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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 18, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a major security breach at target stores puts the financial information for an untold number of customers at risk. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> tonight the secret service and credit card companies are investigating a major breach of pavement card information at target stores nationwide. experts say people coast to coast could be vulnerable. we get new information tonight
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from jana katsuyama. live at a target store in fremont after asking a security expert how a massive breach like this could have happened. >> reporter: that silicon valley computer expert outlined some possibilities. i did go into the store, talked to the manager, and also contacted the corporate offices in minneapolis. so far, target has issued no explanation. it appears thieves might have hit their mark. potentially stealing target customers credit card information. a worry for many shoppers tonight. >> i come at least four or five times. and i always buy with american express. >> kind of shocked that target would have this. >> reporter: target says it's investigating. a security expert said the breach involved nearly all of target stores nationwide. >> i think there's potentially three options of what happened.
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>> reporter: we asked a silicon valley security expert to explain the possible breach. he says it could have been a skimming device, physically added to a credit card reader. more likely though, he says it could be computer hackers. >> they're starting to put malware on point of sale systems. >> software sitting on the point of sale systems, then it reported back to a central server saying i got this transaction. here's the credit card, here's everything else associated with it. >> reporter: another possibility is someone cracking into target's central server. either way, it's a crime that likely will become more common. >> it's an easy way to monetize and effectively make a lot of money. there are underground economies that really run on the marketplace of stolen credit
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cards. >> reporter: reporting live in fremont, jana katsuyama. >> more details now on protecting your financial information. experts we've spoken to recommend using a credit card, instead of a debit card when you shop, because there's less risk if it's stolen. also, monitor your accounts, and change your pin regularly, especially if you suspect your information may have been compromised. some disturbing information from firefighters expecting to put out that fire in big sur. a firefighter used a flare gun. thanks in part to calm wind, the fire is now 74% contained. flames burned 840 acres and destroyed 22 buildings, including about 13 homes. >> we've had very, very little
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rain we've had some other conditions, such as sudden oak death in this part of the forest. >> the home belonging to big sur's fire chief is among those destroyed. the cause is still under investigation. full containment is expected by late friday. in oakland, police today shut down an illegal marijuana operation that they say was selling pot to people whether they had a medical marijuana card or not. authorities say it was run out of a gift shop on 55th street. ktvu's patty lee is live tonight outside police headquarters in oakland, and tells us, three people are now under arrest. >> reporter: that's right, oakland police say one of the suspects and possible ring leader is a convicted felon who was armed when they raided that shop this afternoon. this gift shop was busted for
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selling this. pot, in various forms now in a police evidence locker. >> busted for what? >> reporter: we met franky smiley, a young man from oregon after he knocked on the gift shop door. he told us, he thought the store was a medical marijuana dispensary, and that he brought a note from his doctor just in case. >> i have really bad arthritis in my joints and in my hands. >> they were selling marijuana based on referral. >> reporter: customers were released. >> we do not prioritize marijuana arrests, however, there is crime activity and association with firearms and gang and group activity. in this case, and other cases
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like it. >> reporter: the owner of the neighborhood market across the street tells me, he's somewhat sorry this will be closing. >> it's pot, who cares about pot? >> reporter: he dismissed the idea that shutting down the gift shop whoa make the neighborhood safer. >> what did you really do to save the community? >> reporter: the type of police work that netted these arrests did not exist last year, but it was by officers assigned to the area, known as a crime reduction team, which is new this year. patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. tonight at 10:30, new evidence of growing marijuana use among teenagers. the political effort that may be influencing teens to get high. >> the bay area's long streak of spare the air days is coming to an end tonight, after 11 such consecutives alerts, deciding not to call one for
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tomorrow. take a look outside. we captured these pictures earlier as the sunset on the bay area. air quality managers expect changing winds overnight will disperse much of that air pollution we've seen. that will prompt a wind advisory for gusty conditions. >> bill martin is tracking that alert, and how strong those gusts are going to get. >> those winds come in here, those spare the air nights go away. but the winds are going to get blowing. right now, we step outside, the winds aren't much. blowing a little bit harder down here. check out the san francisco airport. going 29 there. in the next three or four hours, these winds are going to start clocking around out of the north. when they do, it's going to get windy in the hills. a wind advisory goes into effect at midnight. gusts in the higher locations in the hills could go 60 miles per hour. it's going to be windy at the coast as well. when i come back, we'll tell you how this wind factors into your forecast, and when things are going to warm up again.
