fire at a middle school in sparks, nevada brought the weapon from home. police say the 7th grader used a 9 millimeter semiautomatic handgun to kill a teacher and wound two other students before killing himself. police say the boy's parents are cooperating but could face charges in this case. so far, the boy's name has not been released. some tense moments at a vallejo elementary school this morning when shots were fired in a field next to the campus. elementary on oak wood avenue went on lockdown about 11:00 this morning. a cal fire crew was work in the field when they spotted people shooting at a target. no one was injured, and no arrests were made. the lockdown was lifted just afternoon nooven.
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prompted a new battle with police union. the city's dealing with a dwindling number of officer s and decided to move 17 fraufrs background check duty to street patrol. the department wants to hire retired police officers to do those background checks, but the police union feels the jobs should go to active duty officers and sent letters to retired officers asking them to refuse the work. the situation has angered city leaders. >> it'll make it more difficult for us to do backgrounds on the new recruits. it may slow down the recruiting, and that's going to undermine the department. >> the police department has now put five full-time officers on background check duty and hopes to find about a dozen retired officer who will accept the work despite opposition from the union. the site of a san francisco mcdonald's could be the site of a new jail. the board of supervisors voted today to support sheriff ross mirkarimi's plan to apply for $80 million state grant. he wants to use it to build a 640-bed jail next to the hal of justice. sheriff mirkarimi says the current jail at the hal of
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justice is old and seismicly unsafe. opponents say the grant should instead be used to fund programs to help reduce the jail population. fog has hampered efforts to search for a missing diver off the sonoma county coast. authorities say the man's wife reported him missing at about 4:00 p.m. yesterday in south point state park. today state park divers and the sonoma county sheriff's office resumed the search at oobt 8:00 a.m. but a helicopter was ground dude to fog. at this time next year, the blue angels should be returning to san francisco. the navy announced the precision jets will perform over the bay next year as part of fleet week, though other activities will be scaled back. the blue angels scrubbed shows nationwide this year as part of the sequestration cuts back in april. water front merchants said they took a big financial hit from that cancellation. apple's newest tablet has dash of nike in its name, but will it bring new customers to cupertino? i do believe there's
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american football team taking place there. >> the san francisco 49ers invade london. the buzz from fans on both sides of the pond. outside our doors, temperatures are falling, and the fog is returning. coming up, where it will be at its worst and what you can expect to start your morning as well as tomorrow afternoon.
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the couple lifg in a san rafael home severely damaged by fire this morning was reportedly set to be evicted today. crews were called to the home at 7 sea view avenue near mission at about 2:30 this morning. the two-alarm fire was under control about 4:00 a.m. but caused heavy damage to that 3900 square foot home. authorities say they have now located the couple reported missing earlier today. the u.s. labor department issued september jobs report today and fell short of
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expectations. employers added 148,000 jobs last month. analysts had expected the number to be closer to 180,000. still the unemployment rate dropped one tenth to 7.2%. this report was delayed by more than two weeks because of the government shutdown. on wall street, the market posted gains. the dow was up 79 points. s & p 500 set its fourth-consecutive record close by adding ten points. analysts say the slower than expected job growth should keep the federal reserve stimulus program going. apple unveiled its next generation tablet computers at an event in san francisco today. as karen reports, while the ipad air and updated ipad mini probably aren't game changers, there's still a huge untapped market. >> apple has hit refresh on its tablets for the first time in a year. the result is the lighter, thinner ipad air. >> ipad is delivering a new vision for mobile computing unlike anything that has come before. >> the ipad air weighs just one
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pound, down from 1.4. the screen remains the same at 9.7 inches. the processing chip faster, the same as in the iphone 5s. an updated ipad mini will have that same chip plus the retina display of the bigger model. they still lead in the tablet market, but apple's share has been slipping as others enter the mix. still, tech watch believes there's room to maneuver. >> the tablet mark set still a lot less saturated than the smart phone mark society there's a lot of opportunity there. >> recent stats found only 35% of americans 16 and older own a tablet leaving plenty of first-time buyers ripe for picking. >> we know the apple's platform generally tends to be stickier and people usually stay in it more than they do other platforms. >> some apple users say it would take more than tuesday's incremental improvements to get them to upgrade. >> i don't even know what i would want in addition to what i've already got. >> if there were some kind of capabilities that were far and
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above what i currently have with my current ipad. >> unlike the iphone 5 reveal, there is no low-cost option with the new ipad. the ipad air starting at $499 hits stores november 1st. the new ipad mini starting at 399 later in november in time for the holidays. karen, ktvu channel 2 news. investors mostly shrugged off today's apple unveiling. shares finished just a hair lower. mexico's top diplomat says the u.s. promised investigation into alleged surveillance of e-mails by the current and former mexican president. german magazine first reported on claims the u.s. national security agency hacked into the e-mail account of the former president of mexico and current president before he was elected. the mexican secretary of foreign affairs called the allegations, if true, an abuse of trust. for the first time, a clear majority of americans say they favor legalization of marijuana according to a new gallup poll. the nationwide survey found 58% of americans support
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legalization. that number reached 50% two years ago. gallup says factors leading to increase support may include the fact that colorado and washington decriminalized use of the drug. 38% of americans now say they have tried marijuana themselves. the white house is asking the long-time advisor to help work out the bugs in the national healthcare web site. jeffrey joined the white house in 2009 and is named to take over a chief economic advisor next year. the site has been plagued with glitches since it launched october 1st but consumers can also call in, register by mail or do so in person. walnut creek is hoping to raise money to build a new playground that would serve all children, including those who are physically handicapped. the playground is expected to cost $950,000. most of that money is covered through bond money and developer fees. walnut creek says another $100,000 is still needed. the city is now asking for donations so it could turn the proposal into reality.
