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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 15, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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phase of life, you got people pulling you in both directions but as long as you got somebody in there with you, and, that's something that you got to remember you got to celebrate. good evening it is friday november 15th, i am gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. a smashing success for bat kid, saving the day in his fight against tp bad guys and thousands of fans cheered him at city ha san francisco transform ed transformed on this d gotham
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gotham city. rob roth shows us how a single wish brought to this little boy surviving cancer. >> today's the county transformed and went off to fight crime. and, received a hero welcome where ever he went. >> it is a great story, i am proud of his family for doing all this and i am glad and proud of the bay area everybody coming together and making this kid's wish comes true >> the story touched people, they wanted to be apart of it so they cheered at union square and danced on cue. >> it was all part of a plan catching off bad guys and lucille. bat kid and bat man fled the city and rescued
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the city. right now it is about noon and the bat mobile is parked on union square and the bat kid is having lunch at the burger bar and thousands of people gathered to cheered him on. this man dressed up as robin and brought his son that's the same age of miles. >> this is awesome and epic. schoolteacher took a vacation day to be here. >> it is fun and good for the souls. >> the police officers told us what a true fun day for this in the city. >> he fought through cancer and he beat that and i think he goes hand on hand that he's not only the fan of bat man but super hero. so here is to our fighter. >> it is a day that san francisco won't soon forget, in san francisco, rob roth ktvu channel 2 news. more details to recap of
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what bat kid did on this incredibly busy day. he started out on union square in the bat mobile and headed over to the cable car line, he was there to rescue the distressed and he stopped the riddlers from robbing the bank and went over to at&t park and once there he rescued san francisco mascot lucille who was kidnapped by the penguin. a great big thank yo saving the city. the event has been widespread around the globe started with president obama sending out a tweet commenting on miles", here he comes". milano says" if you need a good cry, this is the way to do it". bravo san francisco and the wish
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and all other parties involved and of course san francisco's san francisco is now trending of this story, check out on the slide show on and you can join the conversation on our facebook page. now, bart dispute, one section here gives workers 6 weeks of paid medical leaves, bart management says they never intended to agree with that. union leaders say it was bart negotiators that presented that section. >> you must stand behind of what you signed. it was hard negotiations, it was not done over night. >> we got to figure out who messed up first and figure out how do deal with it. >> bart board of directors is scheduled to vote next thursday but
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that vote can be delayed. we talk to a labor lawyer today using conservative numbers and we assumed that the average members get $100, 000 paid and benefits per year. the 6-week leave would cost bart money and more than 2500 union members and the potential cost here is $29 million and that means the expected $67 million contract would plunge to almost $100 million. the opening of the tunnel in just a few hours away and happening now of the last minute preparations. patly patti lee is live right now. >> reporter: you can see crews removing the temporary barricades and it used to be all the way up to here about an hour ago and you can see made a lot of progress and they're waiting for words for
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caltrans so they can start the work. so they can make sure the tunnel opens by tomorrow morning. >> 3, 2, 1! >> ahead of schedule and under budget. those of the phrases heard most often today to describe the tunnel of a big change of the days past. >> the tunnel for people who hit the dip or coming around the corner of highway 13 is [ bleep ], you know. >> some of the bay's big hit entered the ceremony today. >> i know what it is like to not know that you are going to make it to the meeting at time. >> the commuters complainted of the lane of the
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laengs. lanes. >> some people cut the drivers off. randy has been part of the projt since the beginning. he says coming tomorrow morning and many conveniences and it will soon become history. >> and that's all going to be eliminated. >> reporter: so you are looking at the board 4 which was unveiled this morning. you can see caltrans crews staging here and they're waiting for words when they can make sure this tunnel opens possibly by 4:00 or saturday morning, report rging live patti lee ktvu channel 2 news
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the district says it is faceing 5 year, $122 shortfalls that need the money. ferry riders can pay the $2 rate. the board of directors received four options today using different formulas to raise the tolls. in all cases the fast tolls would rise to $7 and a non tolls will be raised to $8. the public is planning to meet in a few months. happening by 11:30 this morning at fourth and empire street police announced an arrest in a savage beating that was caught on
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camera, and the victim was a homeless woman asleep on the sidewalk of san francisco. our david stevenson explains how the video first aired on ktvu helped lead to the suspect. >> the attack was sudden and vicious. a homeless woman seen on ktvu's tape is sleeping on sidewalk. the attacker stomping on the woman's head before calmingly walking away. >> san francisco's police say a 911 call brought them to the site. the victim told them nothing happened and she left the scene. tips led to arrested this morning of oakland and police say he confess to the crime. >> what did he tell investigators? >> i don't have the exact nuances of what he said, he did speak t
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investigators o assault. chase is facing with 7 counts of the assault. >> i don't believe she's at the hospital, at this point she's receiving services. >> it does show that it is dangerous to live on the streets and really focus on our efforts to get people to go on shelter. >> timothy james is being held on jail on $150, 000 bail. police say he also has a criminal record. ktvu channel 2 news. officials say the refineries burn off the gas. the smoke from the flares lasted about an hour prompted of a health advisory in the area. the flare did not post of a
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serious health risk. when we learn of how common bird strike have becoming in san jose. his attorney maybe considering of a new legal strategy. the bay area's cool down continues and coming up of the cloudest part of the weeken your five days forecast.
