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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 1, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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many. -- you can see the gun before a man opens fire. it triggered a stampede of travelers rushing to safety. >> we've had a multiple of people that have been shot and have been transported. good evening i'm frank
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somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. new information is being released about the situation at l.a.x. the gunman seemed to be specifically targeting tsa arguments. they say he pulled an ar15 assault rifle from his carry on bag and police say they later found anti government writings in that bag. new developments tonight about what happened inside terminal three in ktvu's jana katsuyama. >> reporter: l.a.x. is the nation'd third busiest airport. and police say censia just walked in and started shooting. one passenger caught the chaos on their cell phone. one moment it's calm. then suddenly. >> on the floor, on the floor now. on the floor. >> reporter: passengers ran and scramblinged to get away from the gunman in l.a.x.'s terminal three. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: people were running, being knocked down and
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there was luggage everywhere and mayhem. >> reporter: l.a.x. pd say the gunman walked into the terminal and pulled a semi automatic rifle out of his bag. >> he proceeded up into the screening area where tsa screeners are. and continued shooting. >> reporter: victims were rushed into ambulances, officials say at least two tsa agents were hit. one of them died from gunshot wounds to his chest and abdomen. passengers tried to escape any way they could some heading directly on to the tarmac. others hiding in bathrooms. one man saw the suspect with the gun. >> it was just a long rifle. he was you know what struck me is how calm he was walking around. >> reporter: witnesses say the gunman asked people whether they were tsa agents passing by without shooting if they said no. police say they followed the gunman into the terminal and after exchanging fire they took him into custody. one official not authorized to speak publicly said paul siansia was wearing fatigues and had a bag with a note that
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said he quote wanted to kill tsa and pigs. all day terminal three was shut down. planes were delayed, flights cancelled. and thousands of passengers were left trudging down closed streets with luggage. others left stranded not knowing what to do. >> they were more than 100 more rounds that could have literally killed everybody in that terminal today. without further action there could have been a lot further damage. >> reporter: officials say the gunman was taken to a hospital but they're not releasing his condition tonight reu ár. we know the suspects gunman lived in los angeles or in the area, what else have you been able to learn about his background. >> reporter: officials are saying he is originally from new jersey. police there visited his family's house. they said his father was concerned because ciansia had sent them a text message last week saying he was prepared to died. that information is likely to be a very key piece of evidence
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as investigators move forward. >> all right, so much more to unfold in this situation. jana thank you very much. late tonight the tsa identified the officer killed at l.a.x. he is the first screening killed in the line out of duty. gerardo hernandez was 39 years old. he was a father of two. he was working as a behavior detection officer and responsible for spotting suspicious activity. in addition to hernandez, at least one other tsa screener was shot and wounded. officials say a total of seven people were injured but it's unclear if that number includes the gunman. the shooting at l.a.x. disrupted thousands of flights across the country including flights at all three bay area airports and right now travelers are still being impacted. our team coverage continues now with ktvu's maureen naylor. she is at manetta international
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airport. >> reporter: tonight this bus headed to l.a. is plan b. for a large group of high school musicians from thailand who never thought they along with their instruments would end up in san jose. >> we didn't think that we would fly here but it's a good opportunity of us that we fly to san jose. >> reporter: the group's leader told us many parents back home in bangkok are worried about the teenagers. >> have you been able to e-mail them or call them? >> no. >> reporter: you think they're worried about you? >> yes. >> reporter: fresh off this award winning concert performance in new york, the orchestra was headed to l.a.x. before their virgin america flight was diverted here. it took three charter buses to accommodate all passengers from that one diverted flight. but this new york man considers himself fortunate to be in this
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predictment. >> i actually was supposed to catch an earlier flight and i fell asleep at the gate. so i was supposed to be at that terminal at that time. >> reporter: rebooking this evening proved difficult. some were told no flights available any where in the l.a. area tonight. >> so my only option is to try to book a flight tomorrow. basically. there's one option they gave me which was to fly to san diego and try to take a train out, but i'm trying to avoid that as much as possible right now. >> maureen tells us the bus carrying the high school orchestra from thailand finally left tonight and should arrive in l.a. sometime after midnight which is more than eight hours after they were supposed to arrive. more details now it is of course illegal to carry weapons on to planes but even so, the tsa reports a growing number of passengers are trying to board flights with guns whether knowingly or not.
