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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 27, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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(sighs) -- captions by vitac -- good evening, it's wednesday november 27. this is bay area news at 7:00 p.m. happening now a march in san francisco to mark the 35th anniversary to mark the anniversary of san francisco mayor. news chopper to his overhead just over, inaudible the commemoration started earlier this evening, with a ceremony on the steps of city
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hall. members of nix family, elected officials, and members of the lg bt community spoke about the slain leaders and their legacies. >> back then we didn't even discuss transgender issues we didn't even know what was. >> the march and vigilance similar to candlelight vigils is similar to inaudible. 18-year-old luke sanchez smiled or cameras that didn't talk to the media at his family home in oakland. his father gave us this picture of sasha taken today with legs bandaged from severe burns he suffered. his mother says it's wonderful to have him home within three weeks after the attack. >> it's a wonderful treat, except i have to start cooking again. >> sasha's parents say that he's ready to get on the flight and
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likely route inaudible. new details tonight on the martinez boy injured during boston marathon burning. the envoy and his family say there's much to be thankful for this thanksgiving. the boy was seriously injured in that explosion seven months ago, we caught up with ahern family on this thanksgiving eve. john spoke to the young boy about his remarkable recovery. >> in his room filled with all kinds of memorabilia and trophies, darren herman martinez seems most proud of the high tops he designed this a boston strong. >> i've boston colors and initials for the people who died. >> athe 12-year-old survived the boston marathon bombing. >> i blacked out and everybody was screaming, i knew what was happening. >> aaron was at the end of the race waiting for his mother to
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finish. he was just feet from the boy who was killed and aaron suffered serious leg injuries. we sat down with aaron, his parents, and his sister abby today. they are amazed at how this young man has cut recovered recovered. >> he was the starting quarterback and he also played free safety. >> since the bombing and all the attention he received, even from the first lady, aaron is also one trophies in swimming, and pitched him baseball. >> i was scared i wanted to play all my sports and i didn't think i was can i be able to it would've been horrible. >> catherine was pregnant when she ran the maryland, young caroline is the youngest member of the family. this thanksgiving his family is thankful of how things turned out and especially to all the help they've received from the community.
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>> i don't think we could ever be thankful enough, it was very much a part of his recovery and hours. >> aaron told me some of his friends still don't fully understand what he went through. but he said the experience made him grow quickly. continuing coverage now on the winter storm moved up the eastern seaboard today on one of the busiest travel days of the year. the storm system has now moved on after rain, snow, and winds complicated the plans of tens of thousands of holiday travelers. here's a live look at san francisco airport that's where many travelers had feared the bad weather back east could have a ripple effect here. >> it appears things are improving tonight, of course the next flights out of fear from the new york area are red eyes and all of the flights i just checked are now reporting those departures will be on time.
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about 120,000 people were expected to pass through here today. 90% of the inbound flights were on time. we heard from say anxious people who were certainly grateful for that. too much in the making on the day before thanksgiving. lonely cold welcome home his wife and daughter, myra would been visiting family in india since september. the timing couldn't be better. >> it's amazing, it's a great feeling. >> we watched one happy on-time reunion after another. on a day that can sometimes be anything but joyce for travelers. managers at san francisco international airport say flights have been mostly on time with the exception of those headed to the new york area airports. >> if you flight to newark or jfk airport i've seen delays to those destinations running about
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45 -- 60 minutes. >> an otherwise smooth day for many including these grandparents from alabama happened to be in the bay area for holidays. >> everything went very smooth like clockwork. >> and airport manager told me this past friday has actually become what he called the new wednesday that would be the peak of the thanksgiving travel season. that past friday they say they saw actually 10000 more travelers than they expected to see here even today. eric rasmussen ktvu channel two news . people driving sfo today have discovered parking is hard to come by. the long-term law is sold out an overflow lot filled up by noon. drivers pulling up to park in the all long-term lot are being handed vouchers to park at the short-term lot. we are now into the first hour of the california highway patrol maximum enforcement. the chp is putting special emphasis on the use of seat belts. they're also warning drivers that with more vehicles on the
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road for the holiday weekend of the risk of being in an accident increases. new video just into our newsroom after an amtrak train hit a car on the tracks in oakland. no one was hurt a 47 driver was trying to cross the railroad railroad tracks at 37th avenue and ninth street just as the crossing arms were coming down. the impact knocked the car about 20 feet off the tracks. veteran san jose police officers charged with a serious abuse of power. this is causing a lot of anger in the department department. 51-year-old officer george chavez is accused of running a phone citation for a man he sued over a motorcycle accident several years ago. and to phony parking violations for his own lawyer in that lawsuits. investigators said the signatures on the tickets and those of two fellow officers were forged. the incident was discovered when one of the officers was disco was contacted about an error.