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i'll see you back here. new information tonight on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the permanent fix for those broken bolts is now complete. caltran says the work was finished at about 11:00 this morning. you'll recall back in march, nearly 1/3 of the 96 seismic safety bolts cracked as they were being tightened. repairs to the bolts cost $95 million. that's twice the amount that officials predicted. >> this was a unique complex problem that demanded a unique complex solution. this was not something you can go to home depot, and ask them where they keep their steel saddle. >> caltran said the cost was within its contingent budget. u.s. stock markets rocketed higher today after federal reserve chairman ben bernanke announced plans to start
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tapering the feds stimulus efforts. >> job rate has continued to improve. >> he anticipates growth over the next few years, and as a result, the fed will reduce its $85 billion monthly bond purchases by $10 billion starting in january. this was bernanke's final briefing on the economy. his term ends january 31. stocks soared today after the feds comments. the dow gained 292 points. many investors interpret the feds decision as a sign of confidence in the underlying strength of the economy. the holders of those two winning tickets, one in the bay area, and one in georgia will split the $648 million mega millions jackpot. the san jose winner still hasn't come forward yet, but as christina rendon tells us, the owner of that store where the winning ticket was bought is getting a nice jackpot himself.
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>> reporter: he hasn't smiled this big in a long time. his san jose store, jenny's gifts sold the winning mega millions jackpot ticket. meaning he is a winner too. he gets $1 million. >> $1 million, i want more! >> reporter: he has only owned the store for four months. now he's an overnight star, taking pictures and signing autographs. >> i don't know what to think. it's amazing. >> i'm happy. i got to meet a millionaire. so close to home. >> reporter: the jackpot winner's identity is still a mystery. they'll split the $648 million prize with the georgia winner. leaving them two options. $324million over 30 years, or a lump sum of $130 million. >> i feel good for my friend, the owner. >> reporter: he plans to buy a house for his wife and three
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kids, and he won't stop selling stores, now that his store is branded with a sign that says millionaire made here. >> i feel like people are happy, and i'm happy. right now, i got more happy. people win the jackpot! yes. >> reporter: in the hour leading up to last night's drawing, they were selling tickets like crazy. a large portion of revenue will go to california schools across the state. the winner has a year to come forward. christina rendon, ktvu news. the winner in georgia has already come forward and chosen to take the cash option. 56-year-old ira curry of stone mountain chose the numbers herself. for her, they were a combination of family birthdays, and her lucky number, 7. lottery officials shared the story of how curry found out she was a winner. she was driving to work when she called her daughter to have her check the numbers.