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from january to june of this year screeners discovered 845 weapons that's a 30% increase from the same time period last year. in all of 2012, the tsa found more than 215 guns. that number has more than doubled in the past eight years. the tsa or transportation security association is part of homeland security. it was created to secure transportation systems. there are 3,000 tsa agents working all across the country. we'll get a live update from lax and the data of thousands of passengers still stranded there. and at 10:45 the front lines of airline security in the area. tsa agents without weapons to protect themselves or passengers. new at 10:00, police in
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oakland arrested a man following a brief break. it happened this morning when officers responded to reports of a man who appeared to have a weapon near second street. police say they chased the man into a field near laney college where they were able to take him into custody without incident. officers say they did recover a weapon but at this hour, investigators still have not confirmed if it's a real gun or a replica. there are new developments tonight in the case of a santa rosa teenager. the parents of andy lopez say they plan to file a suit monday. they claim the officer shot and killed the teenager without a cause. the boy was carrying a bb gun that resembled a weapon. only on 2 tonight,
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california lieutenant governor gavin newsom explains his support of one of the few hot issues on next tuesday's election ballot. san francisco's proposition b would allow a developer to build two high end condo buildings at eight washington street at the embarcadero -- embarcadero. ktvu spoke exclusively with the lieutenant governor on the plan that will change the look of the embarcadero. >> reporter: gavin newsom met with us. he told us he was familiar of the project since he was a mayor. >> as a former mayor, i don't think it's right to pull up the rug from a process that was open, that was inclusive. >> lower facing on the embarcadero. >> reporter: a spokesman for yes on b showed us this model of the residential building
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also known as eight washington. newsom said it won proposal eight years ago. newsom says another high rise will take away life. >> this playground has almost never sunlight, it's always dark and gray and always against a huge buildings. i don't like they put new buildings here. >> reporter: but supporters say prop b will provide more open space including another playground and open up streets that currently are closed to water access. >> reporter: michelle myers with the sierra club opposing prop b she says it opened the door to five other development projects proposed. newsom says it's time to welcome change that he says
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will improve the waterfront. >> this was a site that wasn't supposed to look like this in perpetuity. >> reporter: both the yes and no on prop b campaigns plan to hold last minute get out the vote rallies tomorrow. reporting live here in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and happening now, the ballots are being counted after union workers voted on a new contract offer. we're expecting to learn the results a little later on tonight. b.a.r.t. own largest unions voted on a tentative agreement today if they vote to ratify the b.a.r.t. board of directors would sign off on the deal. we will bring you the result just as soon as we get it. an 11-year-old boy held up at gunpoint on his way to school. >> shocking. >> the troubling detailed we learned about the robber. a wind advisory around parts of the bay area. the areas that could wake up to
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gusts to 30 miles per hour. >> in 90
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we have new video to show you of a fire at an apartment complex in the lake merit area of oakland. a ktvu viewer sent us these pictures of firefighters working to put out the flames on lake shore and hanover avenue about 5:00 this evening.