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>> when we made aware of it we will quickly investigated and we want you to know we are policing our own and do take this seriously. >> chavez surrendered last night and posted $50000 bail. he is now on administrative leave, his next court date is december 10. san jose police are looking for three suspects who ransacked the home after using duct tape to tie the people inside. police were called drama and mark ortner capitol expressway just after 8:00 a.m. the suspects broke in about 3:30 a.m. investigators are still trying to figure out what was taken. the laptops reported stolen from the same house just yesterday. police said the intruders and victims may have known each other. a bay area nonprofit is facing an uphill battle in its hallway toward drive after thieves stole $2000 worth of donated gifts.
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>> a week ago the storage locker had been filled to the ceiling with bags of toys. >> when i got here yesterday it was to shovel like this. >> emptied out after someone broke the lock install the contents. >> they got lucky, there was bags and toys, mp3 players, gifts for small children. >> the gifts belong to the oakland law nonprofit urban mentors network. >> it's important. >> to yana sandefur was a student in the program seven years ago, nash is a mentors to some of the other younger kids. >> and makes you feel like doing positive instead of running the street. >> the director says their big event every year is this christmas party. the kids of the program helped organize and it's open to everyone in east oakland never hit. lester three people showed up. assures parties on december 14. >> at this point we're down to
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nothing again, so were starting over. >> the storage facility death of surveillance cameras. but taylor says the scammers only face the driveway of the fraught interest not the individual storage units. taylor says this year's party will go on as planned, but they will spend the next two weeks scrambling for donations to try and replace what was lost. in oakland allie robbins ktvu channel two news. some san francisco families learned they have to move because the ground under their homes is contaminated. people who live in six buildings on treasure island where the study of golden gate bridge vista have received notices that some wells turned up arsenic contamination. some people have lived in the units for decades now. the buildings may have to be torn down to clean up the contamination.
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the sudden order to close at the peak of the holiday season stomach people gather tonight in san francisco for an anniversary march, we will have an update. a shocking confession from a man rescued from a fire. how fellow residents are expressing their anger about what happened . in whether we're tracking weather system offshore districting close to the bay area. the club is part of her thanksgiving, and i will let you know four of any raindrops in the five day forecast
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another live look at the march about to happen in san francisco. this is where people are gathered to mark the 35th anniversary of this ss nation
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of san francisco mayor george moscone and supervisor harvey not. news chopper to his overhead near casper and market . this crowd is at least several hundred people strong. marchers are set to head to city hall where they plan to hold a vigil or they were killed by night in 1970 by former supervisor dan white stomach a san francisco organization is been a beacon for the home of young people has been ordered to close its doors before the end of the year. some say the city's booming real estate market may be to blame. >> for 12 years young people in san francisco's haight districts say they have had an oasis at the homeless youth alliance. but it's now set to shut down on christmas day. >> it's heartbreaking. >> heartbreaking for those who come here off the streets for shower, food, a place to nap or needle exchange. hya serves young people up to 29 years old . >> we do a lot of one-on-one counseling and we have a
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therapist and psychiatrist, and the numbers for use in them have junk for 40% on last two years. >> the building owner says he's long supported it why aj and has rented the building at below market rates. he says he simply can't afford to keep the hya cheer anymore. >> it's one of the few cases that i actually find nonjudgmental about the way you look or act. >> the homeless said the senator was done in by san francisco's booming real estate market. city officials say some members have complained of the years about the center. some businesses tell us the closure could bring on a local crisis. >> i can see all these homeless people waiting there at 11:00 o'clock a.m. to get some kind of services in there. if you close up place, where they going to go? >> the operators of the homeless youth alliance say they will not go to young people on the street and the golden gate park to continue offering counseling,
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food and other services. happening now about 1100 volunteers are getting ready for tomorrow's thanksgiving feast of saint anthony's diming room in san francisco. they'll prepare dinner for a crowd of about 4000 people. sin anthony's expects to serve about a hundred more meals this year than last year. >> we have disabled people people like me, i'm blessed. i'm blessed to have this year. >> you get to see another side of the city that you wouldn't see otherwise and you get to do some good and help out. >> volunteers will be back at a early tomorrow morning dinner served from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. you can do your part this holiday season by donating a new or gently used coats to needy family. katie tv kicks off our one warm coat drive. is it an dance inside union square tonight during the
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lighting of the menorah. tonight is the first night of hanukkah, the eighth day jewish on holiday commemorating the inaudible this year hanukkah coincides with saint giving, it rarely happens and this is the first time the two holidays have overlapped since 1888 and were told it's not supposed to happen again for 70000 years stomach the highway patrol is trying to find the driver and hit one crash that damaged a post office on al medo road in the community of diablo about 7:30 a.m. the chp says the driver drove away after hitting the building. the crash broke water and electrical lines and cause structural damage as well. it is believed to be a blue bmw. weekly jobless claims dropped again last week. another sign of the improving job market. the labor department says new claims fell 10000.
