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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 26, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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thousands of commuters delay on b.a.r.t. after a piece of metal fell from a train at the wrong place at just the wrong time. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. major delays on b.a.r.t. tonight this time the problem literally fell from a train. we found crowds of glum looking drivers. the problem happened when a metal object came to rest on
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the electrified trail. one train hit the metal and was damaged it was taken out of service. other trains had to be -- as passengers crowded. one man said he had been delayed for hours others were just fed up. >> i don't think frustrated would be the word to use right now. >> i've been out here at least a good 50 minutes. it's definitely frustrating. >> i was on the train. had to get off the train. i've been waiting for the next train. >> reporter: service was restored at 7:00 but passengers said the trains were still too crowded to board. a train operator heading in the opposite direction noticed electrical arching and called in the problem. later tonight at 10:30, trouble for travelers. we're pinpointing a massive storm that's expected to cause
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big problems at mayor airports tomorrow. a police investigation goes online and uncovers something unexpected. a suspected internet predator is in custody and his computers are confiscated. heather holmes live in martinez with the tip that caught the man. >> reporter: a connection that started on craigslist. while conducts an online investigation into another crime, detectives in martinez came upon something disturbing an ad on craigslist, soliciting sex with a girl of any age. >> we continueed the conversation over a few weeks. >> reporter: police say 25-year-
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old sky olerie was the man behind the ad. in addition to the sexually explicit conversations he sent photos of himself some of which were graphic. >> one photo showed the male's face. and then another part of his body in a different photo. >> reporter: detectives say o' leary planned to meet the young lady today at this park. >> he proceeded into the park into the area we described and it was for safety, we made the arrest. >> reporter: in the complex where o' leary lived there's shock. >> i'm glad we got him. i think this goes on more than people realize. >> reporter: this was a web camera attached to computer. >> reporter: police show us what they found in o' leary's apartment. >> this may not have been police he was talking to this
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could have been a 14-year-old girl. that scares me and i don't want that to happen. >> reporter: he remains in custody in a slew of charges including meeting a minor for sex. heather holmes, ktvu news. scores of candles burn bright in memory of beloved football coach who died while trying to protect others. hundreds of people gathered at john f. kennedy high school to honor john web. for nearly 30 years web served as the school's athletic director. although he had stepped down from that job he was still teaching geometry and p. e. he is remembered as someone who inspired others. >> he helped me during a rough time. he literally sat me town and taught me how to be a man.
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>> he inspired staff, supported kids, supported staff. >> reporter: web was killed on saturday when he was hit by a car after stopping to direct traffic away from an accident on interstate 680 on fremont. new at 10:00, ktvu has learned that people living in two dozen homes on treasure island are being forced to move. officials at treasure island sent letters to residents saying the navy has to clean up homes. the affected residents just learned of the issue today. they will likely be given replacement housing some where on the island. pedestrians are being forced to dodge speeding cars in the area. they say it's become an especially dangerous mix at one
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particular intersection. eric rasmussen live with the changes they're asking for. >> reporter: frank, residents say at night it's so dark things got even more dangerous something we got to see for ourselves. neighbors say crossing wilbur avenue in antioch takes patience and some serious nerve. >> they come over the hill sometimes 65, 70. as high as 100 at some times. >> they're been doing donut, drag races in cars of all ages. it gets out of control. >> we get worried. >> reporter: a concerned i shared as we were trying to record a segment. >> they have to slow these cars down. it's too fast. it's way too fast.
