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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 21, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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breaking news, high winds blowing through the bay area tonight. this tree came down on a busy freeway and unfortunately several cars were unable to stop on time. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we start with that breaking news. police and fire crews are racing from one scene to the next and pg & e is scrambling.
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the most serious problem is in oakland where the winds proved deadly. at about 8:35 a tree fell on to a pedestrian. deborah villalon is out in the elements and she's going to show us some of the damage but we begin with bill martin. he's tracking these powerful winds bill. >> a really windy night out there. typically when we have wind advisories like this one they're in the higher elevations. but we have these winds in the lower elevations. the winds are strongest right now in the east bay hills up above berkeley. we're looking for the wind to continue to be strong as we go through the evening hours. they should begin to get a little better. the strong northernly wind is going to begin to back up as we go into the next hour or so but they're still running very, very strong. you can see the current wind speeds 29 miles per hour. these are current numbers now. sustained wind in fairfield at
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29 is like a wind gust perhaps at 35 or 40. san jose so far you have really light winds. i just basically showed you where the winds are now. when i come back we're going to talk about the time line for that wind advisory. where those 50-mile an hour gusts are going to continue and changes for the weekend. now to deborah villalon who's live at the benecia bridge just one of the bay bridges in the area with a high wind advisory. >> reporter: both hands on the wheel in these conditions tonight. once you come through the plaza and enter the deck you can really feel the wind. trees are toppling on bay area freeways too. >> i saw the tree coming down. all i can do is just try to go through it. >> reporter: drivers on highway 238 in san leandro got a scare tonight when wind brought this tree down on to the freeway near hisperian boulevard. >> it hit me as i was coming
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down on my car. i spun out. >> it fell right in front of us. >> reporter: several other cars got tangled in it too. fortunately no one was injured. in the north bay, another tree in the fast lane. this one in petaluma and the driver it fell on was injured and taken to the hospital. the crash and tree removal enough to snarl the already heavy northbound commute. surface trees near petaluma's washington street exit were already gridlocked by a fallen transformer that knocked down the traffic lights as well as electricity to near by homes and businesses. with tree limbs snapping all over the bay area. pg & e was in a scramble. >> usually i don't like to fly in heavy wind. it's not fun. >> reporter: winds were gusting at 30 miles per hour at buchanan field in concord.
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it brought pilots back to the hangers in a hurry. those who are caught in high winds are usually not eager to repeat it. >> it's not easy to maintain. >> reporter: to feel the gusts, here's our ride across the benecia bridge about an hour ago. definitely a high profile vehicle and wass was being tossed all the way across. deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now the strong wind also knocked over another large tree in oakland tonight injurying a man and damaging a car. the tree came down on 32nd street at around 7:20. the man was crossing the street when he was hit by some of the branches. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be all right. there are reports of lined down
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and power outages around the area and unfortunately my house is one of them. the largest outage is in sonoma. in oakland more than 20,000 are without power. danville has 1,200. millbrae about 1,400 as well. those are just the bigger numbers. smaller numbers are being reported. and stay with us, we will bring you any breaking news. including a house fire that may have broke out. and more on the case of three students who are being charged with hate crimes. amber lee is in san jose state where authorities tell her they plan to charge a fourth student. >> reporter: the student who is
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going to be charged tomorrow also lives at this home. it's this home on the path with a blue light out front. there's a sense of disbelief and discomfort at san jose. the talk on campus, white male students accused of bullying an african american freshman. >> i was appalled. >> reporter: the black student shared a suite with the white students. >> there was always a confederate flag up there. >> reporter: roscoe bryan says that the flag was taken down yesterday. >> there's not a lot of african american students out here. in most of my classes i'm the only african american student so i always feel like i'm being watched. >> reporter: a source tells us 18-year-old collin warren of wood acre in marin county was the ring leader.
