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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 25, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> seven people shot tonight in a burst of gunfire. one of the victims of a man barbecuing in his own backyard. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville, oakland police calling it outrageous, seven people shot tonight. we get this from ken wayne live at the shooting scene at 96th avenue and olive street in east oakland. he's been talking to witnesses
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and police there as investigators try to sort out what happened. ken? >> reporter: frank, this is still a very active crime scene even though the shooting happened four hours ago. officers are gathering evidence talking about what they've recovered so far and planning how they will try to track down the shooters in this case. earlier tonight they also warned residents they should stay indoors. >> all residents stay inside your houses. >> reporter: police say the shooting happened around 6:30 in front of this mini market in this residential east oakland neighborhood. one or more shooters opened fire sending bullets flying everywhere. >> i heard the gunshots and i hit the ground and a bullet went straight through my ponytail. >> this is really kind of outrageous. 6:00 at night isn't that late at night and a fair number of rounds fired out here. so really pretty brazen stuff on a street corner. >> reporter: police sealed off
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the area. victims reportedly told police there may have been two gunmen. is there anything people need to know who live in this area? >> no, no. actually the area is contained right now. police are out here. we're looking for possible individuals who could be involved in this incident. >> reporter: juan eck has lived in oakland 16 years and says the violence at this corner has gotten worse. he said a couple weeks ago a teenager was shot here and last year another person was shot and killed. >> we think we will move maybe in a couple months. we're going to move from here, too because we never got trouble over here. always stuff on that corner of. >> reporter: we have been hearing from people on the street here there was a barbecue happening just down from where the shooting took place that one person was struck apparently by a stray bullet and may now be paralyzed and is at the hospital. here's the latest from oakland police on the victims. one of the critical victims is
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a hispanic male, 29 years of age and a black male 31 years of age, five other victims, all of them black males. they are in nonlife threatening condition right now, stable at highland hospital. again oakland police urge anyone who saw this to call. live in oakland ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. a san jose family tonight is grieving the loss of a 3- year-old boy struck and killed by a car while in a stroller on his way to the playground. ktvu's noel walker spoke with his mother today and was pleading with drivers to be careful. >> reporter: cars go by at the corner of vine and oak. construction crews work. time keeps moving forward, but for corrine mendoza time stands still at this corner. children are supposed to outlive their parents. >> he was a child taken from me of. >> reporter: but elijah alvitre is frozen in time at
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just 3 years old. >> he had the most beautiful green eyes that would -- that was my angel. >> reporter: orange spray paint marks the spot where elijah was hit and killed in the crosswalk on his way to a nearby playground sunday afternoon. >> i'm so scared i can't see and i'm shocked. >> reporter: deep pawar ran out of the store where he works and saw the aftermath. a neighbor took this photo showing a stroller strewn on the street. his grandmother hopes people will remember this face when they get behind the wheel. >> pay attention because you don't know how many lives you'll affect if you don't. >> reporter: neighbors say the lack of a turn signal here puts drivers and pedestrians in the same dangerous space. now instead of planning for the
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holidays, elijah's family is planning a funeral. of >> we checked the number -- >> we checked the number of pedestrian deaths in the area and found the number is the average from 2005 to 2012 is just over 13. the wife of the palo alto man held in north korea made a public plea today for his release. lee newman said she is respectfully asking north korea to free her husband merrill. >> we're looking forward as a family to being together on thanksgiving and we need to have merrill back at the head of the table for the holidays. >> 85-year-old merrill newman was taken off his plane about a month ago just before it was set to take off. his family has sent his heart medication through diplomatic channels and are hoping it gets to him. newman was reportedly questioned about his service in