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firefighters say it started in the rooftop penthouse and was quickly brought under control. investigators now are working to figure out what caused it. now to our continuing coverage of a car fire today in the caldecott tunnel. several people were sent to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation while the accident caused traffic back ups. >> we spoke to travelers and they told us how smock -- smoky it got. >> reporter: this video we obtained looks what it looked like inside the caldecott tunnel this morning. all trying to escape a fire inside. >> we got everybody out of the cars and out of the tunnel as fast as we could. >> reporter: as people walked out of the tunnel to safety you could still see the smoke
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rolling out behind them. oakland fires says just before 10:00 this morning, a call came in that a fire was on fire. the exact cause still unknown. but the heavy smoke is the reason firefighters had to carry seven people to the hospital. many were children who were carried out by their parents. >> many people inside the tunnel suffered smoke inhalation. they're being transported to the hospital in precaution. >> i just need to go back to san francisco. i've given a ride to my friend so i need to go back. >> reporter: acrew was on his way to a doctors's appointment. >> i'm actually ahead of everybody so i can see the tunnel from here and all the ambulances but, now i'm kind of like stuck because i can see it's closed. >> reporter: now everybody was back to normal by 11:30, as for
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those abandoned cars. caltrans towed them to a safe location for their owners to pick them up. for some today's fire in the coldecott brought back memories of a fire. that fire ended up killing seven people and prompted a series of safety features including a ventilation feature that helped clear the smoke in this morning's fire. >> we needed to get the smoke to blow in a different direction instead of toward the people. >> reporter: the fire prompted external warning signs. the lessons learned in that disaster also helped create the state of the art fourth bore of the coldecott which is set to open in just a few weeks. ktvu has obtained 911 calls from a nursing home that was
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left to fend on its own. >> is she awake? >> yes she's awake. >> is she breathing? >> yes she's breathing. >> reporter: more than a dozen patients were left in the n ursing home by the owner when the license was revoked. only a cook and janitor remained to look after them. firefighters eventually made the discovery. a judge has released video showing what some argue is mistreatment of mentally ill patients. the video shows correctional officers using pepper spray against the inmates. the corrections department admits using pepper spray on noncompliant prisoners but says it is always a last resort. there are calls for change in sonoma county tonight after two boys were hit by a car on halloween night in the same crosswalk where a woman was killed just a few months ago.
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ktvu's deborah villalon is back now in the town of clover dale where the accidents happened and she tells us one of the boys was hit while trick or treating last night is awaiting surgery on two broken legs, deborah. >> reporter: that's right julie. this is where it happened. the crosswalk where the boy and his cousin were hit. and when we turn our light off you can see how dim it is. residents call it a big problem in this small town. a crosswalk on the main thoroughfare where drivers don't see pedestrians until they're almost on them. >> and we need a stoplight in here. or more light because look at the lights. they are terrible. >> reporter: and it was under these lights a group of kids trick or treating crossed last night and two boys were hit by a small pickup. 12-year-old enrique andrade suffered two broken legs and will have surgery tomorrow at
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children's hospital in oakland. his 13-year-old cousin suffered a broken shoulder and is home now. >> it's a dark intersection, i know it well. i trick or treated there when i was a kid. >> reporter: enriquez aunt stepped out to tell us what happened. >> he is knocked out unconscious because the pain is too much to bare. >> reporter: her loved ones packed a city council meeting. >> the lady only survived for two hours, she died at the hospital. >> reporter: this clerk looks out and saw both devastating accidents. >> they have to do something pretty soon because this cannot go on like that. the city needs to react. >> reporter: the ponce family maintains a memorial to her at the crosswalk. but it's still murky here, pedestrians in shadows until our light goes on. and those who know waste no
