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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 27, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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the video is dark and grainy, but the crime is clear. a man leaving work is run down by a speeding suv that only pauses before taking off. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. he was headed home after a long night of work. now an east bay man is lucky to be alive after a hit-and-run driver sent him to the hospital. heather holmes is line in oakland, with the surveillance video that could help the
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investigators catch the driver. >> he or she may still be out there, but the crash itself was caught on camera. i'm told police here have taken a look at this video, and now the victim and his friends want you to take a look too. he went out to see his friend helpless in the street. it was around 2:00 sunday morning. 32-year-old brian mendoza was leaving shadow ultra lounge, where he works as a bartender. security video shows him crossing 13th street, watch as a dark colored suv barrels down the street and slams right into him. the driver appears to brake for a second, and then takes off. mendoza was rushed to highland hospital. >> i never experienced so much pain. >> reporter: he's at home now recovering. >> they stuck a rod inside of
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my femur. i remember seeing glass flying in front of my eyes. >> reporter: a second camera saw the driver approaching 14th street. you can see the driver taking it fast and wide. >> shoot, you hit somebody, you at least stop to see if they're okay. these people didn't pore -- bother to get out of the car. >> reporter: mendoza says he feels robbed. he was suppose today start a new job next week. but doctors told him it will be at least three months before he's up and walking. luke sasha fleishman is back home tonight, in time for thanksgiving. sasha was released from the hospital three weeks after the 18-year-old's skirt was set on fire. cameras were on hand. but the teen just wanted to go
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inside. the family released a photo of sasha smiling, and showing the bandages on both legs. >> people will realize that you can wear unusual clothing, and it doesn't mean that you have a right to attack them. >> sasha's father says the teen hopes to go back to school and see friends maybe next week. tomorrow, the family will have thanksgiving together. the number of hate crimes reported in california fell nearly 13% last year. the total number of hate crime reports was 930. that is down from 1,060 in 2011. about 1 in 4 hate crimes is based on sexual orientation. hate crimes based on race, ethnicity, or national origin account for half of reported incidents. continued coverage of a
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candlelight march. both men were assassinated at city hall, 35 years ago today. there were actually two rallies and marches tonight. both honoring milk and moscone who even in death it continue to impact politics in san francisco. jana katsuyama live from city hall. >> reporter: frank, one of the marchers departed from steps here at city hall. the other just ended here in the past hour. both, as you mentioned, at times were at odds. ♪ [ music ] hope was the word of the evening as the first memorial brought family and friends of harvey milk, and george moscone together on the steps of city hall. >> equality, and justice requires vigilance. this is one of the great nights that we remember heros like
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harvey milk and george moscone. >> we're here to keep the flame of their vision burning, and their memories alive. >> reporter: today, officials accredited milk and moscone. as the group marched with candles from city hall to harvey milk plaza in the castro. >> it's pretty amazing. >> reporter: as one group marched from city hall, another gathered to march on city hall. >> 1/3 of the homeless people in san francisco are lgbt. there's many drivers of it, the main driver being eviction. >> reporter: they say milk and moscone both fought for tenants rights, which remains an issue in the city. >> marching is different than
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being an audience at city hall, where the elected officials are giving speeches. >> reporter: news chopper 2 caught that second march as it went down market street, following the same path people took 35 years ago, when milk and moscone were killed. two men remembered tonight, and both of them a sign of the city's diversity, which continues to live on. reporting live in san francisco, jana katsuyama. ktvu, channel 2 news. veteran san jose police officer is accused of being on the wrong side of the law, writing bogus tickets as part of a personal vendetta. the da's office says george chavez used a police computer to issue a speeding violation to a man who sued chavez five years ago, following a traffic accident. that case was settled out of court. prosecutors say chavez also wrote two bogus parking tickets to the attorney who represented him in the case. >> this is an isolated incident. when we were made aware of it,