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the korean war the night before he was detained. a man who was moving an excavator down the sacramento river died today when the barge he was traveling on tipped and threw the excavator into the water. the accident happened about 1:30 this afternoon near rio vista in the delta. the victim was inside the cab of that excavator when it fell into the water. search crews recovered the man's body about four hours later. tonight he was identified as 49- year-old richard wayne alexander of pittsburg. just down river the bodies of two men were found in a houseboat this afternoon. the boat was 5 miles south of rio vista. contra costa county sheriff's deputies made the discovery. they're not saying why they went to the houseboat in the first place. the solano county sheriff's department is handling the investigation and tells us it is treating the deaths as suspicious. the president of san jose state university today took personal responsibility for alleged hate crimes in a dorm on campus. he said the school failed to protect a black freshman from being subjected to racial
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harassment and abuse. since then tensions on campus have been running high. black students were upset today that they were not invited to speak at a news conference held by school administrators and the ncaa. four students have been charged with misdemeanor battery and hate crimes. police say those students tormented their black roommate and the president of san jose state says he failed to recognize the gravity of the situation soon enough. >> our decision making failed. as part of it i failed that student. within that we failed all of our students. >> the university president is promising an independent review of school policies. california's high speed rail project hit what could be a major roadblock. a judge in sacramento county has blocked the sale of $8 billion in bonds for that
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project. judge michael kennedy ordered the rail authority to rework its funding plan before construction continues. the judge said the rail authority did not follow the requirements of the law. the ruling is expected to delay the $68 billion project for months or longer. president obama is put on the spot during a policy speech today in san francisco. the president wanted to turn up the heat on congress applying pressure in a push for immigration reform. >> but it turns out he's the one who felt the heat from a student at san francisco state. heather holmes is here now with more on the young man who caused the president to go off script today. >> that's right, frank. when ktvu asked that student protester about his outburst, he said he was courageously speaking up when he urged the president to immediately halt deportations saying his own family had been separated. president obama may be relieved this trip to san francisco was a quick one.
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>> most importantly we will live up -- >> my family is separated. >> most importantly we will live up -- >> after an invited guest at a chinatown speech put him on the defensive. >> that's exactly what we're talking about here. >> every single day. >> that's why we're here. >> the appearance at the chinese recreation center was supposed to feature president obama pushing congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform. >> please i beg you to halt deportation for all 11.5 latin immigrants in this country right now. >> instead one of the human props became a central feature of the speech. >> you have the power to stop deportation for all. >> actually i don't. >> the president told the man he couldn't take direct action without the cooperation of congress. hong is a graduate student at sf state and says he is in the country without documentation. >> i cannot see my family
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members at thanksgiving because my family was separated. >> the 24-year-old was invited to stand behind the president as one of the dreamers. he was brought to the country illegally. >> the only thing standing in our way right now is the unwillingness with certain republicans in congress to catch up with the rest of the country. >> hong said he grew tired of hearing the president point the finger at others. >> the fact that he came here to rally the crowd blaming the congress, it is wrong. i think he should put blame on his administration. >> now the president told his security detail not to remove hong and said if he could fix the broken immigration system by himself that he would. he went on to say the solution will really only come through the democratic process. >> thanks, heather. >> he also talked about the historic agreement reached with iran this past weekend.