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>> between joyful tears and laughter, on the daughter's part, she relayed to her mother that her mother had won the lottery. >> can you imagine? this is the store in atlanta where curry bought her winning ticket, just yesterday. she said it was a last minute decision. and once again, here are those winning numbers. 8, 14, 17, 20, 39, and the meganumber, 7. tread marks weren't the only thing left behind after a late night side show. the other, words of ev [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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caught on camera, a woman walks up to a south bay home, and steals a package off the porch, then walks away. it happens in a matter of seconds, and appears to be happening in communities around the bay area as holiday gifts arrive. amber lee is live now in san jose's willow glen neighborhood, with the video of one theft just minutes after the package was delivered. >> the thief was caught on tape by several surveillance cameras, including the one you see behind me. now police and the victims are asking everyone to take a good look at the video. >> there she is. >> makes me so mad. >> people in this neighborhood called this woman, the willow
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glen grinch. she's seen carrying a shopping bag, takes the package, and puts it in her bag. >> she came prepared. she had the bag, and knew what she was going to do. >> reporter: helpless, but not powerless. jim and his wife kate tell us they posted the video on youtube to help police catch the thief. >> it's just infuriating that it wasn't her's and she took it. >> reporter: the package took $60 worth of christmas presents for their children. >> it's so brazen, she walked up as if she had every right to take that package. >> reporter: the couple has six surveillance cameras on their property. one caught the thief as she gets out of a passenger side of a vehicle, possibly a cadillac. >> strolls a couple of houses down the block. >> reporter: there was another woman inside the car, who was
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the getaway driver. they hope their video will deture other thieves. >> we just want her caught, to help prevent this from happening to other people. it would be huge. >> reporter: they say package thefts are happening about once a week in their neighborhood during this holiday season. police tell us, they've seen this video and say it will be a great help in locating the thief. they say they do not have any information at this point that links her to any other theft. now the couple tells me they're getting a lot of support from the community. people have been stopping by in front of their surveillance cams and giving them the big thumbs up for catching the thief on tape. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now, we were also contacted tonight by a fremont woman who says she's the victim of a similar crime in that city. tiffany lee send us this video of a woman caught stealing packages from her home. she added she lives in what's
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considered to a very safe neighborhood. she wants to warn other people about the threat of package thieves. santa clara police released this photo today. investigators say it shows a man stealing a package from the front porch of a home two weeks ago near rutledge place. investigators say he was seen driving away from the home in a dark colored vehicle. urging president obama to scrap the national security agency program that collects bulk records of phone records of americans. instead, the white house surveillance board is suggesting the data remain in the hands of telecommunication companies, or a private consortium. the board is also recommending president obama create a new process for getting high level approval before surveillance of foreign leaders overseas. a two year budget deal is now on its way to president
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obama's desk. the senate passed the agreement today. it will set spending limits for the government for two years. instead it includes specific cuts and adds new government fees on airlines, new pension requirements for future federal employees, and a 1% reduction in cost of living adjustments to working age military retirees. >> a provision included in this deal that mistakenly included disabled retirees, and survivers for changes in the pension growth will be addressed in short order, following passage of this bill. >> the bipartisan budget act of 2013 passed with a 64-36 vote. 9 republican senators joined the democrat majority to get it passed. it's already passed in the house last week. it will now go to the president for approval. there will be a stepped up
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police presence tonight at an east bay city that's seen an increase in police racing. neighbors are worried that speed, crowds, and alcohol are a dangerous combination. >> when the police come. >> reporter: this man asked us not to show his face, but he's describing what has become an almost nightly occurrence here in an industrial part of fremont boulevard. drag racing. he says drivers use the parking lot where he works as a staging area. evidence of donuts are everywhere, including the grass, and there are empty alcohol bottles. >> you can see the beer can. if you mix drinking and driving, sooner or later, you will have someone get hurt. >> reporter: this is surveillance video taken recently from another parking lot. in the distance, it shows headlights from what may be as many as 100 cars on fremont boulevard. neighbors say it began slowly about a month ago, but now it's
11:20 pm