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we very quickly investigated this, and we want them to know we are policing our own, and we do take this very seriously. >> chavez is a 23 year veteran of the san jose police department. he was arrested, and released on $60,000 bail. a multicar accident tied up traffic in oakland on this busy travel day. at least six cars were involved in a crash about 4:20 this afternoon. you can see some of the debris left over at 56th and telegraph, next to the onramp of 24. police were able to move all cars to the side of the street. also in oakland, an amtrak train hit a car tonight. authorities say the driver of the car was trying to cross the tracks, just as the crossing arms were starting to come down. he says that his wife was telling him to go, and then not go. he says he got confused. the impact knocked the car 20 feet off the tracks, but no one
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onboard the track or the train was hurt. a number saw bumper to bumper traffic tonight as the evening combined with the holiday getaway. this is what it looked like on interstate 80 through the normally backed up choke point. traffic was heavy in both directions. aaa estimates nearly 39 million people nationwide will hit the roads this thanksgiving holiday. is it t. -- it did not see additional accidents this evening. more patrols on the highways through midnight sunday. officers say they're watching for anyone not wearing a seat belt, and will be issuing citations to those who don't buckle up. travelers and airports both
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braced for the worse, but today's storm ended up moving through quickly. and that helped to somewhat minimize the problem. a wet snow fell in buffalo, new york. the city ended up getting about 3 inches overnight. rain, or snow fell from the appalachians to the mid- atlantic states to new england. in all, the storm led to the cancelation of about 500 flights. another 4,000 flights were delayed today. the three airports that were hit the hardest were newark, philadelphia, and laguardia in new york. flights from the bay area to destinations back east are getting back on track tonight. ktvu's eric rasmussen spent the day at san francisco international, and found it was actually a much better day for travelers who were coming here for thanksgiving. >> reporter: a homecoming, two months in the making on the day of thanksgiving. he welcomed home his wife and
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daughter, myra who had been visiting friends and family in india. the timing couldn't be better. >> she was away from me for the first time since she was born. it was amazing. >> reporter: we watched another happy reunion after another. on a day that can sometimes be anything but joyious for travelers. flights were mostly on time. >> you fly to newark, or jfk. we're seeing delays running about 55 to 60 minutes. >> reporter: an otherwise smooth day for many. >> everything was very smooth. went like clock work. >> reporter: an airport manager told me last friday was the peak of the it thanksgiving travel season. they expect to see more than 1 million people pass through
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this airport to this time sunday. eric rasmussen, ktvu 2 news. ktvu remembers when the beatles took to the field for one final show. >> they sped through a set, i think in under 30 minutes. >> your thanksgiving day outlook. i'll break down the best time to get outside to walk off all of that
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new at 10:00, a bay area community rallies around a beloved coach on this thanksgiving eve. he is raising four young children alone after his wife rently died of cancer. live in walnut creek, where the coach told us, he is overwhelmed by the support. >> reporter: julie, jeff loving graduated from here in 1987. he also coached basketball at this school for 12 years. tonight, a grateful community came here to let him know, he's not alone in his loss. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: jeff loving tells us, this is his first time at a public gathering since the loss of his beloved wife brenda to cancer, less than three weeks ago. he came with the couple's four
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adopted children. the game is annual tradition, but tonight, the also a fundraiser for the loving family. >> hopefully, he'll feel the support and know he's not alone on this journey. >> up, up, great day today. great day for -- >> reporter: before the game, i spoke with loving at his home. >> i'm thankful we have a community and a church and people that love us and care for us. >> reporter: he told me his wife's work at a missionary inspired them to adopt the children from ethiopia. but that dream was cut short. brenda's cancer, which had been in remission, came back soon after they adopted the two younger children. >> it's hard for them, and i'm sad for that. >> reporter: loving says tonight's game helped ease some of the pain. monetary donations have poured in from friends and strangersment but he says help comes from many forms.