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the diplomatic break-through is aimed at keeping iran from developing nuclear weapons. >> for the first time in a decade we halted the progress on iran's nuclear program. key parts of the program will be rolled back. >> the next stop for the president was a fundraiser for the democratic party at the san francisco jazz center. that was followed by a private event at the prevideo heights home of billion -- prevideo heights home of the billionaire who founded sales force. a powerful storm system that started in the bay area is expected to arrive in the mid- atlantic states tomorrow, then move into the northeast. snow, rain and ice are all forecast and strong winds could ground balloons at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. in texas travel problems stretched into a second day with hundreds of flights canceled at the dallas/fort worth airport. as much as 5 inches of snow fell in parts of west texas. delta and u.s. airways are
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offering to waive fees for passengers wanting to change their tickets. we checked on the airports in the bay area tonight. no delays are reported. ktvu uncovered loophole drivers are exploiting to avoid paying tolls. >> everybody should pay their fair share. >> california is losing millions. tonight 2 investigates the roadblock to a potential solution. >> the areas that could wake up to frost and the potential impact on your morning commute. >> next bruised from trying to catch a woman who jumped from
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simple my wife said you could have died. . my wife said you could have died. >> a 61-year-old raiders fan is called a hero for breaking the fall of a complete stranger after sunday's game. tonight after being released from the hospital he spoke with ktvu's erik rasmussen and explained why he never flinched. >> i stuck out both arms. >> reporter: it was the most important catch of the game. >> as she was descending i just reacted the way i did. >> reporter: 61-year-old doan donnie navidad was still at the coliseum where the raiders played sunday when a woman jumped from the third deck, a 50-foot drop. >> i wanted to grab her and just embrace her, so we fell together. >> reporter: navidad was able to break her fall. authorities say it saved the
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woman's life. >> this is a result from the impact. >> reporter: recovering at his stockton home, navidad showed us his bruised arm. he knows he could have been killed, but says his time in vietnam and training as a marine took over. >> without even thinking you just automatically do what you got to do. had i not done anything and witness her hitting an impact on that cement, that would have etched in my mind until i died. >> reporter: navidad says paramedics had to cut off his prized bo jackson jersey. today the raiders gave him a game ball. >> signed by mr. willy brown. >> reporter: but maybe none of it compares to what his grandkids had to say about him today. >> i think he's the world's hero now. >> reporter: authorities say the woman is still in critical condition here at highland hospital. navidad says he's hoping she'll recover and he'd like to speak to her when the time is right to try to understand why she jumped. in oakland erik rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news.
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another legal twist tonight in the effort to keep city college of san francisco from losing its accreditation. san francisco's city attorney dennis herrera asked a judge to grant a preliminary injunction to block the revocation of the college's accreditation which is set to end in july. herrera wants a trial on the city's lawsuit challenging the decision. the suit claims the revocation is improperly based on a philosophical dispute over city college's goal of emphasizing open access to education as opposed to vocational training. a san francisco man's warning to others after he says he was verbally and physically assaulted by an uber car driver early yesterday morning. ktvu's amber lee is live in the castro district with the man's ordeal and uber's response. >> reporter: the man tells me he just left the bar here in the castro. he pulls out his iphone and uses the uber app to get a ride home as he has done many times before, only this time he says
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it quickly turned into a nightmare. >> he was just aggressive in his nature about asking for the address. >> reporter: 32-year-old james alva tells us the driver's manner immediately made him uncomfortable about giving his exact address early sunday morning. alva had just left balen's bar on 18th street. the founder of a nonprofit startup escalated when the driver asked if he was mexican. >> you're nothing but a dirty mexican [ bleep ]. the you're the -- you're the worst of it. he said twice the driver batted his iphone out of his hands. alva provided us with this recording he says is the argument with him and the driver. >> i told you to get out. this is my car. >> that means you're going to be physical with me. >> i did not get physical. >> yes, you did. >> reporter: alva said he
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called 911 and police spoke with the driver. he said he contacted uber and received a phone call several hours later. alva was refunded his $14 payment because the ride was not completed but that there was no apology from the company. >> i would also hope there would be some corporate accountability for what happened. >> reporter: uber tells us the driver has been suspended and that "the driver did complete our standard safety and background check process which is required of all individuals who want to utilize the uber technology platform." alva said he does not want others to experience what he went through. >> you're entering into somebody's car whom you don't know and i think people just should be aware. >> reporter: alva tells me he'll now probably call a cab or try another car service. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight the mother of a hit and run victim is asking the driver who struck her 16-year- old son to come forward and take responsibility. this is a picture of antonio