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time running to get across. even more mindful now that a seventh grader lies hospitalized. >> it could be somebody elses child that is there and it could have been a worse outcome. i mean we're blessed that it's only two broken legs and not a lost life. >> reporter: the driver last night stopped, no signs of impairment or distraction it appears he just didn't see the kids. in july's crash the driver is facing felony manslaughter charges. reporting live in clover dale, deborah villalon, ktvu news. opponents of a plan to limit off leash dogs in the golden gate national recreation area are planning to march and rally tomorrow. demonstrators are planning to walk at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. they're upset about a reversal that would restrict areas where dogs can roam free. similar rallies are also scheduled for next week. it was a warm day today. the warmest day we saw this week and most likely the
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warmest day we're going to see for some time. santa rosa was 79. downtown it's cooler tomorrow, it's not cold tomorrow it's just cooler. so instead of 76 in livermore you're at about 72 degrees. san jose you're down to 69 degrees. temperatures on the cooler side as we move through the next 48 hours. outside temperatures right now low 50s. overnight lows low 40s. as we go into tomorrow night and sunday night we have a wind advisory that will go into effect for the north bay hills, east bay hills. winds could gust up to 45 miles per hour. when i come back auto10:45, we'll break down the forecast for your weekend each day then we'll talk about the wind advisory and i'll give you the time line for the area where we expect the strongest winds. see you back here. it may be hard to believe but there's only eight weeks left before christmas. why that has retailers feeling the pinch and breaking out the deals. >> that was shocking, it was a
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the city of oakland is no stranger to crime but a robbery that happened this morning has left many people stunned. as ktvu's john sasaki tells us an 11-year-old boy who was walking to school was held up at gunpoint. >> reporter: a friday afternoon at oakland's mansanita rec center. these kids have no idea what happened just a few blocks away an armed robbery of an 11-year- old. >> oh, they don't care. they don't have any morals. there's no conscious. >> reporter: stacy daniels coaches the kids at mancanita. >> the knuckle head factor is that disheartening. so it's an uphill battle, every
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day. >> reporter: daniels was appalled when i told him about the crime. an 11-year-old boy walking to school at 7:20 this morning here on the 2,500 block of 19th avenue was confronted by a teenager with a gun. he said he demanded the boy's home but ended uptaking $5 from him. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: this woman was watching her son dione play football. >> reporter: what do you think that would happen to cause a kid to do this? >> reporter: all i can imagine is drugs and maybe his home life is bad. >> reporter: the boy is described as an african american male with blue braces on. >> reporter: governor jerry brown, major jean quan and
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other dignitaries took part in today's ground breaking. officials say it will create thousands of jobs, half of which will go to people who live in oakland. >> i believe that job prevent violence and prevent crime and that's a critical part of this project. >> reporter: the project will be paid for by both state and federal funding. the first phase is expected to take three years to the complete. ford says its sales were up 14% and chrysler was up 11% marking the company's best october since the rescission. all three auto makers reported a spike in sales following the end of the government shutdown. wall street started november with gains, the dow rose 69 points today, nasdaq
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added two. more computer issues for nasdaq but they did not affect trading. a driver plows into two freeway workers killing one of them. still ahead tonight, what we've learned about the two men and the driver now accused of dui. up first, hundreds of flights cancelled and a terminal at l.a.x. still closed tonight. we have a live update now on what what's happened to all of those passengers after the break. a reminder
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continuing coverage now on that deadly shooting at l.a.x. terminal three is still closed tonight but the rest of the airport is back open again and you can see here planes are
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landing again. still it is going to take some time before all of the flights there are back on schedule. reporter stephanie elan joins us now from l.a.x. >> we hear terminal three is still closed tonight any word on when they plan to reopen it? >> reporter: no they have not given a point in which they think they will open up terminal three. what they've done though is they've moved any flight that was coming in or departing out of terminal three to other terminals. they're definitely suggesting you check with your airline before you make it to the airport or catch your connecting flight. before you get on a plane, just make sure your flight is going to take off from here. >> reporter: a lot of flights here have been affected how bad are the delays tonight and how long do they think before everything gets back to normal? >> there were a lot of cancellations this actually affected about 750 flights in and out of l.a.x.