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the others charged are logan baechler who sur rended this afternoon. joseph baumgartner. and michael blanchard of los angeles is expected to be arrested tomorrow. >> that's when they saw a white board with the n word on it and the confederate flag. >> reporter: the student did not report the abuse, but his parents saw it when they brought him back to classes. the prosecutors tells me they spoke with the victim and that he remains here on campus. she also tells us the other students are making arrangements to surrender tomorrow. ktvu channel 2 news. university president muhammad kayamu released a
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statement condemning the behavior. he said i am outraged and saddened by these allegations. they are utterly inconsistent with our long cherished history of tolerance, respect for diversity and personal civility. several law enforcement agencies teamed up. 10 different locations were raided including two coffee shops. san jose police, the fbi and the drug enforcement agency all took part in the operation. an indictment named nine defendants. man's body was discovered inside a car that ended up under water in a private marina
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along the industrial waterfront. someone called 911 to report the the vehicle. the body of a white male was discovered. witnesses say he lived in a boat near by. investigators say it appeared that the man was trying to park and drove right off the pier, they're calling it an accident. a judge ordered samsung to pay damages to apple. the new jury came up with a $290 million number today. samsung is expected to appeal. on wall street the dow set a new record the blue chip index gained 109 points to close above 16,000 for the first time ever.
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nasdaq was up 47 points. analysts credit a positive jobs report. a report on jobs. and in the span of just one year the dow has risen nearly 25% with some dips along the way. that's nearly 3,200 points. if the gains hold through the end of december the dow would have recorded its best year in a decade. president obama is scheduled to visit california. the visit comes after the botched roll out of the health care law. just as the president's approval rating has hit a new low. >> reporter: even if he doesn't stop by for a sandwich. nina los is excited to see the president. >> very exciteing to see the president, i hope i stay open. >> reporter: nina's cafe living across the street from the jazz center. crews today put up no parking
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signs after organizers raised eyebrows by cutting some ticket prices in half. seats were marked down to $500. >> it's great to be able to offer them to folk who is want to see the president and want to support him but don't have the capacity to pay a four figure plate -- them to folks who want to see the president. >> reporter: the private appearance at the betty ong recreation center. >> all of us who give him checks always encourage him to do something like that but he has the hardest schedule in the entire planet. >> he is trying to resuscitate the broad comprehensive immigration form that was in the senate. that's totally founded in the house. he's back on the road trying to sell his policies.
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>> reporter: the president will chat with two dozen execs. average price for that, about $1,200. two san francisco software developers walked away from the dream force convention with a $1 million prize. tom kim and joseph turrian built a mobile application called upshot. it makes it possible to talk to a data base then create charts and graphs all with your voice. the announcement of the winners capped off the four day conference. it's a break down in the bay bridge, be prepared to wait. the confusing change that could keep the tow truck waiting for hours. broken policies. why state officials voted not to extend the deadline that
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would have let you keep your health insurance. >> could it mean
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b.a.r.t.'s board of director voted 8-1 to approve a tentative contract agreement but with one huge caveat. that's threatening the entire deal and could send everyone
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back to the bargaining table. jana katsuyama is here to explain why union members are so upset. >> reporter: members are saying b.a.r.t. ratified this contract but they took one key provision. and the unions say that could jeopardize everything. b.a.r.t. riders have weathered two union strikes. >> it's a path way into the end zone and i hope we all are able to follow that path. >> reporter: but the board's path fell short of resolveing the dispute. the directors ratified the agreement but did not approve one controversial provision that allows workers to six weeks. the deal has already been ratified by union members.
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b.a.r.t.'s negligence raises questions about the process. >> it's a different contract if that's taken out. could we add lines. i mean where does it end. >> reporter: an atu agreement tells me union member must agree. a strike as a last option is not being ruled out. as some believe the six week leave may be enough to fight for. and others think they will do it on principal. >> do you think the warrants a strike? >> i don't think so. but that's something we have to look for down the road. >> reporter: sciu officials say they plan to meet with their legal team tomorrow morning. and meet with the atu at noon to discuss their next step.
