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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 8, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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but i was sort or nice. so the next time they try to pull anything, i will definitely follow through. how is your mom about this, well, obly not that great. oh, i am just kidding. good evening it is friday november 8th, i am gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news. thieves stole the food donations collected by the church to help those most in needs. happening live right now with how the church hopes to bounce back before thanksgiving. >> reporter: the church stores the items in the shed behind me. now since that church leaders say
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they asked the congregation to donate more items but 28 days before the holiday, they don't think they can do it alone >> it is disgusting that somebody would walk on the church and with the intent to take something. >> the san leandro had been collecting food to give the 60 families in need, a little more than a week ago someone cut through the locks on the fence and stole on the food that feeds more than 20 families >> why would somebody steal it. this is a church, why would you steal from ta church, it is not right and not cool. >> now, we have to get the donations up and ask congregation on sunday but we can really need help to replenish of what we had. >> the holiday is less than 3 weeks away and time are tight and more help is needed. >> when you are taking food out of people's mouth that's really
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needed especially for this time o year, it hurts. >> the church is not taking any chances for future thefts. >> we are going to install cameras and we have a security system here, that's not going to help what was taken already. >> reporter: since we got the word out and on twitter, some people already donated food and if you like to help out just donate it to the church. live ktvu channel 2 news, paul chambers. >> reporter: tonight a student at the high school who was burned from riding a bus home. sasha was set on fire, she was sleeping on an ac tran set, she was wearing a skirt at the time. when sasha saw pictures of his classmate of today's support,
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there is a big smile. >> my hope is belter education better education and teaching kids at a younger age and carrying about everybody and respecting everybody. >> prosecutors are charging 16-year-old richard thomas in oa. the students dubbed skirt for sasha's day. boys and girls wore skirts today. and one student said they felt it was important for the school to come together in support of sasha. a contra costa family is asking police for help after a group of middle school students robbed at gunpoint. this happened yesterday morning in antioch when two brs and sisters waited at at bus stop. the oldest victims said he knows robber and said they attend the
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deer valley high school. the school is dealing with the situation and antioch police is working with the case but shared no details. shirakawa, is in custody tonight, he was sentenced to one year in jail and 3 years probation, prosecutors said he took more than $300, 000 for personal use and to gamble. >> he stole from the public a lied to the public and held responsible for those actions. >> shirakawa's attorney declined to comment, it is not clear where he will he serving his time, he can be taken to another county since he's well known in his county. now of the typhoon made central in filipino. nearly 750, 000 people fled
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their home of the widespread flooding and winds. meteorologist says this is one of the strongest storms on record with sustained winds of 147 miles per hour because the storm swopt through quickly officials say that it may spare the island with even more damage. with the full extent of deaths and injuries are not yet known. adam bringing us the latest images from the philippines with dramatic rescues and devastating neighborhoods. >> sustained winds of 150 miles per hour when it made land fall, typhoon haiyan brought intense we understand and the after math of the powerful winds is clear. the video shows that people have lost everything. >> i saw the big waves and told my
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neighbors to get out. we thought it was a tsunami. >> hundreds of thousands of people left their homes and stayed in shelters. >> moving across the string of island the typhoon traveled east to west and much faster th would. these people forced to abandon ship and fighting their way to get to safety. for people here in the united states with family members in the philippines of the distance and the uncertainty is nerve wrecking. >> they can be flooded for a couple of weeks before they get through the water. >> this is a third typhoon that hit the philippines this year. the super storm is moving across south china see and headed to vietnam but it is losing some of its strength.
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>> members of the large community of philippines watching this storm and people worried about their loved ones who are cut-off from phones and internet connection. bay area release efforts for quick survivors will now shift to the typhoon >> since the typhoon, we have been getting a lot of calls and the campaign has been going on. >> the local groups said the best way to help is to send money. >> on, you can view the slide show of photos from the supper typhoon, look under the image tab and for information of how to donate look under the section of the bottom of the home page. crews said the fire near lower lake has burned of 200 acres, east of highway 29, it was r
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>> passworded reportedly sparked by a vehicle. it happened about 7:45 this morning, police say a 25-yea pacific woman driving down the street . he's 43-year-old and he's hospitalized in serious condition. the driver may have been blinded by a low morning sun. chopper 2 was over the scene right around 3:00, the highway patrol says two cars were involved in the accident and one burst in flames. traffic were impacted but there is no injuries. now, some residents fed up with wild pigs carrying their landscaping. three pigs got in one backyard
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this morning of the gated north cannon state area. wildlife rangers say the dry weather is pushing the pigs population into residential neighborhoods. >> a lot of these neighborhoods and the lawns are wet and that's an extreme source of food, the pigs like that condition. >> a lot of people are talking about the story on our facebook page and to join our conversation, search for ktvu channel 2. officials say the switch to shore power will reduce the tons of air pollution and to keep the engines running. if they use electricity, they can shut the engines down.
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a report of -- the labor department says employees added 247, 000 of new jobs in the area. the government also revised auge going up of unemployment rate. the job reported prompted of a buying spree of wall street. nasdaq at its 61. and analysts note the volatility as investors trying to figure out the correct evaluation for how companies will do in the long run. ferma had denied of the past summer rim fire around yosemite national park. ferma says it is reviewed found that the damage
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was not severe enough to require federal assistance. the fire burned more than 400 square miles and damaged roads and water systems and dozens of buildings. a violent attack on a defense less man and the mystery surrounding the incident and the response from an advocate. it is our final regular season high school football game, undefeated with the ball against cardinals newman, we'll have a live report. the bay area is in the clear right now, coming up we'll have some patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning and the one change that can change your rain forecast in your five days.