11:31 pm
and keep in mind l.a.x. is a big airport and affects the rest of the country as well. there are people stranded throughout the country tonight because of this. a lot of hotels around l.a.x. are booked up as people just could not figure out what to do, where to go so they went and got into a hotel. they're hoping to get things back into normal. but with one terminal still closed there may still be some delayed. >> reporter: i know it's still early in this investigation. have you heard anything about the investigation. have they talked about what's going to happen tomorrow? is there going to be stepped up security at the airport? >> security has been something there's been a lot of discussion about. apparently there were armed police officers at the entrances to security previously. but earlier this year at some point they were allowed to roam around and come back and check in. i heard some travelers who were concerned that this could mean now that security could be pushed outside the terminals
11:32 pm
and then make it longer for all of us to get to our gates to board our planes and take off. >> all right, stephanie reporting down there at l.a.x. for us tonight. stephanie thanks very much. today's shooting at l.a.x. prompted san francisco police to beef up security at sfo. airline employees were scrambled today to put stranded passengers in hotels or rebook their flights. eight flights between san francisco and los angeles were cancelled today and passengers arriving from l.a. told us initially they had no idea what was going on. >> we boarded. we were getting settled and my daughter looked out the window and noticed that people were exiting the terminal and standing underneath it. >> and a pilot came on and said there was a breech of security. and on virgin they have tvs and so we got on the tv and found out what was happening.
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>> reporter: domestic flights face delays of up to three hours because of today's shootings. tonight at 10:45 more on the stepped up security at sfo. we asked how many officers patrol that airport. both airlines received the agency's approval this afternoon to implement the change which will allow passengers to keep their electronic devices on during the entire flight. most u.s. carriers are expected to implement those new rules by the end of the year. the latest generation of apple's i pad went on sale today. the i pad air is available in 52 different countries. sells for $499 to $629. halloween is over and for
11:34 pm
some busies that means the holiday shopping season has begun. stores in the bay area are already offering those early holiday deals. but as ktvu's rob roth found out today many people just reason in that holiday shop -- just aren't in the holiday shopping mood yet. >> reporter: about eight weeks until christmas. the giant holiday display is up and shoppers -- >> body spray. yeah i got a really good deal. buy one get two free. >> reporter: are already cruising for bargains. >> i bought a few presents today. so i like to prewrap before christmas comes. >> reporter: many people say hold on it's just too early to start thinking about holiday shopping, way too early. >> i think it's just a little too soon. let's get to thanksgiving first before we go into christmas. >> reporter: so you're not ready? >> i'm not ready. >> reporter: the biggest challenge facing the stores is
11:35 pm
the calendar. this year black friday isn't until november 29th that's a full six days later than it was last year. >> we've only got four weeks instead of five to get all that business done. so the retailers understand that they have to crank it up a little bit earlier and our customers know they have to get started earlier >> reporter: stores are hardly waiting around for black friday. wal-mart also began discounting and some big changes have started running ads. consumer confidence is down especially after the government shutdown but some have found out it's not a silver lining to the early start than the red line. >> i'm sure i'm okay with it, because that means starbucks brings back all those seasonal drinks. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu news. turns out the america's cup summer concert series generated thousands of the dollars for more than a thousand charities.
11:36 pm
organizers say a portion of the proceeds will go to 17 bay area charities. in all $65,000 were raised. that money will be distributed to the charities next month. they're on the line without weapons to protect themselves or passengers. we ask if that needs to change. >> a wind advisory for parts of the bay area. the timing on the strongest gusts where you live this weekend. and coming up next,
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>> a suspected dui crash has left a road worker dead and a
11:39 pm
passenger in the hospital. two workers both from dixon was hit. frankie jimenez died at the scene. another person was hurt. >> i would call him on the cell phone, when he saw me he would come right over. seems like they take all the good people away out of the world >> reporter: the driver has been identified as valencia sanchez. he was taken to the hospital prior to his arrest. and now more about the body of a man found in the marina. 69-year-old gerald jacob was last seen october 23rd. officials say they are still investigating how he died. police in east palo alto say they went to do a probation check on a teenage gang member
11:40 pm
and found a stash of weapons. they recovered a loaded semi automatic shotgun, an assault rifle and ammunition. the 16-year-old was taken into custody. he also threatened officers. a man accused of killing sandra koch is refusing his right to a speedy trial. alana says that he is innocent and wants to prove it. union employees at the 10uc campuses have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. it represents 22,000 service workers and patient care employees at uc campuses and hospitals. the workers say reduced staffing levels have created unsafe working conditions.