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jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. the b.a.r.t. board did approve the purchase of 365 new railcars to help provide its aging fleet of trains. that almost doubles the amount of cars that b.a.r.t. bought last year. i want to show you footage of a prototype. the first 10 cars are expected to arrive for testing in less than two years. the remaining cars are scheduled for delivery between 2017 and 2021. a federal judge refused a grant bailed today for a san francisco man accused of running a massive under ground mine empire. olbrich appeared in a new york court accused of running silk grove. he was arrested at the glen park branch of the san francisco library on october 4th. if convicted he would spend the
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rest of his life in prison. police say the shootings stem from a fight at the paradise skate roller rink in antioch. amber bangum was killed and two other people were hurt. jones of manteca has been arrested. last week we told you that someone cut the fuel lines on two trucks owned by the second harvest food bank and ended up stealing about 90-gallons of diesel. that loss combined with the repairs of the trucks have really hurt the organization. for more than 40 years,
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manufacturers have been using chemicals known as pbdes on mattresses and other furniture. studies on animals have found that the chemicals have halted brain development in mice. ken pretty -- pritchett tell us extending health care plans would do more bad than good. >> reporter: hundreds of people received a letter like this. president obama said states could allow insurers to delay that deadline but today covered california's board decided not to. >> if i thought for a minute that delaying it we could solve some of the problems i would delay it but i actually think it's going to make a bad situation worse. before the board a room
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full of health care advocates says allowing the extension would create mass confusion on california's exchange. >> they're trying to simplify the market and this would have added more complication that wouldn't have provided a lot of help. >> reporter: the decision will mean hundreds of californians will not only lose their policies but pay more in premiums. dave jones called the decision wrong. >> preventing consumers from renewing their contract social security a disservice to those consumers and it breaks the promise they were given. >> reporter: allowing people to hold on to their policies would not have harmed california's health care exchange but he says he's powerless to stop the board's decision. >> we know it's difficult for people who are experiencing premium increases. we're very sympathetic to their situation. but that's what the federal law does to some folks where some folks will pay more and some
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will pay less. >> reporter: one of those steps was to create a hot line for people to find out their options. that hot line will be up and running on monday. ken pritchett, ktvu news. more details now according to numbers released today more than 30,000 people enrolled for policies through covered california in october as expected most of them are older. 56% of the people enrolled are 45 to 64 years old. 23% are ages 18 to 24 and ideally more people are needed for the system to work as planned. has a special section to help you navigate the affordable care act. just look for the hot topics section. that wind advisory in effect for the bay area right now. these are current sustained winds. 32miles per hour in fairfield. that means gusts are going to 45 miles per hour. it's windy all around the bay. even at sea level.
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gusts to 25 maybe 30. livermore sustained at 20. the winds are really howling out there. the wind advisory remains in effect through tomorrow. we have a wind advisory but there's a high wind warning in effect for the west slope of the sierra nevada. wind gusts there could make it to 75 miles per hour. when i come back we're going to talk more about the wind advisories and as we move toward the bay area weekend the changes that are headed your way. they were held captive for 30 years. the story of three women now rescued. then at 10:30, waiting hours for a tow. the glitch some stranded drivers have encountered on the new bay bridge. but
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i need to address a christmas night bedtime.
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specifically - the "no toys in bed" rule. we simply ask, let the gifts do their jobs. please...don't get in the gifts way. join shop your way at kmart get in. get more christmas. police in london say they rescued three women who were held against their will for at least 30 years. it's a case that has stunned
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everyone detectives who deal with human trafficking. >> we're seeing some cases where people have been held for up to 10 years that we've never seen anything of this magnitude. >> reporter: police identified the three victims as a 69-year- old malasian woman, 67 irish woman and a woman from britain. one woman managed to call a charity that suppressed people last month and that led them to being free. a man and woman were arrested and released on bail today. the u.s. senate voted to change his own rules on filibuster that can stall the president's judicial and executive appointments. >> the american people's business is far too important to keep falling prey day after day to washington politics. >> senate democrats pushed through the new rules. it now requires a simple majority or 51 votes to end the filibuster or executive or
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judicial appointments. it used to take 60 votes. senate republicans have repeatedly held up president obama's nominees to appeals court. the new law does not refer to supreme court. new at 10:00, a plan by the neptune society to build a crematorium. they say oakland should be for the living and it already has enough deaths and pollution. one business owner near the site says she worried about pollution and her workers. >> it really bothers me. i work so hard for this
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property and they are putting here 1 mile from the airport. >> the neptune society has said it needs the oakland location because it's crematorium in emeryville is outdated. tonight it tells us it has litigation pending with the city of oakland and cannot comment. we're learning the death of man at a crane near the port of oakland was from natural causes. the coroner identified the man as borber of poland. borber was the chief engineer at a crane. >> changes to this parking lot means drivers who break down on the bay bridge could have hours of wait for a tow. up next continuing coverage of the downed trees and power outages tonight. bill martin will show us where the wind are the strongest right now. >> a reminder you can get ktvu
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breaking news now in oakland where firefighters have a handle on a two alarm fire. these are live pictures here of a vacant building on international boulevard near 54th. it used to be a supermarket. it caught fire less than an hour ago. here are some pictures we took earlier. this fire was called in by a fire crew. it has been contained to the back of the building. high winds made their job everyone more difficult. since the wind was blowing smoke in their path. we want to check back in with bill. these winds are strong as advertised. i was out earlier, it's howling out there. and it's not just in the hills.