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the death toll left behind by typhoon haiyan continues to grow. the philippines government raised the official death toll to more than 50, 000 people. the typhoon hit the country one week ago. it was one of
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the largest military humanitarian mission in u.s. history. an oakland judge of the lawyer for 16-year-old is accused to set a teen on fire. richard thomas is facing hate crime charges and he's accused of setting 18-year-old sasha on fire last week. thomas told them he did it because he's home frontal lobe homo foe and he denies that. >> thomas is back in court november 26 and sasha is still suffering from the burn. and ruban explains how the airport safely plans is still a working progress.
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>> for pilots the hazards on the job. you cannot really see the bird until it almost hits. >> one time we hit a bird and it took out the radar. >> this morning it happened here in san jose international and an american flight jet is forced to make a landing after hitting a bird. >> i hear a pop and the you can feel that the engine was running down and it was stopping. >> this year reported of 46 bird strikes in san jose. an birds have been removed. >> it can happen any time and anywhere and you know what happened in new york. >> it was january 2009 when us airways flight 1549 famously
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landed and just a month later of the incident o instructor: ing plane instructor: ing several -- >> it is a huge concern for us and it is a number 1 priority for our aircraft population. >> they call it a last resort, their bird mitigation plan is still under draft form and revisions. >> the fda is requiring the airport to submit a revised plan in the next 30 days. a major cyber scam that could affect millions of users. some businesses have been getting messages that appeared to be from banks. they're actually malicious software. if it is open the screen will
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display a count clock warning that all files will be blocked. officials are trying to uncover who's sending those e-mails. the dow set another record high of an 85 points gain. it is getting close to the 60, 000 mark an nasdaq adding 13 point and s&pspis at its highis at its highest. sonny says they expect to sell a lot by the end of march. the city of richmond direct deposit system is out of order so the city has to scramble that physical paychecks is available for workers. city leaders say they hope to
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have the problems fixed before the next payday. toronto's mayor is challenged to go to court. today the council voted to suspd authorities. they voted to strip him of his ability to govern in emergencies. he refused to resign and saying he will not do so dispiet over his drinking and e rad i can behavior. erratic behavior. it goes further and allows similar policies to be sold for customers. the vote was 261 to 517 and including 39 democrats. nancy pelosi criticize the attempt to derail healthcare. >> we have seen a lot of that
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these days, this on the floor today takes the cake because it is essentially pulls the plug on the affordable care act. >> the president obama -- his plan was for one year. >> this weekend is your last chance to visit a san francisco landmark before it closes for five months. it will close as of monday to under go repairs inside and outside. the $1. 7 million project is the -- they expect to reopen in mid april. we caught up with the first vote to bring up with his catch. crab averaged with more than 2 pounds. these were rough for the first y
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. the first dungenous could be in the store tomorrow. a lot of sunshine in the coast and things are changing as well. there is a few high clouds paying us a visit. no rain drops suspected, here is a latest right now. there is the clouds pushing into the region especially from medicono county. san jose is 55 and livermore ref mostly clear sky and a current temperatures of 55 degrees. tonight partly cloudy sky and tomorrow with some morning clouds. and we'll start out chilly tomorrow morning at 7:00 and the upper 40s. by 3:00 back up
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in lows 60s. the eed forecast, there is a possibility of a few showers in the region. upper 30s in napa and san jose 47 degrees. this pressure dropping in in the north with the cool down in to the weekend for tomorrow starting out some fog and the coast near the bay and skies partly sunny and the winds picking up with 15-25 miles per hour strongest right here on the mediate coast and towards the bay of sfo. and then for tomorrow for your saturday, increasing sunshine saturday afternoon and into the evening hours and sunday looks basically of the same deal as well. dry start for the most part of november. there is the red dot showing up for the 19th of next week. there is a slight chance of shower and we are tracking
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this for tuesday and wednesday of next week. forecast highs tomorrow t santa rosa 65 and pacific upper 60s and fremont 63 as well. getting ready to bundle up for saturday morning and monday sunday morning and possibly a chance or rain on tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. this is the design for the stairs that'll visit visitors as they walk up in the front door. museum is expected to reopen early of 2016 after a massive remodelling. in some bay parts of the area is beginning to look a lot like christmas. no matter how you look at it, that's a lot of dough. the deal of one of
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television's most popular sitcom families. if you are on the go or away from your tv, you can still watch ktvu newscast live on your computer or smart phones, get the app or go to
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it is beginning to look a
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lot like christmas especially in oakland square as a 55 foot tree was delivered before 9:00 this morning. it will be the center piece of jacqueline and the squ decoration. . i asked you a question, do you want to apologize. i asked you a question. okay, [ bleep ]. >> he's accused of using an anti-slur towards a photographer. it took 24 years but america's popular animate animated series finally headed to cable. it is been
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estimated of $1 billion of 550 episodes of "the simpsons". thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, we'll see you the next time for news break, your coverage continues with the 10:00 news, tonight we are going back to check work under way with the caltrans. tmz is up next right here on tv 36.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> alec baldwin has made some progress. he has taken [beep] out of his vocabulary. [beep]. >> he claims he didn't say the f word. >> he says he said fathead. >> who says fathead is an insult? now it's synonymous with the stupid stickers on the wall. >> khloe kardashian in london right now. she squeezed her butt into the tightest pants. >> i can see it from here. >> that ass is a nice ass. >> i would be uncomfortable because i'd constantly be doing this to it, bam, bam. >> you don't feel your boobs all day. >> i like doing that. >> sylvester stallone hurled the


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