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>> i just want these guys to be happy. and have happy lives. >> don't cry, daddy. >> i'm sad, i miss mommy. i want you guys to be happy. >> reporter: loving shared with us this photo of their last family trip together. his wife also made photo books so the children will remember their mother. loving says the family is taking one day at a time, and that despite their loss, they still have much to be thankful for on this thanksgiving holiday. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. fremont police are searching for a burglary suspect caught on home. the homeowner was out but got an alert on his phone from the video surveillance system. police say the man got in through the backyard through an
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unlocked gate and broke the glass on a sliding door to get into the home. fremont police are hoping a viewer will help identify the man. now to san jose where police are looking for three suspects who broke into a home and tied up the people inside. officers say the suspects broke in at about 3:30 a.m. they used duct tape to tie up the people who lived there, and ransacked the house. the victims said at least one gun and a car were stolen. one man who came to check on his grandmother say there may have been other problems in the area recently. >> i don't want to see this neighborhood, you know, turn into something it hasn't been for a long time. it's always been a very safe place. had so many thanksgivings and christmases ere. i've never been this nervous. >> the people who were tied up were not hurt. police also say they may have known the suspects. there will be no criminal charges filed against a target
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shooter who ignited last summer's big fire. the fire took five days to contain. it burned 3100 acres on mount diablo's eastern flank. there is no evidence that the use of the rifle, or ammunition violated any state laws. a federal appeals court has upheld the postal decision not to deliver mail individually to people living in san francisco's single room occupancy hotels. in 2006 the city passed an ordinance -- but two years later be, the postal service says it couldn't afford it it. a federal judge rejected their claims in 2011. now the 9th circuit court of appealses that upheld that decision. organizations that feed the hungry every day are getting ready for their annual thanksgiving dinners. the army of volunteers who are
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cooking and carving on this thanksgiving eve. >> reporter: volunteers were sorting coopt of the desserts on tomorrow's menu, with more than 150 volunteers donating their time to help in the effort. among them was this high school student. >> you get to see a side of the city you wouldn't have seen otherwise, and you get to do some good and help out. >> reporter: st. anthony's will be serving from 10:00 a.m. to about 3:00 p.m. that's an average of 800 meals an hour. >> helping people out. disabled people like me. i'm blessed. i'm blessed to have this here. >> reporter: those who work here say the need is greater this year than last year. one reason is the holiday falls at the end of the month, when many people have run out of their monthly social security checks. another are the high rents in san francisco. >> you have to juggle food or rents.
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you have to pay the rent, and come to st. anthonys to cover what you can't pay for at the grocery store. >> reporter: the people at glide church are also getting ready. those with little say they appreciate what they're getting. >> i'm also thankful for all the people that come together, and give thanks for having a program like this. >> reporter: the first is at 10:00 tomorrow morning. volunteers say they'll be ready. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. and you can do your part this holiday season by donating a new, or gently used coat for needy families. >> ktvu is kicking off our one warm coat drive on friday. you will find a list of drop off locations at a number of our colleagues will be on hand friday to greet you and thank you for your donation. >> reporter: plenty of clouds
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out there right now. the clouds are going to stick around tonight into tomorrow morning for your thanksgiving morning. here's how it looks in terms of temperatures right now. chilly again tonight. the clouds are out there. usually, that keeps us a little warmer. it will. but temperatures are still going to get down into the 30s. it's a chilly start to your thanksgiving day. there's the cloud cover in the morning. this is 7:00 tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy. but watch what happens by lunchtime. it clears off. so you're going to see a lot more sun in the lunchtime. by noon, it's mostly sunny. it looks like a beautiful day tomorrow. temperatures mid-60s in the warmest spots. when i come back at 10:45, the five-day forecast. the rest of your holiday weekend, i'll show you where those rain showers are going to go. skiers and snowboarders can hit the slopes this holiday weekend. squaw valley is open for business. they sent us this video today. six lifts are operating. sierra resorts are hoping this
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winter will be an improvement from the past two rather lackluster seasons. pretty much everywhere down to the bone, but the bone was fine. >> he was injured by shrapnel in the boston marathon bombing. in three minutes, a bay area
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a tense standoff between los angeles police and a gunman has ended peacefully. it ended in just the past hour when the 45-year-old man surrendered. he had been holding two hostages inside a home in inglewood. one of those hostages was said to be a 14-year-old girl. both are now giving statements to police. authorities say officers responded to a domestic disturbance, and that the man opened fire, one officer was hit in his bulletproof vest.