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>> that rain we had yesterday, if we didn't have the rain, we would have fire warnings in extreme conditions. i want too -- to show you the areas that are getting the most wind. big gusts up to 50 miles per hour. santa rosa into petaluma. 55, 65 miles per hour. the wind is continues to ramp up. we will give you the forecast for when they're out here. and what your bay weekend is going to look like. tree trimmers had their hands full responding to calls from people worried about the wind. in san rafael a company called tree master says it responded to calls essentially all day long. arborists say because it's not yet winder -- winter a lot of trees still have lots of their leaves. the problem is those leaves can act as a sail during high winds. if you're car breaking down on the new bay bridge, you may
11:32 pm
be in for a long wait. we have learned the newly remodeled toll plaza can turn into a waiting game. >> reporter: caltrans is the only agency that can tow on the bay bridge and when they tow those vehicles back they frequently bring them here to this parking lot immediately to the east of the plaza. and after that they're on their own. and i spoke to one driver who says they had to wait for nearly six hours for a tow truck. >> i had been here since 2:30, it's now about 7:30 and the last thing i've heard was about another half an hour. >> reporter: caltrans told him many tow truck drivers can't find the lot since it reopened
11:33 pm
after redesigning the plaza. >> as you probably noticed it's very complicated to figure out how to get in and out of the lot. >> reporter: so the tow trucks can't figure out how to get to you. >> that's possibly the problem. >> reporter: without knowing the details they can't comment on sames 5-1/2 hour toll. the problem could be a break down in communication. >> when they call the tow truck company, the dispatchers sometimes the dispatchers will want to know a street address and people may not know or know how to describe the street address of the toll plaza. >> reporter: the problem could come from out of state. >> not all the tow truck companies dispatchers are local. so if you know, theoretically if it is an out of state person they might not know exactly where the toll plaza is. >> reporter: caltrans will also tow you as far as the port of
11:34 pm
oakland. one way to ensure a speedy pick up is by calling 311. the tow truck driver confirmed to me that the lot has been reconfigured and he said there was a learning curve on how to get in and out. we're live at the bay bridge, christien kafton. new figures from the federal government show that the homeless population in santa clara county is among the highest in the nation. a report by the u.s. department of housing and urban development estimated that more than 7,600 homeless people live in santa clara county. that is the sixth highest number of homeless people in the country. experts sited high rent and lack of companies. new york city ranked first. los angeles was second, seattle came in third followed by san
11:35 pm
diego. santa clara county was fifth. las vegas sixth and san francisco came in at seventh with a little more than 7,000 homeless people counted in that government survey. now to continuing coverage of the accusations of harassment and hate crimes targeting an african american student at san jose state. tonight many people are asking why. ktvu's eric rasmussen reviewed the details revealed in a police report with a clinical psychologist who says the explanation simply doesn't hold up. >> reporter: students marched through the campus demanding answers. according to this police report several white students harassed their african american roommates with not just racial slurs but also a confederate flag a nazi symbolism before forcing a bicycle u lock around his neck. >> it makes me angry. that's a personal response. >> reporter: we showed the
11:36 pm
report to ed abramson. >> sometimes there's a crowd mentality as though people feel the need. they become anonymous if they're in a group or they feel the need to go along with whoever is kind of the ring leader. >> reporter: in this report one student denied having any problems with black people. but abrahamson says the students behavior tells a different story. >> it's a manifestation of a racist attitude. i don't know any other way of conceptionizing it. >> reporter: the 17-year-old victim revealed he always locked his door at night because he feared the suspects would do something to him. but abramson says it's not especially surprising the victim was reluctant to report what was happening. >> some of us are going to be more passive than others. and that's not a sign they want. pumping water out of the earth causing the ground to
11:37 pm
subside. i'll show you dramatic new evidence that shows we are in water trouble. >> transition from windy to warm. how high you can expect temperatures to be where you live this weekend. >>
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see these hands? they gripped the wheel of a humvee in afghanistan. twelve years, flying choppers.