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reggans recovering in his hospital bed. doctors say he has blood and swelling around his brain and needed stitches around his ear. reggans was hit by a car at 9:30 yesterday morning on international boulevard and 37th avenue in oakland. witnesses say he was in the crosswalk when a woman driving a new model silver acura slammed right into him. >> she knows she hit somebody, yeah. she definitely knows because they said that she pulled over, stopped for a minute and then took off. >> fisher is just thankful her son is alive but she says she was told the impact was so strong it actually knocked her son right out of his shoes. police say there are several surveillance cameras in the area with images that may help find the driver. cal fire crews say they've almost contained a wildfire that has burned 3,500 acres in sonoma county. the mccabe fire is 85% contained. firefighters expect full containment by wednesday. the fire is burning in a remote
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area near the geysers and has destroyed a power plant cooling tower. the fire started last friday during that windstorm that blew through the bay area. smoke from the fire is adding to the bay area haze and pollution levels and as a result, tomorrow is another spare the air day. burning is banned both indoors and outdoors. tomorrow marked the first winter spare the air day called by air quality managers. it's chilly out there right now and cloud cover as well in the north bay and throughout parts of the bay, redwood city. the cloud cover will remain tonight. overnight lows will get down to the upper 30s and low 40s. tomorrow morning in san francisco temperatures will be in the low 50s, partly cloudy at noon for everybody, afternoon peculiar with temperatures slightly warm -- afternoon partly cloudy with temperatures slightly warmer. highs tomorrow in san francisco will made it to mid-60, san francisco downtown tomorrow 64 degrees for a daytime high. we talked about the holiday week and chance of rain on
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thanksgiving. i have the latest computer model loaded up ready to go. i'm back here at 10:45 and i'll show it to you. it appears the historic ruling last spring making gay manner legal in california was immediately -- marriage legal in california was immediately followed by a huge uptick in weddings. almost 31,000 couples requested marriage licenses in july this year, a 35% increase compared to last year and the highest number of any month since 2006. however, it's not clear how many of those marriages were gay marriages because the applications don't ask for the sex of the spouses. drivers crossing bay area bridges for free. >> i think that's pretty unfair because i pay tolls every time i go across. >> but thousands don't and it is costing california millions. at 10:30 2 investigates changing the state law. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast.
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authorities identified two abalone divers this week. aba lone diving can be treacherous. three others died in one weekend earlier this year. the law prohibits scuba equipment. that means divers have to hold their breath while searching for abalone among the kelp beds on the ocean floor. >> it seems like every year we have some seasoned divers who have been diving years and years and just can be really
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dangerous. >> it also appears that thompson and rosenlick may have been diving alone. a bay area startup finds itself in a legal battle with the beastie boys hip hop group even though they agree in principle. the startup goldy blocks released this parody video last week using the beastie boys song girls with alternative lyrics about girl power urging girls to learn about science and technology, but the beastie boys objected to the use of their song. in a letter to goldy blocks the group said it was impressed by the creativity and the message, but it's an advertisement designed to sell a product and they don't allow that. talk show host and former news anchor katie couric is joining yahoo. the sunnyvale company confirmed today couric will become its global news anchor and the face of yahoo news. couric will conduct interviews and oversee a staff of reporters. she plans to give up her job as a special correspondent for abc
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news but will continue to host her tv talk show. a content sharing agreement will allow yahoo to post weekly clips from that show. wall street started off the week with low volume and small gains. the dow rose seven points. nasdaq added three points after briefly breaking the 4,000 level for the first time in 13 years. the ceo and president of wal-mart is resigning after five years on the job. 63-year-old mike duke is being replaced by 47-year-old c. douglas mcmillon. he has been head of wal-mart's international division. wal-mart acknowledged it's facing what could be a difficult holiday season as its core customers struggle with unemployment and stagnant wages. we've learned that california has something the other 49 states don't have, a money losing loophole in the law that allows some people to cross toll booths for free. >> a first, a bay area company at the forefront of genetic
11:27 pm
testing and why the federal government is saying not so fast. >> you can g
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police in connecticut say today's report of a gunman on the campus of yale university was likely a hoax. the campus was locked down nearly six hours as s.w.a.t. teams searched the grounds. new haven police say a man used a pay phone to call 911 this morning saying his roommate was on the way to the school, the university, to shoot people. the chief of police vowed to track down and arrest the person who made that call. the federal government is ordering a google backed genetic testing company in silicon valley to stop selling home testing kits. google has invested millions into the company 23 and me based in mountain view and
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provides saliva testing kits for just $99. results include information about a person's ancestry and genetic risk for more than 250 diseases and receptiveness to various medications. 23 and me has already tested more than a half million people. >> anybody who has a family history of disease i think would want to know and should be given an opportunity. >> the fda says the company failed to respond to requests for information that supports the validity of the product. the order to stop selling the test kits takes effect in 15 days. the company says it is working to resolve the problem. 2 investigates exposed the loophole that is allowing people to cross bay area bridges without paying and tonight we have new data on just how much money the state is losing. ktvu's jana katsuyama questions a leading state lawmaker about why there's been no effort to close the loophole of. >> reporter: our investigation began last month with a man, a mercedes and two stolen plates.