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he is okay. his partner was slightly injured when she tried to help him, and fell. here in the bay area, scary moments in menlo park for several adults and children when gunmen opened fire on their house. it happened at 11:15 this morning. police say someone shot up two homes on hamilton avenue. fortunately, no one was injured. witnesses say they saw three to four men inside a dark colored four door sedan, shooting at the houses. on this day before thanksgiving, the family of young aaron hern has much to be thankful for. aaron is the 12-year-old boy from martinez who was seriously injured 7 months ago in the boston bombing. only on 2, ktvu's john sasaki reports on aaron's recovery, and his new sister. >> archie griffin. the cal football team. >> reporter: in his room filled with all kinds of memorabilia and trophies, aaron hern martinez seems most proud of
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the high tops he designed that say boston strong. >> the initials for the people that died. >> reporter: the 12-year-old survived the boston marathon bombing. >> all of a sudden, i blacked out, and there was everybody screaming. it was way different. i knew what was happening. >> reporter: aaron was at the end of the race, waiting for his mother to finish. he was just feet from a boy that was killed, and aaron suffered serious leg injuries. >> lost pretty much everything down to the bone, but the bone was fine. >> reporter: they're amazed by how this athletic young man has recovered. >> football started in the beginning of september. he was the starting quarterback. he was a starting free safety. so he was on the field every play just about. >> reporter: since the bombing and all the attention he received even from the first lady, aaron has also won trophies in swimming, and pitched in baseball. >> i want today play all my sports, and i felt i was unable
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to, it would have been horrible. >> reporter: katherine hern was pregnant when she ran the marathon. young caroline is the newest member of the family. this thanksgiving, this family is as grateful as can be, especially for the community and how it came together for them. >> it was very humbling, and overwhelming and something that i don't think we could ever be thankful enough for. it was very much a part of his recovery, and our recovery. >> reporter: aaron told me some of his friends still don't fully understand what he went through, but that he says the experience made him grow up quickly. in martinez, john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. they played their last concert at candlestick park. ♪ [ music ] >> some rare footage of the beatles, and hopes of a paul mccartney farewell concert, as demolition day for the stick draws near. a protest at the court becomes confrontational. the arrest and regulations that
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have truckers fired up. >> and a reminder that you
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heated exchanges at the port of oakland today. the truck drivers are upset over new state air pollution regulations that take effect january 1. trucks will be required to use knewer diesel engines which can cost up to $50,000. >> we want them to come too often. probably 800, 600, something over there, families from
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oakland to have help. >> drivers want the new regulations postponedment the port says drivers have had almost three years to comply with the clean air requirement. on this busy travel day, passengers arriving at oakland airport were greeted by protesters. >> food workers who staged a rally, focusing attention on an ongoing labor dispute. a spokesperson for the union unites here says most of the workers make less than $13 an hour. they say their employer, host international wants to slash pension plans and healthcare benefits. the airport food workers have been without a contract for 14 months. the airport says the pickets did not affect travel or airport operations. the merger of american airlines and u.s. air cleared its final hurdle today. the merger paves the way for
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american to emerge from bankruptcy. officials expect to close the deal by december 9. the new carrier will keep the name american airlines. workers were filling balloons today for tomorrow's parade, but high winds could ground them. police say right now, the forecast looks good, but the final decision will be made in the morning. the balloons have been grounded only once before, that was back in 1971. a bay area landmark is nearing its final days. soon, the 49ers will play their final game at candlestick park. but after the stick is demolished, it will be remembered for more than just the exploits for athletes such as mays, and montana. it will forever be known as the place where the beatles, the fab four played their last
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concert. >> reporter: when the beatles arrived in 1964, they were already the most popular band on earth. they played the cow palace in '64 and '65, to say it was pandemonium might be an understatement. >> they're screaming out loud. >> when they finally did come out -- >> then you really heard it. >> reporter: cindy gross lives down the street, and saw both shows. >> did they sound as good as the records? >> no, because with the screaming and all of that, you just couldn't hear anything. >> reporter: some fans actually made it to the stage, but the beatles never missed a beat. almost oblivious to the chaos around them. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: by the time the beatles returned for their third visit to play candlestick in 1966, san francisco was
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leading its own musical revolution. janis joplin and the grateful dead put san francisco at the center of an evolving music scene. the beatles didn't even sellout candlestick. >> i'm not sure why there were 5,000 empty seats, but it was a damn large park. >> reporter: he was a young reporter in oakland, and used his press pass to watch the show from the press box. >> george harrison was wearing white socks. that kind of stood out for me. >> reporter: security was even more elaborate. with the band brought to the stage in an armored car. >> i had front row seats behind home plate. they had their guitars on, and started waving to the fans. paul was right by us.