growing. we drove along fremont boulevard and saw tire tracks every few feet. >> it's nighttime. they're trying to drive fast, and it's cost them a lot of trouble to whoever will stay late. >> reporter: police say they've only recently become aware of the problem. they plan to target the area with officers on overtime. >> we will be bringing in officers in the late night hours to go down to that area to look for reckless driving, as well as vehicle equipment violations. >> reporter: police say they don't know where the drivers are coming from, and they say the stepped up enforcement begins late tonight. in fremont, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. tonight at 10:30, police say street racing is fueling the new trend in the bay area. the particular part in certain cars that thieves are after. >> these are the temperatures we've got today. down a couple degrees from
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yesterday. and down quite a bit from where we were just a couple of of days ago. 60 in napa. 62 in santa rosa. the winds are going to come up. here's the satellite loop. it slides through the bay area right now, and as it starts to clear out, the high pressure builds in. that's tonight, and those winds kick up. a wind advisory for the east bay hills midnight tonight. it's going to get windy in the hills. windy at the coast. that means a cooler day tomorrow. i'll lay out the timeline for your day tomorrow. and we'll take a look at the bay area weekend. a former firefighter is charged in connection with a devastating wildfire. plus, developing news in southern california right now, as firefighters battle a spectacular fire that has lit up the night sky. >> up first, a family hoping for a
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a powerful and emotional gathering tonight as friends and family of a 13-year-old girl who is on life support prayed together for a christmas miracle. about 200 people attended a prayer vigil in oakland. each of them received a card with a picture of her on it, and the words, please pray for me. doctors declared her brain dead a week ago, right after she had her tonsils taken out at oakland hospital. she suffered a massive amount of bleeding and went into cardiac arrest. the family has taken legal action to keep her on life support. >> just pray for her, she's a really sweet girl. she's a big part of my heart. >> an attorney for the girl's family says they filed a formal request yesterday, but have not
11:25 pm
received those records. the hospital's chief of pediatrics said her family has the same access to the medical records as the family of any patient. but the hospital policy is not to release the entire medical record while a patient is still in the hospital, since it is a document in continuous use. in san francisco, they're calling it an eviction epidemic. the tech boom is bringing a spike in real estate prices and some landlords are cashing in. david stevenson on what the city is doing to handle what the mayor calls a crisis. >> we're going to stop the evictions. >> reporter: the city's housing market shows no signs of cooling down. >> forget about low income housing. right now, the hard to find medium income housing. it's hard to find anything for under $3,000 a month. >> which allow landlords to
11:26 pm
pull their property from the rental market and pull them up for sale. mayor ed lee said the city is in crisis. >> it is about to open, but guess what? 2800 people applied for 60 units. >> reporter: the mayor says he's ordering city agencies to prioritize those projects, including ones that offer affordable units, either built into affordable projects, or into a fund. >> i think it's unfortunate that some voices want to pit one economic sector that they view as successful against the rest of our challenge. >> in five years san francisco will be a place that only millionaires and billionaires can a afford to live in. we need solutions for now.
11:27 pm
>> reporter: tenants rights activists say they'd like to see the city fight to appeal the ellis act law. developing news now in southern california where firefighters are battling a three-alarm fire in a commercial building. flames broke out around 8:45 this evening in a hawthorne strip mall. area flames show smoke shooting out from the roof which has reportedly collapsed. more than 50 firefighters are on the scene right now, working to put out those flames. a former firefighter for the u.s. forest service is now facing charges of arson, and murder in connection with a massive wildfire in shasta county. 29-year-old zane wallace peterson pled not guilty today to setting the clover fire. the fire claimed the life of brian stanley henry last summer. he was found dead in his
11:28 pm
charred motor home. the clover fire destroyed 60 homes, 130 outbuildings, and cost more than $7 million to fight. do you think your teenager doesn't smoke marijuana? new numbers on just how many do, and why some say teens may be receiving a mixed message. >> it's not quite santa's workshop, but it's close. the efforts underway to bring smiles to bay area children on christmas morning. >> and a reminder, you can get a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities
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new at 10:00, san francisco's glide memorial church is getting ready for the
11:31 pm
toy giveaway this weekend. heather holmes is live where volunteers have been hard at work. >> reporter: just beyond these doors here at st. mary's is a real life santa workshop. games, and basketballs. i saw lots of basketballs. all of it donated, and sorted tonight by volunteers. >> we've got a little stuff there. >> reporter: kyle coffman couldn't bear the thought of a child in san francisco without a present to unwrap christmas morning. >> just trying to make sure that everyone goes home with something for their little one. >> reporter: joined dozens of other volunteers tonight who gathered in this large room at st. mary's cathedral with thousands of toys. >> my wife and i donated to glade for 6 or 7 years. we've got a little girl now. it just didn't feel like enough to write a check once a year.