11:41 pm
uc officials are denying -- [audio difficulties ] has been reported yesterday before. but today u.s. intelligence officials as well as militants and pakistani officials say he really has been killed. mehsud is accused of killing thousands of pakistanis. a mountain lion hit and killed. why the big cat was no stranger to animal researchers. and our chief meteorologist bill martin is updating our weekend forecast. he is back to tell us if clear skies will stick around. up first the agents [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin.
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it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing.
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continuing coverage now of today's deadly shooting at a security checkpoint at l.a.x. and how it has exposed a vulnerability of tsa workers. they are authority figures but they're not armed and as patti lee reports, that means they're not readily able to defend themselves or passengers. >> reporter: flight cancellations -- >> it's a tough situation. >> reporter: and delays led to frustration and confusion at bay area airports. >> i heard this morning about the shooting. so i knew it was going to be a long day. and when i got here after i got to the counter i found out my flight had been cancelled. >> reporter: there was heightened security at oakland international and sfo today. we learned 150 to 200 san francisco police officers are assigned to sfo but the department wouldn't explain how today differed from yesterday. neither would the alameda county's sheriff department. the law enforcement armed. because the tsa is a regulatory
11:45 pm
body screeners are not armed but they are protected. according to aviation consultant mike mccarren there are panic buttons at security checkpoints and law enforcers are expected to respond within an agreed upon response time. generally one minute to 1-1/2 minutes. at l.a.x. authorities said they were on seen almost immediately. janet hayes a flight attendant for the past 20 years says despite today's shooting she feels safe going to work at airports. >> anything can happen any time any where. so this doesn't shake my confidence in going to work because, millions of people do this every single day without incident. >> reporter: aviation consultants say the only way to protect against what happened today would be to add another security checkpoint. some where on the outside to screen people before they walk inside the airport. in oakland, patti lee, ktvu news. the obama administration says the fixes to the health
11:46 pm
care website were slow due to computer crashes but the experts working on the site say it is working faster now and should be running smoothly by the end of the month. only six people managed to enroll on october 1st and 3 million more tried to access it. the white house said those numbers are unofficial and it will release an accurate count in the next week. alliance health has been removed. it was set up to offer no or low cost coverage to alameda residents. alameda alliance could get back into the exchange at some point. it was one of a dozen plans offered. a mountain lion that attracted a lot of attention back in may when it was rescued from an acuaduct has now been killed by a cat. the big cat was known to researchers as 39m. it was caught, tagged then
11:47 pm
released. yesterday morning the cat was hit by a vehicle on highway 17 near vine hill road. researchers hoped to learn from its death and protect other animals. they're working with agencies to develop protective measures such as wildlife bridges to keep the animals safe while crossing highways. warmest day of the week today and probably the warmest day we see for a while. these are the actual numbers recorded today. that's about as warm as it's going to be here for a while. nine in santa rosa. and then what 78 in oakland downtown san francisco 72. 71 in san mateo. temperatures tomorrow is going to get cooler. it's not going to get cold it's just going to get cooler. we kind of glide through the area tomorrow when it does this weak front slides through and drops our temperatures a few
11:48 pm
degrees. winds calm everywhere. variable wind. so winds will start picking up. right now the winds not much of a big deal. we can do the forecast on the winds. here we are tomorrow afternoon. they start to focus a little bit. you see winds 16 miles per hour. watch this in the evening hours, i think 1:00 in the morning, now it's gusting to 29 miles per hour out of the north right. sort of the offshore direction. not directly offshore but it's slightly offshore. that north wind will increase tomorrow night. wind advisory in the hills, and we'll see a wind advisory again on sunday night. the weekend forecast then a cooling trend but not cold. don't change your plans it's not going to rain. there'll be a few clouds tomorrow. there'll be breezy conditions at the higher el vagues vague -- elevations. the high pressure, warmest day because of it today. low pressure comes in. that sets us up with the