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>> looks like he ripped this completely out of here of. >> reporter: avery turner told us thieves in oakland didn't steel official license plates but the cardboard dealer inserts which accompany newly purchased cars in california. >> this advertisement is for the dealership. what do they want with that? >> reporter: we found a loophole in california law. newly purchased vehicles can roam the roads with no license plate. it turns out hundreds of thousands of vehicles with dealer inserts or no plate at all cross bay area toll bridges without paying a dime. through the freedom of information act we obtained data from the golden gate bridge district and gathered raw numbers from the metropolitan transportation commission. we discovered the free rides have gone on unchecked for years. since july, 2005 when the database first began tracking the number of no plate violations has risen from 34,000 vehicles a month to more than 118,000 a month this past
11:32 pm
october. last year that added up to more than $6.1 million in lost revenue for the mtc. at the golden gate bridge 1.1 million on southern california toll roads $3.7 million bringing the statewide total to $10.9 million nun collected tolls last year alone. -- in uncollected tolls last year alone. the number of no plate violations more than doubled after toll workers were replaced with cameras and all electronic toll collection. in 2012 there were 108,000 no plate violations. this year 224,000. that's just through october. >> prior to electronic tolling they were stopping and paying their toll and now there is a larger number of people crossing the golden gate bridge without paying. >> reporter: golden gate bridge spokeswoman mary curry says lost revenue is usually offset by fines paid by violators who are caught, balancing the budget but not necessarily the scales of
11:33 pm
justice. >> i think that's pretty unfair because i pay tolls every time i go across. >> reporter: in 2011 state lawmakers passed a law requiring new car owners to affix permanent plates within 90 days instead of six months, but this woman told us she's been waiting since august for the dmv to mail her permanent plates. >> it is a long time to wait. i don't understand. >> reporter: walnut creek police officer steve rower says long waits are common, but he told us about one car he stopped that shows how easily people can get away with ignoring the law. >> they are driving around with paper dealer plates on their car for seven years of. >> reporter: what did they say? >> they said they just hadn't put them on yet. >> mtc for years has advocated for a change in state law that would require any car once it leigh the lot to actually -- leave the lot it actually have a license plate. >> reporter: the mtc solution involves temporary numbered plates at point of sale to close the loophole. to date no lawmaker has stepped
11:34 pm
up to introduce legislation. the officer said he talked with his state senator of concord four times and this led nowhere. >> each time he said he was going to fix it and hasn't done anything to this point. >> reporter: we decided to come to sacramento and ask state lawmakers why there seems to be no political will to solve this problem. after a transportation committee hearing this month chaired by state senator desanye, he said the biggest challenge is getting all stakeholders to agree. >> there is great resistance because it's applicable to the bay area, but it has to be applied to the whole state. there's that, the car dealers, cost of funding to actually have the paper plates of. >> reporter: the state senator also says consumers might balk at added fees to cover a temporary plate. california's size complicates the matter. >> we should look at other states and see what they do. >> reporter: we did look at the other 49 states and we were unable to find any other that allows people to drive on roads with no permanent or temporary
11:35 pm
license plate. >> if they can show me the numbers and we could develop some kind of action plan, i'd be happy to be supportive of that. >> reporter: our investigation into this issue is sparking debate. i have learned the mtc has been receiving e-mails from the public and from high level officials in sacramento about this. lawmakers will begin planning next month for the next legislative session. it remains to be seen whether anyone will step forward and propose a bill. reporting from the bay bridge toll plaza, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we'd like to know what you think. would you be willing to pay an added fee when you buy a new car to get a temporary license plate from the dealership? you can join the conversation on our ktvu facebook page. if you have an idea for 2 investigates, we'd like to hear it. you can e-mail your tip to she traveled from bra difficult to the bay area to
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find -- brazil to the bay area to find her missing brother. >> at this point the hardest part is going home without knowing something. >> a chance of showers heading