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the san francisco 49ers are in london this week to face the jacksonville jaguars on sunday. the players are ambassadors for the nfl hoping to introduce the u.s. game to brits. our own joe fonzi is along with that trip and spent this day meeting londoners, some of whom are ready for some football. >> nearly every corner in london can look like something that should be the subject of a postcard. the city is ready for the nfl, but the residents really know what's coming on sunday? >> i don't have any idea. >> the nfl. >> who's playing? >> vikings, the 49ers, is it? >> i do believe there's an american football game taking place there. >> it takes a little digging, but it is possible to find a 49er fan or two on the streets. >> we're pretty xietd to be here and represent the bay area. >> there was a line around the block to get into the nfl's featured event of the night. no shortage of 49er gear in london's nike town, but an event
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mostly centered around the jacksonville jaguars. the 49ers were represented by bryant young, a member of san francisco's last super bowl championship team and three-time super bowl winner guy mcintire. and they were outnumbered, but there were 49er fans. >> the last couple of years, i started to watch football again. i just enjoyed watching the niners. i really enjoyed kaepernick, and it's kind of gone from there. >> this was an off day from the 49ers who begin practice from their facility tomorrow. right now all the unique aspects of this game are the last thing from their mind. they just want to continue their win streak to five games before the bye week. on a rainy evening in london, joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can join us in following joe fonzi throughout his trip to london. he's posting updates on his twriter page. you can also search hashtag ktvuinlondon. oakland's andre ward talked
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to the media today. the world's super middle weight champion has been sidelined by a shoulder injury the past year. he's making a big comeback next month in southern california. and giants fans, the freak will be back. the san francisco giants today agreed to a two-year deal with tim lincecum locking him in through 22015 season. the deal is valued at $35 million. a second ago we saw joe fonzi holding umbrella with rain and fog all around. >> we could use the rain. october has been bone dry. we were talking about it yesterday. if we end the month with no rain, it'll be the first time since 1980 san francisco has not seen a drop of rain in october. doesn't look like we're actually going to get that rain. a look at what's happening outside here. now, still a pretty broad span. temperatures 50 degrees. take a look at livermore. 72 outside your door. still a mild evening. most of us now sinking back into
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the 50s. 52 novato. 51 san francisco. 54 degrees oakland. we do have the low clouds and fog returning from the coast inside the bay, and by morning time, i expect our bay side communities will be with low clouds once again. over parts of the north bay in addition to that fog moving in from the coast, we also have a ground fog forming, and we have a dense fog advisory for the north bay valley locations. it starts tonight. it's going to last until tomorrow morning, 11:00 in the morning so it's going to be thick, and it's going to be tough to see. santa rosa, down into petaluma as well as novato you'll have it tomorrow morning. sonoma, st. helena into napa, and i'll do one last shift because notice it's all the way through san rafael all the way into tiburon. expect very thick fog, visibility down to about a quarter mile in some cases and, again, will make it tough to drive. outside of that, we will have low clouds and fog inside the bay as well as along the coastline. temperatures just as cool as how we started this morning. 45 for san rafael tomorrow.
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48 in vallejo. 46 in hayward. 52 mountain view into the north bay temperatures in the low-to-mid 40s. once again upper 40s along the coastline. afternoon highs for tomorrow a near repeat of today. widespread 70s to low 80s for inland communities. upper 065s around the bay. 67 for oakland as well as hayward. 74. san jose. 75 cupertino. along the peninsula, 70 redwood city. 63 san francisco. the extended forecast here not a lot of change going on. temperatures will slip just slightly as we get into thursday/friday and then bounce back in time for your weekend. gasia. >> rosemary, thank you. a high surf advisory was lifted just about two hours ago. here's a look at some of the big waefs we saw today off santa cruz. the large swell was motivation for surfers to suit up. strong rip currents prompt it had snashl weather service to issue high surf advisory from santa cruz up to marin it is more than a step backwards.
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now, trying to get the tribute that included a walk on the moon. and there's gold in them trees. how one kind of trees, some call a bay area nuisance, may actually be the key to hidden treasure. i love watching tv outside.
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now, trending at, watch your screen as one of the
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nation's best marching bands takes on michael jackson to the sounds of billy jean. the ohio state marching band forms a moon walking michael complete with white gloves. this video was taken saturday. already it has nearly 3 million views so far. it is amazing to watch, and if you'd like to see it again, you'll see the entire routine on our web site when you're there, just look under hot topics. we're getting a look at last night's over-the-toch celebrity proposal at at&t park. you see the big screen here flashes the proposal, "please marry me." friends and family were watching. and then kim kardashian tweeted this picture of her 15-karat ring. the cum -- couple were here in the bay area because west has a show tomorrow night. scientists in australia say a study of yuk lip tus trees
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found trees containing small particles of gold in their cells. the scientists say the findings could help miners locate untapped veins of that precious metal thank you for making ktvu your choisz for news. our coverage continues with 10:00 news. tmz is up next right here on tv 36.
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>> today on "tmz." kanye committed and got engaged to kim. he went over the top to do this. he flew kim kardashian in on a private jet to san francisco, blindfold told her. it's her birthday. it's the perfect cover. >> now she gets to keep the ring if she breaks up. i saw it on judge judy. true. it's >> farrah abraham. >> she may have found true love. >> she is out walking around in orlando park with her new boyfriend. he's a dj >> he loves her big brown eyes. >> that's funny. >> pauly d has a k


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