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>> they just blitzed through their nine or ten songs and they were done. >> reporter: this is one of the only films of the concert, and the sound quality is poor. >> the girls scream their heads off, and we got to stand right beneath the stage, which was sort of a raised platform in the field, and they were singing, and you couldn't hear them singing because the stadium noise was so loud. >> reporter: just like that, it was over. they were whisked away. >> when we did it, we didn't think it was going to be the last place, so we didn't kind of do it and think, aha. >> reporter: paul mccartney reflected about those days. >> i loved playing here, and enjoying it, and seeing the police motorcycle escorts coming off his motor bike. i've got a lot of recollections of san francisco. it's a very nice city. >> reporter: mccartney thinks it's nice enough that he's proposed doing one more show at candlestick park.
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the last one before the stadium is torn down. this time, it's a safe bet the show will sellout. ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> wouldn't that be something. this was a festive night in union square. scores of people came out to light the bill graham menorah, and celebrate hanukkah. it celebrates the victory of the israelites over the imperial power of syria during the second century bc. this year, hanukkah happens to coincide with thanksgiving. this is the first time the two holidays have overlapped since 1888. and we're told it won't happen again for 70,000 years. a closet left empty. robbed of presents meant for needy children. >> it really broke me. >> reporter: the heartless climb, jeopardizing a charity's christmas giveaway. >> the timing that could mean a difference between clouds and sun this thing, and the
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for the second time in less than a week, arrested a man at san francisco international airport who they say was trying to rent a car using fake credit cards. james gracey was arrested on monday. after the arrest, they learned he is a suspect in connection with previous burglars and identity thefts. earlier this week, a 29-year- old san francisco woman was also arrested at the airport after officers say she tried to book a rental car with a stolen id. with colder weather in the forecast, pg and e is planning
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to put a much scrutinized people line back into service. it was taken out of service in october, due to questions about its safety. officials obtained a pg and e email, that questioned whether the line represents another san bruno like situation. three years ago, a natural gas line exploded in san bruno, leveling a neighborhood and killing eight people. earlier this month, they cleared line 147 for use. today, pg and e announced plans to resume using it on monday. the utility says the line will be kept at low pressure about 38% of what the state considers safe. brazil's world cup preparations suffered a set back today. a large crane crashed onto the new stadium under correction. ripping out rows of seats. two workers were killed. the stadium is supposed to host the open of soccer's world cup next june. brazil has been criticized for the slow pace of work in
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today's accident raises safety concerns. tech stocks drove wall street higher before the thanksgiving holiday. they have closed higher five consecutive days. trading was light as a lot of people started their holiday early. the markets are closed tomorrow and friday is a shortened trading day. the price of gas is at its lowest that it's been for the thanksgiving holiday in three years. the national average is $3.29 a gallon. that's 14-cents cheaper than this time last year. the average price in san francisco is $3.66 a gallon. it's $3.56 in oakland. $3.54 in san jose. critics of the ban on styrofoam have turned in signatures to repeal it. but signature gatherers told them the petition was to expand recycling. but the petition is actually to