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the sound echoes through the national airport terminal 3 this morning, staff and passengers hon other of the agent that's shot and killed one week ago, the tsa. the moment of the gunman walked up to agent hernandez and opened fire. now, police are searching for a 77-year-old man who is missing for a day now, edward moore. moore takes medication for dementia and diabetes. if you have information, you are asked to contact the hayward police. it is a crime caught on camera and some people may find it difficult toll watch. the man sleeping on a san
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francisco street is suddenly attacked by another man just walking by. >> the attacker wear ag light colored shirt comes strolling up the streets and turned and snaps. this surveillance video showe repeatly stomping on the victim's head. the attacker calmly walks off after kicking him 7 times. >> today i showed the video. to general ter she told me it is common. >> when someone is in a vulnerable position and does not have a place to sleep and is forced to be on concrete. >> this happened at 5 a.m. on wednesday morning. two people stopped to help and injured homeless man
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and they called 911 and minutes later two officers checked on the victi slowly walks up on his own and climbs back on his feet. those who lives on the streets of this area, are hoping that he does not get away with it >> it iturbing and people like that cannot be out there rolling around, something has to be done about that. >> police has no record of this assault. often homeless people don't want to file a report because they don't have faith that they'll be taken seriously. in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news. the idea to help them look their best as they look for jobs and feel better about themselves. the director
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says if you look good, you feel g anthony sis 20% of says 21% of their guests are veterans. dirk works as an executive president at columbia university, he began his tenure back in june. they say contract talks are at an impact. the school district is planning to plan a rally next week for the two sides. the teacher's rally is planned for next wednesday for the labor dispute for salaries and health benefits. teachers want a 7% increase and better medical benefits. now to the latest of the nfl bullying scandal. former miami dolphin, plans to meet with nfl
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officials in los angeles next week. the 24-year-old accused dolphin guards of relent less daily bullying and harassing and conito has been suspended. tonight of a battle of north bay. >> reporter: they're now on defense in the why jersey against the cardinals newman. they're 7-2. both teams will be in the playos the final regular season game, we expect to be a shoot out, the average about 30 points. in 9 games he has thrown 15 touchdowns with one interception and he has 10 touchdown runs. in this offense, he's there kaepernick.
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>> jawan is unreal. . it is been a pleasure to watch him and coaching him, i am going to enjoy it. >> this is a big game for a lot of reasons, and number one know the fact that you could be for the first time defeated and i am sure that's something that you tell your kids about. >> there is been talks but there is never been a 10 for the team so they know what they're playing for again tonight. >> of the first quarter, we'll have the highlights, and i am going to enjoy cardinals newman real f burgers. it is a nice and cool night out there. >> yeah e this time of the year, gasia mikaelian, we can be talking
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about rainfall. not tonight, we are in the clear of the rain. as far as temperatures for this afternoon, it was an another warm one out there, a lot of upper 70s for santa rosa and live moore and 79 and san francisco and right now on the map, we can show you this, with all of organized clouds covering way up to the north. the only thing that we are concern of tonight is some fog regroup ugh in the coast and right around the bay. current numbers are dropping. santa rosa 51 degrees and san jose checking in at 61. so far this evening, it is mostly clear and cool out there. leer is our live camera, and for tomorrow just a little cooler and that'll be the key for the entire weekend for saturday and sunday and we are talking about 70s for some warmest locations. tuesday, there is a slight
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chance for a few showers, here is the expected pattern for tuesday morning around 5:00 and the highest chance would be up to the north. it looks like it will be a cloud producer for most of the bay area. first thing tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies and some patchy fog and upper 30s for santa rosa and napa and san jose 47 degrees. no big changes for tomorrow and some patchy fog near the bay and the cold front is up top our north and a little cooler for saturday and sunday and could have a little bit of haze for the afternoon hours. forecast ties for tomorrow these numbers of most areas are a little cooler. vacaville 73 degrees. and head inland and you will find some lower 70s and some neighborhoods and san jose 70s. and san francisco will go mid-60s and once again the patchy fog that can
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impact visibility especially near the coast first thing tomorrow morning. a little of a breeze will kick in on sunday and clouds on tuesday and and wednesday. . families waiting in long lin make the holiday brighter. next. a global pop star in hot water again. the stunt by justin bieber that got him busted and excuse for tagging and inmates driving on their own experiences and the collaboration abduction that emerged and if you are on the go or away from your tv, you can still watch ktvu on the app,
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it is beginning to look a lot like christmas at least in san francisco.
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the state capital christmas tree is standing up. it weighs about 6300 pounds. the field will be decorated with lights and 500 ornaments. looks like justin bieber cannot stay out of troubl photographer snapped this photo of bieber holding a spraying can. behind prison walls today. >> volunteers from the marine shakespeare company has been working with them for months. prisoners took part say the experience help
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them with a positive perspective for their path and future. thank you for making us your choice for news. news tonight we are in the bay area philippine community and hearing from people contacting with their loved ones, tmz is up next. , tv 36.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> justin bieber not quite a man yet. he's a bike jacker. >> he shows up to the palms asino. the security guard who drops off his bike, justin bieber thinks it's an opportunity for him to jump on the bike and ride it down the hall. >> he's trying so hard to be a man. and he's just -- i mean, steal a car, justin. [laughter] >> kim and kanye, baby north, all out for a stroll in santa barbara. she also brought her ass along. >> van, she's somebody's moth


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