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>> reporter: in addition to slowing the speed limit some neighbors want the crosswalk outfitted with lights. >> i'm definitely concerned with traffic issues all over the city. >> reporter: allen contando says this is just one of several trouble spots in the city it's why he says he wants to bring back a dedicated police unit. >> having a staff out there in a police car slows people down. having speed taking out there deters them. >> reporter: injury traffic accidents are actually down about 20% throughout antioch out here. the chief tells me anyone looking to make changes to the speed limit or other changes to the road should take those requests to the city's public works department. eric rasmussen. and more details now antioch's police chief released
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new crime statistics tonight. aggravated assaults are down 9.8%. homicides have nearly doubled. now to san francisco where a mass thief used a tire iron to smash a case at a jewelry store and grab what police are calling a significant amount of diamonds. it happened on sutter and stockton street not far from union square. police say the thief ran off after taking the jewels. investigators are reviewing security video but say it may not be easy identifying him he had a white mask over his face and wore a hoodie. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. police have some advice to shoppers in the city. first be aware of your surroundings. keep your smart phone, wallet and phones near you at all
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time. avoid the distraction of talking on a cell phone while walking. more and more stores aren't waiting until black friday for holiday shoppers. they're opening on thanksgiving instead. a new poll finds just 16% of people approve of shopping on thanksgiving while 49% disapprove. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live tonight where she's been gauging attitude on shopping. >> reporter: these lights won't go on until after thanksgiving. and that used to be true for shopping as well. some say they don't like this new trend. thanksgiving thursday has become fair game for retailers unwrapping a controversy that
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has some people crying foul. >> i don't like it. >> reporter: why not. >> because i'm going to spend time with my family relaxing and i think they should leave thanksgiving alone. >> reporter: you might say it's a matter of taste. some people see consumerism encroaching on family time others see it as a welcome day to span out black friday crowds and stretch their shopping time. the university of connecticut holiday shopping poll found that 46% of americans think stores should wait until friday morning. 16% of americans say stores should wait until midnight after thanksgiving and 34% of americans say stores should open any time. it's up to the company. >> this is america, you make the buck when you can. you know if they want you to open up on thanksgiving, open up on thanksgiving. >> reporter: we did find some stores with no holiday decorations up inside.
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the retailer nordstrom has posted signs that they will not open on thanksgiving day. some say they want to be with family. others say they need to work. others say they don't mind working even if they have to delay thanksgiving. >> unfortunately for now i have to give them an iou. >> reporter: nine out of 10 americans say they won't be shopping on thanksgiving day. jana katsuyama. ktvu news. a teenager hit by a car and is now on life support. >> she was a beautiful girl and i loved her. >> reporter: what her boyfriend told us he regrets about that night. >> i'm tracking a rainy system moving near the area and the likelihood that could make for
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it's a crime that's being described as evil and heartless. tonight san francisco animal control is asking for the public's help in locating a man who deliberately killed two cats and ktvu's amber lee is live along the city's waterfront to explain what happened. amber. >> reporter: frank the incident happened here at pier 14. animal control tells us the man grabbed the homeless woman's belongings including her two cats and tossed them into the bay. this is the cat carrier that at least one of the cats was in when the attack happened.
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the cat owner is a familiar sight around the embarcadero. >> when it's not too hot, she brings the cat out and plays with it. >> reporter: for some unknown reason a man approached the woman and threw her belongings into the bay. >> she started screaming. people heard that. then he picked up the cat carrier with her two adults cats into it and hoist had the into the bay. >> reporter: fire crews launched a boat to retrieve the woman's belongings. one cat was found dead. and the other car is still missing but presumed to be drowned. >> that just makes me sick to my stomach to hear that happened to her. >> reporter: this man says he sees the homeless woman and her cats when he is at the amtrak station. he says he's spoking to her and gave her change. >> she always speaks. she says hi. she is real quiet. stays to herself. >> reporter: a white man, 6'tall wearing a black hoodie. he may have had a skateboard
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with him. officers say it's unclear if the man knew the homeless woman and they don't have a motive. >> she's still very distraught. getting information from her is still rough because she's still pretty traumatized over the event. >> does it bother me? yes it does. i mean there's a lot of crazy people out here. >> reporter: animal control officers tell us they're waiting to get surveillance video from the amtrak station. hay -- they hope it may show the suspect running from the scene. amber lee, ktvu news. a $35,000 reward is being offered tonight for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of two gunmen who opened fire on an oakland street corner. seven people were hit by bullets and needed treatment. one of the wounded is in critical condition tonight. the shooting happened shortly after 6:00 last night outside a
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mini mart at 96 and olive street. neighbors tell ktvu another man was simply taking out the garbage when he was struck in the neck by a stray bullet. sources tell us one of the shooters used a handgun, the other had a rifle. we now know the name of the man who died last week when his car went into a channel along the richmond waterfront. police identify him as 43-year- old kyle westinmiller. it appears his 1989 mercedes hit a concrete barrier then tipped over into the santa fe channel. miller lived near by and owned a couple of boats. a 14-year-old girl from san jose is on life support with her family by her side after she was hit by a car. bianca valdez was crossing north highland road.