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my hands? they're here for the person who fought in afghanistan. i made the call and got support for my sister. mine take care of the person who flew those helicopters. and if life gets overwhelming they're ready to dial the veterans crisis line. confidential help is just a call, click or text away. there must have been a huge sigh of relief today when this jumbo jet took off from a small airport in wichita kansas. the boeing dream lifter had mistakingly landed at the small airport last night. the airport was not large enough to accommodate the large tow plane. the faa plans to investigate. after much debate about the use of cell phones on planes
11:40 pm
the fcc may make it easier for passengers to use their phones. the fcc may make the change after a study found that cell phone calls do not interfere with flight. if the proposal is approved individual airlines would have final say on whether to allow those inflight phone calls. caltrans is calling it a rail renaissance. as two airlines have set new record for ridership. ridership jumped on the pacific surf liner and on the san joaquin line between bakers field and the bay area. those two lines carried a combined 393 million passengers last year or about 110,000 more than the year before. the corridor line did not fair quite as well. ridership on that line dropped by about 45,000.
11:41 pm
the sluggish economy is being blamed for a sluggish committee. 23million americans will travel at least 20 miles to their destination. maneta san jose airport expects to bust a travel trend. the airport advises travelers to check in online, review the tsa security procedures and allow plenty of time at the airport. san francisco international says it expects tomorrow will be its busiest day of the upcoming thanksgiving holiday with 130,000 passengers coming and going. consumer reports says tesla's model s e -- electric car is it's top selling model. the survey was done before the three recent car fires that are now the subject of a federal
11:42 pm
investigation. ceo elan musk says he requested that investigation. sales of the car have been brisk this year. the model s going for 70 to $120,000 but is eligible for electric car rebates. gambling regulators have given final approval of the nugget. the casino was sold to a private investment group for an undisclosed price. the sale ends five decades of family ownership but the casino will keep its nugget name. whipping winds, falling trees and power outages. chief meteorologist bill martin is busy tonight. find out what to expect next in
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what do we want? >> contracts. >> when do we want it? >> now. court interpreters interpreters picketed, they've been working without a contract. the court interpreters are also protesting plans for them to do some of their work on video from remote locations. they say they may strike if a resolution isn't reached soon. a third case of bacterial meningitis has been confirmed within students in santa barbara. two male students were diagnosed with meningitis in the past year. all are recovering. antibiotics are given to any student who wants them. a big part of california is apparently sinking. bay area scientists claim too much water is being pumped out of the central valley and too
11:46 pm
little rain is replacing it. ktvu's john fowler explains now what that could mean for our water supply. >> this is the central valley. about 90 minutes south of the bay area. because water is pumped out in some spots right now the ground is sinking about a foot a year. >> that is a very high rate of subsidence. that is the highest rate of subsidence ever measured out here in the valley. >> michelle sneed showed us buckled concrete. and canals that no longer flow like they should. one area where high speed rail is planned has sunk 4 feet. and sinking speeds up in drier years. >> if more rain fell and we could capture more of it. water levels wouldn't fall as fast as they do now. >> reporter: environmentalists say this is dramatic evidence that we're using far too much
11:47 pm
water, it's unsustainable. that there's nothing more critical than fixing the way we deliver and allocate our water. >> it's going to have ripple effects everywhere. >> pacific institute peter gliff says with climate change it's fast becoming a . the delta is collapsing because too much water is already diverting. governor brown says he's putting together a plan but no details. the governor is to announce his plan in two weeks. john fowler, ktvu news. >> right now the plan will probably not affect your water bill but analysts say that in the future it could affect how
11:48 pm
much you have to pay for water service. and holiday shoppers are couraged to spend their money at local independent stores in oakland. the campaign kicks off with plaid friday the day after thanksgiving. independent businesses will be open and offering special discounts and events. an annual ritual is under way at a danville middle school that inspires heartwarming stories of gratitude. students filled 300 baskets for their 19th annual basket brigade. each basket is filled with food collectedded ed -- collected by students. a single mother told the school she never had thanksgiving with her kids until she received one of these baskets because her money runs out by the end of the month. an organizer says it's good for the students. >> they're very privileged to be living where they are. and that there's a lot of need and a lot of help out there.