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a long awaited report on the massacre at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut is, revealing new details but little additional insight. last december 20-year-old adam lanza shot and killed 20 children and six adults after killing his mother. the report said lanza shot his way into the school, but his motive is still unknown. the shooting took about 11 minutes, then lanza shot himself. the report tells us lanza was obsessed with the columbine
11:39 pm
school shooting and the computer game called school shooting. a well known anti-communist activist from san jose has lost his appeal of a conviction for assault and resisting arrest. prosecutors say lee tong dressed like a woman and then presented flowers to a vietnamese singer, then pepper sprayed her in the face because of a difference in political beliefs. that happened more than three years ago. tong may be best known in san jose for his hunger strike aimed at getting part of the city to be called little saigon. two san francisco supervisors hosted a happy hour fundraiser this evening called hope for haiyan. it was a benefit for typhoon victims in the philippines organized by supervisors john avalos and jane kim at the bistro and lounge. there was a suggested donation of $20 at the door. some of the proceeds from the bar sales will be donated. avalos says many in his district are filipino. >> some have lost family members. some are still searching for
11:40 pm
family members. some have actually found them and they're really concerned about being displaced. >> several other city supervisors were also there tonight. the money will be given to the national alliance for filipino concerns. some of the biggest names in music are raising money for typhoon victims. itunes is selling a digital album called songs for the philippines with all the proceeds donated directly to the red cross. it includes songs by the beatles, u2, beyonce, justin bieber, lady gaga and many more. it costs about $10. san francisco's bayview district is getting into the holiday spirit. tonight community members gathered at the bayview opera house to celebrate the new holiday bell lights brightening up third street. two days ago there was an annual tree lighting ceremony and a winter wonderland days planned for december 19th. long time residents say they're working to show their neighborhood is both safe and beautiful. with signs of the holidays all over more people are thinking about going christmas
11:41 pm
shopping. sorry about that. a light just popped. today we found people at the sun valley mall in concord getting an early start on their lists, but the best day to shop may be next week. shopper track says wednesday, december 4th, is the best day to shop because that's the day with the best combination of deals and the least amount of traffic. a south bay charity lending a helping hand to thousands of families in need. today sacred heart community service in san jose handed out more than 1,500 turkeys with the fixturessings. the charity is still collecting -- fixings. the charity is still collecting donations and hopes to give away 4,000 turkeys by thanksgiving day. it's estimated one in five families in the county does not have enough to eat. we have the highlights of the 49ers game coming up. >> also new trouble for former
11:42 pm
software pioneer john mcafee, the complaint that got him evicted. >> and in five minutes your complete bay area forecast with whether we'll see clear skies on thanksgiving. >> reporter: from south
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11:44 pm
new developments tonight in the search for a missing man, 23-year-old brazilian palo neto was visiting san francisco last month when he vanished. family members came here to search for him. they are now going back to brazil but not giving up. >> we're just going home as a family that we came with the same answer, where is pablo? >> reporter: anna reyes and her family have put on many miles looking for her brother,
11:45 pm
an art student from los angeles who vanished visiting san francisco the end of october. >> nothing, nothing at all. what happened? where is him, you know? we have blank sheet with no answers of. >> reporter: a few clues, this unidentified man used neto's credit card in the mission and neto made frantic phone calls to 911 and his family saying he was in danger and needed help. >> i suspect it was foul play. >> reporter: the family hired a private investigator. >> perhaps made a mistake, maybe ended up with the wrong people and, you know, i think there's a chance that drugs was a factor. >> reporter: and there is the body that washed up in mccovey cove a few weeks ago decomposed, unidentifiable but with broken ribs as from a fall or jump. >> the only thing i know is that they found a body, but they didn't speak to us. >> there needs to be more sense of urgency.