11:32 pm
>> reporter: every stuffed animal and game for the kids. >> this just makes me feel so sad, just looking at the bagsment. >> reporter: she says it was the children that prompted her to drive all the way to santa rosa to volunteer. >> they have no idea what's going on. they just know everybody gets presents and they don't. >> reporter: glide hopes to hand out 8,000 toys on saturday. a goal these volunteers hope to meet. >> it does feel good. >> reporter: a good night knowing they've made a difference. >> you get to play santa. that's just fantastic. >> reporter: more of the collection bin that you might see scattered out across san francisco, will be brought here to san motheries, frank and julyy, another group of volunteers will be back and forth. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. at, we have posted a list of bay area charities in
11:33 pm
need of help this holiday season. look for the hot topics section on our home page. an increasing number of high schoolers don't see marijuana use as harmful. more than 41,000, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders. 61% said they think marijuana is safe. more than a third admitted to using it in the past year. and more than 7% said they smoked daily. some researchers say efforts to legalize marijuana may be encouraging its use. >> we know from their response as to the abuse of medication, that they use them. they cannot be as harmful if they have medical purposes. >> reporter: the study also showed that cocaine and heroin use by teenagers are at historic lows and alcohol use by teens, also is continuing a steady decline. new information tonight on the bank robbery suspect who
11:34 pm
was shot and wounded by a marin county sheriff's deputy. investigators now say they do believe 60-year-old christopher wooten is the so-called cotton ball bandit. a resident waved a gun last wednesday, while trying to escape another bank heist. that deputy then opened fire, wounding the suspect. a $15,000 reward is offered for the arrest and conviction of the person. she was hit by a stray bullet. police say someone opened fire in the street, and the bullet came through the wall, hitting her spine. doctors say she may never walk again. her family is holding out hope she will regain the use of her legs. drag racing and side shows may be driving a new trend in
11:35 pm
car thefts. allie rasmus shows us the specific type of motor bay area residents are seeking. >> reporter: fixing up his pontiac transam after it was stolen. >> when it was stolen, i was just devastated. >> reporter: investigators found the car a week after it was stolen, stripped of its parts. >> nothing on it. not even wheels. >> reporter: thieves cut the engine out of the car. it had what is called an ellis 1 motor. they've seen a spike in those types of car thefts. 2001 camaros topped the list. >> reporter: this is an ellis 1
11:36 pm
motor. it's relatively small, but it's got a v8, so it's pretty powerful. also, versatile for thieves to sell online. >> a high mileage one on ebay for like $6,000. there's high demand for them. >> reporter: 237 cars with ellis 1 motors were stolen in california this year. more than 40% were stolen out of alameda county. investigators think the region's side show scene may be driving the trend. >> maybe part of that culture. if you're out drag racing your car on the weekend, and doing these stunts, and you blow your engine, you need a new motor. speed is said to be the blame for the fiery crash that killed fast and furious actor paul walker and his friend, roger rodas. at this point, investigators have not said how fast they
11:37 pm
think the porsche was going when it slammed into a light pole and tree. they say there is no evidence of mechanical problem or debris on the roadway. engineers are expected to come next month to try to extract information from three onboard black boxes. would you like your receipt? why the way you answer that question could put your personal information into the wrong hands. >> plus an insight into our record stretch of bad air quality. the system that could clear it out, and put in some windy
11:38 pm
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11:40 pm
delta airlines today became the biggest airline to come out against the idea of allowing phone calls during its flights. delta's ceo says the decision is from feedback from frequent fliers. last week, the fcc said it was considering lifting its ban on inflight cell phone use. besides delta, virgin america, and southwest say they aren't likely to approve inflight calls. a new wrinkle for b.a.r.t. and one of its unions, as a typo jeopardizes final approval for the labor contract. tomorrow, they're scheduled to vote on the contract. but a clause in that contract, changes the time for employees to become invested in their medical insurance program is supposed to read january 1. however, union members ratified a contract with a typo that said july 1 of next year. b.a.r.t. wants the union to change the contract to read january 1. the union says it is not interested
11:41 pm
in re-ratifying the contract as members would have to vote on the change. meantime, ac transit says the close to a tentative contract agreement with its bus riders union. two deals were rejected by the union rank and file. governor jerry brown issued a 60 day cooling off period. that period ends sunday. negotiations were held today. a jury found a south bay church liable for failing to protect children from a former camp counselor convicted of sexual abuse. a san jose jury found the church on the hill partially responsible for the harm later suffered by three girls at a daycare center. the church had recommended keith woodhouse for a day job at child development inc., even though the church had fired him three times for inappropriate behavior with children. an attorney says he was disappointed because the jury
