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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 25, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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but when i got frustrating i ree look on that dog's eyes, i remember at least i got it better than dori. can we keep one? i promise i will take care of it better this time. good evening it is monday november 25 i am gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> okay. >> a run in over immigrations president obama gets an ear full in san francisco. the president put on the spot of today's visit bay area, he hopes to build the immigration reform bu interrupted with the guests, our
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david stevenson is now live with the top story. >> with the san francisco's state grad students angry of federal policies of immigrations. >> the easy way out is to try to yell and prefend that i can do something by violating our laws. >> on the president's last visit to the bay area on june 6th tracking his approval nationwide at 62% and disapproval at 32%. by last friday those numbers flipped with 39% approving of his performance and 54% of disapproving. at the national fundraiser this afternoon hundreds turned out to greet the president. >> we would have had a bigger if
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we knew about this in advance. >> organizers cutting upping up the prices of the thousand dollars seats in half. >> well, he basically said that we need to keep ongoing and change is not easy, it is hard to implement. >> the president left to bay area this afternoon traveling los angeles for several democrat fundraisers. in san francisco david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the president spent more than 6 hours here at the bay area. >> you have the power to stop deportation of all of this. >> actually, i don't. that's why we are here. >> i need to go home >> okay. >> that's where we posted a link
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to the unedited video. you can join the conversation on our facebook page and telling us whether if you agree with the remark. five-year-old mascot was scheduled to be in new york city to be on appeared on good morning america and even bat kid cannot be in two places at once. he tells us he does not regret in putting himself in harm's way. he feels bruised after trying to catch the woman t. woman fell 50 feet. authorities say navidad saved her life. it was the experience in vietnam that just kicked in. >> had i not done anything and did witness her heading impact on the cement, that would edge in my mind until i die.
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>> today nevada got with a visit with navidadands got a visitor today. continuing of the tragic in south bay. the woman speaking out after her little son was -- the pick up struck the boy at vine and oak streets. just before the impact the two s pushed elijah 6-year-old sisters out of the way. >> they saved kid's life. they risked their own lives ford . >> the driver is said to be cooperating with the police. so far no arrest or citation have been made.
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paul chambers spoke live in the news room. tell us how the young man is doing. >> reporter: he's doing really well. he's a little banged up but oves doing well. we learned about his story on ok page. >> here is a picture, reagan was hit by a car yesterday at 9:30 in the morning. >> he remembered hitting by a car in the street, he don't remember nothing else. >> she said witnesses told her that as he crossed the street in oakland, he was in the crosswalk when a woman driveing newe accura hit her son.
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>> the driver would have at least check to see if reagan was okay. >> just come forward and apologize, he's okay and alive but you did not know that. >> reagan does not have broken bones but does have blood around brain. surprisingly, his mother says she's not upset. >> i am not upset but i am just scared. >> reporter: there is several buildings of cameras in the area, live in the news room. ktvu channel 2 news. 57-year-old allen of oakland died on sunday near fort ross state park.
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the cause of death has not been determined. police in santa rosa is trying to figure out how a 15-year-old suffered head injury over the weekend. the injuries are so bad that doctors putting him in an induced coma. investigators are looking in the theory that the boy are participating from evidence's activities. that came during a news kefrns of leader kov rens of leaders of the naacp. >> the decision making failed. as part of it i failed
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that student and within that one we failed all of our students. >> there is no real dedication or support or efforts of african-american students to making their lives better. >> the students want the battery and hate crime charges against the four students from misdemeanor. the charges reflect the degree of conduct and not the level of racism. the number of hate crimes nationally is trending down. the year before was 6200 a. a similar number and a year before that of 2009. she and their son aaspeared on cnn. we are looking forward as a family to
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be together on thanksgiving and we need to have it back for the table for the holiday. >> 85-year-old taking off the plane as about to deport in north korea a month ago. a family sent a second package with new medication through channels and hopes it gets to him. cupertino based apple is buying -- apple would not confront the purchase price reported to be about $350 million. it was used in microsoft connect game consults. apple might be working on devices that can rejestture. gesture. after briefly moving above the 4, 000 mark in recent years.
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bay area's stores are poised for a rushed of shoppers. this year there is a pressure of the usual holiday shopping season in sun valley and some of the stores is opening at 8 p.m. on thanksgiving night. >> we don't determine when customers want to shop and they told us they want to shop earlier on black friday. >> the best day to shop is wednesday december 4th. shoppers will find the best deals with the least amount of traffic and crowds. under this agreement the raiders lasting to the end of next year of nfl season. the ace will open for two more seasons. raiders will pay0 for one season.
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over what you should know about your personal genetics. high speed rail may have come to a grinding hall. you hear about the chance of rain on thanksgiving when i come back right after the break, we'll break it down of the forecast.
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a just released report on the new town shooting revealed that the gunman adam lanza may have carried out the attack. he has a fascination of the 1999 atta columbine school.