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amber lee is speaking to her boyfriend who was with her right before she died and is mourning her death. >> she was a beautiful girl and i really loved her. >> reporter: bianca valdez was declared brain dead. ortiz was the last person to see valdez. she wiz hit bay mini van after she left his house. it was pitch black outside so she only heard the impact. >> she got hit hard. she got hit right here. and ended up over there. >> reporter: bianca was thrown 100 feet along north white street. she ended up in front of the high school. the driver stopped, neighbors
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say he was visibly shaken up so they called 911. >> it's devastating to see an empty seat where you're used to seeing someone there every day. >> reporter: tonight her boyfriend blames himself for not driving her home. >> just seeing her out there like that. i just wish i could have told her the last things i wanted to tell her. >> reporter: today teachers here at the high school were told to keep an eye out for students who had not asked for counseling but were acting strangely. that's because there's a lot of misinformation floating around about this accident. causing some students to start mourning the death of bianca valdez while others still hold out hope she will recover. patti lee, ktvu news. more details now bianca valdez is one of three pedestrians hit in san jose in just the past two days. on sunday a 3-year-old was killed in his stroller on vine and oak street. last night a woman was struck
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and killed on monterey road near san jose avenue. the san jose woman who jumped from the third deck remains in critical condition. the programly of that 20-year- old woman is with her at the hospital. authorities say they have interviewed several people who went to the raiders game with the woman but say it's still not clear why she jumped. 61-year-old donny navidad from stockton is being called a hero for risking his own life to save her life. google has replaced the scene of a crime. the imagine shows a cross. after our story aired, google
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reached out to him. lots of clouds out there this afternoon. lots of clouds out there now. here we are. mostly cloudy in the evening. temperatures right now are in the 40s and 50s. it's a cool night out there. it's going to be pretty which he -- pretty chilly in the north bay. here we are tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. it's partly to mostly cloudy. this is 5:00. tomorrow looks a lot like today. with lots of clouds and temperatures in the mid-60s. out here you can barely see a little green out here. this green is lifting offshore. we'll fell you how that plays in to the holiday forecast. it's a case that went unsolved for decades. tonight the big break in the investigation that has landed
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new video tonight of a crash in san francisco's outer mission district. two cars crashed just after 7:00. one vehicle veered off into a building and ended up on top of a fire hydrant. officers had a hard time closing the flow of water and called for help. the people in those two vehicles suffered minor injuries. five firefighters face suspension following a crash between a fire truck and a motorcycle that was all caught on camera. the surveillance tape of that collision has been released. and a second surveillance video shows what happens next. >> reporter: a san francisco ladder truck strikes a motorcyclists sending him
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slamming into a fire hydrant. police say michael quinn piloting the truck later tested well above the limit he's since resigned and at least five of his fellow firefighters face suspension ranging from four to 30 days. >> we do believe that some of this is excessive. >> reporter: a source tells ktvu the firefighters late last week received letters from chief white sighting their alleged unattentiveness and lack of initiative. after the crash quinn visited this bar a few feet from the accident then disappeared for hours. >> there are protocalls definitely in place for firefighter down, firefighter missing in a building. this is a completely different situation. >> reporter: we sourced video of a man who sources say is quinn at the bar. he is seen approaching the bar station and consuming nine glasses of water. everyone going behind the bar to refill a water pitcher.
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quinn's crew did their best to treat the motorcyclists and keep track of quinn. >> i think the crew did everything they could in this case. >> reporter: david stevenson. more details now here is a photo of that motorcyclists in the days after the accident. jack fraizer's injuries included a punctures lung and broken ribs. he's been hospitalized more than once and is still trying to recover. the contra costa county is calling for the resignation of leonard batiagua. after a reporter quoted him as making racist comments. now the democratic party is calling for his immediate
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resignation. battaglia has apologized but says he has no plans to resign. a judge in las vegas denied o.j. simpson a new trial. simpson was found guilty in 2008 of kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges. he claims he was trying to retrieve memorabilia from personal items and personal items from two dealers in sports collectibles. simpson was sentenced to nine to 16 years. a teenager set on fire while riding a bus. tonight what we've learned about the victim's release from the hospital and what will be waiting at home. it's one of the busiest travel times of the year and bad weather back east isn't helping any. we'll have a live report from sfo. a reminder you can