11:46 pm
>> reporter: authorities are waiting for the dental records from brazil. >> here's the family from brazil here five weeks, you know, make an effort to get this thing done sooner than later for that family. >> reporter: but tomorrow the family leaves, an 18 hour flight haunted by having to empty out palo's place in l.a. >> seeing his college, his friends, his apartment and friends that were waiting for him, you know. people, they were waiting for him to go back. >> reporter: until there's proof app anna -- anna rejects the idea her brother took his own life. >> he came to san francisco to start a new life, so i don't believe he came here to die to kill himself, doesn't make sense. >> reporter: the family dropped everything to rush here. now work and school pull them back to brazil, but they do plan to return soon to keep up
11:47 pm
the search. it seems trouble continues to follow software entrepreneur john mcafee like a shadow. the 68-year-old has been evicted from his luxury apartment in portland, oregon, and the building manager has taken out a protective order against him. last winter mcafee fled from belize where he's wanted for questioning in connection with the killing of his neighbor. in a phone interview mcafee denied threatening the building manager and says he's now living in montreal and has no plans to return to portland. apple says it won't waste time building a new campus after receiving final approval last month. this is what apple expects the nearly 3 million square foot campus in cupertino to look like when it's done. the circular spaceship design was steve jobs idea. apple is reportedly knocking down structures at the site and removing large trees it wants to save.
11:48 pm
just in time for the holidays the company's relay ride said it's won approval to pick up and drop off people renting vehicles through its service. relay ride saves travelers the amount of long term parking in exchange for permission to rent out their vehicles for money while you're away. the san francisco company has car sharing services in more than 16 cities across the country. the big holiday week is upon us. there's a big strong powerful weather system moving through the southern part of the united states and out towards the atlantic seaboard, but it will raise heck with all these airports the next 36 hours from new york south down towards new orleans and houston, big flight delays in dallas as that system moved off to the east. if you have travel plans, plan accordingly. we've got a couple weather systems. they look kind of cool but they don't have much going on. this is providing us with clouds now. this system will double down and pull in down the coast.