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. the question is sierra topped the agenda today. the pope asked president putin to set aside of the solution of syria and to pursuit dias and negotiations. it is estimated some one million people have died of the three years conflict. san francisco's city attorney herrera asked the judge to grant a judgment to block -- the herrera wants a trial on the city's lawsuit challenging the decision. the suit claims that it is based on a fill -- tonight
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after a warning letter from the fda. for the past five years the com2 3 and me has been marking genetics information. now, regulators say it has to stop. >> more than half a million people discovered personal genetics with 23 and me. the fda has no business restricting their information. >> i could be at risks for certain cancer and that kind of thing. yeah, that has been interesting, i don't panic or anything, so why not. >> the letter of the assessment for genes risks and response. it is things that's important for people to know. >> anybody that has a family history of disease, would want to know and should be able to
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given the information. >> 23 and me, first made their kids available, we took advantage of it. >> we as a company really focus on empowering people with access to their genetics. >> we feature the company in a special report two weeks ago but the fda is now saying 23 and me is now claiming health benefits that cannot prove. the company today sent me this written statement, we have not met the fda's expectations regarding time line and regarding the submission. >> i can understand why the fda would be concern because of a p provided
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of this kind of data may not be -- >> john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. the coast guards say the man was operating on the board. officials say some reason the bar tipped over. the name of the operator who died have not been released. the alameda food bank says it has seen a dramatic increase of the number of families they served. >> for a family of four losing $36 on average, that's devastating. that's 2 weeks worth of meals for a child. >> they're receiving more
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callers for number of callers receiving help this year. san jose handed out more than 1500 turkeys along with all if fixing. the charity is collecting donations and hoping to giveaway turkey for families. the legal setback has put the entire project on limbo, eric explains of what the judge decided. >> but, today the 68 billion project suffered a legal step back. in the ruling judge kenny says the finance committee should act as a personal checkbook.
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>> imagine this was the high school kids' homework and the teacher said you did not show your work and i cannot give you credit. essentially, that's what this is. >> kenny ordered authority to redough the funding plan, that can takes months and weeks. >> kathy lay lock is a former mayor,. she's pleased of the ruling. >> they cannot issue anymore more bonds. apparently they can spend more money on planning but the big check of the money is constructions. >> representatives say the project is still moving forward and in a statement they said, we understand there will be many challenges that'll be addressed as we go forward building the first rail nation of the system. >> it is highly likely that the
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rail authorities will appeal both decisions and also possible that both rulings can be over turned. ktvu channel 2 news. tomorrow is another spare the air day of the bay area. the bay area air quality district says there is an increase of solution and with smoke can be a problem with people with health conditions. here we are at the beginning of a holiday week and turning out with our chief meteorologist martin. some people wanting to stay away or going away. >> there is people traveling around and we got a system to talk about. you heard me mentioning of this chance of rain as we get into thursday. the models are suggesting that that system is going to make it to the south of us and being more of a rain producer for southern california and not for us. we got the clouds out there
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right now. you saw the clouds come i thinkd sun set. there will be some clouds out td a little bit of fog out there as well. it is a couple degrees warmer. so 30s and low 40s but not as cold as this morning. 64 in napa and 61 in concord. highs tomorrow coming up just ae degrees and so the next couple of days pretty nice and warmer and plenty sunshine and a little frosty in the morning. wednesday night and thursday, maybe a little bit of wet weather south of san jose down the moneterey area. and 45 in hayward and 44 in fremont and the calendar tells you the whole story. it is been a dry we. as we get into thursday, this it the model wants to do, it takes the system of the greener and blue here, it is going to
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kick it up here. we are up here and if that happens we are not going to get much of anything. we'll watch it closely and it is a long way between now and thursday. we might get a little more wet than suspected. forecast highs tomorrow is nice day. and the five-day forecast, bay area weekend is clearly in view. the holiday weekend, friday and saturday and sunday look really nice. a winter like storm is working its way across the country. the storm is expected to hit the road during the thanksgiving week. flight cancelled due to the weather. thanksgiving travels can expect airport delays due the rain conditions and weather conditions. the fast selling out prompted a serious of
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pop star katie perry's performance at the award is sparking a lot of controversial. she's dressed as a gay geisha . katie ambassador rick is making the corric is making the online news. there is words tonight that tice the python reunion is sold out in a matter of seconds. the show is showing next july and tickets were gone in 43 seconds. guess what? it is sold out in less than a minute p. there is a possibility that they can do a show in new york at some
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point. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight bay area's drivers crossing toll bridges for free and why there is not a law to stop it. we are always here for y and tmz is up next right here on tmz tv 36. [captioning made possible by
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warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> debby rowe wants to facilitate conrad murray's death. she's responding to a video interview dr. conrad murray did. >> he's a pedophile. >> i held his penis in my hand every night. >> that's what he says. it's like books on tape. >> miley cyrus. she celebrated her 21st birthday. she rented out a beachhouse. she had strippers, a ton of alcohol. >> she had her first drink. [laughter] >> "family guy" killed one of its most beloved characters.


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