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the storm that battered california last flight is moving to the east. causing headaches for anyone trying to get any where for the holiday. it's been blamed for 11 deaths so far. bill martin is tracking the storm as it moved toward the mayor airports there on the east coast. this just couldn't come at a worse time. >> that's the story this thing as it moves across the country is settling in on the eastern seaboard and is hitting major airports. check out the size of this as we move it from the south. you're talking 1,500 miles of real estate. new york, washington tomorrow you're going to have heavy heavy rain. snow ice, travel is going to be
11:30 pm
a bare. we're going to have the forecast and talk about your holiday. tomorrow is one of the busiest travel days of the year for passengers. ken wayne brings us what he learned from travelers. >> reporter: that is the arrival area. and that's where traffic is getting very heavy as people are coming in to pick up travelers arriving in the bay area. in fact, we're told that the off ramp off of southbound 101 from the airport is backed up. so trouble getting into the airport. as for the flights, no real big issues most of the flights coming in on time there are a couple of delays. we found plenty of relieved passengers tonight but all of this could change tomorrow. tonya colter may be the hard luck traveler of the night. her plane was delayed for three hours in albany new york
11:31 pm
waiting to be deiced. she made it to chicago but -- >> we ran all the way to the connecting flight. we could see the plane but it had already made it out of the terminal. we had to wait for a couple of hours. >> reporter: other passengers had better luck. this man paid $1,500 to get his family to an earlier flight to beat the storm. >> you've been where you've been caught. >> indeed. >> reporter: no fun? >> no fun at all. >> reporter: tomorrow will be the busiest day of the travel period. >> reporter: officials are bracing for about 130,000 passengers tomorrow. and bad weather is no incentive for cash hungry airlines to cancel any flights. >> the airlines are not going to want to cancel flights if they don't want to and that's going to lead to delays. >> reporter: this woman says she was committed no matter the weather. >> it was a done deal because we bought our tickets way ahead of time. we weren't going to change it and we said we'll just deal
11:32 pm
with it but it works out for us. >> i would say get a good play list. get those head phones. don't forget good snacks and just be prepared to nod shoulders with some of your fellow passengers. >> reporter: parking here at sfo will be tight. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. new technology designed to reduce face time can come in handy but it's not ready. the federal aviation administration says the system called next gen is under funded and blames congress for that. nextgen is expected to reduce flying time and fuel costs. >> through nextgen we're transitioning to a system that uses satellites and gps. >> right now planes use radar and radio technology. the faa says next gen is about
11:33 pm
10 years behind schedule and with federal budget cuts it's not clear if congress will keep the work going. it has been an up year on wall street and now the markets have hit another milestone. the dow only managed to gain a fraction today but the nasdaq was up 23 points and it closed about 4,000 for the first time in 13 years. it was all the way back in september of 2000 during the first internet boom that it crossed 14,000. shares of hewlett packard moved up: they turned a profit of $4.5 billion. last year it lost 5 million in the same quarter. shares were up 5% in afterhours trading. and the men's wear house is turning the tables on another men's store. it's made a 1-1/2 million dollars take over bid for joseph a. banks. banks made its own offer for
11:34 pm
the men's warehouse last month. shares of both companies rose on the bidding war. they have solved the cold case homicide. it has been more than 20 years since the victim 43-year-old castro valley man was stabbed to death. investigators say dna evidence led to the arrest of two people. a man and a woman. but as ktvu's allie rasmus reports the suspect's daughter says only one of them is guilty. >> reporter: his former wife irving stood behind her attorney. the two face first degree murder charges for the death of steven ruteger. it's the first time the two have been in the same room for 20 years. >> we've always run from him. it's something we try to avoid to talk about him. it's something we don't want in our lives. >> reporter: linda believes
11:35 pm
that her mother is not guilty. she believes it's the fault of her estranged husband. >> reporter: sheriff's department say that they were going through a financial dispute and detectives believe money was the motive for murder. >> he was a hard working man who always paid his bills on time. he never committed a crime. >> reporter: at a press conference in dublin earlier today another daughter also spoke out about this cold case. the daughter of steven irving praised alameda sheriff's department. she says she's relieved that an arrest came after 20 years of waiting. >> i can't describe what we're feeling. we finally, that's all i can say just finally. >> reporter: irving and devenci are expected to return to court on december 15. for now they're being held in jail without bail.