11:49 pm
so it's making them aware that, we've got to be a lot of things to be grateful for. >> tomorrow parent volunteers plan to deliver these baskets to shelters across contra costa and alameda county. and that weather system that picked up rain, as it moves out like this, it's leaving a big hole in here. that's where the high pressure is blowing in right now and spilling in. it's creating those strong north-northeast wind. that's why there's a wind advisory out there. and you're noticing it. there's a lot of areas that aren't saying hey it's windy. up in the wood acre area, petaluma. it's windy in berkeley, it's windy in orinda. it is windy. temperatures are going to stay on the mild side. that's because of the wind. with the wind it can't get that cold overnight. 28miles per hour right now in concord. so in town. that's the gust.
11:50 pm
but we're seeing much higher gusts up in the hills and at different hours. right now it's hayward the. the winds aren't as strong as they were a half an hour ago. wind gusts at 30 to 50. we're already seeing gusts to 65 miles per hour in the east bay hills. and it's blowing. i mean you go outside the trees are blowing. there's trees down, leaves everywhere. the wind continues tonight. it could have an impact on the morning commute. strongest winds are in the next hour or two. the wind will taper off but it's still going to be windy in the morning hours so be prepared for that. the weekend is a dry forecast. with these winds overnight lows are not that cold. but over all highs are not that cold. if it sinks it warms. if it weren't for that rain we had. we would be talking about high fire danger because the winds are whipping in the surface. 70 in santa rosa, 67 in
11:51 pm
antioch. those are forecast highs for tomorrow. santa clara valley breezy in the morning. maybe windy in the morning and less windy in the afternoon. the mornings start to get pretty cold. saturday morning, sunday morning and monday morning temperatures are going to be down into freezing or below freezing levels. cold mornings on the weekend. the winds go strong tonight. a little bit in the morning and they taper off tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be a warmer day today by a degree or so. but boy the winds are just whipping out there. it's not just all in the hills it's in san francisco. it's in san francisco, it's in napa. it's at the ground. so that's unusual. >> it is just blowing like crazy. all right, thanks bill. >> sure. mark is here now. decisive wind tonight for the sharks. looking sharp. >> a littlemy any flash back to the beginning of things.
11:52 pm
a very similar start to how the sharks came out screaming. lightning 5-1 at the tank. second period up 2-0. the add on prospect takes a great pass to wengel. third period 2-0. it's marlow out in the break and he maneuvers his way for his 11th goal of the year. the sharks are very steady and sturdy 14-3 and 5 on the year. the giants sorely in need of the big field. javi lopez has signed for another year. the trade with pittsburgh has helped along the way to two world championship. lopez the proud signee of a three year contract. when we come back with the rest of sports you're going to see why one
11:53 pm
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regardless of recent history it's pretty clear. collin kaepernick has all the talent. has all the physical gifts to be a great quarterback some
11:56 pm
day. but like all great quarterbacks he had a glitch in the road. nowhere near able to admit the struggling. a little sampling when someone had the audacity to talk about kaepernick's problems. >> it's a variety of thing it's whether how the defense is playing us or we're just not hitting things. there's a lot of thing that is can go into that. >> i think he's doing a heck of a job. i like i said i'm puzzled that many people would think that. >> we just didn't execute. that's what it comes down to. >> what's most important is what we see. and, so i would be puzzled to why you or anybody else thinks that. >> puzzled, yeah can't imagine. a short workweek for the saints. and a few months ago this looked like a killer match up.
11:57 pm
but atlanta one of the major disappoints in the nfl. overmatched with drew bees going for jimmy graham the reliable tight end will make it into the end zone 45 yards. a slam dunk winner. 17-13 as he goes up and jars the goal postso much they had to readjust it. i guess it's not that unusual but happens twice inside a week but looks like making a half court shot with 20,000 in stake would be kind of rare but it happens again tonight in oklahoma city a fan comes out of the stage and makes the shot. $20,000 and in his court side seat, jay z along with his wife beyonce are there to congratulate him. $20,000, he tips the pizza guy more than that. it's happened five times in oklahoma games this year.
11:58 pm
twice this week. >> thanks, mark. >> that's the sporting life. >> we'll see you next time on ktvu
11:59 pm
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> this is the saddest story. aaron carter is so broke, even his dog is worthless. >> your dog isn't worth anything, either. you if you had a bankruptcy, would you put value of dogs, zero? >> yes. my dog costs me money. >> so does a kid. >> you could sell a kid for good money. >> renown psychic detective, browne, expert, sylvia passed away. >> these people bother me so much. there's a montage on youtube of


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