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repeal the ban. the district attorney and the california secretary of state are now looking into the complaints. new at 10:00, a private shopping spree for a group of disadvantaged women in the south bay. the blue illusion boutique closed for the evening, so it could host the event. the boutique provided two new outfits each for 20 women. one for job interviews. the other for holidays. >> for me, it's comforting and loving. it's very special for someone to actually do this, especially because the holidays are near. >> blue illusion teamed up with team closet. this is blue illusion's first store in the unite. it hosts similar events at its 100 plus stores in australia and new zealand. >> that's a great program. a storage locker emptied of
11:42 pm
toys for needy children. >> at this point, we're down to nothing again. >> the race to reboot annual toy drive, with a deadline looming for a big event. >> in five minutes, bill martin's complete bay area forecast. he'll take us right on through the holiday weekend and on. >>
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new information now about the toxic contamination on treasure island that is forcing dozens of residents out of their homes. we've learned that people who live in six buildings on t.i. received notices that they're contaminated with arsenic. at least one of the buildings is going to be demolished. residents nearby have to be moved while the navy cleans up
11:45 pm
the contamination. the residents have been told their health is not at risk, but some have voiced concerns. thieves made off with a great deal of goodwill, when they stole $2,000 worth of toys and presents from a bay area non-profit. that comes just weeks before their big holiday event. >> sports equipment. arts and crafts. christmas party donations. >> reporter: a week ago, this storage locker had been filled to the ceiling with supplies and bags of toys. >> when i got here yesterday, it was disheveled like this. >> reporter: emptied out after someone broke the lock and stole the contents. >> they got lucky. there were bags of toys, mp3 players, gifts for small children. >> reporter: workers meet with kids to support school work and home. she was a student in the
11:46 pm
program seven years ago. now she's a mentor to some of the younger kids. >> it just makes me feel like i was doing something positive, instead of running the streets. >> reporter: the big event every year is this christmas party. the kids help organize it, and it's open to everyone in their east oakland neighborhood. last year, 300 people showed up. this year's party is on december 14. >> at this point, we're down to nothing again. so we're starting over. >> reporter: the storage facility does have surveillance cameras. but taylor was told they only face the driveway and the front entrance, not the storage unit. >> the families are amazing, strong, and a lot of times they don't have much. when i hear they were stealing from them, it really broke me. >> reporter: they will spend the next two weeks scrambling for donation, trying to replace what was lost. the legal tug of war between a bay area toy company
11:47 pm
and the beastie boys is over. ♪ [ music ] ♪ you think you know what we want girls ♪ >> goldy blocks had used a parody of the beastie boy's song girls. the hip-hop group objected saying they don't allow their music to be sold products, even though they may approve of the message. they filed a preemptive lawsuit, but now says it doesn't want to fight, and has removed the online video. a center for homeless people on haight-ashbury is has decided to close. it offers clothing, supplies, and a needle exchange. but the building's landlord tells ktvu, you can no longer afford to rent the space at below market rates. it offers valuable services not found elsewhere. >> i think most importantly, what we do is bear witness to
11:48 pm
people's experience, and we don't have judgment. >> they help so much, and it's one of the few places that i actually find non-judgmental. >> the homeless youth alliance says it still plans to help young people through its outreach work. crews have won tanned a wildfire that burn -- contained a wildfire that burned just over 3500 acres. it started 10 miles northeast of geyserville. it burned a cooling tower at a geothermal plant before crews got it under control. it started during the bay area wind storm, but the cause is still under investigation. lots of clouds out it there tonight. there will be some clouds again tomorrow morning for thanksgiving morning. this is the system we've been tracking. this is the system that's driving to the south. and you can see some green popping up in here. it's going to bring some rain and showers to southern california. for us, just clouds continuing to filter into the area. so it's more of the same.