11:36 pm
allie rasmus. the men's football team will be playing at the cal stadium for one more game. the new stadium is expected to be completed in time for the niners opening game. the $9.2 million stadium is designed to seat more than 68,000 fans. it's not the most wonderful time of year for some bay area pets. the hard breaking holiday trend. also i'm tracking high clouds moving in. what this system could bring into the bay area as we head
11:37 pm
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coast guard cameras record
11:39 pm
a scene of desperation as thousands of haitians cling to the hull of a capsized boat in the bahamas. the military says it was unable to conduct air searches because it three planes were out of service. the coast guard found the plane southeast of miami. the coast guard rescued some 210 people. the people had been at sea for more than two weeks and had run out of food and water. the president spoke with employees telling them their business is an important economic engine that helps provide hundreds of thousands of middle class jobs. >> with finances to new york. with the auto industry is to the midwest. what the technology is to northern california, entertainment is to this part of the country. >> reporter: following his last fund raising appearance at the home of marta kauffman,
11:40 pm
cocreator of friend, the president boarded air force one to return to the white house. at issue is whether for profit companies can refuse to provide insurance companies for birth control if doing so would violate religious reliefs. federal officials have already created rules exempting certain nonprofits and other organizations with a religious affiliation from the contraceptive requirement. arguments are expected to be heard next march. the ford motor company announced two more recalls of the popular escape suv. since the escape was redesigned two years ago ford has issued six other recalls. one of them involves oil and fuel leaks that could cause the engine to cause fire. the other is to fix a mistake during a previous recall involving the fuel line of the eco boost model. san francisco mayor ed lee faced some tough questions today about what he's doing to
11:41 pm
address the soaring housing costs in the city. several construction projects are under way to build affordable housing. he also addressed soaring evictions saying he wants changing to the ellis act. >> the ellis act is being abused by real estate specklators so we need to go to the state and change that law. >> another measure being considered would streamline the process for converting and renting so called inlaw units. by some estimates that would free up 10 to 20,000 kwraoupts city wide. the season of joy does not extend to man's best friend. the pinch of the holiday may result to people abandoning their pets. 15 came in overnight. pets at county facilities are either adopted quickly or put
11:42 pm
down. other organizizations including tony la russas animal rescue foundation do not euthanize. instead they try to collect pet food for owners during the holidays. toys that may be more trouble than they're worth. a warning to parents just before the holidays? in five minutes, bill's complete forecast and the outlook for the long holiday weekend. >> there's no question about who is responsible in this case. no question says the aaçó@
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the east bay teenager who was badly burned on an ac transit bus is set to head home from the hospital tomorrow just in time for the holidays. ktvu's john sasaki spoke with sasha fleishman's father. and john also learned that they
11:45 pm
support a more lenient punishment for the young man suspected of setting fire to sasha. >> reporter: the high school student regrets setting luke sasha fleishman on fire. the skirt sasha was wearing was set on fire and sasha suffered serious leg burns. this morning sasha gave us good news. >> we're expecting sasha to be home on wednesday. >> reporter: tomorrow? >> tomorrow, yeah. >> reporter: how does that feel to know that. >> it feels great. >> reporter: just in time for a small thanksgiving celebration. >> we have a friend who's coming over who's bringing a precooked meal. >> reporter: richard thomas'
11:46 pm
attorney -- >> he thought it would be a puff of smoke and everybody would laugh and it would be over. he is horrified. >> they are correct. and they're not the only members of the gay community who feel that way. >> reporter: later off camera thomas' aunt told us that sasha's parents for moving the trial into juvenile court is quote beautiful and that their heart s go out to sasha and their family. we have an update on injured giant's fan bryan stow who was savagely beaten. tmz says court papers show that bryan stow needs 17 medications every day. tmz says that doctors are asking a judge to rule if the team is liable for his injuries before the court addresses the
11:47 pm
issue of damages. one of the state's top consumer watchdog groups says there's potential for trouble in toy land. investigators found toys for sale with elevated levels of lead. others that are so noisy they could harm children's hearing and some with parts so small they can be swallowed and lead to choking. there was also a warning of small magnet that is could easily be swallowed. >> when a child swallows two of these magnets they can cause internal damage by pinching. internal organs. >> reporter: we have posted a link to this report and a link of potentially dangerous toys. the massive storm we told you about that is delays travelers back east could put a damper on the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the dancers rehearsed this evening and should be able to perform thursday. but the big concern is for those giant balloons that you see right there.