11:49 pm
i'll show you that in the computer model and bring us a chance for a sprinkle or maybe a light shower mainly south of the san jose area. temperatures tomorrow will be warmer than these by a good 2 or 3 degrees, so slightly warmer tomorrow. there are clouds out there now. i think there will be some clouds tomorrow. it's clear and cold. you'll see frost and maybe patchy valley fog in the inland bay valleys. mostly sunny tomorrow and just a little warmer and thanksgiving still got a slight chance of showers in the forecast. right now it really looks like it will be south of san jose. overnight low forecast 38 in santa rosa, 39 in concord, been a dry november. here's our next shot and this is a system i'm looking at for thanksgiving. this is the latest computer model saying -- it's actually the latest run on the 5:00 and 6:00 broadcast that had it a little further south. you see rain just offshore the
11:50 pm
bay area. this thing looks like it's going like this and like this, but that could change. this thing could push off to the east sooner. right now thanksgiving looks mostly dry with clouds and a few sprinkles and drizzle along the coast. we'll be tracking it for you. a lot can change. the next couple days look nice. tomorrow a little better than today. going into wednesday, similar to tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday a lot alike, 64 napa, 65 vacaville, 64 pleasanton, a lot of people traveling. watch out for fog in the morning in the central valley mainly and a frost. get out early and scrape the windshields in the north and east bay so you don't get behind schedule. everybody is traveling around through different parts of the state. the weather looks good the next two days and the thanksgiving deal doesn't look like a big deal, just clouds and maybe sprinkles. tuesday cold start. wednesday clouds increase. here's the chance for wet weather, but suffice to say cooler on thanksgiving and a chance of some light sprinkles
11:51 pm
that could change some plans but not many. it doesn't look like a big deal. steve will be here in the morning to update the forecast. >> otherwise steady as we go. >> it really is. we need some rain, though. a new coliseum deal means the oakland raiders and a's are sticking around at least for the near future. today the oakland alameda county coliseum authority approved short term lease extensions for both teams. raiders extended their deal through the 2014/2015 season for $400,000. the a's agreed to a two year ex continuation for $1.75 million -- extension for $1.75 million each year. thanksgiving came early at san francisco's bayview hunters point ymca. the warrior center hosted the event for more than 50 families. -- the warriors center hosted event for more than 50 families. each family had a turkey to take home plus a warriors gift
11:52 pm
bag. >> that is awesome. that's another reason i love the warriors. let's talk about the 49ers, two game losing streak and they come back, look good tonight. >> a much more that's like it plan tonight. due to the lopsided nature of the game maybe boring for the rest of the country, but a breath of fresh air for 49er fans. defense that brings it all day and night and this evening an offense with a very strong pulse, never trailed, never in trouble. anquan boldin, 19 yards, touchdown, 7-0 early. they couldn't breakaway early, however. 10-6 in the 3rd. capps put it for vernon davis out of bounds but 1st and goal at the 6-yard line. 20-yard pickup. next play against the grain. capps throws against his buddy and again for boldin touchdown, 17-6. five catches, 94 yards and two touchdowns for anquan
11:53 pm
boldin. put it away late with the perfect fake to the inside leaving vernon davis wide open. beautifully done. 24-6, capps 15 of 24 on the night for 235 yards and three touchdowns. no touchdowns allowed by the defense. in fact, rg3 sacked four times, two by smith and two by that man, brooks, 27-6 the final, 49ers very much alive at 7-4. a statistically stable performance for colin kaepernick, but what does the k, paralyzed veterans of america.
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
k, for over sixty years, paralyzed veterans of america has worked to ensure that our injured veterans get all the benefits they've earned. join me. visit p-v-a dot org.
11:56 pm
all right. as usual, colin kaepernick, nothing but three word answers for the media after the game which is kind of understandable considering all the heat he's taken lately, but according to his coach, all is well with the quarterback. don't fret. he can take all the heat. >> my baby deerskin, some people have armadillo skin. he's got the armadillo skin. it's just strong good leadership and i noticed it, mentioned it to him and that's -- i don't know how much more i can go into that. >> my time that you can bounce back and -- any time that you can bounce back and just get
11:57 pm
acclimated to where you were it always clears your mind p.m. i'm sure this did clear some things up for him. thanksgiving synonymous with college basketball, holiday tournaments no exception, cal and stanford, the cardinal back in brooklyn for the legends classic and they are rolling it pretty good tied at half, cardinal breaking dwight palette 20 and what an athlete he is, good defense all night for the cardinal. they block and break, anthony brown on the scoring end, 20 points, eight rebounds for him, 86-76, stanford versus pittsburg tomorrow, cal over in hawaii for the maui i very takes doing more than sampling the coconut there -- maui invitational doing more than sampling the coconut there.
11:58 pm
the 85-77 the final in the tournament. that's the sporting life. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next [captioning made possible by
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