11:49 pm
today was a nice day. with clouds. tomorrow will be a lot like today. especially the first half of the day. cloudy, 39 in napa. 40 in fairfield. as you get going tomorrow, you with clouds for thanksgiving morning. by the afternoon, those clouds clear and there will be plenty of sunshine. temperatures mainly in the 40sk and it's clear. cloudy up overhead. and temperatures right now mostly in the mid-40s, and low 40s. scattered clouds. clearing the afternoon. highs on thursday, back into the 60s. so it's going to turn out to be a pretty nice day. as we head into the bay area weekend, it continues dry. it drives to the north. so we're kind of high and dry. so it looks like the next few days to enter the holiday, into the weekend, really nice. there's no high surf advisory, but it will be larger.
11:50 pm
8 to 10 feet on the coast. that leaves us on the north end of it, which leaves us with clouds, but a dry forecast, not just for tomorrow, but through saturday, and friday, saturday, and sunday as well. next week, there's something on the books that could get in here and bring us some rain. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow then. 66 for santa rosa for thanksgiving day. 63 in redwood city. kind of like today, but more sunshine. the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. you can see the wind is going to be some of the nicer weather of the next four cay period. thanksgiving day looks good. plenty of sunshine, especially in the afternoon. partly sunny to mostly sunny. late in the day, with temperatures, as i mentioned, into the mid-60s, and the warmest spots. your five-day forecast, with bay area weekend in view. southern california, it's unusual that they get rain, but we don't. we are heading for a really nice holiday period. i hope you enjoy it. we need the rain, next week,
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maybe midweek something gets in here. >> we'll enjoy the nice weather while we have it. mark as here now. raiders play dallas tomorrow, let's hope they do better than the warriors did. >> i think the warriors probably could use a little comfort food. the mavs fan out of the stands hit it from half court. he's happy. that's $20,000. 4th quarter, 13-0 run. clay thompson had a whole lot to do with it. he got hot momentarily. hit a couple of threes on his way to a 20 point night. steph curry, been cold of late, but got it going this evening. 29 points. hit the j there with plenty of time left. about a minute left. still down 4. the mavs money man is still dirk nowitzki. the fadeaway for dirk.
11:52 pm
monta ellis, by the way, 2 of 16 from the floor against his former mates. had only 4 points. 103-99 final. longevity doesn't come without great success for a coach. tara vanderbilt, living proof of that. the 900th victory of her illustrious career, as the cardinal takes down florida gulf coast. fun in the sun for cal at the maui invitational. they lose for the second time. the bears of dayton turns it on in the 2nd half. kyle davis, just a freshman. clears the lane and rams it. he had a dozen. dayton breezes in. 82-64 final. one of the 49ers still ticked off about that loss to the saints almost two weeks ago. dante whitner sounding
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past the point of of being a habit for the sharks. just the way of life for them. they need overtime. again, regulation not enough at the tank. 2nd period, sharks down 1-0. joe pavelski flips it in off the backhand. it's 1-1. joe thornton shoots it off the goalie's skates. a 2-1 lead, but it didn't hold up. l.a. tied it, sent it to overtime. it will go to a shootout. joe thornton, the captain, the vet, nice game winner. the sharks prevail over the
11:57 pm
kings. i'll tell you, time doesn't necessarily heal all wounds. one of the 49ers still pretty law when thinking about how they lost to new orleans a ways back. very candid, the niners safety. >> we knew it was going to cost us a game. it's going to cost another player at some point. we really deserved to win that game. >> just because it looks bad, because his guy is in the way and he does his job. rush the quarterback and put a hit on him. he can't take a hit. we look at him as being one of the greats. but come and beat us. come and win a football game. they didn't earn that football game. we felt like we had an opportunity to win it. we felt like we outplayed them, and we felt like we should have won. >> it will be interesting to see the saints reaction to that. drew brees, one of the greats, but can't help but be frustrated if you're donte
11:58 pm
whitner and the rest of the niners. >> drew brees can take a hit. >> no doubt, he's one of soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> joan rivers decided to defend alec baldwin. >> [bleep]. [bleep], [bleep]. >> it doesn't offend me because obviously she's trying to be funny. she hates everybody. if you say it on the street in an angry way. >> what if you say it in a joking way? >> why did the n word cross the road? >> lebron james, totally fan-girling out over mcelmore. comes running up over mcmo


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