11:42 pm
had found the church only 17% responsible for the harm three girls, just 5, 6, and 7 years old suffered. >> the stronger message we believe was not september, and that is that the church we belief actively colored up a pedophile in its midst. >> the jury did award the families of the girls $720,000. wood house was sentenced to life in prison. a san highway someday high school held its first bingo fundraiser tonight since an armed robber made out with $5,000 last week. the bingo games will now have an off-duty police officer. it was all paid for by about $15,000 in donations from the community. a holiday dream come true for four bay area families.
11:43 pm
who's behind the effort that left one woman crying as she received a brand new car. >> and a change in our weather as the winds are starting to pick up tonight. joe is back with the complete forecast coming up. >> up
11:44 pm
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a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99, that's a cup of good cheer. get sweet clementines for $4.99, enough for everyone here. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. many stores now offer the option of having your receipt emailed to you. tom found out, going electronic comes with a catch. >> reporter: california law forbids merchants for asking for your private information. nonetheless, many shoppers
11:46 pm
provide it when asked. >> email. it's saving paper and better for the world. >> reporter: if you voluntarily allow them to email you a receipt, you've waived your privacy rights. >> they use it for marketing, they can sell it to third properties. they can develop a dossier. know what your shopping habits are, and bombard you with not only your email, but attack you in all sorts of ways. >> that was news to every customer we talked to today. >> i really didn't know that. i didn't put any thought or anything into it. i guess that makes sense. i guess i won't do that any longer. >> the reason i don't like to give it is because i already get so many advertisements. i really don't want any more. >> i just figured i would never be able to sift out the good stuff from the advertisements. >> reporter: it's hard to know what companies do with that
11:47 pm
email, unless you tell me on the spot. >> yes, i did know that. a lot of places they're pretty good at shot sharing that information. >> when they find out that their trust is then abused, that their name has been sold, i think it just creates an even more difficult business environment. >> reporter: so when in doubt, have them print it out. >> the toyota prius has earned the top spot in "consumer reports" list of best value in new cars. it says the prius has the right combination of performance, and reliability. it also has a low five year ownership cost of 47 cents a mile. "consumer reports" tested more than 200 vehicles on the market. looking at road test scores, reliability, and five year
11:48 pm
owner cost estimate. the nissan armada suv was named worst valued car. proud owners of newly refurbished vehicles. mike's auto body handed over the keys to families today free of charge. it's annual tradition. the cars are donated by insurance companies and then refurbished by mike's auto company. >> this is a community effort. all the parts are donated. all the labor is donated. the cars are donated. everything is a big community effort. >> mike's auto body has given away 44 cars. just a bit cooler out there. most of the clouds are cooling,
11:49 pm
as that system clears the area. you see showers out here. the winds are going to pick up. the high pressure starting to set up, and high pressure is what's going to increase the winds. temperatures tonight are going to be on the mild side. mid-30s, low 40s. right now, we've got low 40s, in napa. 50degrees in concord. it's not going to get that cold, that's because of the winds. 37 in napa tonight, or tomorrow morning. 35 in fairfield, and 37 in antioch for an overnight low. a little above freezing. you'll still see frost out there, but nothing like we saw earlier in the week. so the story is, the weather story has been, it's just getting cooler during the days, as we go through the next couple of days. then, as we head toward the bay area weekend, it warms up. the next big story is the wind. a wind advisory at midnight. we've had poor air quality for a number of days. 11 spare the air nights in a row. as that wind comes in, it's
11:50 pm
going to blow up the inversion, and clear out the atmosphere. so if you have been bothered by smoke, or particulate, it's going to get a lot better around here. that's the good news. the forecast model does this. thursday morning, okay, tomorrow morning, mountains are going to get snow from this. as that system slides out of here, there will be snow in the lake tahoe area. they need it. here we go into tomorrow might, it's clear, it's windy. really windy. here we go into friday morning. friday night. all right, and watch what happens. saturday, fog comes into the coast, but starts to do this. it's going to be warmer into the bay area weekend, with a slight offshore flow. dry, dry, dry. 57 in vallejo, 60 in berkely. a little cooler than it was today, as we suggested. san jose, 59. morgan hill, 56 degrees. it's nice weather.