11:49 pm
cooling beginning. temperatures drop down five, 10 degrees. and we'll see temperatures drop a few more degrees. your bay area weekend looks pretty nice. it's going to be fine just not going to be as warm as it has been. your five day forecast with the bay area weekend in view then. a couple of clouds come in. temperatures down. down a little more and then just kind of stabilize next week. next week toward the end of the week there's a good chance we get back into some inclement weather we might even see some rain. change those clocks back, we're going to fall backwards an hour and as julie points out you get an hour extra sleep but you do get darkness when you get home especially if you're coming home at 6:00 next week. here's something you know a lot about. the wind doe is -- window is now open for the mavericks surf contest. when and if conditions are right, big wave surfers will
11:50 pm
have 25 hours to get from wherever they are in the world to thatten contest. typically the waves need to be 30 feet high out of the west with regular waves plus good visible and light winds. so much fun to watch all that. >> that's just incredible. fred is in, a's keep a key player. >> the games are over but business is always happening in baseball. and as usual the oakland athletics they are never afraid to move players around like chess pieces. but billy bean and company are still coo coo for coco. coco crisp got a nice birthday present. that's a deal. he billowed a career 25 home runs this season. they picked up the option on bret anderson for 8 million. the first place sharp will host
11:51 pm
phoenix tomorrow night. danny boyle back since suffering an injury. boyle told reporters today he is ready to return. and hurdle is the first player in history to score eight goals in his first 3nhl games. that includes two goals against the rangers. and he turns 20 in 11 days. warriors get and briefly the sa sa sacramento kings tomorrow night. the kings in the dark jerseys tonight hosted the clippers. the same team that beat the warriors last night. 90-90 here comes sacramento isaiah thomas. kings overcome a 15 point deficit. they're up by two but the warriors know all about chris paul. 42 points last night against
11:52 pm
the warriors. 26 tonight against the kings. that three pointer by paul puts them up for good. they win 110-101 kings come to oakland with a 1-1 record. the warriors are ready and able to take care of them. coming up i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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with qualifying bundles. yeah, i dream about bacon. [sfx] wham! so i'm bringing back the blt cheeseburger combo. a juicy jumbo beef patty loaded with hickory smoked bacon and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99. but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party. our high school football game of the week this week took place at john sweat high in crockett. the team made sure the word
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upset was never uttered. titans quarterback tkpwáets outside and -- gets outside and keeps going until he found the end soáep. this was our most lopsided game of the high school game of the week so far. james sikes he's in trouble. he knows it. solomon clark lose. titans led at halftime. the only question is will this be a shutout? no. jones prevents the shutout. hercules wins it. hercules is now 8-1 over all. they have one more game to go before they head to the play offs. usc trojans are not missing kissinger. in carvalis tonight. allen ran for three touchdowns including this 52-yarder. allen ran for 16 carries, usc wins it for the first time in
11:57 pm
four tries. 31-14 the final. well the 50 somethings are taking over san francisco tpc hardy park this week and so far the weather has been excellent for this season opener. there's really two events going on. the race for the season long schwab. if any one of the 29 other golfers other than bernard wins, he win it is annuity. perry makes his ball moon walk at 16. he has a zoo two shot lead over peter sr. but ken any kerry is going to win. >> i like seeing those 50 somethings out there playing. >> they look good. >> they still have it. >> they're still good. i mean it's golf this is not
11:58 pm
football. >> thanks, fred. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. mornings on two begins at # -- 7:00 a.m. with the latest on l.a.x. and when terminal three is expected to reopen to passengers. you can alway
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> kim kardashian and kanya west are suing a gazillionare that crashed the wedding proposal and secretly videotape it and sold to google for 1.6 $5 billion. he only got half of that. >> i just talked to charlie sheen. gry at brooke. >> she's one of the most incompetent losers i've ever encountered.


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