11:48 pm
they can't fly if the winds exceed 23 miles per hour or wind gusts go above 20 miles per hour and right now that is within the range of the thanksgiving forecast. yeah looks like they're going to get some wind out there during the thanksgiving day parade. we're going to get clouds out here. this would be good stuff if it wasn't going to drop down and go this way. normally it would go through. but that's not in the cards for us as we go into the next 36 to 46 hours. clouds certainly for us, plenty of clouds out there. there'll be more clouds as we go into the next couple of days. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow will be warmer than these by a couple of degrees. so a nice looking day for your wednesday. but partly cloudy and mostly cloudy. i think it's going to look a lot like today. today we had lots of clouds. temperatures tomorrow will be
11:49 pm
slightly warmer. currently in santa rosa it's mostly chilly. the forecast for santa rosa tomorrow as we go into the afternoon hours, it'll be just into the mid- and low 60s with some cloud cover. so as we go into the next couple of days look for more of the same. and then as we head toward the weekend it starts to clear out. these are the overnight low forecast. upper 30s low 40s. maybe some frost. maybe some patchy fog. most of the area has cloud cover. bay bridge, embarcadero is is lit up. overnight lows in the sierra are going to get into the upper 40s in some spots. it'll be mostly cloudy tomorrow with highs in the 60s. the computer model, here's tomorrow morning. let me show you the cloud cover. here's tomorrow afternoon. there's your wednesday. here comes thursday. here comes thanksgiving. there's thursday morning. mostly cloudy. rain stays offshore. everyone if you see some back here. thursday afternoon it kind of clears out that low backs away. so we'll watch that for you too. that system is teetering out
11:50 pm
and looks like it's not going to be much of a producer. a nice looking day. there's no snow in the mountains from this next system. it's just going to feed clouds in here. filter our sunshine and give us kind of a five day forecast that looks like this. increasing clouds tomorrow. thursday a lot of clouds and in here maybe some embedded sprinkles, wet weather. nothing big though. saturday, sunday, and monday it starts to clear up and looks nothing like november. stunning, we need the rain but we're not going to get it so enjoy it. >> we've had a run of warm, dry days. >> look back east and think about it. there were a lot of smiles and thank yous tonight as reese and his wife delivered food baskets to those in need. reese had a big smile on his face as he stood with families who came to the boys and girls
11:51 pm
club in west oakland to pick up their food baskets. reese says that he knows what they're going through and he has gone without himself and feels good to help those in need. >> it's bittersweet. because you have the opportunity to bless people and it's bitter because they're in the position to actually need it. and you're not able to help etch. >> reese encouraging everyone who has the means to help those in their communities. he says you don't have to be a proathlete you just have to have your heart in the right place. >> he's got a great smile. we see a lot of athletes doing things with charity. and the warriors able to break a three game losing streak. >> doing nice things out in the court for a change. a brief change. no time for style points. we're kind of scuffling happy to get out of new orleans tonight with a win by the skin of their teeth. no andre iguodala but they do
11:52 pm
end up with one more point than the pelicans. curry and david lee will touch after a steal. 11:01. picking up some flag off the bench nicely. it'll end up in the hands of harrison. germane o'neil shows us huge. does his work inside. got nine of 12 on the floor. still very tight. the pelicans down three. anthony davis will get up on that offensive board and suddenly the pelicans are within one. and still down one 10 second left. look at eric gordon he will get the shot from the left corner. look how close they come to winning the game. he hanging on the rim. clay thompson comes out with it. 102-101. college hoop, cal had the bar raised on them and they kind of
11:53 pm
did the limbo right under it. over in hawaii at the maui invitational. tied at halftime. justin tub will steal it and do the business. he had 18 points. a big 9-2 run made the difference. jeremy grant will get up there to slam it down on the offensive board. 92-81. semi final victory for jim behaeim squad. the temperature a whole lot cooler in brooklyn than maui.
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this is a familiar story for stanford any way. the women win the men don't. a memorable one for tara vantemire as she leads the victory against perdue. mean while the men in the legends classic in brooklyn. 20 points nine rebounds for cal. but too much of this guy.
11:57 pm
lamar patterson for the opposite. watch him go with the left hand. pitt 88-67 winners. no time to wallow in defeat. short week always a little something going on in dallas on thanksgiving. silver and black going to be part of this year's festivities in the big d. where tony romo and company playing at a high level the best defense for oakland. probably keeping the cowboy offense off the field by putting together some nice drives of their own. might be a nice thing to hand the ball to this guy. emerging from the back. averaging more than 100 yards rushing. he knows the deal against dallas. >> we control the ball, we put our team in a good position to win. you know, also put our defense in a good situation. controlling the clock with the tempo. controlling it with the run game. controlling it with pass efficiency those type of things
11:58 pm
which you need to win. >> michael crabtree has been activated. we'll see that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. >> raiders-cowboys can't wait. all right thanks mark. thank you for
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> marc anthony is paying jennifer lopez a ton of child support. twist, dayanara torres, marc anthony's first crappys living in a hovel in the valley. >> to say they're living terribly on $13 grand a month is a stretch. >> she has a full-time nanny and doesn't work. this lady is an idiot. >> we hate you, dayanara. sayonara dayanara! >> paris hilton. >> we were told you made no mone


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