11:51 pm
enjoy it. normal winter, we would be stoked to have this. the dry, then it's warm, and it's mild. but this winter is not normal. neither are the last couple. we need rain, and this five-day forecast is not going to produce much. maybe something around january 1, looks like there might be something coming in. january1. >> waiting, and waiting. >> 2014. >> thanks bill. usually, it's the stanford women's basketball grabbing all the headlines, but now the men are doing well. >> all the men tonight. more importantly, card of wakes the stanford players up to the fact that yeah, we really can be this good. the cardinal putting their signature stamp on the previously unbeaten, and 10th ranked huskies of uconn, on the road, no less. the cardinal down by 10 at halftime. stanford, the nice steal, get it on to chasen randle for the bucket. 14 on 0 run by the cardinal to
11:52 pm
close the gap. they're all the way back to within 2. randall, again, this time he's fouled. it counts. he had 22 of the 53 points tonight. randall, one more time, and why not? attacking the bucket. gets it to drop. uconn however, still very much in the game, and has a shot at it for the win. no good. omar calhoun from way out, would have won it. stanford now 8-2. first uconn loss to a nonconference opponent in 54 games. now nba step, with or without them, the warriors should have easily handled the pelicans last night. that they did. but having andre iguodala back in the lineup sure didn't hurt. although he played only 18 minutes. scored a bucket. iguodala always making a difference on defense. in various other subtle ways. the warriors simply not the same team without him. >> i felt pretty good.
11:53 pm
you know, just gauging it. see it tomorrow when we play. with the hamstring, it doesn't really affect the jumper. more or less the lateral movement. we're trying to build it up in areas that i'm lacking from injury. as far as the nba, the story everyone will be talking about tomorrow, not iggy's ham spring, but
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
the nba's eastern conference, in many ways, a
11:57 pm
waste land. the top 2 surely elite. that would be miami and indiana. lebron, teammate mario chalmers get at it. the two were not communicating well, lebron thought out on the court. however, he did calm down, and said my bad. then lets his aggression loose on the court. get out of his way. 24 points. they come on to take the pacers. indiana, final seconds, going for overtime. there you go, he claims he was fouled. not going to happen. 97-94, heat a winner. as for the 49ers, they were upset that bruce miller out for the rest of the year with a shoulder problem, anthony dixon asked now that he may replace him. does he get as big of a bang out of blocking, as he did carrying the football? guess we're not going to have time for that sound. anthony dixon, ultimate team player. we're out of time. but he says he'll do of whatever it takes to help the
11:58 pm
niners win. all right, big game on monday. >> that's the sporting life. >> thanks mark. thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> if you missed part i love having a free checked bag
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today on "tmz," >> today on "tmz," >> guys from "duck dynasty" are drawing a big distinction between a vagina and an anus. a vagina, as a man, would be more desirable than a man's anus. he's not saying that a man's anus is not desirable. >> he said it's more. >> he could take it or leave it maybe. >> you never know. >> justin bieber had a big radio interview and shows up and


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