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the weekly claims is considered a barometer of the overall job market. the number of new claims fell in six of the past seven weeks. dow industrials gained 24 points, nasdaq rose 27. it's a 152nd date dow and nasdaq closed higher. technology companies lead the increases markets are closed tomorrow stomach the merge of american airlines and u.s. airways is a clue officially cleared for takeoff. the government had raised concerns about reduce competition and higher ticket prices, selma cause for the airlines to give up takeoff and landing rights and take up positions. the merger creates the world's largest carrier stomach to workers were killed today when part of the stadium that will host the 2014 world cup in brazil collapsed. the stadium was nearing a completion before crane toppled crashing into one end of it. an investigation is underway to determine what went wrong.
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exterior walls, and an led display board were damage. officials say the accident could delay of the stadiums opening. and alameda man is facing arson charges after telling police he set the apartment building where he lives on fire. you can see here the flames that fire fighters had to deal with when they were called to the fire just before 3:00 a.m. this morning. some people jumped to safety. fire fighters rescued david parker from the second floor, then he told investigators he was the one who set the fire. >> this could've been prevented, there were plenty of warning signs. we took all the necessary actions to let them know this man is not stable. >> neighbor save at pronto is been a nuisance, police say placed him on a psychiatric hold over the weekend. if you're planning on heading to the beach this thanksgiving be advice the surface kicking up. earlier
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this morning a server had to be rescued after he was seen in distress water. surf report showed the swell was shoulder to shoulder and have high high today as it did pick up overnight. the wave height today not so unusually big, but that will change over the next 12 hours. the travel forecast, you see a changing story in the northeast. but diminishing rain and snow coverage and that is good news for the travelers heading to the north and east and travel for tomorrow for thanksgiving. we have lots of cloud cover pushing into the region a little bit of activity off short on the radar . most of this not reaching the ground but we can't rule out the chance of a sprinkle for tonight and into thursday morning. for the most part the shower activity we have been tracking remains to the west. current temperatures were talking about 53 degrees in santa rosa, upper
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40 and ronny creek san jose 57 in oakland and 57 as well. tonight we'll have partly cloudy skies and tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy. here's our life, looking up toward union square in san francisco and san francisco for tomorrow starting up again the upper 40s. we should reach lower 60s tomorrow afternoon. the weekend is dry but a bit of haze out there still sticking around. overnight lows you want to bundle up those temperatures in the upper 30s in the coolers locations. lots of 40s to start out thursday. with that, we will pick up the associated cloud cover and as i mentioned we could pick up a few sprinkles for tonight and tomorrow morning. overall not talking about any significant rainfall in the bay area just cloud cover to start the day with skies becoming quietly sunny. our forecast model picking up tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. with a decrease in clouds for tomorrow afternoon with still a little bit of haze lingering in
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the forecast. take a look at numbers for tomorrow afternoon warmest location will be in the 60s. most neighborhoods tomorrow coming down a few degrees from today's high. still pretty nice livermore 65, san jose 65, half moon bay checks and 61 the gears. your five day forecast with your weekend always in view of course tomorrow being thanksgiving we will break up the forecast for tomorrow starting out with scattered cloud cover but notice the trend we scale back on the overcast and the temperatures on track to meet the low to mid-60s. as a fairly quiet whether pattern headed into the weekend. workers in new york are filling the giant balloons for tomorrow's macy's thanksgiving day parade. there were concerns high winds could ground the blues. new york police and the forecast looks good for now. sustained winds must remain below 23 miles an hour and gusts cannot exceed 34. final decision will be made tomorrow. balloons of been granted only once before in the 87-year-old history of the parade stomach various police departments
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trying to make mustache is cool again. this is generated by this new video for good cause. the story of one lucky bird spared from the thanksgiving dinner. table
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. is
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. >> the office of the presidency the most powerful position of
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the world brings with it many awesome and solemn responsibilities. this is not one of them [laughter] spothe. >> with that president obama granted a turkey named popcorn in a presidential parter and saving him from it doom fullface on this thanksgiving. popcorn is a 66 turkey to be granted a presidential pardon you will about his stated turkey farm in west virginia. some hot wheels are going on display tomorrow in san francisco. the 56th annual international auto show opens tomorrow. carmakers including acura, ford, gm, maserati will be showing off there 2014 models. they're also concept cars on display that could be seen in years to come. the auto show runs through saturday. big hair, cool shades, and a mustache. that's the dress code for an unusual youtube video from walnut creek police.
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three officers are growing mustaches as part of a fundraiser for prostate cancer awareness during the month of november. there also competing for best mustache honors on facebook. stomach thank you for making ktvu your choice for news will see you next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 o'clock news tonight see here the man who was seriously injured by hit-and-run driver he wants to know why police are not solving the case
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> joan rivers decided to defend alec baldwin. >> [bleep]. [bleep], [bleep]. >> it doesn't offend me because obviously she's trying to be funny. she hates everybody. if you say it on the street in an angry way. >> what if you say it in a joking way? >> why did the n word cross the road? >> lebron james, totally fan-girling out over mcelmore. comes running up over mcelmore. this is so corny. >> is it genuine! >> look at that face. >> this is genuine, hey mclemore!


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